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“This is ridiculous,” Dean mutters as he rolls out his mat, side-eyeing the fuck out of his brother. His sweatpants are already sticking to his legs with the heat of the room, and for the first time in his life, he wishes he’d worn shorts. “I’m gonna suffocate,” he declares. “I’m gonna die doing hot yoga and it’s gonna be embarrassing.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Would you calm down?”

“Ha!” Dean scoffs. “Easy for you to say. Look at you, with your goddamn hippie man bun and your short shorts and—”

“—These are regular shorts, Dean—”

“And with your fuckin’ tank top you’re in your natural habitat! Jesus, Sam, you’re like the king of the motherfucking granolas!”

“And you’re being a little bitch,” Sam counters, getting himself set up and sitting, cross-legged, to center himself. He closes his eyes. “The physio said this is the best thing for your shoulder, so we’re here. Now shut your trap and take it like a man.”

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What do you think about Dean/Cas in season 12? I'm slightly disappointed so far w/ how little they are interacting and why they, but Dean more so, are acting so grumpy with each other, I hope there will still be scenes where they'll be mutally affectionate and nice to each other? :( Like next ep could have a dream/praying scene or so?

Hey Nonny, sorry its taken me so long to answer this. I think partly this is because we left for hiatus after a Bucklemming episode which never leaves fandom in a particularly good mood and I wasn’t sure how to put my positive face on with Bucklemming still leaving a bad taste in my mouth… I’m over it now though.

What do I think about Dean/Cas in Season 12? I think we need to wait a bit longer. We are only 8 episodes in. Cas was only in 5 of the 8 episodes. 2 of those 5 episodes were Bucklemming (and therefore don’t count because Bucklemming can go fuck themselves.) Therefore, we haven’t really had a chance to judge the season on its deancas potential yet.

Looking at each episode though:

  • Episode 1 - Bloody fantastic amounts of DeanCas. They were hunter husbands throughout. The HUG was amazing. Dean just letting Cas nuzzle close and then ultimately sinking into him before introducing his boyfriend to his mum… Mary’s reaction to the hug… the #married bickering about Cas’ so called harp… The Dean standing back to let his boyfriend take the fight because he knew how important it was that Cas got a win and saving Sam was Cas’ mission. The two of them fighting together, hunting together. It was freaking perfect. Great episode.
  • Episode 2 - Had its moments. The phone call where Dean confides in Cas was awesome. Once again highlighting their basically husbands now dynamic. Generally though this episode pissed me off. Classic Bucklemming normalising rape. Less said about that the better.
  • Episode 3 - Cas bonding with Mary. the continuing development of Cas where do I belong arc, the answer to which, is already blatantly clear in the subtext. Dean’s protest over Castiel leaving and the hurt he felt over it (which is then highlighted further by the way it is mirrored with Mary’s leaving later.) Also Morning Sunshine which spawned a hundred fanfic rewrites with Cas’ official new pet name.
  • Episode 4 - The phone conversation in which Dean is evidently uncomfortable and rather hurt at Cas working with Crowley. Jealousy? There is certainly enough meta on it.
  • Episode 5 - I honestly did not like this episode one bit. It was stupid. Sorry. I can’t find anything good to say right now.
  • Episode 6 - Was awesome. The new generation of hunters. A younger, more liberal mixed bunch. The gay/bisexual half of an awesome twin pair. No destiel, but still promising development in the subtext specifically for Dean around his biggest emotional arcs so far.
  • Episode 7 - Remember all the hate meta writers got over the cucumber water? Yeah well fuck the haters. We were right. Add it onto the pile of stuff proving that Dean wears a big mask hiding his true self. The husband bickering continued and it is played off for laughs because it is funny. Because they are acting like an old married couple. Also that pink pantie moment was glorious.
  • Episode 8 - the old married couple bickering continues and Cas is super badass in front of Mr Ketch. Also Dean seriously looks at Cas after the Nephilim announcement like for a second he honestly thinks Cas knocked someone up and is super jealous. But anyway, this was a Bucklemming episode so if you hated it, or it left you feeling miserable over Christmas, its normal. Thats just how everyone feels after Bucklemming. 

Basically nonny, this season, we have moved past star crossed lovers and into the old married couple stage of the deancas relationship. Its like they just needed to show us an actual old married hunter couple first to then give us a basis for what to look out for. Jesse and Cesar were that basis. I know you are worried that the bickering is a bad thing, but its not. It is actually played for laughs on the show, but the truth behind it is that Dean still isn’t over Cas leaving him and teaming up with Crowley. All of Dean’s digs at Cas come at times when Cas is working with Crowley to find Lucifer. Dean isn’t comfortable with the situation. He isn’t happy that Cas left him, told him he was looking for Lucifer alone, only to pair up with Crowley behind Dean’s back. So Dean is grumpy about it. I think that’s understandable personally. 

But you also have to consider that we are not even half way through the season yet. Also consider that there are at least two Castiel-centric episodes coming up and what is one of Castiel’s defining and practically canon characteristics? Oh yeah, that he is in love with Dean Winchester. Remember the last Cas-centric episodes? 6x20 and I’d also say 8x17 was pretty Cas-centric. Also 11x18 which wasn’t Cas POV but was very much about Cas.  Considering the storylines of these episodes, and how they all made waves for destiel, I reckon we need to give the season a chance. Ask me after 12x12 has aired. We will be just over half way by then and would have seen both Cas episodes. If at that point, you still have little faith, or feel disappointed in what you have got, I may be right there with you. Right now, however, I am cautiously optimistic and overly excited for 12x10 and 12x12.

The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 19)

Chapter 18

A/N: This is short. I’m sorry. It’s been a few weeks. *wipes sweat*

“Get her to the couch, come on!” yelled Dean. Sam was close behind him, carrying me. Cas had taken us right back to Bobby’s.

“Ah!” I yelled. It hurt. It hurt a lot. I tossed in pain, trying to make it go away. My arms were bright red.

“Cas man you got to do something!” said Sam. He and Dean kneeled in front of me, now with me on the couch. I looked at my brothers; I didn’t even know what to do.

Cas reached over, laying his hand on my forehead.

“Ahh!” I screamed again, Cas’s touch just making it hurt worse. It burned.

“I can’t heal anything. The powers of an archangel, even a fallen one, surpass me greatly. I’m just making it worse.” said Castiel.

“What do you mean? It’s Lucifer how much damage could he have possibly done?!” yelled Dean.

“He set her blood to boiling.” said Cas.

“Tell me how I can help you.” I looked over at Cas.

“How am I supposed to know?!”  I yelled, out loud, not really meaning to. Crap.

Sam and Dean turned to Cas, confused. All of a sudden, the skin on my arm tore, blood rushing down. That’s when it hit me.


“GABRIEL!” I yelled out in my head.

“Gabriel!” I yelled again. “Agh!” I gripped the bleeding spot on my arm, trying to contain the pain.

“GABRIEL!” I yelled out again. Sam and Dean looked around, oblivious on to why I was calling out the name of the Archangel.

“Ranger?” I looked up; Gabriel was standing in the far corner, behind Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas.

“They can’t see me, what happened?” Gabriel now stood at the end of the bed.

“You were right, Lucifer, I shouldn’t have gone. Agh!” Gabriel’s eyes went wide, snapping his fingers.

“What the hell.” said Dean, turning his head towards Gabriel. He had made himself visible to everyone else.

“Move over, fellas.” said Gabriel. He pushed Sam and Dean back away. “Cas what did he do, set the blood on fire?”

“Yes. Quick, it’s been hours.” said Cas.

“Wait, what?!” asked Gabe, looking at Cas. He turned back to me. “Why didn’t you call me earlier? I warned you Ranger!”

“Yeah, agh, I’ll make it up to you later, alright?!” Gabriel shook his head, placing his hand on my forehead. I could feel my body instantly cooling down.

I was out like a light.

Dean turned to Gabriel.

“You have a lot of explaining to do.”

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I forgot what number it is, but may I please have "Wow" with Cas? (If you're done doing these, it's okay, I'll understand, and sorry for bugging you.)

(gif is not mine)

It had been months since you last saw Castiel.  You were excited for him to be back in the bunker after all this time.  You couldn’t wait for Sam and Dean to bring him back.

Once you heard the bunker’s door close, you jumped up from your seat.  You heard Dean and Sam talking.  Then you heard Castiel’s voice, a smile instantly spreading across your lips.

Dean and Sam let Castiel walk into the library first.  Castiel was surprised when you threw yourself into his arms.  Castiel immediately wrapped his arms around you.  He gave your body a tight squeeze as he spun you around.  Sam and Dean left the two of you alone without protest.

“Wow,” Cas breathed, taking in the scent of your shampoo.  “I never thought I’d see you ever again [Y/N].”  Castiel felt your legs wrap around his waist.  He missed this.  He missed the way you loved him.  He would never forget this feeling.

“I’m so glad you’re back Cas,” you hummed.  You let your hands rest on the angel’s shoulders as you looked into his cerulean eyes.  “I missed you.”

“I missed you too [Y/N],” Castiel spoke in a hushed voice.  “If you don’t mind, I’d like to spend some time with you for now.”  Castiel chuckled when you gave him an ‘are-you-kidding-me’ glare.  “I’ll never forget that look ever again.”

You pressed a chaste kiss to Casitel’s lips.  This angel wasn’t going anywhere ever again if you had anything to say about it.

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OMGGG!!! I'm just thinking about when Cas isn't possessed by Lucifer anymore and he has to face Kiwi ; ^ ; do you think she'd know the difference between possessed Cas and not possessed Cas?? Because if not, she'd probably not trust Cas for a while because she won't know if he'll go back to his "Satan" personality and I just ahhhhh!! I'm sOBBING!!! 😭

I don’t actually know! I’m wondering if Kiwi is able to see angels’ true form or if she can just see Grace. Jane the Nephilim said she saw halos, so maybe Kiwi would also see halos. So it’s possible that Kiwi sees that something about Cas is different but doesn’t know that it’s a different angel possessing Cas. I’m sure Dean told her that it wasn’t Cas and maybe he’d tell her that it’s Cas again.

But she might still be careful around him. And then they have so much on their plate anyway with Chuck and the sun dying and Dean going on his suicide mission etc. 

*tiny tears*

(Btw, I think by the time the S11 finale comes around Kiwi is already a couple of years old and able to assume a human body. But she’s probably in her true form unless someone tells her to transform.)

i’m laughing so hard but i’m also pissed because basically last night i was like “Gabe, love, my guy, you’re the angel of fertility and shit and i’m like 3 weeks late on my period im getting scared can you fix that for me”

and boy what do you know

-mod cas

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wich hogwarts house do you think lamb!dean and wolf!cas would be in?

Well, my standard answer is Gryffindor for Dean and Hufflepuff for Cas.

Though I don’t know why you’d be interested in knowing for this AU as it doesn’t exactly lend itself to a HP crossover *lol* (Also, even if Dean would be in school, Cas’d be long done. Also probably expelled at 16. So you could take the plot of the AU and switch it from Wolf and Lamb to Hogwarts AU I suppose. That might even be interesting.)

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💐🌸🌼🌷🌹🌻🌺 Have some flowers everyone 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼🌸💐

Time: Th-thank you…i-its been a while s-since I’ve seen f-flowers…

Rain: Oh me too!! They hardly grow in my timeline!

CA: Flowers. Well thank you, they do smell lovely hehe.

DA: Whatever.

Wendy: Flowers..!! Th-theyre so pretty and smell s-so nice…! Thank y-you…!

R Drop: WHOA! We get to keep these right? I’m keeping them!

J Fruit: Ah flowers. How about we just burn them?

Sleepy F: I don’t mind that…

Wendy: N-NOOO..!! D-dont burn them..!!! Th-theyre so pretty and smell nice..!!

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Hoi! blue anon again! here! *hives cookies and choclate to all*

Time: Th-thank you…b-but I d-dont eat…

Rain: Don’t mind if I do!!

CA: Thank you.

DA: I’m with the sad one here, I don’t eat.

Wendy: M-me either…b-but I appreciate it…!

R Drop: Yall are wasteful! These are some good cookies and milk!

J Fruit: Can I just like, put some whiskey in the milk and dip my cookies in and eat them. And then chug the rest of the milk? I'mma do that.

Sleepy F: Thanks…but no thanks…