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PSA to New and Old Kpop Fans

For New fans:

1. There were legends before your favorite groups. Respect their legacy and what they did for your groups. Your faves are in Japan promoting? Thank BoA, who helped break through national tensions between the two countries when she was only 13 years old. Your faves have a hip hop concept? Bigbang was one of the first Idol groups to incorporate hip hop/rap music motifs into kpop. Do you like tough girl concepts? Thank groups like f(x), 2ne1, and 4 minute who broke the cute girl model and made different styles trendy.

2. Just because your favorite group is outselling or beating an older group on music shows does not mean that the older group is irrelevant. Trends change, older groups may not have young fandoms who have the time to buy 15 copies of an album or go to every fanmeet. Older groups have fans who have careers, families and whatnot, So they may not get the most votes but they still matter, and still did so much in their prime. Do not ignore that and be mindful of what you say.

For Old Fans:

1. Just because a new group beats out your older group’s records does not take away from the greatness of the older group. Kpop has changed so much over the past years, and the opportunities that newer groups have to interact with fans all over the world with the internet and youtube and sns has just made it easier for groups these days to get big followings. Understand these factors and recognize that your favorite older groups didn’t have that, and because of that their records will be beaten on day in the future. But it’s ok, because what your fave did in the year they did it was most likely incredible. 

2. Do not become hostile to newer groups and blame them for the disbandment of older legends. Twice did not cause the wonder girls to disband. Blackpink did not cause 2ne1 to disband. The fact is, it’s the company’s responsibility to promote and support all groups under their roster. It was not blackpink’s fault that YG was being neglectful of other groups. the fact is blackpink is a victim of YG’s shit promotions as their debut was put on hold for 4 years, as the wait to debut caused tons of trainees to leave the company in frustration. Twice is also a victim in JYP’s terrible management, as while groups like the Wonder Girls are neglected, Twice are overworked. Stop blaming the younger groups and start blaming the actual companies, who need to learn not to overwork their trend idols and to treat their loyal artists with respect rather than treating them like trash.

Past Lives

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Request: @waiefu : “ok so reader is going to college away from home and they need a room mate so theyre looking at possible people they see kylo but misread as kylie reader sees they have a lot in common and assuming its a girl picks them anyway they show up at the dorm and see a dude”

Summary: Soulmate AU: Kylo Ren, being the man that he is, loses a lot of things in his life. One of those things being his only shot at ever having love. As centuries pass however, in another galaxy on a planet known as Earth, an unexpected turn of events brings him another possible chance. Though he never could have predicted it would have come around in the way it does.

A/N: Ok so I combined a request with an AU I had brewing in my mind for a long time (even before I started this blog hah), and hopefully you all enjoy it! And in case anyone was wondering, yes “Past Lives” by Borns is the song rec for this cause well, ya know. Feedback is welcome, and of course all credit for the triplet AU goes to @crylorenlo

Warnings: Language

Laying motionless in the snow, with flakes daintily dropping onto his pale flesh, Kylo stared up at the night sky. Blood matted his raven locks and smeared across his full lips, starkly contrasting his appearance. His body was spent, his mind reeling as the world around him seemed to fall into an unnatural silence. No matter how much his ears strained, there was nothing to be heard, nothing to be seen.

Left to his thoughts alone, Kylo slowly felt them consume him. Though there was nothing to be heard physically, Kylo’s psyche seemed to take on its own consuming presence, forcing him to acknowledge it.

So, this is what you received.

Kylo sighed faintly, the breath feeling heavy in his lungs.

A slow, painful and a depressingly lonely demise. Was it worth it?

Despite his inability to move or react, his eyes began to pool with tears. It was your voice. A voice that had disappeared into the furthest corner of his mind for years. Years he had lost to his poor decisions, including the one of the last night he ever laid eyes on you. 

Was taking the countless lives worth it? Destroying what the force created…was it worth it?

His eyes winced shut as his soiled body began to tremble. Slowly the tears started to slip down his cheeks, accompanying the flakes of snow.

“I’m sorry.”

He practically whispered, sounding much like a passing breeze. Lip quivering he choked out the words as he spoke again with his broken tone.

“I’m sorry…I-…it wasn’t worth it.”

His trembling grew fiercer as his body grew even weaker, seeming to ignore the creeping frigid temperature.

“I’m sorry…so sorry.”

Aside from his dying whimpers, the atmosphere was eeriely silent. As if he had suddenly gone deaf to the world around him, there was nothing. You weren’t there, his family was long gone and there was not a soul he had to lean on. In his demise, he met his fate. To be entirely alone in the end, no one to have beside him aside from the snowy terrain beneath him. Slowly as his body grew weaker, almost incapable of continuing to sob the way he had been, he felt his eyelids grow heavy. Drooping lower and lower over his blood shot, glimmering eyes, the world around him slowly started to fade.

Centuries later in a far away galaxy…

Staring at the screen before him, Kylo looked over the Craigslist ad he was about to post, assuring everything was correct. Typos would not be accepted and he had to assure not a single detail was missing. Though anyone else would have thought he was doing it as a service to his soon to be roommate, he truly was doing it for himself, unwilling to live with certain types of individuals. He knew what personalities melded well with his, and he would do everything to assure he got just that.

Narrowing his eyes to the screen he read over the bullet points he had written once again. Walking up behind him, Ben appeared. Rolling his eyes Ben shook his head faintly as he watched Kylo hunched over the computer desk.

“Why are you so dramatic?”

“Why are you so obnoxious?”

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Things KPOP/K Hip-hop Fans Need to Stop Doing:

Being homophobic - To say that idols can’t be anything than heterosexual is ridiculous. You have hundreds of idols of different backgrounds and experiences, to say that none of them could be queer is just small minded and downright ignorant. But this also implies to fans who only want an idol to be gay “so their ship can come true”. Or say “As long as their gay for the person I ship them with I’m happy if their gay”. Guess what? You’re just as small minded and ignorant as the person who doesn’t want to believe in queer idols.

• Shaming Female Idols - Don’t start calling female idols/celebrities “sluts” because she came two feet within your male fav or did a sexy dance that you’d go crazy if a male idol did it. Female idols work just as hard as male idols, if not even harder. Misogyny is rampant in the entertainment industry. They deserve the same respect as male idols. 

Fatphobia - Some idols have hinted/talked about suffering from a eating disorders and people still call them fat. Idols have even talked about living on “water diets”. Idols are force to starve themselves to be the “prefect” or “desired” weight. So please don’t say “____ should lose weight” or “____ is hotter now since they lost weight”. BTS’s Jimin debuted with abs, and since then, anytime he doesn’t have the exact rock hard abs he did years ago, fans have either said he’s “not has hot” or even dropped him completely. Enough with this. 

Using AAVE incorrectly - Stop making posts saying an idol is “bae as fuck”. You look like a damn fool. If you aren’t 100% sure what a word means don’t use it. For God’s sake those “Are you [Idol name] af?” were so bad. With that being said don’t make fake subs of an idol saying the n-word. No nonblack person should be saying n-word in the first damn place. And if you are not black you have no right to tell black people they shouldn’t say n-word either. That is our word to reclaim. 

Anti-Blackness - Y'all ain’t slick. Anytime an idol gets within 2 feet of a Black person some of you start singing “I hope Oppa is safe” or “Those girls need to back up”. But when they’re near a Korean girl or white girl it’s always ‘I’m so jealous!“. When BTS was in L.A that was majority of the comments. Always telling black fans that we’re being overly sensitive when an idol does/says something offensive towards black people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being critical of something as you enjoy it. So stop telling people to “stop listening to kpop then!”. No, stop with the blatant anti-blackness.

“Pedonoona” - This isn’t funny. If you are a grown woman, stop lusting after an idol under 18. Nothing is cute or quirky about a 20+ year old woman wanting to have sex with a person who’s still in high-school or barely 18. You are NOT “admiring” them nor is the age of consent law your friend, so don’t try use those as an excuse when you get called out.  Counting down the days an idol turns 18 so you can writing your nasty smut about them is beyond terrible. As much as ANY male fans get dragged for making sexual comments about younger female celebrities, female fans doing it should be no different. I’m honestly disgusted by the amount of fans trying to defend their pedophilia and see nothing wrong their gross behavior. 

Leaving gross comments on idol’s SNS - Again, this isn’t funny. A man telling a woman he hardly knows “how hard I am” or to “suck my dick” is the exact same thing when a woman tells a man she hardly knows “how wet I am” or to “eat me out”. If you can’t message an idol to have a decent conversation, don’t do it at all.

“That’s just how Korea is!” - Stop. Don’t you dare clump all 50 million people together when your 1 bias fucks up. That’s not how Korea is, that’s how YOUR fav is. Korean fans have said time and time again to stop saying this. Why? Because it’s a racist generalization of their culture. When Korean fans can admit that an idol fucked up then international fans need to do the same.

Ignoring What Korean Fans Have to Say About Their Own Culture - Time and time again, Korean fans have said to stop doing certain things but many non-Korean fans continue to do it and even argue with them. A Korean fan breaks down word for word what problematic thing and idol said and y’all seriously argue with them, with your 2 month knowledge of the Korean language. Or if an idol does something that is disrespectful in Korean culture, y’all will insist that it isn’t. Korean fans have said it’s very offensive to say an idol looks like a lizard or is a rat because there is a long history behind them but y’all still do it for the sake of a joke. And the most infamous, ignoring Korean fans who say to stop accessorizing their language by putting random Hangul in your description or saying random Korean words when you talk.  If you can’t respect Korean people, then don’t you dare you say you their culture. 

Sending Death threats - Listen, I understand how frustrating it can be when your fav fucks up. We’ve all been there. But there is NO excuse to send ANYONE death threats. That is crossing the line. Yes, problematic idols need to be called out but making bomb threats to their concert? Absolutely not and just straight up revolting. Hell, I’ve heard of fans calling idols anti-Asian slurs after they fucked up. Threats of violence or insulting their idol’s skills and talents is just disgusting. And it’s honestly awful that this really needs to be be said. That is not you express your anger. That is how you show you have no respect for other human beings.

Whitewashing - Honestly, it’s like beating a dead horse at this point. It’s already been proven that it is possible to make a picture brighter without touching an idol’s skin tone. A simple Google search will get you hundreds of tutorials on how to not alter a person’s skin. You’re just being lazy and refuse to learn how to make better edits if you claim it’s impossible to not bleach an idol in an edit. Vixx’s N gets bullied by his own members for his beautiful skin, and some y’all refuse to acknowledge it. You claim to love everything about an idol but constantly make their skin lighter? 

Defending EYK - Just don’t. People have stated so many times why these people are nothing but gross racists. Everything down to their refusal to improve their butchered Korean, only to make fun of idols’ English to their “Gender Guessing” game. Do I even need to go into detail on why referring to a human being as “it” is just downright dehumanizing. Not to mention just how transphobic the entire game is to assume a person’s gender just because they have feminine or masculine features. Just stop defending them.

Groping Idols/Invading their privacy - Do I really have to explain why touching a person you don’t know inappropriately is wrong? I know it’s exciting seeing your bias up close in person but don’t put your hands on them. How many videos/pictures of fans getting hit by idol’s bodyguards or managers will it take for some of y’all to get this. Public figures deserve their privacy too.

Making fun idols’ “Engrish” - If you expect a person who grew up in Korea their entire life to speak perfect English is just astounding. If you can barely say ‘hello’ in Korean don’t you dare poke fun at their English. Idols are not obligated to learn English, or any other language other than their own. But they do it anyway because they want to communicate with their many fans, can y’all just tear them apart for getting one word wrong. Never forget B.A.P’s Hurricane had to be re-done because y’all never shut up about Himchan saying ‘loof’ instead of ‘roof’ and even followed them around New York City screaming it at him. Y’all need to stop doing this, like yesterday. 

D*rp/R*tard jokes - Ableism isn’t funny. Mental illnesses are nothing that needs to be made fun of. You’re not showing your quirky way of showing love to someone. And don’t say these words are not directly making fun of people with neurological disorders. Because where do you think these word came from? It shouldn’t be hard to take these words out of your vocabulary and edits. 

Inappropriate Gifts - Stop giving idols your panties, menstrual blood, sex toys, or OTP fanart/fanfics. Why would you think that shit is cute in the first place?

Transphobia - Idols like F(x) Amber and Nu'est Ren have talked about how much it hurts them when fans misgender them. Amber has been in tears discussing how much it hurts when fans call her oppa. And Ren has spoken about being harassed in men’s restrooms because of his appearance. Just don’t do it. Respect and use the pronouns people tell you to use. 

“Oppa/Unni didn’t mean it!” - Yeah, just because a person’s intentions weren’t harmful doesn’t mean the end result wasn’t. We’ve all done problematic things but we all get called out on it. When we get called out we learn from it and know not to do it again. Cradling your fav when they do something offensive isn’t helping them learn. Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. If anything, ignoring the problematic behavior will only lead to the person repeating it. If you were not personally offended an idol does something offensive don’t tell others they shouldn’t be. Because 9/10 if you weren’t offended by it, it’s not something that effects you. 

Fetishing - You don’t “have a thing” for Koreans.  You just like some Korean idols. Enough with the “These Korean men ruined my life”. “Loving Asian men” or “sexy Asian men” is not a compliment. And by Asian you really just mean East Asian. Again clumping some million people together is a racist generalization. So don’t date East Asian men and women only because they remind you of your fav. Don’t hold these men and women on a higher pedestal than any other race solely because you watched a kdrama and you think Korean people are like your favorite character. Just don’t.

Taking down about American Hip-Hop - There’s no way in Hell that people who adopted a genre are better at it than the people who created it. K Hip-hop lyrics are no different from American lyrics. To make claim that K Hip-hop artists have “better lyrics” American rap is just amazing. What makes your fav any different? Korean rappers are always saying their biggest inspiration was in fact an American rapper. If it weren’t for Black Americans creating yet another genre of music your Korean fav wouldn’t be where they are today.

I’ll boycott the Mexican theatrical release of DSoD and here’s why. >:(

In short, the distribution company that brought the movie here for a limited theatrical release is a fucking cheapskate and didn’t want to pay the Mexican voice actors for Yugi/Atem, Kaiba, and Bakura what was fair and these guys are professionals with many years of experience behind them so they weren’t going to just bend over to this company’s will and work for what was essentially breadcrumbs.

I thought this meant that maybe the company would at least do the next decent thing and show the movie subbed, but no, they just decided to hire other people willing to work for cents and do a half-baked dub that won’t do the Latin American fans who grew up with these guys behind three of the most iconic original YGO characters any justice or service.

Call me an entitled whiny fangirl if you want but if the Dragon Ball Z movies (Battle of the Gods and Resurrection ‘F’) were able to have the original Mexican voice actors from the main series then it’s only fair that the YGO movie celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise was given the same effort that DBZ got.

Sigh… I guess I’ll just wait for the American dvd/bluray release in order to support the official release of this movie.

Here’s a video of the voice actors explaining the situation in Spanish, so if anybody who sees this knows Spanish then go right ahead and watch it to hear it directly from them. They’re real sweethearts who appreciate their fans and I wish them the best in all of their future projects. <3

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Remind me of the supposed multishippers who say they totally ship "st/rmpilot" yet there are no st/rmpilot posts on their blogs. Or worse they actually like f/nnrey, but every f/nnrey post is from the anti r/ylo bs tag saying gross racist shit about f/nnrey and f/nnrey fans. Like they forget it is really easy to search through their blogs.

They do. I think even more than that it shows that ships with color are often perceived as less worthy of being all-consuming compared to white megaships. 

So, @lenaluthordefensesquad sent this post to me and asked for my thoughts on the comments. Now this petty back and forth between supercorp and sanvers is something I have been aware of and seen but have purposefully tried to avoid as much as possible and not engage with. However, Meadow asked me to make a post because apparently I said some things worthwhile. So here’s the thing. I ship both supercorp and sanvers (although I still tag it detective danvers because I am a little petty myself but i’m not gonna talk about that here it’s irrelevant). So keep that in mind because I might sound harsh towards sanvers here. Basically, my problem with the comments on that post are that they are trying to blame something that they perceive as a problem on the existence of a non canon ship. So, my response to seeing the post is this: First of all, to say that in general Supercorp gets more screentime than Sanvers gets is just untrue. Lena has only been in a handful of episodes, most of which she had very little screentime. The fact that we finally got a Lena centric episode does not mean that supercorp is suddenly getting more screentime than sanvers. The other issue is that, the writers of the show are not putting scenes with Kara and Lena in with the non canon ship in mind. Lena and Kara’s friendship in and of itself, without the existence of the ship is IMPORTANT to the show.  The show is called supergirl, and while yes Kara and Alex are equal Lead characters, the main storyline is not about the romances and it shouldn’t be. Sanvers has always been a side plot for this reason and will probably continue to be. Lena’s episode relates to the larger action portion of the plot that the show has always focused on where Kara and the DEO are fighting bad guys, in this case Cadmus (idk if i spelled that right, but I don’t care). Also, it is important that Kara have friends on the show who are not just the boys that fall in love with her. In season one she had Cat as a friend and Alex as her sister. In season 2 if Lena was not allowed to develop this relationship with Kara, Kara would be down to NO female friends, and Alex being the only other woman she really interacts with often. So Lena and Kara’s relationship, even without the existence of supercorp is integral to Kara as a character and as the lead character. 

If Sanvers shippers truly want to complain about them not getting much screentime, there is a whole host of other things that are more responsible for that, that would be legitimate to criticize. Mon-El becoming more of a lead character and getting the screentime of a lead character is one of them. But I think we need to remember that this is an ensemble show, and it is not the Sanvers show. Sanvers has had and will continue to get some centric episodes where they get a lot of screentime, but because of the size of the cast that is not going to happen every episode. I also have a HUGE problem with the superiority complex shippers of canon ships seem to have. I honest to god always thought it was just a hetero shipper issue. But it looks like in the microcosm of fandom we are having a similar thing happen with the relationship between canon and non canon f/f shipping that has happened between say, white cis gay men and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s like once they finally get to be part of the elite canon group who has the power of writer validation behind them, they want to shit all over the people who don’t have that luxury. This is something I really truly do not understand. It used to be that ALL f/f ships were noncanon because we did not GET to be canon. and it is fantastic that we now once in a while get canon ships, but fandom was created and developed for the specific reason to transform the canon text into something new, to explore things within the story that do not get explored by the actual writers. This is our history. Please do not forget that. Fan works exist to take a story places that the mainstream media and the writers of the show won’t go. So to come in and hijack a post made by a supercorp shipper as a JOKE based on the fact that Katie McGrath has played many gay characters in the past and seems to have ridiculous chemistry with other women, melissa included, is uncalled for and rude and not actually justified. Supercorp is not canon. We know that. We KNOW that Alex and Maggie are in fact more gay than Lena because the show acknowledges their gayness, but we are allowed to joke about the chemistry and how flirty Katie McGrath is without have a horde of petty sanvers shippers jumping on us. 

And I have even more so a problem with this type of fan who would comment on posts in this way, because they seem to be the same kind of people who joined the fandom ONLY because they heard there was a canon f/f ship in the show, but instead of joining the fandom and appreciated supergirl as a whole and respecting the fandom environment and works created previously, they came in and shit on everyone in the existing fandom. They disregard season one and it’s importance, and many of them came in and shit on the General Danvers shippers for shipping a ship that has existed since the beginning of the show because it wasn’t the current canon ship and astra is “Evil and dead”. Which btw, General Danvers was my only ship on supergirl for quite a long time. And in that same vein, Supercorp actually existed as a ship long before Sanvers existed, and even longer before Sanvers became canon, so to suddenly feel that Lena and Kara’s relationship, which has been developing since the very first episode of this season, shouldn’t get screentime because sanvers is the canon ship is just petty. You want them to give more screentime to their canon f/f ship, you feel that they hype it up to much for the amount of follow through you get? fine, critique that about the writers, but do not blame supercorp and it’s existence and do not go hijacking supercorp shippers posts to be petty. I am not here for ship wars between f/f ships. The only ship wars I can at all justify are the ones where it is a non canon f/f ship pointing out the how a canon f/m ship is heteronormative or fans who happen to ship an f/f pairing critiquing an f/m ship because it is written in a sexist manner or a harmful manner. And even then, I do not support post hijacking or message spamming to the shippers of those ships. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason that ships should be fighting and jumping on eachothers posts just to be petty, especially not between to f/f ships. So, that’s it. That’s my opinion on the “discourse”. This ended up being a hell of a lot longer than I expected, but I think everything I said was important and relevant. Please be respectful to one another. Other f/f ships are not the enemy here.

Celebrating Abbie Mills & IchabbieSpring Fling

APRIL 8th -16th

Twitter, AO3, Tumblr & FFnet

It’s time to Celebrate Abbie Mills and Ichabbie. For many of us Abbie Mills lives on and Canon (from that show which shall not be named) does not exist.

So let’s Celebrate our Beautiful Amazing Hero with your art, stories and videos using #AbbieMillsShines & #IchabbieSpring. This way everyone can easily find and share contributions.

Remember you are welcome to use both or either tag. But if your content has Ichabbie (IC) please tag with #IchabbieSpring or both tags.

This is not a fan event for ‘That Show’ so please do not tag that show or use #Ich*bbie alone or IC. Let’s have FUN!

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Can I have some advice? I was recently called out on being racist for saying that AOS demoted Nyota from an strong, intelligent, independent character to Spock's love interest. I just at want to know, was she right? feel absolutely terrible if I was promoting racism, but as a member of the LGBT community I feel robbed of a couple that's been icons to sci fi loving members of the LGBT community like myself. Her argument was that she went Scotty's (a side characters)love interest to Spock's.

No, you are not racist.

Originally posted by gfycat

The pairing was forced.

F. O. R. C. E. D.


It was implied earlier in the first movie that Jim had a liking to her. And she didn’t seem interested in him as seen. AND SHE DIDN’T BLINK WHEN GAILIA WAS NAKED. Which means she is not straight. And sorry for not replying earlier I was watching I wish for Jeanie tv show. Anyway, Star Trek promotes diversity and independence. These insulting fans do not promote this.  Turning  Nyota into a love interest for Spock made her feel like she was only there for his emotions and yanking them out WHEN NO, JIM WAS MADE FOR THAT. He takes them out, safely, without doing it forcefully and those light touches. He doesn’t smog Spock in a kiss right after he lost his damn planet. Which is insulting BECAUSE HE SHOULD SPEND IT IN A HUG NOT A KISS. Spock deserves time alone with a loss like that in the first 24 hours without people demanding that he express grief. Everyone grieves differently, Spock included. Jim carefully extracts them around Spock when he intends not to extract emotions. McCoy is the one who is all “HEY, POINTY EARED COMPUTER, CATCH THIS FRISBEE!” And Spock getting hit by it and not emoting. Spock either amused or flattered.

Which is a hilarious scenario with poor Spock.

NYOTA UHURA IS A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN NOT MADE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A MAN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. IT’S THE OPPOSITE OF WHY SHE WAS MADE AND A DISGRACE TO HER CHARACTER. She was essentially robbed of being her own independent character for 2 movies with scenes that didn’t revolve AROUND SPOCK OF ALL PEOPLE.  Until Pegg wrote her right (god bless Pegg and Jones). Until that movie, she was only known as Spock’s girlfriend in those two movies. If they could accurately write a relationship between  Spock and Uhura without turning her into “Spock;s development” then I will be perfectly fine. Racism is saying “No, you can’t do that because you are colored” I don’t know why everyone thinks being racist is splitting apart a disgusting, horrible betrayal of both LGBT+ icons and putting them to their rightful pairing. Jim and Spock are not white people, SPOCK IS GREEN and JIM IS WHITE.


Does anyone not realize how humans in star trek were probably racist as fuck toward Vulcans before the united federation of planets were established? How Vulcans were treated by bigots, racists, bipobic, homophic, and people of all kind until they were brought together by space? And got over their differences? I have to admit, in star trek there are still likely some xenophobic people who do not represent humanity because THESE XENOPHOBIC people are the minority. Consider how T’Pol and Tripp dealt with becoming a couple on Earth, holding hands, and the stares they probably got onN Earth. I had to bring this argument up because they are both two different colors. Humans are pink/white. Vulcans are green. Do you see my analogy? Spock is not green in AOS for some stupid reason that I don’t know why. Now to the next pairing that is interacial relationship!

Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel share a interracial W/W relationship. Christine Chapel appeared in the first star trek aos movie in the background as does Geoffrey M’Benga. They are a canon couple according to star trek tos episodes. Nyota values beauty over male attraction. She also kissed Christine on the lips. She also called T’Pring lovely. AND OH, NEED I SAY THE LOOK SHE GAVE JANICE IN CHARLIE X EPISODE?

So wonderfully gay. <3

Scotty and Uhura, in TOS movie, were brought together because they are sweet and I think Shatner probably forgot about Christine or–wait, he does not ever watch anything with him inside in it so there is a good chance he didn’t watch TOS and went off his memory. It was the logical thing to do on his part. But either way, they were cute and they were relatable. Dedicated to their job. They were married to their job. They represent people who were in the same career who gradually fell in love over decades. I consider that timeline with Uhotty as something that happens in the canonically TNG prime timeline due to Tryla Scott. Nyota and Christine probably raised Tryla’s grandparent when Scotty was stuck in the transporter. Scotty and Uhura started out as friends. One pairing is not interested in the captain and loves the ship but also cares too much about his friend Nyota. Nyota cares about her teddy bear engineer, very, very much. She is bisexual in that timeline. The other pairing, captained by James T. Kirk, is highly in love with Spock and the ship.  And is pansexual.

If I sound insulting, please tell me because I do not mean to. 


⭐f(x) challenge⭐

this challenge was inspired by @svnnyjjang (thank you ♥) but this time i will be doing this as f(x) challenge! i know there are a couple of fan challenge memes on tumblr and i really want to make one for f(x) ✨ i wanted us, f(x) fans to create a wonderful things whether it’s a gifs, edits, graphics, audio posts, text posts, or anything else! the purpose of this challenge is to show our love towards f(x) by creating a little things to show them how much we love & support them ❤

i’m gonna track the “#f(challenge)” tag for this challenge. it’s way easier to find! but feel free to change it as your wish ^_^

here is the list of the challenge:

✨  (5) favorite music videos
✨  (5) favorite live performances
✨  (5) favorite lyrics
✨  (5) favorite choreographies
✨  (5) favorite hairstyles
✨  (4) favorite outfits
✨  (4) favorite photoshoots
✨  (4) favorite pairings
✨  (4) favorite covers
✨  (3) favorite moments
✨  (3) favorite variety shows
✨  (3) favorite concepts
✨  (2) favorite collaborations
✨  (2) favorite era
✨  (1) favorite member
✨  cute f(x) or sexy f(x)

Why I am so disappointed of Homeland right now.

1. Looking at the fact that the most beautiful thing of the whole show is Quinn’s letter, which was written spontaneously by a supporting actor… well this says everything to me.

2. If they hated the lovestory SO BADLY, why did they even start to write it?? Nobody forced them… but letting all endings loose without ANY conclusion is just awful.
It’s really devastating for us fans to hope for YEARS and then we get such an ending? Very disrespectful.

3. Let’s face it… Homeland is after all just TV! We loved this show for it’s drama, thrill and tragedy, but the writers failed again. TV shows serve one main purpose which is ENTERTAINMENT! Do you feel entertained by it now? No? Me neither. I only grief and mourn about it and feel utterly betrayed. The ending of this season was a big F**k you for loyal fans.

4.Real life is tough sometimes (trust me, I know what I am talking about), that’s why we enjoy fiction right? We even enjoy fictional drama, but in contrast to real life there can be a payoff, a rewarding ending, a relief or even a precious message delivered. The finale left us here without nothing, really nothing… which shows the lack of quality of how the story and character build turned out now.

5. Hurt/Comfort is an extremely popular genre in the whole Fanfiction world in many fandoms. They are favoured for a reason: putting heroes through a lot of “Hurt” (physical pain, torture, difficult situations etc.) makes characters more human, they get easier to identify with. However, after all this pain, there will be REWARD for the hero and the reader/viewer in form of “Comfort”. That gives the character a Chance for growth and redemption. And of course it can be crucial for building a relationship between characters. In Homeland there is only Hurt/Hurt left. Season 6 was a pointless torture porn for Quinn. The end was awful, no reward, just nothing. Also all the other main characters are hollow tortured souls. I can’t find empathy for one of them anymore.

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straight girls kissing for fun isn't doing any harm ffs

maybe not irl but on tv it does. everything that happens on a tv show has real world consequences and two girls kissing “just for fun” and then the actresses/showrunners calling the possibility of a relationship “unrealistic” and “fan fiction” and mocking young lgbt viewers for shipping it and daring to hope for representation. This kind of shit hurts lgbt viewers ffs.

also whoever the hell made the trailer knew exactly what they were doing when they put the kiss in the trailer. I can think of two reasons why they did:

  1. to attract loyal lgbt viewers after seeing the success of other shows with f/f relationships
  2. to attract male viewers who think girls kissing is “hot”
Girlfriend Amber

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  • to sum up dating amber in one word?
  • FUN
  • like, really, really fun!!
  • of course you two argue sometimes and you take naps and cuddle and do boring chores but amber manages to make everything super fun at the same time (somehow????)
  • and prepare to be smothered in love and affection
  • of course, amber is a warm fluffy person anyway so she’s like that w everyone
  • hope you’re not the jealous type btw
  • she’s very loving and touchy with everyone
  • but her love and affection towards you is different
  • less playful, more meaningful
  • especially in private, since she’s conscious of not only the cameras but also the fact that most people don’t appreciate too much pda
  • however, it would probably be hard to tell if amber had a crush on you unless she actually states it
  • like I’ve said, she’s a friendly girl
  • so you don’t read too much into her hugs or playful butt slaps because she’s like that w everyone
  • amber knows she can’t wait for you to make the move, because you’re so oblivious to her flirting. so she approaches you one day after practice like
  • “oh, hey, how you doing? I just wanna ask if you want to grab a bite to eat?”
  • “yeah, sure! are any of the other girls coming?”
  • she tries to play it cool, chuckling a little. “nah. it wouldn’t be a date if they all tagged along, you know. so what do you feel like? there’s a great Mexican place just down the road …”
  • and there was no official asking out either
  • you two were watching tv and a commercial for couples rings came on. you made some smart remark about the cheesiness and amber says
  • “but I think some can be pretty cute. wouldn’t you like one? to show everyone that we’re a couple? I mean, we’ve been dating for a while”
  • but you didn’t get the memo!
  • “oh, really? since when?!”
  • so sometimes, the stories you tell your friends differentiate because she sees things differently
  • at sm parties, someone might ask how long you two have been together and at the same time you both say:
  • “nine months”
  • “a year and a half”
  • and either you have the anniversary date wrong (“well, I’m sorry, okay! it’s not my fault you didn’t actually ask me out officially!”) or amber’s counting from the day she asked you out in her head, not that time with the couple ring commercial when it became unofficially official
  • because, still, she hasn’t asked you out properly
  • cheesy times where you’re at a karaoke bar and drunk amber shouts “this song is dedicated to my bae! bae, where you at? OH! there s/he is! hiding under the table, look at her/him! so cute!”
  • then proceeds to belt out the most cringy kdrama song
  • without needing the lyrics, mind you
  • amber knows all the words
  • all of them
  • but her drunk song dedication shows how she always thinks of you & wants you to be happy
  • and she doesn’t show her love too much in words (although she does tell you plenty of times a day “I love you”)
  • but its her actions that count most
  • “are you tired? why don’t you let me do that”
  • “we’re out of chocolate? do you want me to pick up some on my way home?”
  • “let me do the dishes tonight, babe. you’ve been doing them all week!”
  • and fx’s fans are mostly pretty cool that their sexy llama has found love
  • and even other idols ship you two
  • super junior are huge promoters of your ship
  • with the ladies of f(x) being close seconds
  • and got7 are fighting for third place with snsd
  • I mean, you’re pretty sure they ship you with amber even more than you do

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Oh the fat lady has most certainly sung--and she is telling lies

I’ve been dealing today with being bashed by numerous extreme shippers (ES) because of a certain ES blogger’s public post about how upset she was with an “anti” who dared to contact her privately about some concerns. And surprise, surprise, many ES assumed I was the “anti” and bashed me accordingly. (They didn’t mention my name but it was clear to whom some were referring.) It is interesting that it didn’t seem to dawn on the ES blogger to contact the “anti” directly with her concerns instead of using her blog to bash the “anti’s” attempt to communicate privately. 🤔

Someone screencapped this comment to the ES blogger’s post and sent it to me. It was so outrageous I had to respond. 

  • Yes, my mission in life is to “brainwash” newbies and fence sitters. 🙄
  • Yes, I read “EVERY SINGLE” one of the HUNDREDS of ES posts generated weekly and work hard to be “so damn negative” about each one.😈
  • I confess! I say “this is my opinion” a lot. Perhaps in the future I should state everything like it is a fact the way many of your leaders do. 👍
  • As for being “disappointed” in the “Show” or in “almost everything OUTLANDER,” my question is: WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I have in fact often DEFENDED the show from some of the fans (usually shippers) who are constantly complaining about “not enough Jamie and Claire sex,” “too much Frank,” or “not enough BTS pictures!” Oy! Go read my other blog @contemplatingenjoyingoutlander. You will see reasoned discussions of the books and show there. 
  • In terms of being disappointed with Sam & Cait–the people who are REPEATEDLY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED WITH SAM AND CAIT ARE CERTAIN EXTREME SHIPPERS. Any time Sam or Cait don’t behave the way the ES want many of them trash them on their blogs, tag them in nasty tweets, and/ or complain to Starz, Sony, the press, women’s organizations, you name it (usually about Sam–poor Sam).
  • In contrast, I have defended Sam and Cait against ES attacks. Yes, once in a blue moon I have expressed a slight disappointment when there is too much shippery fanservice. But such a statement is almost always followed by sympathy for the difficult position S & C are in. So please don’t distort what I have said.
  • The people who act like they know “C/S/MM/T personally & know how they think, act, feel, etc.” are extreme shippers. You folks INTERPRET EVERYTHING that Sam and Cait say or do in order to find “breadcrumbs.” So I debunk your shippery assumptions by using common sense and basing what I say on the assumption that Sam and Cait told the truth in the KDS/ IFH denial video.

Kindly don’t say anything if you are going to make things up about me or exaggerate things. I know it is what you ES do all the time to anyone who gets in the way of your ship but I’m really tired of it. Thank you.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, you are probably an extreme shipper. Good luck with that!


- Krystal wanted a f(x) comeback this winter,but since all the members were busy they postponed it to next year and promised it would be a perfect one

- Krystal’s eyesight is getting worse and needs to wear glasses (but she didn’t wear glasses at the event”

- There were balloons behind Soojung and they would fall on her and she would get a little scared

- When asked for a official fanclub in SK,Krystal said “Ask SM why they aren’t doing it lol” (THE SHADEEE)

- When asked for a D4DS Encore in SK,she replied “we will” and the fans started cheering and she said “we will…perhaps after our Japan one”

- Amber facetimed Krystal while drunk 2 weeks ago and Krystal thought it was cute

- Krystal complained about how no f(x) members were there at the event and how she attended their birthday parties (in a funny way tho)

-She gave the fans Etude House products,signed balloons & photocards and loads of other gifts at the event

- She never held a huge birthday party before because she would only celebrate with like 2 or 4 friends

- She said a fan gave her McDonalds coupons years ago and still uses them

- Soojung asked the fans what are their obsessions right now and the fans answered “f(x)!!” and she was so confused and said “Huh? Even when we’re not promoting?”

- During the beginning of the party Soojung didn’t know what to do bcs there was no members to help her and it was her first party so she asked jokingly if someone can MC 

- JSJ asked how many of them in the event were younger than her and almost everyone raised their hand and she was so shocked and said “Well I am 23…”

- Fans asked for another party with all the f(x) members for their 8th year anniversary and Soojung said “Sounds good”

- JSJ decided to call Amber on the spot but she wasn’t answering

- Soojung said her favorite F(x) songs are Shadow,Sweet Witches & Ice Cream but it changes sometimes & she used to really like the song ‘X’ but now she doesn’t like it

- Soojung knew about ES hitting 100M and she asked the fans “Why ES?” and the fans said “Because the choreo is so f(x)-ish”

- The party was actually planned really late cuz in the Keds x Krystal fansign a lot of fans asked for a party and at first Krystal didn’t want to do one,but afterwards decided to do it.

- Fans asked JSJ for a solo album and she said “I’ll think about it.”

- In “Amazing F(x)” reality show,Soojung wrote in a bucket list that she wanted early retirement because she thought no one would like her when she gets older,but now she said she gained more self confidence and doesn’t think like that anymore.

- Soojung wanted to do a V live stream instead but decided she wanted to see and treat her fans

- The last time she saw any of the members was at the 7th anniversary when she saw Amber

- Fans asked if she was going to attend SM’s halloween party and JSJ said she doesn’t want to go but if she does she’s gonna dress up as a invisible human

- Fans asked her what food should they eat for dinner and she said “Big Mac” and everyone started mentioning the Big Mac song Lunber sang

- Krystal said she wants to do another party again in a bigger venue

- There was a post that said “f(x) forever” so the fan asked “f(x) forever?” and Soojung said “Of course!” 

BONUS: Today there was also a SHINee fansign in Incheon,and Minho was dancing to 4 Walls lol

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What's wrong with sm?

hello anon…are you new to the kpop world? then let me introduce you one of the worst companies in the kpop industry! 

you guessed it, sm entertainment!

to begin, here is a detailed list of controversies sm has dealt with in the last years:

as you might have noticed, sm has lost a lot of artists! why? they’re known for treating they’re artists like shit! an example is hangeng, the only chinese (now ex) member of super junior. he filed a lawsuit stating that there were “unfair profit distributions and an unfair thirteen-year contract that contained provisions in S.M.’s favour and that he was not allowed to revise or end.” 

he was also discriminated both financially, and management wise, and developed gastritis and kidney illness because of no proper rest in TWO years. to add, “han geng requested from SM for leave to return to China to rest but he was rejected every single time.”

but, sm has a reputation for disliking chinese members! in fact, exo has lost 3 out of 4 chinese members. kris left because:

  • he was being treated more like an object rather than an artist
  • sm would change his schedules without his opinions on the matter or take his health in consideration

luhan instead, had suffered from insomnia and his health was getting weaker, thanks to the little to no time of the rest they had.

tao left because he was forced to have a COMEBACK (so practice, dance and sing) with a hurt ankle. as in, he had broke it but did NOT get enough time to rest. 

to add!! as luhan stated in his lawsuit, sm has favored exo k over exo m. both in promoting them and financially.

oh but i ain’t done with exo yet!! :-) you’d think sm would’ve learnt from this right? WRONG! on october 11th 2016, the last remaining chinese member of exo, lay, fainted at the airport for lack of sleep. lay has some of the busiest schedules i’ve personally ever seen, and he literally IS the one to promote exo in china. alone. here is an example of lay’s schedule back in 2015. you can imagine that, with exo’s rising popularity, comeback, concerts, and his own solo debut, 2016 was even more chaotic.

im not done yet !! sm can be absolute shit also at promoting theyir artists and timing their comebacks. that is because of the amount of artists they have and they’re incapability of organizing everything correctly. 

let’s start with the timing: a great example is how in 2 weeks three different artists had a comeback!! jonghyun came back the 23rd of may, luna had her solo debut the 30th of may and exo came back the 8th of june, therefore jonghyun and luna only had ONE week for themselves because obviously with exo’s comeback, the other two artists were obscured.

in fact, moving on to the next point, they promoted both luna’s debut and jonghyun’s comeback very, very poorly. and it’s not the first time they do jonghyun wrong! what do i mean, you ask? jonghyun had two sm stations and NONE of the two had a music video. 

this leads on to the promotion shinee received for tell me what to do! they only had two weeks of promotion, very little hype/tease and no official album details or fanchants, fans had to do them. 

we all know sm favors very blatantly certain groups and artists, or treats certain groups or artists unfairly. a recent example is how red velvet, after over 2 years of having debuted, have not received a fandom name or a reality show when nct, a group that debuted only last year, has already had a reality show. 

another example is how f(x), a girl group that debuted in 2009, had their FIRST solo concert in 2016.

last example is henry’s instagram post from a few days ago: 

he’s pretty much saying sm won’t let him release music, or help him with it. if this isn’t heartbreaking af….

in conclusion, sm is shit and all they care about is money. yes, there have been some human acts made from them (for example delaying shinee’s 1of1 comeback to let onew rest after his injury) but this does NOT cover up all the shit they have done, and continue to do. hope i made it clear!

You meet Mark again after a long time

Thank you for requesting this. I haven’t written a scenario in forever so I’m sorry if it sucks but I tried my best. Also, I left it open ended so if ppl like it I could add a part two if anyone wants (They probably won’t I’m pretty useless at this) Hope you enjoy it - Em x

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You had just unpacked your first few boxes in your new apartment. You had moved to Seoul for university because you wanted to go to an entirely new place that had a very different culture to Canada.

Your roommate, and best friend, was putting different pots into your kitchen. She had moved with you because it was more fun with both of you together.

“y/n!” She called to you. You placed down the bathroom box you were holding and walked into the kitchen.

“It’s almost lunchtime and we have no food. Can you go to the little grocery shop on the corner and get some stuff?” She asked. You nodded.

“Sure,” You replied grabbing your purse and heading to the door. You checked how you looked in the mirror before heading out. Not fabulous but not too bad seeing as you only arrived from Canada yesterday.

You skipped down the stairwell and out onto the road. You were excited about living here so naturally, you were in a good mood. The shop was literally only a two-minute walk so you got there quickly.

You picked up a basket and began looking for essentials such as vegetables, rice and milk. You had gotten most of your items when you tripped and bumped into some guy.

“Omg, I’m so sorry!” You said to him looking up only to be further surprised.

“y/n,” He said sounding just as surprised. “When did you move to Seoul?” It was Mark Lee. When you were younger you guys had been the best of friends until he moved to Seoul to become part of a boy group.

You had missed him a lot but he hadn’t phoned or even texted since you had left. So instead of smiling you frowned slightly. He picked up your food that had fallen from the basket before extending his hand to help you up.

“How have you been?” He asked. He had a cute grin on his face but seemed to be shifting from foot to foot slightly nervously. You looked at the ground unable to look him in the eye.

Ever since he stopped talking to you, you had been feeling hurt, it had been almost three years.

“Good I suppose,” You reply. “I haven’t really been doing a lot. After you left I finished school broke up with my boyfriend and moved here.”

His eyes narrowed.

“In three years that’s all that happened. Did you meet any new people go on any trips or anything?” He asked. You shook your head.

“I went to y/b/f house most nights to study but really I had nothing much to do. What about you, how has being an SM trainee been? You debuted in a band called NCT right?” You said trying to change the subject from my miserable life.

“It’s really great. Sometimes the schedules are tiring but it’s worth it. I really try hard to make sure the fans are proud of our band and that we are always getting better.” He answered. He sounded like this was an interview on a variety show or something.

“I’m not an MC and this isn’t a talk show.” You joked. He chuckled slightly.

“Force of habit I suppose but everything I said was true even if I delivered it the way our manager would want.” So, his life was great even though he hadn’t spoken to you, one of his former best friends, in years.

“There is only one bad thing.” He said starting to look slightly sad behind his happy façade as he said it.

“I miss things back in Canada, well I mean I miss people.” Well, you supposed he didn’t get to see his family a lot and that must have been hard.

“Your cousin said to say hi,” You added forcing yourself to smile.

“Well, my family too. But also…you. I missed you. Especially when it was hard and I needed my best friend.” You stared at him speechless. Was he joking? He ‘missed you’. Of course, he did. He missed you enough to send zero texts and make zero skype calls.

“You could have skyped then, or called, or even texted.” You said quietly. His face fell. Walking towards you, Mark pulled you into a tight hug.

“I know I should have called, but it would have hurt too much to see your face. I didn’t want to seem needy. You had your boyfriend and I wanted you to forget me and be happy.”

“One text Mark, to say that. That’s all you needed. My boyfriend cheated on me a month after you left, I needed you too and forgetting about you was never going to happen.”

“I knew that guy was trash,” He muttered under his breath.


“Nothing,” He replied clearing his throat. You moved out of his embrace.

“I’m sorry, y/n, I really am. Even with my hectic schedules, I will find time to make this up to you. I promise.” You looked at him. Straight in the eyes. He looked pained and you had always wished he would say something like this. Have an explanation.

He wrote down an address on a piece of paper.

“This is the address for the NCT dorm. Come tomorrow at 11 am. If you don’t its fine I understand what I did. But if you do I promise I will make it up to you.” He kissed you on the cheek before hurrying out the shop door.

It took you a minute or so before you could compose yourself and buy the food.

Once you got back to your flat you placed the groceries on the table.

“y/b/f!” You called out.“I have somewhere important to go tomorrow at 11. I will be out for a while afterwards. I’m sorry.”

“Who are you meeting?” y/b/f asked curiously. “A hot date?”

“Mark Lee,”

Awake Part 1

 Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N:  This is an idea I had on a run today, I really hope y’all like it, also this is a world in which he never dated/married Danneel because I could never write a story in which they broke up. Let me know if y’all like this<3

You made yourself outside of the Vancouver International Airport just you and your suitcase. You searched for a taxi and hailed it handing the driver your address and getting in the car. You couldn’t believe you were here, you had just barely graduated college when you were contacted by Mr. Kripke and Mr. Singer saying they’d read some of your horror stories and felt like taking a chance on you as a writer for the show. It was like a dream, Supernatural had been one of your favorite shows for years and you knew the cast and crew were known for getting along really well and to get a writing job in such a great place and with great people on a popular tv show, you kept having to pinch yourself to remind yourself it was all real.  You would be spending the next few months living here to be on set writing and filming. You were a long way from home, but were so excited to follow your dreams.


You had unpacked your suitcase in your little apartment, most of your things had been shipped here by your parents and you were trying to organize everything but kept getting distracted by wine and the Supernatural re-runs you had going on the tv.  You’d be lying if you said you weren’t the most excited to meet a certain green eyed actor. Jensen Ackles was most definitely your celebrity crush, and while you knew he’d never go for you, you hoped that maybe you could at least build a friendship with the man. From interviews Jensen and Jared seemed like such sweet guys you imagined that you would at least be on friendly terms with them eventually, which made you want to squeal with excitement (You did…several times into your pillow). You got your bedroom and bathroom done so that you wouldn’t be scrambling in the morning to get ready. You had to be on set by 7am to meet everyone and get the tour and then you’d be settled in a room with the other writers to get started.


Your alarm went off around 5:30am you groaned hitting it off This is your dream job; this is the opportunity of a lifetime don’t complain about waking up early it’s just a slight negative to a perfect job.

You pull yourself out of bed with your pep talk going in your head and take a shower. You needed to be on your way by 6:15 so you hurried your shower and make up process. Then went to your closet to decide on an outfit. You picked out a red cap sleeve dress with little white polka dots on it and buttons all the way down the front of it, it stopped a few inches above your knees and you paired white keds with it remembering what Mr. Kripke had said about how they were pretty casual at work. You looked in the mirror and felt good about the day, you felt cute and smart and prepared, this was the first day of your new life. You grabbed your laptop and put it in your bag with your notebook and pens, you usually liked to hand write ideas before typing out the rough draft. You took one last look at everything and then were on your way.


So far the morning has gone great, Kripke and Singer were so nice and excited to have you on board. They showed you around a little bit, but had to get to a meeting so they had you wait in one of the offices for someone to come get you and show you around. You were fiddling with your hands and pushing your glasses up where they had slipped when the door opened and you felt like the air had been knocked out of you, “Hey there, Y/N right? I’m Jensen, Eric and Robert told me to come get you and introduce you to everyone and give you the grand tour”. Jensen Ackles was standing in front of you offering his hand out to you to shake oh my god oh my god oh my god, Y/N get ahold of yourself shake his hand, don’t be awkward you got this.

You reached out and grabbed his outstretched hand shaking it, “Uhh ya hi umm ya I’m Y/N, the new writer, I’m a huge fan of the show already so ya I umm know who you are” you stumbled through your words, “oh I’m sorry that sounded kinda creepy, I just meant that I’ve kept up with the show and I’m a fan of yours so I already knew who you were…” Ahhh you’re talking to much shut up

To your surprise though Jensen laughed at your word vomit and gave you a flashing smile, which you immediately returned, “I figured you probably were a fan, Eric and Robert like to have people on board who know the show” he gestured out the door and you followed, “I thought it’d be nice to introduce you to everyone first and then we can walk around the set. I did my scenes already so I’m free all day so if you need anything I’m your guy today just think of me as your Supernatural tour guide until you get used to all of this”

You smiled at him, “Thank you, that really means a lot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as hell, of course this is an incredible opportunity it’s a dream job really, my first writing job being on my favorite show, I just keep having to remind myself I’m awake and this is happening and I just want everything to go great and for everyone to like me and I want to write well and…”

“whoa there sweetheart just breathe” Jensen said stopping you in your tracks, he placed his big warm hands on your arms and rubbed them up and down trying to calm you,” you’re going to do great, I can already tell your sweet and there’s no question of everyone loving you, and you obviously are determined and smart otherwise Eric and Robert wouldn’t have hired you, they already know you’re a good writer, you already have a place here, we’re just trying to make you comfortable and welcome you to our weird family” he said getting closer to you as he spoke. You looked up into those beautiful green eye and nodded, “can you breathe for me sweetheart” you took a breath in and out, “perfect, you’re going to be perfect and you’ve got me if you need anything you’ve already made a friend,” You looked up at him and smiled, he really was as kind as he was good looking.

“Thank you, sorry, when I get nervous I can’t shut up” you said giggling.

“That’s alright, it was cute” you felt yourself turn red and smile at this and Jensen offered you a small smile and then put his arm around you and continued walking.


You’d met just about everyone cast and crew except for Jared, Misha, and Mark. They were finishing up their scenes so Jensen had shown you around set while waiting for them to get done.

“And this is my personal trailer” he gestured to the RV looking thing and opened the door to let you walk in,

“This is so cool, this thing is bigger than my whole apartment” you were in awe, it had couches and a tv and bathroom with a shower and even a bed in the back,” hell this is nicer than my apartment too”

Jensen smiled at you, “Would you like some coffee? Jared put one of those Keurig things in here” you nodded and took a seat on the couch. He walked over and handed you the mug of coffee and sat beside you with is. The two of you talked about your families and where you grew up sharing stories. The two of you were laughing so hard there were tears coming out of your eyes.

“What’s going on in here?”

“Sounds like fun in here!” you and Jensen turned towards the door and you saw two more of your favorite actors stepping in.
“Hey guys! I’d like you to meet Y/F/N, Y/L/N. She’s the new writer that Eric and Robert hired, I’m sure you already know who they are since you watch the show but this is Jared and Misha” They smiled at you and you went to offer your hand out but Misha just went straight into a hug, you giggled and hugged him back, and then the giant that is Jared gave you a hug that just about crushed you, “It’s so nice to meet you guys, I’m a huge fan of the show, hopefully I can do it justice”

“If you’re a fan I’m sure you will. I read some of your short stories, the ones that Eric and Robert were crazy about, you’re a fantastic writer you’ll do great” Jared said with a huge smile on his face. You couldn’t believe he’d read some of your work, it was just the confidence boost you needed. The four of you sat in Jensen’s trailer goofing around, you couldn’t remember a time you’d laughed this hard.

“Oh my gosh you guys are killing me, I’m gonna throw up from laughing so hard” you said holding your stomach and wiping the tears from your eyes

“Me and Misha have to get back to filming” Jared said looking at his watch “but come by later and we’ll introduce you to Mark and Gen and then maybe we can all hang out tonight if you’re not busy”

“That sounds great thank you” you smiled at them as they walked out.

“Well I guess I’d better return you to the writers, they’ll want you to actually do work soon” Jensen said sounding almost sad. The two of you walked back to those offices to find Eric and Robert and they talked you through the writing process and how they decide who writes what and how they collaborate and make sure everything lines up all while Jensen sat in the seat next to you, you kept reminding yourself he was just a kind guy and wanted to make sure the newest and youngest person on set was comfortable.

“where will I be doing the work?” you asked wondering where you would be writing.

“Like we said earlier we’re very casual and laid back, everyone has a different writing process so everyone just kinda spreads out wherever they work best and then at the end of the day we come together and discuss it all and set up the episodes. So basically where ever on the lot is free game as long as you get your work done. Well we have to go to another meeting so we’ll see you at lunch maybe and then at the end of the day, we meet once all of the scenes have been shot so there’s never really a set time we’re done each day”

You nodded and smiled at this, “Sounds perfect thank you so much”. As they walked out Jensen turned to you and you noticed he seemed nervous, he rubbed the back of his neck and began to talk, “Ya know, if you want to, and don’t feel like you have to, but you’re more than welcome to write in my trailer, it’s got everything you could need and is quiet most of the time…”

Your heart skipped a beat, “I wouldn’t be in the way? I wouldn’t want to take over your space or make you feel like you couldn’t use your own trailer”

“No not at all, it’d be nice to have you there during my breaks or when I’m getting ready and stuff, as long as you wouldn’t mind me distracting you every now and then” he smirked at you.

“That sounds like the perfect set up, thank you Jensen” you smiled back at him and he lead you out to the trailer again. “I don’t have anything to do today so I’ll just watch tv and try to get out of your hair while you write” he said going towards the bed that was situated in front of the tv.

“Please tell me if there’s anything I can do to say thank you or if I’m ever bothering you just tell me to leave, I don’t ever want to get in the way or annoy you while you’re trying to rest…”

“Sweetheart you need to breathe again” He said chuckling, “come to think of it there is one thing that I’ll need you to do if you’re going to use my trailer” you looked at him curiously, “you’re going to have to eat with me during the lunch break every day” you started to giggle at this and he smiled.

“I would be more than happy to eat lunch with you Jensen”

“Good, alright well I’ll let you get to writing, we can get lunch in a few hours and hopefully you can meet everyone else then.” He smiled and laid down on the bed.

You couldn’t help but think that your first day on the job had gotten off to the best possible start it could’ve.

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You know what you could do? You could draw dat boi from the ladybug show. Sleeves rolled up from hard work, messed up hair and sweaty brow. Like he's working on a farm. (Not for fan service or because lots of people want to see it. But for youservice huehuehue)


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Soo uhm... What do you think about dat story. It's embarrassing I know *hides face and blushs* Sorry

*hugs* N-no, you’re fine d-dear! I a-actually enjoy f-fan art and s-stories, it’s a l-lovely way to show I’m l-liked!~ *pats your head* I w-would love to see a-anything y-you create, ok?~