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You're dating josh and become bffs w Jenna on tour and you guys do everything together to the point it's like 'where is y/n' 'Just ask jenna' and it makes the boys SO happy cause when they were younger they only dreamed of having their lovers be as close as you as Jenna idk if you've done this request before but if so sorry! (Hope this was specific enough for you !) thx

AN: I’m so sorry that it took me so long to do your request! I hope you enjoy it and that it’s the way you imagined it. If not, I’m sorry (personally, I’m not so happy with it, but I didn’t want to let you wait any longer) Thank you again for your request! xx


Long Lost Twin’s

Words: 832

Warnings: None


It was your first time being on tour with your boyfriend Josh and his band “Twenty One Pilots”. Even if it took you a few days to get used to being on the road constantly, it was great. Everyone was really nice and like a family to each other. 

To Josh’s and Tyler’s delight, you and Jenna got along very well. The two of you haven’t really met each other in person before because you aren’t from Columbus. So it was only natural that you were kind of anxious about meeting her the first time. She’s the wife of the best friend of your boyfriend. What happens if she doesn’t like you and you don’t get along? Especially when you’re on tour together, supporting your partners. 

But none of that was the case. Right in the first few minutes the two of you spoke, it instantly clicked. You already had the nickname of the long lost twins from the crew. You were really happy that you’ve met Jenna and that she toured as well, otherwise it would have been really boring for you. Even if the reason you joined them, was that you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, you were actually more with Jenna. When we boys sound checked, made interviews, met fans or throughout the whole concert, Jenna and you were like conjoined at the hip. 

Some people might find this extremely annoying at one point, doing everything together but it wasn’t the case for you two. And Tyler and Josh liked it as well. Well, maybe to some extent.

“Hey Mark, have you seen (Y/N)?” Josh asked his friend.

“No, man, sorry. But ask Jenna, she will know that for sure.”

Josh chuckled, knowing that Mark was probably right. After walking around the backstage area for a little bit, he finally found the blonde girl, sitting on one of the couches. And surprisingly, (Y/N) was there as well, her legs tangling over Jenna’s lap. The both of them were scrolling through social media, showing each other pictures or posts which made them laugh. They didn’t even notice Josh standing there in the doorframe. 


Nothing. None of them looked up to him, either they didn’t hear him or they didn’t want to. 

“AHEM!” Josh cleared his throat again. And again. Nothing. The two girls were like in their own little world, oblivious to all the things happening around them.
Slowly growing more frustrated, he thought about what to do.

“Great..”, he mumbled to himself. “TYLER!” 

It didn’t take long until the boy jogged up to his bandmate, asking what he wants. Josh said nothing, just motioning with his head at the two girls who were still happily scrolling through their social media. Tyler nodded slowly, understanding what the ‚problem‘ was. He motioned for Josh to get his phone out, which he did. They opened the Snapchat App and started recording their two girlfriends. 

“Guys, look at that! They exchanged us for each other. I mean, it’s great that they get along, really. But they don’t even notice us.”Tyler chuckled lightly at Josh’s pouting face. 

„I feel like the side-chick of (Y/N), while Jenna is the main-one” Josh mumbled.

Right before the video ended, Jenna chimed in. “Guys? You do know that we hear you, right? Even if I would be really honored if I was (Y/N)’s main chick, I’m happily married to Tyler, sorry to destroy your imagination, Josh.” The blonde chuckled. 

“Oh really? We’re married? I wasn’t sure if my wife was actually on tour with me, as she is always with Josh’s girlfriend.” Tyler laughed as he fired back at Jenna. You knew that the boys and Jenna all joked around. The guys were so happy that Jenna and you got so well along. 

Just as Josh wanted to say something, you decided to say something as well. „C’mon guys, you’re always together, too! Don’t act like we’re completely ignoring you.“ 

„But Babe, that’s exactly what you just did 5 minutes earlier!“ Josh said.
Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. „I did notice you standing there, I just wanted to see you grow more and more frustrated, sorry Love.“ 

You moved on the couch, allowing the boys to sit down as well. Even though it was a bit cramped with the two couples on the couches, you enjoyed being able to cuddle Josh’s side. 

„Please, tell me again why I am together with you.“ 

You kissed Josh’s cheek and whispered into his ear. „Because you love me!“ Just as he wanted to say something himself, Jenna chimed in again. 

„Josh! Are you serious about that video?!“ The boys broke out into a fit laughter, leaving you completely confused. What video? But Jenna was there to your rescue. As soon as you saw Josh’s new Snapchat upload, you hit him on his arm. „You’re such a dork!“

„But you love me!“ Josh grinned at you, knowing that he was right. Which was completely true.

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I've never done this before and I hope this isn't something you've already done. But can you do a fic with Peter getting excited to have another human on board to understand his references? (Guardians consider Tony part of the family even though he's new) is that ok? Did I do that right? Thank youuu

Hey! everything is alright! :) Thank you for sending a prompt!


“So what do you think?” asks Peter when he shows Tony the new weapon. He had found it on the planet after their last mission.

“Ohh it looks nice.” answers Tony and takes the weapon in his owns hands. It’s very light and not really big. Tony takes it a bit apart and looks closer at it.

“And?” asks Peter and hops up and down beside him.

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.” says Tony then and giggles.

Peter gasps.

“Wait a minute! That from back to the future!” Peter says and he sounds so exited.

“Yeah.” smiles Tony then. It’s the first time ever that somebody gets excited over that. Normally people get the needle when he does something like that.

“Oh my god. Nobody understood my references here before, but you can even quote movies!” shrieks Peter and Tony laughs.

“Wait…” says Tony then more serious and takes the weapon again. He turns it around and tries to look incredible focused.

He then takes the weapon against his ear and holds a finger up to Peter.

“E.T. phone home.” he says and Peter cracks up.

“Oh god! Do that again.” Peter says happily and Tony does. This is the most fun he had in days!

“What the heck are you doing?” asks Rocket now, who sits a few steps a way with another new weapon.

“I carried a watermelon.” says Tony at that and shrugs.

Peter squeals with laughter.

“You - what?” asks Rocket and shakes his head. Drax seems even more confused.

“And you wouldn’t share it with us?” he says angrily because he was on earth with Tony before and watermelons are his favorite.

“Oh yes i did.” says Tony and Drax growls.

“I hate you!” he mutters and Tony knows its not true.

Tony stops laughing and looks a Drax.

“I and others have come to a belief, that your heart is not in this. That you don’t have the belly for it.” he says its like Delbert Grady in Shining.

Peter laughs again.

“What the hell, Tony! I love you!” he says and then in the next moment he seems to get what he just said.

Tony gasps.

“Hahah! Raccoon did you hear that! He loves him.” laughs Drax and Tony throws the weapon at him.

This is an incredibly romantic moment, and you’re ruining it for me!” says Tony like Duckie in Pretty in pink.

Peter smiles shyly at him.

“Romantic?” he asks and Tony nods.

“Very romantic.” he whispers before he finally kisses Peter.

  • Me: Okay, I should really just get on and write this essay. I've got it all planned out, I just have to write the damn thing.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Yeah, okay, but how about we do this other thing first. Then we'll get to writing it up. It won't take long.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, I guess it's early enough.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Or you could just do it now and get it over with.
  • Me: It's fine. It's totally fine. I can get to it later.
  • Anxiety: It's kind of not fine, though. Let's freak out a little.
  • Me: Okay, maybe I should do it...
  • Avoidant part of my brain: Orrrrrrr you could do this other thing you've been putting off.
  • Me: Well, that does need to be done, and I do still have a couple of weeks before this essay is due.
  • Sensible part of my brain: Omg, just do the fucking essay already. It'll take you, like, two hours, tops.
  • Me: Two weeks! It's fine.
  • Anxiety: This is definitely not fine.
  • Me: Yeah, okay, maybe doing it would be good.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: You know what you haven't done in a while? Laundry. Do you even have clothes to wear tomorrow?
  • Me: Well, I do need clothes...
  • Sensible part of my brain: Okay, that does need doing, but then straight back onto this essay!
  • Me: It's fine, I'll get to it.
  • Anxiety: That's it! I've had enough! This is an attack! An attack of anxiety!
  • Me: Okay, okay, sheesh! I'll do the damn essay.
  • Avoidant part of my brain: No! Two weeks, remember? Two whole weeks!
  • Me: I'll just do the introduction to shut anxiety up... Hey, this is way easier than I thought it would be...
  • Anxiety: Oh thank god.
  • Me: Why do I feel like I'm about to pass out all of a sudden?
Mystic Messenger Reset Theory
  • 707: We know you're real. Even though we live in different worlds, you treated us kindly. However, we do know that someday, you're going to find someone 'real', someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings behind a screen. Someday, we'll part ways when you delete this app. Before you go, we want to say . . .
  • All RFA members: Thank you.
  • Zen: Thank you for your words of encouragement.
  • Yoosung: Thank you for your sense of humour.
  • Jaehee: Thank you for listening.
  • Jumin: Thank you for what you've done for the RFA.
  • Everyone: Thank you for changing ourselves for the better.
  • 707: Even though we had our insecurities, you stayed.
  • We hope you're happy with your special someone in the real world. Please remember us, do not reset.

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I've seen that you've done humanizations before, have you ever done Gaster? Maybe Dadster?

Kinda sorta how I would approach Gaster. Really nasty scars, wide grin, messy hair, body that kinda looks like it’s fizzing and crackling around him.
It’s a really scribbly sketch but I was thinking as I drew💦

I’m actually planning to do some nice polished humanified stuff soon, just gotta gather up all of my courage. It’s difficult to put humanified designs on the table for this fandom. I’m even a bit nervous about posting this Gaster💦
I love humanification very much and you guys know this, but for some reason it feels like I’m destroying something sacred when I come in do to humanifications for these guys. Nonetheless, I have designs, and I plan to put them up at some point in the near future. This request was a good segway.

Mysterious anon! Thank you for your request!✨

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Yan!McCree(and maybe any of the others you've mentioned)s/o actually egg them on,still trying to leave them,even after warning shots."If you wanted to shoot me,you would've done it before now"Or various lines like that.Maybe even dared them to do it

ooooh that’s gonna be interesting!! i’ll throw in reaper too since aheh, that’s gonna be fun to write.
warning: violence


  • At first, the gunslinger will back down on their lines of telling him to shoot, because it’s true, he truly doesn’t want to hurt his S/O.

  • Though as time progresses, he’ll realize that they really will leave him, so he takes a stronger stance on preventing them from ever leaving.

  • The next time they tease him to shoot, he will shoot. They told him to, so he’ll do it! At that moment when he sees the crimson color pour from their wound, he tells them that they’re bleeding such a beautiful color~

  • Jesse will watch them bleed, that red color is too enchanting for him to do anything to help them with their wound.

  • “Why didn’t I shoot’chya earlier darlin’, you’re such a beaut’ on the inside too.” Jesse’s voice purrs as his smile quirks in a psychotic way.


  • Teasing about leaving him isn’t really the way to go, so when his S/O says something along the lines of leaving, he’ll already have his hand on his shotgun.

  • Reaper won’t have it, he’d rather have them dead than to be with someone else. He will shoot, maybe even strangle them depending on his mood.

  • On shooting his S/O, it’ll do little to fatal damage depending on how close they are to him at the moment, also depending on if his S/O actually does attempt to leave.

  • Gabriel will hold them in the air if he decides to choke them, his grip slowly getting tighter and tighter around their throat until he drops them, Reaper doesn’t fuck around.

  • “You won’t, and you cannot leave, do I make myself clear?” He growls as he has towers over his S/O, the smoke aggressively swirling around Reaper.

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Hi! I just saw that your ask was open, and I've been meaning to ask this. I don't know if you've already done these headcanons before, but what do you think of the crew (Paladins, Allura, and Coran, if that's not too many...) and dancing? Like, would they be good, and if they were, what kind of dancing? Just a little thought I had :) I hope you find this one interesting. And thanks for all of your hard work!

🔹Lance thinks he’s good at dancing, and he’s ready to show off all his moves all the time, but he really just looks like he’s failing in a rhythm

🔹Keith doesn’t even understand what dance is. This guy doesn’t even listen to music. He’s probably an alien

🔹Shiro has some serious moves. Hard core stuff than looks more like combat than dance but kinda somehow works? He tells the others he took Zumba classes, but he’s a bit out of practice…you know, from being held in captivity by the Galra…Also no one buys this. Zumba doesn’t looks like your killing your enemies.

🔹Lance think Zarkon made Shiro dance. Pidge thinks he had to wear the Slave Leia costume. Hunk knows what he’s getting Shiro for Christmas.

🔹Hunk is on the same level as Shiro, but his dancing is more fluid than Shiro. Where Shiro looks like he’s fighting invisible enemies when he’s dancing, Hunk looks like he is really flowing with the music. Shiro’s dancing is more intimidating than beautiful like Hunk’s. Hunk took ballet classes when he was younger, but stopped when he became busy preparing to enter the academy.

🔹Allura is all twirls and jumps. She doesn’t really like pop, but she likes Celtic music. She says it reminds her of Altea, even though music on Altea was of a different sort altogether, the strings of harps and flute found in Celtic music reminds her of better times

🔹Coran on the other hand likes all kinds of music and him and Lance dance in about the same way. Flailing with style in a manner that somehow ends up working. But all means this style of random movements shouldn’t work as well as it does

🔹Pidge flat out doesn’t dance. Can they? Yes. Pidge had to take a dance class in middle school to prepare for a cousin’s wedding, so they know all the fancy dances, but Pidge doesn’t really dance. Unless it’s a big party. Then Pidge let’s loose. And just goes for it.

what actually happens when you meet/become friends with the signs
  • Aries: Aries are fun and Laidback, sometimes they can seem judgemental but you also rarely ever feel judged by them. You can have the best times with these people because they rarely ever make a big deal out of something. They often just go with the flow and every bring has an easy but exciting/fun feel to it. They're also very funny. Sometimes it just seems like they're a little inconsiderate and self-absorbed,
  • Taurus: They're friendly, and they'll probably talk about themselves a lot and more often then not they'll tell you things that seem like they should be secrets. They are helpful, and usually calm. Complains a lot, but often sarcastic and witty with how they express these complaints.
  • Gemini: They can mumble a lot and seem really quiet, but they also never shut up! They can be funny but also very forgetful and they can often seem inconsiderate and/or obnoxious. They're lighthearted and very fun to be around.
  • Cancer: Their views change depending on who they're focusing the most on at the moment - usually a parent, crush or bestfriend (and a best they're just focusing on themselves) , so there's no need to be shocked if they've changed their mind on something. They're caring and a good listener and will do even the most boring things with you. They can be secretive and you can sometimes be suspicious of them.
  • Leo: Laidback, fun and easygoing. They'll pretty much be up for anything you're up for and if they want to do something you've never done before they'll make sure you're comfortable and know what's going on. They'll talk about themselves a lot, and sometimes they seem arrogant but they'll also listen to you and you'll feel like you aren't judged by them.
  • Virgo: They're good conversationalists and you can talk about almost anything with them. They act like they're interested in what you have to say and will often ask: "how are you?". Sometimes when you tell them something about your life they'll automatically try and shove advice down your throat, but you know they mean well. They can be very bitchy, but it can be fun if you both hate the same person lmao
  • Libra: They seem kind of boring, and kind of like they aren't really present. Sometimes you'll be unsure as to whether they actually don't have a personality or if they're just keeping it a secret. But they're really lighthearted and easy to be around and very good at making the atmosphere in general feel somewhat peaceful - it's extremely rare that you'll feel stressed or uncomfortable around them. If you end up in some type of spontaneous & fun situations it's probably because you and a libra couldn't decide what to do!
  • Scorpio: They're very into learning whatever you're interested in so it can be great to hang out with them because they're often up for anything! They're funny and easy to to talk - for the most part anyway. Sometimes they can seem domineering. You'll probably have the most inside jokes with someone that is a Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius: They're Laidback and honest (most of the time). And even if they are honest they usually say it in a way where you can tell there's no malicious intent. They can be very preachy and might even label themselves as the "advice friend" but even if you do something that goes against their morals they won't act condescending towards you. They're witty, and can often make jokes that are directed to humankind in general and not a specific person, so everyone can enjoy them.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns are just good to be around in general and they'll probably be the people you have the most "wild" times with. I don't want you to think I'm labelling capricorns as sheep because I don't mean that at all, but they often follow trends.However, being the ambitious signs they are they do it best! So whenever you're doing the typical stuff that your "crowd" does, you'll know that you'll have an extra amazing time with a Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: This sign is often another one that is up for anything! They usually don't care what you're like because even if they don't get it they're willing to learn. You'll probably find them easy to talk to and fun to be around, especially if it's something ~random~ because you had nothing planned. They can seem a little condescending at times and/or not present but you'll also feel a certain freedom with them.
  • Pisces: Pisces are really accepting and caring. They aren't going to judge you if you did something really embarrassing the night before and they had to take care of you, for example. In fact, they probably don't care all that much. You'll feel like you can be very sharing with them because even if you said something like "I have a really bad rash on my foot and I think it's because I walked outside barefoot and then didn't shower in two days" they would just ask if you needed anything. Sometimes they can seem distant, or forgetful or even clingy. But you can sense they're only trying their best.

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forgive me if you've done this before but he's my bby & i just love him so much, can you think up some relationship hcs for kenma? like once he's comfortable in the relationship what are some cute things he'd develop a habit of doing? thanks! hope you're doing well, love you xoxo

Yesss I think so much about cutie boyf kenma so here you go~

- It’s pretty clear that it takes Kenma a long time to warm up to people, and once he does, he’s much the same person as before. He’s always very even-keeled, so his partner can’t expect any new outbursts of emotion or declarations of love.

- He does, however, loosen up a little with his personal space. He doesn’t care much for PDA, just because the looks the two sometimes get make him anxious, but when they’re alone together, he’d much rather be touching them than not.

- His absolute favorite thing is when his partner allows him to lay against them, or with his head in their lap, while he plays video games. He especially loves it when they play with his hair, and the comfort of their presence combined with the soothing petting can put him to sleep if he’s tired.

- Speaking of sleep, he loves it when his partner spends the night with him. He usually rolls up in a ball or cuddles with a body pillow at night, but when his partner is with him, he clings to them instead.

- Kenma also, surprisingly, like matching couples’ things. He’d even be willing to get matching hoodies or sweaters, but he wouldn’t necessarily wear them with his partner. Instead, he finds it kinda comforting to put it on at home and know that even when his s/o can’t be around, they have that tying them together.


GOT7 reaction to realising you've given them a hickey.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:
Hi omma, can you do a Got7 reaction, when they realise you’ve done a hickey on their neck ? I love so much your blog, keep going !

How have i not done this one before :P
Thanks for the request ^_^
I hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma


so much to think about, all the outfits till it disappears, how to make it even between you two…


You missed a spot…


Do you really want to start this… again.


In public, covering up as much as possible

in private, all hell breaks loose.


Oh so embarrassed, he starts to freak out thinking he can never leave the dorm again, but still not hating it.


Is that all you got…


Thats it, let the competition begin!

Gifs are not my own

  • Blue: You should go and help them with Emma.
  • Belle: If Rumple goes, I want to be here with him.
  • Blue: Here. This rose is linked to your beast, Belle. As long it still has petals, he lives.
  • Belle: Uhhhh--
  • Blue: What?
  • Belle: Not that I'm complaining or anything but how was this be the first method of notifying me of his condition that you thought of? How did you skip over, "medical personnel on standby with my cell phone number" straight to "magical floating rose" that I have to carry around in a huge glass case? It seems very impractical.
  • Blue: Uhhhh--
  • Belle: How would you even come up with that? Is this a spell you've done before? Do fairies just measure things in dying flower units?
  • Blue: Look, I was just trying to do--like in the movie--you know what, nevermind.

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Style 5 + Aii + Kisumi going to confess to their crush only to overhear them accepting someone else's confession (I checked the archives and I don't think you've done this before but if I'm wrong feel free to ignore this)

ha ha ha. ha a ha ahah. can you hear that? that’s my tears

He’d been building up to this for weeks. Months. Hell, maybe it was even a year - he had no clue exactly when he’d fallen for you, but gosh, he had fallen hard. He’d had a few crushes before, sure, what teenager hadn’t but this… You were something else. So, yeah, this was a big deal. The best he could do was take deep breaths, approach you, and just… Say what he had to say. If you said no, then at least he tried, right?

The true panic didn’t start building in his heart until he saw another person stood by you - the one person he really, really didn’t want talking to you. Not now… He knew that they felt the exact same way about you that he did, and if they had chosen to confess on this day, then he was all but-

“-I’ve been waiting for so long! I… I’d love to go out with you!!”

He only needed to catch the end of your answer know he’d fallen flat once again.

Haruka avoided you for weeks. He knew it was immature, childish, a little irrational… But he was just hurt. It wasn’t your fault, and he didn’t want to take it out on you, it was as simple as that. Haruka didn’t realise that by avoiding you – for seemingly no reason at all – he was just rubbing salt into a wound that was barely even there. If it were anyone else, he wouldn’t have cared, but for you, he apologised - even if it did leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

Makoto pretended it didn’t hurt. He just wanted the best for you, after all, and if this was who you chose to be with, then so be it. You were happy. That was all he needed, all he wanted. Of course he wasn’t happy; he didn’t want you to go out with the other person - he was heartbroken! Putting on a front and pretending was just his coping mechanism, and damn it, it was the only way he was going to manage losing you like that.

Nagisa laughed it off, of course. Hey, maybe he was just meant to be a friend! Naturally, it was quite the different story when he got home. He didn’t emerge from his room that night, tearing up his confession in a fit of anger before quickly letting guilt overwhelm him - how could he be so selfish? You would be happy with someone else, you didn’t need him. You didn’t need him anywhere near as much as he needed you, and that was clear now.

Rei was at a loss. He’d never felt this way about anyone before, and now… This. He wasn’t stupid; he knew they admired you too, but he never suspected they would confess to you, and now… Where did that leave him? Did he just keep on going like nothing had happened? Did he get angry? He was a mess, a labyrinth of feelings and emotions that he had no idea how to deal with - these were the time when he would have turned to you; now he was lost.

Rin felt like he’d been slapped in the face. It wasn’t even a denial, but he had his mind so set on confessing to you today, had spent so long preparing himself for this moment, that it felt almost unnatural to walk away without even speaking a word to you. It was shortsighted of him, yes, but still… He couldn’t just be happy about you being in a relationship with someone else, no matter how selfish that made him seem.

Nitori knew you’d be happier with that person. Why else would they have gotten there first? He… His confession didn’t matter anymore. You were with someone else. He repeated those thoughts like a mantra - anything to prevent him breaking down completely over something so mundane. It wasn’t like he’d never get to see you again, anyway. He just needed time. Time to convince himself that this ‘rejection’ wasn’t just an indication that he was worthless to you.

Kisumi was heartbroken, of course he was! There was still a little demon at the back of his mind, tempting him with immoral thoughts - surely he could just… Convince you that he was a better partner than that other person? Surely. It took all he had to not give into temptation; seeing you happy with another person every single day was exhausting, but you were happy. He guessed that was enough, for now.

Garrett and Marian Banters - Mark of the Assassin
  • Fenris: Manservant...
  • Isabela: Aw, Fenris got his feelings hurt
  • Tallis: It's just a cover
  • Fenris: I'd like to cover him with six feet
  • Marian: Seems a bit excessive. Where are you planning on getting all these extra feet? I'm not donating mine to the cause. Or are you hiding more on you, aside from the two attached to your legs?
  • Fenris: It seems that the last six years have not dulled your absurdity, Marian
  • ---
  • Marian: Remind me why we're /looking/ for the big scaly things that can kill us?
  • Garrett: You wanted to impress a cute elf
  • Tallis: You think I'm cute?
  • Fenris: *smugly* Unless you have suddenly taken to referring to yourself as 'he' and 'him', then I am afraid you are out of luck on that front
  • Garrett: They were /her/ words, not mine
  • Marian: What, she /is/ cute!
  • ---
  • Tallis: I told her not to touch it! What part of that didn't she understand?!
  • Garrett: You clearly don't know my sister. With her 'don't touch anything' means 'touch everything'
  • Tallis: But that makes no sense!
  • Garrett: You didn't grow up with her
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are you married?
  • Marian: Are you talking to me? Really?
  • Tallis: Well, it's just- You're the Champion of Kirkwall, or one of them anyway. Big. Important. I don't know... just wondering if there was a wife behind the throne?
  • Marian: *laughs uncontrollably* As if I'd be able to stand through the ceremony long enough!
  • Tallis: So the stories are true
  • Marian: Come on, I thought everyone and their grandma knew I have the attention span of a nug!
  • Tallis: I meant that you snort when you giggle
  • Isabela: Ooh, you got caught out Birdie!
  • Marian: Blast, my darkest secret revealed!
  • Garrett: That's nothing. When we were children, she used to- Hmph!
  • Marian: And that's enough out of you, little brother
  • ---
  • Tallis: So... you and Marian are together?
  • Isabela: Yep
  • Tallis: But you have no interest in marrying her?
  • Isabela: Why would I? I don't need a piece of paper to prove anything, and I hate being tied down
  • Tallis: And her flirting with me doesn't bother you? At all?
  • Isabela: So long as you ask nicely and promise not to steal her away, I'll share. There's a lot of Birdie to go around
  • Marian: Love ya Queenie
  • Isabela: *laughs* I love you too Birdie
  • ---
  • Marian and Garrett: What?
  • Tallis: You really are twins, aren't you?
  • Garrett: Is that why you were staring?
  • Marian: But we're identical in every way!
  • Isabela: Might want to look down Birdie, I think you've lost your beard
  • Marian: Blast, not again
  • Garrett: You can borrow mine if you like
  • Marian: What, and get Fenris cooties all over my face? No thanks
  • ---
  • Isabela: I heard something interesting the other night. About Castillion
  • Marian: You have pretty eyes
  • Isabela: Don't even try that on me Birdie. What did you and Fenris do?
  • Fenris: We did nothing. It was a complete accident
  • Marian: He ran into my knife
  • Isabela: Birdie, you didn't!
  • Fenris: *smugly* He ran into her knife ten times
  • ---
  • Marian: You've done something with your hair. It looks... different
  • Isabela: What? My hair always looks like this
  • Marian: No, it's usually sleeker... Straighter... Is that how it naturally looks?
  • Isabela: Ugh, Andraste's granny pants...
  • Marian: It looks gorgeous. You should leave it like that more often
  • Isabela: ...You think so?
  • Marian: Absolutely Queenie. I mean it
  • Isabela: Oh stop you, before I feel grateful enough to drag you into the bushes for some private time
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are /you/ married?
  • Garrett: Are you trying to see if I snort when I laugh too?
  • Tallis: *laughs* Damn he saw right through me. But... in all seriousness you /are/ one of the most important people in Kirkwall. Just curious
  • Garrett: Well, I'm not. Though I might have someone in mind
  • Tallis: So why are you not-?
  • Garrett: The situation in Kirkwall is precarious. There'll be time enough for that later, just... not now
  • ---
  • Tallis: So, you and Garrett?
  • Fenris: Must you poke your nose where it does not belong?
  • Tallis: I'm just curious
  • Fenris: Take your curiosity elsewhere. Our affairs are not yours
  • ---
  • Garrett: How do you stand it?
  • Marian: By putting it on its legs
  • Garrett: *groans* Not the table, I meant these parties. I just- ugh, how could you possibly enjoy it?
  • Marian: How could I enjoy fine clothes, free food and all the gossip in Thedas? How could you not?
  • Garrett: The free food is nice, I suppose
  • ---
  • Marian: Don't turn around
  • Garrett: Fifi De Launcet?
  • Marian: Dulci actually. She looks like she's itching to come here and complain about something. Maybe because you didn't shave?
  • Garrett: Ugh
  • ---
  • Marian: Ah wine, excellent. I need to be even more plastered than I thought before this is over
  • Garrett: Is there a reason you're taking /my/ wine glass?
  • Marian: Mine had an unfortunate encounter with Lady Thrennhold's dress. Took a mind of its own when she implied that someone needed to fix your 'unkempt appearance'
  • Garrett: What's unkempt about it?
  • Marian: Your hair mostly. Particularly the hair on your face
  • Garrett: We can't all compete with Duke Prosper over who has the most impressive facial hair
  • ---
  • Garrett: Avoid that Comte if you can; the old one sitting on that bench over there. He was saying some... rather unpleasant things earlier
  • Marian: Like what?
  • Garrett: Nothing too awful, but...
  • Marian: Gary...
  • Garrett: He was complaining about your... sense of humour
  • Marian: What's wrong with it?
  • Garrett: You really need to ask? Don't worry. I took care of it
  • Marian: What did you-?
  • Garrett: You'll see when he tries standing up
  • ---
  • Marian: I can't believe you
  • Garrett: Hm?
  • Marian: All these years, and I thought you had no sense of humour
  • Garrett: Ah, the Comte is having a little trouble with his breeches is he?
  • Marian: *laughs* The guards had to hold candles under the bench for a good ten minutes until the ice thawed. And the whole time he complained about the state of his privates. Seriously Gary, that was downright diabolical
  • Garrett: Anything for my big sister
  • ---
  • Marian: *sniggers* Knickers
  • Garrett: Making friends?
  • Marian: I already know most of the people here, but I only just wormed the knickers story out of Fifi de Launcet. Meanwhile, you seem to be acquainting yourself with the buffet
  • Garrett: It's one of the most interesting guests here that doesn't question our choices in lovers. But I did see someone interesting. Do you remember Sister Leliana?
  • Marian: From the Lothering Chantry, the one Carver fancied? Why are you...? /No/
  • Garrett: Just over there, in the pink dress. I almost didn't recognise her, but I'm sure it's the same Leliana
  • Marian: I didn't realise Chantry sisters attended high society parties
  • Garrett: What's more is that Tallis seemed to know her
  • Marian: I get the feeling that this is something we should keep our noses out of for once
  • Garrett: Agreed
  • ---
  • Marian: Leopold is going to be a wyvern with a very unhappy tummy
  • Garrett: Once you're done messing with the wyvern's lunch, can we move on before the cook realises you lied to her?
  • ---
  • Tallis: You know what you're doing. Who trained you?
  • Marian: My mother, believe it or not. Apparently you learn a few things about stealth when you sneak out to meet your apostate lover on a regular basis
  • Garrett: Wait, /mother/ taught you how to do this? Since when?
  • Marian: You had your training, I had mine
  • ---
  • Marian: *sigh* Why is it always the cute ones?
  • Isabela: Didn't you know? It's in the job description for being the backstabbing rogue
  • Marian: Well that explains a few things
  • ---
  • Garrett: More of these things?
  • Marian: You be careful brother dearest, else I'll think you're missing the Orlesians
  • Garrett: I think I'll take the nasty little gremlins thanks
  • Fenris: Is there a difference?
  • Isabela: *giggles* Ghast-hole
  • ---
  • Garrett: I get the feeling you wanting to help Tallis has less to do with protecting innocents and more to do with getting in her pants
  • Marian: *indignant gasp* How could you say such a thing? Do you really think I would be so selfish as to-?
  • Garrett: Yes
  • Isabela: Yes
  • Fenris: Yes
  • Marian: ...well okay maybe a little
  • Garrett: And you're okay with this Isabela?
  • Isabela: What? It's not like she didn't ask me first. Birdie might be a horny little shit, but she always makes sure I'm okay with it before she goes chasing after anyone
  • Marian: We do this thing called 'communicating.' You know, the thing you and Fenris recently learned how to do
  • Isabela: Only took you three years of blue balls to manage it
  • Garrett: Bela!
  • ---
  • Fenris: When you were speaking with Tallis about marriage... You said you had someone in mind
  • Garrett: I did
  • Fenris: And might I ask...?
  • Garrett: *sigh* Of course I meant you Fenris, why would I ever even entertain the idea of anyone else?
  • Fenris: ...Do you mean that? You would wish for us to marry?
  • Garrett: Yes, but only if that's what you want
  • Fenris: I ah... I merely thought that-
  • Garrett: Fenris, if I wasn't completely serious about us, about being with you, do you think I would have waited for three years?
  • Fenris: You make an excellent point. Perhaps we shall discuss it further later... Away from present company
  • Marian: Oh please don't stop on our account
  • Isabela: Keep going, I need to write this down. Varric will be green with envy that he missed /this/
  • Tallis: As romantic as this is, and as nice as the warm fuzzy feelings are, we do have to stop Salit. Like, right now

anonymous asked:

So, I know you guys usually attend cons together, and a while back Sheila attended one alone (I think it was Wondercon? I remember it was SoCal because I'm here), and I was just wondering what the experience was like? Did you do anything different? Any hints for us if we go to a con alone now that you've done it?

We’ve done it a few times before. Gone to cons alone instead of together. Wondercon, Sylar had work so he had to leave halfway through each day. 

My tips for doing a con alone are….

Listening to music during a convention is unlike anything I’ve done before. Its fucking awesome. Especially if its a groovy dancey playlist. It passes the time quicker, relaxes you, and gives you a good experience even if you have no where to be. Walk the con halls, really get to know the venue, find the nooks and crannys of the space. Basically, take a walk in the con. 

Wander into a panel if you can. Even if you don’t know anything about AMVs or ‘Making petticoats’ if it sounds even somewhat interesting, go in and listen. You can learn SO MUCH at con panels. I have numerous times. And some of the best times I’ve had were watching a panel. I will never forget ‘Whose line is it Anime” that shit was hilarious. Nor will I forget ‘Attack on titan blind date’ or ‘altering store patterns for cosplay’

-Artist Alley
AA is my literal favorite thing about conventions. EVERY con I attend I make sure to slowly scope out the ENTIRE artist alley. And when I’m not with sylar and don’t have plans, even if Im in cosplay, I like to check out each and every booth. Because the artists there get excited for cosplay too – AND THE ART IS AMAZING. Its the one thing I splurge on at cons. Pins, stickers, prints, cards, UGH I love it there. But slowing down and taking care to look at booths really makes you appreciate who is there and all they work they put through to show there. 

-Schedule Goals.
When I’m alone I usually plot out my day. I think. ‘Well I’ll go to AA first because the cosplay panel isnt until 2pm. And if I’m done with AA early, I’ll walk the lobby a bit to get some pictures of me taken.’ By the time I’m actually heading to the panel I think ‘after this I’ll get some food and check out that DragonAge gathering. After thats done its probably time to head back to the hotel.’ Thinking like this instead of just standing in the lobby and waiting until someone invites you places helps the day pass by and your more likely to cross paths with people doing the same thing. 

-Again I can’t reiterate how much more enjoyable this is with music in your ears. Its like a fucking otherwordly vacation. Even if Im in cosplay, I pop my headphones out for two seconds, do poses and get photos, and pop em back in. And if I end up talking to people its the same deal. If the day is going great on the friend side, I’ll end up putting em away, but its great to have them as a fall back clutch if you end up being alone the whole time. 

anonymous asked:

ok so headcanon: merlin is elated when arthur comes back, but not shocked (since it was prophesied that he would come back), but what shakes merlin to the core is when he goes to the supermarket and bumps into gwaine buying apples


Especially if Merlin spent weeks grieving for Arthur before he ever got back to Camelot and even found out that Gwaine had died trying to protect them. He missed Gwaine’s funeral  and everything and he hates himself for it. Hates himself even more for letting Gwaine die without knowing about his greatest secret.

He spends a thousand years and more with all those feelings of guilt and regret. With Arthur at least he knows he’ll have a second chance, an opportunity to get it right, but he never expects that Gwaine isn’t gone forever.

And he’s so used to seeing glimpses of swishy hair, long straight noses, bright roguish smiles, all the things that remind him of Gwaine and make his heart clench in his chest that he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing at first. But then Gwaine looks up at him with that heart-stopping grin, and with none of the accusation and blame Merlin’s been imagining for centuries on end, and Merlin knows this is his Gwaine.

He wraps Gwaine in a hug before Gwaine even has the opportunity to say his name in surprise. Gwaine laughs and claps Merlin on the back, ruffles his hair as Merlin starts to cry, says he’s never been so happy to see anyone in either of his lives.

And Merlin knows that he has his second chance.

anonymous asked:

You've done it before but maybe you can make more Hestia head cannons? I really love Hestia and she's barely mentioned in the fandom even though a book is practically named after her. Thanks!

-she joins girl scout troops every now and then and holds the record throughout several states for cookie sales

-she volunteers at homeless shelters and says blessings over every person she encounters

-she used to work in coal mines, doing her best to protect those whose job it was to fuel fires much like herself

-she has a Smoky The Bear t-shirt that she loves deeply

i cant believe my job is paying me to do pixel characters for a game

i’ve never done pixel art before I’M TRYING…

mockingbird-22  asked:

Do you have any thoughts as to why Mick always wears gloves? I mean we've seen him wear them even when he's just chilling in his room and drinking (and eating) not even on a job. Sorry if you've answered this before.

I’ve taken to understanding that gloves can represent a character concealing or hiding something in film/tv. I’d read that on tumblr before but the only sources I can find for it are Disney’s Frozen movie and the theme of ‘concealment’ therein, so maybe it’s not such a long-standing thing and is instead just a recent thing done by that movie. Not sure.

But it is often the case regardless that gloves can be used as a symbolic element of some sort. Whether it’s because someone is concealing something about themselves or if the gloves get taken off as a means of indicating a ‘duel’ of some nature or whether they tie into some color symbolism for a character or what-have-you, they tend to serve some purpose (unless the character is wearing them purely because of their occupation).

In season 1, people thought maybe Mick wearing gloves was to key in the audience (i.e., foreshadow) deception and the reveal of him as Kronos? I don’t know if the wearing of gloves was consistent enough in season 1 to have properly foreshadowed that, but I do think it’s the case that he stopped wearing them for the final few episodes of the season, post-Kronos. So there’s that.

In season 1 also, Len wears gloves when handling the cold gun, but it’s worth noting that hallucination!Len was also wearing gloves. Deception? Or more broadly, an indication that something isn’t quite what it seems?

Looking for a trend, I just skimmed all his scenes in season 2. So far, it’s mostly just clear that the only time he’s not wearing them is when he’s in a period-costume he can’t pull off gloves with.

For instance, he woke up wearing them when Oliver was there, so the first time we see him this season, he’s in gloves. He’s wearing the same outfit when Amaya fights him in the kitchen (thinking Mick killed Rex) in episode 3. In episode 4, we see him wearing gloves when he’s having a beer alone in his room when Ray shows up. The same is true in episode 5 when he’s teaching Ray to use the cold gun, and in the van later that episode avoiding talking about feelings.

He’s also the only member of the team to be wearing gloves in the old west in episode 6. Literally none of the rest of them were (I double checked). This is particularly neat to me given that he wasn’t wearing gloves for any of the other period-outfits up to that point, and conceivably could have been. It seems he’s only wearing the one black pair and only when it fits with his outfit, otherwise not bothering. He wears them the entire episode.

Same with the crossover Legends episode, and he wears them the entirety of episode 8.

So… the only pattern right now is that Mick likes those gloves a lot. On a symbolic level, it might just be to set him apart from the rest of the team, to have a visual device to show that he’s the black sheep of the group (they are black gloves after all). Could also be to show that he’s concealing his emotions or suppressing them, maybe. Could be a widower thing over Len. Could be tool to mark him as a criminal (think that was suggested for one reason why he and Len wore gloves in season 1).

On a characterization level, which is probably more what you were going for…. Mick is wearing gloves when he clearly has no need to be. He’s wearing them just cause. He wears them when eating and drinking. It’s got to be at least a somewhat deliberate choice. And only that set of gloves.

I wonder if they were Len’s (and he’s stretched them out? They’re real leather so it could work). I wonder if they’re just to commemorate Len, really as a mourning thing, wearing black like a widower. It might be that it’s because he’s protective / self-defensive right now, emotionally vulnerable, and the layers of clothing and the constant glove-wearing help him hide his feelings, or at least feel like he is.

On that note, going over his scenes, it became increasingly obvious that he’s spent like half this season crossing his arms. it was actually hard to find shots of him not crossing his arms in some scenes so that I could get a decent screenshot of his gloves (I took at least one per episode…). He’s even crossing his arms when the president is thanking the team for saving them from aliens, the only one in the group to show an aggressive/defensive posture.

So… like the gloves, this pose seems to show him saying “steer clear of me, stay away, I don’t want to engage with you”. It’s closed body language. He’s closed, right now. Protecting himself. Concealing his feelings. Keeping everyone at bay.

It’ll be interesting if he continues to wear the gloves in the second half of the season or not. What I’m really hoping to see is a change so we can analyze what catalyzes that change, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they go there :)