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Word Count: 1637


You and Peter had been friends for a really long time. Like, A REALLY LONG TIME. Your friendship dated back to diapers.

It was no secret to anyone that you and two Peter had a crush on each other, except to each other.

You and Peter weren’t strangers to just waltzing into each other’s bedroom’s without knocking. You’d think you’d have learned after all the close calls you’ve had. You’ve lost count of how many times Peter has walked in only changing only for you to yell “KNOCK!” Or the amount of times you’ve walked in on Peter changing and him yelling “MAY STOP LETTING Y/N INTO THE HOUSE!” And then there was that one time you walked in on Peter in his Spiderman outfit.

But still, neither of you had learned your lesson, not completely anyways.

You hadn’t told Peter you were coming over after school, but you figured since it was raining he wouldn’t be out doing his usual Spiderman business so you thought you’d surprise him and see what he was doing.

When you arrived at Peter’s, May let you in the front door.

“Y/N! Did Peter tell you he doesn’t have the Stark Internship today?”

“Yes! I figured i’d drop by to see him. He’s always busy these days,”

“Well, it’s so nice to have you around. Peter and I are going out to dinner around 6 if you’d like to join us,”

“That sounds great, thank you,” You said, heading toward’s Peter’s bedroom.

You knocked on his bedroom door, “Peter, it’s Y/N, can I come in?”

There was no response.


“One second!” He shouted through the door.

You ‘patiently’ waited outside Peter’s door.

“Ok, yeah come in,”

You walked into Peter’s room, closing the door behind you.

Peter was sitting up in bed, his quilt draped over him, his face flushed.

“Hey, Y/N,”


You walked over to Peter’s bed and sat down near his feet.

Peter shifted uncomfortably.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“What, can I not come to visit my best friend,” you asked, moving on his bed so you back was against the wall and your legs were draped over his.

Peter shifted again.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” You asked

“Nothing, just tired is all,” Peter lied.

“Well, May invited me for dinner, so what should we do in the mean time?”

“Why don’t you go out and pick a movie and put it on, I just have something I need to finish and then I’ll be out in a second,” Peter suggested.

“Any movie you want to watch?” You asked, leaning a hand on Peter’s thigh to move yourself off the bed.

Peter groaned.

“What happened?”

“You just leaned on a bruise from being Spiderman, ya know,” Peter lied again.

“okay…..” You said, getting up and heading towards the door.

“Can you close that behind you? I’ll be out in a minute,”

You closed the door behind you and headed towards the living room.

Peter let out a sigh of relief when you left. He quickly threw back his blankets and put his hand back on his throbbing cock. He wanted to curse at you for not letting him know you were coming over. He had already been thinking about you before you came over, hence masturbating, but when you got here it just made everything harder (literally).

He quickly began moving his fist up and down his dick, resting his had back into his pillow and letting out a raspy moan.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, he was getting close.

Suddenly his door opened “Hey Peter….ohm y god” you said.

Peter turned and saw you, he quickly pulled his blankets back over himself.



“Guys what’s happening?” May asked

“Nothing!” You both shouted.

“Either get out and close the door or come in and close the door for gods sake,” Peter whisper shouted at you.

You stepped in and closed the door.

You awkwardly stood there, while Peter sat on his bed, neither of you speaking.

“Did you see…”

“I saw everything,” you interrupted.


You were both silent again.

“Uh, Y/N,” Peter said breaking the silence.

You looked up at Peter.

“I know this is going to be very straight forward but, I’m going to need you to either help me out, or get out, because it’s getting very uncomfortable sitting here with this,”

You bit your lip, getting turned on by the thought of helping Peter.

“Keep going,” you said.

Peter looked at you


“Keep going,” you repeated.

“Y/N, I-I d-don’t under-stand,”

“Peter Parker, I want you to lie back down and keep touching yourself while I watch,”

Peter stared at you for a moment before complying to your request.
He lied back down, looking at you when he removed the covers. He watched you lick your lips when he revealed his dick.You stayed where you were by the door, watching Peter place his hand on his dick, letting out a throaty moan.

With each and every stroke, you could feel you knees getting weak and a coil growing in the pit of your stomach.

Peter was moaning and rasping as he began thrusting into his hand. You could feel a pool wetness forming in your underwear.

“Fuck,” you muttered.

Peter looked over at you, seeing how horny he was making you, he picked up his pace, stroking himself harder and faster.

You could tell by the way Peter was moaning that he was about to come undone.

Peter stroked his dick one last time as come began spurting out of his dick.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned (wow Peter sure does moan a lot but lol who doesn’t love a boy who moans a lot).

Peter took a moment to calm down, slowing his heavy breathing.

“Fuck, Peter,”

“Yes, yes you should fuck Peter,”

You smiled, and made your way toward’s Peter’s bed.

“Y/N! Peter! ” You heard May call.

“Oh you’re kidding,” you said.

“Don’t move,” you pointed at Peter and went out to see what May needed.

When you returned (the lovely May just wanted to say that you guys were going to leave for dinner soon) Peter was getting dressed.

He stood there in his jeans and was pulling a t-shirt over his head.

“woah, woah, woah, what do you think you’re doing?” You asked.

“Getting dressed?”

“Who said we were done?”

Peter laughed and lied back down on his bed, patting the spot next to him.

“It’s going to be difficult to do anything while we’re clothed Parker,”

“Just trust me, Y/N,”

You walked over to Peter’s bed and climbed over him so you were lying in between Peter and the wall.

Peter turned on his side, and began stroking your thigh. He began slowly moving his fingers towards the waistband of your tights.

You watched him, his curls were slightly falling inches face, and he was biting his lip.

He traced his fingers along the waistband of your pants, teasing you.

You didn’t want to say anything, knowing that Peter would stop if you were to say anything that even remotely sounded sassy.

Eventually, Peter dipped his fingers into your waistband of your pants and underwear.

He slid his finger along your slit, feeling how wet you were already.

“Damn, Y/N,” Peter said, placing a kiss next to your ear “Did watching me jerk my cock make you this wet?” He said, leaving his lips where they were.

“Yes,” you moaned.

Peter began rubbing your clit and he let his lips hover over yours. He moved his fingers in erratic circles, causing you to buck your hips.

“You like that, darling?”

“Yes, Peter,” you breathed.

Peter moved away from your clit and inserted finger inside you. He moved It slowly.

“More,” you begged.

Peter smiled, sliding another finger inside you, moving them more quickly.

He began moving his fingers against your g-spot repeatedly.


“Are you sure you can take more, darling?” Peter asked you.

You nodded.

Peter inserted another finger into you, thrusting them harder against your g-spot.

You wrapped one of your hands around Peter’s wrist and the other tangled in his bedsheets.

Peter used his thumb to rub hard circles against your clit.

Your head began spinning. You knew if Peter kept this up, lips hovering over you, fingers moving inside of you, fucking you senseless, you would be coming soon.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Peter quickly pulled his hand out of your pants and licked his fingers.

Peter got up and went to open the door.

“Hey guys, ready for dinner?” May asked.

“I am,” Peter said.

“Y/N, honey, are you alright?” May said, looking over at you.

“Yeah,” you breathed.

“Are you sure? Your face is flushed and you look like you’re having trouble breathing,”

“I’m fine,” you confirmed.

“If you say so,” May said, turning to leave Peter’s room.

You slowly slid of Peter’s bed and walked towards where he was standing at his bedroom door.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, Parker, you’re going to do more than just finger me when we get back,”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, we may be going out for dinner, but once we’re back here, I plan on eating dessert,” he winked.

“Are you two coming?” May shouted.

“I am, not so sure about Y/N though,” Peter responded.

“Fuck you, Parker,” you muttered.

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|Why is he so hot?| Peter Parker

My first fic on this site lol (I hope it’s good)

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader ;3

Summary: You and Peter are best friends and ya like him. You know. Like half the fics out there. You’re Tony’s daughter too (it’s hinted at) (If you want me to write a different fic where Tony is more innolved, as in they probs get caught, i’ll do that.)

Warning: cussing, steamy hot make-out session,all around cuteness, awkwardness and dominance?? from both Peter and the reader.

Words: 3000 eXACTLY (i added “Why is he so hot?“ somewhere just to make it an even number. I have ocd srry)

plz request things i’m lonely


I don’t know what Peter is to me. Is he my best friend? Or my crush? … or both? If he’s both then by God I’m fucked. I can’t like my best friend. I want things to not be awkward. I want our conversations to flow like they always do. But at the same time, I want to kiss him and hold him and be able to call him mine.

“Y/N?” I turned my head from the window to the front of the class.

“Y-Yes?” I stuttered the question out my lips.

“I asked you a question.” My chemistry teacher leaned against her desk and crossed her arms.

“Could you repeat the question by chance?” I smiled nervously. A few chuckles came from the students.

“I asked you ‘What is the third most common gas found in the air we breathe?’” I immediately answered.

“Argon.” She smiled and nodded.

“Around 1% of it is found in the air.” Peter whispered to me. I smiled at him and rolled my eyes. He loved chemistry and science, that’s for sure. After about five minutes my eyes found the city out the window again. I wasn’t really thinking about Peter until he nudged my arm. I turned my head and looked at him.

“Hey- we still on for studying?” He whispered. I nodded.

“At… your place or the tower?”

“The tower.” He told me. The bell rung for lunch and we both got up and packed our bags. The teacher started to say something about the test but I didn’t listen.

“I’ll see you later?” I asked him, already knowing he was going to say yes because we literally just talked about our plans.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Normally I hung out with him and Ned but today I had to work on Algebra homework. I told him bye and walked off to the library.

Just don’t think about him in that way while he’s over…


He was late… again. Probably off saving the city. I didn’t mind. He had his duty, of course, I was just the one to suffer though. In the twenty minutes he has been missing out on all I’ve done is read through the chapter… twice. Ok maybe like six times. I got bored. There was a knock at my bedroom window and I looked over towards the noise. The good thing about having a bedroom at the Avengers tower is that my room is eight stories up so that knocking could only come from one person. I jumped off the bed and walked over to the balcony door to open the door for Peter. He was in his Spider-Man suit with his backpack on. I unlocked and opened the door. He slipped in and stopped in front of me instead of just walking in and getting changed.

“I’m so sorry- there was a-” I patted his shoulder.

“It’s fine Peter. I don’t mind it.” I smiled at him as he tore off his mask. Seeing his hair all messed up made me bite my lip.

Dammit… I’m thinking about him in that way. In the 'my god he’s so hot’ way.  Why is he so hot?

He grinned down at me.

“Did you already read through the chapter? Let me guess, like twelve times?” I laughed and a light heat rushed over my cheeks.

“Only a few times.” I walked back over to my bed and sat down. When I looked back he had pressed his symbol on his chest and his suit just slid off of him. It’s like my stomach did a flip. Normally he would walk into the bathroom to change but nope… I hadn’t realized before but he was fit.

Oh fuck-

I looked down at the book to hide the blush of my cheeks from him. I scooted fully on the bed and laid on my stomach. I glanced back over at him. He had his jeans on and was throwing on a cardigan that he probably grabbed off his floor. He looked over at me and I couldn’t seem to look away.

“I’m coming- I’m coming.” He smiled and threw his bag aside and jogged over to me. He jumped on the bed and pressed his side next to. I looked back down at the book.

This is going to be a long couple hours.


“I don’t think this test is gonna kick my ass like it did last time.” I said as I closed the book. Peter sighed and turned over onto his back.

“I think we’re both gonna do well on it. I mean literally, we’re the top in our class.” He turned his head and looked at me.

“Yeah, but we both know who’s smarter than me.” I said.

“Mr. Stark?” He said more as a statement.

“No- but my dad is smarter than me. I meant you. You already know you’ll ace this test.” He chuckled and looked back at the ceiling. I laid on my back next to him.

“I know you will too.” He said softly. My eyes became heavy and I turned my head to my end table. The clock read 12:34. I yawned and propped myself on my elbows. I looked at Peter who had his eyes closed.

“Peter?” I moved his shoulder. He licked his lips and put an arm over me. My face flushed a deep red. “P-Peter?” I asked. He must be asleep. He pulled me closer to him and began spooning me. I gasped as his body made contact with mine. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this… so I did nothing. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, smiling and hopefully dreaming of Peter.


My eye lids fluttered open and I shuffled a bit. I felt something rub against my ass and I made an unexpected noise. A hand that was just under my breast gripped my skin tighter. I wouldn’t have blushed if I hadn’t realized the hand was under my shirt.

“Peter?’ I whispered, moving my shoulder against his chest. He mumbled his response.

"Mmh?” He said, quiet as could be. He abruptly leaned up. “Oh-” He pulled his hand away and I turned on my back and looked up at him. “I-I’m- Sorry.” He blushed. He lifted his head up towards my end table. “Shit- It’s 6:34.” My eyes widened. I leaned up faster than he had.

“No- oh nonono.” I looked at Peter as my door knob started to turn. Faster than I ever thought I could possibly move, I grabbed Peter and pushed him towards my back board. I slammed him against the bed and crawled on top of him. I covered his mouth and laid on him, pulling the covers over us. From the door, I knew it would just look like I was sleeping with covers over my head. I looked at Peter. His face was inches from mine. Even though it was dark I could make out his features. My door opened and my dad peered in.

“Y/N?” He asked. I groaned in response. “Time to get up. And don’t be late this time. I’m not writing you another note.” The whites of Peters’ eyes moved so I could tell he was looking around my face.

“Ok.” I was too focused on Peter to realize I said it barely loud enough for my dad to hear. I slowly took my hand off his face but let my fingers linger on his lips. As my dad left he muttered something along the lines of 'they shouldn’t even need a note, I mean she’s my daughter they should assume she’s curing cancer or something…’ He closed the door and I leaned up, taking my hand from Peters’ mouth. He was as red as a tomato and so was I.

“I- should-” He stuttered.

“Yeah-” He bolted out of bed and towards his bag. I landed on my back and watched as he grabbed his backpack and opened the door to the balcony. My knees were half bent and I was biting my lip. My hand lifted to my chin.

My God Parker… You even look hot in a hurry.

He stopped and looked at me. He was about to say something before he looked down and then ran out the door. He jumped off the building and swung off to another.

I actually want to die. What was that? I just like straddled him and it was weird but it felt nice and- oh my god… I almost kissed him.


I walked to my locker to put my Algebra books back. The final bell had rung two minutes ago and I decided that after I put my books back I was going to find Peter. I shut my locker and walked down the halls. The back of his head is easy to recognize. His curly hair gives it away most the time. As soon as I see those familiar curls and a cardigan I rush towards him.

“Peter!” I say as I tap on his shoulder. He turned to me and smiled.

“H-Hey Y/N.” I grin back at him blushing at him stuttering.

This boy is literally going to kill me one day.

“What are you doing later on?” I asked. He shrugged.

“I’ll probably just stay at my place and watch a movie or something. It is a Friday so I don’t have to go to bed early.”

“Oh- D-Do you think I could join you?” I asked. He smirked and shrugged, putting his hands in his pocket.

“Sure- let me warn you though: I’m going to be watching Star Trek again.” I giggled.

“I don’t care. I’m always up for re-watching a good movie.” He nodded and closed his locker.

“See ya later.” Peter said as he walked past me. I leaned against the nearest locker.

I’m going to embarrass myself. I am. And then he’ll hate me. Damn it.


I walked into Peter’s apartment without knocking, like always. May stopped in front of me.

“Oh- hey Y/N! Peter said you’d be here a bit later-” She laughed. “He’s in the shower so he’ll be out in a bit. He said he got 'webbed up in a problem’ on the way back from school. Like that’s exactly what he said. He is the weirdest kid I swear. Well, you two have fun.”

“We will.” I smiled. “Where you headed off to?”

“Just the store. I’ll be back in a bit with some popcorn too.” I smiled at the thought of popcorn. She waved and scooted passed me, shutting the door behind her. I heard the squeak of the pipes turning off, meaning Peter was out of the shower. A blush crept on my cheeks.

No- Stop thinking about him like that.

I sighed and walked to the couch. I laid down on it and looked at the rough ceiling.

“May!? Where are all my cardigans?” Peter yelled through the walls.

“Uh- She left!” I yelled back.

“Y-Y/N?” He yelled back. After his voice traveled through the walls I heard something thud and then a groan. I leaned up. He must have fallen in the bathroom.

“Peter?” He groaned. A door opened and closed. I jumped over the couch and walked towards his room and saw that his door was closed. “Peter- you alright?” I asked. His voice was pained.

“Yep- Ah- all good!” Something on his door caught my eye. I walked towards it and it seemed to be smeared on the knob. I got my phone and turned the flash on, shining it at the door. What looked like blood was dragged around the knob.

“Peteerr-?” I said. “I’m opening the door.” I didn’t hear a 'no’ so I pushed the door open and found Peter in his wheely chair looking at me.

“I thought you would be here later-” He said. He was in the process of putting a bandage on his side. I put my hand to my temple.

“Parker- I swear you get hurt at least six out of seven days of the week.” He chuckled as I walked over to him. He was shirtless with a pair of jeans on. His hands were completely clean so the blood on his door must have been from when he came in. But that didn’t make any sense cause he would still have it on his hands. “Why is there blood on the door?” I asked. He looked up at me.

“Oh- that was from yesterday.” He said and I sighed in response then walked over and sat on his bed. He finished about thirty seconds later. He stood up and looked over at me. I looked down at his abs and blushed.

Why does he have to be so hot?

He walked out the door and I sat there swimming in my own thoughts.

My god- I can’t live like this. I just want to kiss him and fucking make out with him. I sound so needy. I’m literally like every other sophomore girl. Maybe I just want a boyfriend… no cause Peter is the only guy I like.

He walked back in with a 'Midtown High’ sweater on. He walked over to me and jumped on the bed face first.

“God- Y/N-” He groaned into the bed. I giggled.


“Sometimes I hate being a superhero. But damn I love it so much.” He flipped over and turned to me, laying his head on my lap. “I mean I get to save so many people…” I ran my hands through his hair. “And kick ass… but then there’s me. Peter Parker. A nerdy guy who would be the last person suspected as a super hero.” He looked away towards the wall.

“So you want to what- get more recognition?” He laughed.

“I don’t know Y/N… I don’t know what I want.” He gazed into my eyes. “W-Well I do- but somehow I still don’t.” We just sat there in silence for a moment, looking at each other. He lifted his right hand hesitantly and brushed it against my cheek. I blushed at his actions.

What is he doing?

He leaned up and turned to me. He was on all fours with his arms on either side of me. I turned my body towards him, my back facing his window.

“What do you want, Peter?” I dared to ask him, biting my lip. His eyes darted down my face.

“D-Don’t do that Y/N. God- That thing- It drives me crazy.” He gulped and leaned his face closer to mine.

He’s going to kiss me. Is he? Oh god. This is happening.

I was barely breathing. My face slowly moved down but my eyes stayed on him. I put my hand behind his ear. He dipped down slowly. I closed my eyes, same as him.

God this is agonizing. Just fucking kiss me. Don’t be so sl-

His lips cut off my train of thought as he smashed them against mine. I made a 'mmh’ sound against his lips. He moved his right hands to my lower back. I parted my lips and moved my head forward. My heart was racing. I have been wanting this for so long. He licked my bottom lip and then slipped his tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed anyone before and I don’t think he had either, but honestly, I didn’t care. He leaned down and pressed his body against mine. I ran my hands through his hair. My ovaries felt like they were exploding. I leaned down, taking him with me. I tugged at his hair and he moaned against my lips. My body shuttered and he traveled one his hands to my upper back and the other to my waist. He began grinding against my hips causing me to I break away from his kiss. I turned my head silently and gasped. He began to kiss my neck and my hands traveled to his back. He bit a small area of my neck. I moaned loudly into his ear. His grip on my waist tightened and he groaned. After a few moment he leaned up and looked down at me. We were both gasping for air. He smiled which made me grin.

“Fuck- Y/N-” He said.

I want him. I really do… wait no not like that. Well yes like that but not yet… fuck. It’s now or never.

I pushed him up and he stumbled back onto his ass and I crawled on top of him. His eyes widened. Just looking at him made my face go hot. “Y/Y-N?” I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me. Our lips crashed together again and he moaned.

I couldn’t help myself.

His hands slid under and up my shirt. I gasped as I felt his hands on my bare skin. Our bodies were so hot through the clothes. My lips trailed to his jaw where I kissed his jawline, then I moved up to his ear and licked up it. He let out a grunt and a 'fuck’ and then bucked his hips. I didn’t expect that action of his and so I let out a loud moan without realizing it. He gripped my thigh with the hand that used to be on my waist. Peter pulled his head away and looked at the door.

“Shit-” He said. After he said that the sound of the door in the living room clicked and swung open.

“I’m home!” May yelled. I climbed off Peter and sat next to him, trying to hide my very red face. He looked at me and smirked nervously, his face was just as red as mine.

“Hey!” Peter yelled back. He dipped down and gave me a peck on the lips. After he pulled away I smiled widely at him.

“You’re cute, Peter. I’ll give you that.” He chuckled at my words.

“I bought popcorn!” My ears perked at the words. Peter jumped out of bed and I grabbed his wrist.

No- no honey. I’m getting all that popcorn.

I turned him to me and fixed his hair. He looked at me and blushed. My eyes looked innocently up at him and he slowly leaned down. I began to close my eyes and as he closed his I pulled him to the bed and rushed to the door.

“That’s my popcorn, Parker!” I yelled at him while darting down the hall. He yelled playfully from his room.


Comatose-Chapter 1

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier, You are part of the Avengers and Dating Bucky Barnes, Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha, you catch them in the act and things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with Similar powers to Jean, Only with Immortality thrown in. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

The mission had drained you; Covered in bruises and dried blood, there had been too many agents and you cursed your lack of backup;You were sorely outgunned,but you had gotten the intel that you needed., It wasn’t uncommon for you to be sent on solo missions, your powers and skill set affording you the privilege of never really being the underdog, so while it was sometimes tricky, you usually came out on top.

Stepping out of the quinjet and into the hanger,you hurriedly make your way toward your shared bedroom with Bucky, relishing the thought of a hot shower and a night in his arms.,You missed him terribly while you were away., Things had been strange, distant between you of late,Your sex life had dwindled down to zero. He had refused to talk to you about it, and you were genuinely worried about the state of your relationship with the super soldier. Chalking it up to, too many missions and not enough quality time, you swallow your fears and with renewed vigour, strode through the compound looking for the man you love.

Nearing your bedroom, you can hear soft moans filtering through the door. You stop, listening intently,straining your already taxed senses. “Bucky,” you hear Natasha gasp, and your hand flies to your mouth; eyes wide with shock. As you gently open the door, fighting down the rise of bile in your throat, you can see Bucky moving languidly on top of Natasha, hand wrapped around her throat, her back arching off the bed, as he fucks her in a way he hadn’t with you in a very long time. Red hot flaring anger replaces the horror in your chest.

“Having fun?” you say loud enough for them both to hear. Bucky’s movements stop almost instantly, his head whipping around to stare at you with mouth agape. Natasha pales, lips opening and closing, searching, apparently, for a way to justify betraying her best friend.

“(y/n)” Bucky says as he pulls out, both of them scrambling for clothing. “I can explain,” he starts.

“Oh spare me the ‘I can explain’ bullshit, Barnes!” you spit, eyes blazing red with power. He flinches visibly at the use of his last name. “I do not want to hear your flimsy excuses. Just get your shit out of my room and leave. Both of you. Now!” You turn to leave, desperately needing to get out, get away from him. From her. From this place. From the people you have given up everything for.

“Wait!” Bucky yells as he catches up with you, grabbing you by the arm. He spins you around, and you try yanking your arm away, shoving at his chest to dislodge him. “Listen,” he hisses, grabbing your free wrist with his metal hand, effectively cutting off your assault. “I’m sorry, it just happened,” he states weakly.

“It just happened,” you echo duly. “How did screwing my best friend just happen, James?” Your anger is mounting, overtaking the pain in your chest by miles, but he doesn’t seem to recognise the danger because he forges on.

“She was there when we started drifting apart. She always had a way of pulling me back from the edge. I just… I need her,” he sighs. “Please understand. I love ya, doll, I do, but Natalia…”

You’re dumbstruck. Feelings of worthlessness worm themselves into your mind, testing your already fragile control, and he seems completely oblivious to your internal struggle.

“I think I’m in love with her…But i’m still in love with you too. Please… I just… I made a mistake,” he says, rather uncertainly.

“Then let me make it easy on you, Barnes,” you sneer as you unleash your power, divesting yourself of his hold. “If you ever put your hands on me again, I will kill you,” you state simply as you advance toward him. Held up by your power, Bucky is flailing in mid-air. “If you ever look at me again, I will cut out your eyes and feed them too Natasha,” you say as you slam him against the wall. “If you ever say my name again I will cut out your tongue and leave it for Steve to find,” you forge on as tears spring unbidden to your eyes, trying frantically to regain control of yourself. “I loved you, gave you everything I could, James, and you ripped it all away from me. Everything I held dear with no thought of what it would do to me,” you whisper as you release him, and watch while he falls heavily to the floor. You turn to leave, seeking any reprieve from the hell you seem to have walked into, only to see Natasha standing in the doorway looking pale and strained.

Ignoring her completely, you focus a final time on Barnes and murmur, “Maybe you are the monster you think you are, James.” It’s the last thing you say before you climb onto the elevator, listening as he breaks down on the carpeted floor.

The elevator ride is the longest you had ever endured, and you pray that you can make it to Tony’s lab without turning into a sobbing mess. You are barely keeping tumultuous control of your emotions, fighting your very nature, your very urge to cry, to sob, to scream. But you can’t. Not yet.

When the elevator doors pings open, you step unsteadily out, and make a beeline for the billionaire’s lab. Barely able to pay attention to your surroundings, you ignore the calls of your name from fellow agents, desperate to get to Tony. You need to get out of here, and soon, before you breakdown.

Throwing open the door to Tony’s lab, you call out gently, receiving an affirmative response, followed quickly by the man himself. “What’s up, sugar?” he asks.

“I need a few days,” you reply.

He quirks an eyebrow. “A few days for what?”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “T, I really can’t explain right now,” you say, heaving in a breath. “I need you to let me do this, please,” you beg, while he eyes you warily.

“What does the tin can have to say? Is he going with you?”

You hiss at him, “No, he will be staying right fucking here, far away from me.” Tony has the good sense not to question you further, agreeing to give you three days off, but only if you check in once a day. You agree without hesitation and finally take your leave of the compound, making your way to the apartment you keep in the city.

Fifteen minutes later, you step into your apartment, stripping off the combat suit you’re still wearing. As you head for the shower, you pay no mind to the framed photos of you and Bucky that seem to shatter as you pass, until you can finally let the hot water cascade over you. Letting the bottled up emotion spill over, you scream desperately at nothing, praying for some sort of reprieve from the pain that’s coursing through you.

How could he? How could he do this to me? Sobs racking your frame, you slide down to the floor, curling yourself into a ball beneath the spray. Why wasn’t i good enough? What’s wrong with me?

Self-hatred prevalent in your mind, you cry for what feels like hours before you finally find the energy to pick yourself up, dry yourself off and climb into bed, hoping that when you wake, this would all just have been a bad dream, and Bucky would still be here with you.  

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Hard Feelings

After this concept being stuck in my mind and not have the words written in the way I wanted it to be not until now; the very pieces that kept me up thinking and possibly have made my vision detoriate more.

Inspired by Lorde’s song, ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’, I present to you this mini-series.

  “Harry — smile.”


  Your shot went through unfortunately after Harry purposely moved a split second before you were actually going to take it just because he already promised he’s going to cooperate this time.

  This time, he decided to playfully piss you off by moving excessively every time you point your canera at him and knows he succeeded when he saw your annoyed but amused look with your lips pursed, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes narrowing.

  You heavily sighed, hand going through your hair before resting it on your hip, slightly getting irritated at the moment since the pressure’s on again, the nervousness rising in your stomach since it’s mere minutes away before Harry goes on stage and you would too in a way.

  “I presume you haven’t told anyone then, Y/N?”

  Jeff asked, smiling courteously as he looked up from the papers in his desk and to you, obviously referring to the non-disclosure agreement you’ve signed in the last meeting.

  “Not a single soul.”

  He chuckled, mumbling something in reply as he digged through his pocket for the letter Harry wrote himself in a hurry that morning for him to read even though they’re headed to the same studio.

  “So about last week’s meeting. Well, obviously, you’re here because you’re the one who got the job.”

  Your mouth slightly fell agape since there was an instinct in your gut that you were called yesterday to come here today because you’re the one who’s chosen but refused to not hope too much because it may be jinxed, thinking of other factors such as they needed a clarification of your resume.

  “Oh my god. Thank you so much, sir. Th-…”

  “Call me Jeff,” he waved off, a little smile as his eyes were fixed on Harry’s writing that was messy, squinting his eyes as is if it would help.

  “Any questions?”

  You straightened, flattening the pencil skirt you’re wearing to look professional before opening your mouth from the numerous questions lingering in your mind.

  “Who are the others that are picked?”

  Jeff looked up, chuckling before shaking his head and pointing a finger at you, making you nervous of the possible answer.

  “See, this is where this comes in,” he stated, slightly waving the piece of paper he’s holdig with his hand that looked like it was teared off even the page itself was perforated.

  “You, Miss Y/N, will be working solo.”

  An inaudible sound came out of your lips, Jeff taking this as as sign before talking ahead of you for you to know he understood.

  “Harry’s seen your videos — the SDEs, the pre-nups, the wedding shots. Celebrity or not, he’s been watching them.”

  He paused to make sure you caught on, a slight nod coming from you for him to continue since you’re still confusion and surprise-stricken.

  “Harry hand-picked the tour details. He’s the one who told me to send you an e-mail since you were his first choice. Told me he adores your work. That it wasn’t all that fancy but it was simple yet elegant, and you know, personal instead.”

  He stopped, knowing this was hassling for him to go with Harry’s specific requests since he wanted to be hands-on with how the tour will go.

  “Correct the both of us if we’re wrong but you’re a photographer, a videographer and an editor, right?”

  “Right. But-…”

  “How about when it comes to the coverage for the whole concert?” Jeff finished for you, snatching the words right out of your mouth that made you nod eagerly.

  “When it comes to the concerts, we’re gonna book some photographers and all the people that would capture the crowd and all that. But as per you,” he drawled out, sucking in a breath before putting the paper down.

  Your heart skipped a bear, feeling the pressure now from the things you’ll be doing.

  “You’re gonna be his companion, almost. Where he goes, you go. He said you could take some of the videos of him with your phone like what you did on this one video. He thought you’d be best since the both of you would click with all his persona. Then again, that lad isn’t a fan of those extravagant things sometimes.”

  You silently nodded, hard on thinking as you thought of it over and over again.

  “It would be two things. First thing’s a short tour diary per country — we’ll give you the passowrd of the Youtube channel and all and added benefits. Then, second’s a documentary — would be released in Netflix.”

  You rubbed your knees with your hands tentatively, shakily exhaling from all the sudden information you were sure wasn’t all said in the e-mail nor the first meeting.

  “Sounds good.”

  Jeff grinned, clapping his hands up as he averted his eyes to the backpack and the camera bag that’s on the chair across yoy which he told you to bring.


  The door clicked, a figure emerging from it who you used to see in pictures and in your timeline now at the past, dressed in nothing but a black shirt tucked into his dress pants and a smile, standing sheepishly on the doorway.

  “Because Harry’s here and the both of you will be starting now.”

  The sudden flashback stopped in queue just as Harry slightly shook you since you weren’t paying attention when the tour manager popped in the dressing room then left, slightly chuckling to himself since this is now one of the numerous times he’s caught you in a daze.

  “It’s time.”

  He clicked his tongue from the roof of his mouth, already discarding his gum on the trash can beside the couch and going ahead of you to open the door for you from what his mum taught.

  “How do you remain so calm?”

  You asked silently as he walked ahead of you, laughing from the question since he hasn’t been asked that surprisingly ever, his hand going over his nose before gliding through his hair.

  “Time, maybe. Got used to this. But it’s still overwhelming at the end of the day.”

  You hummed in response, trying not to take notice of your shaking hands to make them stop even if you did this multiple times, still not being able to get over the facts.

  “Good luck, love. Ya could do it good like you always do.”

  Harry said, ruffling your hair as he smiled, already climbing up the steps that made you remember you took a clip of that yesterday and would again for the next few days, giving you a grin as he put his ear pieces in.

  You yelled a ‘thank you’ as response, going over to the entrance to near the stage that you mapped out awhile ago, security letting you pass through with a nod because of your ID and that they knew you.

  Screams immediately rose up when the stage was adorned with a bright spotlight that sounded mellow because of what Harry gave to you which were earplugs, not kidding the slightest bit that the screams could be a little too much to handle.

  You paused for a moment since you’re still caught in reality that was going along well, wanting to be in the moment being higher compared to capturing it.


  You paused and looked at the picture displayed in your camera in black and white since Harry requested it to be, a figure you love more than ever on the side of it, a smile on his face with his eyes squinting.

  Your thumb glided over the screen, a smile on your face as you felt the little drop of your heart to your stomach since this is reality, knowing that the thing happening between the two of you was unofficial and unnamed and would stay that way which he somehow made clear.

  You looked up, Harry’s eyes passing over yours with a little smirk, going back to the crowd once again, whispering to yourself something you’ve noticed and adore.

  “You smile so good, love.”


For anon…enjoy!

“Really Y/N?” Sirius whined after you had stated your dare.
“What? Too chicken to try?”
Sirius pouted, “But it’s my hair.”
Lily chuckled. “Your fault for pulling ‘em into this. They didn’t even want to play.”

You smirked as Sirius was handed a pair of scissors. Nearly about to burst from laughing at Remus’s smirk, you bit your lip. James turned to you, ready to put a final plea in for Sirius.

“Y/N, please. You know how much he cares about his hair.”
You shook your head. “A dare’s a dare. Or do you not recall making Lily-”
“Nope,” she interrupted with a blush, “We are not bringing that up again.”

The two of you chuckled. James relented with a nod. Sirius merely stared at the metal instrument in his hand. Peter arched a brow. He shared a look with James who, again, nodded. Peter smirked and patted Sirius on the back.

“Don’t worry Padfoot. I’ll do it for ya.”

Before he could react, Peter snatched the scissors and cut a tiny bit of hair. He held up the small lock in front of Black’s face.

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

The room erupted in laughter before James looked over at you. He glanced to his left to see Remus staring at you with a smile that was rarely used. When you all had settled, Lily turned to you.

“Alright, Y/N. It’s your turn. Truth or Dare?”
You thought a moment. “Well, I don’t want to spill my guts like Wormtail over there.”
“I’ll take a dare.” You smirked.
“I’ve got one,” James immediately spoke up.
“Yeah? What’s that?”
The Gryffindor smirked. “I dare you, Y/N, to snog Moony.”
“What?” the two of you replied at the same time.
“Well, Moony would have to agree to it to, but yeah. At least, a 3 second kiss.”

You glanced over at Remus. He seemed to be blushing just as much as you. You lowered your gaze, embarrassed about being dared to kiss your crush. Sirius spoke up, slightly mocking and slightly teasing.

“It’s just a game you two.”
“Yeah. Just a little kiss,” Peter added.

You shrugged, looking toward Remus once again.

“It’s up to you Rem. We, uh, don’t have to.”

Without a sound, the marauder gave a slight nod. He got up from the chair by the fire and tentatively took a step toward you. You, just as hesitant, met him in the middle. With a bolt of courage, you gently pressed your lips to his. You failed to hear both Sirius and James let out a whoop before being smacked by Lily, Peter laughing.

They were still distracted when you pulled back from Remus. The two of you had a mirrored expression of both embarrassment and relief. The Gryffindor smirked, giving your hand a squeeze, before turning toward the others. Seeing them still distracted, you leaned over to Remus. With his eyes, he asked the question on both of your minds. You smiled and nodded.

Lily turned toward your direction only to be met with confusion. After a moment, she smirked. The more the boys bickered, the more time you and Remus would have to yourselves.

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Read Part One

Niall’s tweet didn’t stop anything.  In fact, it made it worse.  I suppose he knew that would happen which is why he didn’t want to say anything.  Learning not to plead your case with people who have already shown not to care was a rough lesson to learn sitting in my sister’s kitchen.  But I learned it the hard way.

I suppose I was having a hard time because up until that point Niall and I had been blissfully anonymous and happy.  That bubble had most definitely been burst.  

I learned a lot while I sat there feeling sorry for myself.  I learned that I’m not as smart as I like to think I am.  I learned that my boyfriend was smarter than I was when it came to these types of situations and maybe I should shutup and let him take the reins.  And I learned that I while I always liked to think I was Niall’s priority, I actually was.  He put himself in the line of fire with his fans in order to make me happy.  I swore I would never do that, but here I was, doing that.

So I had a glass of wine at my sister’s house, sat there for a bit until I was good enough to drive and then I went back to Niall’s with my tail between my legs.

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No Touchy

Pup: *reaches hand out to touch the Christmas tree* Preeetttyyyy~

Sir: *swats pup’s hand* No touchy!

Pup: *pouts* Bu…But.. I just wanna little touchy *reaches hand out again*

Sir: *swats hand again* If you touch that tree I’m gonna whoop ya ass.

Pup: *giggles and winks* Don’t threaten me with a good time~

Sir: *rolls eyes* You are hopeless..

Pup: *laughs and puts hand on the tree* whoops~ I touched iiiitt~

Sir: *pics pup up and puts him in his cage* You’re not coming out till I think you have learned your lesson.


Sir: *chuckles* Now little pup… why would I reward you for doing something bad?

Pup: *leans against the cage and pouts* Hmph…

rated m for maybe a lil long
word count: 4,019
sugakookie scenario for flowerkook cause yoongi is not ur bias and good luck with finals and ur exam!! <3 

You are not good at math. Jungkook isn’t either. But maybe two brains really are better than one and well, a week before your final seems like a good time to test it out so lo and behold, you’re bowing your way into Jungkook’s house, which he tells you is empty over his shoulder, kicking his shoes off at the front door.

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Never Again

Summery: you just got dumped, but Harry and Gil would do anything to make you smile

A/N: This is for my best friend and practically older sister @daughterofgaston hang in there, love. You’ll always have this nerd

Warnings: Mentions of break ups and sweet little Gil being the happy butterfly that he is

Originally posted by manny-mellark

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

“What happened?” you heard Harry yell up on the top deck. You slightly cringed, but decided to not check it out seeing as how you had just gotten dumped.

Tears fell from your eyes as you began to think of your boyfriend…or ex boyfriend now. You thought about all the things you had stolen and all the people that you had scared.

But that was never going to happen again. Groaning in pain, you put your face back into your pillow and screamed as tears fell freely.

In the midst of your breakdown of your break up, you heard a soft and gentle knock on your door.

“It’s opened!” you yelled as loud as you could without lifting your face from your pillow.

You heard your door creak open, felt the edge of your bed dip down with whose ever weight, then felt a gentle hand on your back.

“Hey, lass, how ya’ doing?” it was Harry. Your groan was the only answer that he got to signal that you weren’t in the mood.

“I ‘eard what happen’d . and I am really sorry lass. Want me to hook ‘em?” Harry asked, trying his best to get your mood up. You shook your head and finally rolled over to face him.

Harry’s heart broke when he saw you; your eyes were so red from crying, tears stained your cheeks, your hair was a mess, and you seemed to also have rather puffy eyes. How could anyone do this to someone as beautiful as you?

“I swear on me dad’s grave that no one will ever do this to you again.” he whispered as he threw his arms around you in a hug.

You smiled a little as Harry wrapped his arms around you; he smelled like the ocean and that was the main reason you had become a pirate.

“I want to love on her too!” Gil yelled as he ran in and threw himself on top of Harry in an attempt to hug you.

You giggled a little when Gil had jumped on Harry, causing the pirate to cuss under his breath as he tired to get the blonde pirate off.

Not much time after that, you had fallen asleep sandwiched between two of Uma’s best mates as they had attempted to comfort you in your time of need.

And it had worked.


Fandom: Descendants

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Prompt: Harry wanting you to beg. (Requested by @emmygreen817)

Originally posted by lindsemorgans

You were sat in your usual spot. A barrel on the ship, looking out at the water. Always in your sights from this spot was Auradon.

“Plottin’ yer great escape, luv?” a very familiar voice spent chills down your spine.  You could feel his hook playing with your hair.

“Our escape, darling,” you said, turning to look at Harry. He grinned, a sight that never failed to make your heart skip.

“So glad ya plan on includin’ me,” he said, putting his hand on your cheek. You smiled.

“Well of course,” you said, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him close. He leaned in. You closed your eyes, ready for a kiss. Instead you heard him chuckling.

“I think I’ll make ya beg fer it,” Harry said. Your eyes snapped open.


“Ya heard me. Beg,” he chuckled again. 

“I’m not going to beg,” you frowned.

“Ya will. Ya ain’t getting a kiss until ya do. And I know how much ya want one but if yer not gonna now…” he started to pull away. You held on tight and wrapped your legs around him so he couldn’t go. He raised his eyebrows at you.

“Oh come on Harry, you know you want a kiss,” you smirked at him. You ran your hands up his back and then down his sides. He bit his lip at your touch.

“Only when ya beg,” he put his hands on your hips. The two of you stared each other down. After a moment your eyes kept flickering to those perfect lips. After another few moments you could feel yourself breaking.

“Well?” he said, knowing exactly what was happening to you. 

You bit your lips, “oh come on Harry…” He chuckled.

“What do ya say?” he leaned in super close, barely a couple of inches away. His eyes went from your lips to your eyes. “Come on now, luv, you can say it.”

“Kiss me. Now,” you put your hands in his hair and closed the little distance. Harry chuckled and kissed back, running his hands up and down your sides. You pressed yourself as close as you could, not that there was much more you could do. However, Harry pulled away.

“Not exactly what I meant, luv. Beg again and make it better,” he whispered, smirking.

“Harry, please,” you pleaded, pouting. He picked you up and started off.

“Well if ya really want it, luv, then ya shall receive,” Harry said.

Make-Over (J.A)

Request - Haaiiii can you do a Jack Avery imagine where the reader does his makeup?

“It’s eight at night, Y/N. Why are you doing your makeup?” Jack asks as you stand in front of the second-floor bathroom, reapplying your lipstick and redoing your eye makeup.

“Because it’s only eight,” you reason.

“That makes no sense,” he says back and you turn to him with a small glare when you realize he’s been recording you.

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Summary: There are very few things anymore that surprise James Buchanan Barnes. That all changes however, when a mysterious cat appears in his fridge.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Refrigerator Cat, Reader

Warnings: teensy bit of angst after a nightmare

Word count: 2991

A/N: Thinking about maybe doing more parts for this story…let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading!


There were very few things in life that surprised James Buchanan Barnes anymore. Flying battleships? No problem. The existence of aliens? Bucky didn’t even blink an eye. Mutated humans that committed acts of pure evil? Just another Monday.

But today, Bucky got the shock of his life.

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anonymous asked:

Ello! I'm a big fan of all your work, and I just want to request a prompt if that's alright. Sometimes I like to imagine that the Sonic Boom characters are really just older versions of themselves from the games, thus their personalities has changed a little. For example, Amy is no longer openly obsessing over Sonic. I was wondering if you can write a story that takes place between the Modern!Sonic timeline and Sonic Boom timeline where Sonic starts to notice and question Amy's new personality.


Aw, thank you so much! This is a wonderful concept to work with! I hope I do it justice ^^


“Oh my hero!!!” A small Amy Rose held her arms out to embrace him.

Why does she do that? Can’t she tell I’m-

Sonic let the strange girl embrace him, but he stepped back a bit; exaggerating his movements as he tried to lightly put his hands to the sides of her shoulders.

With a light tug, he was able to have her let go.

She never seemed to care or notice that he would let her have her movement, before moving on.

But as she got older… She would take any opportunity to try and get closer to him.

It was so exhausting…

Sonic looked up from the outdoor table at the ‘date’ Amy arranged, wagging his foot out that balanced on his knee while he waited anxiously for the day to be over.

At the end of it, Amy insisted on him taking her for a run, even when she would voice that she was getting tried of him simply carrying her all the time. 

She wanted something more… something interesting.

I was always nervous it wasn’t enough for her anymore…

Sonic frowned as she once again would hug him… but this time,…

Before he could even lightly touch her shoulder, she already started to pull away.

At first, he smiled shyly, but now he looked surprised.

Her face… was distant.

Why is she so sad?

Was it something I said?

Sonic began to look over his shoulder, and realize that Amy wasn’t as enthusiastic about keeping up with him on his adventures like she used to be.

Life began to shift, and suddenly she was more interested in little projects here and there then chasing after him.

Puzzled… Sonic took the opportunity to engage her back into his life.

When Tails mentioned an Island where a small village lived, and that they could spend some relaxing years there while Eggman set up camp; he took the chance to see her again.

 With Eggman building a lair there… it was probably best the team hung out there to make sure he wasn’t up to no good.

Would the village be able to defend themselves without him and his team? Pfft.

Sonic smirked and raced off to get Amy, trying to find her anywhere he could.

Amy… Amy… Where are you?

It was always easy for Amy to find Sonic.

And for the first time…

He envied that.

Amy… Amy… Amy..?!

He spotted her in a shop, not having seen her in quite some time.


He was shocked to see her so grown… a figure in a new look, a lady instead of a child.

She turned around and smiled. The features on her face still resembled the girl he knew… but something was somehow…



“Oh, Sonic!” She happily waved.

He was used to her at least running up to him…

He shook himself out of it, and walked up. “Tails found out where Eggman was vacay-ing too. Want to ruin his fun?” He smirked, gesturing a thumb behind him.

“What do you mean? Like… we’re all going to live there?” Amy blinked her eyes, as Sonic opened his own excited ones and nodded, leaning up.

Amy’s eyes widened, and he was proud to show off his height now~

“Yep! What do ya say!? Up for some more adventures?”

“An island..?” Amy looked away smiling as she seemed to think about it.

She put a hand up to cup her cheek. “Oh! Beaches and jungles! New adventures! And everyone being so close again! How could I refuse?!” She excitedly squealed, kicking a leg up and out.

“Heh, nice try, Amy.” Sonic stuck his nose up, “But just because the island is small, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to catch me off guard or anything.”

It was mostly said to be sarcastic and humorous, but he was surprised by her response.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. It’ll be fun to hang out, but I’m more excited about getting a tan!” She turned to the fabric and picked something out. “Besides, you’ll probably see me fighting off Eggman too! I’ve changed a lot in a few years! Oh, I see you let your hair grow out on your arms? Nice!” she lightly went to feel, before giggling and turning back, flinging a brown fabric towards him.

“Hmm… This one is good, but maybe this outfit won’t go well with a scarf..?” she kept looking around, before flapping her hands out as if giving up. “Oh, who am I kidding. It’s a ISLAND! I won’t need a scarf!” she laughed and dashed out, before waving off to him.

“See you at Tails’s, Sonic!”

He held the brown fabric… almost hurt by the fact she didn’t flirt back or even try too…

He looked down at the scarf…

“…Maybe you won’t try…” he tied the fabric around his neck like a bandanna, and then smirked, turning around. “But I haven’t given up so easily! And I know you haven’t either!” He dashed towards Tails, admiring his new fashion statement.

He held it up by a hand before taking a sniff and looking up. “All she needs is another push… shouldn’t be a problem!”


Arriving on the island, Amy acted more like a ‘chum’ than she did beforehand…

It was easier for him to be around her, but odder for him to see her the way he used too.

It was kinda sad for him, to see her not even try and make a move, but also made things more comfortable in that he could always be around her and not feel the need to keep any walls up.

They ended up getting closer…

And when Amy did make plans for something, she never called them ‘dates’, and he was able to say ‘yes’ to more alone time with her.

He… kinda liked that.

It was casual, easy, free…

“That was fun, Ames!” Sonic stated, walking her home one day before she stopped laughing and turned to look at him.


She seemed almost touched, as he turned around and put his hands down from behind his head, scratching his nose and avoiding her stare.

“Oh yeah. I thought it’d be a good idea for a nickname. It doesn’t bother you, does it? I know it’s not really original or nothing, but it’s quick, rolls off the tongue, kinda cute when you say it right and well-”

She suddenly hugged him.

He was surprised, it had been a long time…

His arms came down and so did his eyelids, but she pulled away right before he could even try and return the embrace…

He nervously moved back as if he wasn’t going to hold her back.

“H-heh.. what was that for?” he acted cool, playing it off as he lightly rubbed his arm, growing… strangely more awkward and nervous than he ever had before…

“Oh, just a thank you…. Sonic.” she smiled… something he could never pull his eyes from.

He smiled back.

“Glad it made ya happy,… Ames.” he winked.

She nodded and continued to her home, “Well, this is my place. Sorry for the hug, by the wa-”

He slammed his hand on the door at lightning speeds, suddenly stopping her from advancing as she flinched back, and turned to him as he leaned on the door.

His elbow now kept it shut as he looked to her and then away, trying to once again seem ‘casual’ and ‘cool’.

“Sorry? F-f-for what? I’m used to it. It’s been a while. Ehem. Are those shoes new?” he looked down.

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t seem to realize he was stalling…

“Hehe, the whole outfits new, Sonic.” she looked down and moved her shoes around, showing off before flipping her hair and posing a second. “Haven’t you noticed?”

“More than you’d think…”

“Huh?” she blinked her eyes open as he stared at her…

“Bah-wh-wha-whelp!” he clapped his hands and moved off the door, before gesturing to it and swaying his arms out that way. “You’re probably tried and haa~ So am I~” he stretched and faked a yawn. “You should get to bed. I’ll um… just… walk around here.” he kicked a foot out, putting his hands behind his back and whistling as he took off with a merry little bounce in his step.

she was still suspicious, but figured- this was Sonic we’re talking about- and looked up, shaking her head at even thinking the thought, before heading inside.

When she closed the door… Sonic turned back to it, his smile suddenly becoming a genuine look of missing her.

Now that Amy’s holding back… I’m starting to want some of the old days back…

He sighed, his shoulders coming down as he looked forlorned and kicked a rock out.

Guess I’m just a few years too late…

His eyes suddenly lit up as he looked to her window.

Or maybe.. just too slow!

He looked around and a few feet away, there was a sunflower that was lying on the ground. Probably blown off from the strong winds the islands got.

He opened his mouth wide into a grin, and looked back at her window.

He took some courage and grabbed the flower, heading up to the window.


Before he could surprise her, he heard her conversing on the phone.

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

His face sunk a little… his excitement leaving him suddenly…

She waited a second before responding to the person on the phone. “Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! you know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Sonic dropped the flower into the room and dashed off.

“Haha! That’s right! And this time..-”

Well, if that was the case… might as well just let life take it’s course…

Get close while I still could be close…

-What he didn’t hear-

Phone: So you’re not gonna call him your boyfriend anymore?

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

Phone: Oh.. you’re taking on a new strategy then!?

“Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! You know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Phone: hahaah, that’s right! Only a ‘Hero’ will do!

“Haha! That’s right! And this time…-

                                         I’m gonna make that Sonic respect me!

                                                        With his own free will….

                                                                He’s gonna fall and chase me into love!”

Phone: Good luck, Amy! Me and Cheese are rooting for you! ‘Chao Chao!’

Amy hung up the phone after saying goodbye, before almost stepping on something that crumbled slightly under her feet.

Reaching down, she touched her heart and admired the beautiful sunflower, before looking around and up at her roof’s window.

“Did you get blown in here, little fella?” she smiled and looked down at it, putting it into a water jar.

“There. Now you can flourish in a new home!” She lightly stroked the petals. “Much like something else I hope will grow..”

(I thought the progression would look something like this..? xP Idk)

(x) sequel


Based on Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl 

Ever since Thomas Shelby’s wife had met her untimely death, it was as if not only Thomas himself and his family were grieving, but the entirety of Birmingham. Nothing was the same; a cloud of darkness seemed to hang over everyone’s head like a guillotine. It was rare to find a smile on anyone’s face. Parties weren’t the same either. No one danced or sang, it was as if people feared the idea of having fun at all, that perhaps if they let loose or sent a laugh ringing through the air Thomas Shelby would come and personally put a bullet through their head.

While many people were afraid of him, you were not.

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Tyler Seguin

“ (Y/N)? (Y/N) ! Hey! Wait  (Y/N/N)!”

Your heart in your throat and stomach at your feet. Flashbacks ripped through you while the man you hoped to never see again became closer to you.Y you picked him up and kept walking faster hoping to lose the man you never wanted to see again in the crowd of people.


It was after prom night you and Tyler were sitting on the roof above his bedroom.

“I’m really glad you came back for tonight, it means a lot to me, I know you are under a lot of stress and pressure right now.” you said playing with the tiara you won tonight.

You and Tyler had dated right through high school, so it wasn’t a huge shock to anyone that you two had one pro king and queen even though Tyler wasn’t really enrolled at your school anymore.

“You thought I would miss this? Your crazy Beth. You know I wouldn’t even with everything. I still want you to be happy. Plus my mom would have been pissed if I didn’t come too.”

You laughed, “She would have been for sure. I knew you would have tried to come but you’re starting all the stuff for the draft soon. I didn’t know if you would have been able to make it with all that.”

“I leave soon,” Tyler said not meeting your eyes. You knew he felt bad about leaving you back in Brampton after everything you have been through over the past 4 years. “But until I leave I am all yours and you are going to be all mine.”

You just smiled enjoying the night.

“ (Y/N) you okay?” Tyler asked you could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m just worried about what’s going to happen after this summer ends. I’m going to college and you could be in god only knows where.”

“Beth, together for ever, remember. We have had that promise since we were, what? Eight?”

“I know but things are changing? And we were eight, everything was less complicated back then.”

“Hey look at me.I love you and nothing is going to change that. I meant it when I was eight and I still mean it knows at eighteen. Together for ever. I promise.”

“Together forever Seguin. I’m holding you on that.”

“Hey, I give you my full permission to hit me if I break that promise.”

“I’m holding you on that one too.”

“I know you are.”

“I love you Tyler.”

“I love you too.”

And in that moment everything with Tyler felt right.


Stuff happened that night. And at the end of summer you left for college and Tyler left for Boston. Over the first month he was gone he rarely called or texted you by the second month it was like he went MIA.

He called you one day but you missed it because you were in a lecture and boy do you wish you haven’t had missed that call.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s me. Listen we really need to talk. Um, geez okay. I think it would be best if we just went our separate ways. You deserve better and I won’t be able to come home a lot anymore. They took me (Y/N)! I made it! I’m on the roster for this season. They said they saw great potential in me and I could be a real asset to the team! I’m really sorry Beth I didn’t want it to end this way between us, but I think that it’s better for the both of us if we go our separate ways you in college and me in Boston I just don’t see it working for us. Be (Y/N), I know you’re gonna do well in school and probably go farther than I ever would have! Good Luck!”


You actually had intended on calling him that night. You had just found out that you were pregnant and you knew right away it was his. Who else’s could it be? You never got the courage to call him and tell him.

You dropped out of college to have the baby. Your parents had been so mad that you kept the baby. Saying that you weren’t going to be able to handle it. They turned their backs on you. The only people that supported you where Jackie and Paul. Tyler’s parents.



“Hi Jackie! It’s (Y/N) I was wondering if you had a minute so we could talk?”

“Hi Sweetheart! Ya of course! Whats up?”

“Um I was wondering if we could meet up for coffee or something?”

“I’m not busy right now if you want to meet up…, Is everything okay?”

“Kind of. I’d rather talk to you about it in person.”

“Okay, that’s fine I’ll see you soon?

“Okay, great see you soon.”


“Jackie, I’m pregnant.”

Jackie said nothing. The silence became so uncomfortable it made you want to vomit.

“Is it Tys?”

You looked down ashamed. “Yes.” You whispered unable to meet her eyes.

“Does he know?”

“No. Only because he broke up with me. I don’t know what to do. And I’m not ready for him to know. Jackie please don’t tell him until I’m ready.”

“What have your parents said?”

“They kicked me out. And all my stuff because I can’t get rid of the baby. I would never forgive myself.”

“I know sweetheart. Hey, I’m here for you. I’ve got you covered.


” (Y/N)? (Y/N)! Hey! Wait  (Y/N)!“

Your heart in your throat and stomach at your feet. Flashbacks ripped through you while the man you hoped to never see again became closer to you. You knew you should have said no, coming here tonight was a mistake.

But how could you say no? Your sons favorite player was his Dad. His dad that he had never met. But all he wanted was to watch his favorite player. His favorite player that he looked so much a like too, even at five he was a mini-Tyler from looks to personality. You picked him up and kept walking faster hoping to lose the man you never wanted to see again in the crowd of people.

You made it out to the parking lot before you felt someone grab your arm. The grip that felt oh so familiar. The one that was always there for you when you needed it. The one that disappeared so quickly.

“Bethany, please I just want to talk.”

You set your son down who immediately hid behind you with a tight grip on your right leg, every time. It was always the right leg.

All you could think to do was slap him hard. You knew it had to have hurt him if your hand had immediately turned red and stung so bad. You clenched your fists trying so hard not to hit him again in front of Grayson.

The silence was so uncomfortable. You were just about to pick Grayson up and put him in the car when Tyler finally spoke.

“I knew that was coming, ya know. I think that’s why I always avoided coming to see you when I came back to Toronto. You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Ya well I wish I could say the same about you but,”

“You look good.”

“What do you want Seguin?”

“What’s his name?”

You debated on telling him and staying or picking Grayson up and leaving. “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

“Hi Buddy, whats your name? I’m Tyler.”

Grayson’s grip just became tighter as he stared at the man crouched down in front of him.

“Go ahead honey you can tell him.”

He peaked his head out from behind you, and you immediately saw Tyler’s expression change.“Grayson”

Tyler stood up. “He’s mine isn’t he.” The tone of his voice gave away it wasn’t a question, but a statement.

“I think you already know the answer.”

“Can we go somewhere and talk, please. I think I deserve an explanation.”

You just laughed. “You don’t deserve anything. YOU broke OUR promise. Don’t ya remember.”

“Bethany please.”

You thought for a moment. “Fine, where do you want to meet.”

“There’s a coffee shop down the road.”

“Okay, I’ll follow you.”


The three of you all sat at a back booth in the corner of the coffee shop.

“How old is he?”


You watched as Tyler leaned back and thought for a moment. “The night after prom?”

You nodded.

“How did your parents take it?”

“Not well.They kicked me out.”

“Why didn’t you call me then? I would have helped…. How did you manage?”

“Don’t get mad.”

“I won’t get mad, I just want to know.”

“Your parents. They helped me with everything. And I asked them not to tell you. I just, I just didn’t know how to tell you because I wasn’t ready to tell you. I was so young and confused.”

You looked over at Grayson who had fallen asleep leaning on you. Tyler noticed too he was already handing you his jacket to put over him before you could even try to take tours off.


“No problem. And (Y/N) ?”

Beth. The name you hated so much, but never hated it when Tyler called you by it.

“I want to be in his life.”

“I know, and I was prepared for that possibility.”

“Why are you out here anyway?”

“I got relocated for work. Listen, I should really get him home to bed. I’ll give you my number and we can work something out.


You did.

At first, it started with small visits and Tyler watching Grayson if you had to stay late at work. Then it became longer visits which lead to you and Tyler spending more time together. At first, you thought it was an act for Grayson and for a few months that’s what you convinced yourself it was.

But you realized it wasn’t. You didn’t realize how much you missed Ty until now.

It took a while for you to be able to trust Tyler again, but after a few months, it came back along with new feelings.

You eventually spent so much time at his place that he asked the two of you to move it with him. You were finally starting to feel like a family for the first time.

One night you were sitting with your feet in the pool enjoying the quiet night in Dallas when Tyler came outside and sat down next to you.

"I know it been over a year since we ran into each other and honestly, I’m glad we did. I love having Grayson in my life and you back in it. I’m not proposing to you but I want to give you this ring because it’s my promise to keep you and Gray in my life forever. Because I love Grayson and I love you, and not those teenager I love you’s. I really mean this one Beth I love you with everything I’ve got.”

“I love you too Ty. I really do love you. I’m glad your back in my life. And I’m glad that Grayson apart of all this too.”

Tyler put his arm around you and you put your head on his shoulder remembering all that old times that you used to do this. But this time it felt different. A good different, as in there is no place you would rather be than right here right now.

FIC: Heartlines AU Ch 11

Finally! I found this chapter a slog, but hopefully you won’t!

It follows on immediately from the previously chapter. The rest of this story (and my other work) can be found here 


A Wish to the Moon

They were interrupted by the sound of giggling coming from the driver’s side of the car. Breaking apart they turned to find five children of varying sizes looking in at them. The appearance of a chubby hand which left a sticky print on the  window suggested that a sixth, smaller child also accompanied them.

Jamie opened his door and stepped out. Moving around the car, he gently shooed the children away and opened the driver’s door for Claire. He was immediately set upon by the crowd with much unseemly jostling and cries of “Up! Up, uncle Jamie.” Jamie extricated the smallest child from the melee and swung him up before he could be properly trampled by the others. The child, a small boy of about two, immediately caught Jamie’s head in an enthusiastic embrace which temporarily blinded Jamie and made Claire laugh. Untangling the small boys arms and swinging him up onto his shoulders he turned to Claire.

“Now then, Claire” he smiled as he turned and affected introductions. “This here is wee Jamie,” He indicated a boy of about ten. “This is Maggie and this here is our Kitty.” He indicated two girls aged about eight and nine. “These are the twins, Michael and wee Janet, and this little tyke here,” he indicated the toddler who was now lovingly resting his cheek against the top of Jamie’s head, whilst patting his cheek. “is wee Ian. These are my sister, Jenny’s bairns.” He said by way of explanation. “And this here,” he turned to the children and indicated Claire. “is Claire”

“Is she your girlfriend, uncle Jamie?” asked Maggie, her head tilted as she considered Claire. “Why were ya kissing her? Are you going to marry her, Uncle Jamie? Will ye both come here and live at Lallybroch after ye get married? If ye have a baby can I hold it sometimes? And maybe give it its bottle. Does she have a baby in her tummy already?”

“Oooh can I be bridesmaid?” piped up the smallest girl. “I never got to be a bridesmaid. Kitty an’ Maggie have, but I was still in ma’s tummy so I couldna do it.”

Jamie laughed and stole a glance at Claire, who looked rather bemused but thankfully not too put out at the barrage of questions being put forth by this miniature interrogation squad.

“That’s enough questions now.” He stated with mock severity. “Ye’ll no want Claire thinking ye’ve no manners would ya?” He reached a hand to Claire and she took it, smiling. Her eyes flicked up to the small boy still clinging to Jamie, who was now playing with a lock of his hair with a beatific smile upon his face, before meeting Jamie’s eyes once again. There was a look in her eyes, a wistfulness, despite her smile,  that made Jamie’s heart ache a little. He remembered her story from their first date, he knew of her trials and tribulations in attempting to conceive in her former marriage. And he knew of her fears that now, at thirty eight, it might be far too late and whatever slim chances she might once of had of a child were slipping through her fingers. He reached out at brushed a curl away from her face with a finger.

“Come Mo Nighean Donn, come and make yourself at home.” He wrapped an arm round her shoulders and she placed hers around his waist as they followed the throng of children towards the house.

They followed the children around the back of the main house and out towards and converted outbuilding which had been repurposed into a large family home. What had once been large doors were now huge picture windows which gave the place a sense of light and space.

“When we decided to open up the main house to the public, Ian and Jenny renovated this place rather than living in apartments in the main house.” Jamie explained to Claire. “Tryin’ to keep the bairns away from the eighteenth century decor was just more trouble than it was worth”

“It’s beautiful,” sighed Claire. “Though they must miss the main house”

“Ah, not so you’d notice” a male voice piped up behind them. Both turned to greet the voice.

“We’ve much more space out here and Jenny likes the sense of separation between her work and her home life. It might be only a couple of hundred yards, but we prefer it.” The man turned to Jamie and gathered him in an embrace, careful not to dislodge the small boy. “Jamie, man. How are ya? The kids have been mad wi’ excitement all week about ye’re visit and Jenny, well, Jenny’s done no’ but cook and clean since she heard ye were bringing a friend with you.” He looked archly at Claire waiting for an introduction.

“Ah, Ian, I want ye to meet Claire. Claire, this is Ian, my best friend since childhood who also now happens to be my brother in law as well.” Ian smiled warmly at her, before gathering her up in a hug.

“Welcome to Lallybroch, Claire. Jenny will be along directly. She just had to make a mad dash for the tea room when she realised she had no cream”

“It’s lovely to meet you too, Ian.” Claire returned the smile. “Jamie has told me so much about you all”

At that moment a small dark woman entered the room. As dark as Jamie was bright but with the same slanted blue eyes and high cheek bones, she barely reached his shoulders but gave off such force of personality she dominated the space.

Jamie tensed. He and his sister had always been close, more so since their father died and it was just the two of them but she was a plain speaker and blunt as a dull knife when she chose to be. He had always known she had little time for Geneva, but it had been a simple task to keep them apart for all those years. Family gatherings were few when he was abroad so much and after he returned Geneva’s lack of interest in Lallybroch meant that he often attended things alone anyway. But it was different with Claire. He wanted so much for her to be accepted here. For her to feel at home. He had meant everything he had said in the car, he would turn his back on it all for her, but he wanted more than anything for her to have a place here, for Jenny to welcome her, for Lallybroch to embrace her.

“Jenny,” said Jamie slowly, drawing Claire to his side. “This is Claire.” He had no need to elaborate, just as Claire had heard all about Jenny and Ian, he had told Jenny about Claire. How could he not? When his heart and soul were so unexpectedly brought back to life. Jenny had expressed joy, that he had at last found someone, but he knew her well. She would want to see for herself.  The two women looked at each other appraisingly and the moment seemed to stretch forever. Both women knew what the other meant to Jamie and were wary of a false move. The tension was broken as Jenny let out a sudden laugh and gathered Claire into an enthusiastic hug which Claire returned wholeheartedly. Jamie released the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, feeling a sudden lightness of being.

“Claire and I will just take our stuff over to the apartment and then we’ll have some lunch, aye?” he raised his eyebrow questioningly at Jenny?

“Oh aye, lunch will be on the table at 1.30 sharp. Sharp!” she called after them with a laugh as Jamie led them down the hallway back to the front door.

Jamie led her round the front of the main house. In the lobby a small group of tourists were examining a sabre mark in the panelling made by red coats after the ‘45.  Leading Claire past them, he led them both through a door marked ‘Private’.

“Welcome to my humble abode” He added an elaborate bow to this statement and grinned at her.  “This part of the house isn’t open to tourists and we keep it as apartments. Its where I live when I’m here at Lallybroch. It’s just this room here, with a kitchen off to the side and then upstairs there’s a bedroom.” The rooms were large but it was clear why Jenny and her expanding family has chosen not to live in them. The voices of tourists in the main house echoed through the quiet. Despite the sturdy build of the house its eighteenth century acoustics left much to be desired.

Claire looked around smiling. “It’s perfect Jamie and I’m just so happy that you wanted to share this with me”

Jamie pulled her close and kissed her gently, first on the forehead, then on the nose and finally on the mouth. “You belong here, Mo Nighean donn, here with me.” He kissed her again brushing a wayward curl away from her face. “This afternoon, I’ll take ye round the grounds and tonight, well, tonight, I shall make love to you in the laird’s bedroom.” he kissed her deeper and she wrapped her arms around him. “But now, now Mo Graidgh, we had better go and have lunch because I know better than to keep my sister waiting”

The laughed and he took a step back from her. They looked each other fully in the eye for a moment. They kissed again and Jamie gave her backside a gentle squeeze. “Come on now, unless ye’ve a desperate desire to see me get a dressing down from my sister.”

The afternoon was just perfect. Jamie watched Claire through lunch. In part to make sure she was alright, but mostly from a simple desire to look at her. To see the way the sun shone through the window and caught in her hair, changing it from a deep brown to red and gold and silver. To see her profile as she laughed with Jenny, her strong jaw and the slope of her nose. To see her help wee Ian with his lunch and her laughing as he succeeded in getting more down himself than into his mouth.

As dessert was being served he caught Jenny’s eye. She and Claire had seemed to be getting along, but he was still apprehensive. Jenny however, gave him a most uncharacteristic wink with a laugh before turning back to the conversation she was in with Claire about a book they had both recently read and, from what he could make out, enjoyed.

He felt a nudge in his ribs which broke up his revery. He turned to see his brother in law had moved around the table. He grinned at him. “Jenny seems very taken with your Claire” he stated casually.

“I know” replied Jamie running his hand through his hair in relief. “I was worried that maybe…” he tailed off.

“Aye,” replied Ian, “I ken better than anyone how Jenny can be. But she knows how important the lass is to ye. In fact given the way you’ve spoken about her round here, I doubt there is a person between here and Glasgow that doesna know how soft you are on her”

Jamie felt his colour rise slightly and Ian laughed again. “Ah, dinna fash, Jamie lad. It’s wonderful to see. Plus the fact is it seems Claire and Jenny share a particular passion for the same kind of smutty literature” He cast a glance over at Jenny and Claire who were now practically head to head with laughter.

“So what are your plans whilst you’re here?”

“Well, I thought I’d take her round the farm and the visitors centre this afternoon, just to let her see the place and also give myself a chance to look the place over. I’ve neglected it a wee bit o’late” he admitted slightly sheepishly. Iam said nothing but made the scottish noise in the back of his throat. “Tomorrow, if the weather is fine I thought I’d take her hiking and then I guess on Tuesday I should probably do some work. Claire said she might take herself shopping into Inverness. We didna really get the chance whilst we were staying there.”

The rest of the afternoon was smooth sailing. Jamie, almost bursting with pride at both the exceptional woman in whose company he was and the chance to show off his beloved Lallybroch to her, took her round most of the main areas.

“And this here, is the tea rooms, those are Jenny’s baby”

“And this here is the gate to the main farm. Tourists don’t generally go in there but we have the community farm bit just down the valley so that people can see the animals and get an idea of the kind of work required  in a Highland farm”

After an afternoon of walking, they sat under a tree not far from the house, enjoying the last rays of the evening sun and it shone through the branches.

“Thank you, Jamie” said Claire, taking his hand in hers. “It was so wonderful to see your life’s work, your dream” her whiskey coloured eyes looked into his.

“It was my pleasure, Mo Nighean donn,” he answered softly. “Ye have no idea how much it means to me to bring ye here. To show you all this.” He stroked his thumb down her face.”I never thought I’d have someone I’d want to share this with, never thought that I could be so happy, so utterly content just sitting under a tree, looking at the house, watching the sun go down.”

“Me neither, Jamie.” Claire stopped and seemed to visibly gather her thoughts. She turned and faced him more fully. “I didn’t know what to expect when I came here. I was so so afraid. Afraid your family wouldn’t like me, afraid you’d see me here and I wouldn’t fit, afraid that I’d come here and not feel like I fit.” She looked up at him imploring him to understand her mind. He nodded briefly and she continued. “But… but I think that I might? Does that make sense to you?” he nodded again and kissed her because he did not have the words to articulate his own feelings. She kissed him back pulling him close to her and he could feel the heat of her body pressed against him.  He broke the kiss and stood.

“Come Mo nighean donn, it’s time to go to bed.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked back towards the house. He led her inside but instead of leading her towards the apartment he led her up the main staircase to the Laird’s room.

“Should we be in here?” Claire asked as he closed the door behind them.

“It’s still my house, visiting hours are long since over and I want to make love to my woman in this room”

Claire’s eyes widened slightly as he approached her and putting a head to the back of her neck he pulled her close and kissed her. He felt her knees give a little and drew his other hand to the small of her back steadying her. Her own arms wound around his neck as she groaned into his lips. Jamie pulled her closer still, enjoying the friction of her pelvis against his. He walked her back towards the bed never taking his lips from hers. She pulled at his t-shirt getting her hands underneath. She ran her hand down his spine making him shudder. He felt her bump against the edge of the bed and laid her gently down on the counterpane.

“Claire, oh my Claire” he whispered in her ear. His arm reached down her body and slid her dress up her thigh on its return journey. She rocked her hips against his. He returned the pressure as she pulled his shirt up over his head. He felt the warm breeze from an open window play across his back. He was aware of every little thing. He had never brought a woman here before, had never even thought to, but for some reason it felt vital that he make love to Claire in this room, on this bed. In the room that represented who he was and where he came from. He shifted his weight back and pulled Claire into sitting position so that he could lift her dress up over her head. She looked so bonny sitting there on the bed, her hair a cloud around her face, her skin kissed golden by the rays of the setting sun. She reached out to him and unbuckled his belt and he let out a low hiss as she ran a finger along the edge of the waistband. She pushes them down over his hips and reached down and took his hardness into her hand.

“Someone likes the idea of doing it in the Laird’s room…” she let out a little giggle which was swallowed up by him kissing her thoroughly and lowering her back down onto the bed. She hadn’t been wearing a bra and her nipples were tight and hard under his touch. He bent his head and took one in his mouth, worrying it gently with his teeth. Her head dropped back and she let out a moan “Oh God, Jamie, don’t stop.”

He teased a trail to the other breast where he repeated his ministrations, his hand moving slowly down her body. He cupped her gently between the legs, feeling the warmth and wetness there. She jerked her hips towards him at her his touch and stroked one finger slowly up and down just teasing the spot where she was most sensitive. Her breath quickened and he could feel the muscles in her stomach and thighs tighten beneath him. Never ceasing his movements he slid his middle finger inside of her and she made a keening sound that seemed to go straight to his groin. She rocked her hips against his hand with more urgency, her fingers digging into his shoulders. He kissed her jaw and neck and she grabbed his hair, calling out his name urgently.  She was clinging to him now, trying to pull herself closer to him as she neared her climax. With a long moan, her back tensed and he felt her clench around his fingers. He kissed her face gently as she returned to earth.

“Jesus Christ, Jamie. Where on earth did you learn to do that” she murmured laughing, when finally she could speak again.

“It’s only for you, Mo nighean donn” he replied smiling. “Only for you”

Claire reached up and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him lightly at first and then with more urgency. She hooked her leg around her waist pulling her close to him, his hardness rubbing against the inside of her thigh. She flipped him onto his back and ran her tongue deliciously down the side on his neck and along his collarbone.He let out a little growl, pulling her onto him. For second neither of them moved as they savoured the feeling. She moved then, slowly at first, but in a building crescendo of want and need. She ran her hands along the planes of his chest, keeping him flat with her weight. Both were breathless, his hands were on her hips steadying her and pulling her closer to him. She leaned down to kiss him and he raised himself, first into sitting position and then onto his knees, Claire on his lap. His hands tangled in her hair and hers in his as they kissed and gasped and shared the same air. Jamie felt a tightening as he approached completion and tried to slow his pace. “No.” she murmured in his ear. “No my love, come to me, come with me” He felt her pulse around him and with a thrust and a moan he joined her.

They lay on the bed, arms and legs tangled, the moonlight which had replaced the last rays of the setting sun playing across the room. He stoked her hair, her arm , the soft skin of her legs. She ran her finger down his chest, making him shiver. Claire let out a contented sigh and Jamie smiled. As they drifted off, Jamie allowed himself to imagine. Claire, here in the Laird’s bedroom always. A crib in the corner, a ring on her finger. He and Claire walking hand in hand across the meadows, Claire in a white dress walking down the aisle of the chapel towards him. Jamie succumbed to sleep with one last thought echoing around his mind. “…til our lives will be done.”

anonymous asked:

hey di!! can i ask what ur new url means/is in reference to?

this is late bc i literally had to cut and edit material to expand on this, but it’s all good. we’re all good. i’m ready now, bluebonnet, let me take y’all on a journey.

“Before the show we have a lot of rituals we don’t realize,” Harry said. “We all do the same thing each time. Right before we go on stage we have a little huddle, make each other laugh. We do the ‘hands in’ where we all put our hands in the middle and do one, two, three – push!”

in short, we push is ot5.

in long, we push is 5 hands in, is fingers against fingers and palms against palms and hearts laid gently on top of one another in a circle that says to the rest of the world, this is ours, this is our love just for us, this is us

we push was already set in stone in 2013, early in the TMH era, so it stands to reason, it is something that has maybe existed as long as the band/ot5/my heart has

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Fire Meet Gasoline Part 1


Battered, bruised and bleeding. You ran faster than you’d ever run before. Good thing you used to run. You had gotten winded at first but it became easier as you ran. He was on your tail still but you managed to make a few confusing turns down some back alleys.  You came out of the alley and ran along a wall and fence.

Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair.

You remembered hearing about this place. Knew bikers hung out there. You didn’t care if the Pope hung out there. You needed help getting away. Who knows. Maybe the bikers might even help you. You sprinted faster and turned the corner

“Help! Someone please help me!” you screamed “He’s going to kill me!”

The guys had been working around the shop when they saw you running in. They immediately dropped their tools when they saw the shape you were in.

Chibs was the first one to reach you. He saw the panic in your eyes. Thinking quick he passed you to Opie and told him to hide you as fast as he could. Opie grabbed your hand and took off with you in the direction of the club house. The rest of the guys formed a line behind Chibs. As expected your attacker rounded the corner. Running straight into the wall of bikers.

“You guys see a crazy bitch come in here?!” He screamed.

“Nah” Chibs said as he drew his gun and cooked it at the man. “The only crazy bitch I see in here is you.”

“Excuse me old man?! Do you know who you’re dealing with?!”

“I don’ know and I don’ care.” he removed the safety. “Get tha fuck out of my garage!”

The rest of the guys drew their weapons and pointed them at the attacker. He put his hands up in surrender. He was Pissed but he knew when he was outnumbered.

“You’re going to regret this… if she’s in here I swear to God…” he said as he backed up.

“Aye. God has nothin to do with the fact tha you’re a scumbag. Get out. If we see ya again we won’t hesitate to rid the world of ya.”

More gun safeties being removed. The guys meant business. The attacker backed away until he was at the gate. He gave one last look to the firing squad and disappeared.

“Juice, check out the cameras and see if you can identify that Asshole.” Jax said. “Chibs you go check on the girl. We’ll keep watch making sure he doesn’t try to come back.”

“Aye brotha.” he said as he put the safety back on his gun and put it back in the back of his pants. That whole situation had him Pissed off. He remembered your beautiful battered face as you pleaded for help. He didn’t know what happened. But he knew none of merited what was done to you.

Opie had hidden you away in what he told you was Chibs room. Told you to stay put and that they would handle it. You wondered who that was and where that name came from. Terrified with tears running down your face you continued to hide behind the bed. If it wasn’t for the adrenaline pumping through your body there would be no way you wouldn’t be crying out loudly in pain.

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OMG guys. He made her a smamich and brought her juice!! :*

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