do it!!


HELLO!! my family is really struggling with overdue bills and as lots of u know i am poor as hell so i’m opening commissions!!!!


  • nsfw
  • nudity
  • animals
  • complicated designs
  • mecha
  • heavy gore

if you have any questions feel free to drop an ask! 

contact me at tht this is not the paypal address, just somewhere we can discuss about the commission)

paypal address is

tips are very much appreciated!! thank u for reading♥

anonymous asked:

it feels like I'm coming home at the end of the day when I go online and check your and avery's blogs. u guys are truly our parents guac bless america

hey guys so uh. here’s the thing. i’m currently quite literally sneaking out of my abusive mom’s house, box by box. anything i can’t sneak out, i’m gonna have to replace, because she’s made it clear other times she’s threatened to kick me out that she won’t let me leave with anything she paid for, and my only other option is to contact the authorities after the fact. so.

i’m unemployed, and unable to get my high school transcripts to finish my requirements for my diploma due to administrative problems my mother was supposed to resolve years ago and never did, something i only learned a few days ago.

if u wanna just throw a couple bucks at me to help me out, my paypal’s

i’m gonna be real honest and tell y’all that the only skill i have to offer is writing. so if u want a fic or something in return, feel free to hmu for that.

so uh...i might change my url?

i’ve been kitharington for so long and i don’t really feel like it suits my blog anymore. so to help me pick between staying or changing, i’ll be doing blogrates. I HATE BLOGRATES BUT I’M REALLY INDECISIVE ABOUT THIS so like….do it y/y?

i would change my url to llittlefinger. no, the kit url will not be up for grabs, i will use it with a redirect theme.


  • mbf me, hell yeah i’m gonna milk this cow
  • vote here on whether i should stay kitharington or change to llittlefinger
  • message me what you voted and i’ll rate your blog out of the following categories: theme, posts, icon, aesthetic, mobile theme, and if i’m following
  • blacklist #blogrates if you don’t want to see these on your dash
  • reblog to spread the word?

thanks so much!! :)