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you work in a cocktail bar. a monster you’ve never seen before sits at the bar. you make him a drink. he says something, but the music is too loud, “what?” you lean forward and spill the drink on him. you’re fired instantly when your boss finds you in the mens bathroom trying to help a skeleton clean his shorts.

Alright I’ve got votes for the pinup. The candidates thus far are:

-Hotoke (he’s not my baby but?? If Leefa’s cool with it i wouldnt mind drawing him) (I)
-Adelaide (I)
-Ulli (IIIIII)
-Kismet (I)
-Fortuna (I)
-Asterion (III)
-Devi (squints) (I)
-Falx (I)

Votes are still very much open bc my classes aren’t over until 2. Either vote for the ones mentioned here, or cast ur vote for someone else. B)

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Nickname(s): Alex (uh-lex) and Lex are the most common I get

Gender: Female

If you had a cat what would you name it?: I had one and her name was Athena <3 So i’d probably stick with greek gods/goddesses tbh

Height: 5′6

Hogwarts house: Slytherin 

Favorite colour: I like blues, greys, and Yellow a lot

Time right now: 6:30

Average hours of sleep: Usually 8

Lucky number: Idk 

Last thing you googled: Spotify web player

Fictional character you want as a younger sibling: OOH! Uh Stocking Anarchy  

Blankets you sleep with: 2 right now its hot as balls in Texas 

Favourite bands/artists: Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, The Killers, Twenty One Pilots are favs 

What you’re wearing: Sporty looking muscle tee and shorts

When you made this blog: December 2012 holy shit I suck 

How many blogs you follow: 205

What do you post about: Anime , scenery and funny ha ha things 

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your username:  A

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Eh not really 

Why did you choose your username: It’s a poem from someone dear to me whom I never got to meet actually. Met her end early in life but still impacted me a lot hearing stories about her. I even got a tattoo that says it <3 
I also didnt want my name associated with my blog but I quit caring about that long ago

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Asks #1 (In the form of things I love)
  • Lavender:Name something that relaxes you.
  • Polaroid:Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Vinyl:What is some of your favorite music?
  • Incense:List your three favorite scents.
  • Roots:How do you ground yourself or recharge?
  • Silk Sheets:Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?
  • Paintbrushes:Do you have a creative past-time?
  • Scars:Share something difficult you've been through.
  • Rainstorms:What helps you fall asleep?
  • Bones:Name one strength and one weakness.
  • Teacups:Favorite beverages?
  • Sealing Wax:Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?
  • Dragons:What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?
  • Soup:Comfort food?
  • The Moon:What's your favorite thing to do at night?
  • Klosh:If you could go back to any three era's what would they be?
  • Lace:Your favorite things to wear?
  • Pocketwatch:If you could be immortal or have an extremely long life span what would you pick and why?
  • Honeybee:Name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.
  • Typewriter:If you had to come up with ten words to describe your life story so far, what would they be?
  • Blue Hair Dye:One thing you like about your appearance?
  • Felines:Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?
  • Poetry:If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.

Seriously though, go vegan.

Eating animals and their products is not healthy for you, it’s not good to stuff your body with hormones. It is not good to drink puss filled milk which is meant allow a baby calf to grow into a full sized calf, you don’t need that in your body. You don’t need to be eating butter when there are SO many vegan alternatives that taste exactly the same. You don’t need to wear the skin of another creature. You don’t need to support the industries that are throwing male chicks into grinders alive. You don’t need to worry about protein when eating animals is giving you too much and there are options like leafy greens and beans and rice. You don’t need to eat the flesh of another creature, they make cruelty free “meats”. You don’t need to destroy the environment when on a vegan diet you can save 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forest, 20 lbs equivalent of CO2 EVERY DAY. You don’t need to kill dolphins and turtles as bicatch of overfishing. You don’t need to only love and support your cats and dogs when you can love and support every animals. You don’t need to turn a blind eye to cruelty. 

You are strong, you have a mind that can think and process information, use it. Go vegan and make a difference.

First Jack portrait by me, circa early 2015, versus…

…late 2015 and May 2016. Look at what a year can do. Funny, you can see my art improvement and Jack’s facial changes. I guess we’ve both grown in this year and a half, huh?