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am i the only one who feels like bpd is lowkey a mix of all the other personality disorders bc like idk it just seems that way to me

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|| alternatively titled : Leo (stealing ur tools hoe) Imagine) ||

ask : hi, I was hoping I could get a fluff fic where Leo is trying to figure out who keeps taking his stuff and it turns out the reader is just being an ass, so he punishes them with snuggles ?

hi yes it’s that one bitch from that one blog that never posts because she ain’t shit :) aka me. aka nez hi hello.

*I rlly hope you like this idk why it took me aprox. 3000 years to post but it did ! so that’s fuckin great :)*

warning : slightly pissed off latino flame boi (ft a confused asf Jason)

Leo was confused. Just yesterday, he had the exact screwdriver for the screws he needed to take out, but as soon as he looked, it wasn’t there. Running a hand through his messy curls, he frowned at the table. The son of Hephaestus couldn’t lose things, he had a magic tool belt for that.

“You look distressed. What’s wrong?” Piper’s voice echoed throughout Bunker Nine, and Leo looked up, as she slung an arm around his shoulders, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Leo smiled at the gesture, before looking at his beautiful best friend.

“I just had this tool yesterday, and now I can’t find it. And I know I didn’t put it in my tool belt.” Leo started down at the metal table once more, furrowed eyebrows portraying utter confusion.

“Well-” Piper tugged on her best friend’s arm, swiftly pulling him away from the table. “-it’s breakfast time. And as I recall, you haven’t eaten since yesterday’s breakfast. Let’s go.” Leo couldn’t say no. He let Piper lead him to the mess hall, Piper humming cheerfully as the pair walked.

“Leo!” A voice called, and a smirk spread across Piper’s face, as a smile spread across Leo’s. Piper let her best friend’s hand go, before poking his side, and going towards the mess hall alone. Leo stopped, waiting for you. Finally catching up to him, you smiled, pressing a kiss to his lips softly. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while.” You cooed, smiling up at your boyfriend.

“Shit- I’m sorry. I’m just working on a few-” Leo quickly rambled, and you laughed, intertwining your fingers with his long, nimble, bandaged ones. Rubbing your thumb along his knuckles, you smiled.

“It’s alright. I was just slightly worried. Come on.” You spoke, and you two walked hand and hand towards the mess hall. Grabbing plates, Leo started talking.

“I lost a tool this morning. I don’t know how, I mean, either someone took it, or-” Leo scratched the back of his neck, and you chewed on your bottom lip in shared confusion.

“Really?” You asked, bright (e/c) eyes looking at your boyfriend. He nodded, a soft smile on his face.

“It’s fine though. I’m sure I could find another one.” You leaned up, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Leo smiled in return, and you two parted ways to sit at your respective tables.

Back at Bunker Nine, Leo screamed in frustration. “HOW THE FUCK DO I LOSE A WHOLE ENTIRE PART?!” He shouts, tugging at his black roots. You stepped into the bunker, freezing at Leo’s reaction.

He was a literal ball of flame. Chewing on your bottom lip, you watched your boyfriend worriedly. “Leo-”

“WHAT?!” He shouted, turning towards you. Furrowing your eyebrows, you grabbed your water bottle, and stomped swiftly towards the flaming Latino, uncapping the bottle. Pouring water over his head, he sputtered in shock, and the fire went out quickly.

You tossed the now empty bottle aside, and crossed your arms. “Now, what’s the issue?” Cocking your head, you watched your dripping wet boyfriend as his anger dispelled.

“I lost, a whole fucking part-” Leo placed his hands on your shoulders, and shook you gently as he said each word. “-how the fuck do I lose a whole part Y/N?!” He asked.

“How should I know? I’m not you.” You answered, and he groaned in frustration, not noticing that he caught on fire again. You quickly patted out the flames, and caught his hands in your own. “Hey, it’s gonna be fine. Maybe it’s a sign that you should spend some time off of your work. C'mon, come hang out.” You smiled, tugging on his hands.

“Y/N, I have to find that part. It’s for Festus.” Leo groaned again, not pulling his hands away from your own. Frowning, you pulled your hands away.

“Uh, okay. I’ll let you look for it then.” You spoke, smiling softly at him. Pressing a kiss to his lips, you left the bunker, leaving him alone and frustrated once more.

Leo chucked a hammer at the door, and Jason dodged it, manipulating the wind so the hammer didn’t knock him out. Leo had scary accuracy, and Jason’s bright blue eyes widened. “Fucking Tartarus Leo!” Jason cursed, picking up the hammer.

“Jace. Sorry, I just-” Leo let out a groan. “Someone fucking stole my whole entire tool belt. How the fuck-” Leo looked up at Jason, who was smiling. “What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Y/N had your tool belt not too long ago.” Jason stifled a laugh, and Leo’s eyes widened.

“Y/N has it? Son of a-” Jason grasped Leo’s arm, before he stormed out of the Bunker. Jason grasped Leo’s shoulders.

“Calm down Repair Boy. I’m sure there’s a good reason-” Leo ripped his shoulders away from Jason’s shoulders.

“What reason-” Leo stopped, as you walked inside the bunker.

“Hey babe-” Leo cut you off, storming to you quickly, grasping your arm in his fingers. A shocked look spread across your face. “Leo-”

“Why are you taking my stuff Y/N, what the fuck-” Your eyes glazed over, as he was mad at you. You didn’t handle people’s anger well.

“Leo-” He cut you off, ranting once more. Angry tears welled up in your eyes. “LEO. FUCK-” You sheepishly wiped your tears. You didn’t know why you were crying, you were just mad.

“Here.” You dropped the tools at his feet. “I just wanted to play around and catch my boyfriend’s attention for a while, is that a fucking crime?” You asked, watching his face fall.

“Fucking hell-” Leo tackled you onto the ground, fingers finding their way to your sides. You gasped.

“Leo no-”

“Leo yes.” He smirked down at you. Wriggling his fingers, you shrieked, laughing as tears welled up in your eyes.

“Leo!” You choked out between laughs, barely opening your eyes. “Jason help me!” You laughed again, and as Jason went to grab Leo, your Latino boyfriend put his full weight on you, wrapping his arms around you and turning you two so that you were laying on top of his chest.

“No helping Jason.” Leo frowned, and you couldn’t help but laugh again. Jason, with a shake of his head, left the unusual couple alone, and you sat up on Leo’s stomach, giggles escaping your lips.

“This is all I wanted. A little bit of your attention.” You smiled, wiping away tears from your laughing fit. Leo, frowning, leaned up, close enough so that your noses were touching.

“You could’ve just asked mamácita.” He smiled, before pressing his lips against yours in a soft, loving kiss.

(was this even good idk)

- nez

me: I will not make this blog
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me, now with this blog: gdi 

HELLO HI !!!! MY NAME IS KAT ( otherwise known as wingz ) AND THIS IS MY FANCY LITERALLY BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG FOR OUR FINE FURRY FRIEND. in all seriousness, though, gdi wow hello there’s so many of you I did not expect this tbh. fair warning I am learning as I go here — I am new to the fate franchise and while I have done a lot of research into what I’m doing, some stuff still trips me up. Lobo himself doesn’t have a ton on him like other characters so its going to be a lot of my own interpretation ( meaning he’s going to change at first as I go and get comfortable with his character ) based on the myths / folklore of lobo / sleepy hollow / etc. 

anyway I’m slowly working through reading everyones rules but count this as a starter call of sorts I guess ??? no cap but I’m going to be a bit jumpy as I go through since this isn’t my main rp blog and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. rolls back to the void.

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Why do Leo suns fall out of love so quickly? Like I do not understand how they can be so in love and chase someone only to drop them just as fast???

Hmm. It might be their moon more