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Your knowledge about FS is amazing!!! Especially step sequence. Do you recommend any sources to look into these things?

Hi, thank you very much. I still have a lot to learn, but thank you nonetheless :D

Re: resources. On turns and steps, for the basics, I highly recommend Kseniya and Oleg’s YouTube channel. Their channel offers a lot of detailed explanation plus tutorial on how to perform turns and steps. They compete in ice dance, where turns and steps are even more vital compared to the other disciplines, so their instructions are always of great quality. For other aspects of skating, Google is pretty useful. I enjoy this fairly nerdy activity of searching for scientific studies on skating and gobbling them up. The physics of skating makes for some fascinating research and the existing literature on the subject is more extensive than you might think.

After you’ve got a good grasp on the basics, there’s not much else to it but going back and watching as much figure skating as you want, only this time, do pay a bit more attention to the technical details. When in doubt, slow-mo and zoom are your trusted friends. Also, if you, like me, happen to be the owner of a rather costly package of video processing software, load those videos up and go frame by frame should the need arise. Remember, only judges are paid to evaluate skating (mostly) in real time, us fans don’t make anything out of it, a large part of us are even paying to watch skating instead, so we’re damn well entitled to all the slow-mo and replay we want.  

Then, go forth and unleash your newfound knowledge on the world by talking to people, joining in discussion, making unnecessarily wordy posts on your blog, whatever you feel like, just remember to keep an open mind and be prepared to accept that you will make mistakes :) 

I’d recommend to do things in that exact order though, because waddling into tech discussions without basic knowledge would usually do more harm than good. Not everything you hear on the Internet is true - sad and obvious statement, but one that demands to be make. There will be cases of honest mistakes and cases of people outright twisting the facts to suit their purpose (I have absolutely no idea what sort of purpose could be served by winning an argument on the Internet, but what do I know). If you are not at all interested in tech discussion, it’s all well and good, but in case you are, it’s best that you equip yourself with enough knowledge to tell fact from fiction before joining the fray, otherwise it’d simply be a waste of time for all parties involved. 

Happy figuring out those turns and steps and icky tech elements! Let me know if I can be of help anytime.

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So either you are intentionally trying to avoid spoilers for what will become of Jack and Cynthia, or the story your currently telling has no actual plans for their relationship to develop romantically. Did it get it right? Do I win a cookie, or an internet?

You won my heart for sure, haha 😆 you’re right, I’m just playing with you, pretending I don’t know a thing… truth is, in my mind I already pictured so many scenarios it’s a miracle my head has not exploded yet.

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If you can pull off #16 for Narumitsu you win the internet.

Who do you think I am? Of course I can pull that off……. It’s more a hug than a kiss buuuuuuut it’s close.

Note: This man has a law degree. 


It was safe to say that the American was bored being coped up in his trailer most of the day- not really much going on (other than a few banters with some interesting folk), but honestly? There had to be something to do in this God forsaken area. He grumbled to himself, his cheeks filling up with the air in his lungs as he soon pouted at the idea of being bored for yet another day.

Kicking himself off the chair he was lounging in, the blonde got up and walked out of the little estate of his, looking around outside. No one. Of course. Everyone was off in their on little wonderlands with their loving words and romantic shalalas and intriguing story lines; what the hell was he gonna do now?

He could always bother Arthur, but he knew the English gentleman would just get pissed off at him for even looking at him the wrong way and start cursing at him in some weird ass accent he has. He could talk to Francis, but that would just turn into a yelling match with a stupid French frog.. hm.

Shaking his head, Alfred just leaned against the side of his trailer, cerulean orbs scanning around the desolated area as he reached into his pocket- pulling out a cigarette carton. He hadn’t touched these since the war in Vietnam, but he figured that he might as well take a smoke since, well.. Hell, shit was going down always in his country and nothing was going right at the moment- might as well take the edge off without getting shit face drunk.

Pulling out the familiar rolled cylinder, Alfred fumbled with a lighter he kept on him, lighting up the little cigarette while he placed the end of it in between his chapped lips. He took a short drag, exhaling the filtered smoke into the atmosphere as he let out a contented sigh.

Damn, did that hit the spot.