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5 Facts About Me

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (backpack):

  • My camera :) You never know when a good shot will come up!!!
  • Whatever book I’m reading.
  • My IPod. I never go anywhere without it. It even has a name.
  • A toque.
  • A grocery bag so I can never forget it because it’s always with me!

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • A journal.
  • My rock/shell collection.
  • 4 (was 5) stuffed animals with back stories.
  • Books.
  • My globe.

5 things I always wanted to do in my life:

  • Become a physician.
  • Own dogs.
  • Become published.
  • Be able to treat my parents to all the things they’ve always dreamed of (travel in particular, living where they’d dream of, etc.)
  • Travel (especially to my top destinations: Iceland, Transylvania, other spots in Europe, New Zealand, Chile, Ethopia, Mongolia, and Tibet.)

5 things I’m into right now: 

  • Gilmore Girls.
  • Pokemon (I’m re-discovering this aspect of my youth!)
  • Ghibli movies.
  • Westworld.
  • Jude Karda and Isabella Spadone in terms of style, beauty, fashion, photography (portraits.)

5 things you might not know about me:

  • My natural hair is extremely curly (picture the movie “Brave.”)

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  • I became obsessed with viruses and the immune system and medicine in grade 7 when I did an extra-curricular project on avian flu, Spanish flu, pandemics, etc. (which was in the media a lot at the time.)
  • I used to have panic attacks all the time (I think it started in high school and reached it’s height at about 19-20.) I fainted quite a bit (unrelated to my ED), even when people would just mention blood. I would avoid classes in high school and lectures at University on the topic of cardiovascular stuff for fear of fainting in public.
  • I have ridden one roller coaster. Never again.
  • The only places I’ve been outside of B.C. are Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, a teeny corner of Idaho, the Yukon, and Alaska.

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1. What fictional character has made the biggest impact on your life?

From childhood, probably Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. She was the first character that I ever encountered with such an immense love for words. She really inspired me to become a writer. Lately, I would probably say Winry Rockbell. I find her passion, bravery, and kindness to be incredibly inspiring. 

2. Do you have any pets, or are there any that you’d like to have?

Nope! I really do want to get a dog after I graduate though! 

3. What is your favorite fandom joke?

It’s not really a joke, but I’m so glad I was around to see the flower crown obsession sweep through the fandom! (Winry’s still wearing her’s!) :)

4. If you could change anything about the FMA stories, what would it be?

Three of my four otps for this series are never confirmed! I want to change that! Also, I wouldn’t mind a couple of extra episodes dedicated to Ishval and explaining the details of how alchemy works. 

5. If you could bring any character back to life, who would it be? (Not through human transmutation though ahhh)


6. What is your favorite OST/soundtrack?

From FMAB it’s definitely Again. 

7. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Not really. Writing and fangirling are pretty much all I do lol  

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere peaceful. Where I can see the stars at night. 

9. What is one of your favorite FMA headcanons?

Gah I can’t think of a specific one this minute, but pretty much anything involving Edwin or Royai being cute! 

10. If you could live the life of any fictional character, who would it be?

I would be hella chill with Shiezka’s life, tbh. Her memory, a steady job around books, and ability to make friends? Heck yeah. (STEALING THIS BECAUSE I’M SO DOWN)

11. Fangirl about something. Just… use the rest of this space to scream in all caps and let everything out. Have fun.


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            ↳ Rafe Adler + Character Selection Quotes

[Special thanks to @rafe-adlers​ for providing me w/ the Biker Rafe footage!♡]

  • Akutagawa: I saw you on TV today.
  • Atsushi: What? Which channel?? People are filming me!? Is Dazai-san behind it again!?!?
  • Akutagawa: Animal Planet