do i tell her that this idea is idiotic


Izaya laughed out loud as he read Celty’s frantic message on her PDA. “Shinra didn’t tell you?” Izaya glanced at Shinra, “Shizu-chan and I are on a sort of truce thing. His idea mostly, so I can do practically anything to him and he won’t mind~” The informant smirked before sliding off Shizuo’s lap and onto the spot beside him instead as both Celty and Shinra took a seat across from them. 

Shinra was grinning like an idiot as Shizuo dished out the food for everyone and Izaya gladly began eating his. 

“Okay, so I have to ask…” Shinra began, “What’s with this truce thing?” He looked at the two across from him suspiciously.

“I thought I said don’t ask questions.” Izaya frowned, narrowing his eyes at their doctor friend and his Dullahan girlfriend.

“How can I not ask?!” Shinra exclaimed, taking a bite of the sandwich given to him. 

Kida was enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face as the weight of Mikado’s head was in his lap. He knew the bell would ring soon, but it seemed Mikado finally drifted off to sleep. He looked down at his friend, a smile on his face. He brushed a few strands away from Mikado’s face and tried to move as little as possible. He liked this. It was nice. He liked Mikado……as a friend….erm…maybe. 

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Do you ever get such an intense feeling for a friend. Completely platonic, but it makes you appreciate them even more. Because you love them? I've got this for my best friend, and shes done so much for me. And I just love her Y'know? And sometimes I'll just be sitting and talking with her and all i can think is "I'm glad I met this idiot, she's my idiot.' And sometimes i wanna tell her that i do love her but dont want her to get the wrong idea. Sorry this isn't a question i just wanted to say it

Yo yo. 

I personally have gotten that felling. It is quite nice. I am glad you feel that way, and that you found her. It is kinda funny how the same sentence can describe different perspectives. (“I’m glad I met this idiot, she’s my idiot.”) I have heard that from many alloromantic people. Anyway, congratulations. 

Love, and Only Love


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I'd just like to say that 99.99999999999% of your headcanons give me sustenance (everything that isnt nsfw). Could I ask for more Diarturia and shitty friends rinarcher headcanons please?

mmmm I’m not really feeling diarturia rn so here’s some Awful friends

  1. Archer fucking something up in the engine of Rin’s car just so she has to call him over to fix it (because she refuses to pay a mechanic when she knows someone who will do it for free) and he can spend around two hours messing around under the hood not really doing anything while he tells her she’s a fucking idiot and doing literally everything wrong with her car
  2. Archer and Rin inviting themselves to everything the other does just to ruin the event for them. Lancer and Archer go to a movie or sth and Rin goes to the exact same movie to throw popcorn at Archer. Archer spikes the punch at Rin’s high school prom and gets staff to blame it on her. (fuck if i know whether they have prom in japan but u get the idea)
  3. Every wednesday afternoon they go to the modern district to drink expensive cocktails and complain. Most of their ‘friendly’ interactions are drunk actually at some point simply being around each other becomes a reason to drink. They don’t like each other but here they are. Drinking expensive cocktails on a wednesday afternoon while judging everyone walking past just like every other week.
  4. I feel like I said this one before but Rin aggressively tryna set Archer up with someone else so people will stop just because she’s hanging around with him they’re dating and she can third wheel and use the pity to land herself someone hot
  5. In fha Rin tried to get Shirou to project famous paintings and sell them on the black market for big cash. Shirou refused. Archer probably wouldn’t. He’d just call her an awful hag for coming up with something so morally abhorrent and then project the paintings anyway, but only after he’s already refused her so he can sell them himself and make sure she won’t get to see a single cent of profit from her idea. Next wednesday it’s his treat instead of splitting the bill like usual and Rin knows something is up but she’ll never catch him alive.
  6. I just really want to mention that dvd scene in carnival phantasm bc that’s it. That’s literally it. Archer watching Rin suffer only to help her out at the very last moment and then get his ass kicked. He’s tryna play it like “what the hell Rin I’m helping you aren’t I” but she sees right through his bullshit. One of these days he’s gonna need her help and she’ll pull the exact same shit. Archer will never admit to needing Rin for something because he knows she’ll do the exact same shit.
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You wanted to see me. We met up downtown and we were having fun until you got a text from an old acquaintance who saw us. She told you it was a bad idea that we were hanging out and you were making a mistake. You had this whole fight on your phone through text message with her and another friend who got involved. I just stood there feeling like an idiot because I knew what was going on but you wouldn’t tell me.

Those girls never liked me and they never will. I don’t know what to do because you can never be with me if they are in your life. They will never let you be free with me. They will always judge and want you to get away.

[ ` she clears her throat before showing up from the shadows ] 

Yes, hello – it’s the one and only Bae Woohee, not here for everyone, but for my silly lovely girlfriend. In fact, I have no idea why am I here for her, even, but I have to seem like a nice girlfriend, as well – so let’s start with…being cheesy, of course ! And letting you know – wherever you are, you idiot, that I love you so much ! Just so you know, no one will ever love you as much as I do and you know it, yes, you know it. I mean who’s even showing their love to you by teasing you 24/7 ? I am telling you – no one, that’s only me and I will make sure it’s not going to change too soon. Okay, I have been cheesy enough for today – or for the entire next week, honestly speaking. Gosh. I will just let you know I stole all your lingerie – and by that, I mean everything. And then I burnt it. And laughed all the time while doing it. 

… don’t you believe me – take a look at the recycle bin. Okay, I am just messing with you, I didn’t do that. Though you deserve it ! Especially for using my bra as glasses, seriously now. Do you need a check-up or what ? Tsk, tsk, tsk. 


… okay, guess who’s a little bit too obsessed. Definitely not me. I have no idea what are you talking about. But that part is accurate, not the entire song, of course. Anyway – where are you and why aren’t you with me ? I need a back massage. And kisses. Of course, kisses, too – many. Oh so many, oh my ! You have to make it up for all these hours, actually. So be prepared to kiss me from head to toe – literally. I am not accepting no as an answer. Time to take my leave – kinda.