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Hey, Bartender (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Request:  So I have this idea (because in my opinion there just isn’t enough protective Steve and Bucky) where they go into a bar one night. Both Steve and Bucky immediately get bad vibes. They watch as this bartender is getting treated like crap by all these different guys. Like cat calling and unwanted touching. They notice how she doesn’t do anything about their behavior so they ask her about it. She tells them that she can’t otherwise her boss will fire her. This outrages Steve and Bucky. They hear this one group of guys talking about jumping her once she’s done closing. Steve and Bucky walk her home that night, and every night after until she finds a new job.

“I don’t know, Steve, this place looks a little shady,” Bucky grimaced, taking a quick look around the bar, having to squint in the darkness despite his enhanced abilities.  There was a heavy haze in the air, a combined stench of old smoke, cheap cologne, and spilled alcohol stinging at his throat with a biting dryness that had him ready to leave before even taking his seat.  A deep groan escaped his throat when Steve clearly ignored his input and dropped onto the bar stool, leaving Bucky no choice but to join him.  “This place is nasty,” he continued, grabbing a napkin to wipe the cushion before sitting, “I have no idea why you keep coming in here.”

“They have the only bartender in town who gets my drink right every time,” Steve smirked, watching you approach.  “Hi, (Y/N),” Steve greeted you enthusiastically, “how’s business tonight?”

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Ain’t no prince waiting for me

Soulmate AU
Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Summary: In spite of her tattoo, Y/N Y/L/N has given up this soulmate thing. She simply doesn’t believe it, she’s convinced that she’s doomed to never find her true love. But will an unfortunate event change that?

Warning: Eddie’s still alive!! He’s not going to die in my AU either;))

A/N: OK, so I have always wanted to do a soulmate-AU, I simply find the clichés adorable! In this one, the soulmate thing is the partner’s first words the first time they meet each other, but hey! If you liked this, and want m to make another soulmate-imagine, send me your idea! Enjoy:))


“I’m telling you, Blaise, I just don’t believe in it!” Y/N was yet again arguing with her best friend about the idiotic soulmate thing. 
“How can you not believe in it? This is how life works, how God have made it easier for us to find one another!” It was almost pointless to continue. The two had two completely different ideologies. Blaise: the girl who believed in fate, in God, in the stupid tattoos. And then there was Y/N: the one that believed in science, in random happenings and that were convinced she would die alone.

“You will never understand, B, I will never have what you and Hunter have,” this provoked Blaise, how could her almost perfect, best friend think so little of herself?
“Of course you will, your wrist is proof of that, now stop the bullshit talk, Y/N,” her tone short and sharp. 
“But Blaise, I swear I’m cursed or something! My younger siblings have met their partners, my whole family has always found their soulmates at a young age. All of my friends have their partners, heck you and Hunter have a kid, Blaise!”

“You’re not cursed, Y/N,”
“Just look at this Blaise, it’s pure evil, my tattoo says ‘wow’! That can be anyone, it can be a creep, a jackass, it can be any guy on the planet!”
“You need to stop being so pessimistic, Y/N, it doesn’t suit you,” Blaise kept her mouth in a thin line.
“The complex is weird and unnatural,”
“You can’t just say that!”
“Watch me!” Y/N challenged, and shouted at the top of her lungs, which made Blaise just want to disappear. So she dragged her friend through the park.
“Don’t wake Amos, Y/N,” she excused, and their discussion stopped there, the next talking-topic being how Y/N was doing at work.

“It’s so cool,”
“It’s not that cool, Cisco,” Barry chuckled. His friend, teammate, and colleague had not stopped looking at his wrist in awe.
“But it is! I mean, come on! The damsel falling in love with her hero – it’s a classic!” Cisco referred to the words ‘Holy crap, it’s him!’
“You know, it can also just be a girl that doesn’t like me or something, or-“
“Nope, this right here, my man, is a line said in adoration,” Cisco patted Barry’s back, and they went back to their work. 

Y/N sat on the Haydens’ couch as her friend walked around her apartment.
“He gets to bed at-”
“Seven, you know Blaise, I have babysitted Seany before, I know the drill: Dinner’s at 5, so that’s out of the way, if he’s hungry I can give him some fruits, bedtime’s at seven, but it’s no crisis if it gets closer to eight, and there’s food for me in the fridge for me to take whenever I want. I’m not the teenager neighbor you had to book last minute, B,” It was Blaise and Hunter’s date night, and as usual Y/N was there to babysit ‘lil Sean.

“Of course, of course! I’m so sorry, just a bit nervous,” Y/N rolled her eyes at her friend, this was what happened each time, and Blaise would always start excusing herself for not 'trusting you enough’. This time, the difference was that Y/N managed to make that part take less time, and she pushed her almost hyperventilating best friend out the door to her husband.

“…And the Flash saves the day yet again,” Y/N closed her laptop and looked over to the other end of the couch, where the Flash’s biggest fan of the age of 3 laid with a clear view to her feet.
“Kiddo, that was the last article, sorry bud,”
“Have you checked Iris West?” What that still amazed Y/N about Sean, was that in spite of his lack of abilities when it came to naming the alphabet, and counting to fifteen like the other kids, he had this huge interest in The Flash – which made him speak of certain journalists as if he knew them.
“We just read Iris West, Seany, I’m sorry,“

“What does yours say, aunty Y/N?” Sean looked at her wrist, which Y/N huffed at. 'What is it with this world? Why are everyone so eager on those stupid tattoos?’ But she pulled herself together and forced a smile.
"You see, Sean, aunt Y/N isn’t as lucky as all the other ones, her tattoo doesn’t work,”
“It doesn’t?” The little boy looked up at her with big, worried eyes, which by some way made Y/N feel bad for him.
“No, but I’m sure yours work! Mommy’s and daddy’s worked, I’m just a bit less lucky,”

“Do you think the Flash has a tattoo?” Sean asks, which make Y/N laugh – if those words had come out of any other’s mouth, she would have rolled her eyes.
“I believe so, yes,”
“You are very pretty, aunty Y/N,” right there was one of the many reasons Y/N loved Sean. Sure, he wasn’t the best at keeping a conversation – that boy was more distracting than any kid Y/n had ever met. But in the end, Sean was this great, funny, bubbly guy that Y/N loved hanging out with.
“Thank you, that was a very nice thing to say, you’re very handsome as well," 
"What if Flash is your soulmate?” Y/N almost choked, but before she could say anything, Sean continued: “Or maybe Patrick, he’s very cool, he works with the big kids,” exhaling, Y/N was relieved her little random, darling duckling was back.

The all too familiar sound of metal meeting glass rang through the room, and so Barry tried his best at not sinking deep into his chair.
“I would like to make a toast…” It was his beautiful best friend, Iris, and her fiancé Eddie’s engagement party, and even though he couldn’t be more happy for the two, he couldn’t shake off the sad feeling in his heart. His parents, his friends – it even seemed like the little kids that were running around had found their partners for life. Barry couldn’t take one step anywhere, without being reminded that he hadn’t found his soulmate yet. 

“You know, I met my mate at the age of 13,” the drunk next to Barry stated.
“I heard the most regular age to meet is between 9 and 23,” Was it Eddie’s cousin that said that?
“How 'bout you, Terry? Found the love of your life yet?” 'How did I even end up here?’ Barry smiled at the old man.
“No, but I-”
“Gary! His name is Gary, grandpa!" 
"I’ll just go and find Iris,” Barry enlightened to the little party, and then left to do just so.

“Barry! Hey, I haven’t seen you at all tonight!” Iris had clearly gotten a few glasses, but when she saw right through the fake smile of Barry Allen, her tipsy state disappeared right away. 
“Uhm, babe, I’ll just go get more ice,” once Eddie had given his wife-to-be a kiss in acknowledgment, the two best friends found their way to the porch.

Iris had a feeling what had caused barry’s light frown but had let him talk out about it anyway. 
“Barry, you’re going to be fine. Look, I’m sure your girl’s just right around the corner, whomever up there would be a real ass if she’s not,” her last comment made Barry smile.
“Yeah, of course,” he nodded, regretting that he’d taken his best friend out of her own engagement party.

It wasn’t an everyday thing for Y/N Y/L/N to go to Tiffany’s to eat her breakfast. Thing is, she always had a wish to do so – let her inner Audrey Hepburn shine. So today, she could happily cross it off her bucket list. What she hadn’t thought of though, was Central City being a slightly criminal city, with many jewelry-loving evil metahumans. So in her little black dress, matching gloves, big dark sunglasses and pearl necklace, Y/N witnessed the first robbery in her life. It will be fine, Y/N. What’s the odds of anyone coming and ripping off your grandmother’s pearls in the middle of the streets? Oh God, what have I ever done to deserve this?’ Y/N thought of her earlier words to herself, almost shaking by the thought of the scene she frightened happening.

She waited for the alarm that never came and looked around herself. One babysitter strolling with a toddler, a man in a suit, and herself – that meant two witnesses if anything happened. When the nanny and the businessman soon disappeared, Y/N decided to try her breakfast at Tiffany’s another time. 'Time to use those ninja-skills you brag about to Sean,’
“Oh hello,” A not-too-friendly voice spoke up behind her. 'Oh merde,' 

Deciding to pretend she hadn’t heard him, Y/N sped up her pace, walking as fast as a girl in heels could. Suddenly she felt her necklace get pulled backward so hard she got troubles breathing, making her whole body follow.
“That’s some lovely piece of woman your jewelry got there,” that must have been the lamest, creepiest pick-up line Y/N had ever heard. With no one in sight, she tried her best to distract his attention away from robbing her. But instead of saying: “The pearls were my grandmothers”, whimpers escaped her lips.
“Flash,” the meta behind her seemed both tense and annoyed. If she could, Y/N would have breathed out in relief, but that being difficult, she tried her best just breathing normally.

Usually, when Barry went into Flash-mode, he didn’t notice the ones around him that weren’t in danger. His eyes were on the metas, and the metas only, so when he was done defeating the telekinesis, had sped him off to the old particle accelerator, his next task was at hand: Double check on the wounded. Though when he did came back, there weren’t many people at the crime-scene.
“Wow…” Barry said quietly, taking in the rich girl’s appearance. Her hair was sat up in a weird, kind of snobbish way, but that suited her in a way. And her lips! Her beautiful, pink lips, parted a bit because of the shock probably. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the color of her, most likely, stunning eyes. The pearls were placed against her collarbones perfectly, and along with the black dress she looked very put together: Very higher-class: Very not the kind of people Barry hung out with – or were in his league.

At that same time, Y/N had just thawed from her frozen state: It was actually the Flash. He was in front of her. And before she could stop herself, the words spilled form her lips:
“Holy shit it’s him,” All she could think about was the face behind the mask. Would his smile match the warm, green and kind eyes? Would his personality do as well? Would he be a stuck up jerk, or the nicest guy possible? She wanted to see him, the real hero under the suit. Though just when she saw a blurred picture of him opening his mouth, Y/N lost control of her now numb body, and passed out.

“Now that’s one fine looking lady you got there, Bar,” Joe said, looking over to the other room at the rich girl. 
“Pretty good catch if she’s not a monster,” Cisco sucked on his lollypop while following Joe’s gaze. She’d been unconscious for about an hour, and Barry still hadn’t moved his attention from the sleeping beauty.
“Yeah…” He had answered, hoping for just that.

Y/N had found out, the hard way, that it was a terrible thing to pass out. Not only the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to see for seconds before she lost it, but also losing control of her legs. When she heard unfamiliar voices around her, Y/N decided it was for the best not to open her eyes completely just yet.
“Pretty good catch if she’s not a monster,” 'Oh dear God. I’m in my Holly-costume,“
"Yeah…” 'This honestly can’t get worse’Y/N kept thinking about the endless choices of near futures she had. Her rescuers could be kidnappers. The kidnappers could jury her in many ways, and considering her choice of outfit, robbery didn’t seem impossible. 'Oh please God almighty, please say they’re not rapists!’
"Hey, is it normal for unconscious people to have nightmares?” 'Crap, Blaise was right, I really need to work on my poker face! God dammit Y/N!’ Deciding her little act didn’t hold, Y/N opened her eyes, the first thing she saw being a wrist with black ink.

“Wow…” That was the second time that day. Barry just couldn’t stop himself, her eyes… They were the absolute perfect shade of Y/E/C. 
“Shit,” the stranger girl’s words were almost impossible to catch, but Barry did, and saw her eyes glued on his tattoo. His eyebrows furrowed, what was she doing? But once their eyes locked for what had to be the third time that day, he understood.
“It’s you,” he stated. His soulmate nodded.
“I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N,” She whispered, still looking deep into his eyes.
“Barry Allen,” at that he closed the gap. They kissed. Her on the bed, and him hovering over her. It didn’t take may minutes before Cisco made a big deal out of it.
“I told you, man!” He outed right after a wolf whistle. And the happy couple smiled. They had finally found each other. After all that time.


A/N: The hard part of writing such clichés as a soulmate imagine, is that it’s almost impossible to write good! SO I hope the cuteness (hopefully there’s some cuteness in here…) made up for the bad writing and crappy ending:))

I thought he was proud.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen,
Word count : 1,727
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 4 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You had been on set for a few hours now, and no one had even heard from Jared. You were keeping River distracted, which wasn’t hard. He was a huge fan of the show, so everything interested him. He had even followed a Boom guy around for about 20 minutes asking a million questions. He wanted to know every aspect of filming the show. Finally, Misha had offered to show him the set of the bunker, so that’s where you stood now.

“Hey.” Jensen came over. He had been on set much earlier than you filming, so you hadn’t seen him yet, until then.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“Still no word?”

You shrugged. “I guess not.”

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Till You Come Back Home

I’m supposed to be taking a break from the Internet for my mental health, but I wrote this and it’s been burning inside me and I just need to put it out there. It’s set after last week’s Livewire episode, right after Mon El walks out of Kara’s apartment. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon. Here on A03.


The silence rang loudly in Kara’s ears, stinging like a thousand decibels as she sat still, staring blankly at the door.

All she could do was breath, remind her eyes to blink when required, and refuse to fall apart. He didn’t deserve it. She didn’t deserve it, but she also didn’t know why it hurt this much.

Hurt. Was that even the right word? This wasn’t the first time she’d been left alone with this kind of mess, the aftermath of someone else’s desires and regrets poured out on the table in front of her like she was supposed to know what to do with them, how to arrange the pieces and hand it all back. With Winn, at least she was able to voice something, anything, even if it had crushed him temporarily. With James, it was harder. It took longer to figure out why she didn’t feel the same way, but the rejection part was easier, or so she thought. Now, it turned out she’d lost them both, her two closest friends lying, choosing to walk away, to put themselves in danger, not caring about anything but their own egos and the selfish need to prove themselves at the highest cost. She couldn’t watch it unfold if they weren’t willing to listen, to at least learn alongside her instead of charging out on their own. Then again, she hadn’t even given them that option.

Kara buried her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes, clutching her cheekbones as she rested her elbows on the table, resisting the urge to scream. Everything was changing so fast, even the good change felt like whiplash. She was so happy for Alex. She already loved Maggie like another sister, but it was still change. There was less time together as a family, more time left in solitude. And there, in that lonely space, was Mon El.

Every moment they spent together sent up a million red flags, and yet, it felt familiar, comforting in a way she couldn’t explain without sounding weak or needy or damaged. There was nothing about him that made her feel good or supported or better than she was before he came into her life, but there he was. He was there when other people weren’t, when everyone else had their own lives and callings and demons to conquer. He wanted to help her, even if he didn’t know how, and more importantly, he wanted her. And the truth was, she wanted to be wanted. Just not by him.

That’s why this sick, sinking feeling came when he told her. That’s why she felt the impulse to run, even if she had coaxed it out of him, demanded he tell her the real reason he wanted to be partners. Because the truth, while flattering and warming and reassuring on some level, was still not enough, but he hadn’t even given her the chance to make that decision, to come to her own conclusions. Instead, he chose to spill his guts, tell her to forget it all, pretend it never happened, leaving her once again, more alone than she’d ever felt.

She sighed deeply, pushing away from the table, slowly making her way towards the bedroom, shrugging off her jacket as she flopped onto the bed. She knew she should sleep. That always made her feel better, even if she woke up still not having the answers to fix everything that was broken. But instead, she found herself scanning her phone, sifting through text messages, facing the urge to make one more call, one more attempt at the connection she craved before calling it a night.

The phone rang, and rang some more. Panic began to sink in again, until finally, she heard the line pick up.

“Yes, I’m still alive,” Cat teased. “No thanks to Supergirl.”

“I know you would have done the same thing,” Kara argued, undoing her ponytail, letting her hair fan out across the bed. “And Supergirl wouldn’t have let her go if she didn’t know with absolute certainty you’d be safe.”

“How can she be so sure of that?”

“Oh, she has her ways,” Kara insisted.

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Michael Latta #3 - Just Friends?

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He wouldn’t call you a friend with benefits or a bootycall. What started off as a friendship had developed into late night calls, occasional kisses, and a lot of cuddling. Therefore, no. Y/N wasn’t a bootycall.

Because he would never fall head over heels for a bootycall.

Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Tom and Andre were still laughing over the line as he buried his heads in his hands, groaning. Michael shouldn’t have said anything to the two idiots.

“Man, the minute I met Y/N, I knew you liked her,” Tom gasped out as he leaned against Andre who was still laughing.

“You met her like…four years ago,” Michael argued.

“Dude, exactly.”

The two hyenas were set off again and all Michael could do was hold up his middle fingers in response. His friends were the worst.

“What do I do? She moved to LA for me. She moved to Chicago for me. Yet, she still thinks we’re just friends but, I’d really fucking like to date her!”

“Tell her exactly that,” the two idiots sobered up.

“She obviously likes you too, Latts,” Andre nodded.


“Oh yeah. Totally,” Tom nodded, “She looks at you like you’re the greatest thing alive. When you went out on dates back in DC, she would get all quiet and just watch cheesy romcoms.”

“What.” This time it was more of a statement than a question.

“Friends don’t just go to every single one of your hockey games or move across the country for you, idiot.”

“How have I never noticed?”

“You were kind of too busy focusing on yourself.”

“Andre?” Mike tried to gain support.

“No, he’s right you’re a massive idiot.”

“Thanks. So, what do I do?”

Thing One and Thing Two exchanged massive grins before looking back at the screen, “We have some ideas.”

Y/N didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She had gotten a text from Mike telling her to dress nice and come over to his house by seven. He had probably forgotten some gala and needed a date. The minute Y/N had met Michael Latta in Washington D.C., she knew her life was ruined. Just one glance into those puppy dog eyes and she was ready for heartbreak. Maybe she was foolish and maybe she was dumb because Michael Latta would never fall for her.

She threw on one of her gala dresses and slapped on some makeup. She opened her jewelry box. Her fingers slipped around the cool metal chain of her favorite necklace. It was the one he gave her for their friendaversary two years ago. A hockey stick and a pencil interlocked into an infinity sign. She clipped it around her neck and sighed, throwing her hair back into a sleek ponytail.

Y/N’s apartment was only a few minutes from his because “what if I want cuddles?” and “what if you have a bad day and need me there?” and various other reasons Michael came up with.

The second she knocked on the door, she knew something was up. All the lights were out in the house and it was quiet.

Too quiet.

The door quickly opened and there stood her idiotic best friend in all his delicious glory. She shook the thought out of her head and instead focused on his outfit. He was wearing slacks, a button down, and tie but it wasn’t as formal as he would wear to a gala.

“What’s going on?” Y/N frowned as he ushered her in.

“Less asking, more moving,” he ordered, leading her to the dining room.

“Mike, wha- oh.”

The dining room had fairy lights strung around the room and candles on the table. Of course there were two boxes of pizza in the center.

“Did I forget friendaversary?” she said, voice quiet.

“That’s the thing. I don’t….I don’t want to be just friends anymore.”

Her head snapped towards him and saw that he was bright red and shuffling awkwardly.

“I’ve loved you for a long time, Y/N. I just think I was too blind to see it. I would like you to be my girlfriend. Not just a friend.”

She grinned brightly and pulled him down for a bruising kiss. His hands grabbed onto her waist and she tangled her fingers in his short dark locks.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say that forever,” Y/N laughed breathlessly once they pulled away, “I love you too.”

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Something with drunk Sasuke please. ♡♡♡


She could hear the snickers and the oblivious, idiotic ideas that the two of them had been plotting from the other side of the door.

With a roll of her tired, jade eyes, Sakura looked back down to her book and continued to flip the page. 

It was eleven at night now, and while Naruto declared that both him and Sasuke would be taking a ‘Guy’s Night Out,’ Sakura simply shrugged her shoulders with a slight “whatever.”

“Do it, teme-” 

It was Naruto, his words slurring slightly before he giggled, “it’ll be funnier than shit, I tell ya!”

Sakura’s ears tuned into their conversation, curious to know just what would be funnier than shit. Finally, their front door flew open and Sasuke stumbled in. His jet black hair brushing the tips of his shoulders while his eyes tried their damned hardest to focus on Sakura.

The slight smirk on his face and glimmer in his eyes were directed towards Sakura as he reached back with his foot and kicked the door closed.

“Tch, Sakura,” he greeted. 

Sakura inhaled before pushing up from the sofa and setting her book down.

“How was your night, darling?”

Sasuke didn’t answer, only looked at her with those beautifully mismatched eyes, danger igniting from behind them.

“It’s about to get better.”

Sakura’s head whipped around, her face set in shock, her lips slightly parted. Sasuke’s smirk only deepened as he walked towards her, his body stumbling slightly.

When he finally reached her, his fingers ran through the ends of her hair while the back of his hand rested against her shoulder. Sasuke stood a head taller than her, but as he balanced his weight against the wall, his eyes were level with hers.

Sakura leaned into his touch, his warmth radiating like the smell of cinnamon from the whiskey both he and Naruto had indulged in earlier.

Sakura decided to play stupid, get some answers from her drunk husband and find out what their knucklehead friend was giggling about earlier.

“Why’s that? It’s already so late,” her voice was low, filled with sultry as she lifted her weight to the tips of her toes; her lips now grazing the shell of his ear.

Sakura was aware of the way his shoulders tensed and how his head leaned into her words. The alcohol scent flowed smoothly from his lips as he pushed her against the wall and held her there.

“I’ll show you why,” Sasuke growled while his lips attacked her neck.

Sakura took pleasure in how warm and enticing his lips were. She simply wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed him to her body.

“Higher,” she begged. When his lips brushed against the corner of her eye, she held him in that place.

“Tell me,” his glossy eyes looked to her while his smug smirk vanished. “What’s going to be funnier than shit?”

His smirk appeared once more, and when Sasuke laughed, Sakura frowned. He never laughed, but then again, it’s probably the alcohol in his system.

“Quit being annoying,” he ordered as he scooped her up from the floor. “My night is about to get better.”

With Sakura in his arms, he carried her off to their bedroom. For the remainder of the night, all the lights in the house had been left on, Sakura’s book remained on the table, and their soft moans and challenging words echoed throughout the halls.

@ the fucking Mon-El haters cough*salty s*perc*rpers*cough

Aside from the fact that you blame Mon-El for everything he does or does not do, like blame him for supporting Kara to publish something SHE WANTED and something LENA TOLD HER TO DO. I WILL FIGHT YOU if you start blaming him for not telling Kara his secret of being the Prince. Kara, Alex and James were ALL hiding their secrets for a LONG time but no word about that just Mon-El. I smell double standards. Secondly and to my main point, if you blame Mon-El for not sharing his secret you are fucking idiots and have obviously no idea what is like to be a refugee. Well guess what? I AM the child and grandchild of refugees, my friends are children of refugees. My country is a country FULL of refugees because of what happened in 43 years ago. Here you are either a refugee or you know someone who is a refugee. Our whole lives we would go to school and we would get taught not to forget of what happened to us or our parents. The pain of what it was to be a refugee. We saw the pain our parents and grandparents had to go through and many of us wouldn’t dare to ask them about that deeply personal experience. NEWSFLASH: REFUGEES DON’T OWE YOU THEIR LIFE STORIES! And before you go off by saying but Mon-El is royalty let me stop ya right there because last I checked royalty have homes too and feelings and family. Mon-El lost EVERYTHING the day Daxam died and he doesn’t want to talk about that especially because he isn’t proud of what his family was. (ALSO possibly being pushed to marry someone he didn’t want to be with) So stfu and sit down because he doesn’t owe you anything and if Kara goes after him as well, I’ll be really pissed because she did the same thing AND her parents weren’t saints either.

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Blood of Passage: Part Seventeen


Adrien studied the view of Veralis from his window. The Sidrah sparkled from the sun beaming down on it. His wings ached, his heart hurt. Everything was painful. From the inhale of breath to the blink of his eye. His shadows picked up the conversation between Maze, his mother and the healer.


“It will be months before he can just move them without pain. Longer to even fly. If he can. Nerve damage, scar tissue. Each pair are different.” The healer’s voice wasn’t unkind. It was skilled into professional kindness. His shadows betrayed her sadness.

His mother had a hand over her mouth, tears shone in her eyes. “What can I do? What can we do?”

“Time. He needs time and support from his family. And from those he loves. Keep his wings bound but let them breath for a few hours every day. He needs to have exercises to help circulation and healing. And perhaps for him to see someone? His mental state is very important. Does he have a mate? Or perhaps a significant other of some kind?”

“Me,” Maze said. “I’m his girlfriend.”

“He will need you the most. He will need all of you.”


He didn’t want their help. He wanted to find a hole and never crawl out of it. He didn’t want Maze there out of pity or his parents and brothers to fawn over him with looks of sympathy. He wanted to break the world apart before he broke himself apart.

At least in the mountain, there was Cyrian and his desire to kill the bastard for touching Maze and baiting him. He had his anger and rage and desire to get Maze out alive and his promise to her in that mountain. Now he none of it and he was filled with a sense of bottomless empty that was going to swallow him whole.

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The Mafia Boss’ Wife

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Requested: For anon

“Jay you bastard!” Your loud menacing voice rumbled through the hallway, army boots stomping as you marched through, leaving embers of anger on your trail.

It was supposed to be a relaxing day off and an overdue lunch date with Jay. Or so you thought. When Hyuk Woo came to pick you up for the date you had no reason to doubt that something else was on the works, that was until he missed a turn and you almost got the two of you into an accident trying to get him to spill.

“I’m going to kill you!” These were words familiar to the people around Jay, thrown at him with the same vigorous rage you had. And usually they’re dealt with a lot more severely than a chuckle and a sarcastic comment thrown around. After all, no one threatens one of the most powerful mafia bosses without repercussion.

You slam the door to his office open, surprised the hinges hasn’t given out considering the amount of times you’ve done this already. It was almost like he wanted you to hate him and come storming in every time, a grin and a witty remark loaded at the tip of his tongue. Last time you did this two months ago it was about the fact that he forbid anyone from being your sparring partner after Jay saw a massive bruise on your stomach. Which was fair really but he had no right controlling your life like that, mafia boss or not.  

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Having Kids With Warren Worthington Headcanons

Warren has given me 12 children (that’s according to @smutwritingangel​) So I know what I’m talking about. I also know I was supposed to post an imagine today, but here have headcanons. Feel free to add on!

When you told him you were pregnant, Warren just kind of shut down

  • Warren didn’t really know what to do, what to think, so he left
  • You somewhat expected this, but it still hurt watching the father of your child just get up and walk away
  • When he did come back after a few hours he kept hugging you and apologizing
  • “Baby girl are you sure you want a kid…with me?”
  • “Warren I love you of course I do, you idiot.”

After Warren finally lets the idea sink in he’s so excited

  • You swear you’ve never seen his wings flutter so much (you’re not sure if it’s nerves or excitement, either way its cute)
  • Warren constantly hugs you, places his hands on your stomach and kissing it
  • He also doesn’t stop kissing you either, thanking you too
  • He literally tells everyone that he’s going to be a father
  • “You see her, I fucked her, I got her pregnant.”

Warren worries so much it’s not even funny

  • Warren would wrap you in bubble wrap if you said he could 
  • He's nervous about your child having a physical mutation
  • But you always reassure him, telling him that if your child did have a physical mutation it would only give you more reason for you to love them
  • He’s at every appointment, always asking questions
  • He’s trying his best, even if he does go a little far
  • Warren has straight up pushed people out of the way

Good luck if anyone says anything about him or you

  • “He’s going to be the father?”
  • “What the fuck that’s supposed to mean??!!”
  • And Warren just decks them
  • That's how Warren and you got banned from IKEA
  • You make fun of Warren for being so over protective, which doesn’t bother him
  • That is until the guys say something
  • Warren swears Peter always had the bruise on his ribs…

Warren will do anything and will buy anything

  • Most of it you don’t need
  • “Babe why do we need this?”
  • “We don’t, it’s for the baby.”
  • He’ll also get you food no matter what they time
  • Warren will fly his ass half way across the city at four am if you were craving something
  • He’s whipped, not only for you now, but for your child too

When your giving birth Warren can’t be in the operation room

  • His wings are too big; he is so pissed off, and nervous
  • The rest of the squad is there to help calm him down
  • When Warren gets to see his child he lets silent tears slip down his face
  • The squad promises not to say anything 
  • Then there’s Scott whose fucking sobbing for some reason????

Warren keeps kissing you and your child, not wanting to ever let go

  • When you both fall asleep Warren whispers “I’ll never be like my dad, I’ll love you no matter what.”
  • And he does.

~ MacKenzie  

Jealousy - Kurt Wagner x Reader

Requested by anonymous 

Warnings: me not proofreading sorryyyy 

Originally posted by wnnbdarklord

The dark blue mutant fell from the rafters of the church, causing you to gasp.

“Storm, was that necessary?!”

She shrugged and you rolled your eyes, running over to help the poor man.

He looked a bit disoriented but when he came around he looked at you in fright.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” You brushed back his hair. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Kurt Wagner.” He had a heavy German accent. Soon after that, he was breathing heavily and then he went unconscious.

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Mr & Mrs Smith

Dean x Reader

Y/N and Dean don’t really like each other. So what happens when they have to pretend to be a happy newlywed couple for a hunt?

A/N: Thank you to @a-broken-hunter for beta reading this.

@kbrand0  @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @sidra-cara  @daydreamingintheimpala 

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One Last Time - Part 3

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2  -  Part 4

I dunno you guys, all these fluffy feels are getting to me… the ick-factor is pretty strong here lol. Enjoy it now because it’s going to HURT after this. I hope you like this anyway, you sweet fluffy bunnies.

Summary:  Prompt request turned drabble-series. Unbeknownst to you, your best friend Bucky is in love with you, but you’re engaged to someone else.

Anon prompts request: “angsty and painful and in Bucky POV”
1: “A wedding?”
231: “May I have this dance?”
236: “My parents asked about you.”
243:“Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”
369: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him…”

Warnings: swearing and angst - permanent fixtures in my warnings.

Word Count: 647

Author’s Note: Italics are Bucky’s vortex-o-angst letter. Quotes in the letter, as I imagine it, are him looking back at older notes and scribbles and pulling the memories into the letter. Like I said he’s spiraling away on his vortex-o-angst. As am I. Embrace it, guys.

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

This is getting really hard, doll. I’m sorry I’ve been such a shitty friend, but it’s so hard to see you like this… for him. I mean, I knew you cared for him, but all of this… he’s so good to you and it’s comes easy to him. I just don’t want to say or do anything you’ll regret, so I’m keeping my distance, learning how hollow memories can feel, even the best ones.

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I'm not her (Part 2)//(N.M)

“I’m sorry Nate, but I can’t keep being with you knowing your heart belongs to someone else” I go upstairs and pack a bag to last me for a while before I find a place. I walk back downstairs and see Nate sitting in the same position I was a while ago.

I open the door and turn around knowing I’ll be regretting it. I turn and Nate’s pleating brown eyes staring at my own silently pleating me to stay. Instead I walk out and start my car never look back.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch her leave. My heart is shattered once she muttered the words ‘I can’t keep being with you.’ Both of our hearts shattered in the process. I messed up big time and I don’t know if I can repair it.
*Nate’s POV*

I stay looking out at the door the girl who I have adored this past year. She wasn’t any girl. Her eyes lighted up with a simple mention of children. Y/N always wanted a big family.


I watched as Y/N played around with children in the park near our house. They played tag and giggled every time she pretended to trip on something, so she could be the tagged. I smiled as the children’s faces would light up when they saw Y/N walking towards them.

“Aww. I’m sorry kiddos but I have to go” Y/N told them as she gave the each a hug. The children would mumble a simple ‘okay’ and set up at time so they could play again with her tomorrow. I see her walk up to me with arms wide open.

“Come on Maloley you know you also want a hug” she teased as I wrapped my hands around her waist. I kiss her temple and smell you scent.

“From you always, baby” I say as I lift her up into my arms and spin her. She giggles trying to tell me to stop. I finally put her back down and throw my arm over her shoulder. I pull her in close to make sure she doesn’t run back to play with the children.

“Don’t worry I had enough play time today, but I’m going to be so tired after I have all my children” Y/N says as she intertwines our fingers as we near a ice cream parlor.

“How many?” I question as I ask for a vanilla ice cream in a cone. Y/N orders cookie dough before answering.

“I always wanted a big family. My children will grow up and I’ll need another baby to keep me company. While my other children are fulfilling their passion. Changing the world to become a better place for future generations.“ Y/N finished while taking a spoonful of her ice cream. While she was talking she had a sparkle in her eye that made me fall in love with her more.

"Then so be it can’t have you feeling lonely” I tease back as I kiss her lips quickly from across the table. She gives me a smile before turning towards the window.

*flashback over*

My phone keeps going off. I finally check it and see who it is. Ana.

To: Nate
From: Ana
Hey had fun tonight!❤️

I throw my phone at the wall. The screen shatters, glass all over the floor.
I have no idea why I started talking to her again. This idiotic mistake just cost me the girl who makes my heart beat like crazy. My motivational to bring out new music.

Y/N changed my life for the better like no one has. I rarely go out to parties seeing as I come home to Y/N. She is the party I never want to leave. But what do I have now. NOTHING. The girl who keeps me sane is not here.

I need to get her back and tell her the stupid mistake I did was nothing. She is my world and I wouldn’t trade for anyone not even Ana.

I hope you liked it in Nate’s point of view.

After Everything - In the Depths of the Heart
  • Kumatetsu: oh...OH! I GET IT NOW!
  • Kyuuta: What?
  • Kumatetsu: You want to go to College, eh? Suuure you do...
  • Kyuuta: What are you talking about, idiot?!
  • Kumatetsu: Tell me, IS IT THE COLLEGE OF KAEDE?
  • Kyuuta: WHAT?! NO!
  • Kyuuta: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  • Kyuuta: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
Liar Liar~ Chapter 2

Genre: Mafia AU

Pairing: Reader/Jungkook.

Others Characters in Chapter: Taehyung

Length: 2502 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be

Part: 2/?

Jungkook was leaning on the door frame, one leg in front of the other, arms folded, showing his tense muscles. I gasped, out of surprise but also fear. Because, let’s be honest, I didn’t actually know the man that was stood before me. He switched the light on so I could see his handsome features assessing me. I noticed a glimmer in his dark, hooded eyes as he stepped forward into the room while I involuntarily stepped back, wrapping the hoodie around me further. He smirked dangerously.

“ Don’t you know it’s rude to listen in to other peoples conversations y/n?”

Y/n’s POV

I just stared at his towering figure while carefully thinking about what to say.  “I-i heard voices and thought there was a b-break in..when I saw it was you I was going to go bac-”

“Bullshit”. He cut me off in a low tone. I stopped in shock. Of course Jungkook swore, but never at me. Focus y/n. He can’t know you heard him. Even though most of the converstaion didn’t make sense to me, I knew it was bad. And that I shouldn’t know. I still didn’t feel hurt by it, I was still numb.

I swallowed and tried again. “Jungkook, I just woke up, I was going b-”.

I stopped this time because he had stepped forward again. “I said cut the crap y/n. Tell me this. If you just woke up, how are you wide awake, no evidence of being tired, breathless, your hoodie is on when it wasn’t before, and you look like you’ve thought of every means of escape possible?”

What the f..How did he know that? His dark eyes were full of amusement. “I’m good, huh?” I smirked in response. I took a breath, made sure my voice wasn’t shaky and proceeded to put him in his place. “I’m wide awake and breathless because I hit my leg on the table. Plus my neck hurts like a bitch. My hoodie is on because I felt cold. And what would I need to escape from my own apartment for?” I cocked my head to the side and smiled sweetly at him. Check and mate sucker.

Suddenly he grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me against the wall. I gasped at the sudden movement. He was getting pissed off. His mouth was so close to my ear that I could hear his quiet and steady breathing. It made me shiver. “Y/n”, he growled, his voice lower than ever, “Stop lying to me. I know you were listening in..I saw you godamnit”. His hand started to move up my arm, my shoulder, and then it was on my neck. Great, he’s going to strangle me. I closed my eyes tightly. R.I.P Y/N. Wait, don’t you have an exam like tomorrow.. Oh my god, I’m about to die and I’m thinking about an exam. Stupid idiot. 

I didn’t know the first thing about self defence. Except one thing. Men had balls- and kicking them hurt. I moved my right foot back slightly, ready to knee Jungkook and make a run for it, until I realised that he wasn’t actually throttling me. Four of his fingers rested on the side of my neck, while he softly moved his thumb across my collarbone. I heard him sigh. “Y/n… relax. I’m not gonna hurt you”.

My voice was barely a whisper. There was no point in acting innocent (pfft it’s not like he was), he knew I had been listening. I had, after all, lied to buy me some time in case he tried to hurt me, “ How do I know that?”, I replied. Sure, I had started to feel hurt at this point, but still no tears came. Must be the shock.

He looked at me, unsure of how to respond. This was the very boy I had fallen for. Except now he was a stranger. And probably a criminal from what I could make out. A murderer. “I-i..”, he trailed off. Is he going to tell me he loves me? During the 4 months we had been together, only one of us ever used the L-word, and it was never him. “I love you”, I’d say and he’d sigh and chuckle.

He opened his mouth to try again. “If I hurt you, I blow my cover”, he bluntly stated, not looking me in the eyes. THAT’S when I teared up.  “Ohh I see. So once your little errand, whatever the fuck that is, ends, you kill me? What’s it gonna be ,huh? A bullet through my brain? Or do you fancy stabbing me through the heart? Ooh, does sir fancy beating me to death?! Take your fucking pick!” I was getting slightly hysterical, but c’mon I had a reason to. My supposed boyfriend was a murderer and I was next on the list.

Jungkook had just been staring at me the whole time. “y/n, you’re crazy. I could never hurt you”. His voice sounded genuine enough. He’s been fooling you for four months, don’t listen to this psycho.

I let out a short hysteric laugh. “ You know what I’m hearing Jungkook? Hey there y/n, I murder people for a living but I’m gonna let you live knowing this great secret of mine that could land me in a jail cell for the rest of my life!”. I snorted again, because it sounded so ridiculous. I was many things, weak, a bit slow, had no fight in me whatsoever. But I realised one thing- I wasn’t scared.

Jungkook now slowly moved to swivel around the chair that I had used as my bed just a couple of hours ago, took something out of his back pocket and sat down. He leaned forward resting his forearms on his thighs, never breaking eye contact with me. It was then I saw what he was playing around with.

A gun. Oh my God. He’s got a gun. Why the fuck does he look so good holding it. SHUT UP Y/N you sorry excuse of a hu- “Like what you see?”, Jungkook snickered. I realised I had been biting my lip and mentally smacked myself.”Fuck off Jungkook”.

“So you think I’m just some murderer”, he carried on, ignoring me. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I replied like he was the slow kid at school. “You killed someone…murderers kill people..”. 

“No y/n, I’m a trained assassin. That’s the same thing, does he think I’m stupid? “It’s not the same thing”, he said, reading my mind. “ I’m hired to wipe out traitors and those who refuse us, unlike some common criminal who only have personal incentives”.

I just looked away in response. My eyes kept drawing back to the weapon in his hands as I imagined him, Jungkook, using it on someone. I couldn’t. Suddenly Jungkook stood up. “Now, what to do with you..? This has become difficult now that you know…”

“What am I for?” I asked him abruptly. I was just a student, with no other incentive other than to pass this year with flying colours. He stopped in his tracks. “Why me? Did you just need somewhere to live. Cus I mean it’s pretty evident you don’t like me. Is it for my body?” I was just being factual, listing all the things this boy could possibly want from me, when he cut me off sharply. “Shut the fuck up, y/n.” There was a hint of wanting in his eyes, but then they glassed over just as quick, and I was once again looking at his expressionless face. “ We…we were using you for information. For the whereabouts of your big brother and uncle. They’ve been bad boys y/n… it’s never wise to work against us. We- I- need to teach them a lesson.”

You were speechless for once. You never did like those two. Your brother was a brat and your uncle spoilt him like crazy. And you knew they were involved in some shady business but you chose to just stay out of it. So it was hardly a surprise they had got themselves into trouble. But was family.

“And you live in such convenient place for me , y/n. It was the perfect decision to become your boyfriend and move in”. Either he was acting hard, or he really didn’t care about me. I still felt like he was putting up a front. Two can play this game.

“OK. So in a nutshell, you are an assassin (I lifted my fingers and made quotation marks at the word assassin, while Jungkook rolled his eyes), and from what I made out you actually killed someone last night”. He opened his mouth but I quickly cut in . “ Save it, I don’t want to know. Moving on…you are only here to get information about my brother and uncle. Ooh and you had to pretend to give a shit about me for the last 4 months.”

He just stared. He was probably wondering why I wasn’t a sobbing mess. But I’m stronger than that. I hate showing weakness. “So, now what. You said you can’t kill me cus it’ll blow your cover. So I’m guessing I’m prisoner in my own apartment? You can’t risk me leaving, right?”

“ Full marks y/n.” Jungkook’s voice was barely audible. He reached for his back pocket again, and I was half expecting it to be another gun, but it was only his phone. He dialled a number quickly and started pacing the room. 

I took this as an opportunity to asses the situation. I could get out the room, but he’s probably locked the front door. Where the hell is the spare key? hmm I probably won’t be fast enough to find that and get out without him catching me.There was no ‘probably’ about it. I wouldn’t. Jungkook must’ve noticed my eyes darting everywhere because he warned “ don’t even think about doing anything stupid y/n”. I just sighed in defeat. 

Finally, someone answered on the other end. “Hello?.. Yes tae, listen. What? No, no just with you. Just listen please..It’s y/n..she knows. No you idiot I didn’t tell her! She overheard us when your loud asses came over…. no I’m not blaming you. Just come over. YES now! Fuck sleep, this is more important. And whatever you do, don’t tell Jin. Yes, he probably will.” 

I was wondering what this Jin would ‘probably’ do, when their phone call ended. Why did he call Taehyung here? My gaze was questioning but Jungkook just ignored me. “I’m gonna wait for Tae in the other room” he said, while an idea was already formulating in my head. “ Do not leave this bedroom”.

“Yes sir”, I replied dryly. His expression softened and he caressed my cheek softly with his hands. “Y/n, I’m sorry. I really didn’t want this. You weren’t supposed to know”.  

“It’s ok Kookie”, I used his nickname in an almost mocking tone. “ I’d rather know who you really were before you kill me”. His expression hardened again as he took his hand away. He made sure he had his gun before he turned walked out, shutting the door firmly behind him. I waited until the door clicked shut until i sank to the ground, the cocky demeanor, the facade all gone from my being. I heard a sudden smash of glass and Jungkook yelling in the other room. I had clearly hit a nerve with my words. I felt drained, and all I could do was stare at the door as I watched the love of my life walk away from me. 

Jungkook’s POV

She was going to try to lie to him. Not smart. Nobody outsmarted Jungkook, not even Einstein’s prodigy, y/n. After she finally gave in, Jungkook had to decide what to do with y/n. This was all so inconvenient- he had a job to do today, which involved “taking care” of a rogue businessmen, and obviously y/n would try and escape. I’m impressed. She’s good at hiding fear. Jungkook noted this about y/n. He even tried testing her reaction by pulling his gun out, and she didn’t even flinch.

Ding! There was that light bulb moment. He’s call Taehyung to keep an eye on her. Tae wouldn’t torture her and would probably even make small talk, whereas the boss would just kill her. No second thoughts. Just bang. Jin was always scared of being exposed. A man who shot his own brother would’t hesitate to shoot someone as meaningless to him as y/n. 

Taehyung was asking too many questions, but he finally agreed to turn around and come back. Jungkook exhaled in relief. Y/n was safe for now. He was keeping a wary eye on her, it was obvious her pretty little head was planning something. He was keeping a cool front until y/n had spat venomously at him “ “It’s ok Kookie“ I’d rather know who you really were before you kill me”. Jungkook couldn’t even look at her after that. He left her room, shut the door and grabbed the nearest thing to him (a vase), hurled it on to wall in rage. Jungkook new as soon as y/n knew about him, he can’t get it both ways. Either he’d end up dead trying to protect her, or she’d do something stupid and get herself killed. Jungkook screamed and knocked over a cabinet. What was he going to do?

Taehyung’s POV

Taehyung was tired. He was grateful he didn’t have any tasks from the boss today because he hadn’t slept in two godamn days and they still had to find a way to penetrate Yoong’s gang and finish them. Those lowlifes had broken every rule in the book and they had to pay. A t least Jungkook had dealt with the slut Yoongi called his ‘girlfriend’. That would show him what they were capable of. Taehyung was lost in his thoughts when the phone rang. What the f-. Taehyung saw the caller ID and his eyes narrowed. It was Jungkook.We left his apartment not half an hour ago, the hell does he want?

He answered reluctantly, while pulling the car over. he knew Jungkook didn’t call unless something bad had happened, or it was urgent, and he didn’t want to crash the car in shock or something. Plus, being sleep deprived really didn’t help.  

“Hello?” Jungkook sounded slightly breathless.


“.. Yes tae, listen.”

“ Did you want to talk to Jin too?”

 “What? No, no just with you.“ Taehyung relaxed slightly at this. It can’t be that bad if Jin didn’t need to know.

“ Ok.. If you’re sure.. I mean, I could turn around and go get hi-”

“Just listen please..It’s y/n..she knows.”

“What the fuck Jungkook. If you’re telling me you told her I’ll come right now and put a bullet in both your he-”

 No you idiot I didn’t tell her! She overheard us when your loud asses came over-”

“Oh right, so it’s our fault?”

 “No I’m not blaming you. Just come over.”


“ YES now!” Taehyung scowled at his impatience.

“I haven’t slept in two days Jungkook. You expect me to-”

“Fuck sleep, this is more important.” Taehyung sighed because he knew it was true.

“ And whatever you do, don’t tell Jin”

“He’ll kill her”, Taehyung realised why Jin wasn’t being told.

“Yes, he probably will.”

Taehyung hung up and muttering a few obscenities he turned the car around. The inky black night was turning into a navy blue. The world was waking up. But Taehyung wasn’t focusing on the outside world right now. Jungkook had broken the one rule of undercover work. The idiot had gotten attached. And now Taehyung now had a new problem on his hands. 

Part 3

This idea came to me and I couldn’t resist. 

Pairing: I suppose this is Fili x Reader but there isn’t much action I’m afraid :P

A little angsty I guess. 

Summary: Kili can no longer stand to watch his brother stare longingly at you and decides to give Fili a little push to get things moving. 

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She Runs Part 2

Author’s note: I obviously do not own Girl Meets World. This is merely a creative writing exercise and for entertainment purposes only. 

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Angst (later romance)

Pairing: Lucaya

Please reblog and recommend if you like it. 


After deciding to skip art class, she’s getting an “A” anyway and, plus, she isn’t up to sitting through another instant of Jackson broadcasting the rhyme and reason of her artwork, Maya finds herself sitting under the bleachers by the soccer field.

In the distance, she can see Farkle waving his arms frantically in front of the goal as the soccer ball heads his way. For whatever reason, probably because he’s secretly a glutton for punishment, Farkle had declared at the beginning of their freshman year that he was going to expand his horizons by running an experiment and proceeded to join any sport that would have him.

Much to his chagrin, and everyone else’s amusement, every coach, from the football to basketball, even the ping pong team, politely but firmly denied him entry into their sport. With Smackle and Riley encouraging and cheering him on, however, he was determined to try for soccer where the coach took one look at his inability to coordinate kicking the ball while running and immediately told him to try out for goalie.

To everyone’s amazement, Farkle turned out to be quite good in that position. He would later try to explain the mechanics behind it, how he could guess what direction and how fast the ball would go by calculating speed and distance with time and some such mess, Maya doesn’t know because she tuned him out and simply nodded and smiled in his general direction. From then on the group had gone to every one of his games without fail, cheering him on because that’s who they all were, or at least had been, until recently, when she’d found herself missing most of his games.

After the ski lodge trip, to be exact.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to make excuses or explain to Farkle because he, like Riley, always had a way of knowing when it came to her. He simply sent her a text after the first four games missed that read: there’s always a spot waiting for you when you’re ready.

She sighs, draws her legs up towards her chest and leans forward to rest her head on her knees. By now, Riley is probably spazzing out with worry and it won’t be long before she’s turning over every corner of the school looking for her.

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Gillovny RPF from Bob pov.

Note: sorry.

My name is Bob, and I hate David Duchovny.

I know he’s my owner, and I shouldn’t talk about him this way, but seriously, he doesn’t treat me well. In 55 years, I never let him down, I never failed once, I was always there for him when he needed me, ready, standing at attention, firm and proud like a glorious soldier, and now what do I get? Weeks of abstinence. Days of deprivation. Hours spent in the left side of a tight pair of boxers, all this for a thirty seconds release in the shower every two mornings. Come on Duchovny! We deserve better than that! Especially after the week we spent when she was there.

Oh God, this week was amazing, as always when she’s around. The day he told me she would be there for a week, I was so happy, I tented his jeans all day long. When night fell, and I heard the sound of Skype from his laptop and I twitched because I knew he would take care of me. I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy those Skype sessions. It’s so frustrating for me. I mean, does he have to wrap his hands around my head like that? Let me enjoy the show, dude! You’re not alone here, I wanna see her too. But no! This selfish idiot exposes me proudly for ten seconds, and then strokes me with his calloused hands, preventing me from watching her doing whatever she does to herself. This last time, I was so upset and frustrated that I got revenge and splashed his face. It serves him right!

After that, we didn’t see each other for two days, except for the call of the wild, of course. I think he was mad at me, but everything was forgiven the second she puts her hands on me. God, I was so excited to feel other hands than his on me that it was hard (haha!) not to let go, just like that. But I didn’t crack up, not for him, but for her.

I met her twenty four years ago, and for me, it was love at first sight. It took more time for my owner to realize it, but it’s another subject. Anyway, if memory serves me, the first thing I saw was her mouth. After that, David dragged me everywhere on and inside her, even in the darkest place that I’d rather not talk about. At this time, and for a long time after, she was not the only one for us, but she’s always been my favorite, and when she came (haha!) to see us this week on January, I worked hard (sorry, haha, again,) to remind her how much I love her.

But once again, she left, and my idiot of owner does nothing to catch her back. I saw his bank account once, and I still don’t understand why we don’t fly every weekend to London. I know he loves her, I heard him tell her so many times, and God knows I do too. She is the most incredible woman in the world. The things she does to me, you have no idea! When I die, I want to be buried inside her. I’m not sure if it’s legal, actually. One of my friend is a lawyer, I’ll ask him next time I see him at the gym.

Anyway, I just heard the ring of Skype, so I got a lot on my plate, right now, and he should be nice with me, and let me see her, ‘cause this time, I’d score right in the eyes.

DR3 Student Council Character Analysis

I know it’s been only one episode of them showing up and literally mean nothing to the series, I do want to have a closer look at them.

At these crazy people.

This is Asahina 3.0. Or as I liked to call her Aokane Asawari, Akaoi Owahina,.

No idea in terms of talent.

I’ll tell you right now this is best girl in a bunny outfit. she didn’t deserve to die.


Her talent is SHSL 20/20 eyesight.

anyway, this is best girl 2. she had awesome hair. but ended up being mukuro/monomi/bandai

fat guy. i don’t have much to say about him. he looks boring. 

this crazy idiot decided to start the killing. she reminds me of another student council member from code geass.

this guy fucking wins before izuru kills him. are you serious. he looks like a lesbian.

well, this small guy has toys and did the smart thing to try and fight their kidnappers instead of fucking killing each other. i like him.

don’t remember much of him. but he reminds me of mondo for some reason.

hello this leon/masaru and is not natsu from fairy tail. also he killed my otp. 

this is my new OTP they did a beautiful yet stupid thing of trying to kill each other off peacefully their talent is SHSL Pairing

she’s hot, but also crazy. too bad and she hoged most of this picture

ah, this guy. this guy who is totally not matsuda-kun. and not a guy who’ll get brain damage. nope.

and fuck this guy. he killed my best girl. oh and your hair sucks.