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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your new venture! I'm very excited to cheer you on. :) So here's a request, no timeline attached: recently a photo surfaced of Cesar Domboy and Lauren Lyle, standing together in a grove of trees... how do you feel about putting them in period clothing, perhaps just wed? Or do what you will. Thank you for the consideration. xo

this is the image

Thank you so much for the request, @andthencamemacdubh, hopefully it will be the first of many! 

I think Cesar and Lauren’s obvious enjoyment of their time in South Africa has made us all very excited to see the Fergus/Marsali relationship on screen. And yes I took that photo as my starting point for the picture, and then I went back to the relevant chapter in Voyager, for details of the wedding outfits. Taking inspiration from DG’s description of Marsali’s clothing, but using artistic license too, I gave our bride a beautiful dress but bare feet - I thought that suited her, feeling the sand between her toes as she makes her commitment. And as for Fergus, well there is no mention of his wedding clothing whatsoever in the book, so I went on my instincts: I decided he would be dressed as impressively as he could make himself, as he is so very aware of what he doesn’t bring to this marriage - a left hand, a guaranteed trade, and a last name… ( though, of course, during the ceremony, he acquires one 😀)

- mod Fiona

And here’s a closer look at their newlywed smiles…

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44. Sneak pictures of each other + modern!Kylo, pretty please? 😊

24 & 44 for the things couples do together with Kylo

This is such a cute idea and so suitable for how I picture modern Kylo :)  hope you both enjoy babes! I’m not entirely sure about it but hopefully you like it

Modern AU Kylo +  Go on a photography adventure +  Sneak pictures of each other

Although to you the day looked rather dreary and called for a nice fire to cozy up to, Kylo thought otherwise. For him, he insisted it was the perfect time to go on a road trip. He gave you no explanation as to where or why you were going, but assured you would love it. The only details he really gave you were little tips to wear comfortable shoes and a heavy sweater. All you could assume from that information was that part of your day was going to be spent outside.

Looking beside you, you smiled faintly at the sight of Kylo intently focused on the road ahead of him. Music was softly playing from the radio which seemed to help Kylo focus. Sighing faintly you turned to look forward again.

“Not even one hint?”

Kylo smirked, “Nope.”

“Why does it need to be a secret? If we’re going for the weekend, I’d like to have an idea.”

“It’s being kept secret so it will be a surprise rather than expected.”

You shrugged, “I suppose.”

For a fleeting moment Kylo rubbed one of his hands over your knee before returning it to the steering wheel. 

“I promise you’ll love it.”

With a faint nod you began to close your eyes, figuring it was better to rest up for wherever you were going.

A while later you were softly shaken awake by Kylo’s large hand engulfing your shoulder.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N). Come on, we’re here.”

You suddenly sat up with your body naturally going into a stretch, “Oh really?”

He nodded as he nudged his head to the side. With a lazy nod in response to his gesture, you pulled yourself out of the car. From what you could see thus far, you were fairly deep into a mountain pass. Luckily for you, the snow had ceased for now, leaving the trees to finally reveal their natural beauty. Your sweater would, at least for the most part, suffice to keep you warm. Stepping out of the car you took in a deep breath, smiling in content at the feeling of the fresh air rushing through you.

Kylo smiled as he gestured to you, “This way.”

Following behind him carefully Kylo led you down a barely visible trail through the forest. The further in you walked, the far more mystical it appeared to be. The scenery itself looked like something you would have imagined inside your head as a child. 

Reaching a certain point Kylo turned back to you, pausing in his steps as he gave you a faint smile.

“This is the best part.”

You smiled back as he gently pulled you along. Sure enough as you walked a few yards forward, you found yourself absolutely speechless and your jaw hanging slack. The view before you was more than beautiful, it was gorgeous. 

“Kylo…this is incredible.”

“I told you.”

He smirked at you as he pulled out his camera again, snapping a few photos of the mountain scape out before you both, with the crystal clear lake reflecting it. Knowing Kylo’s ability to capture scenery and moments in time, you could only imagine how incredible the shots would turn out to be.

Just as you settled onto the ground beneath you, simply gazing at the view before you, you heard branches break under Kylo’s weight. From what you could hear, he seemed to be squatting down for a better angle. The things he would do for his art.

Suddenly after a few shots you noticed him shifting himself before you, the camera pointed directly at you. You arched a brow.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking pictures of the view.”

You rolled your eyes faintly, “Since when are you one for pick up lines?”

“You’re right…too much time with Poe and Finn I suppose.”

You smirked at him as he lifted the camera again and took a few more photos. Most of which were you shyly avoiding the lense.

“Why are you taking so many?”

“Cause…I love photographing you. You’re my favorite subject.”

You blushed faintly at his words as you slightly shook your head.

“Just look at these ones.”

Sitting himself next to you, Kylo carefully brought his camera in front of you both, displaying the images he had just taken. Then a few of the view, breathtaking just as you had assumed. Then there were ones of you. Ones where you were not paying attention to the camera and intently admiring the beauty of nature before you. Some more of the view. To your surprise, there were even some he had taken in the car while you were asleep. From the way he took the shot, you appeared incredibly peaceful, almost etheral. 

He looked to you with his warm brown eyes, a faint smile playing at his lips.

“And that’s only half of them. I have yet to take the other half I want to.”

“You don’t have to waste camera space on me you know?”

“I’d rather use all of it on you.”

You huffed faintly as he gently ran his hand down your cheek. Instinctively you leaned into his touch with a smile.

“I mean it.”

“I better buy you more memory cards then.”

Kylo chuckled faintly as he nodded. Moving his hand from your cheek he carefully draped his arm over your shoulder before pulling you closer. With you snuggled into his side he gave the top of your head a soft kiss. Even in the simplest of ways, Kylo managed to make you feel like a million bucks. As opposed to days when you doubted yourself or began to think otherwise, Kylo in the sometimes the smallest gesture silenced those thoughts. He may have been a hard shell to crack, but he was surely worth every effort once you did. 

“Thank you Kylo.”

Gently his hand caressed your shoulder as he leaned into you, “Of course.”

A/N: Idk about how I ended it, but hopefully you guys liked it

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Could you do the ERA reacting to smol MC that sucks her thumb when she's sleepy please? Ty very much 😘

Sure thing, anon! I used to have friends who did this! I’m going to assume you meant the RFA when you said ERA, so I just did the RFA, and not V and Saeran. Let me know if this isn’t to your liking or you wanted something different, I’d be more than happy to fix it for you! Hope you enjoy it, nonny!

-mod Sarin


  • Honestly he’d find it adorable
  • You’d just be sitting there and all the sudden start sucking on your thumb absentmindedly
  • He would ask you what you were doing, and when you told him, he couldn’t help but hug you It was too adorable for his smol heart okay
  • If he ever saw you start to do that while you were in public, he would quickly whisk you away from what you were doing and straight home to bed
  • If you were home he would be sure to carry get you to bed and would cuddle you until you fell asleep
  • Hes so cute awh


  • He would be confused at first
  • MC why are you doing that??
  • When you explained that you did it when you were tired it clicked in his head
  • You swore you heard the click from where you sat from the other side of the couch
  • He immediately took you to the bedroom and tucked you into bed
  • Zen mc is still in her clothes calm down
  • He would totally make sure to tuck you into bed as soon as possible when you did that
  • If you were in public when it happened, he’d totally let you sleep on his shoulder


  • You were helping Jaehee clean up the café after she closed
  • She was in the kitchen and you were in front cleaning tables
  • You felt tired so you sat down and unconsciously put your thumb in your mouth
  • Cue Jaehee coming out
  • “Mc? Why is your thumb in your mouth?”
  • You were confused until you had to move your thumb to speak
  • Oops
  • You explained that you did it when you were tired
  • At first she tried to get you to stop, considering a bad habit that needed to be stopped
  • But after a while, she started to see it as kinda sweet
  • If you did it around her and she noticed, she’d ask if you needed to rest, and made sure you did if you said yes she’s so sweet


  • Like Jaehee, he thought it was a bad habit and needed to be stopped
  • “Mc don’t do that, it’s unhygienic.”
  • Would get you the best doctors to see if you did it because of something mentally Jumin not everything needs a doctor
  • If you did it around him, he would gently pull your thumb out of your mouth and remind you that it is unhygienic
  • Eventually would come to terms with the fact that you probably weren’t going to stop, and would find it as another quirk that made you perfect to him


  • You probably fell asleep with your thumb in your mouth and he saw
  • He would take so many pictures and spam the chatroom with the pics
  • He would tease you about it when you woke up too
  • When he sees you do it, half the time won’t point it out, and just wait until you fall asleep so he can take pics really seven
  • The other half of the time he probably asks you if you are tired. If so prepare yourself
  • “Do not worry, I, the Defender of Justice, will make sure you get to sleep soundly!” seven no just let mc sleep
  • Tries to carry you to the bedroom
  • Fails
  • You both end up on the ground just outside your room, where he just pulls you to his chest and holds you until you fall asleep cutecutecute

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Idk if your taking writing requests but like if you are could you do modern jackcrutchie being cute in public but then they deal with some jerk being homophobic or something?

TW: Homophobia, homophobic slurs

The painting may have been nearly a decade old, but its colors remained just as vibrant as the day after Jack had painted it. Russet browns stretched down the canvas, darkening with deep, expansive shadows. Gentle shading had added definition to the stone face, illuminating nooks and crannies, dark with mystery. Faded red slashed across the stone, an eternal reminder of eras past. The base of the Canyon lay black with death, and destiny. Even despite the thick darkness, small outlines of boulders and crevasses dotted the edge of the jutting walls.

At the base of the Canyon, a faded olive river crawled, winding its way deeper and deeper into the ground. Erosion lined the river’s walls, gouges of eons and eras long gone. Gone, but never forgotten, as the century-old sun shone light onto the past. Only the smallest white smudges could distinguish the rapids that seemed impossible in the sluggish river from the height of observance.

The sky above the Canyon was soft with thin, pink clouds. The setting sun, barely visible over the Canyon edge, had turned the sky a brilliant gold, with light orange undertones. White-bright sun rays extended upwards toward the clouds, washing out some of the soft golden light. The top of the sky was already darkening into a deep indigo that bespoke of eternities swirling into the distance. Shadows dipped beyond the Canyon walls, stretching beyond the dwindling sun rays.

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going on a date with the8: sea aquarium

doing this bc i just went to an aquarium yesterday & all i was thinking abt was how nice it’d be to go on a date at such a place 🐠🐟 it’s really beautiful!

  • aquariums are one of the best places for dates
  • it’s such an innocent and pure activity, especially for couples who just got together
  • you and minghao would be holding hands when entering and the both of you would be equally excited
  • actually i think you’ll be a tad bit more excited
  • you would be so fascinated by the sea creatures whereas minghao would be looking at you, admiring how beautiful you are
  • “look!” you ran as you saw small sharks
  • “so beautiful…” you muttered at the sight
  • “just like you” minghao appeared from behind
  • you turned around and met his eyes
  • and you’re blushing but thank goodness the aquarium is dim
  • “since when are you so greasy?”
  • too much mixing with jun i guess
  • “can’t help myself bc you’re just so beautiful”
  • he says with those innocent puppy eyes asDFGJKL
  • and you can’t deal with his cheesiness so you walk away to another area
  • he’ll take so many pictures of you when you’re not looking
  • “hey this looks like you”
  • & he points to a pufflefish
  • you can’t believe how he can change from complimenting to insulting you in 0.08 secs
  • before you can do anything to him he already ran away
  • he’ll probably hide in some dark corner thinking that you won’t be able to find him
  • but you’re not dumb
  • & when you find him you’ll tickle him hard
  • oh my god imagine minghao laughing & telling you to stop
  • it’s sO CUTE???
  • you end up giving in bc he’s out of breath
  • “you know i was just joking right?” he’ll hang his arm over your shoulders
  • “i don’t” you’ll pretend to be angry
  • “don’t be mad, you know you’re beautiful!”
  • you’ll hit him lightly but he’ll catch your hands SCREAMS
  • “let me go”
  • that boy will ignore you and smile
  • he loves holding onto you & he’ll never let you go
  • “that looks like you” you’ll point to some weird ass fish
  • minghao wouldn’t even deny bc he agrees with everything you say
  • AND YOU’RE SO IN LOVE WITH HIM even though you don’t say it out
  • selfies!!!
  • 80% of the selfies will be of him looking at you
  • 10% weird faces
  • 5% blurry ones
  • remaining 5% normal
  • when it gets a little crowded, he’ll protect you subtley
  • like placing his hand on your small back
  • or pulling you closer to him
  • he’ll always be behind you bc he wants to make sure you’re safe & within his reach
  • before leaving the aquarium, minghao will plant a quick kiss on your cheek & continue to hold your hands
  • this is too perfect i’m not ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi! do you have any advice for sticking with one family (not getting bored of them) and not rushing your gameplay? thanks :)

Hello :) That’s actually a pretty good question I hope I can answer. I’m the kind of person who does get bored easily while playing the sims. I think I’ve never seen a gen 4 born in my game. But with the Woods, I hope to change that and I’ll give you the advices I gave myself. 

Disclaimer: I always find it difficult to write exactly what I mean because English is not my mother tongue and some things are not that easy to translate. ahah I hope it’ll be clear enough though and sorry for making it that long. I think I lost myself a little and I diverged from the initial subject but oh well, maybe it’ll help someone! 

Don’t compare your family to other simblrs’ family. I think this is very important because I know I did & it always made me dislike my sims and want to restart everything. It’s never a good thing to compare yourself or your creations to others and your simblr is no different. Be proud of what you do because no one can do it just like you and that’s why it’s so special.

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He's Cute, Huh?

Daveed x Reader
Word Count: 2996

A/N: Hi guys; this is kind of an awkward one, but it’s been in my drafts for a while and I wanted to share it… I hope you like it!

“Okay okay okay,” you muttered to yourself, “You can do it… It’s only the biggest musical on broadway in the history of ever,” you groaned, hiding your face in your hands. Sighing, you worked up the courage to look at yourself once again; your hair was curled, your makeup was on, and you were wearing an outfit was appropriate, but incredibly flattering. At least you hoped it was. And, of course, your camera bag was hanging off your shoulder.

Apparently, another book was being made for Hamilton, the musical; you were asked to photograph some of the pictures for it. You usually did weddings, engagements, graduation parties, that type of stuff… Sure, they’re important, but this was really really important; you’ve been listening to the soundtrack for weeks on end, gradually falling in love with the play and all of the characters in it. Not to mention how many people would be seeing these photos; it could be hundreds… Thousands! You shook your head; stop thinking about it, you have to stop thinking about it, Y/N.

Sighing, you slipped on your Adidas’ and a jacket before heading to the theatre. It wasn’t an incredibly long ride, but with every turn the cab made, your heart began racing even faster; what if the cast is high maintenance? You’ve met more than enough of those in your time; “Only photos from the left, please; no flash, please, I don’t want to be shiny; um, can you take another one, I don’t really like this.” And those were normal people; normal, not famous, people.

“So,” the driver coughed, grabbing your attention, “Is this your stop, or do I have to keep driving you places?”

“Oh,” you shook your head to straighten your thoughts, “No this is me,” you smiled apologetically, handing him your fare and climbing out. “Thank you!” You called before shutting the door and turning to face what was probably the most intimidating venue you’ve yet to work in.

Cautiously, you approached the theatre, slipping inside once showing your photographers hallmark. Inside, a man you’ve never met before guided you to the backstage area where the cast was beginning to get ready for the matinee. There, you seen Lin. You and he saw each other at what seemed to be the precise same moment; you didn’t even have time to think over each and every word you were going to say.

“Hi,” he grinned, “You must be Y/N Y/L/N, the photographer, right?” He asked, offering you his hand; before you even had the chance to reply, he introduced himself, “I’m Lin.”

You took his hand, but in the process your camera bag slipped from your shoulder; struggling to catch it, you awkwardly fumbled it back onto your shoulder, shaking his hand, trying to play it cool. “It’s so nice to meet you,” you grinned, letting go of his hand to secure your bag safely to your body to spare yourself of future embarrassment.

“And you, too,” He replied; even though you knew he said it simply as an act of courtesy, it still made your cheeks heat up, “The cast is just getting ready for the show,” he said, pointing with his thumb to the dressing rooms behind him, “You’re welcome to take as many pictures as you want of the process… And feel free to roam around the place to get all your shots,” he continued, nodding his head, “I can introduce you to the cast, too, I just have to get into costume, first; but I’ve been doing it for months, it only takes me a few minutes, now,” he said, oddly proudly, like a child aiming for praise from their mother for doing the littlest of tasks.

You nodded your head, “That sounds nice,” you said, “I can wait here if you want; I can fix the shutter speed, ISO, F stop… That type of stuff while I wait… I mean,” you shook your head, annoyed with yourself for some reason, “You didn’t need to know that,” you smiled, pitifully, “But… That’s what I’ll be doing,” you continued, biting your lip and shifting your wait from the balls of your feet to the heels, before deciding to take out your camera.

Lin laughed and nodded his head, “I’ll be out in a minute,” he said, turning and jogging to his dressing room.

Sighing to yourself, you shook your head; it’s okay, you can bounce back from that… You’ve done worse, you’ve bounced back… Never in front of Lin-Manuel Miranda, though… Oh, damnit, why couldn’t you just be effortlessly cool for once? Fiddling with your camera, taking test-shots, making corrections, you didn’t even notice somebody approach you.

“Interesting post?” He asked, gaining your attention immediately. He was taller than you, and definitely taller than Lin; he was also incredibly beautiful.

Pulling yourself from your daze, you grinned, shaking your head, “No,” you chuckled, “I was just… Adjusting…” You internally cringed. Letting your camera drop so it hung around your neck, you offered the man your hand, “I’m Y/N,” you said, “I’m here to take pictures of the show this afternoon and tonight,” you explained, “Just so you know that I’m not being creepy if you see me taking pictures of you,” you elucidated. You have never felt such instant regret in your life.

He smirked as he chuckled, taking your hand and shaking it; “Daveed,” he introduced himself, “And don’t worry, I won’t think you’re creepy.”
You bit your bottom lip, partly to stop yourself from word vomiting again, partly because you were incredibly embarrassed.

Luckily for you, it was that exact moment that Lin emerged from his dressing room, approaching you, full-Hamilton. “Ah,” he said, beaming, “You’ve already met Daveed,” he stated, “She’s taking pictures for the new book,” he explained.

Daveed nodded his head, “Yes,” he said, smiling, “And she is *not* being creepy,” he teased, looking down to you with a smirk.

You bit your lip once again, while Lin looked to you in question; “I didn’t know if the cast is aware of my job, and I don’t want them to think I’m weird to be taking pictures of them all throughout the show,” you explained to Lin, shrugging your shoulders.

He nodded his head, grinning, “Understood,” he chuckled, “Also,” he said, this time pointing his attention to Daveed, “You need to get into costume, because you have a horrible track record of missing your cue.”

Daveed clicked his tongue, shooting Lin some finger guns, “Got it,” he said, grinning, “I’ll see you on stage,” he smirked, “I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

You waved as he went to get into his costume, sighing out a breath of relief that you hadn’t even realized you had been holding.

“Come on,” Lin smiled, “Let’s go meet the rest of the cast.”


Throughout the first show, you had gotten tons of photos of the cast, both on and off stage; but more importantly, you seriously lucked out with this cast. None of them were high  maintenance, none of them were demanding or difficult and they all seemed, unexpectedly, down to earth. In fact, it was only Daveed who asked to see some of your pictures after you took them; and he never made any disparaging or demanding comments about them! Only grinned and said, ‘good job,’ or, ‘you’re really good at this.’
By the time the evening show was about to begin, you had captured most of the moments you had in mind; the second show was only a matter of filling in the cracks.

The team was having a quick meeting backstage, and you were there, too, taking pictures of it all.

Daveed’s hair was pulled into a ponytail, ready to play Lafayette; when his hair was up, it really emphasized his jawline and impeccably trimmed beard, you noticed. Holding your camera to your eye, you quickly snapped a picture of him, his eyes trained on whatever it was Lin was saying. Upon hearing the click of your camera, he turned to look at you, already beaming. Seeing his smile in the camera, you took another, smirking as you pulled the camera away from your face.

“Daveed,” Lin rolled his eyes, a feeble attempt at gaining his cast-mate’s attention, “Daveed!” He repeated himself, snapping his fingers, “Focus, man; you’ve missed, like, half of your cues during the matinee! What’s with you today?”

Daveed shook his head, “Sorry,” he said, sneaking a glance at you, who was taking a picture of the three Schuyler sisters, who were all chatting and smiling with one another, “I’m just a little distracted, I guess.”

Lin rolled his eyes, “Well get over it,” he mumbled, “She’s here to work; I’m not familiar with photographer protocol, she might get into trouble canoodling with her clients… I’m really not sure; do you want this play to be the reason she loses her job?”

Daveed furrowed his brows and cocked his head to look at Lin; “Good point,” he said, though the way it came out made it sound more like a question than a statement.

Lin looked at you as you moved on from the three women and instead aimed your camera at the two who were already looking at you; upon seeing you turn, they both looked in the opposite direction, turning their heads away from you in a weak attempt to disguise their staring.

You chuckled as you snapped the picture; however, taking their obvious hint of not wanting to be photographed right now, you moved on to your next victim.


There was a short time before intermission where Daveed didn’t need to be on stage at all, and during that time, he sat with you backstage while you continued to take pictures.

“You’re a really good photographer,” he commented, resting his chin in the palm of his hands, “How’d you learn?”

“My high school had a program,” you answered, snapping another shot, “And my father had a camera that I always played with when I was little, so I started off pretty young,” you continued, shrugging your shoulders. “It’s actually really easy to do,” you admitted, looking up to Daveed, who was looking at you in admiration, already; quickly you looked back at your camera, “As long as the settings are right, you won’t be able to mess up,” you shrugged, “Wanna try?”

He looked at you, nearly shocked, you would say, but nodded his head nonetheless, “Yeah, sure,” he answered, grinning.

Lifting the camera from around your neck, you handed it to him; however, instead of pointing it to his fellow cast-mates on stage, like you had expected, he directed the lens to you.

You felt your cheeks heat up instantly, without consent and without agreement; you found it in you to smile, nevertheless. Once you heard it click, Daveed looked at his picture, and grinned immediately. “Beautiful,” he smiled, tilting the camera so you could see. Despite your blushing face and awkward smile, it wasn’t the worst photo ever taken of you…

You smiled at him; “See?” You asked, taking the camera he was offering, “It’s not hard at all.”

Daveed grinned and nodded his head, “I’d be useless at trying to figure out what all of these buttons do, though,” he said softly, pointing to the multitude of buttons and knobs on the device.

Before you could answer, though, Lin was waving Daveed towards him, aggressively; quickly, you took a picture.

“Diggs,” he whisper-yelled, “If you miss this cue, I swear-“

Daveed stood up instantly, shooting you an apologetic smile, “I’ll see you later,” he grinned, dopily, as he jogged off to his spot, ready to enter the stage.

You shook your head, laughing quietly, “You betcha,” you mumbled. You watched for a moment while the two men conversed; well, Lin seemed to be preaching, while Daveed was smirking and shrugging his shoulders.

“Save it until her job is done, Daveed,” Lin whispered, not wanting anybody to overhear, though the others had no trouble noticing the obnoxiously large amount of stolen glances and miniature conversations shared between you two. “Do you want her getting into trouble?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

Daveed rolled his eyes, “We’re not children, Lin,” he reminded his friend, “I think we’ll be fine.”

Of course, Lin wanted to retort, but he never got the opportunity on account of Daveed, finally, hitting this cue perfectly.

Backstage, you had the perfect view of the men and women performing Yorktown; this had always been one of your favourite songs, but nothing could beat seeing it live…

“He’s cute, huh?” Pippa asked, giddily, from beside you.

Jumping only slightly, you let the camera fall around your neck; you looked at her in question, “Who?” You asked, your face already heating up.

“Daveed,” he said, nudging her elbow into yours, softly, “He’s been stuck on you all day!”

You shook your head, gently, “I don’t know,” you said, breathlessly, “I think he’s just being nice,” you muttered, picking your camera back up, but only to fiddle with it.

Pippa smiled, “He thinks your beautiful,” she stated, factually, “And adorable,” she continued.

Your cheeks were now burning with your blush; thinking quickly, you placed the camera against your face, as if you were about to take a picture. Realizing that you didn’t have anything to take a picture of, at this angle, you let it back down, defeated. “Did he tell you that?” You asked, quirking a brow.

She shook her head, “No; but I could tell. Well, everybody can, actually. He hasn’t stopped looking at you all day-that sounds creepy,” she said, furrowing her brows, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

You laughed and shook your head, “No,” you grinned, “I didn’t take it like that, you’re okay,” you chuckled.

“Okay, good,” she said, letting out a breath of relief, “He would kill me.”

You smiled and shook your head, “It’s okay,” you repeated your cheeks flushing, “I think he’s adorable, too.”


The final song was beginning, so you quickly made your way to the front of the stage, so you could get a few good photos of the bow. You had been able to avoid Daveed during the past few times he didn’t need to be on stage, purely out of embarrassment. What would you say? You couldn’t say anything!

To distract yourself, you took probably twice the normal amount of photographs needed. Despite this, you only took a few of Daveed.

Then, when they were about to bow, you were able to snap more than enough shots of the cast. When the lens was pointed in Daveed’s general direction, he smirked, directly at you. Quickly, you took the picture and shook your head; when you seen him smile brighter, you knew that he had seen you.

After they all exited the stage, you hurried back to find Lin. He was chatting with a few people that you hadn’t met before. You approached them, cautiously. “Hi,” you said quietly, just loud enough for their conversation to cease.

“Hey,” Lin beamed, “How’d it go?” He asked, genuinely interested in knowing.

You nodded you head, enthusiastically, “It went really well,” you grinned, “I think you’ll like them. I can edit them and everything then send them to you to look through within a month,” you said, confidently.

“Perfect!” Lin exclaimed, his usual youthful personality shining through, making you smile brightly. “And thank you, so much, for doing this,” he grinned, “I’m really excited to see them all.”

“And I’m excited to show you,” you grinned, nodding your head.

Lin said a quick ‘goodbye’ to the people he was talking with before you arrived, and lead you off to the side of the room, where very few people were. “And, Y/N?” He asked dubiously, cocking his head to the side, like a puppy would.

“Yeah?” You asked, borderline afraid.

He looked around the room before leaving his eyes on yours, “Daveed asked me to tell you that he’d like to talk to you before you head out,” he said, biting his bottom lip.

You cocked your head, “Is everything okay?” You asked, mindlessly fiddling with your camera lens.

He nodded his head, grinning, “Oh yeah,” he said, “Everything’s okay, he just, you know… Wants to see you, is all.”

“Oh,” you smiled, “Okay; do you know where he is?” You asked, looking around the room to try to spot him.

Lin nodded his head, pointing discreetly to a little cluster of people talking in the corner; you were able to see Daveed easily, as he stood a foot taller than everyone in his little group. “Over there,” he shrugged, offering you his hand.

You took it, grinning, “It was lovely to meet you, Lin,” you said, shaking his hand.

He smiled brightly, “I hope I can see you around, Y/N,” he grinned. You waved goodbye to him, softly, as you headed over to Daveed.

“Hi,” you said, shyly as you approached the little group. Upon seeing you, Daveed smiled.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later,” he said, leading you away from the small cluster and a good few feet away. “Hey,” he smiled, “I was meaning to talk to you.”

“Yeah,” you nodded your head, “Lin told me…”

He smirked, “I was just wondering,” he began, digging his hands in his pockets, “If you’d like to go out with me; on a date, I mean,” he said, not quite nervously, but nearly.

You smiled and nodded your head, softly, “I’d love to,” you grinned at him for a moment before shaking your head and fumbling to pull out your phone from your camera bag. You handed it to him after a moment of grappling; “I can text you if you want,” you said, feebly.

Thankfully, Daveed took the phone and quickly typed his phone number in before handing it back, “I’d like that,” he grinned, “I’ll see you soon?”

“You will.”

Con-Etiquette: How to Gracefully Decline a Photo and Other Photography Tips

I feel like everyone as experienced some form of a “rude brush off” while photographing at a convention. Hopefully these tips will keep you from experiencing it or  help you handle it better, both from the photographers and models perspective.The key in most of these situations is politeness and compromise. I’ve also thrown in a smorgasbord of other cosplay photography tips.

What do you do if you want to ask a cosplayer, who appear to be resting, if you can take their picture? There are different perspectives on this. Some cosplayers are bothered by this; other could care less and are happy to be asked no matter how tired they are. Here is what I do: ask if I can photograph them while they are sitting. Some people’s costumes look very interesting while draped across a chair or billowed out while they sit on the floor. If you think that their costume would be better photographed while standing up simply ask them when and where you might find them later in the day for a photo.

Don’t stop photographing a cosplayer during a shoot so you can offer to shoot another cosplayer. This actually happened to me. My sister and I were walking by a photo shoot and waved hello to the model, who we knew. We stayed to chat a moment with the photographer and her while he fixed his lighting. He then proceeded to offer to take a photo of my sister and me. The model handled it quite gracefully and politely asked he could finish shooting her first. As a photographer this comes off as very rude and uninvested in your client, whether they are paying or not.

Have cos-cards and business card. This is supper helpful with finding a photographer or hunting down your pictures later.

I once asked a cosplayer for a photograph and he rudely brushed me off. I found out later he was on his way to a cosplay competition and was both late and stressed. I did not then, nor now think this is any kind of excuse for rude behavior. Two years later I found myself in a similar situation. I was late and flustered as I headed for photo shoot, that I couldn’t find the location to, when I was stopped and asked for a photo. I remember what it felt like to be on the receiving end of this situation. I smiled and politely explained what was going on and then offered to let him come with me to the shoot if still wanted a picture. I use this approach anytime I have to decline a picture. I try to express excitement about being photographed and then give them an alternate time and location during the course of the convention where they can find me. I feel like this has been successful solution for me and doesn’t leave the other party feeling embarrassed or let down.

Sometimes you get cornered by a creepy camera guy/girl and it is perfectly ok to say “no” to being photographed. I fortunately haven’t had to deal with this too much but a “No thank you”, “Not right now, but thank you for the offer”,  and “ Thank you but I’m too busy right now” are all perfectly acceptable answers. If the issue is presses you can explain that you have had a busy weekend, are tired of posing for pictures and would rather not be photographed right now. There is no need to be hateful or rude but always handle it with a level of maturity and politeness. This makes you look like the bigger person, particularly if the photographer pushes the issue. They will have no reason to call you out if your behavior has been impeccable; instead they will end up looking like an ass. Also, most conventions take harassment very seriously. If something feels off make a member of security aware.

Always be aware of your surroundings. I can’t count the times I’ve been stopped in a congested hallway for a photo. I try to steer the photographer to the nearest alcove or open area that will not block traffic. As a photographer, if your model positions herself against a wall for a picture this isn’t and invitation for you to stand in the middle of the hall to take the picture. I’ve seen this happen far too many times.

Don’t be afraid to work with amateurs, both from the cosplayers and the photographer point of view. No one is ever going to get better without practice.

Do you have any tips? Comment or submit them and I’ll add it to the list.

A funny one. Stumbled upon this after a late dinner across the street, a white ’95 just like my old one—down to the rumpled left front fender, in fact—set up exactly how I’d always intended but never quite got around to doing mine. As I got into my crouch I heard a call: “Is that Peter Hughes taking a picture of my car?!?” Dude was wearing a Mountain Goats shirt from ten-plus years ago, explained that he’d missed our show on account of work but had come down anyway in the hopes of saying hi. I was a few too many in to accept the keys, but that didn’t stop me from jumping in the passenger’s seat, strapping on a 5-point harness, and spending the next ten minutes ruminating on all the reasons I wished I’d sold my dumb Peugeot instead before moving south. Thanks, Rob.

SEVENTEEN REACTION to you addicted to take photos of them without they noticing (Wonwoo, Jun, Mingyu, Joshua and Dino)

Hi babies! How have you been? 

I had fun doing this one! These days I’m making most of the Seventeen reactions and I’m having so many feelings~ I have to confess I got a bit lost on the Joshu’s tumblr tag… He’s just too perfect to handle! Anyways, let’s go!



This sweetheart would find your “addiction” funny. He wouldn’t mind it tho… He trusted you would take good care of his photos and sometimes he’d prank you by pretending he was asleep, and when you took your cellphone out to take some pictures, he’d open his eyes saying:

“I got you babe~”


The first time he got you, he’d pretend he was mad, just to tease you, but right after would play it off and would start smiling saying:

“I’m just kidding baobei! But seriously, you need to tell me whenever you’re taking a picture of me so I can make a good pose~!” To be honest if you start to take too many pictures of him to the point of being obnoxious, he might get a little tiny bit annoyed.


Wonwoo would pretend he didn’t notice, and in the moment you will take a picture, he makes a pose for you.

“I knew you would do that!” he wouldn’t mind you taking pictures of him either, as long as you didn’t mind him taking your’s as well~


Mingyu is the type that does it as well. When he caught you taking pictures of him, before you could apologize, he’d show his cell phone loaded with photos of you (mostly memes).

“We’re both even now babe~”


“Ya noona! Stop it!” He’d whine playfully.

He wouldn’t like you having pictures of him, especially the memes, if you didn’t let him take pictures of you as well. Dino would only stop complaining when you finally let him catch some memes or weird pictures of you.


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

seenashwrite replied to your post “i am done with supernatural”

We here at NashHole, Inc. regret to inform you that you’re stuck with us…. er, me. You’re totes stuck with me. I am a persistent parasite or something of a fungal nature. ;) You do what you need to do, is the point. I supported the off'ing of anon feature, should weed out the cro-magnon spawn rejects at least.


*goes back to the tree in the undisclosed location*

*makes the ‘Hel + Nash 4 eva’ carved into it many years ago bigger*

*then draws a heart around it*

*takes a picture and uses too many filters before posting to ig*

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have any Law relationship headcanons? Thanks! :')

(I already did, my dear anon

But here they are again for your viewing pleasure)

Law Relationship Headcanons:

  • Actions speak louder than words. Rather than saying “I love you”, “You’re my only one”, stuff like that, he’ll express it through more physical ways like holding them closer, being more tolerant of certain things that would usually annoy him, etc.
  • ^ Even though I say this, this dork doesn’t usually like showing this type of affection in public. He’d only show affection in public if he felt it was necessary.
  • Teasing is a must. Sorry for whoever hates getting teased, but being in a relationship with Trafalgar D. Water Law means teasing is going to happen (most likely) on a daily basis.
  • ^ While he enjoys teasing his partner, he loathes getting teased back. If they try, he’ll most likely retaliate.
  • This dork would definitely be over-protective of his S/O, sometimes to the point where it could be suffocating. He’s lost too many people he’s cared about already, and he wouldn’t be willing to risk that chance with them.
  • ^ Adding onto that thought, he’d continue to protect them until he was proven that they could take care of themselves. Although the only way I can picture that happening is if they beat him in a fight.
  • If his S/O was interested in something that he wasn’t really familiar about, he’d do some research about it himself. If it takes his interest, he’d dive into the deeper aspects of said subject. If it doesn’t, he’ll only keep his research to the bare minimum.
  • Not a big ‘giving presents’ kinda guy. While he might celebrate the holidays and birthdays with his S/O, he enjoys giving them presents without the ties of certain dates.

anonymous asked:

omg i look through your blog and i love how you hateblog on hongbonbon-he needs to be punched (even after the drama) but one question,why did(or do) you call him sharkbin?:o thanks! lol

do i call him that often??? 

it kind of started as a joke because he sometimes looks like he has way too many teeth in certain pictures.  and then i decided he’s like a shark and can lose teeth and just have rows of teeth behind them ready to go.   at any point in time hongbin may have literally thousands of teeth.  

here let me just:

like he’s super cute it’s just that

sometimes it seems he has a disconcerting amount of teeth

Will You Be My Date? - Requested (Calum)

Anon asked: Can you do one when you go to prom with a guy, but it was a bet and once you get there, he ditches you, and then one of the boys come be your date and he admits he liked you for a long time and that he was going to ask you to the prom, but he was too late? Sorry if it’s confusing. I love your writing by the way! Great blog!

Thank you and I hope it is long the line of what you wanted!

“Oh sweetie, you look gorgeous”, you walk into the living room.

“You think?” you do a little twirl, looking down at your dress.  

“Yes (Y/N), you look absolutely amazing”, your mom is almost in tears. “Let me get my camera”

“Mom no”, you roll your eyes.

“Let me do it, allow me this please. I need to capture this for later. One day you’re going to be happy I made pictures of this, trust me”, she points her finger to you.

“Fine mom! Just do it already”, she pulls out the camera from her pocket and starts snapping pictures. “I think you have enough”, you laugh after a while.

“I just want to be sure. Better have too many”

“Okay, but put it away, he’s here”, you say as the bell rings.

“No, I want one with you and Ralph”

“Don’t embarrass me”, you warn her before you open the door.

“Ralph, come in”, your mom pulls him through the door. “Go stand next to (Y/N), so I can take some pictures”

He does as he’s been told and takes place next to you. “Hey”, he smiles down to you with his usual charming smile.

“Hey”, you smile back. He places his hand on the smalls of your back and let your mom take the pictures.

“These pictures are perfect, I’m going to show your dad these”, your mom says and she spurts off.

“Bye mom!” you laugh.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Have fun kids!” she yells, but she’s already out of sight.

“Sorry”, you smile.

“It’s okay”, again that smile that makes your knees go weak. “Can we go?”

“No, we need to wait for the boys, if that’s okay?”


“You look really nice Ralph”

“Thanks, oh I forgot”, he hands you a little box with a corsage. “Hope you like it”

“It’s gorgeous. Thank you”, you take it out of the box and put it round your wrist.

“I think they are here”, the doorbell rings again.

“Hey guys”, you open the door and give them a big smile.

“(Y/N), you look amazing”, Calum looks you up and down, his mouth slightly open from admiration.

“You look dashing yourself Cal”, you giggle as he’s still watching you with adoration.

“You look great too Michael, I’ve never seen you suited up”

“Thanks babe, you look really hot you know”, he says and gives you a little peck on your cheek.

“Thanks Mike”, you laugh. “Were are your dates?”

“We need to pick them up”

“We better go then”, Ralph speaks up.

You all walk out. “What the hell did you bring?” you say as soon as you see the car.

“It’s my dad’s minivan. I needed something we would all fit into”, Michael defends himself.

“Not the limo I was hoping for”, you joke.

“Not up to the standards of the lady?”

“Well you know me”, you wink.

“If I had known I would of brought my car”, Ralph says, clearly not impressed with the ride he is going to get.

“Let’s go”, Calum says ignoring Ralph’s comment.

“What girls are we picking up?” you ask as Michael starts driving.

“Luke and Ashton”, Calum smirks.

“What? I thought you had real dates”

“They are our real dates”

“That’s cool, but I thought you had girls. I mean I’m fine if you want to date them”, you tease.

“Oh please. I couldn’t find the right girl to ask, Luke’s date is sick and Mikey couldn’t get a date”


Calum rolls his eyes. “So this way we can take Ash too”

“That’s sweet”

“You know us”, he winks.


Michael parks the car, Ralph is the first one to jump out and walks to the entrance of the school. “So eager he forgets his date”, Calum holds out his hand to you.

“To excited I suppose”, you try to justify it as you place your hand in Calum’s.

“Don’t get that. I would never get so excited that I would forget you”, he helps you out of the car.

“That’s because you are you”, you want to give him a kiss, but hearing your name makes you pull back.

“(Y/N)! Come on”, Ralph calls to you. You give Calum an apologizing look and quickly walk to Ralph. “Finally”, he puts his arm round your waist and pulls you with him as he walks to the gymnasium with big steps. “There are my friends”, he points to them and when the notice the two of you he waves. “Let’s go and say hi”, again he pulls you with him. You get an off feeling when they are laughing and chuckling when they see you and Ralph together. You shake your head and tell yourself not to be so silly, so you flash a big smile on your face. “Hey guys”, Ralph lets go of you and his friends look at you witch makes you really uncomfortable. “Here she is”

“Didn’t think you would pull it off”, one of his friends says.

“She’s here isn’t she”, the smirk on Ralph lips confuses you.

“She is. Mate well done, but I have to hear it out of her mouth”

“Go on love, tell him who’s your date”

“You are”, you frown not getting what is going on.

“I’ll bring your forfeit round tomorrow”, his friends says laughing and patting Ralph’s shoulder.

“Still don’t believe she bought it”, Ciel the most popular girl from school adds herself to the group. She puts her arm round Ralph’s shoulder and he immediately wraps his arm round her waist. “Did you really think asked you to the prom cause he liked you”, she asks you superciliously. “You’re so naïve”, her voice sounds sweet but nippy too. “Keep that gullibility, it looks cute on you”, she gives you a fake smile and presses her body closer to Ralph’s.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), it was just a stupid bet”, he shrugs like it’s the most normal thing in the world. “Thanks for being such a good sport”, he nudges your shoulder and turns to his friends, leaving you standing there dumb. It slowly sinks in and you quietly recede. Tears are streaming over your face as you run outside. You sit down at the step at the entrance, not being able to walk any further. You let your head fall in your hands.

“(Y/N)?” a soft voice comes closer, hands wrapping round your shoulder. “Sweetie, it’s okay”

“I’m such a fool”, you look up met by dark brown eyes.

“No you’re not”

“What am I doing wrong Cal?”

“Absolutely nothing”, he pulls you closer, firming his grips on you and you rest your head in the crook of his neck.

“But why doesn’t any guy want me then? I’m the stake of a bet! A fucking bet”, tears are falling down harder. “How did I ever think a guy like that wants a girl like me”

“Don’t say that”

“I must be such a monstrosity if a guy only wants to be with me when it’s a bet”

“Okay, now you need to stop. You are a fucking amazing girl. Seriously he’s the idiot not to see how a great girl he had in his hands. If I was him I would have known”

You distance yourself from Calum so you can see him. “Really?”

“Yes and he’s an asshole. I wanted to ask you to the prom myself, but he too fast. You know why I was too late?” you nod no. “I was too late, because I was scared to ask you”

“Why were you scared?”

“Cause I like you”

It’s silent for a bit where you just look at each other. “You like me?” you finally speak when it’s seeped in.

“I do and I have for a long time”

You press your lips to his. “You should of told me sooner”, you smile when you pull back.

“I should have”, he wipes the tears from your cheek. “If I had known you would react like this, I would have”, he pecks your lips again and stands up. “(Y/N)? Will you be my date to the prom?” he holds his hand out to you. You place your hand in his, he pulls you up and intertwines his finger with yours. 

“I would love to”, you smile.


anonymous asked:

Heey! Congrats on the blog. Wow, I just read your first Law thing and it's so spot on him!! Do you have any relationship headcanons for him?


Personally, writing Law fluff is difficult cause he’s such a huge dork that he doesn’t know how to fluff properly.

Jerk making my life hard.

Let’s see, I can try headcanons, but no promises on if ends up the way you expected.)

Law Relationship Headcanons:

  • Actions speak louder than words. Rather than saying “I love you”, “You’re my only one”, stuff like that, he’ll express it through more physical ways like holding them closer, being more tolerant of certain things that would usually annoy him, etc.
  • ^ Even though I say this, this dork doesn’t usually like showing this type of affection in public. He’d only show affection in public if he felt it was necessary.
  • Teasing is a must. Sorry for whoever hates getting teased, but being in a relationship with Trafalgar D. Water Law means teasing is going to happen (most likely) on a daily basis.
  • ^ While he enjoys teasing his partner, he loathes getting teased back. If they try, he’ll most likely retaliate.
  • This dork would definitely be over-protective of his S/O, sometimes to the point where it could be suffocating. He’s lost too many people he’s cared about already, and he wouldn’t be willing to risk that chance with them.
  • ^ Adding onto that thought, he’d continue to protect them until he was proven that they could take care of themselves. Although the only way I can picture that happening is if they beat him in a fight.
  • If his S/O was interested in something that he wasn’t really familiar about, he’d do some research about it himself. If it takes his interest, he’d dive into the deeper aspects of said subject. If it doesn’t, he’ll only keep his research to the bare minimum.
  • Not a big ‘giving presents’ kinda guy. While he might celebrate the holidays and birthdays with his S/O, he enjoys giving them presents without the ties of certain dates.

I am starting not to like the Fat Acceptance movements. Especially the tumblr versions.

For one. I will start off by saying I am NOT skinny at all. I don’t remember ever being skinny. I was always the fat kid when I went to school. People have made fun of me and told me that I would never have a date. People hated me and they made me feel gross just for how I looked. It was bad to where I tried not eating at all. I tried dieting but it never last and I since I was young I do blame myself for not sticking to it. Since I’m not around kids anymore, I’ve been good.

I understand that the FAM wants to eliminate these problems and I am grateful for that. I don’t want anyone to go through their school years the way I did. It’s their tumblr counterparts that annoy me.

I really REALLY don’t understand how losing weight is “oppressing obese people”. Many of us don’t lose weight just so we can be “glamorous”. Many of us don’t lose weight just because we are pressured by the patriarchy or the media. We want to lose weight because we want to be healthy. I’ve seen and hear of people dying from complications due to their weight. Whether is heart failure or diabetes I hear of it happening to people.(Trust me, I hear this everytime I step into a dr’s office. I always have to do blood tests).

Yes thin people can have diabetes and high cholesterol etc. I’m not denying that. But they have a lower chance of getting those when we do because they are at a healthy weight. In fact thin people get those kinds of problems mostly from genetics (or medicines they take). We overweight people have it worse because we have our weight that can cause these problems on top of that.

There have been people who weigh so much it’s like they are literally a prisoner in their own body. They can’t move at all. They need cranes to lift them. I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather die then go through that. I wouldn’t want that to be me. I wouldn’t want to get so out of control that I can’t walk or walking a few steps will make me out of breath. There were many times where after a half a mile to a mile, I was tired.

I know people hear this alot and so have I. But I do believe the number one reason as to why the majority of obese people are the way they are is because of their eating choices.There ARE are things that also contribute to weight gain such as thyroid, genetics and certain medicines you take. But the biggest reason for most of us is our eating habits. This is true in my case. I have overeaten to where I want to fall asleep. I do eat too many cookies and pies like the picture above. I have never eaten a whole cake or a whole pizza before, though.

The point is that majority of our weight problems is on us. I blame myself for the way I am and I am trying to fix it. Especially since I’m technically pre-diabetic. I can honestly say that for me, losing weight was my best option.I lost only 15 pounds so far but, already I feel myself having more energy than before. I don’t fall asleep after I’ve eaten dinner anymore and I actually enjoy going out.

I wish that FAM tumblr users can accept that we want to lose weight. We are not oppressing you and the small percentage of obese people you are representing. We are wanting a better quality of life.

To be an immature brat “It’s my body, I do what I want”.

So I didn’t take too many pictures at otakon this year

and then agentrodgers was next to me in the hall and she told me she liked my Riza cosplay

and then I was like ashfksbaj thank you um I follow you on tumblr you look so perfect what the actual fuck why does your face look so much like scarjo (something to that effect, eh)

and then I literally chased her down and was like WE SHOULD GET A PICTURE TOGETHER

and I look kinda dopey (what is my skirt doing tucked behind my leg? what is that facial expression? why am I pointing my gun at the ceiling) but she was super cute and yes, this was my otakon.

EXO reaction to Sehun’s ig post of suho’s abs

Yeah! Sure!!

Minseok:Yay! So how about we do a colab. on the next show? lol i won’t be thrown alone to the lions again!!

Luhan: Yeah well… i still prefer baozi’s tho *not impressed* 

Kris: *pats junmyeon* Wow great work pal!! But you know you don’t need to prove nothing to anyone right? I’m always proud of you 

Suho: Well… it’s okay sehunnie… since you’re kinda promoting us “breath junmyeon, breath”  

Lay: Oh? This is a very nice photo!! Good job sehunnie!!

Baekhyun: And what do we have here? Woah our leader is really sexy!! So sexy!! Woah!!! Come here let me feel it *mocking voice*

Chanyeol: *joins baekhyun* Yeah hyung!! Let me feel it too ~~

Kyungsoo: You know hyung, i can fix this for you

Jongdae: Srsly hyung, you can’t allow this kind of thing!! You gotta take action, do something so they learn to respect you!!

Sehun: You were the one who told me to post it!!

Jongdae: That is beside the point!! Who even invited you to this conversation?

Tao: Yah sehun, you shouldn’t post pictures you took without permision!! Besides, why don’t you post one of me? Or maybe with the two of us? Candy should be there too!! She looks really pretty today don’t you think?

Kai: How do you guys even use that thing? I didn’t even know where to click to delete my account!! And there were so many people and comments

Sehun: Hyung, i’m telling you the true, i had good intentions since the beginning!! Trust me you’re gonna get a lot more popular!! I know what i’m doing!! Our fans have no chill, you just need to play the right cards!! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Mitch! I was just wondering if you use any apps for filters on your recent Instagram posts?

vsco cam always and forever. everything i post on instagram is run through vsco. same with the stuff posted on my website, or the things i upload to my blog. the photography used on the cover of if we could just pretend was run through vsco too i think.

i also wanna bring up real quick just how much i love cell phone photography. people like to dismiss cell phone cameras but honestly how many megapixels do you actually need at this point? i have a DSLR with a few nice lenses that i use to take pictures of merch or shoot fancy looking video, but literally the whole appeal of a cell phone camera to me is that i don’t have all of that. i like being limited to one tiny, permanently attached lens. i like being able to pull something out of my pocket, capture a moment, and put it back.

cell phones are this generations disposable camera, i really love that.