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I’m uploading this lineart and here’s what I’ll say: anyone can color it, but you MUST tag me in it if you do for two reasons :

1. It’s my art and I will not allow anyone to take credit for that for obvious reasons

2. I would love to see colorings of this so much if someone decides to so tag me so I can see!!

Personally, I had no idea how to color it so that’s why I’m doing this and I’d love to see how other people would do it

Weeeell my Andromeda hype (which wasn’t as big as it could have been thankfully) kinda died because of the system requirements just now; I’m not in a place where I can just upgrade whenever my computer needs an upgrade because of a game. xD Guess I’ll just. wait and see if people are able to play on similar systems to mine at all or do the Ida thing and play the game like ten years late jahdsjhksahkajsdhjakhkj

Here’s hoping people have the patience and kindness to keep tagging spoilers for longer than the initial month or two after release. *fingers crossed but not overly hopefully* Like I really don’t mind knowing who you can romance and stuff like that but just. Mass Effect is just about the only series where I’ve gone in completely (or well MOSTLY) unaware of what’s coming and I’d like to continue that tradition.

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hi!! I'm sorry if you already answered this, I couldn't seem to find it. if you have, you can totally just ignore this ask! when was the first time you thought "... that's not a normal platonic relationship" in terms of j2s relationship and what was the one moment that convinced you to be a tinhat?

Anon 2: I’m new to this tinhat thing do u mind giving me a quick J2 crash course?? and what made u become one in the first  place            

Hello, good anons!

I hope you don’t mind if I answer your asks with mostly links to some older posts. I will try to come up with a proper crash course at some point, but right now my life is far too busy and I’ve had to clip the time I’m spending on this dear blog of mine.

My apologies for the stub of an answer! I hope my links help you both out somewhat. :) I hope both of you have marvelous weekends ahead of you.

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current fave tunes

@softdiego tagged me to do my top ten music favs at the moment which was v hard bc i have so many!!! but here it is. this is no particular order :) (also catch some of these bollywood songs too)

1. “it aint me” - selena gomez x kygo
2. “zaalima” - arijit singh x harshdeep kaur
3. “mine” - phoebe ryan
4. “oops” - little mix
5. “shape of you” - ed sheeran
6. "love you zindagi” - amit trivedi x jasleen royal
7. "just hold on” - louis tomlinson x steve aoki
8. "paris” - the chainsmokers
9. “castle on the hill” - ed sheeran
10. touch - little mix

I tag @northernsunrises (this is literally just gonna be JHO with a sprinkle of LM), @moonandmore, and @wokeuptired


I was tagged by the epic and awesome and amazing @oikawa-toour for the wallpaper reveal thing so!!!! here’s mine, my homescreen is a picture of me and my cousin cause she wanted to match and ya’ll can tell who my lockscreen is lmao

Uhh i’ll tag @talk-senpai-to-me , @babycrxw , @goshikih , @feliciah , and @000mk but none of you have to do this if you dont wanna!!!


#everything about this makes me smile #the fact that a marvel femslash ship was brought up #at a popular kick ass female panel #the fact that the panelist #did some research up on the show #and cartinelli must have prominently come up #and drawn enough attention # for it to spark interest # as well as hayley’s lovely reaction with her cute smile #and then gal gadot (aka fucking wonder woman) also smiling #a m a z i n g


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.