do i tag this jonas brothers too

@grayjedigerard tagged me to tell u the first 10 songs that play when i hit shuffle so here’s my music taste:

1. Superstition - Stevie Wonder
2. Too Much (Live) - All Time Low
3. Pom Poms - Jonas Brothers
4. Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan
5. When We Were Beautiful - Bon Jovi
6. Airplanes - 5 Seconds of Summer
7. Hey Angel - One Direction
8. Sassafras Roots - Green Day
9. Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
10. Wildfire - Blink 182

I’m supposed to tag 10 people but I’m actually only tagging @punkpeqqy and @honestlygarbage but if you wanna do it, go right ahead


Okay so I decided to do a tag, so if you post original nick/joe content then feel free to use this tag, only requirement is that it’s nick/joe related and also that no work posted in the tag is stolen work from other people with no credit, gotta respect each other. Once more people use the tag I’ll probably do a follow forever with the blogs on it that use it, then we can all find each other. Would appreciate it if this got shared so other people who want to use/track this tag can!