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Journal Prompts

figured i’d take a stab at making some prompts. Tag me if you use them!! I wanna see what you make :>>>

1. Pick a year, maybe the year you/your friend/your crush was born. Find out important things that happened that year. The top song played on the radio, the movie that won at the oscars, any notable inventions? 

2. Pick a color. Do everything in that color. Try different shades of the same color, or do it all in one shade for hard mode

3. Draw a self portrait without looking at yourself on one page, and another one while seeing your reflection/a picture of yourself

4. Make a playlist of your current favorite songs / use their lyrics 

5. What’s your favorite room? Your bedroom, a class room? Why do you like it? What’s in it? Draw it. 

6. draw an alternative world. Maybe it’s the same as our current word but some people have horns? Maybe it’s a world entirely encompassed in an hourglass? 

7. Are you superstitious? If yes, write/draw about you biggest superstition. If no, write/draw about one that interests you. 

8. Where would you go on a roadtrip? Write/draw about the locations you’d love to see.

9. Write/draw about how you feel at 3am. 

10. Whats your first ever memory?

11. Sit in front of a mirror and make 5 funny faces and draw yourself. 

12. Write / draw your favorite myth. 

13. Draw your hands 

14. Collect all the ‘left over’ bits for a week: receipts, fruit stickers, notes, wrappers. Then make a journal page out of them. 

15. Print out one of your favorite poems. Cut each word out and rearrange it. It probably wont make any sense but it will still somehow feel like your favorite poem. 

I recently reached a milestone of 20k follower here, so this is a thank you to you all; me and one of my dogs, aha! This is Gemma, and often seen lying around in my Instagram stories, she’s so beautiful I can’t help it. But seriously, thank you all!!!


Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

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I was tagged by @kitty-blues to post a self portrait. I was also tagged by @novaexpress93 and @goodbye-to-gravity to make a list of my top 10 songs of this past week. So I decided to do both in one post.

Here are my top 10 songs from this past week. 

1. Worlds End Girlfriend - Birthday Resistance 

2. Tim Hecker - In the Fog I

3. Behemoth - Slaying the prophets of Isa

4. Kreator - Enemy of God

5.  Múm - Ballad of Broken Birdie Records

6. The Knife - Heartbeats

7. Deathspell Omega - Abscission

8.  The Birthday Massacre - Horror Show

9. Septic Flesh - Therianthropy

10. Scott Walker - Psoriatic

11. Horrendous - The Stranger (Bonus) 

12. Genesis - Ripples (Bonus)

I am going to tag @und-der-boese-wolf, @servant-of-kaos, @mundussenescitiv, @mazzymara@inthenameofbec, @thevortexofourminds, @kkomppa, @novice-at-play, @mercedes-werner, @alittletasteofmint, @kreflections@iceintheattic, @bluelunaphotography, @marcel-and-his-world@brianriddle-blog, @deadeathh, and anyone else who wants to do this! You can post a selfie, make a top 10 list, do both, or you can choose to not do it at all! I wish you all the best. 


tonight was finally the night where a desert monster accidentally found their way to Snowdin (and also the night I reveal my attempt at an Undertalesona hoo boy) (there are captions)

anonymous asked:

Are you bothered by people saying "kin" in the tags when they RB your art or are you chill

it’s chill, especially with fanart and stuff like that! but i’d prefer if people didn’t do that on art of my ocs / self portraits ofc

Bonsoir!! Good evening!

I was tagged by @bvnnyfilth for a self portrait, thank you very much ☺👍😎

So here’s me trying to have a decent pic 😝.

I know i always end up tagging the same people so I’m sorry. Disregard this if you don’t wanna do it. I just like to see y'all :)

Tag: @ddraconian-love @tarinya-quinn @minhyriath @mirror-sword-and-shield

And anyone who sees this, of course!!

Bonne journée ou bonne soirée.
Good day/night to you all. Hope you have an amazing day 😎

Artists Self-Rec Tag
When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

I was tagged by @calibvn​ , thanks man!  =) 

Links to the pieces: 

Linny | Draco | Portrait | Drarry | Sunrise

I tag: @cyanoticfingers , @nessi-draws , @the-art-of-storm – have fun guys!

This is the best self-portrait I’ve literally ever drawn and it’s for a shitty meme idea that I did in 3 hours

Just wanted to compare/contrast/conwhatever?? myself and Rask… this was stupidly fun to do and if you can draw, or cobble pics of yourself and your muse together, I strongly encourage you to also shirk your real life duties and do this!  Tag me in that shit :))))

I hope you enjoy this!  Now you know why I’m so terrible at saying hello to you online or why Rask forgot who you were that one time in game.  Whoops!

Good Autistic Yusuke headcanons

- literally never not waving his arms around or flailing them excitedly, passionate boy, wants to show off his creations, happy flaps when people listen and ask questions
- thinks akira’s hair is fluffy and nice to play with and spent a while looking at it until he asked akira if he could stim with it, does it whenever he’s given permission to bc it’s soft and relaxs him
- has one of those stim balls where u shake it and the colors light up like a rainbow, enjoys visual stims the most
- haru is one of his favorite ppl to infodump to bc she listens and asks questions and yusuke just cries tear of joys and talks about everything so passionately and she lets him use her garden as inspiration, paints a self portrait of haru holding a bouquet as thanks and she cherishes it forever

I got tagged by @jasonlowder a while ago. Sorry for doing this so late!

Two of these “games” in one post: A self portrait and a list of my top 10 songs of this past week… I added my top 5 albums too :-)…

Top 10 songs of this past week

1. Cattle Decapitation – Manufactured Extinction
2. Behemoth – Hidden In A Fog
3. Cattle Decapitation – Pacific Grim
4. Wintersun – The Forest That Weeps
5. Batushka – Yekteniya 3
6. Ben Howard – Small Things 
7. Subzonic – Titelgschicht
8. Fjoergyn – What A Wonderful World (Cover)
9. Life of Agony – Bad Seed
10. Korpiklaani – Rauta

And the top 5 albums ;-)

1. Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
2. Melvins – Lysol
3. Barrow – Though I’m Alone
4. Golden Living Room – Welcome Home
5. Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

dmajor7th  asked:

Because his multiple self-portraits give me Patrick Bateman vibes: 48, Gavin/your choice.

Okay, um, I loved this prompt too much not to do it. Warning for Jared/Gavin.

The meeting adds itself to his Hooli calendar. As always, the heading reads Personal Management (“a critical aspect of being a CEO,” as his boss has been keen to remind him). Jared will be expected at Gavin’s no later than 3:05pm on the dot.

Gavin keeps any number of “boys” around, for any number of nefarious purposes. There is the blood boy, the pool boy, the gym boy, the kitchen boy. And Jared himself is something of an all-purpose model. When he arrives today, he’ll be expected to do some minor housework, review the day’s tech news with Gavin, then strip and wait for him in the bedroom - knees and elbows in the center of the opulent, four-poster bed.

It’s so large it feels like an ocean. And Jared is out to sea here. Lost.

His least favorite part is when Gavin makes him watch in the mirror. Wrenching his head back, exposing his throat. It’s large and gold-veined, installed against the wall where there would otherwise be a headboard. And Gavin stares straight into it through most of their encounters - anytime his mouth is not busy elsewhere - admiring his own technique.

Jared hates to see them in these moments. Gavin’s savage, ravenous smile; his pathetic, foolish face. Forced to bear witness to the shame of his own pleasure, at the hands of a man he both admires and detests. He casts his eyes down toward the mattress.

“Eyes up,” Gavin chides him. A hand under Jared’s chin redirects his gaze.

He expects Gavin is holding him tight enough to leave bruises. He expects that is precisely his intent.

“Look how lucky you are,” Gavin says, thrusting inside him, harder, and each word feels like a punch. “You’re getting fucked by Gavin Belson. Don’t you dare look away again. Do you know how many boys would kill to be right where you are? To follow every one of my fucking orders? Not pull this disobedient bullshit.”

Oh goodness, Jared thinks, oh Donald. If the kids at the home could see you now.

Gavin never takes his eyes off his own face.

● Birthday: 20th of January
● Gender: Female
● Relationship status: Taken
● Favorite color: Yellow and pink
● Pets: My cat that lives with my parents, miss him every day.
● Wake up time: HA. HA. HA. Can’t wake up. But if I do wake up, it’s any time between 1PM-7PM my time.
● Love or lust?: Do I have to pick? Love. But lust is also super important.. But I can’t lust unless I have feelings towards the person. Mental blockage. 
● Favorite food(s): RARE STEAK. Also sushi and stuff. I am super picky when it comes to food.

● Met a celebrity?: Nope, or I don’t think so. You have to go outside to meet people. Gross.
● Last song listened to: Undertale ost, 
● First kiss: When I was around.. 13-14? Was terrible. He stuck his tongue down my throat like a wet fish.

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