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the raven cycle moodboards (x): dean allen a.k.a mr. gray

He hadn’t felt a thing when the screwdriver had pierced his side. It hadn’t been unbearable when he’d stitched it up as he watched The Last Knight on the television by the bed (Arbor Palace Inn and Lodging, local color!). No, it had gotten terrible only when the wound had begun to close. When he’d begun to regrow skin where it had been chewed away. Now the ragged hole in his heart was regrowing out of the scar tissue, and he couldn’t stop feeling it. 

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i've got a question: why do you sometimes tag stuff as 'phil' but other times you tag them as 'phil lester'?? (same for dan/dan howell) i just don't get if they're separate things in your mind or if you just don't give much thought in your tagging? (not complaining, i'm genuinely curious)

i dont think i’ve ever tagged them as just “dan” or “phil” tho? i always include their last names but sometimes i will tag phil as “my forever boy” instead if i think he looks especially good. i’m still waiting to be struck with the perfect idea for my dan tag but once i figure smth out for him then i might stop tagging them with their actual full names

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Ok wait what are your extras tagged as on tumblr? Are they all on AO3!?!? What is this wedding scene, and Victor begging people are talking about!??!

They’re all on ao3 under my pen name anon, under Masquerade Side Stories and Extras. The wedding interlude isn’t up yet, and neither is the Victor begging one, but everything else is there (apart from the phone sex one) I didn’t know there would be so much masquerade stuff so I didn’t do separate tags so everything is just tagged masquerade lmao whoops.

Hello! Welcome to Dazatsu Week!

Where we’ll make beautiful arts, fics, cosplays, etc etc for our lovely otp for a week. The event will last from July 11 to July 17.

Each day will have a corresponding quote and two ideas you can choose to do.

Here are each prompts:

Day 1. (What’s your name, boy?)
A. First Meeting
B. First Impression

Day 2. (What? You idiot!)
A. Break up
B. Separation

Day 3. (Can you? My new subordinate is a lot better than you.)
A. Faith
B. Jealousy

Day 4. (I did it mostly for Atsushi-kun.)
A. Sacrifice
B. Choices

Day 5. (Then, why did Dazai-san saved me?)
A. Savior
B. Doubt

Day 6. (Because neither Dazai-san nor the agency has forsaken me!)
A. Family

Day 7. (Victory is yours, Atsushi-kun.)

You can tag your work #dazatsuweek2016, #dazatsuweek, #dazatsu within your first five tags so the admin can see it. Th admin will visit dazushi tag as well to be sure.

The main theme for this event is for everyone to appreciate this pairing and to have fun. Enjoy and see you in a month!

March23th Thursday: SNSFamily

Friendly reminder that our SNS week has different themes everyday!

Todays themes are: “Theories”, “quotes”, “reminders”, “selfies” and “memes”. Todays name is “SNS Family” so it will be a lot about us!

For todays name for example you can cheer for the fandom by posting a picture with you, holding a piece of paper in front of you with a massage to the fandom before writing a “SNS never dies, the family has us!” beneath the note!

You can also share compliments about your mutals, favorite blogers/Artists/Writers/Theory-creators/Edit-makers/etc. (Friendly reminder that @sns-compliments exsists in case you are to shy to do this in public!)

Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!

Tagged by: @spineusing Thank youu !!
Rules: tag 10 of your followers that you want to know better!
Tagging: @mugenbled, @justiitio, @celestiis, @cinderella-esque, @oncforall, @perishen, @daijitsu, @deusuprema, @stzgesu, @venusbled + whoever else wants to do it can say I tagged em !


Name:  Devit ( separate entity ), Jasdevi ( original entity ), Bondom ( noah )
Nickname:  Devi,  Dev
Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius
Gender:  Cis male
Favourite Colour:  Black,  red
Average Hours of Sleep:  7 - 8
Last Thing You Googled:  “How to get your siblings to shut the fuck up”
Height:  169 cm ( pre - timeskip ), 172 cm ( post - timeskip )


Name:  /
Nickname:  Chris,  King
Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius
Gender:  Demiboy
Favorite Colour:  Black,  turquoise,  blue
Average Hours of Sleep:  3 - 6
Last Thing You Googled:  “ Irish culture ” 
Height:  165 cm

Anime Meme I’ve probably done before!

the lovely jubley @raefill tagged me to do this so here’s my answers! 

1. favorite anime?

Aaaaahhhhh I don’t know! I love so many :D 

2. your worst anime?

I watched one about some ghost story which literally sent me to sleep on three separate occasions. I can’t remember the name though. One where one person in their classroom is ignored. 

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?

Usually I like to, yes. If I don’t have time though I’ll read or watch one or the other. Usually I’ll watch an anime and read the manga because it tends to go on longer than the plot used in the anime. For example Black Butler and Attack on Titan. I needed to know what happens next.. :D 

4. most favorite genre?

Sci-fi and action! 

5. least favorite genres?

None in particular. I’ll watch anything. I’m a TV watching dumpster fire. 

6. favorite character?

I love my Rin from Blue Exorcist and I love me some Levi’s, Eren’s and Armin’s of the world. I also like me that dude Rintaro Okabe because mad scientists, yes? 

7. least favorite character?

There are so many.. too many to name… 

8. qualities you like in a character?

The ability to not be annoying. I also like characters that speak their minds. I cannot STAND watching them beat around the bush for 24+ episodes. That really gets on my nerves. 

9. short or long anime?

Either, depending on the plot line. 

10. anime or manga?

Either! :D 

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?

I’ll go by anything really. The look of the characters, word of mouth and recommendations influence what I’ll watch quite a lot. So if a friendo recs me a show chances are with a blurb I’ll know whether or not I want to watch it or not. 

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?

Usually skip outros. I’ll watch an intro if I like the song usually. Like, Kyoto Saga or SnK or Stein’s Gate I quite liked.

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

What they don’t know can’t hurt them. 

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?

I do actually. You know, I made it halfway through Highschool of the Dead and when he started using her boobs as a gun brace I was 100% done. Amusing, yes, but not to my tastes. 

Tagging everyone and no-one since everyone’s already been tagged who I can think of! :D 

i was tagged by @shevalomar​, thank you Sarai~! ily!!

Name? Peyton

Nicknames? Petrie, Pey, Pey Pey, Rook

Zodiac? cancer

Sexual Orientation? bisexual

Ethnicity? afro/african amercan

Favorite Fruit? bananas, apples, peaches

Favorite Season? winter

Favorite Flower? grass lilies 

Favorite Scent? Cinnamon

Favorite Animal? Ferrets

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? Tea

Cat or dog? dogs~

Dream Trip? anywhere in europe

Number of Followers? 270+ :’)

What do I post about? video games mostly, tv shows, manga, photography, comics..

Do I get asks on a regular basis?

Favorite Band? There for Tomorrow/Afterhour 

Aesthetic?’s constantly changing

Fictional Character I’d Date? LAUREL LANCE

Hogwarts House? Slytherin

i tag: @strategichomelanddivision@monocyte@thelaohugirl@gayrielreyes@marqotrobbie

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There’s only two more weeks before Dazatsu week, are you guys ready?

Again, the event will last from July 11 to July 17.

I’m just reminding you that each day will have a corresponding quote and two ideas you can choose to do.

Here are each prompts:

Day 1. (What’s your name, boy?)
A. First Meeting
B. First Impression

Day 2. (What? You idiot!)
A. Break up
B. Separation

Day 3. (Can you? My new subordinate is a lot better than you.)
A. Faith
B. Jealousy

Day 4. (I did it mostly for Atsushi-kun.)
A. Sacrifice
B. Choices

Day 5. (Then, why did Dazai-san saved me?)
A. Savior
B. Doubt

Day 6. (Because neither Dazai-san nor the agency has forsaken me!)
A. Family

Day 7. (Victory is yours, Atsushi-kun.)

You can tag your work #dazatsuweek2016, #dazatsuweek, #dazatsu within your first five tags so the admin can see it. The admin will visit dazushi tag as well to be sure.

The main theme for this event is for everyone to appreciate this pairing and to have fun. Enjoy and see you in a month!

Can’t the ship shamers and the shippers who just want to ship who they want, come to some sort of agreement? Like the shippers promise to tag all their posts with the ship name, not just their full names separated( which I’m sure 99% of them already do), and the shamers could just block the tag of that ship name they find so repulsive, and stop tagging their hate posts? It seems like the logical thing to do. Call me crazy… Just seems a little messed up that the shamers can just simply block that tag, but the shippers have to have hate in their face constantly while going through their own tag. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? I don’t even ship the pairings that are getting all this hate, and yet I still find it wrong. I don’t even necessarily agree with these ships, but I do however believe in the freedom to ship. It’s fiction and you’re not hurting anyone, if you tag correctly. If people that are disgusted by it, go through the tag, than well, when you go looking for trouble, you’re gonna find it. Just sayin..

To all the anti’s out there, for the love of god, please tag your ship hate as “anti-stevidot” or whatever ship you don’t like. I personally don’t care if you hate my ship(s), it’s not going to make me stop shipping them just because you think you’re on the moral high ground, but there are many younger shippers who are still minors who are more sensitive to your crap. And when you write in the text box, always separate the ship name with slashes to avoid your post showing up in the shipping tags (because it will whether it’s tagged or not).

Examples: ste//vidot, pin//ecest

Do yourself a favor and actually do think about the kids you’re supposed to be protecting for once by doing this one simple thing.

~ Mod Peridot

Tumblr Accent Challenge

So, with wonderful permission from the ever gracious Jare, lovelycaptainswan, we’ve decided to bring this challenge out into the rest of the fandom! I know it’s been done all over Tumblr as a whole, but I think it’d be amazing to allow us to tag all of our fellow followers and get to know the Captain Swan fandom as whole versus just our separate networks!

Obviously if you don’t want to, don’t feel you have to. We’re all understanding here. haha. And if you prefer to just do an audio post versus a video post (which is what I did because audio posts are the bane of my existence), go right ahead! Just hearing all of your lovely accents and learning more about you guys will be amazing. 

So, without further adieu, here’s the list:

1. Your name and username.
2. Where you’re from.
3. Pronounce the following words: aunt, roof, route, theater, iron, salmon, caramel, fire, water, New Orleans, Pecan, both, again, probably, Alabama, lawyer, coupon, mayonnaise, pajamas, caught, naturally, aluminum, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, doorknob, envelope, GPOY.
4. What do you call gym shoes? (english/native language/both)
5. What do you call your grandparents?  (english/native language/both)
6. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?  (english/native language/both)
7. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?  (english/native language/both)
8. Choose a book and read a passage from it.  (english/native language/both)
9. Do you think you have an accent?
10. End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.  (english/native language/both)

Just make an audio or video post, and follow this minimal list and act like the cutest cuties we know you are. Then simply tag whoever you want within the CS fandom (or outside the fandom or not at all, it’s whatever you want to do) and let the chain of events start flowing. I think this will be pretty amazing to bring our fandom together. 

Once again, many thanks to the lovely Jare for allowing me to bring this outside of the Savior and Pirate Network where we started it a couple of days and bringing all of you lovely nuggets in. ♥

Happy Accent-ing!

Update/Edit: Jare suggested using a specific tag for everyone and she decided on ‘cs tac’ or ‘cs accent challenge’ or ‘cs accent meme.’ Which is perfect, thank you love! I just thought I’d put it here as well!

Strange Magic Week 2015

Alrighty everyone I finally tallied the votes!

Here are your prompts for Strange Magic Week Sunday August 2-Saturday August 8!

We will be using the tag Strange Magic Week

NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ONLY MAKE THINGS RELATED TO THE NAMED SHIPS ON THE DAYS BELOW! These are just separate days meant to celebrate these pairing, but this is supposed to be an INCLUSIVE event! So if you feel like exploring the relationship with Roland and his lady-fly on Butterfly-Bog Day be my guest! Or if you want to explore the grating, heart warming love that is sparkle moms! on Potionless Day, feel free!

8/2 Day 1: Role Reversal (also Butterfly-Bog day)

8/3 Day 2: Younger Selves/When we were kids  (also Potionless Day)

8/4 Day 3:  Wild Things (fairies of yore, legends dark and deep) (also Strange Magic LOFE Day)

8/5 Day 4: Wedding/Arranged Marriage 

8/6 Day 5: Tattoo and Flower shop 

8/7 Day 6: Kiss

8/8 Day 7: Juke Box Musical! 

Challenges- These are just a few fun things to maybe inspire you strangers!

Day 1-Day 3: Do something related to the corresponding “Also” listed next to the theme.

Day 4: Combine the two themes into one work! Good luck!

Day 5: Insert a hidden message into your piece anyway you want! It can be something for the characters or something for the fandom! 

Day 6: Come up with most ridiculous scenario you can think of!

Juke Box Musical Super Challenge: Shuffle your playlist, and pick the second song because your first love isn’t always your last, and then base your contribution on that! This can be done for all days or as many as you like.

Rules: You’re all such a wonderful bunch of people with beautiful spirits and minds, that I hardly think I really need to emphasize these things. I really want to make this as fun and safe as possible for everyone, so please be considerate and if you have any concerns, let me know.

1. No harassing, belittling or hurting anyone in any way shape or form.

2. Tag triggers! It might be hard to be aware of what exactly can trigger a person, but please at the very least tag the ones you can think of that might be present in your work. ex. blood, abuse, self-harm, etc. We want everyone to be able to enjoy this week safe and sound.

3. Tag NSFW for works that some viewers may be too young to peruse or for those who generally might feel uncomfortable. 

4. Don’t repost any art that will be showcased without the artist’s express permission. Just reblog it from them if you really love it!

5. DO contribute anything you want!

6. DO speak and give headcanons and banter. That’s part of the fun.

7. Lastly, DO NOT DUST ANYONE WITH LOVE POTION. It leads to chaos and nothing between you two will be real.


      So, I just hit 700 followers and I’m super excited. I’ve had this blog for little over a year and interacted with so many fantastic people! I just finished this project and thought – why not do a follow forever too? Also I probably forgot some VIPs – so if I did, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.


shotapenguin – my beautiful best friend. i adore you so much you have a whole tag named for you. you are the reason this whole thing called “anime” started in my life and i’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you? you’re the tooru to my iwa-chan and the kenma to my kuroo. we’re just made for each other.


These are some rad people I feel the needs to call out separately. I have had the privilege of talking with some of you this past year, and even if we don’t talk now, you’re still very special to me!

guurei-sama, coachtachibana, tsukkiaf, kirschthirsty, tsukkiichan, zastrogat, sensitive-chest-raisin, aki-sae, al-benedetto, eruriya, nishinoyafanboy, survived-on-the-winds-breath & my-beautifulinsanity


Fantastic people I will follow forever! I sorted this into alphabetical order! 


aciddragoons, angelusmusicorum, asanoya, asexualnishinoya, bigdaddymakoto, bigspoonnoya, captain-fucking-levi, causeofdeathmakoharufeels, changbak, corw, dancing-with-decim, derpkip, fabulouskerfuffle, flawlesslevi, grandvolleyking, hajimeiwaizvmi, hyakyuyas, jesusasahi, k-agehina, kageyllama, karosuno, kataphraktanna, kirschteinswaifu, kizumis, kougmi, lev-haibae, literallymikayuu, makoharuheartandsoulmakooharuu, minimikasa, moaniwa, naff-nife-nice, nishinoikawa, reiconcorps, rosyumie, sawamura-san, sociallychallengednerd, semezukas, sukekou, syoish, thetachibabe, thirstylevi, thisinsignificantpride, ushjima, vicecaptainsugawara, virus-nipple, yaboykageyama, yamayachis

    Like I said, I am almost certain I forgot some very important people, but hopefully I’ll remember them and fix this before I cause a huge scandal.
    Thanks for a great year!

Scent of Pleasure - Chapter One

Beta: my bff mignonberry. Oh what would I do without you?

Word count: 2356

Genre: romance, drama, funny, smut, whatever you want. Also AU.

Summary: After spending only one night together, without even knowing each other names, Dan and Phil go separate ways. Then, a few months later, Dan is in desperate need to find a place to live. He finds an advert in a newspaper and decides to check out the flat. Everything goes smoothly - until he finds out who the other tenant is.

A/N: Well, it’s finally here. I hope it’ll be good and stuff. Also for the tags, I’ll be using scentofpleasure :) Originally can be found here, but I decided to rewrite it

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crazy pll theory, because, why not? Am I right? lol

So do you guys remember that photo in Toby’s drawer? Like when Spencer found his E.Lamb name tag we see a pic off to the side and it looks like some people in Aria’s house.

Sooo, what if, Bethany was Toby’s sister and she and Aria were friends? So Aria, Toby, and Bethany were all friends at some point, but then Bethany did something that got her locked up in Radley when they were just young kids, so Toby and Aria, both freaked out about it, both went their separate ways and decided to never talk about it again. 

And this is why we never see Aria & Toby interact, and this is why they are both super shady, and why Aria never gets it as bad as the other girls.

But it’s also why in Spencer’s “Shadow Play” dream she pictured Toby saving Aria because deep down, in her subconscious she remembers Aria and Toby once being friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think Jason is A, But Toby is my #2 suspect so it’s fun to theorize.