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Nickname: nellie, nell (everyone calls me at least one of these)

Zodiac sign: aries

Hogwarts house: ive been sorted into every single house with various tests but the original Pottermore one said Gryffindor

Height: 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: bi

Ethnicity: white american

Favorite fruit: pineapples or strawberries buy mangos and grapes are also fantastic and nectarines

Favorite season: fall/autumn i love the leaf

Favorite book series: harry potter, pjo also i love star wars books (aka the ahsoka novel its not a series but i love)

Favorite fictional characters: AHSOKA TANO, darth vader/anakin skywaker, luke skywalker, leia organa (do you see a pattern), DARTH REVAN (not the white guy tho), katara, korra, annabeth chase, lucretia, lup, rey, FINN

Favorite flower: peonies! theyre so pretty i love

Favorite scents: trish mcevoy perfume (i forget what its called but it smells kinda sweet and my mom wears it a lot), bacon, christmas cookie yankee candle, books

Favorite color: purple! but i also love light pink

Favorite animal: dogs! also i love birds of prey

Favorite artist/band: fall out boy, um imagine dragons, hayley kiyoko, carly rae jepsen, um probably others idkall music is great except country (hannah montana is the exception)

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: hot cocoa def

Average sleep hours: during school, not enough, in the summer too much lol

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-3 (i like bein comfy)

Dream trip: France! once i finish learning to speak french lol. also i wanna go to norway to visit my friend there!

Last thing Googled: “Trish Mcevoy Perfume” lol i was tryna find the right one but i couldnt remember which one it was lol

Blog created: January 11, 2014 god that was a Time

How many blogs do I follow: 4516. sweet jesus how did that happen

Number of followers: 796. also, how did that happen. a lot of them are prob porn bots tbh

What do I usually post about: star wars, memes, my art, other fandoms i dont feel like listing

Do you get asks regularly: sometimes i get them, not on a regular basis tho lol. 

What is your aesthetic: purple hair, crop tops, star wars, pretty combinations of colors

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