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Some time ago I made one of this with only boys, saying that I wanted to do one with all the ladies I love. I finally did it~ 

I honestly could make one alone with only One Piece felamle characters, because I love so many of them… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The Legend of Korra + Name Meanings:

Team Avatar

“…we’re still a team. The new Team Avatar!”


Fandom: Sailor Moon/Harry Potter crossover

Rating: PG-13ish, because Minako

Word Count: 6300-ish

Summary: The girls notice that Minako’s being uncharacteristically studious lately…which obviously can only mean that she’s plotting nefarious things. This is the Reinako origin story that leads into oathkeeper-of-tarth The Snitch Thief and the collective HPSM AU universe. Hints of MakoAmi and HaruMichi, of course.

Eh. I tried. Working out these writing kinks is hard. But it was fun, and now I feel hella good for having finished it, so that has to count for something! Obligatory tags for fortythousandth, rocketonthemoon, worldsubmerge


House Key: Gryffindor: Rei, Haruka, Mamoru Hufflepuff: Usagi, Makoto, Naru  Ravenclaw: Ami, Slytherin: Minako, Michiru

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Noarra/Amorra: Not One of Us 

I posted this way back in D.A but decided to do a remake for Tumblr as well. 

I hope all the lovely Amorrians enjoy this little parodie. :3

***Don’t mess with the scar!***

Winter of Our Discontent

Title: Winter of Our Discontent [] [ao3]

Rating: K+

Word Count: ~1600

Summary: Mako waits for Korra after she leaves for the Spirit World with Asami. Angst. [Be the Peaf Prompt 68 – Sweater Weather] [12/20/14]

Author Note: Not super sure how happy I am but here you go eat this trash.



When Mako sees her disappear into the green glow of the newly minted Republic City Spirit Portal, he is willing to wait.

He figures Korra needs a moment so he waits a safe distance away. When the seconds turn to minutes, and those minutes evolve and grow into hours, Mako has to wonder what is really going on.

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Okay in the middle of my haze of Korrasami celebration, I gotta say- the other reason “Mako deserved better” bothers me? If any character deserved better, it was Asami,

Not romantically, obvs, she and Korra are perfect for each other and really the saving grace of her narrative, which I’ll go into.

But her narrative otherwise.

Asami deserved a triumphant moment in the finale. She deserved more than having to watch helplessly as her father sacrificed himself. That was literally her big moment in the final battle. Something shitty happening to her. And that has been so much of her narrative- having to endure terrible things happening to her. 

Mako got a huge hero moment. Mako got his brother telling him he was awesome before said moment. Asami got to see another tragedy unfold.

The narrative had her forgive her father largely so it would be more tragic when he died. This was the one character arc she was allowed that didn’t have to do with Mako-Korra stuff, and that’s what it ultimately amounted to.

This isn’t to say Asami isn’t great. She and Korra are my favorite on the show, obviously, and she’s a huge badass and has some great moments. She invented those robots in the final battle. But when looking at how her character was handled, I’m reminded of “male strength in fiction is measured by how many fights you can win, female strength by how much loss you can endure.”

Asami deserved better than being fucked over again and again only to keep dragging herself up. I have issues with how much of Korra’s narrative was wrapped up in her being knocked down, but Korra, at least, got to break down, got some attention paid to her recovery- Asami just always had to grin and bear it. 

Which is why Korrasami is essential to making her ultimate narrative not completely awful. Imagine if the finale had NOT ended with Korra coming to Asami and being like “I am here to be your new family, I will take you somewhere where we can get away with all this”. Imagine if Asami’s story had just ended with her having lost everything and maybe we get a nod to that, but hey, time for Mako and Korra to suck face now. Asami’s ENTIRE STORY would have been getting screwed over and in the end she’s alone BUT HEY, THE BOYFRIEND WHO CHEATED ON HER TWICE AND NEVER APOLOGIZED IS HAPPY NOW!

It’s not that Asami “deserved” Korra as a girlfriend obviously. It’s just that her narrative ending with her finding a new family in Korra, some stability and happiness, having someone acknowledging how much she’s been through and promising to support her through it- that keeps her character arc from being “Asami was fucked over, now let’s shove her aside for other things”. At the very least it was “Asami was fucked over, but the final moments of the show are her and Korra finding happiness, love and support in each other. She’s the person our main character loves and supports, she’s going to be okay.” That was the final moment of the show. And that was the only thing that saves how Asami was treated.

So before you think of “poor Mako”, think of how little you’re regarding the female character who was REALLY screwed over before that, and how you want to take away the one thing that offsets it. Mako was treated very well. Asami wasn’t. Mako has a family who loves him, Asami lost everything. Yet you still think Mako “deserved” the one bit of ultimate happiness the narrative allowed her to have.

Next: my issues with how Korra was treated. Don’t worry, once I get it out of my system I will go back to celebrating Korrasami and loving everything.


in the last three mako pentecost and tamsin all were going to an interview but mako wakes up with the flu??and mako is just. No i am getting ready and going with tamsin and sensei,, and trying to not wobble/sniffle around even tho she has a high fever and basically stakcer notices and stays home to take care of her and tams comes back from the thing to find them like the last pic and its adorable. goodbye


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A very own Kitty la Kitty post for Mugu, as editing him is the best (and if you don’t like Mugu there’s something wrong with you you probably won’t like me either).