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Relationship status: single

Favorite color: raspberry pink or literally any shade of blue

Pets: An evil cat called Tiger (I voted Monster the day we got him because he made me cry). He lives with my parents tho, and I miss him to bits.

Last song i listened to: Wild Heart

Favorite tv show: Gen Kill 

First fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: cultural stuff like the ballet and art galleries, going to the cinema, travelling, murdering everyone at settlers of catan and scrabble, reading, driving around with my sister blasting shitty music or just talking, hiking 

Books I’m currently reading: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, Time & Social Theory by Barbara Adams

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Song Url Tag

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I: I’m him- Mino

M: Mansae- Seventeen

P: Paradise- NCT 127

O: Only you- Miss A

R: Rising Star- Boys24

T: The 7th sense- NCT U

A: Another World- NCT 127

T: Turn it up- T.O.P

T: TT- Twice

R: Ring my bell- Girl’s Day

A: All in- Monsta x

S: Sorry Sorry- Super Junior

H: Heartbreaker- NCT 127

C: Catch Me- Up10tion

O: Ojingeo Doenjan- Big Byung

L: Limitless- NCT 127

L: La Song- Rain

E: E- Boys24

C: Can’t Help Myself- Eric Nam

T: The Beat- Topp Dogg

I: It G Ma- Keith Ape

O: Oh NaNA- K.A.R.D

i tag….uhh..

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