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Okay I wanna tell you, if you are a fan of any Band or Artist or Actor or whatever it might be, you do NOT have to love everything they are doing.
If a fan comes at you and tells you, you are not a real fan because you don’t like this and that about them, just ignore them. 
You don’t like it? You still support and Love them? Great, you are a fan.
Easy right?
And to all the people out there who tell other fans that they aren’t real fans, stop feeling like you’re better than everyone else.

Voltron Atlantis AU, Prologue

Alright, here we go! I’m also posting this on FFnet, so i’ll add the link once it’s done! For now, have the Prologue to the story :)

@show-your-fandom-side @futureblackpaladin enjoy you two! hope i did okay :)

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•cutest, fluffiest relationship ever
•like he’s pretty shy but I have a theory that he’s a big hoe so
•but at the same time he’s an angel so idk what to believe
•chessy pickup lines that he learned from Johnny and Ten
•'do you have a map because I keep getting lost in your eyes’
•'aw sicheng, you’re so adorable’
•normally pickup lines don’t work but you can’t let Winwin down so
•ice cream dates every week
•I bet you guys have a whole list of all the ice cream places in Seoul and made it your goal to hit all those spots before you’re 30
•you guys would go to the movies or the park afterwards because Winwin doesn’t want the day to end yet
•Taeyong becomes your mother in law
•'make sure he gets back by 10’
•'okay mother’
•he probably would tag onto yours and Winwin’s dates sometimes too because he can
•but you guys don’t mind because then Taeyong pays
•studying Korean and Chinese together
•like you help him improve his Korean and he’ll help you with your Chinese
•it’s cute because you’re probably sitting on his lap and he has his chin resting on your shoulder and like goals
•now that I’m in the cuddling mood
•his style of cuddling is like he has his arms wrapped around you and he also likes the feeling of you right next to him so be prepared
•when you’re cuddling on the bed you guys will probably hug each other to death so that is why there is sometimes a small pillow between you too
•when you start cuddling with Sicheng it’s never gonna end
•he likes holding your hand a lot took but you like it more because Winwin has really nice hands
•not really big on PDA since he’s a shy lil bun but holds your hands in public a lot
•like intertwining your fingers together and somethings holding hands like Legos
•when you’re sad, Winwjn will just let you hug him for a really long time and won’t make you talk about it unless you want to of course
•you’ll burry your face in his sweater because it smells really nice and it’s really soft because Winwin is really soft and you’ll begin to feel better
•he’ll start playing with your hair while you two hug and just pull you closer to him
•after you’re done and he makes sure you’re not crying then he’ll pull out a secret stash of ice cream and put on Mulan and you’ll probably end up sleeping on the couch while cuddling with Winwin
•becoming close with Kun is an plus to dating Winwin
•you’re like the Chinaline mom
•Renjun and Chenle become your children
•you make sure that those two don’t overwork themselves and don’t bother WinKun when they’re stressed
•and everyone is just kinda thankful because they can rest for a bit more because of you
•basically a really cute and innocent relationship

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aah what a good day to remember that keith is 16 and visualizing him in sexual situations, especially with an adult, is disgusting and also illegal wow breathe that fresh air

Ah, what a day to see people like you still think fictional characters = real people.

But okay I’ll bite I’m in a fantastic mood. All the sheith and shaladin ships made my day so now I’ll share my happiness with you whether you like it or not.

So you still believe Shiro is over 20+? First off, it’s your HC so you do you idc but you’re trying to force me to see it YOUR way? Huh, you don’t care that I don’t agree and sent a hate mail to showcase your intolerance of my opinions in MY blog? Whoa so petty of you like chill man go take a break or something before you hurt yourself with your shitty self-entitlement issues.

And wow, I guess Dreamworks and VLD’s official statements about “5 teenagers” are wrong in ALL of their SOURCES. Whoa I wonder why they don’t ever talk about or even acknowledge that disgusting cringy video ya’ll worship like the Lord itself. Hmm~?

Now throwing your shitty logic back at you.

If fictional characters = real people. Then I cannot believe how disgusting YOU are for visually sexualizing Keith (who you think is 16) a poor UNDERAGE minor with another UNDERAGE minor like Lance or Hunk or Pidge in obscene SEXUAL BEHAVIOR.

“B-But it’s okay because th-they are around th-the same age!” You cry out as you try to justify your double standards between your (deem to be) “good” ship versus my (you think is) “bad” ship.

Wow you legit just implied you like underage porn with underage kids like fucking gross that’s illegal too btw wtf gtfo you voyeuristic pedo. THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN YOU PRICK HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO KEITH HE’S ONLY 16 WTF YOU LIKE SEEING HIM GETTING VIOLATED BY ANOTHER 16 OR WORSE 17 YEAR OLD? THOSE ARE KIDS YOU’RE LOOKING AT GROSS!1!1

See that? Now I sounded just like you–good thing I don’t believe a single lick of your shitty bullshit or care about fictional characters in sexual or other types of situations since fictional characters =/= real people. No real person is being forced into a relationship with another real person. It’s just 2+ fictional fake people getting together in a fake universe in a fake storyline. If you can’t handle that then you need help or parent-lock your pc to stop you from seeing anything fictional online.

I ship whatever I want. And I love shipping Shiro with nearly every single character in Voltron so I’ll keep doing that thanks. I never cared about height/weight/age/race/etc of characters–just their personality and color schemes in comparison to other characters. Nor am I shallow or petty to attack other shippers over their opinions or HCs in their tags or blogs like you.

The reason why I don’t care is also simple: it’s because I personally do not let fiction AFFECT my sense of reality too drastically or warp it dramatically like you. That’s why I know how to tell the difference between the fiction I consume from the reality I live in.

Now when will you?

Because I’m still waiting for you antis to go attack Disney for showing little kids all the UNDERAGE Princesses getting into relationships and even marrying ADULT PRINCES in their movies like it’s totally okay. (And here’s the thing: it IS okay because it’s all FICTIONAL holy shit Disney knows the difference too!)

So why don’t you scurry on off and pretend your ship isn’t problematic in your shitty logic while I enjoy my ships that I know aren’t problematic in canon OR fanon. Because sending hate to shippers only proves how insecure you are in your ship and how petty and jealous you are about mine.

And it shows you fool so please keep sending more proof that my ships are just as fantastic like the decent shippers that ship them are–for we constantly are debunking your bs while still creating new fanart/fanfics to celebrate our ships.

Whoa can you imagine though? You’re chilling and in a great mood when suddenly an anti sends you hate in your ask like as if their opinion is the word of God and you are to obey and listen to them no questions asked–forget your own opinions and HCs while you’re at it.

Yeah right as if I ever will, especially to an anti, you are a shitty person and your opinion that you are trying to shove in my face is now shitty too.

Now begone from my blog and go pretend I didn’t just kick your arse–denial and immaturity seem to be the only things you’re good at so get to it.

Ah, sweet fresh air after the burn I gave you~

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Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: None

Note: SOrry this really sucks. 

Summary: Soft Donald Pierce, and feels. That’s all you need to know. 

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i just read someone’s post saying “imagine blue paldin keith” and even tho i don’t really see it happening all i could think about was meg and pegasus from hercules

wow, red and blue? who would have thought right

okay, hear me out, despite both characters’ relationship with hercules, one being the bubbly life companion an the other being the angsty love interest, its pretty obvious they don’t like each other since the very start, pegasus getting jealous when hercules ignores him and goes to help meg and meg just straight down refusing to take a ride on him because she’s afraid of heights, which only leads to pegasus taking the piss of her when she actualy does

things ony getting worse when meg gets hercules to sneak out with her and they discover she, despite being in love with him, was indeed bad news as they suspected from the start

but then when hercules is left powerless, she realizes she did wrong and immediatelly looks out for pegasus, who she is quite aware doesn’t like her at all but doesn’t care as long as he helps her to get to phil to save hercules

once hercules gets his power again, after helping him fight against the titans, pegasus actually stays with phil to take care of her while hercules goes to the underworld to get meg’s soul back, celebrating with him when she wakes up, finally realizing she’s part of hercules’ life now and accepting her as such

now, before this gets too long for a voltron/disney post what i’m trying to say is, if we ever got blue paladin keith, i think blue and keith won’t hit it up immediately like red and lance would, but if lance was in any kind of danger there would be no one able to stop them from coming together to do anything they could to save him

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Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

I caucht tag from @andrewminyarrr ) Thank you<3

How old are you? 22

What’s your current job? tired student

What are you talented skilled at? drawing? 
And to keep a good mood when all is bad, hah)

What’s your aesthetic? red/black, handsome boys, good cheekbones,  private boarding school, ruins )

Do you collect anything?Ahah) okay .. do you know those stickers, which stick on fruits? So, I collect that))

What’s a topic you always talk about? aftg, trc, ks, music, new movies, tv series, games and university stuff

What’s a pet peeve of yours? the sound of polystyrene

Good advice to give? don’t worry and be happy, ahah))

What are three songs you’d recommend?
Band Of Skulls–Honest
lontalius – sleep thru ur alarms

tagging: @akadare @deadlilmoon @ginevre @imnotapipedream @rath08 @wickedica @doctorkot @kkkatara @mercurytomato

Katharine Hepburn for the lovely katharinehxpburn 


another meme i won’t finish | animated movies [1/10] » the lion king
Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.

Clingy - Part 2 (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Summary: You’re a new foreign actress who’s striving in Hollywood and Marvel decided to hire you.

Word count:1.5k

Genre: Fluff,angst

A/N: Thank you for the 90 notes onthe first part!I definitely didn’t expect it to get so many notes.Here’s part 2 for you guys. Once again, thank you!

Author: @chrixa

Life has been pretty good for you and Sebastian. Since moving in with him three months ago, you look happier, and truth is, you are. Even Chris said the other day that your smile seems brighter and you enjoy yourself more. All of that thanks to the Romanian guy who manages to make you smile everyday, Sebastian Stan.

Sure, you’re still hanging out with the rest of the Marvel cast members, but none of them, except Chris, knows that you’re dating Sebastian. That is until Sebastian told them two months ago.

Now, you’re already together for six months, and he still shows no signs that he wanted to go public to the media.

“Why can’t we tell the rest of the world about our relationship? I mean, Chris and Jenny are fine with everyone knowing, why can’t we?” you asked him the other day, desperate.

“You know why! The paparazzi can get a little over the line and can even potentially harm you!” he raised his voice. You stayed silent, unable to react.

“Baby doll,” he whispered and you can hear the guilt in his voice after yelling at you. You stared into his icy blue eyes, knowing that he’s right. “I just don’t want you to get hurt when I’m away. I know you have Chris who can protect you but he has other stuff to take care of,” he stepped closer.

Sebastian’s going to Ireland next month to film his new movie and you have a new movie coming up as well. He’s guilty because he can’t be there for you if you need anything. And he can’t be there to protect you when you walk home alone late at night.

“I know. I just want to celebrate our love, you know. Tell the world how much I love you,” you hugged him and placed your head a little below his chest. Short.

“I love you, too. Soon, okay?” He kissed the top of your head. All you can do is nod and spend the rest of the day cuddling.

Sebastian’s out eating with some of his friends. You begged to tag along but he said it’s a guys night and he promised to come home early and watch movies with you.

It’s nearly 11 P.M and Sebastian’s not home yet. You called him multiple times and texted him asking where he is and whether or not your movie date is up. And there was no reply.

Hey, big guy. Are you out with Sebastian? You sent to Chris.

No. I heard he’s going out with some guys. Why? He replied a minute later. Such a good friend.

Yeah he’s out and he’s not home yet.

Is he fine? I mean I can try to find him if you want. What a sweet guy.

Nah. I don’t want to disturb your night. Anyways, thanks Chris :)

Call me if you need anything, okay? I’ll be right over. You love him so much.

Yeah, sure, I’ll be fine. Thank you.

“(Y/N)! Hey, I’m home, baby doll.” 12.43 A.M.

“Babe? Where are you?” He called once more. You’re not answering.

It took him a moment to find that you’re sleeping sitting on the floor, in front of your shared bed with your phone next to you.

“Hey, hey (Y/N), I’m home,” he was starting to lift you when you wake up.

“Don’t. Just don’t, Sebastian,” you said, biting back your tears. He looked confused. You glanced at the clock on your bedside table and felt your neck that hurt as hell thanks to your unwanted sleeping position.

“You promised. You promised you’ll be home early and spend time with me! Watch movies and cuddle before you’re leaving to Ireland!” Your tears spilled.

“Doll, I’m sorry, okay? I got carried away.” He ran his fingers through his hair the way he always do when he’s nervous.

“Wh- Sorry? Wait. Are you drunk? How much did you drink?” You can really smell the alcohol in his breath.

“I- They brought me to a bar, okay? I can’t just say no and leave!” He yelled while throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.

“But you promised me, Sebastian.” He stood like a planted tree, staring at you.

“You chose to go to a bar instead of spending time with me?” You can hear the anger in your voice.

“That’s not what I’m saying. I-”

“Can’t you at least give me a call or a text or anything? Saying that you’re better off drinking and having fun instead of being with me? You can’t imagine how worried I was and how disappointed I am,” you’re hiding your face in your hands, sobbing.

“I’m sorry, okay? Let’s just sleep and for-”

“Sleep? How am I supposed to sleep like this.” He stepped closer.

“Don’t.” You’re going for the door.

“God, I don’t understand why you’re just so clingy!” He yelled, letting the frustration finally out.

You stopped.

“What did you just call me?”

“I-I don’t mean that I-”

You left and shut the door in front of his face.

It rained heavily but you couldn’t care less, even without any umbrella or coat. You tried calling Chris but it went straight to voice mail. He must probably be asleep.

After wandering in the rain, you finally saw a 24-hour cafe and went in and ordered yourself a cup of hot tea to warm you. You checked your phone and you have 83 missed calls and 57 texts from Sebastian. You tried to stop your tears from streaming down but they just keep on coming.

When your tears finally stopped, you decided to come home. You checked your phone and it’s 2.59 A.M. Damn.

The rain stopped, but your clothes are still soaked. The cold breeze hit your skin making you shiver. If only Sebastian was here.

You opened the door quietly, afraid to wake Sebastian up. And there you see him sleeping on the couch, the TV on with his phone in his hands. You let out a sigh.

You turned the TV off and went to the bathroom to change your clothes and wash up. You knew you needed some sleep but your mind just couldn’t cooperate.

Sebastian’s sleeping face is your most favorite thing in the whole wide world. He looks so peaceful; so peaceful and innocent, you nearly mistook him as a newborn baby. His lips slightly parted, his eyelids closed, his breathing even, and his whole body relaxed from all the hard work he’s done; he’s just too perfect.

The last thing you remembered is that you sat on the floor next to the couch.

“Hey, baby doll. Wake up. Good morning.” You opened your eyes. 10.36 A.M. You slept on the floor with your head on your knees. Your hands hugging yourself for warmth.

Sebastian’s face was in front of yours. “Good morning,” you managed to reply weakly.

“I’m so sorry about last night. It won’t happen again.” He helped you get up and hugged you.

Half awake, you return his hug and literally slept on his chest, almost drooling.

“Hey, you awake?” He cupped your face in his hands.

“Huh? Yeah, yeah I’m awake,” you said as you yawn.

“Oh, God your eyes are swollen. I’m gonna get some ice pack.” He sat you down on the couch. A few minutes later he returned with a cup of hot chocolate and an ice pack. “Here, have this.” He sat next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. You put your head on his chest because you’re too short to put it on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, okay? I was drunk, I had no filter to what I was saying and I love you for who you are.” He kissed the top of your head.




“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

okay so one of my favourite ppl on earth ( @juliuus ) tagged me and I hate her so much. Y am I still doing this anyway ?

goal : tag 9 people you want to know better

relationship status : single, what r u expecting ?
favorite color : oh shit that’s the hardest one, like, idk. I luv them all but if I had to chose probably teal ?? Or pastel blue/pink maybe
lipstick or chapstick : lipstick, totally
last song i listened to : lol shame on me, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney Spears
last movie i saw : Peter Pan, lol
top three tv shows : hahaha. I’d say … Castle, Sense 8 (rip still not over it) and Girl Boss probably
top three characters : Easy question, Keith Kogane (voltron), Todoroki Shouto ( BNHA) and Iwaizumi Hajime (HQ!!)
top three ship : omfg hell no … idk … Klance,  Scorbus (they’re so gay u can’t deny it), and probably iwaoi

Okay, so I need to tag ppl but I’m an ermit so I do not know a lot of ppl down here (that’s a shame tchip) but Imma tag some of them anyway

@eiluz : queen

yep that’s all luv on u

I got tagged by @cydoniadreamland​ to answer some spooky questions

1. Favorite cryptid? -The Hodag

2. Do you believe in ghosts? -Sort of. I find paranormal stuff to be interesting but I don’t take it too seriously.

3. Slasher films or psychological horror? -Psychological horror all the way. I’m okay with tasteful amounts of gore, but too much of it makes me squeamish

4. Favorite scary movie(s)? -Fright Night, It, and The Babadook

5. Has anything ~unexplained~ ever happened to you? Give an example…        -I’m pretty sure that my brother and I have been to a liminal space. Back when I took summer classes for the fun of it, he would pick me up afterwords and we would go get ice cream at a nearby Dairy Queen. We tried to take our mom to it once but it wasn’t there and apparently it never was. We have very clear memories of it though, and I’m sure that we didn’t just hallucinate the whole thing.

6. Any creepy book recommendations? -Stay Out of the Basement by R.L Stine

7. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? If so, what did you see/feel?      -Yeah, but I didn’t hallucinate. I just noticed that I couldn’t move and waited for it to pass.

8. Favorite internet urban legend/creepypasta? -This question is too hard to answer, there are too many good ones out there.

9. Childhood fear(s)? This stupid clip from Teletubbies. I was hanging out with my sister’s baby the other day when it started playing and I had to turn the T.V off

10. Adulthood fear(s)? Everything. I have anxiety. 

11. Do you know any scary local stories/folklore? Do tell! -It’s not very scary but I am quite fond of the Hodag.

12. Any recurring nightmares? -Yes. Seven foot tall gummy bears climb through my window in the middle of the night, tie me up in my bed, and open up a discothèque in my room. It’s not scary once I wake up, but while I’m dreaming it’s absolutely terrifying. 

I’ll tag @dangit-lin @fluffy-iroha and anyone else who wants to answer the questions.

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Last movie watched: The SpongeBob Movie — There was nothing else on TV at the time so :^)

Last song listened to: Bittersweet by Panic! At the Disco — Preeetty good song if I do say so myself, give it a listen!

Last show watched: ((Does Khonjin House count as a show? No? Okay then.)) Boku No Hero Academia — I’ve been trying to catch up recently…

Last book read: Romeo and Juliet — ((Wait, does this count?)) English class. That is all. Also I kinda do enjoy it, actually.

Last thing eaten: Oreos — I fell asleep and missed dinner, w h o o p s

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: I want to go back to sleep and go back to my dream world. In my dream world, I don’t need to stress about exams. Also I get to do things I’m ​physically unable to do here, like ((get out of my house whenever I want and)) meeting fictional characters.

If you could time travel, where ((when)) would you go?: I’d prefer not to.

What would you do if you won the lottery?: I… I don’t really know, to be honest. I don’t trust myself with such a large amount of money so knowing myself, I’d probably just stash it all somewhere private and only use it for emergencies.

Which character would you spend a day with?: ((Okay first of all, how dare you make me choose—)) Aight, here we go **dEEP INHALE** Literally any character from Kekkai Sensen, Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Yuuga Aoyama, America, England, Japan, Any of the micronations OR Osomatsu Matsuno — … Now that I think about it, our day is going to be spent with a lot of awkward silence since it takes a ((long)) while for me to open up to other people…

Current time: 6:25 am

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Love Scrabble: A Tutorial

*queues Shang Tsung* It has begun! >:D *plays Mortal Kombat Movie Soundtrack*

Okay, so I may need a little sleep or something after all this, but it’s for a worthy cause!  ( ̄︶ ̄) And so I do. I’m going to break things up into parts because there’s a hella lot so I will be using #dorilovescrabbletutorial in the tags for easy retrieval. Let us begin.

Please know that I’m trying to cover all the things and am finding more along the way. Just give me time and if there’s something missing or you don’t understand, ask away and I shall answer :3

*inserts Disclaimer * All screenshots were taken by me, labeled by me, a single Voltage fan who wants nothing more than to help other non-Japanese speaking gamers play this thing we all hustled to love. I do not, in any way claim the game or characters or design as my own. Just the stupid labels and explanation that come with them |3

The Basics

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      okay so. timelines. I’ve literally been trying to figure this out for months because after AWE they are messed up so badly, but I’m going to do my best to fix them for how I write Jack during this in between period between the end of AWE and the start of DMTNT – which, according to the novelisation, is a period of nineteen years. this is a combination of my own headcanons, inferring from the commonly understood dates of these movies, and Johnny’s own age:

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Movie Nights Are Made for Sleeping (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Okay this is a totally random drabble I did for the sake of relieving my own stress. We had quarter exams and stuff today, plus tonight’s episode (!!!) just. Phew. It isn’t my greatest work– personally, I could probably do better, but I developed a huge migraine right in the middle of writing! So, fun fun. Anyway, here’s something for all of you Dean fluff lovers (like myself.) If there are any grammar mistakes, I’m really sorry. Tagged blogs that I think will appreciate Dean-stuff are at the bottom! -Admin Sammi

P.S.: (Don’t be afraid to inbox us or message us or anything– and send in asks, submissions, requests, whatever! Feedback and stuff is super duper appreciated!) 

Word Count: 909 (Holy crap this is short lol. Shortest thing I’ve ever written.)

Warnings: None, really? Fluff fluff fluff. This is all just fluff. 

This is basically from Dean’s PoV. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

When Dean pulled [y/n] down onto his bed that Friday night, he’d had every intention to finish the movie they had been watching. He’d followed the beginning scenes with a childlike enthusiasm, his eyes flicking over the screen as he frantically absorbed everything that was happening. But when the stroking of her fingers against the scarred skin of his arm– a habit she exercised on him subconsciously– began to slow and soften, he couldn’t help but to glance over at her. She lay against one of his pillows, her free arm cradling it against her head while the other reached out to him and lay across his lap. From where he sat, he could see the fluttering of her eyelids; the soft line between her brows began to relax as her countenance slowly slackened with oncoming unconsciousness. When she released a long, soft breath, and when the tension slowly eased from her shoulders, Dean lowered the volume of the television until the noise was merely a background static.

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I was tagged by the awesome @v-l-s-l-o-n to list 6 movies that I can watch anytime without getting bored or sth (i love movies with my lyfe so thanksss)

In no particular order

  1. pride and prejudice
  2. the winter soldier
  3. the parent trap
  4. maid in manhattan
  5. the town
  6. anything by tarantino bc i love him

current boner jams (…okay)

and im also gonna do this bc why not? (these are probably going to be all in spanish lmao)

Rules: list 10 Songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals.

  1. la guerra de gardel - el cuarteto de nos
  2. luna de miel en la mano - virus
  3. las madres del amor - leon gieco
  4. amanece en la ruta - fabiana cantilo
  5. un pacto - leon gieco
  6. rubí - babasonicos
  7. mi semilla - la vela puerca
  8. estrella fugaz - illya kuryaki & the valderramas (a true bop)
  9. fueron - no te va gustar
  10. magia - gustavo cerati 

im actually ineterested in seeing some of yalls so i tag: @the-mighty-microwave ; @dasakuryo ; @baeked-kookie ; @ceibos and anyone that wants to do it tbh!

I love all this tagging stuff, aw man, tag me in more, lmfao. Once again, I was tagged by the lovely @littleshechan, x

rules: Tag nine people you want to get to know better.

relationship status: I have no other words to give, other than @littleagranger, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

favourite colour: Crimson and navy blue.

lipstick or chapstick?: Chapstick all the way. My lips are terrible.

last song you listened to: Lmfao, okay. I’ve had Gareth Gates’ version of Suspicious Minds on repeat since I got back from work. And it’s what I’m listening too now.

last movie you watched: Fury. Fuck it still hurts.

top 3 characters: But. I have so? Many favourite characters? Don’t do this to me. Okay. I’m going to pick favourites from three different fandoms. Kai, my angsty, war paint wearing son, (Beyblade) Mallow, (Pokemon) and Tidus (Final Fantasy). My favourite babies.

top 3 ships: Kai/Tala. Fight me about it, ice and fire all the way. Malec - Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood - and the obvious Robron - Robert Sugden / Aaron Dingle.

books and manga you are currently reading: The one book that I am currently reading at the moment is Peter Pan In Scarlet. I can’t read more than one thing at once - I don’t know how anyone does, lmfao. But then I am planning on rereading The Mortal Instruments, Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens, and maybe even Harry Potter.

top 5 musicals: I don’t have five favourite musicals. I only like Phantom Of The Opera. It’s my life.

tagging: every single one of you. You’re now all tagged. If you see this on your dash, you are all more than welcome to do this! x

8 for 8

Answer 8 questions and tag 8 people to do the same.
Okay, I was tagged by @floraltoxin and I’m pretty grateful since I needed an excuse to procrastinate so… 
Last movie I watched: Roman holiday . Last song I listened to: probably all star. It’s one of the only songs that can cheer me up on an exam day.
Last book I read: The story of Alice (Lewis Carol and the secret history of Wonderland) 
Last thing I ate: …um, gluten free pasta? 
Where would you like to time travel to: 1920’s America. 
Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Oh, I have no idea. Maybe Wednesday Addams? I feel like I can relate to her sometimes XD 
If I could be anywhere right now where would I be: Anywhere with the gang tbh 
Current fandom obsession: I don’t really have one! If I had to say something then maybe Sherlock?
So I’ll tag @majestic-wxlf @spooky-studies @sayylie @scoutea @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major @amys-recovery @classicalcarp @theclosetpianist
Have fun :)