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  • let my baby stay // amandla’s cover 
  • tequila // g.soul 
  • wade green // berhana
  • 寂靜的天空 // 代青塔娜 & haya
  • round and round // ariel pink’s haunted graffiti 
  • przyszłam do miasta // ballady i romanse
  • black sheep // the clash at demonhead
  • rough soul // goldlink
  • s'il vous plait // otoboke beaver (おとぼけビ~バ~)
  • dynamite // shinee

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do u possibly have any 2seok fic recs? i can't seem to find any that are good :// sorry & thank u!!! (sorry for my english)

yes !! good fics are so hard to find in the ao3 tag so here are some of my favourites so far:

  • caught in a landslide (of emotion): hoseok keeps catching seokjin at his worst  

  • all this learnin’ here is by you: seokjin is a super smart sexy senior and hoseok would like to be taught.  

  • one, two, three, jump: hoseok found himself trapped on the top of a 70m tall platform and it was all jeon jungkook’s fault.  

  • hashtag trashbag: hoseok plays video games for a living. also, he’s gay. like, so deep in the gay, dicks in his mouth kinda gay.

  • in the quiet like this: seokjin knows hoseok in the general way you know someone who grew up across the street from you. then he gets a part time job at the library, and it somehow changes everything.

  • give it to me (that sweet ice cream cake): it’s blazing hot in seoul and hoseok’s only reprieve is his daily trip to the ice cream shop after work for whatever tickles his fancy at the moment. the cute guy behind the counter has nothing to do with it, of course.  

  • vending machines and bad ideas: hoseok needed to focus, regroup. he needed to evaluate the situation, weigh his options, and find a solution. he needed to work through this like the capable adult he was. he needed to get his hand out of this stupid vending machine.  

  • can’t take the heat: “you’re not that great at your jobs, and this isn’t that great of a restaurant,” namjoon says.

    there’s a pause. “but?” seokjin prompts.

    “oh,” namjoon blinks at them, “no, that was all i had.”

    (or: taehyung and hoseok have a long-standing bet for halloween, which ends up with hoseok in his sister’s cheerleader costume, and taehyung still winning.)

  • disco, calypso (it don’t matter): seokjin didn’t ask for any of this. not for his estranged son taehyung to suddenly move in and turn seokjin’s orderly life upside down. certainly not for said son to come with a mentor and dance instructor in the form of the impossibly sunny, annoyingly attractive jeong hoseok. fortunately, the universe doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to what seokjin does and does not ask for.  

  • ghosts that we knew: “just a little sip? what’s the worst that could happen?“

    "uh, food poisoning, allergic reaction, choking. death. death death death,” hoseok replied, trying to back away from taehyung’s approach.
    taehyung smiled and lifted the bottle to hoseok’s face. “don’t be silly, you won’t die.

    "alternatively: hoseok dies, turns into a ghost, and meets handsome baker seokjin, the only person who can see hoseok.

  • salt for sugar: hoseok is in his first year of university with a scholarship for track and field. he’s always enjoyed running, and it’s a fast way to make friends, so why not? however, it’s only once he’s joined that he discovers the problem. seokjin is also in track and field, specifically pole vaulting.

    he knows seokjin primarily as namjoon’s boyfriend; the tall, broad shouldered guy who wears soft sweaters and has a window squeegee laugh. he was cute, sure, but as far as he could tell, the guy wasn’t his type.

    this seokjin, though…the one who’s apparently ripped, who’s torso bends and flexes in mesmerizing ways as he arches over the bar, who’s sexy as fuck with sweat dripping down his face…he’s a different story.

  • the way things are now: eleven years ago (you know, back in college - the golden years of desperate loneliness and constant stress and neither attachments nor company) jeong hoseok would never have even dreamed of what his life was like now. (and if he had it probably would have been a nightmare, because kids are jerks and don’t know what happiness looks like.)

    eleven years ago he hadn’t met seokjin yet. jimin hadn’t been around. taehyung hadn’t shown up. jeongguk hadn’t dropped from the sky and into his lap.

    eleven years ago he’d been some other, infinitely unhappy person. today he’s himself, and he’s happy. it’s just the way things are now.

  • for the price of a dime i can always turn to you: parenthood is hard. it’s especially hard when your other half is across the country and he’s the one who’s the best at talking to kids.
    or: a story in which hoseok defuses a bomb, sticks his hand down a toilet, and has phone sex with his husband.

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#letolderIgnisbeadaddy 👌👌👌👌

What’s funny is that yesterday, I was running errands until way late last night and missed like 10 hours of Tumblr time (U N A C C E P T A B L E; if I missed anything I was tagged in I’m so sorry, I was doing All The Adulting) and when I got back I was like “WTF THAT DADDY!IGNIS BLURB MADE ROUNDS”

Which made my muse all smug like “yeah and u was like *mocking voice* but Iggy can’t be a daddy that’s Gladio, I’m so limited in my characterizations of my fave characters, thank goodness I have a muse that knows what’s up”

… so I have also made myself see the light, LOL MAY DADDY!IGNIS WRECK THE FUCK OUT OF US FOREVERMORE

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hello! Please tag some yixing blogs you love that i can follow! ty🌸

hi!! i follow so many yixing blogs and i lov them all so much🤢but i’ll give u a few of my faves💝
@1yixing @yixingsecondalbum @kokoxing @mymjustforyou @2baekxing @1adyluck @laymerence @xbacks @zzyx @yiffxing @geminixingmi @bias-yixing @crownkingzyx @exosvisual @junyixinqs @yicxing @yixingmetosleep

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five things you’ll find in my bag 

-rosebud salve
-fidget cube
-empty bottle of smartwater
-pens I probably took from work
-bobby pins

five things in my bedroom 

-ugly armchair from Goodwill
-Big Desk
-a painting of Misa Amane
-fuurin (Japanese wind chime)
-dishes I need to take to the kitchen

five things i have always wanted to do in my life 

-become fluent in another language
-travel around the world!!
-meet all my online friends
-become a popular fandom artist
-have a lot of adventures

five things that make me happy 

-the smell of Windex
-sticking my hands into birdseed
-waking up when it’s still dark to travel somewhere fun
-reminiscing with friends
-when my kids at work rush to hug me before I leave

five things on my to-do list 

-work on a commission
-buy cat food
-shave my eyebrows
-clean my room
-set up the PS3

five things people may not know about me 

-i hate talking or thinking about cloaca
-i once got a week of detention for hitting my best friend in the face with a paper bag full of chicken nuggets
-im really good at getting free food
-im 5'3
-i failed art classes in school

I tag @beyondkira @sybilius @f4rfields @mizzmello @icecoffeemonster

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why do you like maggie so much? she's abusive to ava... i'm sorry i really want to understand why you like her

did u take two seconds to look at my blacklist and realize abuse and abuse mentions are the number one thing i need tagged always or realize everyone in the damn comic is problematic in some way before calling a 15 year old girl abusive

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (or pockets):

  • phone
  • wallet
  • keys
  • uhhhhhhh that’s it

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • bunk bed
  • guitar
  • video games & tv
  • lots of posters
  • cups everywhere because i’m lazy as shit 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • get good at writing songs
  • hiking (but not around where I live lmao)
  • dye my hair purple
  • leave alabama
  • own a dog or cat

5 things that make me happy:

  • animals
  • compliments and attention lmfaooo
  • knowing that metroid prime 4 is coming
  • bob ross
  • i graduated high school and i’m going to college, that makes me pretty damn happy

5 things I’m currently into:

  • splatoon 2 (it comes out tomorrow)
  • Funkadelic and Parliament
  •  buying new clothes
  • power napping
  • coffee

5 things on my to do list

  • make it through college
  • dye my hair
  • maybe gain some weight. i’m real out of shape  
  • get rid of my acne
  • that’s it. i guess lol

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I haven’t animated in so long??


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