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the no bullshit guide to getting your shit together: for the lazy student

Let’s be honest: time management and organization? They’re really hard. Sure, at first you might feel like you’ve gotten the hang of them, that you’re in control of your life. But how often have you fallen off the wagon? Procrastinated on one thing and the next moment, you’re behind in all your classes? I know that sometimes laziness feels like a part of who you are, but honestly, fuck that. Do you really want to give up your success for the disinterest of a moment?

If your answer is no (it better be no, or you really need to get your priorities straight), let’s get to it. 


“This class doesn’t even matter.” “I don’t care about my grades.” “I can finish this the day before.” Sound familiar? You might feel great now, but when you’re staring down at your report card later, it’ll feel like you just got punched. 

This is a cliche, but the greatest obstacle to your success is yourself - especially the lies you tell yourself! Sit yourself down and be honest about what you need to improve on. Be as blunt as you can, but for god’s sake, don’t throw yourself a pity party! There’s no use agonizing over what you can’t change. Instead, set realistic, achievable goals, and make a game plan. Struggling with math? Go to extra help. Behind in all your classes? Stay in for a couple nights and actually work. 


Now you know what your goals are, but maybe you want some inspiration, so you log on to tumblr and are instantly bombarded by all these beautiful, well lit shots of the most gorgeous bullet journals, planners, and notes. Impressive, right? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: they’re all useless! A simple phone planner works just as well, if not better, than a fancy agenda, because you’ll always have it on you, it’s not a hassle to carry around, and you don’t feel obligated to make it look pretty. 

Riddle me this, where are you going to find all this extra motivation to keep prettying up your bullet journal? To write all your notes in perfect, colour coded printing? There aren’t many times in life where taking the easy was out will actually benefit you, so take advantage! Stop wasting your time; get a phone planner and write your notes in your natural goddamn handwriting. 


Yep, your entire room - not just your study space! This one can be put on the back burner for a bit if you’re on a really pressing deadline, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m notoriously messy, and if I don’t watch myself, I’d find myself in dirty-laundry-and-old-notes hell. A little bit of organized chaos is fine, I even encourage it! But try working when your desk is covered in mounds of paper and you have nowhere to put your laptop – it’s just not conducive to success. 

Keeping your entire room clean is a way to stave off stress, frustration, and even embarrassment, because nobody wants to show potential roommates how much of a mess they are. 


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “actually work? Who does this girl think she is?” I’d probably think the same thing, except I’ve learned the valuable lesson of sucking it the hell up, and you will too. When you get home from work, grab a snack and work. When you have a free period, figure out what’s due and work. Stop reasoning yourself out of work: you’re not going to finish this later, and that will be on the test. There’s really not much to say about this one, because it’s the step that requires the most raw effort, and you’re really only going to find that within yourself. Tell yourself what’s at stake, and realize that, by setting the standard for your mediocrity now, you’re potentially trapping yourself in a cycle that will last for years. 


Maybe you’ve been on top of your shit for a day, a week, or even a month, and that’s really great. But then… you fail. You miss a deadline or you bomb a test. So what do you do now? Do you allow yourself to fall back into your old habits? Fuck no! Everyone fails, even that studyblr with those perfect bullet journal photos and a perpetually clean study space. I’m going to tell you something that’ll sound really strange: you should value your failures, especially if you worked hard to avoid them. What?! Be HAPPY about failing when I actually TRIED? Yeah, you heard me right. If you don’t know how to handle failure, then when you inevitably experience it, your reaction will be much worse. 

Failing hurts, and boy, I know how embarrassing it can be. But learning how to deal with failure, and especially how to keep trying after it happens, is an invaluable lesson. 


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you treat yourself after the most basic of tasks, because please. Treat yourself when you know you goddamn well deserve it. Remember that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” If all you do is study and do your homework, then, pardon my french, your life sucks. If you don’t have friends, play a video game! Eat an entire jumbo chocolate bar! Indulge in whatever the fuck you want, you deserve it. I’m someone that has trouble prioritizing future benefits over immediate gratification, so by allowing myself little pleasures, I save myself from crashing and burning. 

Hope these tips helped, but remember to take them with a grain of salt - you’re you and I’m me, and different things work for different people. Good luck!

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Can you recommend any good DJWifi centric fics?

check out this fic tag cuz most of it features oneshots, and links to stories focusing/ including them heavily  seriously go through it you’ll find find some killer oneshots and fic links)

other recs 

and some random ones i don’t think i’ve reblogged/ i can remember at the top of my head

Now, All I see is You (2 oneshots, slowburn-ish,  it fluff with music being the theme. not sure if they’re gonna continue it but boy its so cute A++ on that)

Chatoyant  by @marshmallohno (first two chapters focuses on them. A++ interactions/dynamic)


A Night on the Town by @krzed ( oneshot, Christmas fic with incredibly miraculous presents, hella good , nsfw-ish but not really its mostly just mentions stuff

Honest proposal ( its a short one-shot but its funny and sweet)

Akuma Victums’ club ( not specifically about them but the interactions between themselves and the other classmates is really great and it warms my heart)

fragile ones by @sadrien (im still crying from this one, akuma victim flashbacks and they comfort eachother )

Frozen first dates by @siderealscribblings (well..the title says it all. one-shot and its frickin adorable) 

Snowball fight by @insanitysscribblings (again the title says it all. its a oneshot and its cute as hell)

Knighted  by@thelastpilot (princess and royal guard au!! multi-fic, in process to bro)

Can you imagine if one day Charles Xavier does show up in a future season and David just becomes so confused and stressed and everything becomes even louder and he starts curling in on himself, but then suddenly without any warning everything stops. He doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before, and he’s afraid to even think the thought, but hell. He’s pretty sure he’s completely healthy right now. Charles explains that he won’t keep him in that state for long, but he just wants to talk to his son in a more comfortable way, and David just has tears in his eyes as he whispers to himself “it’s so quiet..” with a small laugh of disbelief.


I love me some extremely dead assassins! I just wanted to make a ref of La Squadra for myself bc you can bet I’m gonna be drawing them a whole lot more. You can click on them for my ethnicity/nationality hcs or check under the readmore! 

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Do you have any good recs for pregnancy fics? Maybe some with smut and some without? Thanks!

Here are some fics like that!

Also check out our pregnancy tag and the pregnancy+smut tag! 

Anonymous said: ‘What’s your favorite cannon verse smut fics? Or canon verse future fics? ☺’

We don’t really like to do our favorites, but you can find a good bunch of them here!

Anonymous said: ‘Do you have any celebrity AUs with smut that you could recommend?’

Anonymous said: ‘guys helppp!! I can’t find a fic where clarke and bellamy are separated for 10 years and they um communicate through a screen or smth(?)’

Can anyone help us out with this one?

well, this user blocked me so i can’t tag them, but since i also didn’t tag my most recent mon-el post at all, i’m going to just assume you’re consistently checking up on my blog.

here’s my reply: do you think the white martians would let m'gann succeed in her attempt at a revolution? well, we can’t be sure, and we would never know if she didn’t at least try. so, why can’t mon-el try?

because mon-el is still useless, spoiled and ignorant. his hero calling is not on earth, it’s daxam. and if the narrative of the story isn’t heading that way, then these writers are even shittier than i thought.

PSA: Porn Bots

In the past week, spam bots have started going into the Animal Crossing tags, deleting captions, and reblogging with links to phishing sites. While tumblr is, quote, “doing the best they can to solve this issue,” it is super important that you do not click the link they share or their username to block them. Instead, you need to report their blog which will automatically block their account from interacting with you.

The Animal Crossing community has people of all ages and tumblr allows people as young as 13 to join. As part of both I do want underage Crossers to be safe and I do not want y'all exposed to inappropriate content. Adults, we do need to protect children here as tumblr is not doing a great job at it at all.

If anyone has any updates on the situation, feel free to add onto this post.

Camren shippers fault????

For people who like to blame the Camren shippers for the estrangement between Camila and Lauren, or the fact that it has been forbidden and turned out to be inappropriate:

You attract what you transmit. You reap what you sow. Life is just like that. If Camila and Lauren suffer from it today, it was because of somehow they drew the whole situation to them. If this took a different size than everyone expected and got out of control, we have nothing to do. Some Camren shippers go overboard, but we can not control everyone.

I respect the Camren shipper who does not go to their Instagram and keeps writing that “Camren is real!”. I respect the Camren shipper who respects them and that’s the end point.

All the blogs I follow and like respect Camren and they only find us if they search for the Camren tags. Because nobody here marks them in anything!

@truluvproof @0h-give-me-lovee @camrenshipperss @camren-believer @2thrive @singasong17 @teamcamren @camrenillusion @blameitoncamren @teoriascamren @decoding1432

There so many other blogs that respect them, but I can’t remember all.

The point is, we do our shit here, our theories, we exchange ideas and information and this is between us and who likes to talk about it.

Do not judge us by not thinking what we think. Do not judge us by not understanding what we understand. That way no one will judge you.

Saw this tag on twitter and it look fun!

More facts!
- I.. don’t wanna do my thesis so I’m doing this instead ; w ;
- I have my sister cut my hair :D
- I’m too lazy to comb my hair lol
- I love wearing sleeveless shirt and have a cardigan or something over it
- My bag is a mess. This is the tamer version of it
- Sometimes I have a really weird stuff in my bag (ex measuring tape, deck of cards, torch)
- I’ve never used all that hair accessories but I love having them in my bag 
- That laptop is old and heavy as hell (2.2 KG)
- I’m currently have a lot of art struggling. I could draw so many styles and I don’t know which one suit me best. It’s really frustrated but I know I’m gonna get there one day, so wish me luck!

Tag: @mi-chan4649 @brightlypainted @emeraldscetch @eveylein @andwerestartingoveragain @stephyhime @axilarts @fierce-phoenix everyone who wanna do this (Please mention me back, I’d love to see all of it!)

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I promised myself I was going to find this fic myself but I've checked in all the tags I thought it would be in, and I really want to read it so I'm giving in haha. Do you know of a fic where Phil and Dan are both using the same textbook but they don't know each other and then one of them starts writing in the textbook and so they start writing notes back and forth to each other even going so far as to go to the library just to check for a new note. If you could find it, I would be so grateful

i think it’s this one! If it helps, like if you wanted to find things yourself, sometimes adding /search/keyword on our blog wields really good results! I tried it with textbook and came up with this ^.^ Obviously though, we don’t mind when you guys send us asks! It’s kind of our job hahaaaa

Always Read the Margins - Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

- Eliza

psa, y'all. i’m leaving tumblr for a while. i don’t expect anyone to really give a crap but for those who do, i don’t enjoy myself on this site as much as i used to. I lost friends, talk less and less with them even tho i rlly want to bc guess what im an insecure piece of shit, also there is more hate in the tags, even I am getting hate mail for no reason this week???

but this is only temporary, of course. it’s just that i’m not gonna go on this site for a good while because i feel isolated and anxious, so there will be even less content of little ole me onto your dash. even just writing this makes me anxious af tbh. but hey, i will still gif the supernatural episodes and shit so y'all dont have to worry about that, and you can still request gifsets and stuff, if you want to.

sorry. also, if any friends do actually care and wanna contact me on kik/snapchat/twitter or anywhere else that is not tumblr, hmu. i’ll be starting my break tomorrow.

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How do you feel about followers who really like your ocs calling them their son or daughter?? Like saying thats my son or child in an endearing way. I do it sometimes and its a habit i dont mean to say they're mine or anything i just love them alot

oH I FIND IT SUPER CUTE TBH??? whenever i get tags like that on my oc art i feel rly flattered like 😭💓💓

Happy BFSN, everybody! Pretty simple pic this week, but I’m a simple gal. No make up, no filters, just me. In great spirits because of my midterm grades and also because The 100’s on tonight! Hope your day has been going just as well! 😄

Tagging quite a few people this week because you’re all lovely: @the-princess-and-the-king @bellamylovedlincoln @bellamysfern @spiderdoctor-67 @octanakin @octaviakomearth @bellsgirl @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @wellsjahasghost! No pressure to post a selfie tonight- I basically just wanted to let you all know that I think you’re awesome- but if you do, I’d love if you tagged me back!

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King George III lockscreen by any chance? Please?

I went through hell and back for this.. I can’t do small details, so I’m sorry but…

TADAA! I slaved over this, believe it or not. I didn’t put this off, by the way! I just had other requests and I’m doing them in order. Thank you so much for being patient!!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Although with this one I’m not sure why you would hahaha.. Sorry for not getting anything done today! I had a party. (And I finished watching Heathers haha) I might close requests tomorrow, so if you have anything you want, make sure to ask tonight! Or today. Timezones. Thanks for being patient with me!


Lovely Caroline, @gabrielledelacour tagged me to make my personal aesthetic moodboard. Thanks, babe! <3

So, I could probably make moodboards every month and they’d be completely different but this is a moodboard of what my life looks like now, the aesthetic of it. I’m trying to go further, challenge myself and do the things that share me shitless. But I’ve also learned to let go and surrender. I’m growing into these bones and I am happy with how I’m progressing. :)

But alas, I am still a hen floating in a rusty bucket in the sea, so there’s that, too.

Now I’m gonna tag a few cuties but you are all free to do this! (and tag me) It’s super fun! :D

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Hi! I was tagged by my little @debgall (thank you so much :3)

So First : My blocked screen (with my boyfriend ♡ )

Second : My unblocked screen (Two of my best friends who accept to be on this blog x) thanks to them)

Third : The last song i listen to, Halsey is an artist that i discover a few weeks ago and now its my favorite artist of the moment, i cant stop to listen to gasoline, drive and control *^*

Fourth : … Good defloration its the first time you see my face, hope you enjoy lol :’)

All people who want to do it, please dont feel shy :3
I tag @emmyseldarya , @mcl-eldarya-trash (because i think you have to be forgive sweet girl ♡), @eldarya-no-lorraine , @eldaryandy , @foresthuntermajrach , @a-i-d-e-n , @hfinder-trash , @israphael-x , @krasnyzmeya , @thelesyeword

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Where do you get your pics? Just reblogged from other blogs or something ele? Just curious :3

Yes, I reblog everything from other people. I like to showcase artists and give them credit for what they do, so I’ll dig through tags and blogs until I find  stuff. It’s important for me to bring y’all content that is enjoyable, whether it be new or old, so It’s important for me to get it from the artist and reblog it from them themselves. 

You’d think it would be obvious when a personal post of mine is just that: personal.

Whether it be because the feelings I have are very specific to me or the situation is very specific to me.

I’d like to think that it’s obvious as to when I’m joking or when I’m complaining, but I know that can be difficult to do and perceive.

Either way, I’m just really tired at having to police all my God damn posts, whether from annoyance or embarrassment, considering I don’t even know how to go about it.

Especially since often times I /will/ tag them, and people /still/ do whatever the fuck they want.

Anyway. I’m complaining. Also don’t reblog this.

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I can’t do fancy bolds or anything since I’m on mobile, but ya get the point!

Tagged by @pokkipo ♡ Thank you for remembering I exist!

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write eleven new ones. Tag eleven people to answer your questions as well as the person who tagged you.

Pokkipo’s Questions!!

《 1: Do you have any OC’s? If so what are their names? 》

☆ Oh boy do I have OCs!! I own about 50+ of them so I can’t name them all here, but I will name my favorites! Avarias, Gwyndalin, Destiny, Sevearoth, Solaris, Rivven, and Ashton!

《 2: What’s your favorite eye color? 》

☆ Probably pale blues, grays, and maybe purple if that even exists? Idk I like those.

《 3: How would you name your kids? Or if you dont want kids, what are your favorite names? 》

☆ Well, I consider my ocs my children really, so I like the many names Ive given my ocs. Examples such as Raziel, Avarias, Kylo, and all those names!

《 4: What’s your favorite quote? 》

☆ Something my dad told me: A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from others mistakes.

《 5: What’s the last anime you watched? 》

☆ SerVamp actually. I tend to watch it when I have free time really, and I watched it a few days ago during free time in my Advanced Physical Fitness class.

《6: Do you like cosplays? 》

☆ I DO!! I cosplay myself actually! Though, I do plan to do Kuro at some point. But, as normal, I hate my body so I may not do it.. while I think about it tbh.

《 7: Do you have a crush on someone? 》

☆ Fiction wise yes, but in irl Im not sure anymore?? I do like someone but Im pretty sure Im not gonna get with them? Idk that’s just my thought process

《8: How many siblings do you have? 》

☆ Two older stepsisters. I don’t like them too much.

《9: What would your ideal date be like? 》

☆ Oh g od.. Well, I would like to go out and do something nice. A bookstore date? Or a walk around town to buy little things and enjoy my time with them? Buy some food, sit a little while, talk about life! Maybe I even talk about my books Im writing as well. End if off simple and sweet, with a hug goodbye and such ♡

《 10: Do you like your handwriting? Why? 》

☆ Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s really sloppy in the morning but it progressively gets better during the afternoon. So normally I dont like it in the morning, but rather in the afternoon!

《 11: Say something positive about yourself! 》

☆ That isn’t… easy for me to do. I hate myself but uh.. I guess I can say Im nice to people??


1: What is you’re favorite series and why? (Could be anything from TV shows, books, anime, ect..)

2: What is your favorite weather and time of day?

3: Favorite Fictional character? Why?

4: Favorite video game? Why?

5: What are your hobbies?

6: If you could pick one fictional world to live in, what world would you pick and why?

7: Favorite animal?

8: Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names and what are they?

9: Do you have any original stories? Tell me something about them!

10: If you have any ocs, who was your first? If you don’t have any, who was your first favorite character and why?

11: You have three wishes, what would you wish for?

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you don’t have to if you don’t wanna!!