do i tag adam is that dumb

I miss you so fucking much, I miss the way you made me feel and the way my heart jumped when you texted me. You probably don’t even think of me anymore and if you do it’s probably “glad I dodged that bullet” but you’re on my mind all the fucking time.


i was tagged by @headless-horsepossum to list 10 favs from 10 fandoms and I’m not even sure I remember ten different kinds of food let alone the fandoms I have been in but let’s do it.

The Adventure Zone - Magnus Burnsides
Mob Psycho 100 - Reigan
TMNT- Casey Jones
Steven Universe - Buck Dewey if I’m being completely honest
Good Omens - Aziraphale
Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward Elric
Harry Potter - Ron Weasley forEver I love that dumb gingerbread boy
Star Wars - Finn. But also Obi Wan??
The Raven Cycle - Adam Parrish GOD Adam Parrish.
WTNV - The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home

I think I will only tag @keikigoodbetter and uhhh @cheers–luv cuz why not.

It’s A Long Story ~ A dumb magic missiles fst

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band | Black Magic Woman - Santana | Magick - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals | Momentum - The Hush Sound | Magic - Olivia Newton-John | Gas Panic! - Oasis | Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police | Blue Eyed Hexe - Pixies | Terrible Love - The National | Get Jinxed