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Fredag, 19:15

“ Do you also need tissues?”

FACT: I still remember the first day I saw this, I didn’t understand. After being explained by my friends, I laughed so hard that I rolled out of my chair.

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What if I can’t forget you? What if I can’t unlove you? What if it’s still you that I want? What should I do? What would you do? No matter how many times you ignore me, push me away, I still find my way back right to your door, closed. I know you’re in love with someone else but, I just can’t get you off in my mind. You will always have a special place here in my heart, even if you will be erased, my heart will always remember. It’s you that still makes me happy, those smiles meant for someone else. I miss those words, conversations with someone else and not me. It’s been a long time since we fell apart and I just still love you. Can you answer me? What if I can’t forget you?

So this isn’t 100% the exact wording I used because I can’t remember what all I said this morning but this is about the basis of it:

Me: “Misha has a tumblr.”
Mom: “I don’t care what rich people do with their lives.”
Me: “Mom…you don’t understand. The SPN boys aren’t like other celebrities.”
Mom: "They’re actors. They still make more money than we’ll ever see.”
Me: “Yeah…and they deserve their money. Do you know how much they do for the world? How many lives they’ve saved? How many charities they help? How many people they make happy? I’m not even talking about the show here…I’m talking about them as individual beings existing as precious cinnamon rolls for the world to enjoy. They aren’t just any other celebrity…I don’t care if they have huge houses and luxuries that I’ll never have because Misha has encouraged me to be more of a free spirit and forget what people think about me, Jensen broke me out of my shell, and knowing Jared has hard times gets me through some pretty dark ones too.”
Mom: “You’re obsessed.”
Me: “Damn right I’m obsessed. Better than some alternatives.” 

-Wayward as Fuck

Part 2 Juice getting physical with you because of his jealousy.

“Tinker!” Suzzie said. Suzzie was Julian’s sister. The two of you were so close but you lost contact with her because you left her brother and didn’t want anything to do with him. Julian was probably the worst guy you dated but the two of you had history, you didn’t love him anymore but he would always be your Juju and you was his Tinker. “Hey girl. I missed you.” You said getting out of bed hugging her. Once she squeezed you tight you realized how sore your side was. “Oh my God Y/N, what the fuck happened to you?!” Suzzie asked. You rolled your eyes but before you could reply Julian said, “I’m gonna beat that punk bitch up.” “Funny how you say that but you used to beat me worse.” You said to him remembering all the fights the two of you got into. “That was different, I was a boy and now I’m a man. Let me show you how better of a person I am baby doll.” He said looking into your eyes. You burst out laughing, “Julian, please! Ain’t no chance in hell you will ever get this again. Make someone else happy please.” “Okay that’s enough. Come on Y/N, we have a lot to catch up on. Let’s go to the mall.” Suzzie said. “Girl i dont have any money.” You said. “Here you go baby doll.” Julian said.

“So, what happened with that Milk guy?“ Suzzie asked, trying to be funny because she knew damn well his name Juice. “You know his name Suzzie, & I don’t want to talk about it. I thought he was different but I guess he’s like your brother.” You said looking down. “You and my brother had yalls issues but yall were good together too.” She said. “Suzzie don’t be naive. Nothing good came out of that relationship , the only thing that did come out of that relationship was broken bones on both ends.” You said. “Enough about all this, you need to see my kids. They miss you.” “I miss them too! How old is Savannah now?” “She’s 5.” She said showing me pictures. Just then her phone started ringing, “Hello?” ….. “Yeah, I’ll pick them up.” She said hanging up. “That was my kids school, I need to go get them since both of them have fevers. I’ll drop you back at Juju’s.” “Alright.” … you walked up to Julian’s door and walked into his place, he was cooking. “Surprised there’s no hoes in the house for once.” You said getting his attention. “Nah baby doll. I’m making your favorite, lasagna. Come over here and bake like we used to.” He said. You smiled and got eggs out the refrigerator. Although Julian and you had a horrible relationship, cooking was probably the best thing the two of you did together.

“Has Tara or Lyla heard anything about Y/N?” Juice asked Opie and Jax. “Na man.” Jax said. “Lyla either. Ima just wanted to fuck your head up brother, your girl just went to her for money and then she vanished. That’s what she told Lyla.” Opie said. “I just want to tell her how sorry I am, I fucked up bad.” Juice said. “Don’t let all this fuck up your head, she knows your sorry and she will come back and that’s when you’ll tell her how much she means to you.” Jax said. “I hope your right.” Juice said. “Here take a drink and relax kid. You did your damage, now sit and wait for the outcome” Piney said, handing Juice a shot. With that he down 5 more and was gone for the night… everyone was passed out at the club house but Juice had woken up and started walking to his bike but Gemma saw him from the office. “Oh no you don’t honey.” She said his keys. “Why can’t she forgive me Gem? A drunken Juice asked. "She needs time Juice, you hurt her very bad.” With that Juice broke down. “She can’t leave me Gem, she can’t. I know I messed up but I would be lost without her.” He said crying. Chibs came out of the club house running to take Juice off of Gemma’s hands. “Get him home.” Gemma said. “Got him.” Chibs said. “We need to find Y/N.” She said

“You remember when we went to the club and that guy was all up on me and you knocked him out?” You said laughing with Julian. “Oh yeah and then his sister and you got into that fight outside the club! Crazy bitch ripped almost ripped out your hair. Her home girl tried to jump you, and I had to push that bitch off you.” He said smiling and shaking his head. “We did always have each other’s back no matter what.” You said. “Yeah you was the realest. I’m sorry for everything I did to you Tinker. I was fucked up back then, I mean I’d be lying if I said I have completely changed. I got a job now, I mean I still fuck with the crew but I’m trying to make an honest living slowly.” He said rubbing your arm. “You never said sorry before Julian, thanks for that. Keep changing, I know you can do it.” You said smiling. He pulled your chair closer to him & said, “I always blamed myself for the baby’s death, when you got pregnant I tried to change and I will never forgive myself for how we ended even if we should’ve ended years before that.” You started to cry remembering your stillborn baby and the events that happened after the baby’s death. “Don’t cry baby doll. You were the best thing that came in my life and I fucked you up. I should’ve grew up but I didn’t and I will always regret that.” He said and then he kissed you.

Julian had kissed you and you had kissed him back. “No, this cannot happen Julian.” “I’m not trying to get in your pants like that doll, you know what’s good with me. If I wanted you, I would’ve told you.” He said. “I'ma wash dishes.” You said. “You not my woman anymore Tinker, I’ll clean my own place. I’ve been doing it ever since you left me for that punk ass Son.” He said in a jealous tone. “You know that’s not how it happened. I had been left you when I met him. ” “I still loved you. Man I still love you!” With that being said you looked at him and said, “We can’t go down this road. I’m gonna shower.” .. once you got out the shower you realized you left your clothes in the room. You walked into the room with a towel. “You forgot these baby doll?” “Shit Juju you scared me.” He walked towards you and started kissing you . He took off your robe, picked you up and put you on the bed. “You have always been mine, I’ll never replace you in my heart baby doll.”

The next morning Julian and you were woken up to abrupt knocking on his door. “Yeah?” He said opening the door. “Where is she?” Gemma said. “Tinker, some old bitch is here for you. She took he sunglasses and said, "bitch? Yes. Old? I’m just getting started.” She said with a smile. “What are you doing here Gemma? You said with Julian shirt on. "Well I love your new look.” Yall all looked at each other. “Get dressed, I’m taking you to lunch.” She said putting on her shades walking to her truck. “Shit.” You said walking to change your clothes. “Bring me something back baby doll.” Julian said kissing you. “Okay.” …. “so you done playing house with your high school sweetheart? ” She said. “Gemma I’m not going back to him.” “Y/N, he screwed up one time and he’s crazy about you darling. "Obviously.” You said pointing to your bruises. “Didn’t that Mexican guy you’re snuggled up with do the same but worse and multiple times? From what I hear he caused a lot of damage to you.” She said. “Mind your fucking business Gem.” You said getting up. “Sit the hell down.” You sat down and folded your arms. “Look, he needs you and you’re just hurt running into another man’s arm. I know I did it..” She said looking at you.

Imagine meeting Jared at a coffee shop

The coffee shop is practically empty when I enter, a few people sitting around and just one person in line. I stand waiting for my turn, outside is raining and the sky is pitch black, even though it’s already midday. Once my turn arrives, I ask for a latte and head to the sofa closest to the window. The barista kindly brings me my coffee at the same time as we watch someone rushing inside the shop. The guy is soggy because of the rain, and looks as if he just saw a ghost.

The barista gets back to his post while the new guy scans the whole place, when his eyes lay on me, a smile appears on his lips and starts walking towards the sofa area.

“Hey” he says, sitting right next to me, “I’m Jared”

“Do I- do I know you?” I ask him, completely confused.

“No, you don’t, but I need a favor” Jared mutters, his eyes focusing on the window and my face, “Someone is following me”

“Then, call the police” I mutter, shocked by his confession, while he starts to look for something on the coffee table.

“No, I can’t” he mumbles, soaking his face with a napkin he just found, “She’s… Well, she’s my ex”

I laugh for a second, he’s actually really serious about what’s happening to him, so I serene myself. I’m not able to ask what does he want me to do, when the front door opens again. In less than a second, Jared holds my hand and starts smiling.

“Don’t look” Jared mutters with a nervous laugh.

I don’t. My eyes go straight to his, my expression still confused.

“What do you want me to do?” I mutter, trying to smile naturally.

“Just smile and nod”

And I do it. I nod once, waiting for him to do something, maybe let my hand go… But out of nowhere, he drops a topic and starts talking and talking.

“So I told Shannon that I was running late, but he wasn’t letting me go ‘You have to clean this first’ He was yelling at me 'You can’t just leave’”

Jared keeps talking and I reach for my latte on the table. I get a quick glimpse of the girl that entered the shop a couple of minutes ago, her eyes almost killing us with her stare.

“And I ran” Jared continues talking, “Shannon was still yelling at me, but I was already running here”

Now that I’ve noticed the gorgeous Aphrodite sitting on the sofa next to us, I just can’t stop looking at her. Jared notices, and gives me a glimpse.

“What about you?” He asks me, shifting on the sofa, blocking my view from the girl, “Did you wait long? I’m really sorry for being late”

“No, no” I mutter, “I was late too”

Jared smiles, maybe I’m not so bad at this whole acting thing.

“Thank God, how was work?”

‘But I don’t work…’ I want to mutter. I blink quickly for a couple of seconds, realizing that I don’t know what to say. I’m a student, what kind of job could I have? Where is it? Do I get along with my boss? Do I even have a boss? WHY AM I THINKING ALL OF THIS?

“Great” That’s all I say, and Jared seems disappointed. Ok, I’m the worst at acting.

“That’s good” He says, “Mine wasn’t so great. One of our amps broke, we’ll have to get a new one. Then, I decided to write all the lyrics in these big sheets of paper… how do you call them?”

“A flipchart?” I ask confused.

What does he do for a living? Is he a musician?

“That thing. I put the lyrics all over the wall, that’s why Shannon was so mad at me”

Jared continues talking and talking about people I don’t know, places I’ve never heard before. Sometimes he involves me in the stories, and as the time passes I start to get better at this game.

“Oh, remember when I took you to the hills the other day?!” He asks laughing.

“Ugh, don’t remember that!” I laugh too, “My knee still hurts because of that fall. I told I have two left feet!”

“You just need a bit more practice, we can go tomorrow evening”

“That sounds perfect” I say, letting out a big smile, “We can have  dinner at my place afterwards”

“Amazing, you could prepare that delicious hummus you took to mom’s. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted”

I actually do know how to make hummus…

The fake conversation flows as if we were talking seriously. At one point I forget about the reason why I’m talking with this stranger, but all comes back when Jared ends up wet again.

His ex is standing next to us, an empty glass of water on her right hand, and the left one resting on her hip.

“It’s been just a month, Jared!” She screams, “And you are already messing around with this whore?”

What did she just call me? The aphrodite ended up having a really nasty mouth.

I can see how everybody looks at us, my face starting to turn red.

“Says the girl who’s been following me around since I left home” Jared mutters, standing from the couch.

I don’t want to intervene, this is between them. But she called me a whore, and I want to say something back, but 90% of the time I’m a nervous wreck and I already feel my hands shaking.

“I was not following you!”

“Oh, and you dare to lie” Jared laughs, turning around, offering me his hand, “Come on, let’s go”

“You are not leaving me hanging, Jared!” The girl shouts, taking his arm to turn her to her again.

The barista is already leaving his spot to intervene, the girl keeps telling Jared what an asshole he is for breaking up with her and already have a new girlfriend.

I’m in between a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with me.

“I can’t do this” I mutter, standing from my seat, “Sorry, Jared”

Jared looks at me, his eyes widen, and the girls just can’t stop talking. Jesus.

I take my purse, walking pass them to face the rain outside. Why did I get into that mess? Well, technically I didn’t put myself in the middle, Jared did that.

I’m waiting on the corner for the light to change when I feel a hand hold my arm.

“I’m so sorry” Jared says over the sound of the rain, “That really wasn’t supposed to happen”

“It’s okay”

“It was great talking to you, I really enjoyed, please tell me we can do this again”

“This?” I ask, a little laugh escaping my lips, “Definitely not this”

“Yeah, you’re right” He laughs, too, “I wrote my number in this” He says, putting a napkin on my pocket, “Please give me a call”

“I’ll think about it”

“Don’t think it too much”

I nod, noticing the green light above my head. Jared stays in the corner, while I cross the street. I turn around when a few feet passed, noticing how he hasn’t moved an inch. Jared waves his hand goodbye, and I turn around one more time to finally go home.

My Type ( HanBin ) : Part 1

Hi Ikonics and Hanbin Stans! I really hope you’ll like the scenarios i will make. Actually it’s my first time writing an english scenario, because usually i write Tagalog scenarios (Philippine Language). ❤️😘

Starts here ⬇️

“Oh my gosh! Wae?! Why are you crying?! Gwaenchana?!” You saw your best friend running towards you while crying in a really messed up uniform. You approached her because she doesn’t really looks good even from a far.

“I’m so done. I’ll be transferring to other school tomorrow” You hugged her. You don’t know how to comfort her to make her feel better.

“Wae?! Wae?! What happened? Tell me!” You’re holding her shoulder while shaking her.

“Kim HanBin oppa is angry at me! I accidentally dropped the cake i made for him on his favorite shoes… It was so fail! I apologized .. But you know him.. He doesn’t accept apologies. I’m really dead. Eotteokhe?! ” You suddenly got high tempered, you closed your fist to release your annoyance. You’re having a bad temper just by hearing his name. He’s the baddest ass in your school. Oh wait let me correct it, Baddest ass you’ll ever know. He can even make your life a living hell. Every guy is scared of him and every girl falls for him.

“That punk..” You left her to search for him. You really want to beat his ass so you’ll search for him.

“W-where are you going? D-don’t tell m– yahh!” You didn’t let her finish her sentence and just left.

“Yahhh!! Kim Hanbin!” You entered the room furiously. Everyone is looking at you, even his friends , classmates and fangirls. You don’t care if they’ll get angry after because of what you are doing.

“…” He didn’t respond but He looked at you. And started examining you from head to toe.

YOU PUNCHED HIM. You fcking punched him.

You streched your arms after. Cause you wanted to do it ever since. And it felt really good.

“Yah!!” He shouted . He stood up in fromt of you and grab your collar.

You took off his hands from your collar and answered.

“Serves you right” Told him While giving him a grin. You turned away and about to leave.

“Who are you!?” He muttered with his not-so-interested tone.

“You don’t need to know” You look back and answered him with the same cold voice like his’.

You turned back and started to walk away, but before you did he grabbed you from your wrist.

And now your front of each other, really close. You can even feel his breath.

“You don’t know who you are messing with” He poked your forehead while looking at you.

“I’m 100% sure of who I’m messing with” You gave him a sweet smile and looked at the people around you.

“What was that for?” He calmly asked you but his stare is piercing you. He hold your chin and lifted it a bit so he can better see your angle.

“That’s for making my bestfriend transfer…” You wipe out his hand that was holding your chin.

“And this… is for not even appreciating his present cake…”

YOU PUNCHED HIM. AGAIN. But this time it’s on his stomach.

You saw him cringed before you completely turned away.

They started making noises and gossips after what they saw.

“Painful right?” You murmured, even tho he won’t hear you. You started to laugh but quietly.

His classmates gave a way. They look shocked. Especially the guys who’re afraid of him.

“Try it next time” You whispered to his classmate, tapped his shoulder and smiled while passing behind him.

You can even feel the glares of his fangirls. They didn’t even scared you. You even felt better.

You walked happily to your classroom. And your schoolmates are looking at you from head to toe. But it made you smile. It makes you remember how he looked at you before punching him on his face.

You entered your room and they gave a way, again. You saw your bestfriend hiding from embarrassment.

“You probably got the news” You sat beside her and can’t keep yourself from grinning.

“I was dead earlier. But I’m MORE dead right now” She sighed.

“Pabo-ya! Do you still like that punk?! Wake up to your senses! I don’t still get how do you get attracted to him” You shook your head because no matter what you do you can’t still understand his stupid fangirls. Like why are they fangirling if they won’t gain anything from it.

You take a nap at your table because you’re starting to get irritated to the people around you that keeps talking about what you did.

“Bruh! It’s not like I’m someone who did really shocking. Geez.” Things passing through your head.

So yeah! It’s the part 1! Hopefully you liked and enjoyed it. I don’t really knoe if it’s boring or what. But i realy hope you did liked it. If you want to read the continuation of this story just follow me and i’ll be updating more frequent.

I would also like to thank @planeegrey for inspiring me in doing this. 💞 Kamsahamnida Sunbae?

Actually i already did like this but when i read his scenarios i was like “ I missed writing. I gotta write again” So i ended up writing this. But this time it’s English. I just thought of doing scenarios in english so i can share it with you. And so Ikonics like me can read it even if we don’t have the same nationalities.

And you can also Ask some imagines or scenarios. Just ask or Send me a message i would really love to make scenarios for you. You can tell me the specific idol. Or even all of the if you wished.

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