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Leave This Town Pt 3 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: Mentions of drinking. The mildest of swearing I guess?

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: You guys. This fic has taken on a life of its own and I’m oddly okay with it. Once upon a time I planned 3 parts, then 4, and now it’s 7. :D Oops. That’s what I think, anyway. Who knows? Not me, apparently. ha! I really hope you’re loving Mechanic!Bucky as much as I am!! Any feedback and comments are appreciated. Love you guys!!

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A/N: This gif applies, I promise. ;) 



Reaching your room, you flicked on the tv mostly for background noise and took a hard look at the detailed budget you had written up for your trip. Paying for 3 days in a motel and adding the car repairs, your wallet was taking a hit, but Bucky’s willingness to lower the bill would definitely help. You were grateful to this kind stranger and the thought of spending the whole day with him tomorrow was strangely exciting. Surprised to feel a few butterflies flutter in your stomach, you shook your head to clear away the feeling and got ready for bed.

I’ll be gone in a few days, you told yourself as you drifted off to sleep.


Morning came and luckily your body woke you around 7am because you’d neglected to set an alarm. You hopped in the shower and then rummaged through your duffel for something comfortable to wear that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Slipping on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers instead of your trusty sandals, you pulled your hair up away from your face and headed out the door with an apple in hand.

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To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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poetry-protest-pornography  asked:

I brought you an umbrella and/or the key is under the mat, ship of your choice. (Look, I'm enabling in a totally low-key and pre-approved way!)

Some future Sterek for you, with “the key is under the mat”! (I’m trying to make up for yesterday’s angst fest.)

It comes out of the blue, a text from a number Stiles had never been able to make himself delete from his phone, even though that means it’s probably been transferred through four phones now. He stares at the notification, then blinks and looks again. Derek Hale it still says.

“What?” he says to his otherwise empty living room. “Just… what?”

He swipes to open the text itself. It is, of course, both anti-climactic and short: Stiles?

“I don’t know what else I expected,” he mutters, exasperated, but even he can hear it comes out fond.

It’s been five years, for fuck’s sake. Derek should not get fond, dammit. But he does anyway.

Yeah, it’s me. Same bat channel, he texts back. And then he gets tired of the thought of dealing with what little affect Derek ever had being further flattened by the glorious medium that is texting and just fucking calls him. He’s not having his first conversation with Derek Hale in five years punctuated with emoji.

“Hello?” Derek answers, wary as always.

“The phone won’t actually bite you, Derek, I’m sure we’ve been over this before,” Stiles says, letting his grin bleed into his tone of voice.

“Stiles.” And Stiles could swear he hears Derek relax.

“That’s my name, glad we’ve got that reestablished, buddy. Also, you know, glad to know you’re alive.” Oh. That might have had a little… bite at the end. Whoops.

“I’m sorry…” Derek trails off. “I needed… some time. Away.”

Stiles sighs. “I get that. I really do.” Lower, though there’s really no point, Derek will hear him no matter what, “You honestly have no idea how much.”

Derek makes a noise at that, but Stiles doesn’t want to try to parse it right now. He runs a hand over his face, scrubs it back through his hair, and feels a rush of excitement in the center of his chest again as his mood shifts back and he remembers he’s talking to Derek again. For real this time. Not a dream. (He pinches himself just to be sure.) “Just… you know I was worried about you, right? That people cared after you left?”

“People?” Stiles can practically see the raised eyebrow.

“I feel fairly confident in that use of the plural, but yes, I am the important person in that statement, clearly. I cared. And I’m kinda pissed, not gonna lie, that you didn’t say something earlier, but honestly, I’m over it.” He pauses, miraculously stopping the flood of words, but fuck it, who knows when he’ll hear from Derek next, if ever? “It’s just so good to hear your voice again, I’m pretty sure I’d forgive you anything right now, so if you’ve got any big confessions you’ve been holding back, now’s the time. Be honest. Did you ding the Jeep that one time? I know someone did.”

“Stiles. Shut up.” And okay, that’s definitely fond.

Just to be obnoxious, and reveling in how normal it feels, Stiles stays resolutely silent.

Derek huffs in exasperation when he realizes what Stiles is doing. Stiles grins as he imagines the rolling eyes that must go with it. “So I hear you’re up in Washington now,” he says, finally contributing to the conversation.

“I am,” Stiles confirms. “Tiny town. My own tiny house. I work remote. Danny vouched for me.”

“Could… could I come see you?” Derek asks, weirdly hesitant. Stiles is fairly sure he’s never heard Derek sound that way before. Not to him. He doesn’t like it.

“Yeah, dude, of course! Lemme give you some directions…”

“I kind of already have your address. From Cora.”

Stiles stops fiddling with the pen he’d picked up from the desk and narrows his eyes at the perfectly innocent bird on his deck railing out the window. “Of course you do. Still the same old creeper wolf.”

“I’m also actually already most of the way to Mt. Rainier.”

“That certain of your welcome, were you?”




“I gotta run out for supplies, but the key is under the mat.” He hesitates for maybe half a second before adding, “I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me either, Stiles,” Derek says softly, and then hangs up.

Stiles grins down at his phone, grabs his hoodie, and carefully puts his spare key under the mat before he clatters down the stairs.

BTS when you save their life part Hyung Line.


It was raining and the roads were slick. You saw the car coming around that curve way to fast the screeching tires was deafening. The figure walking ahead of you seemed startled by the sound but did not move when the car over corrected came straight at them. Instincts kicked in and you took a running leap at the figure knocking you both out into muddy lawn of some random house. The car that jumped the curb and squealed right over the spot the figure and been standing. You looked down and saw the face of a what you imagined to belong to an angel. His eyes were wide and pupils were blown in shock. You stuttered out an apology completely unsure what to say the poor person you were still laying on top of. He blushed as he motioned as if to ask you could maybe get up? You apologized profusely and struggled to get up blushing furiously as he watched then smoothly stood up brushing mud off of his pants. He gave you a smile that should of stopped the rain that was still pouring down. People who had seen what happened finally came out of their shock and came running up asking if you were both okay. You try to slip away still mortified by all of the attention you were getting but he grabbed your hand right as almost slipped out of the crowd. 

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“Please. Please don’t leave without giving me your name. You saved my life and I need to repay that.”


You never considered yourself brave. You really didn’t want to be a hero (despite what your childhood day dreams say). Honestly all you had in your mind right at that moment was a glass of beer and reruns of M.A.S.H.  Your boss is as asshat and coerced you into working 4 hours of over time. On a Friday night! You finally finished those horrible reports and it was well past dark. Normally your walk home was full of sunshine and many other people either on their way home or running errands. But it was late and it seemed to be only you and one other individual a good ways ahead of you. So far ahead of you that when they turned the corner you were still a half a block away. When you finally reached the same corner the individual was no where in sight but you could hear… grunting and sounds of flesh being stuck. Your mind instantly comes to the conclusion you were hearing a mugging. You quickly move to an alley where you can see two other people fighting with the figure ahead of you. You look around hoping to find a spontaneous cop or even a shopkeeper. Anything or anyone that could help. Your phone, that seems to be permanently attached to your hand, is open and you were just typing in the emergency number when you heard a pained yell and one of the individuals fell to the ground and the other two moved in closer. You mentally debate with rash self and your logical self. The rash self won. You stuffed your phone in your pocket and ran with a loud cry towards the two people standing over the fallen one. The plan was not smart. Your plan was not thought out. But… your plan worked. Both of the standing figures jerked around giving the figure on the ground an opportunity to grab a piece of wood and standing up brandishing it. You also picked up what looks to be a chair leg and swing it around all the while yelling at the top of your lungs. It is unknown if it was the fact they were now on the defense or if it was an insane person yelling and swinging around a giant piece of wood that caused them to scatter like the wind. Regardless they ran away. The victim was leaning against the wall of a building breathing heavily and you dropped the chair leg to the ground embarrassed. Suddenly loud sirens and bright lights surrounded them. Confused you see police officers come running up asking if you were okay. Evidently you accidentally pushed the send button when you stuffed your phone in your pocket and the poor emergency dispatch lady heard you screaming at the top of your lungs. They used the GPS on your phone to send out a cop car to help. You were so embarrassed that this how the police showed up but hey you helped the gorgeous man who was staring at you with a small smirk on his face. For someone who was almost mugged he looked awfully… at ease. It came your turn to give a statement and as you walked past the man he gave you a gummy smile and grabbed your hand and wrote a number on it. 

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“Call me, I think buying you dinner would be a good start to show my appreciation for what you did…”


There is a snake right by the guy you were ogling at. In your defense you were checking him out BEFORE this random snake decided the spot sitting next to Mr. Sunshine Smile looked comfy. You swallowed hard and carefully and stood up from your picnic blanket and walked carefully in a wide circle around him and the snake. You kept your movements slow and careful until you are standing directly in front of him but far enough the snake wouldn’t be startled. He looks up at you and blinks sleepily. He must of been napping. He opens his mouth most likely to ask you what the fuck you were doing being all creeper like. But you wave your hands around to be quiet. You tell him to not make any sudden movements or sounds. You slowly reach down and grab a long sturdy stick walk slowly to him. His eyes widen at the sight of the stick and you can see his muscles tense to get up and run before you sternly tell him to not move again. You tell calmly tell him there is a snake by his right hand and to slowly turn his head and look. He does as you bid and absolutely froze when he spotted the snake that was coiled and seemed to be staring right at him. You could tell Mr. Sunshine Smile was close to the edge of freaking out. You tell him to breath and look right at you. Stop looking down and just look at you. Look right at you. It will be okay Mr. Sunshine. Shhhhhh….. As you were slowly moving closer you crouched down and slid the stick under middle of the snake and carefully lifted the snake balanced on the stick. It thrashed slightly and its tail ended up on Mr. Sunshine Smile’s hand. You froze and his eyes widened impossibly more. You speak to him softly telling him not to move and to just keep his eyes on your face. After you resume carefully lifting the snake until it was a good distance above the ground and Mr. Sunshine Smile and with a practiced move you toss the snake away. The snake landed in the wooded parts of the park and slithered away unharmed. You breath out a sigh of relief and toss the stick away and look down at Mr. Sunshine Smile. He was still frozen in fear on the ground gripping the blanket he is laying on. You get a little awkward as the things you were saying to him replays in your head. OH. SHIT. You called him Mr. Sunshine Smile. To his face. To his beautiful face that is slowly regaining it’s normal cheery appearance. You swallow hard and power walk to your blanket gathering it up with full intentions of running away in shame. But you were stopped by a gentle hand on top of yours. You looked up into the beautiful face of a god.

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“My name is Jung Hoseok and I think I would rather be your Hope than your sunshine smile…”


Take a cooking class, they said. Meet new people, they said. It will be fun, they said. Well they can go suck a bag full of toe jam. Your coworker suggested this cooking class to help you get back out there with the dating game and it would be perk to cook for the hopeful beau. What your coworker did not tell you was that the gorgeous man you were paired with was a walking disaster. When you arrived he was already sitting on a bar stool with a place holder saying “Kim Namjoon” right next to your name. At first you could’t believe your luck. First class and you are partnered with the most beautiful man you had ever seen? Oh hell yes. You settle yourself onto the second bar stool at the table and smile at him and introduce yourself with a bow. He returns the bow with a smile of his own and melts your heart and when he speaks your melted heart throbs. His deep voice was lyrical almost. Geeze, this dry spell you have been having is NOT helping the matters. You take in his tanned skin and large hands that are fiddling with a pencil. He is attempting to flip the pencil around and around but he keeps dropping. The teacher announces the start of the class in a loud voice and it startles him into flipping the pencil a little to hard and flies up into the air almost nailing him right in forehead. He jerks back just in time and picks up the pencil setting it down on the table sheepishly. You laugh softly at him and when he turns away to pay attention to the teacher you slyly move the pencil out of his reach. It wouldn’t be good for him to fiddle with it again and hurt himself. The class begins and you regret all of your life choices leading up this class. This poor poor soul should of NEVER been allowed in this class. Everything he touched tried to kill him. Yes it sound ridiculous that inanimate objects seem so desperate to destroy him or be destroyed but it is happening. After the pencil attack there was the flour explosion, quickly followed by the sugar landslide. Both of these paled in comparison to the oil slip and slide. You had half a mind to just ask the teacher to suggest a different type of class. But Namjoon was just so… excited. He was thrilled to be there. When he opened the flour with a bit more force than necessary he grinned as he apologized. As the sugar landslide began it’f fateful descent onto the floor he laughed so innocently and quickly cleaned up the mess. You just couldn’t bring yourself to have him removed for his own safety because right before he slid right onto his amazing ass he was excitedly telling you about how he is learning to cook so he can help contribute to his friendship circle when the get together. You decided that for the rest of the class you would covertly casually move him away from the potentially dangerous objects. This was difficult and you realized that you weren’t learning a single thing other than “How to save Kim Namjoon from himself 101″. Ironically the reason Namjoon was almost sliced and diced was not himself. The table in front of them seemed to of not followed the directions on how to properly set up their food processor. Because when they turned it on the machine literally exploded. You heard the machine before you actually saw it. Honestly you thought it was Namjoon doing something wrong but he was innocently watching you chop the strawberries and putting them in your own food processor. You looked up just in time to see the machine wobble dangerously and you grabbed his arm right as it exploded. With a yell you drab both of you off your stools and to the floor as the food processor blade flew right past where Namjoon had been standing. You both were laying on the ground your arm around his waist holding him close to your side nearly on top of you. You had no idea how your arm went from his arm to his waist but it did. And he didn’t seem at all unhappy with your position. He looked at you with a soft smile.  

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“So do I get to call you my hero or…?”

Wow this is incredibly long. I had meant to do the entire group in one post but you know… plot happens. 


Maknae line version!

“You’re my Disney princess.”

“You’re My Disney Princess.”

*au’s will be from random places online and @/auseverywhere :))

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader 

au: All Person B has ever wanted to be ever was a Disney royal (cue cheesy ‘you’re my prince/ss’)

*song you (reader) sing in the shower: strip that down by Liam Payne.

Masterlist for these imagines

A couple days had passed since you watched Tangled with Bucky and Wanda. You were working out in the gym by yourself when you saw Steve walk in. Not paying any attention, you continued jogging on the machine. You kept catching Steve glancing at you while you jogged, and you stopped the machine, pulling out your headphones. “What’s up, Rogers?” You asked, panting a little from running. “Nothin.” He shrugged. It felt like the longest awkward silence of your life. You were about to put your earbud back in when he decided to speak up. “How are you and Buck?” He asked.

Your heart fluttered and your stomach got butterflies at the very mention of his name. Buck. Bucky. James. All his names gave you a fluttery feeling you had a love-hate relationship with. You shrugged. “I-I um.. I don’t know, we’re good, I guess?” You replied. “You guess?” He chuckled. “I don’t know, Rogers!” You retorted, cheeks now pink. He chuckled at your flustered-ness. “He likes you, ya know.” He commented. You blushed. Your cheeks felt like they were on fire. “Sure, Rogers.” You replied, starting to put your headphones back in. “He really does.” He said. You put your headphones in, starting your music and starting the machine again. “Yep. Totally believe you.”

You finished, heading upstairs to your room to shower. You saw Bucky watching tv, and he looked at you, smiling. You blushed, kinda doing that speed jogging thing up the stairs. You entered your room, kicking off your shoes. ‘Did he actually smiled at me?!’ You thought. 'I look like a hot mess, literally! Oh my god!’  You mentally slapped yourself, grabbing your phone. You turned on a new song you got into recently, and got in the shower.

He headed upstairs, when he heard the sound of water coming from your room. And, singing? He felt like he was being a creeper, but your door was kinda open. “You know, I love it, when the music’s loud, But c'mon, strip that down for me, baby.” Your voice came from outside the bathroom door. He chuckled, leaning on the door as he listened. She’s not bad. He thought to himself. He was snapped out his thoughts when Steve popped up behind him. “Whatcha doin, Buck?” He asked, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow. “Shit, Steve, you scared me.” He cursed. Steve chuckled. “Get lost on your way to your room? Cuz this is y/n’s room.” Steve said, smirking. Bucky blushed. “N-nothing, I-I’ll just,” he motioned with his thumb, “just go now.”

You came out of the shower, humming as you got dressed, putting on some comfy, grey pajamas shorts with a red long sleeve and some fuzzy socks. You checked your phone, seeing a text.


Barnes 🙄❤️: 

Come downstairs. -B.

You looked at the message, confused. You threw your hair up in a messy bun, walking downstairs with a blanket around your shoulders. You walked downstairs, seeing a giant blanket on the couch, your favorite soda and candy laid out on the table. You walked downstairs, mouth formed in a tiny “o”. A Disney movie was playing on the tv. “How’d you? You did? All this?” You asked, walking up to him. He grinned, his hands shoved in the front pockets of his sweats. “I did. With some help from Steve. And Wanda, of course.” You smiled. “You even put on The Little Mermaid.” He grinned. You sat down, and he sat down next to you.

JARVIS started the movie, and you rested your head on Bucky’s chest. You felt him wrap an arm around you, as the movie continued. The part when Ariel met Eric came up, and you sat up a little bit with excitement. “I love this part.” You smiled. He grinned at your excitement. They were in the boat, as kiss the girl started. You hummed, as Bucky watched you. Your excitement was so pure and full of happiness, and he loved that what he did was making you happy.

The ending came quicker than you thought, and Ariel was getting married. You smiled. You loved how Ariel would’ve done anything for Eric. Yes, it was cheesy and dumb at times. But, they loved each other. “I wish I was a princess.” You sighed dreamily. “Your my princess.” He whispered.

“W-what?” You said, looking at him. “You… wanna go out with me? Maybe?” He asked, a gentle smile on his face. His blue eyes were a little brighter than before, more excited.

“Of course I would.”

Fic: Skype 21/10/09

Summary: Dan and Phil’s Skype call on the evening after Dan went home from the first weekend they spent together in 2009
Word Count: 1,211
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, Skype, Innuendo, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: This is a continuation of my Creeper universe, but could probably be read on its own, especially if you’re a bit familiar with Dan and Phil’s history of Skyping and first meeting in 2009

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Skype 21/10/09

“So you made it home all right on the train?” Phil asks. The Skype connection isn’t great, but at least he can see Dan’s face, and that’s all he wants right now. It’s only a few hours since they parted at the train station, but it already feels like forever.

Dan nods but doesn’t say anything. He’s lying with his head resting on his pillow, his laptop beside him on the bed.

“Are you okay?”

Dan nods again, then says sadly, “I’m pretending you’re here in the bed with me.”

Phil smiles gently. “I wish I could be. I already miss you.”

Dan murmurs, “It was a great weekend, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Phil replies just as quietly. “The best. The very very bestest ever.”

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Theory of Overprotective Canines

Guys, I’ll admit that I was getting a little antsy only doing these short fluffy one-shots. So, instead, I present a 12k, College!fic full of pining, growling, AND, my favorite, fullwolf!Derek.

 Still, technically, this is for the Not Quite Normal OTP Challenge and the attempted mind meld challenge with andavs! (It sorta worked this time!! if you allow it to!)

 4. First Night in their First Apartment 

(I know it doesn’t really fit at all. Hush, I made the challnege. I can do what I want.)


“Stiles,” Derek’s voice is the low rumble that Stiles has long since gotten used to. It also sounds vaguely disapproving. Stiles is pretty used to that too.

“I know, I know,” Stiles replies putting up a hand before Derek can finish. “I said that there would be an elevator, but I thought there was! How was I to know it’s been broken since the 80s?”

Which is unfortunate since he is on the fourth floor and they have to bring up all his stuff, but he doesn’t have that much stuff. And Scott and Derek are werewolves so, really, they should not be complaining.

“You cannot live here,” Derek continues, as if Stiles hadn’t spoken.

Stiles blinks.

“Why not?” Behind Derek, Scott is looking around as well. His face also seems to be a bit pinched. “Is there something supernatural? Oh my god, I can’t believe my luck with these things!”

“No,” Derek says. “No, not supernatural but this is… Stiles, this is a terrible part of town.”

Scott nods. Stiles frowns.


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The Boston Hour (2/?)

In which Belle is an Antiques Roadshow super-fan and Gold is her favorite appraiser.

CHAPTER SUMMARY:  Belle and Ruby arrive at the Antiques Roadshow event in Boston, and Belle finally meets Gold.
WORDS: 1,892

[Part One] [Read on AO3]

“Oh my God!” Belle squealed, gripping her friend’s arm. “It’s him!”

Ruby peered through the doors into the conference center where they had just gotten their first glimpse of the appraisers. They’d been waiting in line to get inside the event for hours , and it was finally almost their turn . “So, do you have your marriage proposal ready, or what?”

“Oh, Rubes, he’s even more handsome in person,” Belle sighed. “Just look at him!”

“Right…” Ruby watched, unimpressed, as Rumford stood around, sipping from a water bottle. The morning session had ended, and all the appraisers and event staff were milling about before the conference center opened again for the afternoon session. “Hey, who’s that guy he’s talking to?”

“David Nolan.”


Belle shot her a disappointed look. “Furniture and folk art, Ruby! Come on!”

“Sorry, sorry!” She said, holding her arms up in surrender. Belle had gone so far as to make her flash cards of all seventy some-odd appraisers, and was quizzing her in the car on the drive to Boston.

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Tease Me

Summary: You tease Jackson before work, so when you get home, he acts all dominant.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1634

Requested Here.

The bed was so warm and comfy, making you want to lay there in bed. Jackson was your pillow, making it so that you didn’t want to leave even more. Your fingers ran up and down his exposed torso, and dirty thoughts ran through your mind. You didn’t really have much time to do anything, since you had work soon, but that didn’t stop you from teasing Jackson a little.

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My story of being drugged to shut me up

Creepy encounter by reddit user blckxnxbrkn

This took place the winter of 2005 in rural Iowa, I was 18 years old and attending community college.  I have always been an outgoing and talkative person and managed (in my youth) to make friends quite easily.

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Slasher Love 3

When Billy left, the two lovebirds got dressed and took Jesse’s car to go home.  

-So you gonna sleep at Jesse’s house?

-Hmm, well I got my two host’s wallets so I can bought a hotel room.

-Yeah… Or you could sleep in my room?

-You sure, but your mom?

-I think that my mom wouldn’t complain, you’re a hot dude.

-You like that guns, huh? Jesse flexes his biceps.

-Awww. Gary drooled before looking at the road. Grab the wheel!… You’re… you’re the best guy I ever met.

-And you, you’re the best and cutest guy I ever met.

-Thanks… Jake, I have to tell you something…


Gary’s mother rushes toward the car with a baseball bat.

-Mom! It’s me, Gary.

-Oh, Gary! I was thinking it was one of that kids who accused me of being a witch.

-Yeah, don’t worry… Mom, my friend Jake wants to sleep in my room tonight. Do you agree?

-Aww! I can’t believe it… My son has a best friend!

Gary’s starts to cry and thank Heaven.

-Gary, your mom’s alright?

-Yeah… Mom, I think that you and Jesse will get along.


Billy enters in his house with flashlight, he was used to find sometime no lights in house. But it wasn’t a good, if he wanted a chance to “survive” he had to go in the garden and wait.

His shirt was already wet because of his sweat caused by fear. Moreover, something puke some white slime on him, he tried to avoid it because he knew what it was, his father’s cum. Billy had a dark secret, his father was gay, but it wasn’t really important. His dad was always fond of magic and supernatural, so when he found one day a spell that could turned him into the “Jeeper Creeper” he totally used it on him. The Jeeper Creeper is a creature with a great strength, who can paralyze its victims with his own cum and there was one more power that scared Billy… Some people said that the Jeeper Creeper inspired the legend of Spring-heeled Jack, not only because both of them could jump at great heights, also because they could “body hop” into someone else. Billy’s dad always envied his son because of his popularity amongst hot guys, his attractiveness and ‘what a shame!’ he was straight and homophobic as fuck. But thanks to his new powers, he could possessed his son and enjoyed his life.

Billy was trying to move, but the semen was paralyzing him. His monster dad lands in front of him, he was hideous and buff, almost like a lizard-like troll bodybuilder. His father caresses his reluctant son’s cheek as his long tongue hissed.

-Sss! My son know what you do during the full moon, haha! He know that if he tried to run away, I would immediately enter in his libidinous body, right?

-Right dad.

-What a nice and sweet son of mine! Too bad you’re a homophobic trash! But don’t worry, your papa is here to fix that! I can’t wait.

-Fuck you freak!

Billy takes the hose and clean the cum on him before hitting his dad with a plank and run away.

-Hmm. My little princess wants a chase, yummy yummy.

The Creeper jumped on his son and punched him which knock him out. When Billy woke up, he was in the kitchen.

Billy was shirtless and oiled by the creature’s cum, his father was next to him, handing him some food.

-What’s wrong kitty kitty? You’re not hungry?

-Fuck you! You cut my hair.

-Oh I’m sorry. I know my little girl wanted to have those long and golden hair, but daddy needs a manly body you know… Well, if you’re not hungry, we can start playtime.

-No, wait! You can’t!… AHHH!

His father turned into an anaconda and dove into his son’s wide open mouth who screamed for help. Suffocating and invaded, Billy tried to grab the giant snake but he was covered by slippy cum. Trent’s whole body swells with his nipples popping out, his biceps inflating and a bulge bloating inside his boxers. Finally, the tail disappeared, *slurp!* , into Billy who falls on the table, fighting for control.


Billy clenches his teeth as sweats dripped on his toned and tanned body. Billy helplessly tried to claim his nervous system by slapping and punching himself, but it was useless as his dad soon become a parasite inside him. Billy grabbed his head with bestial growls and his hair standing on end.


Billy was soon covered in his own sweats and tears. Convulsing, he uses his hands to shake his hand back and forth as he was struggling against his father.  


The blonde jock keeps shaking and soon became abdominal crunches.  

-One! Two! Three! Wait wait… I’m in control! Oh yeah! I’m so fucking strong!

-Fuck yeah! Look at this guns! Man, my son is all sweaty, I should fix that…

“Billy” begins to lick and chew his biceps before his tongue went to his hairy armpits.

-Hmm, yes. Tastes like testosterone and steroids.

Billy’s athletic frame was glistening because of the fierceness of the takeover and his dad’s excitement about possessing his manful son. Billy’s subconscious was soon merged with his father as the homophobic bully and the daddy bear had become one. Consequently, the new Billy looked at himself in a mirror, winced a few times and laugh because of the fact that he was controlling a gorgeous stud. After that, Billy’s memories about Gary resurface as his dad ravenously looks at his reflection.

-Hmm, yeah. That Gary would be a better wife than the last cunt. So fragile and obedient, perfect for an alpha male like me! I can’t wait for tomorrow. This man dick is hungry for pussy!  

To distract his appetite, Billy decides to lift weight.

-Shit, I’m not even making an effort! I don’t remember being that strong when I was young! My is such a good boy, I will push this body to its limits!

Billy keeps lifting the iron until he was exhausted. However, his sexual urge were making him horny. Suddenly, his son tried to stop him. 'UUNNNG! GET OUT OF MY BODY NOW!’. In spite of, as both of them were fighting for control, he accidentally touched his dick which let his willpower being defeated by his sex drive. Then, he jumped out of his chair and grabbed his member through the fabrics.  

Billy moaned and pinched and twisted his sensitive nipples which make him hard. Then, he tears off his shorts and stroked his long and thick member.

-Ooh yeah! You like being manhandled by your daddy?

Billy gropes his balls while his other hand was pleasuring his fuckstick. His pecs and abs hardened as his biceps and triceps contracted together. Billy howled as he kept stroking quicker, the heat of his body increased to an unknown temperature. Closing his eyes, he was now trapped between his sensual moaning and the sound of the cum pressing inside his penis as precum dripped from it. Soon, a masculine eruption happen in his dick as white stream of cum shot out of his body. Whereas, his gorgeous body was flavored by semen full of manliness. Billy fall on the floor, grinning and massaging his attractive frame.

-Haha. Fuck this. I will go at Gary’s house right now!


Jake and Gary were hugging and petting each others in Gary’s bed. Jake was wearing a tank top, which show off and tighten his hard arm muscles. Whereas, Gary was admiring Jake, amazed by the fact of having a moving and lovable Greek Statue in his bed.

-So… You think that your mom appreciates me?

-Yeah… I’m happy that you met my mom, I wanted you to know how it feel to have a mother.

-Yeah, that was amazing. You think that I could be part of your family?

-Of course! I mean, if you want.

-So… Your mom’s asleep, and we’re in your bed…

-You want to have sex with me?

-… Yes.

-Oh, let’s go! But try to be quiet.

Jake, joyful thanks to his answer, climb on top of Gary and tickled him with the bulge in his pants. They kiss and take off their clothes before that Jake thrust deeply into him. Gary squee which startle Jake who put his hand on his overexcited mouth.

-Haha! You told me to be quiet and you’re the one screaming during sex!

Gary begins to laugh, which makes Jake trying to cool him down, but the feeling of Jake’s big penis only makes Gary giggles as he pinched the jock’s nipples who moaned. The springs were scrambling as Jake and Gary rolled on the ground, forgetting about the noise.  


-It’s Billy?

-Oh yeah, I should have told you about our relationship…


-Yeah, I was his victim and he was my bully… A lot of homoerotic subtext. I was obsessed with him, until I met you.

Gary caresses Jake’s cheek and they kissed. Suddenly, Gary’s mom rushes into the room while Jake was mounting Gary. Luckily, the sheets were covering them. Gary’s mom cover her eyes.

-Gary, there’s a guy outside, he wants to talk to you.

-You want me to support you?

-No, it’s okay… But you and mom, hide yourself and watch us. I don’t know what he could have planned.

Gary walked to the front door and opened it, outside there was Billy, flashing a cocky smile at him. Gary resisted against his corrupted thoughts 'Come on, Jake’s not here! Do you want to be alone? Billy is perfect! Jake and you is impossible, he would never grow older!’ Gary pinched himself as Billy’s presence was imposing.

-What’s wrong baby? You don’t say hi to your husband?

-My husband? We’re not even married!

-Yeah yeah, whatever… I went here because I was worried about you…

Billy tried to touch Gary’s cheek but he moved away his face.

-None of your business.

-Alright, you know I forgive you if you cheated on me with Jesse.

-Cheated on you? You always treated me like your thing, your victim! That’s nothing but an unhealthy relationship!

-If you say so. Also, I came here to ask you if you want to escort me to the Prom tomorrow?

-Th-the prom?

-Yeah, what do you think about it?

-I… I can’t sorry.  

-Gary, are you serious? I’m the quarterback, you’re nothing. You have to accept it! I mean, nobody apart me would ask you this! The Prom, it’s the best night we could ever had!

-The prom? A night were a lot of fake people would smile at me, vote for me to be the Homecoming Queen and throw a bucket full of blood on me? You called this a nice night?! You know Billy, I wouldn’t vote for you to be the Homecoming King but you can always shove 247 f-words in your anus and find other idiots to lick it!

-You bi…

Suddenly, Jake jump out of the closet and prevent Billy from punching Gary.

-Oh. Well well well. I was sure that there was something between you and Jesse. How could you have done that to me? After all the porn we have watched, all the vagina we licked together, all of our brojobs!

-My host really did that?

-Now it’s kinda hard to imagine you and Billy wrestling without erotic stuff.

Abruptly, Billy grab Jake and threw him on a street light. Luckily, Gary use his powers to make Jake avoiding the street light and touching down softly.

-Wow, that’s impressive.

-Shut up! You can’t attack my boyfriend!

Gary threw a rail at Billy who dodge it, in spite of, Gary kept throwing things at Billy who break all of them.

-Well, I’m a little bit disappointed.

Gary stomped the ground which send a huge crack under Billy who fell and was stuck in a crevasse.

-Not bad. Looks like I need to turn into angry daddy now. AHHH! MAKE HIM STOP PLEASE!

Billy screamed as his father controlled his body and turn it into a humanoid creature, his skin became greenish as he emerged from the ground and torn off his clothes. Totally naked, Gary and Jake looked at the new Billy, every veins in his body were pulsating, a musclebound colossus. But his face, it was Billy who was fighting from the inside, trying to control his mutated body.


-Really? He’s a giant vegetable and he is most bothered about being gay?

-ARGGHH! STOOP!… Oh yeah. Much better.

Billy the creep grinned and shot his cum at Jake who was paralyzed as he tried to choke him. Fortunately, Gary controlled him and stopped him, but his willpower was strong and Gary couldn’t bear him much longer. Without a warning, Gary’s mom arrived with a baseball bat which turned into a wand firing electricity at him.  

-I felt your aura, Jeeper Creeper. Nobody has the right to touch my son and his sexual partner!


Gary’s mom summoned a twister toward Billy who roared as he trapped into it. Slowly, the shared body was separate into two persons as Billy’s dad tried to stay inside his muscular son. In spite of, they were soon disconnected, the Jeeper Creeper screamed as he was obliterated by the tornado. Nonetheless, Billy was still trying to not swallowed by the twister.

-Mom, you have to stop your spell, we can let someone else die!

-I’m sorry, that twister is here to destroy evil souls, and this young man seems to be enough nefarious on his own.

-… Huh, I can at least try!

Gary gave his hand to Billy and helped him to escape but Billy pushed Gary against the whirlwind. Luckily, Jake saved Gary and pull him away, in a bridal carrying.


Gary and Jake kissed while Billy watched in disgust.

-You think it’s finished faggot? I’m gonna make you pay what you and your weird magic stuff did to me!

All of a sudden a Transformers action figure, drifted by the wind, hit Billy’s forehead and made him fall into the twister.

-Well… I’m not gonna miss him.


This took far too long to write and it isn’t even that exciting of a chapter. However it does introduce some interesting aspects for the story which I’m excited about. Hooray for Hawkeye! Apologies to @meganlpie, @animefreak808, and @doctor13th for taking so long with this. Coursework levels have shot up recently. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt:  Part 5 was really good! I was so glad Steve came in when he did.


I can’t believe I just heard about part 5! Loved it, I’m very interesting to see what’s going to happen next. Loki’s in deep shit…

Stolen (Part 6)

Part 5

The Avengers Tower looked like a train wreck. There was construction equipment and scaffolding everywhere. Windows were blown out, things were falling off everywhere, and, every now and then, sparks would fly off of the side.
“You live here?” You asked as Steve helped you clamber off of his motorcycle. You were dressed in what you’d woken up in – sweats and an oversized shirt.

He chuckled.
“No, I don’t live here but you will. It’s safe here.”
“That’s… but I thought I was going to stay with you.”
“I’ll be around. I told you I was going to help you, didn’t I? I just won’t be the only one.” He smiled and took your hand, leading you inside.

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Perfection Part 2

Requested by @beastladyswag
Warning: none
Contains: fluff and cute awkwardness

Read part one here:

Imagine: being nervous about calling Spencer for the first time and about going on your first date with him.

“Ugh!” You groaned at your awkwardness. You had been pacing around in your apartment for the last half hour glancing at your dial screen on your phone.

“I should have given him my number! Then he could’ve dealt with all the confusion about calling back.“You thought, still pacing.

"Woman up y/n!&” You scolded, grabbing Spencer’s business card and dialing the number. You head the rings and your nerves started to go into a frenzy.
Third Persons POV

Spencer was sitting at his desk, supposed to be doing paperwork, but his mind kept thinking to the other day.

“So what great statistic is on Boy Wonde’s mind today?” Morgan asked, leaning against Spencer’;s desk, handing him a cup of coffee.

“Morgan you’ve been with a lot of girls right?” Morgan started chuckling.

“I guess.”

“Well, if you, hypothetically, give a girl your number, how long until she calls?” Morgan smiled wide.

“Look at pretty boy, getting a girlfriend.” Garcia happened to be walking by at that moment and freaked out.

“Spencer! Why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend! Who is she? When did you meet! Tell me everything!” She bubbled, smiling and just being adorable.

Spencer explained to both of them about you, and how you guys met, starting to ramble when he tried to explain how you looked. “She’s not my girlfriend yet.”

“Do you have the picture?” Garcia asked. Spencer nodded and pulled it out of his messenger bag, handing it to her.

“Damn. This girl is good.” Morgan commented. “Just imagine how good I would look if she drew me.” Spencer felt his phone starting to buzz and he saw an unrecognizable number.

“Guys I think it’s her.” He answered it to find out it was just a telemarketer. He sighed and placed the phone back on his desk.

“She probably only took my number to be nice.” He frowned and sighed. His phone started buzzing again and he didn’t bother to look at the number when he answered.

“Look, I don’t want to buy anything. Just stop calling me.” He huffed in annoyance.

“Um, this is y/n. Y-you know from the other day? Is this spencer?” You asked, hesitant. His eyes widened and he shot a glance to his friends.

“Y/n! H-hi! Yeah this is Spencer! S-sorry I’ve been bombarded by an annoying telemarketer. Um..anyways Hi!” Morgan nudged Garcia and shot spencer a smirk.

“Is that her?” Garcia whispered and Spencer nodded.

“Hi!’ You responded with the same nervous but excited tone. “How are you?”

“I-I’m good. I’m good. are you?”

“Nervous…” You chuckled. “I know that there’s supposedly this unspoken rule of waiting a certain period of time before calling someone, but I’ve never got that. Sorry for my lack of dating experience.” You winced and sighed. “Sorry, that was probably annoying. You see I ramble when I get nervous and I-…I’m gonna stop.” You chuckled nervously.

“No! That’s fine! I didn’t really understand the whole call situation either and I just was starting to think you weren’t going to call me, but then you did! And that’s great and I ramble too! Not really when I get nervous, mostly all the time as my friends tell me but anyways would you like to go out sometime?”

“Yeah! I would love to go out…um, did you have anything in mind?” You sighed in relief, happy this was going well.

“How about dinner, um, tomorrow night? I’ll sen you the information. I don’t really have a car so I can’t pick you up but how about we meet there? At…does 6 work for you?” He bit his lip and Morgan gave him a look of reassurance.

“Yeah! That’s perfect! So I’ll see you tomorrow night. I really look forward to seeing you again.” You smacked yourself. “He probably thinks you’re a creeper” you thought.

Spencer smiled, relieved that you weren’t uncomfortable with the date being tomorrow.

“I look forward to seeing you again too. I’ll see you tomorrow y/n.” He heard your goodbye and ended the call.

“Well don’t just stand there! You gotta go get hot for your date tomorrow!” Garcia laughed and gave him his stuff, saying she would let Hotch know he left early.
You stood anxiously worried. “Maybe he’s going to stand me up? Do I look okay? Oh god I probably look terrible.” You thought, putting a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

You were wearing a semi casual dress, jean jacket, with your hair pulled into a stylish braid (or something else) and black converses. Lucky it was a causal sort of place. Spencer didn’t want to overwhelm you.

You recognized his face as soon as you walked in, sighing in relief. He looked super handsome. He was wearing a purple button up with a gray sweater vest an a black tie, and gray slacks. You saw his black converses as well and smiled softly.

“Hi.” He smiled and stood up, giving you a small hug before pulling your chair out.

“Didn’t realize my date was so classy.” You teased, both of you taking your seats.

The majority of the night went on perfectly, you both finding out the other was a huge geek. Finding out that you guys had most things in common, really made the nerves you two were feeling wear off. The whole date was going great, until a waiter tripped from being drunk off his butt and spilling wine all over you.

“Y/n! I am so sorry! Here let me help you!” Spencer grabbed some napkins and was about to pat down but then realized the majority off the liquid was on the tip part off your dress. His face turned scarlet and he just handed you the napkins instead.

“Oh god, you’re probably never going to go out with me again.” He mumbled and you giggled slightly.

“Spencer, I really don’t care where we are. It could just be watching netflix in our sweats, but I really like you and look forward to getting I know you better. I would saw this was the best date I ever had, except I don’t have a wide range to compare to. But I really liked it. Do you mind of we got out of here?”

“Y-yeah! That sounds great! Let me just pay the bill and I’ll escort you home.” He smiled and left for a second.

You were glad you had brought the jacket to cover up the stain, gathering your purse when Spencer came back.

After walking you home, you guys made plans to meet up again, this time just having a stay-in date consisting of takeout and netflix.

As you were about to head inside, Spencer gave you a small kiss on the cheek before wishing you a goodnight.

You blushed an sighed, knowing that already you were already falling hard.

anonymous asked:

Hi Ate!!! Imagine if you had a long distance relationship with V or Jin and they decided to try and surprise you at school. When and how would they approach you? Like during what class, event, or even during lunch? What would they do to get your attention? xp Mine sounds so complicated and long, omg~~~

Hi sweetie~ <3 It’s not at all complicated! :)


I think Jin’s the type to visit you after school. He knows that seeing him would distract you and he would want that to happen so he’d come in later in the day, right when you’re dismissed from your last class.
The moment you walk out of the school building, he’d be by the gate, holding up a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a balloon tied to a white teddy bear saying: I missed you.

Jin would stand there, looking dashing as he stares at you, feeling his heart race in his chest, wanting nothing more but to hold you. When you run to him, he’d place the gifts on the ground and pick you up in his arms, spinning you around. “I missed you.” He murmurs against your hair as he kisses the side of your head. “God, I missed you.”



Taehyung would be so excited to see you that the moment his plane lands in your home country, he wouldn’t even think twice about going straight to where you were; which in this case, at your school. 

You were in the middle of your biology class, talking about heredity and genetics, and how traits are passed down when you see an unidentified object peeking at your classroom’s window. The unidentified object being your boyfriend, creeping like the creeper he is. Before anyone could notice, you raise your hand and excuse yourself as the teacher let’s you out. The moment you’re out of the room, Taehyung would tackle you in a hug. “Jagiya!” He cheers as he lifts you from the ground, spinning you around the empty hall.

“Shhh!!” You hiss but you only end up giggling and hugging him tight, unbelieving that he was actually here. “When did you here?!”

“Just now.” He said as he puts you down, but only to attack your face with kisses. “Did you miss me?” He asks as he kisses your nose. “Cause I,” kiss. “Missed.” kiss. “You,” kiss. “So,” kiss. “Much!” Kiss kiss.

You laugh at his cuteness and return his kisses, even placing a quick peck on his lips. “ I missed you too. But Tae, I have class right now–”

“I know.” He huffs. “I just couldn’t wait to see you.” He smiled and right there a that moment, you thought things couldn’t get anymore perfect, now that Taehyung’s here. <3



Brown eyes

Summary: “brown eyes are just brown eyes until you love someone with brown eyes”

His eyes are brown.  

They are the first thing you see when you look up from your notebook. “I’m sorry, can I sit here or is this taken?” he asks politely, and it takes you a few blinks to get yourself back to earth.

“Of course,” you tell him, “I’m just studying.” You don’t know why you tell him that. It’s not like he cares; and besides, you’re in a library, surrounded by biology books. He probably had a pretty good guess.

He hums a thanks and sits opposite you, wasting no time before getting lost in his book. You can’t see what it’s about, but you find yourself staring at the boy, watching him absentmindedly bite his lip.

You try to focus on your work again, but it’s not going very well. It could have something to do with the fact that you’ve basically been living in the library for the past two weeks, and you can’t even remember how long it’s been since you took your seat that morning.

“I’m going to light everything on fire,” you whisper, more to yourself than to the boy, but he looks up anyway, one eyebrow raised.

“I mean, I would thank you for the head’s up, but I’d rather you not do that,” he says, pointedly holding up his book. “I really wanna finish this. I’ve been trying to finish it for days, but my friends keep harassing me.”

You smile at him weakly. “Maybe I’ll settle for lighting myself on fire so you can read your book in peace.”

“How long have you been here?” he asks, and you shrug.

“I don’t know, what time did the sun come up?”

He laughs. “You know it’s nearly 9 pm, don’t you?”

“Well, my biology isn’t going to study itself, and I really have to pass this exam,” you sigh. “But you’re right, I hadn’t noticed it had gotten to that time. I should probably get some dinner, that will postpone my arson for a while.”

You start getting up and gathering your things, when he speaks again. “I haven’t had dinner yet either.” He’s already standing, his hands shoved in the pockets of his black skinny jeans. “Do you want to grab something together? You can tell me all about your biology.”

“I’d rather tell you about anything else,” you say. The thought of having dinner with this boy you’ve never seen before wouldn’t have excited you had your brain not been this fried, since you were never one for spontaneity, but today, you can’t think of any excuse to stop studying you would not grab.

He chuckles. “Deal. I’m Calum, by the way.”

You smile. “Y/N.”

The liquor is brown. He describes it as golden.

You don’t know why you said yes to Calum when he offered to celebrate the end of your exams with you. It’s not that you didn’t want to celebrate, but this wasn’t usually your way of celebrating anything.

You’d had lunch and dinner with him a few times, his company and some food being the only study break you allowed yourself. And you had liked hanging out with him a lot. So much so, that when he told you that he wanted to take you clubbing after your last exam, you hadn’t even protested it.

But now you wonder why you thought this was a good idea. The floor seems to be swirling under your feet and you cling to the barstool you’re sitting on.

You hadn’t liked the drink the first few sips; to be fair, when Calum asked you what you wanted to drink and you’d said “whatever you’re having”, his raised eyebrows and curled lips should’ve given you a hint that this wasn’t going to work out well for you. But now, after a few of them, it doesn’t taste nearly so bad.

You blink a few times and return your attention to the boy next to you, who’s telling you a story you’re not listening to. You probably should, cause his stories are usually very entertaining, but you’re not a very good drunk.

You’re the kind of drunk that would rather study his features, the curve of his lips, the edge of his jaw, the flutter of his eyelashes. He’s beautiful.

“You didn’t hear a word I said.” It’s a statement rather than a question and the amusement is clear on his face.

“Sorry,” you mumble, putting down the glass with liquor. “I was just…”

“Staring at me?” he interrupts, a twinkle in his eyes as he tips the rest of his drink back.

“Wondering what it would be like to kiss you.” As soon as the words leave your lips you feel your cheeks heat up, and you wish a giant hole would appear in the floor the swallow you. You will never drink anything alcoholic ever again.

“Well,” he says, his voice deep and raspy, and suddenly he’s right in front of you, “we can’t leave you wondering, can we?”

And then his lips are on yours and the world is spinning but you’re not sure if it’s the alcohol in your stomach or the taste of liquor on his lips. The kiss is all teeth and tongue and it’s messy but you know in that moment that you’ll never want to kiss anyone else.

The leaves are brown. He describes them as tawny.

“You forgot to mention that you were planning to hike a fucking mountain,” you pant, kicking some leaves around with your feet. Calum giggles and reaches out, taking your hand in his to help you over a rock.

“It’s not a mountain. It’s barely a hill.”

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Wonho: The Fanboy (Part Three)


Requested by anonymous:

a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: happy first date with Wonho
Word Count: 2767
A/N: For the sake of the story, let’s pretend that Wonho doesn’t get swarmed, or even bothered, when he’s out alone.

Part One | Part Two

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

There was only one thing on Wonho’s mind: your new video.

He saw the video posted right before his practice and did not get a chance to plug in his earphone to take a listen. But just by the title alone, we was extremely excited to hear you do an acoustic cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. Just imagining you playing the guitar and singing aloud in your hotel room in Seoul branded a smile on his lips the entire day. He worked hard through Monsta X’s stage rehearsals with that smile and bowed at managers and producers with that smile. There was just no getting rid of it.

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Love Letters To A Stranger, Part 4

Title: Love Letters To A Stranger, Part 4

Genre: Romance

Rating: T (some innuendo)

Author’s Note: This was playing in my head at midnight when I should have been sleeping.  I’m all heart eyes now.  This one occurs a few years after they are married.  No warnings, just lots of fluff. Partly inspired by UNICEF Tom.  If you haven’t read or want to re-read: Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

My Perfect Stranger,

If you ever hear me begin to say anything that even slightly sounds like a complaint about the weather at home, I give you full authority to order me to stop.  Of course I would prefer that the order comes in the form of a kiss, but I shall leave that decision to you.  It’s absolutely stifling here.  I’m in a rickety cot with God knows what buzzing around this netting they’ve so graciously provided me and I’m imagining you snug in our enormous bed, surrounded by the pillows you arrange around yourself when I’m not there beside you, the blessedly cool white sheets like a cloud cocoon around my snoring butterfly.  

Of course I jest, darling, you don’t snore.  Much.

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“You need some help, Shepard?”

Kaidan’s voice startled Avory and she jumped in spite of herself. Annoyance prickled at the back of her mind, brought on by both his presence and the satisfied chuckle he made at having scared her. He was not supposed to be awake yet.

Shepard looked at him from over her shoulder and her irritation was immediately chased away by the sight of him; his muscular arms crossed over his bare chest and Alliance sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips, his hair still a disheveled mess atop his head. Amusement danced across his chestnut eyes, still heavy with sleep, and his lips pulled into a devilish grin.

Damn him for being so fucking good looking.

“Nope! I got this.”

Shepard turned back to her task. She had climbed onto the counter in order to reach a frying pan, which, for some reason, was the only one she could find in the rental, and was stored on the top freaking shelf. She half wondered if Kaidan had put it there to mess with her.

She heard him laugh at her again, followed by the soft padding of his bare feet on the tile floor.

“At least let me spot you, then.”

Hands gripped her waist, then slid down her sides, following the curve of her body down to her thighs. His hands slid behind her then and cupped her ass, giving it an appreciative squeeze.

Avory breathed a laugh. “You’re a dork.”

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Reign 3x07: Prince on the Streets Freak in the Sheets

Reign’s “The Hound and The Hare” had a lot to teach us, such as 1) Kings of the Valois got a bonus mini funeral for their organs, apparently 2) you should always throw down a foam mat under your sex horse and last but not least 3) don’t take it personally when a guy is not into you. Sometimes it’s not you it’s him and the fact he’s being blackmailed by the new annoyingly sexy English ambassador.  

But what this episode really tried to get across most of all is that Mary seriously has to start dating. It may seem very soon to us, still deep in our Francis feels, but there’s been a time jump since the last episode (enough time to get her portrait to Don Carlos and for him to travel to her from at least Austria) and again: courtship for Mary is not about love anymore. It’s for funding her military, defending her borders, making powerful allies.

And if it also involves hearing a handsome prince shade Elizabeth that’s cool too.

Mary had a nice long laugh about Carlos demanding to see Queen Elizabeth’s vadge, and then he was like “Hey how about a game of chase in the woods for kisses?” and Mary was like “No thanks creeper.”

Then she met Heath Ledger lookalike Gideon, and a flash of chemistry was registered on elite chemistry-monitoring equipment at American’s Center of Chemistry Studies, almost 500 miles away.

Gideon’s first order of business is to chase off Don Carlos, and was able to scare him off pretty good with a single vague note about secrets:

Mary, of course, immediately blamed it all on herself.

Meanwhile Catherine was pressing the Privy Council to hurry up and make her regent already so the country didn’t look like it couldn’t get its pants on. Sensing her Privy Council was stalling to keep her off the throne, she approached Narcisse and made him an offer: elect me to the Privy Council and I’ll promote you to Lord Chancellor. Then her boy toy Christophe appeared and they made sweet love in a breezeway.

A couple things about this: who knew Catherine wore such sexy underwear!!! I want that corset type top. And secondly, guys: you appear to be in a HALLWAY.  Sure, even the best of us have made out in the shower stall of an Ikea display bathroom, but we’re not royalty, the most we risk is getting ejected from the premises without eating any swedish meatballs . You are running for regent, Catherine! And thus must remember that the best erections come with discretion. (Motto of the round table.)  

When Catherine noticed Don Carlos’ lackeys hauling boxes of his shit out of the court, she asked Mary what had happened and Mary was like “I missed up. He doesn’t love me. Probably because I refused to play his creeper games.” Catherine was like “So play his creeper games. Yes it’s a physical and emotional violation of your boundaries but welcome to gender dynamics in the 16th century girl.” and Mary was like “UGH FINE. I’ll go hide his luggage so he can’t leave until he falls in love with me.”

Determined to show Don Carlos she could handle a nightmarish chase through a woods, Mary told him while he waited for his luggage to show up (LOL) they could try his little Hounds and Hare game, which is when he told her she would be chasing him. Mary was like “Okay I guess that’s slightly less creepy. Slightly.”

Meanwhile Lola was trying to talk Narcisse out of a high powered Lord Chancellor job and also why did his junk smell like strawberry chapstick? Clearly her arguments about how his job was good enough, couldn’t he just focus on being satisfied and suddenly I’m humming “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton… hold on brb.

Okay! Had to listen to that track real quick. Anyway: despite the fact they keep me breathing, Narcisse and Lola’s marriage is already showing cracks. Maybe due to Narcisse’s deception infidelity? If I could be mad at Catherine I would be but sorry, between Lola and Catherine I will always be #TeamCatherine.

Meanwhile Bash woke up next to Delphine looking *thrilled*.

Hahahaha Bash is so miserable! Sorry you wake up on top of a supermodel, seems like a real ordeal. Granted he’s just lost his brother and tipped into a relationship with a very witchy woman who has a mind-heart link to a serial killer. I guess that could be kind of stressful.

Speaking of which, Delphine sort of but not quite trailed the killer to a village/Greer’s tavern. Bash wanted to close the tavern to protect the working ladies, but Greer pointed out that the serial killer would just find another victim, why not lay a trap for him and spring when he went for the bait?

Annnnnd speaking of hunting metaphors, all the ladies of the French Court were trading their dainty heels for riding boots so they could chase the guys through the woods and honestly this looked very fun. Is it sexist of me if I insist on doing this on my next birthday? There doesn’t have to be kissing. A woodland girls vs. guys chase just seems like a good time.

Of course I would probably do exactly what Mary did: immediately turn my ankle. Yes, Mary “pulled a Lily” by severely spraining her ankle while trying to ford a stream within like fifteen minutes of the race starting. I feel you girl.

With no other players in sight and dark falling on the woods, Mary was facing a real Bear Grylls situation when Gideon popped up through the trees and offered to carry her home.

Since Romancing the Stone I have been a sucker for Begrudging Chivalry so I really enjoyed this moment.

And the human horse ride came with a prize: Gideon spilled a little tea about Don Carlos being rumored as a “real freak in the bed”, but still generously carried Mary within reach of Don Carlos so she could make her own choices.  Mary ran straight down to the basement to see what exactly was in Don Carlos’ luggage and Don Carlos turned up again to yell at her for a) not catching him during his creeper game b) stealing his luggage (fair) and c) trying to crack it open like a Prohibition detective (very fair. Shame on you Mary.)

Mary made the point that he should find her schemes flattering: she is just, after all, trying to marry him. That’s when Don Carlos threw a plot twist/steamy ultimatum into the mix: love me, love my sex horse.

Apparently Don Carlos is a masochist. He is looking for a Queen with a little streak of dominatrix to her. Mary was like “Thank you but no thank you.”

Meanwhile Catherine was looking sexy as hell in her nightdress and didn’t she know it.

Yes when Narcisse marched into her bedroom like he owned the place (!!!) to confront her about having sex with her boy toy in the wide open woods (!!!!) Catherine was like “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Sorry I’m not boring like your wife. You want power? You want excitement? Get in this bed.”

And as much as I have rooted for Narcisse and Lola and need them to be together, I just love watching Megan Follows turn Catherine into a femme fatale so much I’m not even mad.

Across town, Leith showed up at the Tavern and he and Greer had a little “we are so over our relationship we can give each other relationship advice” talk. They teased each other about how Leith clearly has a thing for poor little rich girls and Greer likes slummin’ it sea dog style.

Then Leith left, forgetting his cloak and Greer was like “Hold on Leith! You forgot your cloak! Let me run into this foggy alleyway where a serial killer is literally expected to appear any minute!” And then she was roughly pushed by a drunk. Bash came throwing punches in her defense but false alert, drunky was just being drunk. Meanwhile Delphine was getting spirit-choked by the real deal killer!

Watch out Delphine!

Luckily Delphine made it out okay, except for has she even ever been okay?! Delphine is juggling a lot what with sensing a killer’s intentions and dark magic and resurrection powers and I think maybe she should back-burner a relationship until she sorts some things out that she personally has going on. But that’s just me.

Meanwhile, Catherine went to attend the Privy Council’s vote for Regent, which was rudely interrupted by the LIVER OF HER DECEASED SON.

YOOOOO. Reign is going there with the dis-embodied pieces of its former love interest literally on screen!! That has to be a first?!! I mean we are living in amazing times, basically, although clearly not as amazing as the 16th century. Basically Francis’ liver had turned black, a sure sign of poisoning, and we all know Catherine is to poison what Betty Crocker is to cake mixes. After she was accused of murdering her own son Narcisse was like “I guess I’ll step in and act as Regent then until this is sorted out.” A SHAMELESS power grab!

Catherine just about bit a pillow in half she was so angry. Mary was like “If you think you have problems, listen to this shit: Don Carlos wants me to smack him with a whip.” Catherine was like “You call that a problem?! Marry that freak. Sounds like a good time. Does he do threesomes?”

So then we had this incredibly hilarious scene where Mary kinda sorta experimented with light BDSM. Don Carlos got in his leather pants, strapped himself to a sex horse, Mary blindfolded him, and then Catherine tip-toed in and started whipping him SUPER HARD.

Despite the fact Catherine was giving herself tennis elbow smacking his naked torso Don Carlos was like “Is this McDonald’s? Because I am loving it” Still, Mary (who is it turns out a bit of a kink-shamer) got freaked out and told Catherine to stop and Don Carlos slipped off his blindfold and saw that she had called in a friend for their BDSM sesh. This threw him into such a rage he tipped over the sex horse and brained himself on the stone floor.

While Catherine and Mary were trying to figure out how to hide his body, he then disappeared and ran down the hall like a bloody mess!

Cue “Oh boy” Tango & Cash buddy movie look from Catherine and Mary.

The Queen’s Club in a Quagmire, basically, which is my favorite kind of cliffhanger because there’s literally nothing I love more than Mary and Catherine working together against impossible odds and these odds just got super impossible. Will Spain attack France? Will Don Carlos be disinherited? Can the sex horse be repaired? (It looks custom-made, you just know it’s expensive.)


So yeah, an extremely entertaining episode. I will admit my skin crawled at the idea of Francis’ liver being hauled around in a lovely shoe box and waved threateningly at his mother, but props for showing me something I never in all my days imagined I would ever see on TV…AND a sex horse. We are living in a golden age for the CW.

As you might know the CW has announced an indefinite hiatus for Reign while it shuffles around its winter/spring schedule. The next new episode won’t pop up until after the holidays, January 8th. Then regular episodes should continue until January 22nd, when the show will go into a hiatus with return date TBD. Nothing makes a cold night crackle for me like pearlescent gowns, hair jewelry and brandished goblets, so I’m hoping hard that it comes back within the winter. Until then I’m just going to get my holiday on.

Thank you so much for stopping by my Tumblr and having a read. Your comments, likes & reblogs are the air I breathe (too thirsty? still true.) I will be back when Reign resumes & will post news about the winter hiatus as I hear about it!

Destiel Summer Days: Skinny Dipping

Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 2,825
Author’s Note: Sorry for taking so long to update. Here is part three. I just wanted to write a fic with Cas as a lifeguard.

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Sammy loved swimming. The kid was like a fish out of water and every moment he spent on dry land was agonizing for him. Which meant Dean was spending his entire summer break escorting his punk ass little brother back and forth to the public pool and trying to make sure the kid didn’t roast his skin off.

It wasn’t the way Dean had planned to spend his junior/senior summer.

But there was upside to spending nearly every day at the pool. And it had blue eyes.

“Sammy, don’t run,” Dean barked as they exited the changing room.

Sam stopped long enough to give Dean that I’m-thirteen-Dean-shut-up look and he was off again.

Dean sighed and wandered to the deepest part of the pool, far from the screaming children and sweaty parents.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean leaned his head back, raising a hand to shield his eyes so he could see his best friend’s face through the glare of the sun. He smiled.

“Heya, Cas.”

Cas had been lifeguarding at the pool for the past two summers. Because it wasn’t like he spent enough time in the water practicing with the school’s swim team. No, Cas had to go give up all his free summer days to the pool too. He was as obsessed as Sam, so much that Dean sometimes theorized they were half dolphin or something.

“Sam here?” Cas asked unnecessarily.

Dean heard a loud splash then and turned to see a headful of shaggy brown hair break through the surface. “Yup.”

Cas laughed. “He should really consider trying out for the swim team.”

“I told him but he said he’s too busy with chess club or something.”

“Dean, the school doesn’t have a chess club.”

“Leave it to Sam to start one.”

Cas scoffed lightly, used to this brotherly banter. “I have to get back to work.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Castiel, guardian of the seven seas. Preventer of cannonballs and defender of chlorine levels.”

Cas snorted. “Someone sounds a little lonely.”

Dean rolled his eyes, fighting a blush at the almost flirtatious tone is Cas’s deep voice. “Oh, go blow your whistle, Novak.”

“I’ll blow yours,” Cas said with a wink.

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