do i smell a new ship

AU Ideas

Spy AU: I was pretending to love you just to steal secrets but now I’m regretting my decision, I may actually be in love with you.

Dracula AU: It’s a steampunk world with flying ships, mechanical wings and steam powered pneumatic multi-stake launchers. Vampires take heed.

Werewolf AU: I legit hate being a werewolf. Everyone makes it sound great, but the transformation is painful and there’s hair everywhere and I think I’m allergic to wolf dander.

Fantasy AU: I’m just trying to survive in a world where goblins are killing and stealing, trolls don’t just bother goats crossing bridges and everything smells like swamp… how are you so clean?

Zombie AU: The hordes have rotted away and society is rebuilding. We were doing fine until the new government started interfering. 

Angel AU: You’re an angel and I love you, but is that just because I’m suppose to? God is love and all that, so is that just transfer since you’re his avatar?

Teacher/Student: Yes, I’m aware that I’m more than a little hot but anything more than what we have is just morally wrong. I’d just like to be your friend.

Survival AU: I know we don’t have any food, but I’d like to point out that there are plenty of bodies in the wreck that are doing to get ripe really quick if we don’t start building some fires and preserving… look I know this is creepy and wrong but we’re going to starve if we don’t do something and this is the easiest way to get some food in us with little effort, so we can build shelter and signal for rescue. Don’t look at me like that.

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Are you taking prompts? If so could you write something where the TARDIS expresses love for Bill with a really posh kitchen and laboratory? Her own personal test kitchen?

yes of course i will write the inaugural Bill/TARDIS fic i mean what do you think i am for if not this

Bill/the TARDIS, vaguely implied Twelve/Nardole, ~1.2k words, not explicit

The first night (“night”) Bill stays in the TARDIS, the Doctor gives her a rambling ten-part set of directions in re: where the guest bedroom is. He grins, she grins, he grins wider, she gives him a thumbs-up, he returns it. She walks with a measured pace to where she’s fairly sure he can’t see her, and then she bolts. And doesn’t forget the instructions so much as discovers they don’t make sense, since everything looks the same, and ‘pass the Mechanical Turk’ doesn’t work at a T-junction with two Mechanical Turks. She runs and the ground feels weird and she sporadically opens doors until she finds what she optimistically hopes is some sort of futuristic Space Toilet, but which is probably a bougie Space Laundry Chute. She vomits into the hole, closes the lid, and straightens herself out before wobbling back into the corridor.

Professor “The Doctor” What had said this was to get her acclimated to time/space travel but she’s 95% certain he’s just lost, or something is broken. So it’s reasonable to have puked in a closet and then walked away, if they’re doing lies. This place is big enough, he probably won’t even notice. Right? Right. She wipes her mouth and soldiers on.

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Adrinath August is now a thing, and I’m proud to announce that it will be commencing this year!

So @eloctromagnetic and I have been working on this project for a few months. The project’s name is Adrinath August! (and in case you don’t know, adrinath is the ship between Adrien Agreste and Nathaniel Kurtzberg)

A calendar will soon be released for this, but here are the basics:

Week 1 will consist of seven days of random prompts (we spent so much time choosing these holy crap)
Week 2 will consist of senses (y’know, the senses… sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing?) and each day will be a new sense, or something to do with the senses.
Week 3 will be themed ‘coming out/reveals’ (how do the two reveal their relationship, or come out, to friends and family? or the general public?)
Week 4 will be AU week. Each day is a new AU, or, if you want, you can use your own AU! (for example, soulmate AU, hogwarts AU, rivals AU)

you can follow @adrinathaugust (it’s currently empty and in the works, but it will soon be finished and filled with news and calendars) for more information, but we hope to see you take part!

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Wait. Everyone freeze- why exactly does Hadrian/Bill remind you of CLV? Do I smell a fancanon ship???

Lolol someone mentioned that cracky 10-sentence meme I did for Dino/Bill and asked if I might write something Bill-centric one day, and it got me thinking about CLV and… yeah, there seems to be a new fan ship on the horizon XD


“I wanted to come to Juilliard because I knew, I heard it was the best school to go to. Actually I auditioned when I was in high-school, and didn’t get in. And then later I auditioned after I had a little more life experience I think, and for some reason got in, and I knew the alumni that went to that school were the kind of actors that I always liked and respected. And they had such a theatre history, and steeped in theatre. I mean, what a dream that would be to go there, and then Cathy, who’d called me on my cell phone, and asked if I wanted to be a part of group 38, the next class. And I said yes. And it was working in the back of a Target distribution warehouse, where they would just ship goods around, checking the seals of semi-trucks. There was a lot of semi-truck drivers, and I’m sat in a shack with this other security guards for like 8 hours. Eh, er, it’s all kinds of smells and things, and I remember running up and down to the parking lot, off the back lot, just kind of yelling, being very excited that I now had a place to go to in New York, and do the thing that, you know, you kind of dream of doing.”


This will be funny

The real question here is…Did she use magic?

The whole  tree.

Is that a new ship what i am smelling?

Da fuck are you doing Tiny?

Pls someone stop this kid.


It was written.

Obviously,wolves don’t eat dick.

DAMMIT !stop being SO GAY,you Unacceptable.

This  can’t be real…                     

Join Me!!!

I’m sorry, my former fellow Gruvians, but I have seen the light, and therefore regret to inform you that I can not participate in the upcoming Gruvia week. You see, I’ve been rereading Fairy Tail, and I have fallen in love with another ship. One that is so obviously destined for canon, that I don’t know why I never realized it before. Clearly, I was blinded by false “moments” and “hints” that have tried to lead me and other readers astray. But no more! 

My new OTP is the wonderful, the undeniable, NAVIA . That’s right, the pairing of Natsu and Juvia. It’s crystal clear to me that these two are meant to be. I’m sure if you went back through the manga, and reread using your other, superior senses (smell, hearing, touch, taste, and most importantly, your gut instinct)  you too would realize what your eyes have been missing all of this time. But, in case you haven’t the time to do another read through using just your nose, I will now list everything that makes this ship worth shipping. Prepare to be AMAZED. 

Juvia and Natsu hit things off right from the start. Juvia liked what she saw, and she went after it.

See how Juvia watched Natsu admiringly from afar as he helped rebuild the FT guild building. The second he said he was hungry, she immediately answered his call:

She waves flirtatiously at him in the distance, as Natsu looks after her, clearly liking what he saw. ^__~  Not only did Juvia herself catch his eye, but Natsu was completely impressed by the aesthetics of her bento too, as he compliments it’s appearance. Natsu also finds Juvia to be an excellent cook demonstrated here by the appreciation he shows as he digs right in:

Clearly, she meant to drop it into Natsu’s hands instead, but in her haste, she got the wrong person. Yet, destiny delivered it to him regardless. Thus is fate. And look how touched Juvia is as her beloved Natsu enjoys her food. I’m sure once they are married (AND THEY WILL BE), Natsu, a man who appreciates a good meal, will be in heaven, since he’ll be able to dine on Juvia’s delicious cuisine daily. And Juvia, someone who clearly loves to cook, will likewise be happy to be with a man who takes such enjoyment in her food. After all, the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach. ^^

Juvia and Natsu had what you’d call a “love at first sight” type of relationship. See here, as Juvia gazes passionately (not once, but TWICE) at the fire mage. He had stolen her heart from the get go.

Even early on, Natsu immediately took an interest in Juvia. He clearly wanted to get to know her better, which is the first sign of any healthy relationship. Proven by the fact that he asks her questions about herself, as seen here:

Plus, Natsu thinks Juvia and her magic is impressive. As the saying goes, opposites attract, so Juvia’s water magic was sure to draw the fiery mage to her. And indeed it did. See how smitten he is here, as he puts on the water bubble Juvia created personally (and lovingly) for him.

They always say that you tend to fall for people who remind you of your family and friends. Well, Juvia and Gajeel are good friends, and see how Juvia takes an interest in Natsu’s sense of smell, while bringing up her dear friend Gajeel. She’s already making comparisons in an affectionate way. 

Juvia, too, is already asking personal questions about him, in an effort to get to know the love of her life more intimately. And even after knowing Natsu only a short while, Juvia still searches desperately to find him, while calling his name so politely. Had the love bug bitten her that hard already? I think so. Displayed clearly by how she wishes she was searching for him alone. Juvia’s jealousy, and desire to have a one-on-one meeting with Natsu is quite plain here.

Even after all this time, their love has not died down a bit. See here, in the recent GMG arc, Natsu still clearly thinks about Juvia all the time.

Even though no one brought up Juvia’s name in this conversation, Natsu still has the need to say it aloud. As if the very sound of her name on his lips sends a thrill through his body. He didn’t NEED to say her name. He could have just called her that blue haired mage who uses water magic, or the former rain woman, or even “that girl,” but no, he actually says her name.

This is proof that she’s always on his mind, and that he is probably thoroughly distraught to have been separated from her. That’s why Mashima is purposely hiding his face here. So you wont see how much her absence is hurting him. However, while you might not be able to see it, you can FEEL it. Also, it was likely Natsu himself who chose Juvia as his replacement on the GMG team. Clearly, he has complete faith and trust in his beloved to do him proud. After all, they are practically one now.

Here Juvia was in such a passionate rush to jump into a pile of men containing her sweet Natsu-san. She was desperate for her naked body to clash with his.

That’s what I love about Juvia. She’s not shy about expressing her feelings towards Natsu. You go, girl!

Even the cover pages show Natsu and Juvia’s growing relationship. Mashima is clearly showing us that Juvia can’t keep her hands off of him. 

Juvia constantly calls Lucy her love rival, and yet Lucy clearly has a thing for Natsu. Again, Mashima tries to throw us off the track, by making us think Juvia is worried about Gray, when in fact, she knows as well as we do, that it’s Lucy’s closeness to Natsu that she fears. See here, as she imagines Natsu and Lucy flirting in the guild, and how distraught she is by it.

But worry not, Juvia. It’s plain as day that Lucy just puts Natsu to sleep, and he only has eyes for you.  

Mashima HIMSELF ships Navia (of course he does, as he’s the one who created this beautiful union), as proven by this twitter picture he posted:

See how he shows us Natsu and Juvia’s superior team work? 

Not only does Natsu and Juvia’s love affair permeate the pages of the manga and Mashima’s twitter, but it also extends into the radio show the anime used to have.

Natsu and Juvia’s voice actors used to host the show TOGETHER. Why Natsu and Juvia? Because, clearly, the animators also know of Mashima’s eventual (and obvious) plans for these two, and are pushing the couple from every medium. We’re on to you, animators. *wink* 

And finally, I know you Gruvia shippers will misguidedly say, but Gruvia are just way more compatible magically. But I say to you, excuse me, but ice and water? Please. That’s just more ice, and what good is that to anyone? But Natsu and Juvia? They make STEAM, baby. ^-^ 

So, as you can see, based on this overwhelming evidence, and my flawless arguments, not only is this relationship practically canon already, but it’s got hints from BOTH JUVIA AND NATSU’S side. I’d even go as far as to say, that the only other pairings that can even hope to match up to these two canon-wise, are Max and Broom, and maybe Alzack and Bisca (because of that kid of theirs, whatsherface). 

In conclusion, when the great Navia does become canon, I will not utter any “I told you so’s” to the Nalu and Gruvia shippers. No, my friends. I will simply, and warmly welcome you into the Navia fandom with open arms, because that’s just the kind of person I am. ^____^


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Thoughts on the KFC CF

wAIT WhAT is this MAMA era all over again …

and then this shit happens

Lay’s probably back to being high as faaaaack using his Unicorn healing powers to grow more weed

oOOooOKAY I’M frik frackin convinced this is MAMA era again

Chen casually adding some lightning into your burger

Tao using his time control powers for a very wisely

WTF wasn’t this $uho’s power ?

From MAMA era to WOLF era in 0.01 seconds

whats happening

Sehun looked like that was so good it gave him a fucking orgasm

Kai’s looking at kyungsoo the ship that ships itself tbh

Lay’s just being an angel

Chen’s like those people in the adverts laughing at salads

Baekhyun judging everyone

Xiumin was probably thinking about Luhan

someone’s found Lay’s weed stash

*its got dat fresh new gucci smell*

ummm $udaddy I don’t think you even took a bite ..

*instant regret*



                                        *the gifs are not mine*


The criminal stared perplexed at the huntress who had buried herself in his shirt. Her cheeks were flushed scarlet, hidden underneath her hood which had bunched up around her shoulders. One gloved hand held her, in hopes that she wouldn’t fall. Her tight grasp on his jacket was sure to take him down with her. The other hand remained poised on Melodic Cudgel, his ever present weapon of choice. He shifted his gaze to the cane, thinking heavily.

“I could simply just kill her now, and be done with it,” staring back at her, and raising his weapon.

However, there was something about this girl, that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. His hand stalled. Ruby continued to sob into his shirt, the damp cloth growing cold as the night air blew restlessly around them. Instinctively, he pulled her closer to him.

She smells like…roses.”

He smiled slightly to himself, finding the new revelation rather pleasing.

Roman, what the hell are you doing?”

(p.s. this is my best piece so far, I believe. And yes, I wrote the caption too, hehe.)

I know there are a lot of Kicks and Isabelle fans out there, but what about Kicks and Labelle?  They were both introduced in the same game, and sat nearly at polar opposites, with Labelle working at the posh, costly GracieGrace, and Kicks offering to shine shoes from a doorstep simply to get by.  I imagine Labelle passing him on her way to work without a glance for months on end before one rainy day, she sees him sitting out and getting his fur all wet and decides to discreetly give him enough Bells for an umbrella.

What’s more, porcupines are shunned for their spines and skunks for their smell.  Where’s all the fan art?  Do I have to pay someone for fan art?

GOT7 reaction to you cooking different types of food

@kpopfanstan said: No where in your rules do you specify how many groups you can request in 1 ask so for simplicity sake… Can i request a BTS, GOT7 AND MX reaction to you cooking different types of food. Like one day i cooked Korean food, then after that was all devoured i made Curry, then i made quesadillas, and then lasagna. I love cooking everyone’s food and i find most of it delicious!!!

- I will do GOT7 and MONSTA X reaction to this since we didn’t do those groups for a while, I HOPE you don’t mindd! AND WOOOW that is soooo awesomee! I ship you with Jin man, you guys would be great together! ^^ Hope you enjoy your reaction! -AdminKookie

Jackson: *eats everything* *gif*

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Mark: “You made something new?!” *excited*

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Bambam: *gif*

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Youngjae: *smiles as he can’t wait to try something new you made*

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Yugyeom: *smiles* *gif*

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JB: “DO I smell something nicee?” 

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Jr: “Like you are the most amazing girlfriend in the world! *excited*

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Fairy Tail 462 - Reactions


What a REALLY GOOD chapter!!! The hype is REAL!!!

Two major OTP will fight together!!! Damn the angst!!! Hiro, don’t fuck with my shipper heart!!!

  • Big brother Laxus is pissed OFF!!!

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  • It was about time, Makarov to recognize it…

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  • Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus!

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  • Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel (I smell some new shipping here…).

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  • Gajeel and Levy will fight together!!! I am hoping to see some serious fights for Mirajane!!!

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  • Same for Gray and Juvia!!!! Laxus, go!!!

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  • The kings…

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  • Natsu, what the FUCK are you doing!!!!

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Do you know the official Xiuhan Day?

If there is none, I suggest April 10 to be Xiuhan Day!

On April 10, 2012, we witnessed the very first onscreen Xiuhan moment on EXO-M’s first interview in Sina Live Chat, making it as the first sweet Xiuhan interaction for the fans to consider as a reason to ship Xiuhan.

/thigh-groping okay i smell something gay on this new SM idols/

/hand-holding on the first interview whut/

/they look so cute together to ship or not to ship that is the question/


Magcon Preferences #15- Vine of You

Cam- You were getting ready for your first big interview as a singer. You were trying to adjust the height of your mic when the little thing came off. Title: Y/N’s not good with interviews.Lol. Title: She’s not good with interviews. lol.

Shawn-  You and Shawn were at tour rehearsal. You were suppose to be practicing your dance routine but you just kinda- Title: This is a rehearsal Y/N -_-

Taylor- “What'dyah gotta say to the haters Y/N!?” Tay yelled, vining. “Shut up!” You yelled. Title: She don’t give a-

Nash- “Are you filming me Nash?” You looked up from your phone. “No baby. Of course not” He giggled. “Liar” You smiled, looking back at your phone. Title: My bby is so cute <3

Matt- “We’re walking back to the hotel!” You heard Matt vining from behind you. You were so pumped from Disneyland. “How was Disneyland, babe?” He asked. “It was good baby!” You yelled, skipping and dancing back to the hotel. Title: She’s a big kid. lol :)

Jack J- “You have to sing for me"  Your boyfriend Jack said over Skype. He had been away for magcon so you guys were Skyping. "Ugh, babe. I don’t wanna you wined. "Just play the music on your phone and sing to me. I miss your voice baby” He pouted. You rolled your eyes and grabbed your phone. You put on Drunk In Love and sang along as JJ vined you. Title: My babygirl sang to me on Skype. Miss you lovely.

Jack G-Title: Y/N’s first music video #ProudBoyfriend

Carter- “Dance babe, dance!” Carter cheered you on. You two were at a party, pretty drunk as well and he was trying to get you to dance. “No Catah!” You yelled, laughing. “Do it for the vine!” He yelled. You rolled your eyes and started dancing. Title: She got dah movess xD

Aaron- Title: Me and Y/N are going professional lol. 

Sam- “Babe, you are drunk” Sam laughed. “No I’m not!” You slurred. “Smile for the camera babe!” He said and you pulled a goofy smile. Title: The bae is druuuunk. 

Hayes- “Babe!” You yelled, running out of the bathroom in your robe. “What happened!?” He giggled as you jumped on him. “You know that new shampoo I got!?” You asked. He nodded. “Well, it smells beautiful!” You said, putting all your hair in my face. You looked up to see Hayes vining you. “Hayes!”

Dillon- “Y/N! How excited are you to see TFIOS?!” Title: She’s so awkward. lol

Jacob- Title: We’re in New York!

(A/N: I ran out of ideas! Sorry.

-Inbox me for a;

  • Ship/ Ship name (Send me your name and what you look like)
  • Personal Imagines
  • Preference Requests

-I will do;

  • MagCon (Obviously)
  • One Direction
  • O2L
  • Janoskians
  • 5SOS Or all of them if you want!)