do i sleep now or what


Clay Quarantine!Sans!

So I have to say that Q quickly became one of my favorite Sans’s when I came across him. I mean he’s an AI Sans, what’s not to love? (besides maybe his freaking outfit omg q why do you have so many layers??) I’ve been wanting to make a figure of him for a while now and finally had the time to do so. And so here he is!

Q belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground go check out their amazing content and maybe ask Q some questions if you want!

Oh and some bonus pictures under the cut if you want to see.

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girl you don't sleep? oh my god you're always updating you must be very tired with so much star wars things happening right now

I woke up just an hour ago so yes, I do sleep… sometimes. haha

Speaking of sleep, I actually dreamt that there was a new TLJ poster that came out and I was all over the place trying to look for the hi res image to share on my blog – so essentially what I do every day 😂 

I was kind of sad when I woke up because I remember liking the poster, but I forgot how it looked as soon as I was up lol

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Hello, I really like your blog! Could I maybe get reactions from the bots for this scenario: human s/o has insomnia that gets really bad sometimes, and they try to keep it secret but the bots start noticing how frail and sick they’re getting until they all but collapse in the middle of their work. I’m very tired haha. Btw, tfp Magnus is bae and you are by far my favorite writer for him, thank you so much!!

Deepdrive: I’m so glad that you think I have done a good job writing his character. Get some sleep sweetspark.


It would hurt him to see you getting sick like this without you telling him what was wrong, and the worry would have plagued him at the back of his mind. When you collapse he would almost be relieved to now at least know what was wrong. He would be willing to do anything he can to help you sleep if it would mean preventing this from happening again.


He is sadly not much better than you, when he started to notice you becoming frail and sick he himself started having to have trouble falling into recharge because he got so worried about you. When you collapse at work he really starts to panic and it would be up to the other Autobots to intervene and lock both of you in a room until you get some sleep together (Ratchet would probably supply sleeping medicine for you).


He would blame himself, thinking that it was his bad habits of staying up late and watching movies had rubbed off on you. He would go into one of his rare, over-protective-worried states and begin pushing, almost too hard, to help you get to sleep until he calms down and you can both have a proper discussion.


He would be really mad that you aren’t looking after yourself properly, some of the anger is aimed at you, because you didn’t tell him, and some of it is just a general mad. Basically, you have earned a spot in the med-bay in which you cannot leave until you’re better. Ratchet isn’t a complete monster though, he would give you sleeping tablets from now on to help you out.


He would race you over to Ratchet not having a clue what was going on, he would be full on panicking, worried that you were dying or something else serious. It would take a long talk with Ratchet to calm him down. Until you get better and afterwards at night he would make sure to keep you company to help you sleep.


He would chuckle softly. He had recognised what was going on from the beginning, as many times he has observed restlessness in Bulkhead and at rare times when he has bothered to care, Ultra Magnus. He would just gently pick you up and place you in a pile of blankets and keep you company while you sleep.

Ultra Magnus

It would trouble him greatly, but he would relate to you almost completely, being the workaholic he is whom occasionally forgets the concept of sleep/recharge. He would seek human medical advise and make sure that you get plenty of rest the next few days.

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- who snores: Occasionally Kano and even though it annoys Kido, it’s nice to have a sign that he sleeps peacefully since it used to not happen often ;(

- who takes out the trash: u used the joke i wanted to make what am i supposed to do now? Hm, I think it’s one of the chores Kido makes Kano do. But then Kido sometimes takes Kano out on dates so… (Boom! Did it! Had it both ways! No regrets.)

- who hands out candy vs who takes the kid(s) trick or treating: Kano feels… even too good at night, so he was the one taking kids, while Kido stayed at home handing out the candy. She always scolded Kano for coming back with kids past their bed time, until Kano realized she was just upset because she wanted to spend more time with kids too. Now they both go trick or treating!

- who goes to parent teacher conferences: They both go. And they’re ready to fight if someone says anything bad about any of their children! (and imagine if it would be any of their old teachers) But they also scold their children if it’s needed when they are back home.

- who packs a lunch for the other to take to work: Kido

- leaves clothes all over the floor/in the laundry basket vs who puts them away: Kano leaves clothes all over the floor and to reduce it Kido came up with a rule that every single piece of clothing that she has to pick up automatically becomes her. It turned out to not be as effective as intended, since the concept of seperate clothes had became purely theoretical long ago and she ended up “lending” him his “old” clothes anyway.

- who organizes the DVDs and books: Kido. She always tries to hide horrors and arrange remaining DVDs and books the way that would make the section of romance look smaller.

- who has a million magazine subscriptions: Definitely Kano, isn’t it like, canon??

- who has a name for the stray neighborhood cat:

What stray cat? It’s the rightful member of Mekakushi Dan.

- who walks around naked at night and forgets the living room window is open: (Even though they are both self-conscious about their appearence) Kano. He is making a good use of his powers and he just makes himself look like dressed whenever needed. Sometimes he spends the whole day in pjs when he feels like being lazy. And after they lose powers he needs a while to get rid of this habit…


Yumi: “Oh my god! The chemical delight of a gumball, how I’ve missed those! Who needs organic food when you can chew gum all day?”

Meanwhile, outside Taylor made a daring attempt to flirt with Jack! But being socially awkward, it completely backfired on him…
Taylor: “Hey handsome, do you come here more often?”
Jack: “Uhh what? What’s wrong with you, Taylor? We’ve been stuck here for nearly three weeks now haven’t you seen me?”
Taylor: “N-no that’s not what I meant! Ugh… nevermind…”

Izanami: “This is the real life, finally I have a place where I can hide from the sun when I want. It even makes relaxing in the sun more enjoyable!”
Yumi: “Tell me about it! And the best part: no insects in your bed anymore… I’ve had enough of all those sand flees in my sleeping bag, ugh! Tonight I’m sleeping clean and comfortable.”

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Unpopular opinion: this isn’t an opinion at all but my dog died today and I want to spread awareness to love and spoil your dogs because now I can’t and lemme tell you it FUCKING SUCKS so everyone stop what you are doing and go hug your dog and feed it some goddamn doggy biscuits and let it sleep next to you tonight because I am suffering

i’m sosososo sorry about your loss :( </3 losing a pet is so hard because they’re basically like family. Sending lots of love your way!! <3 


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name/nicknames: im thora!!! i dont rlly have a nickname

gender: girl

height: 5′5′’

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

favorite color: pink!

time: 7:28am as i type this

last thing i googled: ‘is dank a subordinating conjunction’ fun fun fun

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: dude i dont know

number of blankets i sleep with: 1! 

favorite artists/bands:  i love scandal, twice, green day, my chemical romance, neon trees

dream vacation: id love to go to somewhere cool in the USA, Tokyo, Seoul, or Singapore

what I’m wearing right now: gross blue jeans and a blue jumper thts too small for me

when did i make this blog: march 2015

how many blogs do i follow: ive never kept track

what do i post about: criminal minds, izombie, community, actresses i like, crazy ex-girlfriend …  it’s sort of a mess

do you get asks on a regular basis: not at all

aesthetics: like… neon signs and pink 

tagging: @halfpastmonsoon, @myouimiguri, @satominoda, @sunshinesungjin, @alloverthegaf, @utopiumobsessed, @pinabutterjam, @3dnygma (if you guys want to)

What should i do

I want to go ice skating but I’m on bed rest and my lungs are not in good health what should i do i been sick for the pass weeks and i go to the doc a lot when i ask her can i go out and if I’m able to ice skating she say NO that i can’t over work my lungs and i should be resting more and not to be out in the cold.

…i really miss going out and doing fun stuff but now all i do is sleep and eat and stay in my room all day in my apt.

  • Hufflepuff: Time to get up and greet the morning!
  • Ravenclaw: *incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: You really should get out of bed.
  • Ravenclaw: *more incoherent mumbling*
  • Hufflepuff: *sighs* I'll make you waffles if you get up now.
  • Ravenclaw: ...okay.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


Ok SM better give us something to work with EXO-Ls are starting to lose their shit 😂😂😂

Can I just say that Namjoon is a fucking gem, even though multiple of those DJs tried to fish out dirt about ARMYs and make us look like a bunch of crazy, psychopathic idiotic fangirls. He defended us and not once did he consider us as those weird people. He told them about the good stuff we do and how they’re not weird and insists on telling them that we don’t do crazy things and that we don’t hurt them, he protects us from receiving a bad name and look like lunatics. We don’t deserve him 😭

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[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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