do i ship this or don't i the life struggle

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THANK YOU. I try not to think about Percico because it annoys the crap out of me, but I have to tell you how much I agree with your comment. Nico doesn't love Percy the person - he loves a mix of ideas and he-saved-my-life-debts. I understand his struggle with his sexuality which honestly probably complicates everything to the point where he can't possibly sit and examine what it is he's feeling and what he's feeling for. I feel for Nico. I don't feel for the shippers though, because honestly,

it’s a fundamentally selfish ship. It has absolutely nothing to do with Percy, it’s all about making Nico happy. Ditto Jasico. Percy and Jason both have better chemistry and compatibility with at least five characters each more than they do with Nico. What Nico needs is acceptance, friendship and a catalyzing event to get through to him and make him accept his sexuality and love himself. He does not need Annabeth’s death and a wildly out-of-character Percy to make out with.

these are pretty much exactly my thoughts on the issue. what really annoys me is the sudden blame thrown on percy and when people make out that jason will suddenly start hating percy. ??

i dont know if everyone forgot, but nico being ‘in love’ with percy was news to all of us, so why should percy have miraculously known? - he hasn’t exactly been the sharpest pin in the box when it comes to people liking him in the past.

also jason and percy are friends, jason would hold no resentment towards percy because of nico’s feelings. in case you missed it, jason was kind to nico because he is a considerate person and if it took that chapter to make to appreciate that about him then you’ve not really been paying enough attention to his character. jason will not try to break up annabeth and percy to make nico happy because that is selfish and cruel, and not at all in his character traits