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frender is great!! frender is great!!

(pls… do not tag fry as kin/me)

hEllo ! im andrew (17{my birthday is actually rlly soon i feel old}, est, he/him) !! feel free to call me any nickname u can think of!  im here with this pure babu!! this is alex and they are my pride and joy please show them a lot of love! below the cut is some facts about them and a few wanted plot ideas !! give this a like if you wanna plot with them!

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THIS WAS THE MOST EXTRA PROBLEMATIC THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. also if you make it to the end of the 18 minutes then you must rlly love me because i rambled and went on so many tangents that i can’t even right now but like it’s fine i like to think i’m interesting or funny or whatever i am ya know what i mean. anyways, thanks @illumeshawn and @ihaveabadreputation for the tag y'all are baes.

i tag anyone who wanna go thru the death that is trying to upload an audio file LOLOLOL

also, i don’t think i have an accent, so lemme know if you think i have one!! (obviously if you’re not from america I do, but like for americans lemme know if i have an accent lol)

this is long and extra and imma stop this post now LOL

peace out

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started as a warmup but then decided to try sth out…… i dont think i like it v much but eh sth for the portfolio to show i can do this

its supposed to come w an au for my fav boo where karkat is a transfer to a rlly prestigious school as the adopted son of an ambassador from a different, and hes the only troll around (trolls arent from around that solar system) and he gets the best VIP treatment and shit. in this au daves kiinda a jock but eh what do i know

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rule: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

nicknames: as3, astried (tho no one rlly uses the last one lmao)
time right now: 14:28
last thing i googled: do not remember
fave music artist: halsey, lorde, foxes
song stuck in my head: none at the moment
last movie i watched: harry potter & the prisoner from azkaban
last TV show i watched: the 13 ghost of scooby doo
what im wearing now:  burgundy sweatpants and white hoodie
when i created this blog: 5!!!!!! freaking years ago 
the kind of stuff i post: bw/pale fandom / literature stuff with some photography and art in between. and lots of text posts
do i have other blogs: yes i do. 4 dailyblogs
do i get asks regularly: not really
why did i choose my URL: remus lupin is awesome & deserved better 
gender: female
hogwarts house: hufflepuff ftw (but also slytherpuff)
pokemon team: mystic
fave colours: pale pink, grey
average hours of sleep: 8 ish
lucky number: 13
favourite characters: that could take days………. my top fav tho is lily calloway
dream job: no idea!!!!!!!!
number of blankets I sleep with: 0
following: 262 blogs

anonymous asked:

you ship incest? ship what you want, dude, but those kind of ships makes me really uncomfortable, so are you going to post it or?? if you do, could you please tag it so i can block it?? i love your account but incest makes me rlly uncomfortable. aaah sorry to bother you.

Haha, dont be sorry love! Im sorta going down that way, I kinda ship it silently. IF I do any kind of incest work, it wont be the kind that makes you wanna barf. Trust me, I can understand ya there. but I dont post that kinda stuff. and if I do, itd be on my art blog, marked as nsfw or something like that.

Im not really a hardcore shipper, I dont think I will ever be that kinda shipper. I only ship it when I see good fanvideos of it.

Trust me, you dont have to worry Anon! This blog is for the fandom, and its about me talking about the series and ect… no art will be on this blog.

And I probably wont be drawing that kinda tcest anytime soon…even thinking about it makes me wanna…..blah… just no. nooooooo.

Yeah I know, this answer makes little sense. xD

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ancestry: british, polish, scottish…idrk. assorted crackers.

zodiac: aquarius which means im weird and probably an alien

where do you live: new york

how are you feeling today: on the one hand im rlly happy because trans marco is closer to canon and hyper came back! on the other hand i feel kind of unfulfilled with my life because i have a lot of housework to do and im putting it off.

play any instruments: ive been told i should play piano but sadly no i dont

are you craving anything: i rlly wanna kiss certain girls if that counts

signature drink: bepis (pepsi)

signature scent: yall cant smell me through the fucking computer, why does it matter. i rlly like the way my dog smells but thats cuz shes my dog.

favorite color: purple i guess..i like cool colors :0

sound you love: tamara’s voice, doug’s voice, my cats’ meows, pretty much every song on my theater playlist

sound you hate: any illness related sounds (coughing and sneezing and such) make me want to die. and also the loud buzzing sound when my computer crashes in the middle of a video.

i tag @hyroid @bluehairedspidey @dmentio @baradot @razzleyz but no one is obligated to do anything!

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relationship status: single, afraid to mingle

favourite colour: pink, blue, and yellow

last song I listened to: circles by izzy bizu

tv show: I was watching and zoning out to abtstract. that new netflix show abt design its nice

first fandom: ……. percy jackson….. but my first tumblr was a poetry blog like 8 billion years ago

hobbies: drawing, crying, trying and failing to sleep

books that I’m currently reading: im trying to read the price of salt but i dont have time and im dying

favorite books: dandelion wine, valiant

favourite places: the desert when its dry and windy, or even when its stormy. i also rlly love the woods, but i get creeped out by them at the same time….

idk who to tag but if u wanna do it u can and say i tagged u!

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⭐rules: answer the questions and tag 10 blogs you’d like to know better⭐

☆ sign: ariesssss so dont try me
☆ height: 5'2 im short af
☆ last thing googled: dunkin donuts
☆ favorite music artist: Beyoncè!!!
☆ last TV show watched: Friends
☆ when did I create my blog: back in 2015 i believe. i had like no followers cause i was embarrassing
☆ what kind of stuff do I post about: marvel, black lives matter, racism, feminism, lgbt rights, pretty stuff, pretty ppl and anything i find rlly interesting
☆ do I have any other blogs: i dont bc its too much work and i have a forgetful mind
☆do I get asks regularly: no bc yall are fake
☆ why did I choose my url: BIH DID U SEE THE RACISM THAT WENT DOWN LAST NIGHT ?…..thats why
☆ gender: girl :)
☆ pokémon team: pokèmon isnt my thing
☆ favorite colors: any pastel color, blue and eggplant purple
☆ average hours of sleep: yikes! ……5 hours
☆ favorite characters: steve rogers, william from this is us, randall pearson, bucky barnes, jack pearson, shao, zeke, dizzy, mylene, natasha romanov, annalise keating, phoebe buffay, peter parker, tchalla, sam wilson

☆ dream job: a singer/songwriter but its not realistic :/ AND ILL PROBABLY NEVER WIN THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR GRAMMY BC…..racism

i tag: @beyonves @beywasrobbed @osteolojist @tofu-pofu @emmiebun and whoever wants to

i decided to watch some happy hours, and so some things

  • imagine the reds and blues doing  things like the roombas and the mints
  • imagine the freelancers doing things like the dog tags and the vineger shots