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Dream Snooping

Hey, everyone! This story was inspired by the Toon Henry AU of Bendy and the Ink Machine, created by @squigglydigg/ @squigglydigglydoo ! So if you haven’t seen that, well… You’re probably not gonna understand what’s happening here! I really suggest to go check it out, though, it’s really cool and the art is super charming! While I want to wait a little bit for more of the game story to form my own headcanons, this AU really caught my heart and so I wanted to do something as a gift for Squigglydigg. It’s really late right now and I’ve been writing this all day because is my true day off in like ages. Hopefully it won’t come off as too messy. I hope you enjoy it! (Oh, it’s also on AO3 !)

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Miss Right (M)

pairing: Taehyung x Reader 

words: 8k

genre: lots of fluff, some angst, smut

summary: Taehyung’s first time meeting your somewhat intimidating American parents. 

A/N: This is my first real fic so I’d appreciate constructive feedback!! I really like how it turned out but there may be some grammatical errors, I’m probably going to write a sequel to this but right now this is a stand-alone.

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You were from America and decided to move to South Korea after going there to study abroad in Seoul to be a nurse and falling in love with the country at the same time, you family wasn’t very happy because you would be halfway across the world from them but after convincing them that this was something that you really wanted to do they allowed it. You were growing to be pretty fluent in Korean and tried to teach your parents but they really though that it was your thing and didn’t bother since they weren’t the ones moving to Korea.

 You met Taehyung the day that you moved into your apartment, you didn’t really have any friends to help you move all of your furniture and you couldn’t afford to hire a moving guy yet so you were trying to move all of your furniture from your rented moving van up to your apartment on the second floor of the complex and it worked out fine for your dining chairs and side tables but when it came to your couch you were just struggling to get it through the doorway by yourself. That was when ,fatefully, Taehyung walked past and couldn’t help but notice your struggle and decided to step in. 

“Do you want any help with that?” he said coming up behind you and tapping your shoulder, making you jump.

 "Oh my gosh!“ You sounded out of breath from physically straining yourself. You were used to doing manual labor because you always had to help your dad out with chores but this wasn’t something that you could handle yourself but you also didn’t want to inconvenience this handsome stranger. “Umm you don’t have to, I’m sure I’ll get it eventually, but thanks!” you said after catching your breath.

“No it’s really no problem and I have nothing better to do so don’t worry about it,“ Taehyung said, ignoring the voice in the back of his head saying that he was already late for dance practice and didn’t have time for this and listening to the voice that was telling him that you seemed like you really needed help, you’re face was red, your hair was messy, and he could tell that you were foreign so you probably didn’t even know anybody else here to help you so who was he to make you struggle just so he can go to his dance practice? He silently made the decision to help, then got to work getting on the other side of your couch without letting you voice any protests and picking up his side.

“O-okay, thank you,” you picked up the other side of the couch and with the help of Taehyung, walking it through the doorway of your apartment complex and lifting it up the stairs to the second floor where your apartment was. Once you got your couch inside your apartment you and Taehyung sat down in exhaustion on the couch 

“Thank you so much…?“

“Taehyung, my names Taehyung Kim, what’s yours?”

“Oh it’s y/n, thank you Taehyung, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you, could I get you a water or coffee or something?” You jumped off of the couch to go to the fridge to get your savior something to drink 

"I’ll have a water please”

“Okie dokie”

"So where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking?” he asked, tilting his head in curiosity.

"I just moved here from America but I’ve lived here before for a year while studying abroad" 

"Oh, well I hope you like living here” he said, when you looked at him he reminded you of sunshine with his bright boxy smile and golden skin. “Okay so I actually have to be leaving I’m kinda late for a practice and I think my members might get a little snippy with me if I skip it entirely to hang out with you even though I would love that, so I guess I’ll see you around?” Taehyung got off the couch and headed toward the door, making your heart sink a little, you really enjoyed his company. 

“Umm how about I treat you to dinner sometime to thank you for all of your help, I can give you my number if you want to set it up later,” you said, thinking quickly to come up with a reason to keep this person in your life. Taehyung’s heart jumped at your suggestion because he really wanted to get to know you better so he quickly pulled out his phone, ignored all of the missed notifications from the other members and made a new contact for you in his phone and affectionately named you “couch cutie 🛋” then he had to hurry off to practice leaving you in your new apartment looking at your door with a dumb smile on your face. 

That encounter led to your first date, a midnight meeting at a convenience store to eat ramen together, where you learned that he was an idol and he had to be very secretive about his personal life for the safety and privacy of his friends and family. You understood and asked about his music because it was obviously his passion and even though you didn’t really understand all of the terms that he was saying you admired how excited and passionate he was about his dream. He asked you to be his girlfriend after the third date which was really just him coming over to your house to eat dinner and watch a movie in private together and you accepted his affections because you were really starting to fall for this sunshine of a person and it was hard to see how anyone could not love him to pieces. And so your relationship with Taehyung soon blossomed into a romance that neither of you had ever experienced before because you were in love with each other and it felt nothing like the short insignificant relationships you both had been in prior. It made you feel crazy because you had never fallen so hard, so fast for someone. You had never missed someone so bad or constantly had your mind on him, wondering what he was doing. He made you feel wanted and he never made you feel like any less than a strong, beautiful woman. Your relationship wasn’t perfect, you still had disagreements and needed to make compromises, it was still hard for you when he was gone for months on end but you understood that the path that he had chosen was his dream and you wanted him to put that first before anything. He supported your studies to be a nurse and would cheer you on nights that you stayed up until midnight to finish a research paper.

The first time you brought Taehyung home to America it was unbearably awkward because a) your parents were unbearably overprotective and unwilling to trust that you would fall in love with a good person because if your past boyfriends and b) the language barrier, Taehyung knew very limited english and was much better at writing english than actually having conversations in english and your family knew almost no Korean so you would have to translate their conversations for them and it was just mentally exhausting for you. 

The night after Tae’s first meeting with your family you had to talk him back into staying for the rest of the trip (that was to celebrate your 1 year anniversary) because he was convinced that your parents hated him. Your father was always a hard man to pretty much anyone who wasn’t in his immediate family and no one really knew that he was a huge softie who loved lame tv shows until they really got closer to him. Your mother was probably one of the kindest women in the entire world and wouldn’t hurt a fly but with anybody that you would bring home before she would trust them with her baby, she would act very cold until she knew that they loved you and would take care of you. You mentally cursed yourself for not debriefing Taehyung on what to expect when it came to your parents and now he was stressing out because they had intimidated him so badly.

"Oh my god y/n they hate me. They hate me so much and honestly I should just leave so you can spend some family time together without my presence. Did you see his face when I told him I was in a boy group?? He stared me down and didn’t even blink for I swear like 3 minutes!! And why does your mom hate me? I know I’m not from America but aren’t all moms supposed to be welcoming and friendly?? She! Hates! Me!“ Taehyung said while laying in the bed in your childhood bedroom with you, he was talking so fast you decided to just wait until he was finished to try and explain your parents behavior. You both were tired from the flight and were laying together in pajamas. It was strange for you to see Taehyung react like this, usually he was a very level-headed person, keeping you calm when you got lost or something and just relaxing and going with the flow. Taehyung now was completely different, he was acting like your parents approval of him was contingent for your relationship to continue so you knew you had to reassure him that it was okay.

"Tae listen to me, they don’t hate you I promise, this is just how they act when I bring someone home because they like to test them to see if they are good. I know they are kinda crazy but I know that they’ll learn to love you once they see the side of you that I know. My dad is very intimidating and I’m sorry for him but that’s just how he acts with everyone really and my mom will probably warm up to you by tomorrow. You can’t leave I love you too much and you are part of the family if I have anything to say about it.” You said, snuggling to his side and stroking his arm trying to comfort him. You were resting your head on his chest and you could hear how fast his heart was beating and it worried you. You knew that he had been through a lot today, from the plane ride here to your parents psychological warfare and you were genuinely sorry that he had to deal with that because he didn’t get many breaks and it sucked that he wasn’t able to rest and relax for this one. He was the one to suggest going and meeting your parents for your guys’ anniversary though, but you didn’t think that he really knew what he was getting himself into. You leaned over him so that you were hovering over his face, “I love you” you said punctuating every syllable with a kiss. 

Taehyung felt like he was in over his head, he just wanted to come meet your parents and he really thought that you were joking on the plane ride when you told him that your parents were kinda crazy. He wasn’t so much worried about your mother not liking him because he could sense her being kinder to him during the end of the night. Who he was really worried about was your father. He couldn’t believe you when you told him that that was how he acted normally, who stares at someone for 3 minutes straight and that’s considered normal?? You had met his parents about 2 months into your relationship and they had fallen absolutely in love with you, making Taehyung promise to treat you right so that you could be their daughter-in-law. His parents were always open and happy to him bringing anyone home and he was shook with the huge cultural difference. Your parents reactions made him feel scared and insecure about your love for him because it made him worry that you would leave him if your parents disapproved of him and that was the last thing that he wanted but he wanted you to be happy and he knew that your parents meant the world to you. You were always talking about helping your father paint your bedroom and building snow forts with him or how you would watch movies with your mom all the time. He saw the way that your eyes lit up when you thought about them and he wasn’t going to be the one to force you to choose between him and your family, just as he thought this you started speaking again.

"Babe even if my parents didn’t like you, I’m an adult and they are going to love me regardless it doesn’t matter to me if they disapprove of who I’m dating as long as you aren’t hurting me it doesn’t matter what they think of you and honestly you just need to give them time to get to know you. You are one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I’m not going to let you go because of something stupid like this.“

Your words comforted the worries that he had in his mind a little but he was still wracked with stress but he knew that he had to get some rest.

"Alright babe, we’ll talk about it more in the morning, I love you” he said, closing his eyes and turning your bodies so you were spooning. He took a breath, breathing in the scent of you that he had grown so accustomed to and tried to calm his beating heart.

"Everything is going to be alright Taehyungie I promise” you shifted in his arms so that you were facing him and gave him a soft kiss, he responded timidly, something that you weren’t really used to when it came to kissing Taehyung, he was usually confident and passionate but now he was just soft and nervous. You pushed your mouth on him harder, nudging his mouth open with your tongue, he grew more confident, taking control of the kiss and putting his hands in your hair, tugging softly making you moan into his mouth. You pushed him over and straddled him, keeping your mouths connected. He started running his hands over your body, as if trying to commit it to memory, kissing you desperately. He was trying to quiet the thoughts that he kept having of you abandoning him but they just wouldn’t leave. He felt tears spring out of his eyes at the though of you not being in his life and you tasted the saltiness of his tears.

“Please don’t leave me y/n, I love you so much and I don’t know what I’d do without you.“ 

"Oh Tae, I would never leave you, I love you too much and I can’t imagine my life without you and guess what?" 


"I don’t have to because I’m not going anywhere and I’ll be damned if you go anywhere without me,” you kissed away the fresh tears on his face, deciding to yourself that you were going to have a talk with your parents tomorrow about their behavior toward him because this just wouldn’t do, you couldn’t have their actions destroy everything that you and Taehyung built just because they wanted to be unreasonably unlikable. You caressed his cheek softly until his breathing calmed down then turned so that you we back in your original spooning position. It only took a moment for your body to succumb to how tired it was from the eventful day as you fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning you woke up next to Taehyung with his arms wrapped loosely around you and you glanced at your clock. Good, your parents would be up so you could talk to them before Taehyung woke up. You gently removed yourself from Tae’s embrace so you didn’t wake him up, then walked from your old room to your dining room where your parents were sat eating bowls of cereal for breakfast.

"Good morning sweetie” said your mom looking up at you and smiling brightly.

“Good morning y/n” said your dad, looking up from the newspaper that he was reading.

“Good morning guys, I need to talk about something with you.” You said, grabbing a cup of coffee then sitting down at your dining room table to look at them. Their eyes shot up to look at you in mild confusion. “Alright look I know that you like to put all of my new dates through like a weird test thing to see if they are good enough for me and that’s all fine and dandy with all of the past people that I’ve dated but this is a lot different than my past dates by a long shot. Taehyung doesn’t speak fluent English and you guys don’t speak any Korean so all of the stuff that you would normally do is kinda freaking him out and he doesn’t know how to tell you guys that, I know that I may not have had much luck with choosing partners in the past but Tae is something special, I’ve been with him for a year and not once have I felt like I needed to change something about myself to make him feel more comfortable, not once has he made me feel like any less of a person, he’s such a good guy and I love him and I need you guys to trust that I’ve picked a keeper and stop with your mind games. Please?” You said, halfway pleading with your parents when you saw that their facial expressions looked like they were confused.

Taehyung had woken up shortly after you had left because he sensed that your presence was gone and he reached out in his sleep trying to reach you but he was only left with empty bed. His sleepy-irrational mind immediately panicked after last night with thoughts like ‘oh my god what if she’s left me and is never coming back?’ So he got out of bed and went to go find you. He could see that the bathroom that you had connected to your room was dark so he walked through the hallway to your dining room and stopped before entering when he heard you talking to your parents. He could see your face from his vantage point. He couldn’t really understand all of what you were saying but he made out that you were talking to them about him. He watched your face as you talked about him and it shocked him and warmed his heart when he realized that the same light that was in your eyes when you talked to Taehyung about your family was in your eyes when you talked to your family about Taehyung. He decided to go back to your room quietly so that he didn’t interrupt your conversation but the one thing that he definitely understood from your conversation was that you loved him.

“Alright honey,” your mom said with a sigh, “I’m sorry that we were so rough with him last night but you know that we only do that because we love you and we want your heart to be safe.”

“I know mom and I thank you for that, you guys have saved me countless times from shitty dates but he is nothing like them and I just want to be able to have a good time with the three most important people in my life,” you said looking down and fidgeting with your hands.

“We trust you y/n, I’ll try to stop being so cold to him but that doesn’t mean that I like him, he’s gotta earn that himself,” your dad said after being quiet for some time.

“Thank you so much guys,” you said getting up from your seat “ now, I’m going to make me and Tae a bowl of cereal and we’ll be out after we talk a bit okay?”

“That’s fine but don’t spill anything on your bed or I’ll have your ass,” your mom said, watching you make two bowls of cereal.

“Behave!” your dad said, watching you walk out of your dining room with your breakfast.

“I will!” you shouted back, chuckling softly at your parents and your playful banter. You walked back into your bedroom and was surprised to see Taehyung already awake and sitting up on your bed looking soft and sleepy.

“Hey babe, I got breakfast,” you said setting down the bowls on your side table and leaning down in front of him so your faces were about 2 inches apart and planted a chaste kiss on his mouth then standing back up. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, I love you,” he said, his voice sounding gravelly while intertwining his fingers with yours and pulling you back down on top of him so you both were laying down on your bed, Taehyung flat on his back and you directly on top of him. He lifted his head so that his mouth would meet yours in a stronger kiss, opening his mouth, you tasted like coffee and he loved it and you. Your room was lit by the sun coming in through your curtains and Taehyung resembled what was probably the closest thing to an angel that you’d ever see.

“God, I am so in love with you,” you said leaning your head down and kissing your way from his collarbone up to his jawline. He looked so good like this, skin glowing from sleep, his big eyes a little puffy, hair sticking up every which way, smiling like a dork at you. You were both wondering how you got so lucky to have each other.

Taehyung was in a state of bliss, he had you all to himself and with his work he usually didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you in the mornings the days that he spent the night at your place and not at the dorm. He started thinking that he could really get used to you being there for him every morning and every evening. He closed his eyes and relished in the warmth of your body heat together and the feeling of you pressing feather light kisses all over his face. It was then that he decided that he needed to make sure that you would always be there with him through everything. He also knew that it was still relatively early in your relationship so he was going to wait a bit to spring any proposal on you but just the thought of you two being legally bonded to each other for the whole world to see made him feel giddy, like a whole swarm of bees was trapped inside his chest. He opened his eyes quickly locked them with yours and flipped you over quickly so that he was lying on top of you. He then captured your lips in a strong and passionate kiss, you were a little startled by his sudden burst of energy but it didn’t stop you from kissing him back with just as much force and excitement. His hands found the back of your head and tangled into your hair, tugging lightly, you’re hands lightly scratched over his back in response to his ministrations. You tried to pull away from the kiss but he kept you there by biting your bottom lip softly, causing you to let out the softest moan in surprise. He started to grind his lower half on you, making you feel his hardness as he started to kiss away from your mouth lower until he was kissing down your neck, biting just a little. You really liked where this was going but you knew that your parents we probably waiting for you two to come out of your bedroom.

As if on cue you heard your moms voice ring through the hallway into your room, “Hey y/n, me and your father are going to go do a little grocery shopping, do you need or Taehyung need anything?”

You rolled Tae off of you in alarm and went to your bedroom door after fluffing down your hair and picking up the cereal bowl to make it look like that’s all you had been doing, “No I think we’re good but thank you mom!”

“Okay then you two have a good time, we have some new movies that you two can watch while we’re out!” You’re mom said, turning around and walking toward your front door and your father.

“I love you!” you called after her.

“I love you too!” you heard them call back after hearing the front door open and shut. You felt relieved that they were gone because Taehyung had stood up and was already slinking his hands around your hips from behind and pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses on the back of your neck.

“Baby, have I ever told you how beautiful you are? How happy you make me? How glad I am that you’re mine and I’m yours?” Taehyung said huskily, running his lips over your earlobe making you shiver. “I love you so much” he said pulling off your sleep shirt to reveal your bare chest, getting on his knees and kissing down the skin of your back, breathing in the familiar taste and scent of your skin, turning you around so that your front was facing him as he started to kiss from your naval down. He reached up and caressed your breasts, brushing over your hardened nipples. You felt lightheaded because of all of the feelings that he was causing and you knew that your panties we now soaked. One of his favorite things was eating you out and sometimes he wouldn’t stop when he got started until you had cum at least three times. He pulled back a little so he could drink in the view of you half-naked and blushing with a distinct wet spot on your panties. “Already this wet for me baby?” he said cockily stroking a finger over your panty-clad core, driving you crazy.

“Tae, please-” you said, knowing full well that you sounded needy and desperate, feeling an overwhelming satisfaction when Taehyung pushed you down onto your bed, your bottom half hanging off the mattress, while he pulled down your panties in one swift motion and latched his mouth in between your legs, devouring you ravenously. His sinful tongue found you clit, pressing down hard and moving in in a figure right motion causing you to practically scream into your pillows.

“Oh no y/n, I wanna hear you scream,” he said pausing what he was doing to your core to reach up and move the pillow away from you so you couldn’t muffle the sounds he was causing you to make, then he went back down to his place with his face in between your thighs. “Fuck you smell so good,” he said as he placed light kisses on your thighs while he easily pushed one finger into your core, stroking upward until he hit your g-spot while you breathlessly moaned his name, while he added a second finger he latched his mouth on your clit, making you buck into his face while emitting a half-choked sob at all the pleasure he was giving you. You were reaching your peak and you knew he could tell, your walls had started to clench around his fingers and you’re back was arching just how he liked and it was how he knew that you were seconds away from climaxing. “Go
on babe come on my face and hands, let yourself go,” Taehyung said before latching back onto your clit listening to your whimpers as you orgasmed all over him, feeling like electricity was surging through you as he stroked your g-spot through your climax making you feel breathless with overstimulation. You rode out your high with his fingers inside you until it got too much so you had to push him off of you. “You know I could literally never get tired of that,” Taehyung said, pushing himself onto the bed, catching his breath while you calmed down.

“Don’t think I’m done with you mister,” you said reaching down so you could clutch his hard-on through his sleep shorts, he hissed at the contact because he had been hard so long it hurt. You pulled off his shirt, and ran your hand over his chest. He had been meaning to start working out because he felt that he was getting chubby but every time he would talk like that you would combat his negative intrusive thoughts with your true feelings and you honestly lived for that thin layer of flab that was on his lower stomach because it made you feel better if you were feeling less than perfect because Taehyung was the most perfect person you had ever met and even he feels self-conscience of his body sometimes. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” you said pulling your upper body up and moving so that you were straddling him over his bulge. You looked down at him as you moved your bare core over his shorts and were met with needy eyes looking up at you, soundlessly begging you to remove his shorts and relieve his pressure. You obliged, pulling down his shorts and boxers in one go, watching his beautiful cock spring free and slap his lower stomach. You were still a little overstimulated so you slid down so that you were in the position he was in minutes before and took his cock into your mouth, you could taste his salty precum as you hollowed out your mouth and sucked him hard before letting him go and licking the bottom vein of his cock from the base to the tip, after repeating this a few times his cock was glistening with precum and your spit.

“Please baby, sit on my cock,” Taehyung groaned, head thrown back, eyes closed from pleasure. You slinked back up his body and lifted yourself so your dripping core was directly over his throbbing member, you sat down slowly, giving yourself time to adjust to his size and taking some deep breaths before you started pumping him in and out of you slowly. (You didn’t worry about a condom because you were on birth control and you had both been tested for STDs and had come back negative, stay safe kids) You gained speed as you bounced up and down on him but you could feel your stomach muscles burning and you knew that you had to switch positions.

“Tae, fuck me,” you said, he got the message and flipped you both around so that he was on top, pushing into you at a faster pace, making your head spin. He was above you, grunting softly with every thrust into you while you were basically screaming with pleasure.

“Your cunt is so hot and tight, always sucking me in,” he growled into your ear, making you clench at his dirty words. You were reaching your high at a faster pace because you had already orgasmed and you knew that you weren’t going to last long.

“I’m close-” you shrieked, he started thrusting harder into you.

“Me too baby, want you to come all over my cock,” he groaned, reaching in between your bodies, finding your clit and rubbing furiously, causing you to tip over the edge then and there, coming on him as he pushed into you about a half a dozen more times before he was met with his release as well. You felt his hot seed fill you up as he twitched inside you, breathing heavily as both of you were spent and covered in sweat. He pulled out of you and laid beside you catching his breath and wrapping his arms around you even though your skin was sticking to each other’s because of the heat and sweat. After letting your heartbeats return to normal you decided to speak again.

“We need to air this room out and take a shower before my parents get back,” you said sitting up in mild alarm,with his arms wrapped around your middle. He sat up behind you and placing delicate kisses up your spine.

“Do we have too??” Tae whined playfully before unsticking himself from you and sauntering toward your bathroom. You got up after him and only after propping open your door and turning on your fan did you follow him into the bathroom. He was standing in your cool shower when you hopped in to join him.

“So I talked to my parents about the way that they treated you yesterday and they agreed to drop the act,” you said reaching up and stroking his temple, feeling the cool water cascade over your back. “They really do mean the best, they just have a funny way of showing it sometimes,”

“Well that’s good, I hope that we can grow close because I really want to be their ideal son-in-law,” he said with a smirk. “As long as you’re happy I’m going to try my best to win their favor.”

You smiled at the mention of him becoming your parents son-in-law because it told you that he was really serious about your relationship. You knew that it wouldn’t be okay for him to just move in with you until you were married because of Korean societal standards, heck even him spending the night was frowned upon and you knew that your only chance to get to live the peaceful life that you wanted with Taehyung you would have to wait as long as it took for him to be allowed to take your relationship to the next level. You wouldn’t let him even think about going against any of Bighit’s wishes when it came to him dating you. They knew about it but had specifically forbidden you going public in any way because they didn’t want any scandals. They would help transport you and Taehyung on your dates and to the airports in secrecy because of how on the down low they wanted to keep you two. Getting married isn’t really something that’s easy to hide so you knew that you had to wait until it was okay for anything past playful mentions of your life together in the future. 

You showered in peace together, helping each other soap each other down and washing each other’s hair, taking turns with your backs in the stream of water, sharing soft kisses and touches of admiration. Once you were finished you opened the shower door and padded over to the small cabinet that held your towels, being careful you didn’t slip on the floor, wet from your feet. You picked up two towels and threw one to Taehyung, You patted down your body and hair and once you were mostly dry you threw the towel on your tile floor to dry the small puddles you had left. You then took Taehyung’s damp towel to wrap around your body, walking out of your bathroom to find your clothes in your luggage, picking out one of your comfy bras, some panties, and a loose fitting shirt dress that you could lounge around the house in while Taehyung just put on a regular t-shirt and some sweatpants.

Your only plans for the day were to relax and spend some time with your parents and Taehyung. You noticed the two bowls of soggy cereal on your nightstand, blushing a little when you thought back to why they had been neglected you scrunched up your nose at the mushy glob and quickly picked them up and walked them back into the kitchen, dumping out the goop in the trash can, rinsing out the bowls and pouring new bowls of cereal. You gave one to Taehyung who had followed you into your kitchen after seeing the febreze in your room and spraying a generous amount to completely erase the evidence of your escapades earlier. You led him to your living room where you plopped down on the couch with him and turned on some tv. This was the most relaxed morning that you could remember having with Taehyung ever and you were filled with content when you finished your cereal you put the bowl on the coffee table and cuddled into Taehyungs side while watching the tv.

You stayed like that for about an hour, occasionally breaking the peaceful silence with comments about the show and giggles, before you’re parents returned home, you heard the car pull in the driveway and Taehyung immediately paused the show, jumped off the couch and put on some shoes before rushing out the door to help carry in the groceries. You lingered behind, watching him interact with you’re parents. You were pleased to find your mom cheerfully accepting his offer to help and your father looking silently pleased at how respectful and polite he was. As they brought in the bags you started putting the groceries where they belonged, slightly startled when you saw that they had rearranged where stuff was in your absence and you didn’t really know what you were doing.

“Mom! Where do you put the extra cereal now?” you asked, looking through all of your cabinets not finding the stash of full cereal boxes that was usually in the pantry.

“Oh honey we moved that to the cabinet above the refrigerator,” she said pointing to the one cabinet that you had always had trouble reaching.

“Taehyung? Could you give me a little boost?” you called him over from putting the bread in the bread box after your mom directed him to its proper place.

“Alright I can do that!” he cheerfully replied, running over to you and wrapping his arms around your middle, lifting you off of the ground the extra 3 inches that you needed to put the cereal in its place. He put you down and you turned around quickly to give him a quick peck on the cheek in thanks, watching his face redden a bit in embarrassment at your show of affection in front of your parents. You heard your mom chuckle happily from her vantage point, watching the whole exchange.

“You two are just something out of a fairytale!” your mom squealed

“Reminds me of when we were younger,” your dad said, moving behind your mom to give her a sweet back hug, looking more wistful. You smirked and intertwined your fingers with your boyfriend’s for a second, catching his eye with an I told you so, they don’t hate you look before finishing your chore of putting the groceries away.

You wracked your mind for something to get your dad and Tae to hang out together and your mind went blank until you remembered what your dad had been working on for years in the garage and Taehyung’s fascination with cars and driving. You made a quick plan to get your dad talking to him about cars then to exit quickly and let them bond and hoped that it worked. You knew that your dad would like Taehyung he just needed a chance to get to know him.

“Hey dad, how’s the Mustang doing? You know Taehyungie really likes cars, you should show it to him,” you said, smirking when they both perked up at the mention of cars.

“Well I just put in a brand new transmission and now it’s running like a dream!” Your dad said excitedly, leading you and Tae out to the garage, leaving your mom inside the house after shooting her a quick wink to inform her of your plan.

Your dad took the dust cover off of the car that he’d had since he was a teenager and had continued to improve it and fix it up until it was at its perfect state now. Taehyung looked at the car with huge eyes completely astonished at how cool it looked.

“Whoa! I’ve never seen a car like this in person before, will you tell him that I think it’s cool?” Taehyung said to you, his jaw dropped to the floor as you translated for him. Your dad chuckled at his response, clearly happy that someone acknowledged his car that he was so proud of.

“Ask him if he wants to go on a ride with me,” you dad said looking amused.

“I’ll only do that if you promise to be safe and don’t tell him anything embarrassing about me,” you said, playfully sticking your tongue out at him, happy that your plan had worked.

“I don’t know what you mean, I would NEVER,” your dad replied sarcastically while you translated. 

“Can I?!” Taehyung exclaimed, looking between you, your father, and his car.

“That’s what he said,” you said shrugging and smiling at your boyfriend’s cute reaction.

“I’m gonna take that as a yes,” your dad said, getting into the front seat of his muscle car and turning on the roaring engine.

“Go have fun! And be safe!” you told Taehyung after urging him into the passenger seat of your dads car baby.

“Alright, I have my phone so if anything happens I’ll call,” he said then gave you a quick peck on the lips before closing the car door and watching you back closer toward the door while your dad took off out the driveway quickly. You then smiled softly to yourself, happy that they were spending time together. You walked inside and decided to hang out with your mom and eat snacks, talk about her work and your studies, basically catch up on everything that you could possibly forgot to tell each other during your weekly phone calls home.

Taehyung was feeling nervous once your dad pulled out of the driveway, leaving you at your house so it was just him and your intimidating father. He glanced at your dad, he seemed like he had softened up since last night but he could tell that he was still protective of you. He tried to let his worries slip away as he listened to the quiet radio as your dad sped down the abandoned high way. You lived outside a small town of less than 10,000 people and pretty much all the roads around your house were barren of any cops or people. Taehyung let himself feel the excitement of riding in your dad’s car, rolling down the window a bit to clear the car of the stagnant air and to enjoy the feeling of the wind in his face. Your dad followed suit, rolling down the window all the way and leisurely sticking his arm out the window.

“I used to be a drag racer,” your dad said to Taehyung, “this is the car that I would race in.”

“Racer? Ahh, that’s cool,” Taehyung responded in his best English, he had been studying a bit more when he started dating you because he wanted you to feel as comfortable speaking your first language around him as he was around you. The atmosphere seemed less tense as your sad continued driving.

Your dad felt a bit guilty for not listening to you when you would try to get him to learn a bit of Korean because he could see how hard Taehyung was trying to talk to him comfortably and he wished that he could show him that same respect. Your dad wanted to make up for his actions the day before so he decided to take Taehyung to his favorite fishing spot because he had his poles and tackle box in the trunk for this very occasion. He turned off the highway onto the dirt road that led to the fishing spot. He turned off the car and got out the back to open the trunk and reveal what he wanted to do.

“Do you want go fishing?” your dad asked, holding up the poles and tackle box to show Taehyung.

“Sure!” Taehyung exclaimed, fishing was easy and it didn’t require much communication so it was perfect for spending some time with your dad. Your dad led him down the dock after handing him his spare fishing pole, opened the tackle box to get the bait to hook on and cast out. It was a peaceful silence as he followed your dad’s instructions and cast his lure into the lake that they were at. They sat next to each other watching their lines for any signs of a fish but the fish weren’t biting. It was silent until your dad broke the silence.

“Thank you,” he said looking at Taehyung and smiling. “this is the happiest I’ve seen my girl in a while and it’s because of you.”

“Your daughter makes me more happy than I think I’ve been ever,” Taehyung said smiling at your dad, feeling pride well up in his chest at your father’s unexpected praise. He got his phone out to pull up his translating app because he really wanted to understand what he was saying to him.

“You better keep treating her good and keep her safe for us, we aren’t over on your side of the world and we can’t be there in 20 minutes if she’s in trouble so we have to be able to trust you and to be honest you seem like a very good guy and I’m glad that she’s got you,” your dad said into the app, watching fascinated as it translated it into Korean for Taehyung.

Taehyung typed out his response into the phone, feeling extremely happy at your fathers words. “I’m proud to be that man for her, and I am ready to be there for her as fast as possible, I just want her to be happy and safe as well,” the app relayed what he wanted to say to your father and your dad just happily shook his hand and decided to pack up the fishing gear since the lake was quiet that day anyway and to get back home.

There was now a mutual respect between the both of them and your father was starting to really like Taehyung. Some of your previous boyfriends had been cocky or just generally disrespectful and you didn’t stand for that so they didn’t really last and your father was glad that you had found a kind, humble, and respectful young man to share your life with. He still had a lot to learn about Taehyung but he was confident in your choice of a significant other. They drove back home and when they walked through the door they were met with the sound of you and your mother catching up with each other.

You beamed up at Taehyung and your father, slightly anxious as to how the drive went, hoping that they had bonded together even a little bit and were overjoyed when you saw that your dad looked cheerful and Taehyung didn’t look nervous. You jumped off of your place on the couch and greeted your boyfriend with a short hug.

“How did it go?” you asked, intertwining your fingers with Taehyung’s happily.


“Good,” him and your dad said at almost the same time, you chuckled a little, feeling a lot more at ease with Taehyung’s emotional state and your family’s attitude with Taehyung and confident that the rest of the trip would go well.


The trip was going well, until your parents brought out the hundreds of embarrassing baby pictures they had of you.

“GUYS NO I THOUGHT WE AGREED ON NOT EMBARRASSING ME!” you yelled, climbing on top of Taehyung to try to wrestle the old photo book from your dad’s hands.

“Y/f/n y/l/n I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU BREAK THAT BOOK YOUR GROUNDED FOREVER!” your mom yelled, watching from afar as Taehyung laughed hysterically from under you, struggling to get a glimpse of the awful photos your parents had of you eating dirt and such.

You Make Me Feel Okay

A/N: So here’s another piece of writing from me! I don’t know if I’m going to full on become a writing blog yet, but I really enjoy this. This fic has some mentions of PTSD so trigger warning. Some background, this is set after Reid is out of prison and Y/N is his SO. Again, I’ve only just started, so please be gentle and do offer me feedback! :) 

Originally posted by caliciaporter

Three weeks had passed since Spencer got out of jail. In some fantasy world he could go back to work, forget the whole ordeal, and return back to normalcy. None of that happened. He was suspended from work for his unauthorized trips across the border. Even though it wasn’t what Emily wanted, she had to follow policy. Spencer understood, after all his behavior was way out of line. That wasn’t what killed him though. What killed him was the fear. 

The fear of the outside world. For months, the only world he knew was filled with the sick people he studied. There was truly a difference between getting inside their heads, and being among them. They were all wretched, even the ones he thought were his friends.

The feeling of constant alertness didn’t fade away for Spencer as he hoped. In fact, it only intensified more. Whenever someone on the subway would brush up against him, he’d flinch, as his memories flashed back to all those beatings he received from other prisoners. Even something as slight as a tap on the shoulder sent him into panic. So he figured, what was the point of going out if he wasn’t working anyway? 

He could instead stay safe in his house, away from the outside world. Of course, Spencer had left all the doors wide open. Any closed doors made him feel trapped. As he lay in bed, he thought back to the last time a door closed on him. It was in Y/N’s and his car.

“Y/N, it won’t open!” he yelled aggressively pulling the handle as tears formed in his eyes.

“Spencer, hey, hey, calm down!” she stood in front of his window, and showed him the keys as she unlocked the door.

All that happened was Y/N accidentally pressed the button on the keys before Spencer got out, but it scared him nonetheless. She opened the door for him but he remained in the seat, quivering. Y/N didn’t force him to get out though, instead she leaned in hugging him tight.

“I’m so sorry,” she’d said over and over as she wiped away his tears. 

That was probably the most intense of the anxiety attacks he’d had over the three weeks. Luckily, Y/N wasn’t there to see all of them. Spencer didn’t want her to deal with all of that. He’d already placed enough stress on her; now making her do the groceries and any other mundane tasks. Even though Y/N was an angel, saying she didn’t mind, he still felt bad. He felt like he didn’t deserve her. God, he felt like such burden. He buried his head into the pillow and cried. He cried so hard until he couldn’t think anymore and fell asleep.

                       *                              *                                         *                  

After a few hours, Spencer awoke from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes as he looked at the clock. 7 PM, which meant he had napped for almost a full six hours. It also meant Y/N was home from work. He heard the slight sound of footsteps, followed by someone entering his room.

 “Hey there,” Y/N said softly.

“Hi,” he forced a smile.

“How’ve you been,” she asked.

“Fine,” he lied.

She sighed and shook her head, “No you aren’t.”

“I swear I am.”

“Then what have you done all day?” she crossed her arms.

“Nothing,” he sighed.

 Y/N took note that he was upset, and crawled into the bed with him. With that he broke down.

 “Y/N, I’m so so sorry. You don’t deserve this,” he cried, burying his head into her shoulder.

 “Spencer, don’t please. I know you’re trying your best, and that’s all that matters to me,” she murmured.

 “I’m just - I’m so scared. I can’t even go out. How am I gonna get through this,” he was now struggling to get his words out in between sobs.

 “How are you going to get through this? You are Spencer Freakin’ Reid, you are the strongest man I know,” she answered. “You are my hero. You are my everything. I have no doubt in my mind you can fight this.”

 “You really think that?” he mumbled.

Y/N wrapped her arms around Spencer’s neck and kissed him softly on the lips, and answered,“Of course.”

 He leaned his forehead into hers. “I love you so much Y/N, you know that?”

“Yes, and I love you too,” she smiled.

 Spencer still had a long ways to recover, but with Y/N by his side he felt much more okay. Safe.

 He felt safe.

blacklightco  asked:

I'm worried I'm not cut out for being a vet... My grades are pretty great and I'm in an honors program, but I'm worried I won't be able to remember all the things I need to for vet school or that I'll mess up surgeries. I really want to be a vet though... Did you ever worry you couldn't do it?

Only every single day of my life until I actually had the degree in my hand. Unfortunately veterinary school is all about cramming and purging. You learn as much as you can for a test and then a good deal of the info is forgotten because it just isn’t important.

I remember absolutely nothing about large animal medicine, but that’s because I don’t do it. You will remember everything you need for your specific veterinary niche. Other things that you don’t need often like drug dosages, unusual medical procedures, etc. can be looked up and it isn’t a big deal.

I hate to break it to you, but you will mess up surgeries. Everyone does. I have been very lucky that my mess ups were fixable, sometimes that isn’t the case. I don’t care how long you are a vet, you will make mistakes. It sucks and it is awful but that’s part of being human. Anybody who tells you they have never made a mistake at their job is lying to you. 

Also, remember that vet school is there because, well, you need to go to school to learn to be a vet. Looking ahead is hard to  sometimes because you don’t have the basic tools to even comprehend what it is you don’t know yet. Concentrate on your grades but also on doing fun things and living an interesting life and you’ll be fine.

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What do you think Yuu's response would be if Mika tried to leave the squad? Say in a scenario where Mika felt like he was a burden or causing too much friction/tension because of his distrust of the squad or Guren. Or he felt like Yuu cared more about Guren than him and decided he was better off leaving. How do you think Yuu would respond?

I believe Yuu would understand what Mika’s trying to do and he’d try to stop him, but perhaps he would tell him something like “I can’t force you to stay but I want you to” bc he’s his family and, you know, the rest.
If Mika mentions something about feeling like he is a burden or that he doesn’t belong there Yuu would start another one of his long and cheesy speeches about love and family until he convinces Mika to stay, though there is a chance he might let him leave if he feels like Mika really doesn’t want to /be/ there, but not without letting him know that he means the world to him, etc.

ID #51969

Name: Kesheena
Age: 17
Country: Australia

I feel like this is my profile for tinder, I have no idea what I’d put in the description. How about “ya like jazz?”. Well if ya like jazz and want to be my pen pal date swipe right. Or is it left?

So maybe it shouldn’t have been “Ya like jazz?”, what if you don’t like jazz or haven’t seen bee movie memes or the bee movie (you really should watch it) and dismiss this profile and you’re a really cool person. Total wasted opportunity right? Not a great way to get to know me either. How about this instead, “Hi! My name’s Kesheena, all I want to do in life is make films and make my friends happy and I used to want to be in cirque du soleil when I was younger. Who doesn’t though? This is actually really exciting and I can’t wait to have a little pen pal. If you like comic books, marvel/dc movies hit me up. Actually if you like literally anything hit me up. Did I mention I’m a girl?” Anyway I think I’ve typed too much and you’ve probably stopped reading by now but if you’re still reading this then I think it’s a sign that you and me should definitely start talking.

Preferences: 17 or over? I don’t mind tbh

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I'm a little shy to ask 😂 but can I have some nsfw Ieyasu-MC? First time bedding MC Ieyasu is shy but he needs to keep the aparences so he try to act cool about it =but the truth is that hes still a Virgin= so even if he try to keep it like he don't want it in the beginning, he is in fact pretty sweet when MC make him feel confident cause she loves him and he is madly in love with MC(he don't want to accept it loud but he knows that he would die to protect her) Ieyasu shows his love with kisses

You know what… I really intended for this to be NSFW, but it ended up… not. There’s lots of kissing, though. Sorry?? 

also there’s absolutely nothing shameful about being a virgin but you should at least give your partner a heads up before doing the do please and thank you

a moment like this

Summary: There are some things Ieyasu doesn’t want to share with her. The fact that he’s (also) a virgin is only one of them.
[SFW, fluff, 578 words, warnings for Ieyasu being overly conscious of his virginity/inexperience and lots of kissing, title from Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This because I am convinced that song is about losing your virginity.]

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So, Marlene HAS known who AD was all along.

“King: We knew the original A would be Mona. I was bombarded with tweets that said, “You can do anything you want but don’t change who A is.” I never forgot that. I really believed the original A had to be Mona — but we had to do that in a way that still surprises the fans of the books. I knew who our show’s A would be at the end — who we haven’t revealed yet — but I didn’t know we’d have Little A in between that.”

This comes from an interview with cosmopolitan from April, so just a couple months ago.

So even though she expressed in the entertainment weekly interview with Sasha that you can’t go back and find clues in the early seasons, she obviously still knew who it would ultimately end up being.

My guess is that this person honestly didn’t steal the game until Charlotte died, like marlene has been claiming. But, that this persons history goes back to the beginning of the story, and their motive will go back this far in time.

That way, it would make sense that she’s known who it would be, but without any clues before this person stole the game.

URL to interview:

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hi Mister, my daddy and i don't have a perfect relationship but knowing i have him helps me a lot. something that i'd really like to change though is that when i tell him something like "i'm really sick today" or "i'm really anxious" he usually responds with "i'm sorry" and waits until i seem happy again to keep interacting with me. what can i do to show him that i want his help in those times and i'm not just telling him to go away ? thank you for the help!

Communication 101

Tell him what you need him to do.

If he doesn’t act upon your cues, or doesn’t take action when you need him the most it’s probably a sign of being immature or green as a daddy.

Give him some help by communicating your needs.

“Sometimes I have anxiety attacks and when that happens…”

We all get our comfort in different ways. He may be interpreting your needs the wrong way or just scared of doing the wrong thing.

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Milla having something with Otabek seems very unlikely to me honestly, mostly because he probably doesn't even know her, and also the fact there never was any kind of hint in any way pointing to it, unlike Otayuri has, and i really don't think the creators would simply throw that happening out of nowhere and there is also the fact that it would displease almost all of the fandom (which i surely think they don't want happening). I think her crush on him will would make Yuri more clingy to Otabek.

I agree with most you say, yeah! :)
What I do want to point out though, is that the creators don’t really owe us anything. We might be displeased about an idea, but ultimately it’s their story to tell. From what I see they have carefully crafted a meaningful connection between Otabek and Yuri and that points to them further exploring that in upcoming material. But they don’t have to make decisions based on what the fandom thinks. Sure, they wouldn’t want to estrange a big chunk of the fandom. Plus the creators have had a knack for making a story the fanbased hoped to see, even too good to be true in some aspects.
We Otayuri fans don’t need to worry and will get to see Otabek and Yuri interacting meaningfully. Just don’t forget it’s not our story to tell.


Linda Swan

Soooo my little sister was staying with me a couple of weeks ago, and now she’s moving in (OMG!) She likes playing sims as well, but it not really into uploading pics and stuff. I asked if I could try and recreate her, and she was like: sure! Do it!

So here she is, say hello to Lind Swan, Anita-sim’s younger sister! Tbh, I was having a little difficulties with her jaw and overall expression. But the first picture looks like her so much when seeing her from the side IRL. I’m not putting up a picture of her though ^^” Sorry, but that’s private life, and I respect that.

Linda has moved into an apartment in the same building as Anita and Ella with her hubby! 

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Nah I think those monster tom designs are rad but I wanted to try something more unique and less human. I really love designing monsters though, it’s one of my favorite things to do. :))

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hi flowerais i know that anything can be achieved if you work hard enough and if you keep at what you are doing even through difficult times...but it is so hard to want to do so? i sometimes wish i could sleep forever and stopping daydreaming to do work is so very hard. i cannot get motivation or discipline to do the things that will make me succesful and happy even though a part of me really really wants to work hard and become great but i still cant make myself do those things. advice please?

hello! honestly I feel the same! :( some advice:

🌸 it’s nice to daydream! but you can choose times to daydream which won’t interfere with “priorities” like studying.

🌸 there are 2 kinds of happy. first is immediate gratification, when you procrastinate/spend all day doing nothing. this one’s easy to get, but this never lasts and you end up feeling worse than before. the second is a more powerful and lasting happiness - when you’re content with your life from working hard everyday and you have everything you worked for. this will make you so much happier overall. which one do you want? if you choose the second one, you’ll need to sacrifice the first one. it’s by no means easy but it’s possible.

 🌸 I don’t think you should rely on motivation to do things. to be honest, not many people are actually motivated to work hard. they do it anyway. they force themselves to get out of bed early despite wanting to sleep in. they force themselves to study despite wanting to go on youtube or do nothing. they force themselves to exercise despite hating it. they force themselves to write to-do lists and then do every task. they force themselves to continue despite wanting to give up and sleep forever.

🌸 if you keep forcing yourself to do things that will give you success, it wiil become easier!! because it will become a habit. and you’ll feel happier and be more confident in yourself the more you do them. so the key is to force yourself to do things that are good for you!! it’s not easy but you can do it!! the difference between you and happier/more successful people is time. if you force yourself to do things for a long time, you will definitely become more happy and successful overall.

I hope this helps! Good luck 🌷💕

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I've had a boy threaten to commit suicide when I was trying to "leave" him (even though we weren't in a relationship, and were just on a mutual understanding that we liked each other.) It felt really manipulative and abusive but I can't exactly pinpoint or explain how this was wrong. Can any of you explain this to me?

He is making you responsible for him, his actions and his well being, but you are not. It is very manipulative. He is playing off of your kindness and socialization. It is basically a guilt trip in an effort to control your actions. He wants you to do what he wants to do and he will make threats to get there

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hi this is minty i cant handle the harassment anymore im not racist im not a pedophile but you guys can think what you want i am ending it tonight if my parents watch this im so sorry i really am i love you guys im sorry to do this to you and to my brother youre like my best friend im sorry i love you i cant do this anymore though cant live with myself anymore its too much mental illness too much harassment and theyre never gonna leave me alone im sorry


Tomorrow night sometime I’m gonna delete the tumblr app, not my actual blog, just the app for a bit. My reason for this is that I’m really going to do my best to quit doing dope. It’s going to be so fucking hard but, after 4 long ass years, it’s time. This is not the person I want to be. This is not the life I want to live. I’ve done so many things that are completely out of my character, I’ve lost so much, can’t say that I’ve gained much of anything though. I really don’t have faith that I will actually be able to do this but I’ve got to at least try. If you want to keep in touch, message me for whatever. Cross your fingers for me. 💋

Kik/snap- moamphetamine

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Do you think Demelza really thought, when Elizabeth was a widow, that Ross would have left her for Elizabeth, or at least wanted to?

I think…I think that Demelza was very, very aware that there were fewer barriers, after Francis’s death, to Elizabeth and Ross being together. But she has faith that, though Ross has always been at least a little in love with Elizabeth, the bonds of his marriage to Demelza will hold firm in the end. In the book, as in the show, Demelza has a conversation with Verity about faith in one’s husband - that she must trust that whatever happens in the weekly meetings between Ross and Elizabeth, that nothing is happening that would betray Demelza -  and to me, it shows that what Demelza thinks is that she’s very aware that Elizabeth is now in a position to reel Ross in if she chooses to, but that Demelza must hold firm to her belief that Ross will not cast aside their marriage.

Essentially, the idea that Ross might leave Demelza for Elizabeth is an idea so abhorrent to her, an idea so irreconcilable with her faith in Ross’s loyalties, that Demelza cannot consciously admit to it. It’s alluded to more in the show (in 2.08) than in the book, where she never speaks about the fear, nor alludes to it in any of her POV narrations.

Until that night, until Ross storms off to Trenwith, she has faith. In the book, what she feels afterwards, and the faith she’d had before, is beautifully expressed:

This morning there was in her a pain so deep that it derived from some part of her she had not known of before. She had never known such despair. Everything was in ruin and in ashes. Whatever consolation her brain turned to crumbled at the first touch. Nothing would ever be the same again, for she had lost faith.

Not long ago, talking to Verity, she had said that trusting one’s husband … If one did …

Well, now the faith was gone. Of course it was not so clean-cut as that really. She had lived with Ross too long not to know his faults, his weaknesses; if you thought of your husband as godlike and perfect, you were a fool and asking for disillusionment. But it was the principle of trust that mattered. All his life Ross had been in love or partly in love with Elizabeth. The discontent had been more active since Francis died; but all the same Demelza had known him in and out of love with herself, more in than out, and had felt that that intense sense of loyalties which was one of the faults and one of the virtues of his nature would preserve him to herself in the last resort.

Afterwards, of course, she is absolutely certain that he’ll leave her. After all, he’s already broken their marriage; why should he stay?

Somewhere within herself there was still a tiny thread of protest that perhaps this thing had not been; yet consciously she knew the truth. She had known it before he did, known what his purpose was before he rode away. And now? Why had he returned? Had he come to fetch his things and was he going to live at Trenwith with Elizabeth? Was the marriage between Elizabeth and George finally abandoned? Demelza was not a good hater, but she felt she could kill Elizabeth. Elizabeth had done her best to ill-wish the first years of their marriage. She had failed; but indirectly and innocently she was responsible for the death of Julia. That had been the first breach between Demelza and Ross. An estrangement, though barely perceptible, had grown from that day out of Ross’s grief, and Elizabeth had made the most of it. Now, since Francis’s death, she had had a free hand.

She’s so certain he’ll leave her that she doesn’t believe him when he says he didn’t go to Elizabeth, on his night away. Why should she believe him? Her faith in him, in their marriage, is so utterly shattered. The unthinkable has become reality.

If we’re going to have a 2nd wedding then I demand a 2nd proposal! maybe robert wants another go at getting it right so he’s the one doing it again - though I wouldn’t be opposed to aaron proposing this time.

Imagine him having to discretely steal aaron’s ring so he waits until he takes it off for a shower and like sneaks into their bathroom to get it, tiptoeing and crouching,. Then he lets aaron think he’s lost it for about a day (I do love a good cliché) until he gets down on one knee (soz ryan) and proposes.
I don’t really care how he does it as long as it’s typically robert aka ott and cheesy, I just want him to steal his ring when he’s in the shower 😁

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Thoughts on the Lupo Italiano?

interesting! im not savvy with wolfdogs so i had actually never heard of these. its always cool to hear about thoughtful wolfdog breeding though, since a knowledgeable and responsible person can control for a lot of negative typical wolfdog traits like their skittishness, which is cool. 

pretty dogs too, look like very athletic shepherds