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Dear Fellow Natives

I know this is a difficult holiday for pretty much all of us for one reason or another. But I want you to know, you are not less Native for enjoying spending time with your family on this holiday, even though you know it’s origin. You are not less Native for avoiding conflict with your white relatives today, and not engaging in debates about this holiday.

Your non Native friends are still not “Indianer,” than you for railing against this holiday more loudly than yourself. There is no right way or really safe way to exist as an Indigenous person in this country.

So do you, feel how you want, but mostly stay safe.

It’s really kind of funny how non-writers seem to think that being a writer makes writing a book easy

On the one hand, yeah. I did the thing. Yeah, this is what I love

But on the other hand Buddy You Didn’t See The Screaming

Giving Monsta X Head For the First Time.

I’ve never gotten a reaction request but I’m excited! I read these all the time and they’re so fun! So excuse me if it sucks bare with me pls and ty. Anyways anon enjoy!

Since this is NSFW related I’m gonna put a keep reading thing for ya’ll who really wanna see this lol

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Wanted (Cat Hybrid AU Woozi) pt3

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! I really like how you write and I totally fell in love with the Hybrid!Woozi AU ♥ Can you do a part 3, please? I mean, if you can’t or you don’t want to it’s totally okay, anyway… Thanks ♥

Could you do a hybrid woozi part 3 where he goes into heat (of course no smut) but a few weeks later finds out the reader is going to have a baby? Love your work!

Part 1 Part 2

Jihoon was adjusting well, his hair had been dyed, he slid into a more human look. Even though he still embraced his cat-like ways he loved being human with you. Heat was a wonderful thing to him, her could finally experience the joys of a sexual relationship. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, he loved to touch you. But he loved you, he knew he did as you always made him feel so warm and loved that he wanted to share that with you forever.

“Jihoon calm down” you giggled as his lips had left many marks on your neck “I need you. For like two more days” he groaned. You turned your head enough for him to latch his lips onto yours and with the next few minutes you found your paperwork all over the floor as he once more charmed his way into your pants.


“Like what do you do?” you asked Mingyu “Wonwoo rushes off during his heat. He’s like embarrassed to be around me or something” he says as you simply take a sip from your drink. “You let yours maul you it looks like” he teased as you tugged your scarf up “I mean you guys are a thing right? So I guess it could be worse” he then spoke. “It is worse” you tell him as he looked confused “he’s broken a few condoms in the past 3 heats” you inform “he’s rough?” he asked as he had a hard time seeing that “stop talking about it” Jihoon says as his cheeks warmed. He instantly curled into your side “I’m sorry” he whispered “its fine” you promised as you ran your hand through his hair. Mingyu smiled at the scene as he took a sip from his drink.

“I think it’s cute. He’s all fluffy and cute now that you let him be more human” you were told as you rubbed Jihoon’s hair more. You soonwere greeted by Wonwoo who calmly sat down on the couch beside Mingyu before throwing himself over him “good morning to you too” he says as he rubbed behind Wonwoo’s ear “what were you guys doing?” you asked Wonwoo who sighed “laying outside” he responds “it’s nice and sunny out” Mingyu informed as you nodded. “Well where do you run off to during your heat?” you asked Wonwoo as his cheeks warmed “I bet it’s the nice female hybrid who lives at the fish shop” Mingyu jokes “shut up” Wonwoo whines as his cheeks were bright red.


“Excuse me?” you asked the nurse “its not the flu honey” she spoke “your partner is" she starts as she looks at you “hybrid” you say shyly “you to” she says as it wasn’t uncommon. “Your child will most likely inherit all human characteristics” “I know” you say as she smiled “your next check up is in a month or so” she tells you as you nodded getting up. You opened the door as Jihoon stood up “are you alright?” he asked as you smiled at him. “I’m pregnant” you whispered as his eyes wilderness before he smiled largely. “we have a baby in there” he says as his hands instantly touched your stomach you grabbed his chin “thank you” he whispered as he kissed your cheek lightly. “We’ll have a wonderful family” he rambled kissing your lips. “We’ll have a great life” he coos rubbing your tummy.


The months went by calmly as you two welcomed not one but two bundles of joy. Twin boys Pyongmin and Jungmin. And as expected your sons had no feline characteristics which was okay to you and Jihoon. He seemed natural and completely happy to be a daddy to his babies.

He laid in bed one night while you were showering with the pair so happy “you guys look just like me” he whispered as his boys eyes were linked with the cat ears on his head “you won’t get it yet but your daddy is a strange thing. I’m half cat half human. Your mother took care of me for maybe 3 years before she took me in as her own. She gave me so much love and affection that I wanted to do the same. Even though she is a human and I’m only half, she loves me. She keeps giving me such a great life” he whispered as his hands lightly stroked their cheeks as both of their little hands grabbed fingers “daddy loves you guys” he kissed both of their foreheads before a hand ran along his back.

You laid on bed as Jihoon smiled. “So what’s next for us?” he asked as you picked up Pyongmin bringing him up and smiled bright up Jungmin. “I think we raise our little kittens” you coo to them. Jihoon laid on the bed bringing Jungmin to his chest before you did the same with Pyongmin. “I am very happy with our lives” Jihoon spoke “what kind of job can I get?” he asked you “why?” you asked him “I want to help take care of the boys. I mean I helped make them so I will help take care of them” he says as you smiled looking over at him “I can ask about the center” you tell him “I don’t want to work there” he said instantly “what about the market. I like it there” he says excitedly “the lady at the fish shop does say you’re her favorite costumer. Maybe we can get you a job there” you tell him as he smiled. “I will be the best dad I can for them” he tells you as you leaned over and kissed his lips. “Thank you for trying” you tell him as he nods happily. 

Ambrollins goes for furniture shopping and Roman is tagging along...

Seth [to Roman] : See, I told ya. My boy is serious in our purchase.

Dean : Daddy!

Seth : What is it puppy? What’s going on? You like it. You want it?

Dean : *bouncing* want want want

Seth : Alright! My baby’s gonna get what he want I am…WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING

Dean : WANT TO GET POUNDED OVER IT! That’s how we gonna test its sturdiness duh!

Seth : BABY, wait! Roman is still here!

Dean : *bends over regardless*

Seth : *burning red*

Roman : *amused af* Go on. Imma watch.

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Man It's really suspicious why Connor is a LI and Noah isn't. There is always one white male love interest and while Noah was just right there they went with Connor and didn't give him a nerve score. I'm really afraid that he will be killed by Redfield because he is the most affected by him and would be soo easy to trick do something stupid while pretending like Jane just like he did in very first episode as Dan.

Oh, yep, indeed!!

Ever since I found out he’s an LI even though he doesn’t have a Nerve bar I was very, very suspicious of him.
(Actually already when he first appeared and asked MC, who clearly didn’t know him, if they wanted him to take them to school. That’s how people get kidnapped. That was just so weird)

It might be possible that he dies, like you said.
Or maybe there’s another reason why he has no Nerve bar . Which might be worse.

And same about Noah. He’s a nice guy and would make for a good LI, especially since he isn’t a typical “bad boy” like Connor (he sort of is a “bad boy” trope, you’ve got to admit that) , but just looks like one and is really just an awkward dork with severe trauma from his sisters death.

Plus, Connor looks like Prince Charming from Shrek, which is why I just can’t get myself to trust him I’m sorry

Federation Force is actually decent

Coming off of the wonderful game that was Samus Returns, I’ve been so hyped up over Metroid that I’ve decided to finally start playing one of the only two games I haven’t played: Fed Force. And surprisingly enough, it’s actually really fun. It’s not amazing or anything, and it doesn’t fully live up to the metroid name (but it’s a spin off, that’s not really to be expected) but it does to some extent. There’s some level of exploration/item collecting (not much though tbh), and playing on your own, while pretty hard, definitely provides that feeling of isolation. It has a fair amount of replay value if you want to try it get all the medals, and doing levels in coop vs solo is a different enough experience. And if you can manage to find a group to play with, coop is actually incredibly fun (imo). Yeah the whole deal with Samus not being playable and whatnot is silly, but she is still in the game, and some of her appearances so far are pretty neat. Even though I have little idea what their correlation is gonna be exactly, playing this game is getting me really excited for Prime 4.

tl;dr Federation Force is much better than it gets credit for and it’s worth trying out

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is it a lot of effort to take suits in? i really just dont know how involved it is. you can answer in tags again, i know it can spur lots of comments, but he is swimming in these. i am surprised.

Yes, it is. Especially when they are custom Gucci. These suits are impeccably made, even though they’re now big on him. Not just anyone could take them in. Preferably you’d want the original sewer to do it. If not, someone extremely experienced. The logistics of doing it while he’s been on the road would be hard. It requires time from him that he probably doesn’t have. I think there’s a good chance they’ve done alterations on the non-flares because they look pretty good. Flares are very complicated. You can’t just ‘take them in’ like your grandma would. It has to keep the balance of the swing of the flare, or they would twist around his leg.

Anyone stomping around saying it would be ‘sooooo easy to fix’ is being ridiculous. You don’t just fuck around with custom Gucci.

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do you think there's a reason we've heard a ton of confirmations about lucifer being bi but we never actually see him being intimate with a guy, even though he constantly sleeps with different women? i'm really loving all the references to past relationships with men but i just wish we could actually see him with a guy, even if it's just casual

Believe me, there is nothing I would like better than a brief on-screen m/m hookup for Lucifer; it wouldn’t have to be much at all, and I understand why people want to see it as well as just hearing about it. I am obviously one of those people. But I am also willing to be patient because the writers seem to be working toward referencing it/embracing it much more and bringing it up multiple times in each episode. In s1, we saw him wake up with a guy and a girl and then the issue wasn’t really raised again; you could mostly assume he was heterosexual and that was just a one off. But starting in s2, they really leaned into it more, especially in 2x11 with there being men as one of the victims and seen among the exes, and Lucifer himself referring to it. Now in s3, it’s brought up many times in each episode, we’ve gotten more plot points in relation to it, we’ve seen Lucifer check out men and enjoy being checked out by them, learned more about his past in relation to male lovers (William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde), etc. I’m just saying, the writers could have thrown us that one tiny tidbit in s1 and then had that be the only canon reference to his bi/pansexuality ever, but instead they went in WHOLE HOG with the Devil being bisexual on a mainstream TV show. On frigging FOX. I mean, One Million Moms had enough of a problem with Lucifer being the protagonist, and they could easily have dialed back his non-heterosexuality as a result. But they didn’t; they embraced him as a queer character, full steam ahead. I appreciate that.

Obviously, representation of queer characters on TV is still a grab bag, and we get some things with some and not with others. I certainly don’t think, however, that the writers are totally unwilling to give us more, and are just stringing us along by telling but not showing. I think they realized that people liked Lucifer being queer, and thus gave us more of it. They are also very responsive on twitter and aware of how the fans receive certain things. If you tweet, say, Joe Henderson or Ildy Modrovich or the Lucifer writers account (POLITELY!!) and tell them that you love their references to Lucifer’s non-straightness, but would so much appreciate to see a male lover on screen even in passing, they could very well take that into account for future episodes. They have to know explicitly that we would like it and want to see it, and that we really appreciate everything they have given us so far – because again, it would have been easy to never bring it up again and never confirm it, but they talk about it often and are willing to do more with it. We just have to (again, politely!) let them know it’s something we really do want and would receive well, and see what happens.

I’m very attached to Lucifer as a bi character because 2x11 happened around the time I was having my own realizations/acknowledgement of being queer, and was pivotal in me putting things to words and so forth. So as ever, representation matters. I am forever happy with and eager for the fact that they continue to refer to it so consistently and give us backstory around it, and have moved to a pattern of doing that more, not less. I also think it gives depth to Lucifer’s character; it would be easy to have him just be a completely straight ladies’ man/sleazeball womanizer, but that they have continued to steadfastly depict this character as non-heterosexual (when, as noted, that character is the Devil and it’s a show on FOX….) is pretty cool to me. So yes, I think the thing to do is talk to the writers; they can’t read our minds and aren’t engaged to the hilt in fandom/Tumblr discourse, they don’t automatically just know. By all accounts, they are genuinely good people who really love their fans and are grateful for us watching and enjoying the show, so yes, I don’t think they’re cynically short-changing us. They just need to be made aware it’s something we really like. Let them know and thank them for giving us this complex, flawed, intriguing LGBT character, and let them know how much we want to see it too.

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So I've been following your tumblr for a while now, and I've seen everything you've had to say about the crossover. I should preface this by saying that I am white with no Jewish ancestry. So I suppose my place isn't the question, because this does not affect me directly. However: I do not understand how showing Nazis as villains is a bad thing. I am not questioning that it hurts people. I've seen that it clearly does. What I question is "Why?" I don't grasp why Nazi=villains is a bad thing.

I’m going to be bluntly honest here. I had to mentally dismiss about ten blithe responses to this that were on the order of that now-infamous tweet “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.” I know that’s not what you’re saying, but I struggled, when I read this, to grasp how you could say that you see the harm (hurt) it is causing and yet don’t see that it’s wrong. 

And how it could be true that you’ve actually read this post, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and some of the other stuff I’ve put in my tag for the crossover, and yet still be confused about this. And one of those posts, mind you, explicitly explains why it’s more than just “they made Nazis the villains of the crossover”.

And part of why I was tempted to answer blithely is because, given all that, I think it’s been explained time and again what the issue is here, and how it goes so far beyond the fact that them making Nazis the villains is the problem. The other part is because to re-explain it, to break it down to its elemental components? That takes time - hours from the time I started thinking about this to the time I’ll be done writing it - and energy - in terms of research and resources. I’m doing a lot of labour for you, emotionally and physically here. And part of me wants to shirk that labour, to put it on you to do it.

But… I can’t. Because I can answer your question, at least from my own perspective, and it is an important one to answer. Because before I understood just how much my own privilege impacted how I see the world and started to actively push back against it and expand my perception, I probably wouldn’t have fully understood either.

So I can’t explain this as eloquently or succinctly as some other people. And I can’t explain this from the perspective of someone who’s directly being harmed by this crossover (because I am also white and a gentile). And I’m sure many people people who are direct targets of Nazis would tell you that “isn’t it enough that it is harming me?” and they would be right, full stop. That would be an acceptable answer.

But I’m going to do my best to give you the understanding I genuinely think you’re looking for, allowing for the fact that others may have more to add or clarify, and allowing for the fact that my answer is inherently limited by my privilege.

I trust that you’ll read to the end, even though it’s long. And if at the end you still can’t understand, or you think I’m exaggerating, then I urge you to think on this, to sleep on it, and to read more and more about it. And even without understanding, to respect the voices of the Jewish (and gay, and Rroma) people who’ve spoken out about these problems time and again when things like this crop up. Amplify those voices, even if you can’t see the long-term ramifications of why this is ‘Bad’ yet.

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William Nylander- A New Love- Chapter Four

I have been sitting on the edge of my sit during the whole game. Once one team score the other one scores it just keeps going the score is 4-4 in the third period. Alex keeps laughing at me when I yell at some of the players even though I know they can’t hear me and they aren’t paying any attention.

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I’m on break from University again so that means commissions are open once more! Treat yourself or maybe a friend this holiday season to some mediocre at best art I guess..!


Bust (Shoulder/Chest Up): $10
Waist Up: $15
Full Body: $20
I can add an another character to your commission for an extra 50% of the base prices. For example, a bust with two characters will be $15 instead of $10.

NOTE: For convenience for most people, prices are in USD even though I use AUD because I’m Australian. I think it doesn’t really matter in the end when using PayPal though.

So how do I make a commission?!

  1. Request a commission by sending me an email at, or through a message on Twitter, Tumblr or Discord (If you know me there).
  2. Be sure to include the type of commission you want, as well as visual references for the character you want me to draw. If it’s an OC, a personality description would be good as well! I’ll draw the character in whatever pose/expression I’m comfortable with, but you can send me a particular pose for me to try out!
  3. Payment will be done through PayPal, so please provide me with your PayPal email address. Once the commission has been approved, I’ll send an invoice to this email and begin work once the payment is made. I’m still a bit fiddly with PayPal, so I apologise in advance for any problems that could arise during the payment process. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just give you my link.
  4. As I work, I’ll be sure to send WIP stuff like sketches and coloured images. These will be watermarked though until I finish and send the final image.

Other Important Stuff!

  • Costs might be increased based on complexity and/or how long it takes for me to draw the character. If you request too many changes, it might cost you a bit more as well.
  • By default, I’ll use a plain white background for the commission, but you can request a transparent or a flat colour background free of charge!
  • Expect the commission to be done within a week of payment. I’ll be focusing on finishing commissions but I’ll probably only be able to handle 3 commissions within the week and might have other commitments to attend to. I’ll tell you if I won’t be able to work on your commission till later, but sorry in advance for any inconvenience caused!
  • I’ll probably leave commissions open until university starts again, which isn’t until 3 - 4 months?!
  • Thank you to anybody who reblogs this post or commissions me!

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All Might (and mod). Thanks for doing this it makes me smile. Life here is so hard for me. I have so many issues, but so many little ones that depend on me, I’m all alone though really, everyone’s done with all my issues. 7 years is a lot to handle. I’ve been writing a fanfic for you, so you can be happy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the life I want though. I’m kinda pathetic I wish you could save me, but the truth is, even if you were real, you couldn’t save me from this. Thank you again<3

(( Thank you, anon!! <3 And while your ask is a little confusing.. just remember that you’ve got a long ways to go BUT you’ve made it really far from where you once were and you should be proud of yourself regardless! Fanfics and these types of blogs are an escape from reality but it doesn’t mean you’re pathetic for wanting or enjoying these types of things.

I’m no specialist but I think seeking professional help or just having someone to talk to could benefit you a lot, anon. ))

What REALLY happened to Stella Nox Fleuret

We believe SE just scrapped her in favor of Luna, because Luna was a heroine who made more sense in the story. As FF versus changed to FF15, Stella’s role didn’t make sense and became unclear, so instead, Luna was added and Stella removed. 

This isn’t what happened. I know the truth. SE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! 

After years of doing nothing, Stella got bored. I mean, versus just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. So she got a part-time job working for Snow Villiers in the “city of pleasure” 

Might as well have some fun right? The only party she ever got to attend was a snore-fest.

Stella wanted to have a little fun that didn’t include attending the same pompous ass party or standing alone on an empty street at night. 

She NEEDED to have some fun, and Noctis was too busy sleeping to provide her life with any excitement. Unfortunately, things got a little too real for our beloved Stella. 

Lightning’s game was proceeding with its plot, and Stella was a tragic casualty.

And remember, when you die outside your own game, you don’t regenerate. EVER. Game over. 

Stella died in Lightning Returns. Because of this, Luna had to take her place. It was truly a tragedy many gamers will not forget. 

R.I.P Stella Nox Fleuret. 

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My girlfriend and I broke up a few days ago and it was mutual and we’re still friends. But part of the reason we broke up was because I lost feelings for her but ever since we broke up I’ve been getting really sad and clingy to her but I know we’re healthier now that we’re broken up but I miss her. I don’t know what to do. We dated for 21 months and going back to just friends is hard but I don’t want to lose my best friend

I know that can be rough. I’m proud of you for listening to your feelings and ending it, though!! It’s understandable that you are feeling a bit more emotional and wanting more physical affection though; that’s natural after a relationship, especially one that lasted so long!! You had this person that you could depend on and was always there and suddenly they’re just not anymore. That would be rough for anyone regardless of context. I know it’s hard to go back to being friends, and I actually lost two of my good friends through the exact same situation. Continuing a friendship after ending such a close bond is difficult, and you need to acknowledge that it may not work out and that you could lose this friend. Don’t worry, though, there will be other people you meet and become close with. Make sure to take an effort to interact and check up on her though, and don’t try to not talk to her just because you feel awkward unless she asks you to stop, but don’t lay it on her too much or she could get uncomfortable, and we don’t want either of you to feel this way!! What you can do though is focus on salvaging your relationship and try to just take a break from the dating game for a bit. It’ll be okay!!! ❤︎

Happy Thanksgiving! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )♥

Even though it’s not celebrated over here I wish all of our American followers a Happy Thanksgiving (and a happy Black Friday tomorrow hehe) ! Tbh I don’t know very much about Thanksgiving since I live in Germany but I still want to do something for you angels so have some really random and really silly headcanons of mine on how Thanksgiving would be celebrated in the Citadel if they had an American Saniwa. Please enjoy me fooling around like always  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

  • as soon as you had admitted to everyone how much you missed celebrating Thanksgiving with your family everyone vociferously demanded to celebrate it with you so you wouldn’t feel lonely
  • let’s ignore Kara-chan muttering under his breath about what a waste of time this was and getting pinched by Tsurumaru 
  • even though you were deeply touched by their efforts you were slightly concerned that this could end in chaos 
  • with more than 30 swords to handle in one citadel nOw whY woUld yOu thiNk that??
  • biggest problem first: where to get enough turkeys for everyone?
  • Micchan to the rescue:

Originally posted by newgirldaily

  • okay one problem solved, but 10 others just around the corner 
  • with so many swords to feed a cooking comittee needs to be formed (and no Jiji you’re banned from the kitchen after stealing food so many times)
  • Ahaha but I could test the food so - GET OUT!’
  • unsurprisingly Micchan becomes head chef, while Sada-chan and Tsuru-san are ordered to mash the potatoes, mostly to avoid Crane sword to mess around but somehow he still manages to get them being lumpy as hell
  • almost gets killed by Kara-chan when he smears some potatoe mash in his hair
  • Hasebe is unsheathing his sword and ready to end everyone and it takes all your diplomatic skills to prevent a bloody war, while Yasu and Kashuu are laughing their asses off in one corner
  • the tantous are very eager to help with basting and stuffing the turkey but they become more of a bother than a real help so they get banned as well
  • surprisingly Azuki and Tonbokiri turn out to be great bakers and get tasked with making pumpkin pies and maple whipped cream
  • Sayo, his brothers and Hotarumaru with Aizen (who dragged a very sleepy Akashi with them) were tasked to decorate the dining room and went full out
  • like candles and flowers and fireflies everywhere even though it doesn’t fit the theme but since it makes the children happy SO BE IT OK
  • 5 very stressful hours later (in which half of the swords would swear that they went gray) dinner could be finally served and everyone is going ‘oooh’ and ‘wooow’ when you watch the Parade together
  • when you tearily thank everyone for their efforts to make you feel less homesick Hasebe probably bursts into tears as well cue incredulous stare from everyone
  • Thanksgiving now has offically become the Citadel’s favourite holiday

- Mod Pancake🥞

Hullo Happy Holidays Y'all

//hope my murican buddies are having fun, listen though I feel really bad for being as inactive as I have been and I’m trying my best to get out of whatever little artist funk I’m going through right now. But to add to that I’m out of town so I wouldn’t really be able to draw even if I wanted to do the wait will continue but hopefully for not too much longer. I love y'all thank you for being patient with me💕💕

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Im making a notebook full of traits of each sign in each planet. Can you tell me some traits of Virgo sun and Libra moon that aren't typically talked about? I don't just want the typical traits on the lists.

Virgo sun
- intuitive
- caring
- romantic/flirty
- can be socially awkward even though they’re ruled by mercury
- can be actual party animals
- they do this thing with their eyes. Some will look at you until you speak to them lol it’s odd
- either run away when something bad happens or will stick around to help a friend out
- high key the mom friend. Fuck off saying it’s cancer, it’s fuckin Virgo
Libra moon - I really know jack all about libra moons tbh. I don’t find them very interesting 😂😂 sorry every 1