do i really want to though

i’m really tired of all the hate that tyler gets for doing shit yes i understand you want him to sing with a flag and yes i understand it hurts that he won’t sing with our flag but the reason why tyler doesn’t grab the lgbt flag when it’s given to him is because he doesn’t want to use our community as something to promote the band and be like “hey we love gays buy our music.”, and i really appreciate it actually.

please respect his decision, he’s doing something that is actually really thoughful and i hate to see the people who are supposed to be the most loyal people to him send such horrific things all because of this one decision.

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I just wanted to ask, do you have the story mostly planned already? I love the Chara part right now, but I can't seem to find what it has to do with Zombie Frisk. I'll assume you do have a connection between them and it's not just filler because I really enjoy both sides of the story so far and I desperately want to know the connection ♡♡♡ keep up the good work, you're amazing

Yup! Most of the story is planned (at least, in terms of an outline, yes.)
And nope! It is not filler, even though it probably feels like it, haha…
But no worries! We’re almost done with Intermission 2, I promise. (Even though I probably said that a month ago too haha whoops. I promise I have been slacking on pages for pretty decent reasons.)
And then we’ll be back to our mostly lovable, completely socially awkward and inappropriate human friend and the jerk flower. About time, amirite?
Glad you’re enjoying though, and thanks for sticking with, friend! ;D

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I have 16 requests from the other night still in my inbox friends. Going through them slowly. :D I’m just going to comment on some and people can… do what they want. As in, write them if you want. Or add them to the kink meme doc (some news about that coming soon…) if you are really invested in them happening - if I just comment on them that means I’m not planning on writing them, at least not any time in the near future. Because I can’t possibly write all of this stuff myself.


I love this idea. And I feel like it could be a really long thing. Like so much plot and development and stuff going on. And tension, oooh the sexual tension. Would they still be mates? Would she turn fae? How? Their dynamic would be so different. Think about all the things they had to go through before they got together. So clearly she would be around Rhys a lot, maybe like… his chambermaid. And conveniently she would probably be wearing some sort of restraints. And probably hate him, like way worse than she did in ACOTAR. But damn is he hot. Enemies to lovers. Probably dubcon because… slavery. Which would definitely be for a certain type of writer, which I am not certain I am.

But then if we want to go for straight feels maybe they could do that too. It could go a couple of directions, depending on… when/how/if she gets made. And if they were mates still, then… maybe he would feel Conflicted about her being his slave. I bet she would assume he’s going to take advantage of her because of his position. And so she would be all full of fire and fuck off you hot bastard.

Or it could just be a quick one-shot where she’s like “fuck off you hot prick you stand for everything I hate, oh actually I meant fuck me because… you’re a hot prick.”

I feel like Rhys & Co would be still trying to fight against the whole slavery of humans thing. So maybe they could work together, she could be part of the resistance and then she realizes that hey, he is, too, so maybe he’s not as bad as she thought, and then of course one of them gets hurt one day while trying to do something… resistance-y. And cue the feels and smut. Because that always works.

This is one of the shorter suggestions you sent me but it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

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im gonna be in Georgia (Savannah Georgia) for spring break, I really want to see you!! do u ever do meet and greets? also are you related to Margaret Atwood?

Ah Savannah is actually like 3 hours away from Atlanta, I hope you have a lot of fun though!! I have never considered doing a meetup before haha, I guess momocon will be sort of like that except there will be a lot of people way cooler than me attracting fans and i’ll just Also Be ThereC hillin B)

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Could you write the RFA + minor trio reacting to MC having bad period cramps??

Oh god this was me a few days ago ahhhh. sorry though but I don’t really do vanderwood since I don’t know them that well so I only do RFA and v and saeran ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he’ll let you chill and rest as much as you want + some really good massages too

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Yoosung: CUDDLES TIME. he honestly feels so bad for what you have to go through so he’ll listen to whatever it is you want to say too

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Jaehee: she knows what you’re going through and this is the only time she’ll actually spoil you with food so you don’t think about your cramps

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Jumin: he has no idea what’s going on he hires a thousand doctors to check on you but once he passes that initial phase of not knowing he’ll pamper you to the max

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Seven: he’ll let you eat as many honey Buddha chips as you want but at one point he’ll get worried about how much you’re eating

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Saeran: he NEVER shares his ice cream with anyone but he’ll actually share some with you

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V: he has no idea what to do except feed you (’That’s what you do to feel better right?’) so when you start to feel calmer while eating he knows what to do next time

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Smite A-Z: Bastet

Have you seen the upcoming Bastet skin? The card art looks super pretty! I’m actually sort of excited for the upcoming celestial voyager event, but I can’t really participate in it because I’ll be in Japan for the first two weeks QvQ I kinda want Bastet and Neith, but I won’t have enough gems for both so I’m only going to get Neith (I mean, have you seen the space ult?). I might do some fanart of the celestial voyagers, though! The designs look pretty cool :D For this I’m only doing their normal skins, though, otherwise I might have done the celestial voyager theme.

Bastet © Hi-Rez Studios

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As someone who's been to a few concerts in diff countries, I know that outside of Korea and also Japan , fanchants just don't come together well. They really need a composed, calmer audience. There has to be limited cheering or screaming during songs. You can't really expect Int. audiences to do that, who just tend to be more energetic and rowdy. It doesn't mean int fans care any more or less though. IMO both ways show the artists their love

Kumamonymous said:i lived in the us for two years and i went to a lot of concert and they never were too loud (im from chile btw) south america has the wildest and loudest crowds. but it’s not a bad thing is just different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kumamonymous said:a girl that attended the show said that she wanted to stood up but everyone was sitting down so she didn’t. i’m here thinking how can you jam to baepsae cypher and all while sitting down, can’t relate.

Kumamonymous said:OK. Like I get what others are saying, but can we not make this a competition between two countries? It’s a different climate over here for American fans and maybe they just didn’t realize that the fanchants are something that’s important to the fandom. Idk. Not making excuses, but we all have our faults and we shouldn’t be judging one another.

let’s not make this a competition. 

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Donnie, what's your first language? Japanese or English? Just asking

English. English is my first language.

Sensei wanted us to have English as a first language because he was living in America. He wanted us to learn the language of the country we were living in. He also wanted us to learn of his country and culture so he would teach us some Japanese words and phrases. Primarily, though, he always spoke in English to us. 

Leo and  Raph honestly know more Japanese than I do because they picked up on more. Language is really not my forte. I do wish  now that I had learned more earlier than I did.

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Jen is doing a play that runs till June 24 and starts in May. Crap. I hope this isn't an indication of her leaving. I am swaying more towards her leaving now.

First of all, yay for Jen!  That’s super exciting for her!  Anyone know what play it is?  

Second of all, calm down my dear.  Jen doing a play that starts in May and runs through June in no way indicates that she’s leaving the show.  Jen has done a multitude of other projects while being on OUAT (she’s directed and started in short films, she directed a music video, etc…).  OUAT is not the only thing she does.  Also, keep in mind that OUAT filming typically ends in mid-March to early April.  They’ll be finished filming for the season within the next couple of weeks, which means that Jen will have a whole month where she isn’t filming before the play she’s doing even opens (which means she’ll probably be doing a lot of rehearsals and whatnot during that month).  None of that will conflict with her being on OUAT.  This is no different than Colin doing The Dust Storm, or What Still Remains, or Carrie Pilby while still being on the show.  A lot of the actors do other projects during hiatus (because acting is their livelihood and they’re not going to just stop working for a few months before filming starts again).  Also, if they do get renewed, filming typically starts in early July, which also won’t conflict with the play.  

So, don’t panic.  Just be happy for Jen and be excited about her new project and how she’s furthering her career, because that’s all this is.  It’s not a hint that she wants to leave the show, or that she’s trying to move one.  She’s just trying to do something different while she doesn’t have a pressing commitment to the show.

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It seems strange to me that someone would just up and say they literally take notes on things you say, even if its true I don't think someone would actually tell you that unless they wanted to date ur face. I dunno though, you'd obviously know better than I do

…not to like, blow my own horn. But I wouldn’t underestimate an individual’s ability to dominate/be a big part of a class.

It’s run like a seminar, so it’s basically all conversation/discussion based, we talk in a big group style and it’s pretty easy to tell who’s done the reading and who knows their stuff. It’s an upper-division so it’s like academic hunger games.

I don’t think people would do this in say high school (maybe for AP/IB??) but there are leaders of classes in college that people will gravitate toward to be the lighthouse of knowledge in a drowning sea of complex theoretical questions.

I’ve always been pretty good at abstract concepts, and after a couple years of debate and mock trial my oration skills are like, loud and attention grabbing (don’t be afraid to assert yourself in class ladies)

So I’ve had people come up to me after class on other occasions and tell me ‘I get excited when you talk! You always say smart things!’ and ‘nice contribution about xyz.’

Anyway, I should clarify that I am an honors student who goes to college on scholarships, I study really hard and expect a lot of myself, people coming up to me and asking how to like, approach a topic is kinda just a thing that happens.

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Bendy is there anyone else you despise other than Mickey?

Bendy: Despise is kinda a strong word, I like to say it’s more I, uhh… Dislike him with the great intensity. Anyway, I don’t really have any problems wit anyone else but Beth an’ Father-Barf-Butt. Only Problem With them is; Bartholomew wants me to just stop messin’ with the church, even though I haven’t actually done half the stuff he accuses me of doing? An’ Beth Hates me for…..I don’t even know why Beth hates me so much actually! >:0

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Revali and Sidon reacting to the ups and downs of pregnancy with their Hylian s/o. When the bump starts to show, cravings, morning sickness, the child kicking for the first time. Small things that I'm assuming aren't the norm for Zora and Rito pregnancies. I hope that's not too much. Please do your best!

It’s not too much sweetie! And I always do! Hope you like!

-Mod Pinks

Ups and down of pregnancies with female Hylian s/o (Revali and Sidon)


  • So confused at first
    • “My love why are you throwing up??”
    • “because mating season worked out a little better this year for you- BLEAAAARGH”
  • Wants to help, really does, so he starts asking around and getting information about non-Zora pregnancies
    • Not all his sources are good though.
      • “It says if you eat this, it’ll help with the pain!”
      • “Sidon. I love you. But I’m not eating something that looks like it’s been eatten. Twice.”
  • Cravings he doesn’t mind actually- he just assumes everybody has their own little dish they like when they’re stressed.
  • But what really weirds him out in the bump
    • He is so fascinated by it
    • Constantly has his hand on it, talks to it, etc
  • When he feels the first kick
    • DEAD.
    • GONE.
    • BYE
    • He is so overjoyed!!!!
  • Likes to have hands on s/o anyway, so when her feet or back ache- she goes to Sidon, no questions asked.


  • “Eat something bad again?”
  • Takes him forever to figure out morning sickness = pregnancy
  • Is very SHOOK by some of the facts of pregnancy he didn’t know about
    • “You get sick because your organs are getting crushed?!”
    • “You want steak with… ice? Wha-”
    • “Why is your belly growing??? Did you eat one of the octo-bloons?”
  • As time progresses, he gets more used to it, but there’s still it’s catches
  • Cravings weird him out. And stress him out
    • Not because he minds the cravings
    • But because guess who has to go out because there is no more fish because they’re in a god damn mountain
    • Nearly cries for joy when they crave something easy to get
    • But on the other hand, this wings are better than ever before from the sheer amount of use they’re getting
  • Will never admit it, but likes to lean head against bump
    •  When he gets kicked in the beak he is so proud

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As a light-skinned Cuban girl, I just want to thank you. I always felt like a gringa because I didn't think I looked "Cuban enough" and seeing you explain why all of Lance's family is Cuban, even though they have light skin, really gave me a new perspective. But I was wondering, do you think it's possible that Lance has two surnames, like my family does, and one of them is just Scottish?

of course!!! in fact 64% of Cubans are actually light—to white skinned, so if anyone tells you that you don’t look hispanic or cuban you can be like???? you’re an idiot??? 

it’s possible but not probable 


we all know that you guys are probably one of the biggest fandom in the world (hell i was an exo-l too) so i’m making this post to ask for your precious help! monsta x really deserve to get their first win with their latest comeback, but no matter what monbebes do, we still are a growing fandom and our votes aren’t enough, so any help is appreciated! please stream ‘beautiful’ and vote for them (there are so many tutorials here! i can share some if you want) because even though we might be from different fandoms, i think we should all help each other (especially when your favs aren’t competing!)

so yeah, i’m also offering to write drabbles/make moodboards for everyone who is willing to help.

please, i’m literally begging you, help monsta x! if you don’t wanna contribute, just reblog this post and spread the word!

Just wanted to throw a quick shout-out of thanks to everyone who responded to my post about my back pain yesterday.  You guys are really nice and sometimes a little sympathy goes a long way.  I’m going to try a back-sensitive yoga workout and rotating the mattress, and see how I do.  

*insert adorable ‘thank you’ gif here cause I suck at gifs but you guys don’t suck at all*

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have you ever thought of making individual reviews of su episodes? i think you would be really good at it

Oh, I used to do it!! a good while ago, before the Steven Nuke! more exactly, season 1B and Season 2! It was part of my usual SU liveblogging, you know? I watch the show, posted about it and after that I posted a review of it! 

I… kinda stopped tho? Like school was on my neck at the end of season 2 and season 3, so i had to stop! I really though of making a youtube channel talking about it, I really enjoy the idea of doing videos with my voices and reviewing stuff really helps me to grow up as a critic and ergo as a writter… 

But… I don’t know? It was planned for season 3 part 4, and this whole… thing started… it kinda killed my desire… I mean I still want to but I am scared people would call me a “fanboy” or rude stuff just because I am not… negative about everything of the show… 

I want to be impartial you know? as objective as i can be, and thats what I do with my shows! but some people don’t get that.. and it can be stressing for me to deal with that sometimes…

Idk is a maybe tho? maybe if i get to grow some guts to ignore this whole mess… I’ve really wanted to start a youtube cartoon review channel, theres really no much and much less ones that are actually good… 

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I know how do you feel 7... I mean by Example i feel that my animations are not good, because i wanted it more Smooth or more over expresive but those things come with time and Hard work, you only need drawn more Doodles every day on your Sketchbook, like Weird faces or animal or Backgrounds... EVERYTHING THAT COME TO YOUR MINT (?) Maybe in one week you will see better results and in one point in your life you will say "I do this? LE HOW!?"

Yeah, I get that. 

Actually I wanted to go to college to learn how to be an animator… but… I realized that I do not have the patience of an animator o-o

Though I might go ahead and try to do more animations again…

But yeah, I would love to do that… but I got a lot of stuff to do with my master courses. And when I get free time - I rather do something that I want to really do to relax than want to do to learn. =_=

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Take your time friend. I'm teaching myself to take my time with my art and try not to stress over it. Otherwise its not fun anymore. :3 You are doing your best and that's all that matters.

thanks <3 I’m trying to do that too. it’s hard when The Anxiety™ keeps screaming at me 24/7 that I’m fucking up and letting everyone down by failing to answer asks or finish trades or reply to messages, or even just tackle something serious and story-oriented like I’ve wanted to do for ages but am too scared to take on even if I had the ability?? aaaaaaaAAAAH my best really isn’t good enough lol

thank you though… I appreciate the kind words

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i'm going to meet sayo yamamoto and mitsurou kubo on may 6 here in guadalajara, méxico! and im allowed to ask 1 (one) question! but idk what should i ask without being too anxious???? maybe even rude????? i was planning to ask yamamoto the "canon" stuff since kubo seems to put everything on open interpretation but idk!!! what would you ask them? - excuse my english!

Your english is fine :D 

That’s a though one. There’s really a lot I personally want to ask (and call them out on). In that context though, I think I would probably go with specifying the canon Victuuri status. No soulmates, no vagueness, just flat out are they in a romantic relationship or not? Are they engaged or not? Though I’m afraid of an “up to interpretation” answer on that…*sigh*

If any of my followers have suggestions?

Do report back on that event if you can, please! I’m very interested.

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Hey, Ghost Parental Unit, how do you feel about people sending you COMMUNICATIONS fanfiction? I can't read the FAQ due to being on mobile, which I apologize for, but I wanted to make sure so I didn't bother you or anything! Hope you have a great day/night!

it’s fine with me, though i probably wouldn’t be able to read it b/c i’m really bad at reading large amounts of text my brain literally just doesn’t absorb it ahahh

bUT YEA YEA i know there’s some ppl who follow me who want more fanfics so