do i otp or brotp them tho

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james flint for the character ask meme thing! and/or madi! and/or miranda! and/or....GATES! idk if gates was alive long enough for you to have an opinion on him tho lol

So much choice! Thank you! I’m doing them all, because why not.


1: sexuality headcanon: Can I say Complicated Gay? Because gay, but also everything with Miranda is difficult. I have various feelings about the way this show depicted sexualities as fairly person-based and malleable and deliberately difficult to label, but I don’t know how well they’d go down.
2: otp: Silverflint. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3: brotp: Flint & Gates.
4: notp: Flint/Vane.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Again with the accents, little baby Dimples McGraw had a reasonably strong Cornish accent that he deliberately got rid of when he joined the Navy, because you can’t be an officer if you sound like a bumpkin fisherman. 
6: favorite line from this character: How to choose? I love the way he delivers this part: “When I lost Thomas, I raged. I was distraught. I wept. But with you. I’m ruined over you.”
7: one way in which I relate to this character: I also think books make the perfect gift.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: He has no chill. Sometimes he really needed to calm the fuck down.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? So problematic, but such a fave.


1: sexuality headcanon: Straight.
2: otp: Ughhh, I don’t even know. I don’t particularly think she should’ve settled for Silver, given how broken everything was at the end. 
3: brotp: Madi & Flint.
4: notp: Madi/being a tavern owner’s wife?
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: She absolutely had those pirate outfits ready to go before Flint and co even landed on her shore.  
6: favorite line from this character: That entire speech where she wrecked Rogers.
7: one way in which I relate to this character: If I were a no good pirate, I’d follow John Silver anywhere too.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: It’s not really embarrassment, but that whole ‘when I speak, my men listen’ thing I find a bit…I dunno. Less compelling and amazing than others seem to. She’s royalty. Of course they fucking listen. They don’t have much choice, given how plausible it apparently was that Kofi could’ve beaten the shit out of someone who disrespected her. She is awesome, but they’d still have to do what she said even if she wasn’t. 
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Pretty cinnamon roll-ish.


1: sexuality headcanon: Pretty straight, tbh.
2: otp: London OT3. /happiness. /living.
3: brotp: Does Miranda & Abigail count? Adoptive mum-tp?
4: notp: Miranda/Pastor Quick Draw
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Moving to Nassau was a steep learning curve for her. She’d always had servants to do almost everything for her before then. James brought her any books he came across that listed recipes or instructions for growing fruit and vegetables, and he showed her how to do a lot of things around the house like making beds and lighting fires.
6: favorite line from this character: All the stuff in the carriage in 2x03, but particularly: “I was going to say… that perhaps you’re more concerned with whether or not people talk about what you and I may be doing behind closed doors… than with what we actually are doing.”

7: one way in which I relate to this character: I’m also trapped and frustrated with my life.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: The fucking the pastor thing a little bit, but mostly it just makes me feel horribly sorry for her.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Beautiful, complicated, angry, cinnamony fave.

And Gates!

1: sexuality headcanon: I don’t even know. Straight, probably?
2: otp: None really.
3: brotp: Gates & Flint.
4: notp: I don’t think I’ve ever even seen gates shipped with anyone.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Once when they were drunk together about a year after they met, Flint slipped up and sort of mentioned Thomas, not by name but by pronouns. Gates noticed, but he didn’t point it out and never mentioned it again, because he supposed (rightly) that Flint hadn’t meant to do it and he’d been at sea plenty long enough to be unfazed by that sort of thing, so it’s not like it changed anything anyway.
6: favorite line from this character: “There are no legacies in this life, are there? No monuments. No history. Just the water. It pays us and then it claims us. Swallows us whole. As if we’d never been here at all.“
7: one way in which I relate to this character: I’m completely Done about 95% of the time too.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Nothing really. He’s a good egg.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Sort of cinnamon roll dad.

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2 4 7 for the salty ask meme!

2 - Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?
America and England, I can’t stand them being shipped romantically.

Romania and Bulgaria, I have no problem with them being shipped romantically but they are my fav BroTP 

Germany and Italy. I just don’t care about them being shipped romantically, never did, never will. Idc if it’s the most popular ship.

Omg Romania and Hungary are such a fav BroTP too tho?? Like I have no words

Hungary and Poland too!! 

Any goddamned incest ship that for some reason ?????? is popular like fuck no get away from me

4 - Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?
I have just mentioned America and England so yeah, apart from others, I can’t stand Us//Uk since day 1

7 - Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?
More like used to tolerate even though I tended to stay away bc that hysteria made me uncomfortable for the lack of a better word. Yaoi fangirls. My god stop yelling hysterically about your sinful gay babies wth is wrong with you.

ask list about otps and fandoms

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​ asked the same THANK YOU BOTH you da best

  • do I like them: my FAV, my one tru son
  • 5 good qualities: amazing leader, very charismatic, gr8 detective, friendy mentor/big brother, ultimate sassmaster
  • 3 bad qualities: awful temper, practically married to his work, deflects emotions/dealing w emotions :|
  • favorite episode/etc: new teen titans, dickbats era, jla obsidian age, tomasi’s nightwing run, action comics #771, bloodborne
  • otp: none tbh
  • brotp: he has more friends & best friends than i can count & he deserves all of them? tho i esp love his relationships w batfam, titans, superman, & younger heroes like ravager, superboy, etc
  • notp: dick/his siblings
  • best quote: SO MANY but some faves are “changing is always harder than staying the same” “you’ll never know if you can’t fly unless you take the risk of falling“ “i’m the sum of so many people who have influenced me, shaped my thinking, and given me love“ “i can feel angels on my shoulders… and probably a bat too” “i have more faith in you than anyone” “i had a job to do and i never let him down” ok there’s 939893483498 more so i’ll stop there
  • head canon: his ultimate #aesthetic would be like chillin on a non-conducting telephone wire across building rooftops listening to ambient city sounds from below, one headphone in playing the beatles or jazz or soft rock, a flask of tea in one hand & a sherlock holmes novel in the other — ideal

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1-4, 9-17, 22, 23 for Salty ask list. Sorry if it's too much.

1.       What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

I literally don’t understand OTP’s where the characters have little to no interaction at all but people still ship em like with the fiery intensity of the sun like?? why???

Also Mitsunari and Ieyasu bc I love Mitsunari and I am so SO protective and also fuck Ieyasu tbh


2.       Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*

Masamune and Yukimura, I love them as rivals but not together romantically


3.       Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

Uhhhhh I might have but I also left this fandom for a really long time bc of a fight with someone who’s pretty prominent in it but I really don’t give a fuck anymore lol

4.       Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*

Mitsunari and Ieyasu tho idk how popular they are anymore



1.       Most disliked character(s)? Why?

Ieyasu bc he’s a fucking hypocrit I just really dON’T LIKE HIM

2.       Most disliked arc? Why?

… None

3.       Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I mean I feel like the most unpopular character I like is Matsunaga bc I fucking love that man and also I really like Mitsuhide like I love playing as him bc he’s so slinky like a ferret

4.       Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I feel like that theres not many arcs so who knows bro

5.       Unpopular opinion about XXX character?

Ieyasu is a terrible person that’s it

6.       Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

SOME PEOPLE need to fucking realize it’s a fandom and you don’t own a fandom it’s a shared thing but I feel like this is a thing for most fandoms (hence the reason I left the basara fandom for so long)

7.       Unpopular opinion about the manga/show?

I love Masamune but other characters need to get their share of screen time

8.       If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?

As I stated above that other characters besides Masamune got their fair share of screen time

9.       Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

I’d have had one good scene of Mitsunari kicking Ieyasu right in the nuts tbh


22 - 23

1.       Popular character you hate?

*Stares into camera*  Ieyasu fucking tokugawa

2.       Unpopular character you love?

Matsunaga, Kanbei, uhhh Mitsuhide but I feel like they’re all popular in their own ways.  Matsuanga tho… blow me up Hot Uncle

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Brooke Lohst if you're still doing the character things? Ashfjskaakla

do i like them: YES

5 good qualities:

I love her voice so much!!!

She just has really chill vibe and has a A++ fashion sense

She reminds me of one of best friends??

just,,,, so beautiful

soooooo much fun to draw

3 bad qualities:

shes not pure and innocent (yet still flawless?)

faorite episode/ect:

Smartphone hour!!!

otp: Pinkberyy~

brotp: Brooke and Jeremy! theyd make good friends tho??!

ot3: i dont have onee?

notp: uh i cant think of any?

best quote: “No, I was crying”

head canon: i dont have any???

Do I like them: Sake man is a good man (kinda)

5 good qualities: I love his character design, his play style is good, his demon skin tho, them blue durgens and hanzo mains are good leave them alone

3 bad qualities: Jfc be nice to your brother for once, his dance emote and the scatter arrow lmao

Favorite episode/etc: Dragons animated short

Otp: Tbh when I first got ow I liked him with widow, but now I see them as close friends (I’m sorry grey I can’t say Mchanzo)

Brotp: Widowmaker, I like to think they bitch about others in their free time

Ot3: I don’t have one for him

Notp: I’m gonna get killed for saying this, but Mchanzo lmao

Best quote: “SAKE”

Head canon: Hanzo finally accepts Genji and they live happily ever after 

tiffanyachings  asked:

Demelza! :)

do I like them: yeah, but idk what Debbie did to her in S3 lmao
5 good qualities: hardworking, sweet, kind, sassy, angelic singing voice
3 bad qualities: unsympathetic at times (convo with Ross after Agatha dies, literally wtf), unfaithful, careless
favourite episode/etc: 1x04, 1x08, 2x03, 2x05, 2x08, 2x10, 3x01.
otp: Romelza (even tho Ross can be a massive prick, can’t imagine her with anyone else)
brotp: Demelza x Dwight
ot3: Demelza x Dwight x Caroline
notp: DEMELZA X DWIGHT, Demelza x Hugh,
best quote: “and I was born to pull turnips!”
head canon: Demelza doesn’t give a fuck that it’s “not proper” for a woman to spend SO much time with their children and spends all her free time with them and bakes with them and teaches them how to read and play the piano but disciplines them well. She gets v annoyed when Ross lets them away with murder.

You’re here, you’re here…!

Dedicated to my twin because these two are so good and I love them 

Mildly AUish in which Red was the one to befriend Shadow, but this is skipped forward a lot after bad stuff happened

Please do not use without permission!

I want to analyze Enjolras’s “Je te vénère” to Feuilly and Grantaire’s description “Grantaire admirait, aimait, et vénérait Enjolras” so bad

Because obviously we’re talking about two very different ways to “venerate” someone, right? There’s literally no point in me pretending that Grantaire’s veneration for Enjolras is in any way healthy - from a shipper’s point of view (and, really, I assume, even from a non-shipper point of view?) the one thing you can hope for in an hypothetical canon-era fix-it is that Grantaire arrives to a point where he can see and love Enjolras beyond the idealized idea of him he poured all his hope and remaining beliefs in. 

And we can also safely assume that it is not at all the same thing, Enjolras’s veneration for Feuilly. I read Enjolras’s “je te vénère” as such deep, profound admiration and respect for this one man and his life story and his character, that “admiration” isn’t enough anymore; Enjolras needs a bigger word to show his appreciation, he needs everybody to know just how much amazing Feuilly is. 

The difference comes from who Enjolras and Grantaire are, I guess, and how they relate to their friends, and I think especially to themselves, at the point where those sentences are written but also HOW they are written.

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