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fkwkskfkd I never send things to the blogs I follow like this but I kinda need help with a lot of things but what if I want to give up on art? I love drawing but,,,, nothing looks good I'm just getting worse and worse and idk what to do I have no inspiration and nothing comes out as planned dkkfkdkskfnfnakxkfk

Ahh, I’m so glad you reached out! Honestly I seriously love giving advice so I’d be happy to help you out. Every single creator has doubts, even famous illustrators and artists, so I’d be happy to share what I and others have done to help ourselves out. 

Firstly, remember that practice is key. When you’re in an art block or frustrated with art, break the mold and do something that’s a bit different. What I tend to do is draw flowers from reference pictures or go outside and draw a tree or something. Other times, I’ll do thumbnail sketches of compositions like these.

You could do a still life, sketch only the part of a body you’re comfortable with, or do gesture drawings (which intentionally don’t look great). Heck you can even trace art, color someone’s line art, or things like that (obviously don’t share without artist’s permission though)! Looking at art tutorials can be a great source of inspiration too. 

Once you’re a bit more like “okay, I like this even when it doesn’t look great!” then you can start practicing the weaknesses you see in your art. For me, for instance, I tend to go with more stagnant poses and I’m not very good at drawing mouths and intense facial expressions. So I started googling references and just sketching them. When you treat it like a study, there’s less pressure for it to be perfect. You’ll notice some will look better than others but, when you walk away and then have to draw that part again, you’ll notice that it comes to you easier. 

Now, here’s the most important thing to remember when you feel like you’re getting worse. You’re not actually getting worse, you’re becoming more in tune with your art and noticing things you want to improve more. This is progress!! Awesome super fantastic progress! It only seems like you’re getting worse because you’re noticing the areas you want to improve more. So, all you have to do is start practicing those areas. 

While you’re doing this, celebrate how much more aware of the awkward anatomy and compositional errors and weird things you are. This is the best guide towards becoming a better artist–to be critical of your own work. But, to make sure you don’t knock yourself down with self-criticism, remember to be compassionate and honor what that teaching voice is sharing with you. Work together to become a better artist, to learn and grow. 

Lastly, remember that all of your favorite artists started somewhere and gosh did we start somewhere horrible lol. We all doubted our work (I still get frustrated sometimes!) and felt like we’d never be on par with our favorite artists. But we kept working–both on improving our artistic confidence and skills. 

So long as you keep trying, you’ll make it to where you want to be. That’s the only thing you need. 

For bonuses (lol) let me show you some of my old art compared to my newer stuff so you can see how bad I used to be (and most of these art was after about 5 years of study anyways!!).  

That piece is from seven years ago, so it took me seven years of doing art most days of the week to get to this sort of work: 

Now here’s a super old watercolor (from late 2011). It’s muddied and the composition is poor and it’s generally not a good piece looking back. 

About six years later, though, this old watercolor was transformed into pieces like this!

How I got here was practice. I kept trying. I notice what I wanted to work on, what parts about my art bugged me, and I studied them. Slowly but surely I improved. And you, lovely anon, you will too. 

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I only need another $333 to reach the halfway mark! <3

today i was reflecting in the shower.. where i normally do all of my deeper thinking.. and i couldn’t stop thinking about 2016. i know.. we’re in a new year.. time to let it go.. but i don’t think i properly cleansed myself or made peace with how my year went. and because a lot of what happened to me throughout the year continuously comes to mind.. i knew it was time to sit down and write out my feelings. what has made me the writer or “poet” that i am today.. is i’ve spilled my heart out on paper, time and time again, but lately i’ve been extremely distant. i’m not sure whether it’s because i feel a burden to always be positive and uplifting or because i find myself more afraid than ever. last year i cried. and cried. and cried. more than i’ve ever cried in my 22 years of life. i even made a habit out of watching really sad and emotional movies just so i could find an excuse to. also.. i’ve smoked more than ever before. longing to both - feel.. and be numb. i’d smoke before writing so i could pull certain stories out of me. then i’d smoke after, to forget them. often times.. i just got high enough to make myself fall asleep so i wouldn’t have to deal with anything. in the midst of one of my episodes.. i realized i suffer, and have always suffered, from feeling like nobody really understands me. i’ve always felt like i was someone who was constantly mistaken for an entirely different person. i always feel like i don’t “fit”. i don’t fit around friends.. i don’t fit around family.. i don’t make sense at social gatherings.. i don’t feel at home in my own home. i think a lot of these feelings have come up, from time to time, because i’ve never really known my true identity. all i’ve ever known myself to be is someone that everyone clings to. and not in a “she’s the life of the party” kind of way, but more so, “she’s the person to get advice from” way. and although.. this may sound selfish, sometimes i wish i had someone like me. i wish i had someone who was willing to help solve my problems before solving their own. as i’m typing, i’m starting to cry again. and i’m crying because i don’t know when exactly this will end. or if this discomfort is how i’m meant to live life. maybe this is just the life of an empathic. maybe when i started asking god to “use” me, i signed up for this. the truth is, 2016 should have been the best year of my life. i released a book that hit the best sellers list, i bought my dog that brings an unlimited source of awe to my life, i signed a major publishing deal, i moved out of my parents house and into a new home, i lost friends that never clapped for me, and gained friends who’ve been there for me in every way since, i built this whole “brand” into something much bigger than i ever expected myself to, i found out i was cancer free, i promise the list could continue on. but depression got in the way. of everything. i never once celebrated myself. i never once intervened, and took control. i never even thought to. i felt like whatever i was going through.. i was supposed to. and still.. i’m not sure the reasoning.. i just kept living with a kind of sadness i have yet to find a name for. instead of focusing on all of the goodness that god was placing in my life, i had tunnel vision on everything that i felt was going wrong. i couldn’t see life in a positive light no matter how good things may have got. my parents split up. i was forced to move out. i lost my home base. i went, and still go, months without speaking to either one. my boyfriend was dealing with an ex who continuously threatened to take her life at the account of us being together. all i wanted to do was help her. but couldn’t. i had a new life to take care of, when i could barely take care of my own self. i lost all my friends. literally, every single one. i never ever could leave the house because of how bad my social anxiety was getting. i found out i had a fractured jaw because of the size of a tumor that was holding it in place. i found out i had a fucking tumor that could have been cancerous. i had reconstructive jaw surgery that ruined the nerve and feeling in my mouth. i could not eat or sleep or talk straight for months. i’m still dealing with the pain. i was consistently working and doing interviews right after my surgery. i was and am still extremely exhausted from this. i never properly allowed myself to rest or heal. i started working with a team that could not fully ever understand me which only added to my frustration, loneliness, and sadness. and again, THIS LIST could go on. but more than anything. i was bullied. as my brand kept getting bigger, i was bullied more. and more. and i couldn’t understand how my work, trying to help and heal people, could bring in such negative responses. i couldn’t understand why there were people who were so eager to tear me apart, they would start to attack my image. everyday people attack the way i look and sound. and this kind of bullying brought back a lot of old feelings that i never dealt with as a kid. growing up i was constantly brought down and picked on because of the way i look. i was never skinny enough. or pretty enough. or i was too hairy. or my teeth were too crooked. or my hair was too nappy. or i was too dark. or i was too “black”. or i wasn’t “black enough”. now, i’m receiving - i’m too stupid or i’m too fake. my writing isn’t good enough. my writing is cliche. i look like a monkey. and so on. and so forth. and as i’m typing these things.. i find myself giggling a bit, wondering why i even allow these things to bother me. but truthfully, all negativity from outside sources bothers me. no matter what form it comes in. i always question, “what have i done to deserve this?” and although i often ignore these nasty comments, i’ve realized i harbor the feelings i receive when i see these comments. embarrassment. frustration. confusion. hurt. disappointment. betrayal. i let these statements affect me to the point where i’m starting to silence my voice. i’m starting to be more afraid to speak up for myself. the thought of confrontation makes me nervous. the thought of even receiving any awful comments makes my stomach flip. so i won’t say anything at all. i’ll keep everything to myself if it’ll keep the mean people and their nasty opinions away. but i’m trying to break out of this. i really am. i’m trying to be more understanding of the way people work. i know.. that the way we treat people is a reflection of the way we treat or view ourselves. meaning.. those who are willing to go out of their way to attack a person for absolutely no reason, ultimately feel that they need to. either because, they don’t have enough love for themselves, to be consumed within themselves and their own positivity, or, simply, they hate themselves just as much as they hate me. and not personally, but mainly, their views of life are formed in a negative and hateful way.. more often than not. idk.. maybe i’m getting too ahead of myself. or maybe i make sense and i’m afraid no one will understand it. lol. but anyway. idk. i’m just glad i got to get these things off my chest because i feel like my readers.. and supporters.. or those who just fuck with me, for whichever reason.. are always looking forward to hearing from me. and i’m trying to, again, be more accepting of the fact that not everyone is going to always like my shit. my writing. my poetry. my points of view. my ideas. and that’s okay. that doesn’t make me any less of an artist or woman or idealist.. and that doesn’t make whomever else any less than either. i’m thankful. for these moments of clarity because they really ground me and put me back in my place. i get to reflect on how i’ve sabotaged my own life.. and i pray that god help me heal from it. the reality of this all is.. i’m my own worse enemy. and i have been.. for most of my life. and i know this because i would have never ever allowed myself to go through all the hardships that i did. i would have never allowed myself to not only deal with half the people i’ve dealt with - but also.. i wouldn’t have allowed myself to be as affected by negativity as i was. all i was doing, and all i’ve been doing, is place energy in places and spaces that my energy was never meant to be. 2016 was the ending. i firmly believe this because there is always a storm before a sunny day. there were times last year when i thought i was out of touch with myself and i couldn’t hear god as clearly as i’m used to.. but really.. s/he was with me all along. guiding me to this place i’m in now. this place of - understanding, acceptance, and gratitude. i’m finally understanding that sometimes we go through shit. sometimes a lot of shit. but what we go through doesn’t define us. it shapes us into the people that we’re ultimately meant to be. stronger. wiser. and happier.. if anything. i’m finally accepting that some things, many things, are out of our control. but we have much more control than we think. the way we react to life will result in our karma. we can choose how to react and ultimately this will help affect all of our situations moving forward. i’m also learning to accept people as they are. everyone will do as they please. and not everyone will be considerate of mine, or anyone else’s, feelings. in knowing this, i have to constantly remind myself to not take anything personal. the longer i feed into other peoples negativity, the longer i’ll be miserable. misery is the result of not fully understanding or not fully having control over certain situations. but the more intuitive we are.. the easier it will be to keep away from misery. and finally.. i’m grateful for the one friend i had all along.. whom i never give enough credit to. my best friend and boyfriend. every single tear that came strolling down my cheek.. he was always here to help wipe and then uplift me. the more silence i become the more he encourages me to speak. even if he, himself, doesn’t fully understand. i’m grateful to god for showing up in all forms. people. places. numbers. symbols. etc. i cannot be anymore thankful for my relationship with god. for not only helping me get through one of the best/worst years of my life.. but also.. for giving me the strength to open up about it. knowing.. that everyone’s perception of me is that i’ve “got it all together.”
—  Reyna Biddy

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I love your art!!! Mine isn't nearly as good so do you have any tips?

practice practice practiceeee, with practice comes improvement ✨

every now and then I’ll go back to brush up on anatomy or try to challenge myself in drawing something I’m not good at (like animals fuck I’m terrible at drawing animals)

I mainlyyyy draw people so I get practice in drawing a lot of poses, (x)(nudity warning) is an example of some free life drawing videos that you can have a go at :D There’s a lot of of free life drawing videos on youtube also and many with very good quality!

(x) is also a blessing I’ve been using them since I was 14 lol, they create amazing model and pose references for artist its useful for when you’re experiencing an art block or in need of inspiration! It usually is worth while too look at and what they have in their gallery! It’s also a good source to practice drawing difficult poses as well!

Sycra also does amazinggggg tutorials and tips for artist, I 100% recommend it (x) great recourses for people starting out drawing or just artist looking to improve their art ;D I myself started using his lightning bolt technique and it’s been helpfullll

butttttttttt if all that fails to get you the improvement you want, this is also a good option:

hoped this help you a bit!!!

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I really love your writing, and if it's no trouble, could you do the rfa plus V and saeran with a MC who loves writing and wants to be a writer

Thank you so much <3
(Gonna take this chance to promo my sister okayyyy)
My older sister is an aspiring author and, while I haven’t read most of her writing except for excerpts, she is insanely talented. I’m not jealous. Her blog is @crayon-ink. I’d really appreciate if you checked it out. (please give it a look) Thank you ^^
ANYWAY, I enjoy writing too, obviously, so this was really fun to write :D

-Impressed af
-He’s never considered himself to have any talent (wHICH IS WRONG) so he’s really in awe that you can create such flawless writing.
-He’ll read everything, probably more than once. During his breaks, while you’re away, when he’s relaxing; he’s reading your work.
-His friends take notice of his sudden interest in reading and he takes the opportunity to tell them about you.
-Tada, he now promotes you whenever he can because he really wants to be of help.
-Yoosung knows that this is your dream, so he wants to help you achieve it like you’ve helped him.
-While you’re working, he knows not to bother you because he would hate to interrupt your process.
-He watches you as you work, deep in thought. It’s kind of fun to watch because he can see you thinking. He can practically hear your thoughts.
-If you get frustrated, he can calm you down easily.
-He gives really good at pep talks.
-The only time he ever interrupts is to bring you food or water.
-You have to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy.
-He is willing to read your stuff and give feedback, but he never says anything negative, so it’s not very useful (except for a confidence boost).

-Lemme read EVERYTHING you’ve EVER written pleeeeease
-He’ll even ask if you could write some scripts for him, or he’ll turn some of your writing into scripts for him to practice with.
-He had brought some of your stuff with him to rehearsals once and his director caught him mumbling it to himself as he read.
-When Zen shows him what he was reading, the director asks to read it.
-He thinks it’s golden and offers to work with you to turn it into a production. It’s up to you whether you want to or not. Either way, Zen is super proud that your work was noticed and appreciated.
-He’ll do anything he can to help boost your career, whether it be giving shoutouts to your work on social media or simply bringing it up in conversation with important or influential people.
-He likes to brag about being an artistic couple~
-He can give constructive criticism if you want him to, but honestly, he finds it hard to say anything negative about your work, so it’s probably not the best idea.
-He showers you in compliments whenever you’re being productive.
-Who am I kidding he showers you in compliments no matter what you’re doing

-She’s always had a soft spot for story telling. She loves hearing new tales.
-Typically, her main source of stories are musicals, which she is an avid fan of. But, once she finds out that you are a writer, she freaks.
-She’ll excitedly ask you a slur of questions about it.
-What kind of writing do you like? What’s your favorite thing you’ve written? How do you come up with the storylines? Or the characters? How long does it take to write?
-Where can I read your work?
-You answer it all once she calms down. She’s practically jumping in excitement as you talk about your writing.
-She doesn’t have many connections, since she quit working for Jumin especially, but she’ll be there to support your blossoming career every step of the way.
-You think she’s protective over Zen’s career? Wait until you see how she gets about yours.
-She reads everything you’ve written that you’re willing to share with her and loves every bit of it.
-She puts your business cards by the register in the cafe for customers to take. She also recommends your work to her friends and everyone she knows.
-#1 fan and hype-woman
-Jaehee also knows a thing or two about running a business and being productive so she takes charge in that too.
-She’s almost like your assistant now, but also a fan and a girlfriend.
-She knows when you’re working too hard or stressing yourself out an will immediately take action to help you out.

-Jumin has always enjoyed reading.
-He typically likes stories with a deep meaning behind them or with a complex plot.
-He also likes if he can relate to a character, but who doesn’t?
-Even if you don’t write deep stories (lol, get it?), he will read everything you share with him.
-If the love of his life wrote it, of course he’ll love it.
-This man has connections. He can get your name out there in a second.
-He can find publishers and editors for you to work with, if you want him too.
-You’ll have plenty of new opportunities ahead of you because of him.
-Jumin doesn’t interfere with your career, however. He lets you work for yourself and only does anything after you’ve asked for his help with it; meaning he won’t call thirty publishers and twenty companies in the blink of an eye the second you mention a new project. He knows it’s your career, not his. He’ll let you work however you want to work, but will be willing to help where help is needed.
-He won’t bring money or connections or any other shortcuts into it unless you ask for it.
-Jumin is really proud of you. You’re work is his favorite thing to read when he wants to unwind.
-Lots of encouraging words and patience. He has a habit of kissing your temple as you work at your desk when he walks by.
-It makes you lose your train of thought sometimes but you never complain, especially when he whispers “You’re doing great” in your ear before walking off.

-He’ll help you launch your writing career just like he helped Zen get is acting career started. Except maybe minus the hacking since you’ve told him you want to get started authentically and legitimately.
-None of that hacking nonsense, _____ wants to actually work for their career.
-He does post your work, with your permission, to social media, or at least links to your pages and throws your name around to a lot of people and websites.
-He could find some publishers if you’d like him to.
-Really, he’s good at spreading your name around. That’s mainly how he aids in launching your career.
-It actually works.
-You get more recognition and even a few emails from people and companies willing to work with you.
-And you don’t have to worry about Saeyoung interfering. All that he did was mention you around the internet. It was your work that drew the companies in, not Saeyoung.
-He’s your own personal cheerleader too. He encourages you through your writing blocks and manages to get you in a positive mood.
-Has about a hundred pages bookmarked on his computer simply for helpful things for you like things to help you relax and things to help you with writing.

-He’s always appreciated literature and writing because art.
-V is very good at listening to your spit-balling and he’s good for bouncing ideas off of.
-Really, he can give helpful tips, if you ask for them.
-He can help you get noticed because he already has a following due to his photography. People know who he is, so he can easily bring you into the spotlight too.
-He’s pretty anonymous with his work, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the attention he has.
-He hands out your business cards a lot.
-Also, he suggests inviting publishers and good companies/organizations to help your career to the party.
-He can even recommend inviting other groups of writers to discuss writing with.
-Long story short, really helpful.
-He loves everything you write to pieces. He has to have you or someone else read them to him (unless he gets the surgery), but he loves them.
-He can tell when you’re getting stressed and intervenes before you have a breakdown. V is good at calming stress.
-If you feel lost, he’ll offer to read what you have and give some feedback and pointers.
-Poor thing though apologizes for giving any sort of negative feedback. Even something as little as pointing out a spelling error, he apologizes.
-You’ve done nothing wrong V that’s actually really helpful and I appreciate it

-He’s actually very glad to hear you like writing stories because he likes hearing them.
-When he and Saeyoung were little, Saeyoung would read to him. It’s always been something he enjoyed but never got the chance to indulge in since Saeyoung left.
-It makes it even better that you made the story.
-If you’d be up for it, Saeran would love nothing more than to listen to you read your stories to him.
-Occasionally, you’ll have to stop and answer questions for him. Sometimes it’s asking for the definition of a word, other times it’s asking about clarification on the storyline so far, etc.
-At random times during the day, he’ll come to you, one of your stories in-hand, and ask questions.
-He’s always timid when he does though, like he’s nervous you’ll yell at him for talking to you.
-So, just calmly smile and answer his questions. He’ll calm down and thank you for answering him before going back to reading.
-Saeyoung thanks you forever for giving Saeran a new hobby.
-Sometimes Saeran reads other books and stuff, but he enjoys yours the absolute most and would gladly only read your stuff for the rest of his life.

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Whaaa you're art is amazing! Like what!? Okay, okay, I got a couple questions afyer looking through your blog: ▪When did you start using Krita? ▪what brushes do you use for sketch, line, and shading? ▪what advice can you give to me as a noob and somewhat newer artist, in usimg Krita? Love you're art whether it's finished or unfinished! 🐢💕

1.) Sometime around 2014! Krita was on version 2.8 iirc. Used to crash often so my hand was kind of permanently in a claw-like position over ctrl-s lol. These days autosave has made me a bit lazier saving files. 

2.) I have a bunch of brushes I made myself! But I usually stick to just one over the course of a drawing. Most of them are simple and just have tweaked pressure curves and a different brush tip. 

3.) Prepare to spend a good amount of time getting familiar with the program! It’s designed to let you do your work and just provides you the tools with which to do it. More often than not people give up on Krita because it seems heavy and daunting! That and lag, but we’ll address that later. 


- Learn to love pressure curves. Here is a link to a tutorial by David Revoy, which shows some common pressure curves. (Also try an S-shaped curve!) 

You can also set pressure curves for individual brushes if you want different feels for different brushes. It can affect size, opacity, color, etc. So many possibilities. These curves can take away a lot of stress from your hand! If you find yourself hurting because you need to put too much pressure on your lines to make them thicker, change the pressure curve! If you wanna make thin lines easier, pressure curves! 

- On that note, play with the brush settings! There are so so many options it seems daunting, but the pixel brush alone can give you many great effects! Play with brush tips and spacing and rotation and the aforementioned curves! They don’t have to be super weird to be useful! My favorite brush is probably just the default brush with different pressure curves for size and opacity. Moat of my brushes are variations of that, to be fair.

- Shortcuts are your friend. Open Krita and have a look at the keyboard shortcuts settings. You can probably bind nearly everything to a keyboard shortcut! I have my most used ones mapped where my left hand can reach them, my fingers barely even have to move. Learn what tools and shortcuts you use the most! 

- Navigate like a boss. Learn these by heart:

PAN (space + drag)

ZOOM (ctrl + space + drag) (reset with ctrl+0)

ROTATE (shift + space + drag) (reset with 5)

MIRROR (M) (mine is set to shift-v though because I use it a lot)

- Blending modes are awesome. There’s two. Layer blending modes and brush blending modes. Each can be used to make fun effects! For example, creating glowing stars is easy with a scatter brush and addition brush blending mode. I also love to do bright lighting with a new layer set to hard overlay. Behind is also great if you are lazy like me and just want to paint on the same layer but gosh dang the lineart is in the way. 

Read more about blending modes here, if you wanna get all geeky and excited about it like me. Here’s a video on blending modes by GDquest, so you can see their effects visually.

- Read the wiki! It’s there to answer all your questions and more. If not, you can always post a question on the IRC or forums, or you can also throw a question my way or to krita’s tumblr.

Other fun features:

- wraparound mode (W)  - good for tiles images such as wallpapers

- multibrush - make perfectly symmetrical images or things like snowflakes

- animation - enough said!!

- different layer types such as clone layers and file layers! which can be combined with transformation masks as seen in this tutorial here by Wolthera.

- document information - found in the file menu, it tells you who is the author (you can set up in settings) as well as how much time you spend on a file! Very helpful, especially with commissions!

Krita and lag

If you have a not so powerful computer (like me) lag can be a deterrent. Some tips:

- Try not to work on super large canvases. (lately though, with instant preview, it seems to be a little better)

- Turn instant preview on or off. Sometimes it works better without it, sometimes it doesn’t. 

- Brushes tend to be a source of lag, such as large textures, small spacing. Try to use smaller textures and increase the spacing of the brush.

- If your brush doesn’t need to be super accurate (like a heavily textured rough brush), set precision to 0. 

Aaaand that’s pretty much it! I’ll add more when I come up with more, feel free to send an ask if you have any more questions! Krita is like, one of my favorite topics and it gets me too excited. I’ve typed this out like 3 times and had to retype it twice now lol but yeah. Have fun!

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Is it hard drawing like the way you do? and please give me some tips (P.s. I love your art style it makes everything cute!)

:’) I’m so glad you like my stuff, thank you! and hnnn that’s a complex question i think…drawing is definitely harder for me on some days than others (it pertains a lot to inspiration for me lol) but a lot of it is muscle memory, so once u’ve got the hang of it it comes more naturally! 

i tried to think of all the weird tips i could that have personally helped me develop my drawings rather than the ones you hear more often, here you go!! (but don’t take my word as gospel cause i’m no professional omg, try whatever works for you!)

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tips for making ocs? i struggle with personality types mainly :( i have about 2 personality types lol thanks💙💚

No problem, I can certainly help. Just remember to do whatever works for you, okay? :)

OCs stands for Original Character. A character that doesn’t exist in any medium but their own. Very difficult to create for even the most experienced of writers and artists. But I can show you what I use.

1. Mary Sues/Gary Stus

Okay, so your character has a rare power. That’s interesting.

It’s stronger than even the strongest of all the people in your world, kind of pushing it.

Nothing can defeat them, that’s not really fair to the other characters and it takes away the challenge of the journey.

Everyone is obsessed with them, they want to be them, they grovel at the mercy of your character. They aren’t worthy to walk the ground in which your character stands. What makes your character so special?

Every character is in love with your character for no reason. Man, I wish love worked like that. 

Everyone who doesn’t like your character is eeeevviiiilll >:3 And the villain, instead of being a villain is just obsessed with your character when he should be doing evil things.

Personally, a character with no flaws, both in power and or character isn’t fun and will not engage your audience. Give them a flaw other than clumsy. Maybe they’re sweet, but they’re always lying, or your character’s power has a weakness of some kind like a lemon. Make characters flawed so they can be more human and identifiable.

2. Personality Types

In terms, when we think personality types, we think of the Myers-Briggs Personality types. But in truth, when making a fictional character, you can be much more extensive when it comes to your character’s personality.

A personality is what makes a character a character. Are they sweet and lovable? Or are they cruel and mysterious? What would they do if a kitten was trapped in a house fire? Are they ruled by a phobia? Did something happen to make them mean? What is their favorite food? Music? Hobby? Who do they like? Who don’t they like? What flaw do they have?

To be fair, there are several parts of a personality that just can’t be measured by a test. To make a character is to give them dreams, hopes, flaws, goals, a mind set (are they optimistic? Pessimistic? Are they introverted? Extroverted? Or are they in between?) to give them favorite things to do, favorite colors, or little tiny habits like tapping feet or chewing nails.

You could base them off of someone you know, yourself, a puppy, a person in history. The odds are in your favor always. The world is giving you many things to use to make characters, through song and dance, through that nice man you know down the street, a teacher that changed your life?

Don’t think you’re just confined to the 16 types or just what you see on TV, the world is full of personality.

3. Write Backstories Down

Before I pick up a pen or decide what my character looks like, I write their backstory. Where they came from, their favorite things, a defining moment that made them who they were, how they met the main cast, what their role is, their powers, hobbies, and even their fate. 

I’ve done this with almost every character I’ve made. From Delilah to Kilorn. With this, I know my characters a bit more. I know what they would do in certain situations, and I know when they can advance the plot.

I also show others my bios, so people can see if they are overpowered or there is a plothole. So, there’s that. :)

4. Not Everyone Will Like Your Character…and That’s Okay

Yeah…it’s common knowledge that somewhere someone will dislike your character. For example, I like Severus Snape, while others despise him. And I’m not a fan of the movie Dobby as I am with the book Dobby.

I don’t get how people can HATE a character….everyone likes to use the word hate for everything. Personally, hating a fictional character is silly. They aren’t real, and they aren’t affecting your lives XD It’s even more silly to make hate groups on them. So…don’t do that because it’s silly and kind of mean. But it’s okay to dislike a character, as long as you are nice to those who like the character.

And that’s the positive side to it. Someone loves your character somewhere, and it’s a good thing. It means there is positivity in this world. And we need more of that. So, don’t get discouraged if someone dislikes your character, okay?

5. Balance is Key

Just like not having any flaws is boring, having too many is boring too. If you give a character so many flaws, there’s nothing positive to give your character something likable. 

I know, finding that balance is hard as anything. But I think you’ll find my next piece helpful in this list.

6. Practice!!!

Your first character is going to be rough, and that’s fine. But if you don’t give up, you can make all sorts of characters. Study characters and their personalities, how they interact with people that are different from them.

7. READ.

 Just like writing a story, reading is important to understand character development and the like. I like characters who are always developing. Things change naturally. I recommend reading Harry Potter, Chemical Gardens, and Beta to see interesting characters, personalities and development if you so wish it.

8. Get other sources 

Don’t just take my advice. Get advice from other writers on characters and just do what works best for you my friends. :) Like @writing-questions-answered @theinkstainsblog @writing-advice @crazybunchwriter and there are more out there ;)

9. Fallow Character and Sentence prompt blogs

For example, @wbqotd and @characterdevelopmentforwriters, to name a few.

10. Have Fun!

I’m not all that good with character development questions. But I like questions like this because I learn a lot. If my advice is not helpful, I apologize, I appreciate that you would value my advice my dear <3

Write on! :D

darkangel046  asked:

Hello ! :D I really love your art especially little cute fox Sanji he's so perfect !!! :) But I wonder why do you represents him as a fox ? I know Oda said the animal representing him was a duck and after a horned sheep but did I miss something or it's just for the cuteness ? >////< Thank you you're really a blessing for the fandom :3 Have a nice day !!!!

Because I love him to to be a fox WAAAAH

oops sorry, but sit down here I’ll tell you how much Sanji is perfect  in his half fox half human form! And why would it be.

first I will talk about the canon, or non-canon but relatable detail around ‘Fox Sanji’

Sanji first appeared with fox in this cover chapter. It’s chapter 266, a chapter of Skypiea arc (year 2003)

after that when One Piece got color version, here it is.

This is the first gunshot ever, to start everything of him being in fox form in fandom (or fandom ZSZ) without needing a word directly from Oda. Of course fandom still have always loved Sanji being a Duck or a Goat too (there’s many artworks or doujinshi about him related to Duck and Goat). What I want to say here, everything already started over 10 years ago (wow, how old is One Piece?)

Next to that, the sponsor a.k.a toei animation supports the idea too and with bandai/game sponsor for One Piece series, they gave out some game feature of Sanji being in fox form.

(source IMG)

I made gif for this game advertised too. (link)

Okay so that how much I have known about the original, canon this and that. However Fanmade, this is fanmade world, AU, and when we talk about fanmade, sometimes it’s just because of us, fan love them character to be in that way! Why we love it, okay, because Sanji does suit it very well!! Below I can explain some according to my knowledge and opinion, please just read as preview.

About personality, he’s quite clever and sneaking around to win the battle in many arc, that’s one of good trait suit with fox. In the battle with Jabra at Enies Lobby, Sanji defined himself as ‘hunter’, fox is one of the best hunter type animal too!

Sanji fighting style mostly base on agility and fire. Being quick also one of fox trait, and talking about fire, fox is highly recommend to be the icon of it. I’m not talking about mozilla firefox lol, but in Japanese myth, the ninetail fox demon is a type of monster using fire to attack. 

About outward look, I know fox got many color of fur, black fox, white fox, red fox, orange, yellow creamy, but when I think about them I used to think them in light orange or yellow color which easily suit with Sanji hair too! 

like… omg look they have ‘blackleg’ too!

Being a hunter type, but unlike cats, fox is something in the mix of cat and dog. They’re cheerful, welcoming, warm like dogs but also much of curiosity and cunning like cats.

I can’t say how much I love Sanji being in fox form xD this is too much. But I want to give out information that, I’m not the only one or the first one in fandom portray him in this way. 

There’re already many other artists around the world do it, we all love him in this way.

pixiv: 10558379

pixiv 13262819

pixiv id : 33839968


My fox Sanji is just one of them ^^ and I love to put him in the story of an animal trying to learn cooking (love the curiosity trait! may be I watch the ratatouille movie so many times xD)

also… because I got a kinky fetish (hide face in pillow) I love plot of human x animal (half animal form, like… they got ears and tail).

*hide face run away*

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p18-19)

Interview with Wataru Hatano, who sang the ending song “You Only Live Once” and is also Georgi Popovich’s voice actor. 2/3 of the interview is about the song and 1/3 is about his role as Georgi. After hearing other seiyuu/staff’s impressions on Georgi, at last we get to know what the person who actually voices him thinks, lol.
I was planning on posting it right after his birthday but then I gave priority to other stuff like the BD contents etc… Here it is finally. It was published on the Animage that came out at the beginning of December, so it only covers up to after ep 10.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Wataru Hatano
ED artist / voice of Georgi Popovich
A song that allowed him to look into his individuality

The recording of the ED song that allowed him to take a new look at himself.

—The ED theme “You Only Live Once”, that you’re singing as “YURI!!! on ICE feat.w.hatano”, was created by the “Yuri on Ice” music producer Keisuke Tominaga. What did you discuss about with Tominaga-san during the creation process?

I had previously received a demo tape with the provisional song, but the first time I met Tominaga-san was on the day of the recording. The first thing he told me is that this song was made for “Yuri on Ice”, therefore we would need to get as close as possible to the show. PIANO already had a clear idea of the image of the song and what it was meant to represent, and I was told “we are going to modify your voice and use it as an element, in a good way”.

—Weren’t you reluctant to have your voice modified?

Actually I thought that it was interesting. As voice actors, our voice can also be considered an “element” of a show, and I personally think that it should be that way, so I thought it was worth giving it a try. Since it was a very different approach than what I had previously experienced, I thought that the methods I had used that far wouldn’t work this time, therefore I made sure to closely listen to Tominaga-san’s advice during recording.

—What kind of advice did you receive from Tominaga-san?

If I put too much of my individuality in the song, there were parts that wouldn’t match the melody properly after my voice was modified. However, if I didn’t convey any feelings at all, then it would become like a Vocaloid (LOL). The main problem to solve was how to “control my individuality”.

—You basically had to adjust how much individuality to show in the song.

If I sang like I normally do I would use vibrato and “shakuri” (pitch shifting up) to add feelings to the song, but this time I couldn’t do it because it would stand out in a weird way when my voice is modified. Tominaga-san gave me many little advices like “sing this part long and steady” or “here only put some personality at the end of the line”. It was quite a meticulous recording, as I would basically sing and record the lines one by one.

—So you recorded the song in more takes, with care.

The English pronunciation was especially difficult…… We had to re-record some parts like “You Only Live Once” at the beginning over a dozen times. But it’s definitely something we couldn’t have been able to do if Tominaga-san hadn’t been there.

—It was a recording with limits, basically the opposite of singing freely, is that correct?

For character songs you are often requested to fully pull out your individuality and the character’s qualities. But this way of singing was also quite new to me and it was a really good lesson. For the first time I was able to realize what “habits” I have when I sing, and it was a good occasion to take a new, more objective look at myself.

—So you mean to say that through the song you were able to look into your own individuality?

Yes, in fact when I heard the completed song I was surprised at how it turned out, also because it almost didn’t sound like myself, as if I wasn’t the one singing it. I think it was a very valuable experience.

—What did you come to notice about your “individuality” when you recorded the song?

I have the habit of conveying the message contained in the lyrics by singing in a strong subjective way. But this time I realized that, by singing objectively, you can deliver the message in a more profound way. This is what this experience taught me. Sometimes, instead of “pushing forward”, you can deliver the feelings in a song’s lyrics by “pulling back”.

A song for all figure skating lovers.

—What impression did you have of the lyrics?

When I received the lyrics, at first I thought that they were singing the feelings of the protagonist Yuuri. But when I went to the recording the staff told me that “the lyrics are not meant to be associated to a certain character, but to apply to all people who practice figure skating”… and I was like, “ok now I see”. To interpret the lyrics I started from the translation of the English parts, but indeed I thought that it perfectly suits the transient image of figure skating.

—What are your favorite lines?

All the lines are beautiful, but the one that left the strongest impression on my mind is “I don’t mind getting hurt if it’s to shine” (“kagayaku tame no kizu wa itowanai”). I genuinely think that it’s a nice phrase. I also like “resound, thunderous applause, so loud that I’ll feel rewarded for all time spent so far” (“ima made no hi ga mukuwareru hodo hibike thunderous applause”). I think the English expression “thunderous applause” really represents the world of figure skating and I like it.

—What do you think about the melody?

The first time I listened to the demo tape I thought it was an instrumental song. Like, “wait, there’s nothing to sing here” (LOL). But of course, it did contain a sung part. The voice was extensively modified and almost sounded like one of the instruments, so I didn’t notice. That’s why in the beginning I had no idea of how I should sing it, and until the recording day I received no suggestions at all.

—Indeed, listening to the finished song it sounds like your voice has become one with the other instruments.

The part at the start of the song too, in the lyrics it’s supposed to say “Oh… You Only Live Once”, but we actually overlapped other sounds taken after that, like “wooh wooh” and “yeah yeah”, so that who listens cannot catch what is actually said. It’s interesting how many ideas they came up with to better represent the atmosphere of the show.

—Yuuri’s voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga-san also said that if he were a figure skater he “would like to dance to the ED song sung by Hatano-san”.

Really? I’m happy to hear that! All of the “Yuri on Ice” songs are wonderful, and I’m honored to hear that among all those he picked “You Only Live Once”.

—The ED footage by Yuuichirou Hayashi is also splendid.

Everyone has such nice expressions. When “You Only Live Once” overlaps with Yuuri, Victor and Yurio’s wide smiles, among the popness and freshness of the song there’s a lingering transient feeling too…… You can feel the love of all the staff for this show.

—What concept did you choose for the song’s MV?

What I told the director is that, since the song is made to be close to “Yuri on Ice”, I would have liked the MV to be the same too. It starts with me walking in a monochrome, colorless city, looking in the distance with a distressed expression, and as the song gets picks up the pace it becomes more carefree. I start spinning around and spreading out my arms. This time we created one MV by overlapping lots of shots. We did it on purpose not to insert an exact story in it, so I’ll be happy if you watch it imagining the story as you prefer.

—What about the coupling song “Sing and Dance!”?

I chose it among a few available candidates. Since “You Only Live Once” recalls the icy coldness of the rink and people shining toward their dreams, I wanted the coupling song to be more straightforward, more like “Let’s all dance and dance together!”. The music was composed by fu_mou, who is also a DJ. When I asked him what genre would this song be considered, he told me “tropical house”. The word “tropical” became a hint for me when I was deciding how to sing it.

—Like in the image of tropical islands?

Positive and frank, with an excitement that pushes you forward. That’s what I pictured when singing it. It’s house, so it has a fast beat and your body automatically starts moving. It gives you a different impression than “You Only Live Once”, but when you listen to them one after the other I believe that their images are connected.

—It sounds like you gained many things from this recording.

It was an occasion to look into my individuality and I could get to know some interesting people. Starting from the composer Genki Hikota, all the members of the music production team PIANO are very young. I heard that Hikota-san is a DJ that works overseas too, and I was wondering, what if when I meet him he’s like “hey, man!”, like a totally loose guy (LOL). But he was actually a very polite person. He is very talented and also has a good personality. It’s amazing that people like that really exist. When he did the track down and the song was born, he shook my hand and told me “we should work together again”. At that time I thought, “I see, it’s because this song is created by people like him that it manages to be so open and clear”.

Something in common with Popovich, who manages to turn damage into strength.

—In the anime you are playing the role of Georgi Popovich. I understand that your singing voice in the ED was modified, but still, it sounded so different from Popovich’s voice that I was surprised.

I was surprised too (LOL). The instructions I received from the sound director are to “use a more threatening, low voice. His creepiness must sound amusing”, and that’s why I played him like that.

—The character himself means to be totally serious, but that ends up being funny instead.

I’m just doing my best and being faithful to the script, but for some reason…… the moment I step in front of the mike, I see the other members of the cast looking as if they’re trying not to laugh (LOL). I’m happy to see that but it’s also embarrassing.

—How is Popovich seen from your point of view?

He’s able to express with his skating the feelings that he experiences in his private life. Since he pushes out his feelings very forcefully when he skates, I didn’t have to hold back when I was playing him. Most of his lines while he is skating are monologues, but I’m being careful to say them energetically, as if he’s almost about to speak them out loud.

—At first sight he looks reserved, but when he performs he expresses his attachment toward his ex-lover with tears in his eyes.

The short program was still ok, but in the free he was seriously creepy (LOL). However, normally if something bad happens in your personal life you tend to lose your energy even toward work, but Popovich on the contrary is able to turn it into strength when he skates. I can understand that feeling because I have experienced it too. Actors are curious persons. When they are deeply wounded by something that happened in their personal life, when they are in distress, they can pull off better performances than usual.

—It’s like using adversity as a spring to push forward?

I think that maybe, when you reach an extreme condition your mind becomes keener than usual. In that sense, Popovich is a person able to turn a crisis into a chance. That’s why after he has finished his program I’d like to tell him “you gave a nice performance”.

—Are there other characters that caught your interest?

They all have very particular personalities, so I find them all interesting. It’s like if you don’t have a strong personality you can’t survive, but if I have to choose I’d say Yuuri and Yurio. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched the series from episode 1, but they touch me emotionally. I especially love Yuuri’s skating song “Yuri on ICE”. When I heard it in the broadcast I thought “beautiful!” and I almost stopped breathing. Many fans were saying that they are happy because the title of the show was actually connected to the story, and I do think that it’s really a song made for this anime.

—What image do you have of figure skating?

I was born in the Nagano prefecture. The Winter Olympics were held there when I was a student, and in general I’m familiar with winter sports. In the area I lived speed skating was popular, and I myself took classes for a few years. That’s why I’m also familiar with the temperature and coldness on the rink, and since they are both skating, I can easily imagine the environment surrounding Yuuri and the others.

—Did you start watching figure skating after being involved with “Yuri on Ice”?

The Grand Prix series is taking place just now, at the same time as the airing of the anime. I’m watching it on TV, and sometimes when I watch it I think “maybe in the real world too there are skaters with strong personalities like in “Yuri on Ice””… (LOL)

—Lastly, could you tell us about the future highlights of the story?

The Grand Prix Final will gather characters with very bold personalities and amazing skills. I think what everyone is wondering since episode 1 is “how will Yuuri fight?”, and “what will Victor do?”. In a world where scores decide the ranking, all skaters shine in their own fleeting moment…… This beautiful world is going to be portrayed in the anime. Please make sure to watch over their performances to the end.

roo-draws  asked:

Hello! I was wondering, do people prefer to buy stickers or buttons? Thank you! :D

Short answer 1: Yes.

Short answer 2: It depends.

This question is kind of like the “what should I make?” or “what’s better, this or this?” or “how much should I make of x product?” questions. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach, and it’d be irresponsible to not acknowledge that.

In general, stickers and buttons are small items that move pretty quickly for a variety of reasons. They’re generally small, generally cheap, generally low commitment, easy impulse buys when people are looking to spend that last bit of change. And they don’t cost a ton of money to make, nor take up a huge amount of space.

As to which people prefer, there are too many variables to be able to give you a definitive answer, including:

  • More specifics on the stickers/buttons - How big are they? How are they made? What material is used/how expensive are they? What exactly are we comparing? A set of small stickers printed on a home printer? A large professionally printed vinyl sticker? Diecut stickers? Self-cut stickers? A 1" button? A set of mini buttons? A large button? etc. etc.
  • The people and the location/geography - depending on where you are, what convention, what area, there are certain regional, perhaps even cultural, preferences for various kinds of products. Not to mention different people - different ages, levels of income, preferences, etc.
  • The art - the style, the content (fandom? original?) etc.
  • Competition - what stickers/buttons/other similar items are other vendors selling?

For anyone considering whether or not to make a certain type of product, you should consider at minimum these questions. How important each one is for you is, obviously, up to you.

1) Do I want this product to exist?

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent money making things just because it amused me/I thought it was a great idea. That’s not always necessarily a great business decision, and you can easily end up with things you’re trying to get rid of for a brief burning moment of LOL THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. However, for me personally, caring about the product is important. It’s why I personally do this. For some people, this is how they get into artist alleys in the first place. Yes, ultimately somebody else is going to buy the thing, but you’re making the thing. Hopefully you are making something you like. Do YOU want to make stickers, or do you want to make buttons? Or maybe you want to make both? If you can’t decide and you can try them both, why not?

2) Do other people sell this product at artist alleys/the events or venues I plan on doing?

This will give you an idea of how “popular” this type of product is, at least for those artists, and also give you a sense of how relatively easy or difficult it may be to source/create and whether or not it is appropriate merchandise for a particular event.

For example, stickers and buttons are prevalent almost everywhere, and some people offer ONLY that type of product at their table - so it’s something that can work at that level. On the flip side, if the product you’re considering isn’t found anywhere, it could be a great potential standout opportunity - or maybe there’s a reason it’s not found anywhere (too expensive? Impractical? Illegal, maybe not permitted by a particular venue/event? No market?). Either way, something to look further into. It’s possible a venue could ban stickers, for example, if there is a concern about people sticking them all over the place.

3) How will I make this product?

Where will you source the supplies or the service to make it? How difficult will it be? How much labour/time/money will it require? In the case of buttons VS stickers, stickers are arguably easier to produce/source - at bare minimum, you need some sort of adhesive stock and some way of getting your image on it (drawing, printing, etc.). In the case of buttons, you do need more specialized equipment, though both items are popular enough that it’s pretty easy to find suppliers even if you don’t want to shell out and own the equipment yourself.

You can check out our resources as a starting point to find services and suppliers!

4) What is my artwork most suited for/How will I get the most out of my art?

Are you repurposing existing artwork or making completely new art specifically for these products? How much time do you have to do this? How well does the artwork work for these applications? In general, buttons are usually circular and pretty small, so if you have some elaborate illustration, you may be losing a ton of detail. A sticker, with more potential flexibility in shape and size, might show off your work better. If you’re drawing something specifically for use on these products, button designs generally aren’t as transferable to other products; sticker designs might be more flexible. Again, this is dependent on what you are doing.

If your budget/time allows, try both, track your costs/sales/inventory, and see how you feel about both. Again, you may find, depending on the art, the event, and what you yourself are comfortable with or want to see, you’ll adjust your product range over time.

Here are a few other posts that might help you in figuring out your approach.

Trying to decide between buttons VS keychains:

Questions about stickers

The unsolvable question of how much do I print and How much of anything should I make to sell?

Zutter Analysis

so originally i wasn’t going to write anything about zutter because i didn’t think i had that much to say about it but i accidentally wrote a bunch while discussing it with jiyong-oppar so here we are lol. this isn’t a thorough guide through the song or a line by line analysis like what i would normally do, it’s more just a small collection of ideas i’ve had about zutter. anyway let’s start!

Keep reading

so i finally decided to make a post dedicated to advice for coloring and shading! hopefully this is will help some people with their coloring because i know this is most people’s weak points in drawing. but don’t worry!! limlim is here to help!!!!!

i let people on twitter suggest what i should cover, so some things might be a bit random. here’s the topics covered (in order):

  1. Choosing colors for shading and highlighting
  2. Use of different layer settings (overlay/multiply) and adjustments
  3. Color choices for red/blood
  4. How to color a kappa (kinda goes over my drawing process too)
  5. Shading hair sorta

this only covers some of the things people asked since i got kinda tired of talking about colors. hopefully, i’ll make a second post in the future

i should point out that just reading this won’t make you better at coloring or anything unless you put these things into practice. experiment helps a lot, too. maybe you don’t like what i’m doing, so you can tweak what i do a bit to achieve what YOU want in coloring. these aren’t set rules or anything, just what i think and do when coloring.

also, this is pretty tl;dr so make sure you read this when you’re not tired or sleepy!!! (i’m serious. i don’t think i would want to read something this long either)

Keep reading

On Jessica Jung's Scandal

**Extremely long post ahead**

If you’re too lazy to read the whole goddamn thing, i’ve typed up a tl;dr for you. i know i get lazy too. but instead, if you read the whole thing, then thank you very much~ <3

Now, let’s enjoy the ride~

There’s going to be a lot opinions here so if you are weak-hearted/easily butthurt or simple can’t take into account of other people’s opinions, then saunter off because this post is not for you.

Tl;dr : Jessica was misbehaved and I feel like Jessica could’ve still benefit GG in a way! Do kpop idols always behave a certain way only for the public? Crying and saying certain things for sympathy votes or whatever? Think about it. Are they really playing the victim card or can we trust them? Even our biases can lie.

Since this is still a touchy subject to talk about and a lot of people want to look past this incident as if it never had actually happened, especially sensitive hearted SONEs (SNSD’s official fan club name), let’s start this on a happier note. I can’t wait for SNSD”s upcoming comeback! I really hope it would be better than Mr. Mr. since Mr. Mr. was quite meh. The MV was just aesthetically unpleasing and plain jane and the vocals weren’t exactly doing the song justice. And that awkward dance break sequence? But then again, what is Kpop without awkward dance/rap break sequences? And the meaning of the song alone? I approve. So yeah, score for song meaning. Thought the thought of SNSD continuing to promote as eight is extremely upsetting and just doesn’t seem to sit well inside my mind.

Okay, I digress.

Just like every other SONE out there, my heart broke when I heard the news that Jessica was kicked out of/left or whatever SNSD. The reason to that? We, the public, don’t know and probably never will. So I’ll try my best not to jump into any conclusions.

But of course, I want to know the reason why Jessica was out of the group. I guess she was kicked out since she, herself, said that she had no idea about the subject matter and was really upset about the situation. Definitely this was done against her will. Because if she had left the group with her own self-conscious, she wouldn’t have felt this horrible. (Assuming she does since she probably had mourned about it) Poor Jessica who was just minding her own business for a fan meet in China or whatever only to be informed that morning that she will never be promoting as a GG member anymore. I mean. Double what the fuck?

That is just plain fucked up.

There are sources that say SM had kicked Jessica out of SNSD but not the entertainment itself. If that makes sense. Honestly, what was going through SM’s mind when they did this? I can only imagine.

Maybe it was because Jessica wanted to start her own fashion business or whatever. But can I just say that that is completely unfair? There are other SM artists out there running their own businesses and cafes or whatever and they don’t seem to get flamed for it. What did Jessica do to deserve that kind of treatment? (Talk about a major double standard here.)

Other people had said that it was the SNSD members themselves who have decided to kick Jessica out of the team for ‘side-tracking’. That doesn’t even make sense at all. Every member in SNSD or any music group out there for that matter has the right to be diverse and do their own solo activities, Jessica included. I anything really, the members should cheer her on and hopefully Jessica might give them free sunglasses from her new collection before everybody else could purchase them. Just saying.

Again. SM and the SNSD members need to realize that SNSD is aging and that they can’t sing pop songs in an idol group forever. SNSD has an end to it. Jessica doing her business (this sounds ambiguous, lol) is smart. At the end of the day, Jessica has to do something to be able to put food on the table and have a roof above her head. Not only will the business benefit Jessica financially, but Jessica would also gain international recognition (something that most Korean idol groups yearn for) from the fashion business and it’s people and followers. If she were to stay in GG, she would be famously and professionally known as Jessica Jung from Girls’ Generation by a completely new (read: different and fresh) audience. It will also boost GG’s popularity in a way. But instead, she is known as Jessica Jung, creative director of Blanc and Eclare, who managed her business alone (and was skid away from GG.)

When fellow SNSD member Tiffany said on the last episode of Korean variety/talk show Strong Heart that she wanted SNSD to stay together after decades just like The Spice Girls did, I was happy. I mean, wouldn’t that be cool? They would be able to reminiscent of the old times where they had to act cutesy for the camera. But after Jessica’s incident, I’m starting to think that kpop idols often say those kinds of things just for the sake of saying it.

I’m not saying that Tiffany is fake, per se, and she probably meant what she had said back then. But SNSD as nine has been around for nearly a decade, their sisterhood bond should be almost unbreakable. And I assume nine is like their magic lucky number or something. It was such as shame that all those years they have spent together was thrown away down into the drain. How they could have turned their backs coldly and so fast against Jessica was mind-boggling. SNSD has been together for such a long time; they probably trained together back in the days. It’s unbelievable that their minds could change so easily about each other.

This makes me think that they could easily stab the next person in the group without any hesitation if they were to misbehave even the slightest bit. It is a sad thought indeed.

It also irks me that people say that Jessica is only still relevant because SNSD made her well known. Okay, that’s acceptable. But, I’m just going to put it out there that there a buckload of Gorjess Spazzers (Jessica’s official individual fan club name) who will support Jessica no matter what group she is in or whatever activities she might be doing. PREACH. Okay. Jessica is also one of the members that are slightly more popular. I dare say even that Jessica had also boosted SNSD’S popularity in a sense. SM made the wrong move to kick Jessica out. What is SNSD without our gorjess (JESSICA’S FLAMMIN’-JAMMIN’ WORDPLAY) ice princess? Incomplete. Jessica might not be the prettiest looking one like Yoona or the most talented in terms of singing and dancing like Taeyeon and Hyoyeon respectively, but that’s okay. Jessica is Jessica and we love her for she truly is. She adds color and depth to SNSD.

The situation really is vague that is saddens me to my core that the only thing I am able to do is speculate. In a recent interview, Jessica mentioned that she had no intentions on meeting Yuri when the both of them were in Hong Kong. Friendship over? That is just sad. Jessica even looked uncomfortable at the slight mention of GG. But then again, kpop has never really been the best at sisterhood/brotherhood relationships. Leave that to real people with real bonds!

There are so many other things I want to point out but these are all the things I can’t think off at the top of my head right now. Again, this is solely my opinion about the whole situation and I hope you respect that. My opinions shouldn’t change what you think about it and remember, other people’s opinions matter! You can have your own and I am entitled to mine. The same ol’ same ol’ agree to disagree. I will always support Jessica even if she has to stand alone on stage or a platform or whatever she has to stand on to be on a higher level than everybody else. I will also continue being a SONE even if SNSD will continue to promote as 8. I’m pretty sure the girls don’t feel too great about the situation as well. Everybody’s trying to maintain a tough exterior! Anyways, I would love to hear what you have to say about the situation also!

s/b: I don’t need butthurt SONEs telling me to fuck off and jump off a cliff. I have other shit to attend to. Thank you.

Ariana Grande is an amazing person, and for the media and all these various unknown sources to just make up shit about her is outrageous. I love her so much, to the point where it’s unhealthy💜. She’s so caring, loving, humble, sassy (which is so amazing), devoted, and she’s funny. Honestly, where are they getting “Ariana Grande is a Diva?” from? If you cant tell the difference between sassy and being a diva,then shame on you. Ariana isn’t a diva, she’s sassy. She doesn’t take shit from nobody and she stands up for herself, which is exactly what you gotta have now a days in the music industry. Ariana doesn’t whine or complain about her oatmeal not having fruit imported from a different country. That’s what divasdo, they whine about the littlest stuff.

Then what really drives me up a wall is when people say “Ariana doesn’t love her fans.” or “Ariana doesnt care about her fans.” EXCUSE ME WHEN HAS YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST EVER RAN IMPROMPTU M&G?



Ariana loves her fans so much, it’s amazing how much she does. She takes the time out of her day to have fans not only meet her individually, but talk to her and take pictures with her. She didn’t have to do that, considering how tired she must be after performances. People need to give this woman more credit, because she does care & love her fans. Us Arianators do everything we can to cheer her up, support her through her darkest and happiest times, and we’re just here for her like a family. 

Another thing that annoys me greatly is when she’s doing an interview, the interviewer always asks the same questions; “Are you and Big Sean dating?”, “How is your love life?”, or “You and Big Sean were a little handsy at the VMAs, are you two dating?” like come on man, I know it’s their job to ask the questions and all but I’m sure they watched her other interviews where she was asked that question and she didn’t answer it, so what makes them think she’s going to answer it then? It’s not any of our business if she and Sean are dating. If they’re dating, then I’m happy for the both of him. She doesn’t have to publicize her love life, that’s a choice of hers she’ll make when she’s ready. Besides who’s to say they’re actually dating? As long as Ariana is happy I’m happy for her, whether she and Sean are dating or if they’re not. Look at how y’all acting now just because they were holding hands at the VMAs. Did anyone not see her fall back there? I’m not trying to be funny or anything but the woman was so happy she won an award she was stumbling and Sean being there for her, held her hand so she wouldn’t fall again. Then we got the jokes of her having a “baby” face or a “little girl” body. Damn, the girl just turned 21 can y’all let her get a chance to actually start looking her age? Oh and I can’t forget females saying “She need to stop wearing that ponytail, it makes her look childish.” when half the females wearing sew-ins year round, and struggling to buy some quality hair at that. Sean was is for her for support because she lost her grandfather, when a certain someone was in Mexico (no shade no shade) So when people grow up, I think that’s when Ariana will actually confirm whether they’re dating or whether they’re not dating. Oh I also recall seeing an article or something saying that she walked out of an interview though, which I gotta say was actually hilarious (lol I was watching the stream of that interview to omg). “Is Big Sean a Pisces?” really? why would he even say that? Just goes to show she’s getting annoyed with those questions. Hell there are other questions they can ask. Like if she’s ever going to star in big screen movies in the future (I’m hoping she do, she’s an amazing actress too) or if she might make a guest appearance on Law and Order or CSI Miami, questions like that.

OH LAST THING. If I see another person complaining about how she’s dressing or acting, I literally will jump out of my bedroom window (fret not, all I gotta do is open the window and jump out I’ll land on my feet it’s not that high) DAMN SHE A GROWN ASS WOMAN SHE 21 SHE CAN CURSE AS MUCH AS SHE WANT AND SHE CAN DRESS HOWEVER SHE WANTS. When y’all get some money, y’all can dress like a queen. Until then shut ya poor ass mouth. She’s been viewed as such a innocent young girl, when she was actually 20, she’s trying to get people to see her as the  mature, grown woman that she is. Everyone goes through that experimenting phase where they try different things to see if that’s something they like or don’t like. It’s a part of life, and it’s also a part of growing up.

I wish people would realize not everything that the media says is true, and that goes for anything. Majority of the time those unknown sources that say they’re close to Ariana, don’t even know her or haven’t even stepped foot in a 6ft proximity of her. Just like I saw an article saying she was being a “brat” because she was complaining about only wanting to be photographed on her left side. If y’all don’t get that shit out the air. Ariana is a human just like us. She bleeds red blood just like the rest of us, she breathes the same air like us. I really wish people would treat her better than how they do, because it’s not fair at all. At the end of the day Arianators know the truth about our idol💜. 




** THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST. Im not putting it under a “read more”, because i dont want my theme to distract from the points im making. Also i want people to read this. I put this in the “long post” tag for courtesy.**

This has literally been bothering me ever since i found out they outright cursed out my friend and fellow artist. I attempted to play devil’s advocate in some parts, but i just couldn’t justify these actions but through suggestions. Keep an open mind, and please try and report this user. Since instagram’s report system is confusing, i’ve made a somewhat step-by-step process through here [X].

Now with that out of the way; let’s get this fucking party started, shall we?

Let’s first go through the situation at hand first:

This user on instagram that goes by the name “america.england” has been posting “screenshots” and unsourced art of USUK art from their computer/mobile device. They claim to have downloaded all of their photo’s via Google and screenshots from other instagram users. Thus, according to their logic, means that they “don’t have to” source who created the art they enjoy in the first place. When artists first found out about this user, they first simply asked to take down their art, because that was the original artist’s wishes. This is a normal ritual that goes down when someone’s art is reposted; they ask for it to be taken down, and the user complies. But, this user then curses out the artists, threatens to block them, shows their unbreakable pride further than they should, and tries to justify their actions with poor excuses and foul attitude. This user still has a bunch of followers for no other reason then that they are basically a instagram-tumblr blog who posts their saved pictures onto a social media site w/o sourcing, and gets into a hissy fit whenever they are proven wrong. Then they desperately try and justify themselves, hiding their flaws through lies* and self-victimising, and in the end, dont learn their lesson.

Multiple people and artists have tried to take down their account, or at least try and tell them what they are doing is wrong. But, pride in strong in this one, kids. (And i’m going to mention pride often in this, so beware.)

Even though we succeeded in getting some art taken down, their account is still up. They used to put millions of tags on their reposts, even though they claimed to have “no time to find the original artists”. So, after a bunch of the art got deleted, they started tagging just one tag. “#usuk”.

As you can tell from the screenshots above, they tried to once again justify their actions, for what seems to be their last huzzah, or so we hope. But there are still millions of flaws in their argument, and since i am a USUK artist who got their old-ass art reposted on their account, and i have a lot of things to say, i will try and let everyone know why what they are saying is still extremely horrifying.

Let’s go through this once sentence at a time, shall we?

“This account isn’t for your enjoyment. This account was made because I saved 1000+ photos and wanted to save space by posting them.” 

Why not just use Photobucket, find another online picture saver, or at least a place where IT’S NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE MADE TO SHARE TO A LARGE CROWD? (This is also a main point to this argument, im going to bring this up often.) If you wanted to “save space”, and didnt want to spend money, go to a site that allows you to do that and don’t try and gain followers for your “storage”.

“I have respect for the artists that make these drawings. Fuck, I’m even an artist myself and attend a school for animation.”

As an artist who attended/will eventually continue to attend school for animation/arts in High School AND College, and have PROOF that i am of age and actually studied in that field, this is kind of offensive to people like me. Sure, this is somewhat valid if what they are claiming is true, but unless i am proven otherwise (and im open to being proven wrong unlike this bloke), let’s just assume they’re just playing the victim card. This statement is like saying a racist joke but then claiming “but my friend is a POC, i can say that, we’re best friends”. I know, i’ve done that before. It’s still wrong. If you are an artist, and you say you have respect for other artists, don’t shit on artists. Even if you dont consider yourself an artist, it doesnt change either way. You’re either a hypocrite, or an asshole. You pick.

“But you people are asking for a source that I don’t have and I realize you’re asking me to go the extra mile to find the artist but I.DONT.WANT.TO. I made this account for ME. This is basically a photo album for me.”

I can tell you from the top of my head some wonderful people who GO that extra mile to MAKE SURE they 1) have permission from the original artist and 2) source them correctly. There are literally dozens of lovelies that i follow that give me the source, the permission link, and the beautiful art that comes with the package. These tumblr blogs are solely dedicated to making sure the artist is happy with their actions, and there are tumblr blogs solely dedicated to making sure assholes like you source your shit. Hell, ive even seen some of your fellow USUK instagram blogs who source to SOURCE YOUR SHIT if you’re going to post other’s art on another SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. If you dont want to be that person, fine, you dont have to. Just PLEASE dont share it to a large audience if it’s meant to be a PHOTO ALBUM for YOU. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to be respectful, stay 5 miles back, you dingus.

“This account could have had 0 followers and been private but I decided to make it open to public viewers.”

WHY? WHY THOUGH? That’s literally the opposite of a personal storage. Again, this is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, meant to be used as a place where artists, bloggers, shops, etc get their stuff out to a large audience. If you wanted to share your “photo album” to your friends, that’s what Skype is for, that’s what Snapchat is for, that’s what a private Facebook is for, NOT a public instagram account. Literally anything private for you and your friends. Not a “following”. If your account “could have been private and have 0 followers”, and you seem to be fine with that, then FUCKING DO THAT??? All of these problems could be solved if you just make the account private and not have the intention of gaining young USUK lovers for your sick ego.

“You people who are dm-ing me and telling me to kill myself are not helping. I will post the content I want.”

This is probably one of the few things i agree with. People should NOT be telling anyone to kill themselves. But, you are making people angry for your terrible actions and reactions. Though, that does not justify these people’s actions. That stuff is terrible, no one deserves that. Its true, that’s not helping, but maybe it will open your eyes a little bit if you decide to be open minded. Instead of these people trying to shove you down, try and use that motivation to not get angry, but to look at it in their perspective. Again, this does NOT justify this user getting these type of DM’s, but take a look again on why they are acting this way. You have the right to post the content you want, but it HAS to follow the guidelines of the person who owns the art, and the guidelines of instagram. You, my friend, violated both of those.

“If you want the source and I so happen to have it, I will give it to you. When I mean “source” I mean name of a doujinshi. I don’t have the artists names because half of my photos are screenshots from other accounts. The other half are photos I save from google and even those don’t have their name.”

THIS is the gold here, friends. THIS is their prime argument. There are SO many things wrong with this, and here’s why: Why would you dare go as low as screenshoting from other’s accounts, or just randomly save from fucking Google images. Do you need me to tell you how Google fucking works? It’s a search engine that allows you to find the images and sources you want. GOOGLE IS NOT A WEBSITE THAT IN ITSELF HAS ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED. You HAVE to go INTO the links and sites that it suggests to you, and not just save from the fucking search engine itself. Maybe if you actually took 3 seconds to click the goddamn link, it could have taken you to someone’s deviantart or tumblr. I can’t even fucking believe this idiotic logic you have. It’s just so baffling. It’s like walking down a street, taking pictures of some cool landmarks, but not telling people where to go visit them itself. You’re just showing them pictures. If someone wanted to go there themselves, they cant, because you’re a selfish prick who didnt bother to look up at the signs. If someone wanted to leave a donation to said landmark to support it, they can’t, because they’d have to wander the streets looking for it instead of you giving them the map that you recklessly tossed away. It’s unnecessary work. The reason why so many people don’t include links and sources nowadays, is because of assholes like you who have this stupid logic. “Well, i didn’t write down the directions, because this person didnt do it either.” It’s a vicious cycle, and it needs to stop. Don’t continue it. Just because your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

“I also enjoy the fact that people are targeting me because I do happen to post on a regular basis and have 1k+.”

????? THIS IS PURE NARCISSISM AND PRIDE, FOLKS. NO ONE cares how many followers you have. NO ONE cares if you “post on a regular basis”. It’s just easier to find you, that’s why you’re being “targeted”. (Also your tags are pretty long, friend. It’s not hard.) If other accounts did the same things you were doing, they would get the same treatment. You’re not special, just because you flip-off artist’s hard work. You’re just another asshole who can’t keep their ego in their pants for 0.3 seconds. “LOL fuck the ‘haters’, i dont care, fuck the man LOLOL”. Keep it behind closed doors, dude. Don’t wave your dick in people’s faces. Sorry, im just so sick of this at this point. Just, don’t be a prick about how your actions are “justified”, honestly.

“If you really expect me to post the source now, you are gladly mistaken.”

I think you spelled “my ego and pride is too big for me to carry, so i’m going to pretend i did nothing wrong and not look at my mistakes” wrong.

“I mean, would you rather me end my life or not post the source?”

How about you just listen to the artists of the art (that you so happen to say you “respect”) that you are reposting? Are you so stuck on either listening to death treats, or not listening to reason? The answer is literally right in front of you. Just say you’re sorry, and move on. Are you really so intent on literally not stopping what you’re doing, that you’re willing to end your own life? Why.

“If you want to bitch about me and my decision, unfollow?? Like I don’t want you on my account if you’re going to be bitching and complaining about my personal choice. Everyone who decides to comment negatively about this will be blocked. I don’t have time for your shit. I don’t care who you are, how many followers you have & even if I am following you. this account was made for ME. follow if you want, I could care less.”

Translation: “If you don’t want to see me shit in public, then don’t look lol”. Yo, you’re using a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM that is designed to be SHARED WITH STRANGERS. If you want to shit with your friends while holding hands, or shit privately, then DO IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Make your account private or use a different platform that isn’t social. Just because I and many others don’t like what you are doing, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to spread your indecency to other unknowingly innocent people who dont know any better. Again, this is just encouraging the vicious cycle. Let me say it again just in case it wasn’t clear:


Literally look at the comments left on this post. People are supporting this because “well, other people do it and they say its okay, so i’ll just listen to this person instead of the artist that im taking the art from.” Sure, your intentions are not meant to be harmful, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you are harming people still. Just because you acknowledge your actions, doesnt mean its solved.

The reason it takes “hours” to find a proper source, is because assholes like this keep on growing the gap between the artist and their art. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS INSTEAD.

It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to be human.




BUT, if you try and rebuttal against my arguments, just be aware that i am open to potentially being wrong, and i am open minded to other sides of the story. Like a decent human being.

//drops mic//