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What do you think people need in order to be better with mathematics? Cause you've talked about how great it is but the US is still so low in the math rankings, and honestly I'm part of that problem since in in college and was so poor in math they put me in a pre-algebra course.... What do you think can be done?

well like… khan academy is good for getting basics … but once you get through your basics… its really important to start understanding how to prove things … abstract mathematics really … explains how everything in this world works imo lmao… everythings fucking fake, and i feel like math really highlights that. we make what is real.

There’s a really inspiring book I’d link to but I feel like… its a bit too abstract for most of yall to really be able to appreciate without like knowing your basics …

And like… honestly, fucking just get an intro to proof book, or a logic book and stuff … learning how to logically work your way through things will help you with mathematics. They should be teaching kids how to prove things before they even move on to ~middle school math~

I’ll link to some later okay yall

To answer this I needed to put this together. Thank you for your attempt to try to explain away Superman Rebirth/Reborn. No disrespect to you but I find myself not really prepared to swallow something so convoluted if this is what DC needed to do to pimp one couple over all others.

IMO this is actually a high handed attempt by DC to relaunch AGAIN to compete with Marvel to get #1s in and scrape back some market share. They could not reboot so soon but hey why not backpedal?

DC rebooted in 2011. They advertised it to everyone as a new verse.  A whole new continuity. Old canon having had their time had said their goodbyes. As they should. They had 25 plus years after all. Doesn’t a new generation deserve a Superman or Wonder Woman to grow with? You would think, right?

They rebooted and got good talent. They tooted their horn. They got market share. They got new readers. Then by the time DCYOU hit, they begun to mismanage their line and fell behind Marvel. Then they suddenly pretended …they never meant to reboot…it w as just a scheme of the Watchmen or as you conjecture perhaps Superboy Prime…and an excuse to drag back in pre new 52 to appease the loud hating fans who wanted everything to stay the same. Fans who hated on the new 52 Superman from day one. Fans who refused to buy comics I might add.

And then it seemed pre ne 52 Superman was back. He and Lois and son survived their world dying and came to live on new 52 earth as “refugees”. A guy, if you liked and cared for HIM, had HIS own origins. And they were very different to new 52. It is no biggie to have 2 Supermen in one verse. It happened before with the KC one in the JSA. But he played happy family for 10 years. Never stepped up. They killed new 52 and made his friends and lover mourn him. Then made older guy take his place. Then they made the son meet Damien and blah blah.  

Then we had a full 180. Suddenly they the same man! They were split! The power of Love reunited them. And new 52 haters rejoiced because the guy they hated for his youth, his idealism, his pro activeness,his suit, his powerful girlfriend, they loved. Cuz you know, nothing defines a man than who he bangs. Or the one human he bangs.

Five effing years of fans lives wasted on comics that were a LIE. Comics that deceived us into thinking it was a new verse. Only to have them come in 1 fell swoop to pimp how important one couple is to the universe and  how real their love is never mind they had no reason for us to give a damn when they were younger in the new 52. I’d faster believe he’d love new 52 Lana than new 52 Lois. She never deserved new 52 Superman’s love. Unless love is pining to be noticed by a woman who was blind to you and throwing the woman  who loved you for you and put her life on the line for you many times under the bus. The reality is, it was 5 years of Diana we had in the narrative. Five years of lies if one is to swallow the bull from Dan Jurgens and Greg Rucka, propped by master mind Geoff Johns.  DC must think we are assholes, I guess. 

If Lois and Clark are so great and such true love why did they deceive so many readers? Why the convoluted bull that changes like the wind and ultimately doesn’t amount to squat nor matter because once they forcibly merged them…everything from Convergence to last month never happened.  You’re not getting pre new 52 Superman back but a getting a whole new origin and events plucked from the past to suit Jurgens. Notice his 90ties stuff will be there, other peoples dumped. He hated the new 52 but will poach from it. Superman will be a great old mish mash. Superboy Prime? Dr Manhattan? Really, Johns?  Only a lazy writer could try to dilute a great story  like Watchmen or try to pretend this as what he planned all along.

Where are the stakes in these stories if nothing was real? Where is the consequence? Unless one is  a blind rabid clois shipper this is plot is full of holes. Holes they can’t cover so they wave their wands to make it all go poof. Events should matter. The journey should be the most important part of the destination. Not you jump from A to Z with no rhyme or reason other than to sound self important. 

The explanation is so confusing and so overly messed up and it’s goal was to elevate Lois and Clark? Like really? Without compromise? So no matter who, when,   what and how ? DC has to lump these 2 together and if you don’t buy it or care…then you’re a fake fan, I guess? I mean Jurgens did say so.

Sorry, I can’t begin to even say how stupid this whole thing is.

Good story telling is fairly simple. It’s about consistency, a good plot, good development and a meaningful payoff. Not jumping the shark to pander to one fandom.

Lois and Clark is not love triumphing. It’s about trying to dictate to fans what they should believe. It is about manipulating a story so badly they are willing to dump on good origins and history. It all feels very self masturbatory. 

Love. It’s a word that is often bandied about. But it means different things to people. 

Let me say, in many books I read Diana and Clark, be they friends or lovers their love has been a love that never preened nor pimped itself. It was always selfless and sacrificing and mostly they stayed true to themselves. It was never about his or her comfort. They never stood by and allowed shit to happen to other people because they saw themselves as some superior symbol that defines the universe. They did their duty by each other and the earth.

And before people try to say Injustice. That guy’s love for his  wife was so dependent it is unhealthy. If you love someone, they should make you a better man.No matter what. A testament to their love is you being the best you can be especially in the face of adversity and loss. Superman is not the only man that loses a family in the DCU. Martian Manhunter and his cousin Kara lost more and they don’t become tyrants. So did being with Lois really help him? Don’t dump his douchebag behavior on the woman. Tom Taylor tries to do that just to pimp clois again. So lazy. 

Superman has tried to change the course of the earth/time to bring Lois back never caring about the consequence to history, people etc. He was willing to give it all up to have sex with her. Reeve movies.

He was willing to muscle in on a good decent man who was a father to his child. Superman Returns.

He drops everything to save Lois, a woman he knows all of 2 yrs but can’t save his own mother.Leaves Wonder Woman in the lurch in a deadly battle to go save Lois. Kills a man for her in Africa and Lois found it quite cute. Fact Jimmy Olsen getting shot in the face seemed to be like an aphrodisiac  

He was willing to kill for Lois if anyone harms her but Diana? Willing to condemn and judge her for Max Lord because she tried to save him and Lois and everyone’s life from him!

He stands by and allows the shit to hit the fan just to play happy family. He’s not unhappy , disillusioned, or angry. He just has to be told the obvious to step up and be a hero.

Now they not only kill one but 2 timelines so they could pet themselves on the back on how great they are. 

My definition of love must surely be different. 

Clois can keep their love. I don’t grudge them a place in the multiverse. Reality is they have many places. Clark and Diana only had one in canon, now they can’t even have that. It was stolen. If clois has to be a law in the multiverse then I am glad to be illegal. Love is not what you say but what you do. Clark and Diana embodied this. No imp acting the writers’ mouthpiece is going to dictate to me.

How to Become A Morning Person/Create a College Morning Routine

Last year everyone was talking about Hal Elrod’s popular book, The Miracle Morning. The Miracle Morning is essentially an hour-long routine that Elrod created for himself in order to foster productivity and achieve his goals. 

The Miracle Morning Elrod proposes lasts one hour and he calls it “SAVERS” or Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Excercise, Reading, and Scribing. He proposes that people should do an average of 10 minutes in each of these categories, but explains that the miracle morning can be changed to accommodate one’s needs.

Since I began the Miracle Morning in August it has revolutionized my life, although I do not follow the SAVERS model. Here’s how I do it, and how you can too!

Step 1: Figure out how much time you need in the morning to get ready. For me, it takes me almost an hour to have breakfast, shower, brush my teeth, make my hair look semi-presentable, get dressed, pack my bag and get out the door. I need an extra 10 minutes if washing my hair, an extra 20 minutes if shaving my legs, and an extra 30 minutes if I am going to do a full face of makeup. So my morning routine usually takes 60 minutes but can take up to 2 hours.

Step 2: Add an extra hour to the time it takes you to get ready. This is how much time you should include between the time you wake up for your earliest class. My earliest class is at 10, so I wake at 8 at the latest.

My typical miracle morning begins with a yummy and nutritious breakfast and a video of some type. I usually opt for my favorite tv shows that had new episodes premiere the night before, Netflix, or Youtube videos. I prefer 20-something minute episodes over 45-minute episodes. As soon as I feel awake enough to begin my day I pause the video and get some homework, peer mentor work, or research done. I also answer e-mails. Sometimes, I even work on blog posts. This takes up the first 45 minutes to one hour of my miracle morning.

At 8:45 I get in the shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and style my hair. I then check the time and see how close it is to 9:45. If I have more than 10 minutes remaining, I will do some more homework. If I have 10 minutes or less until 9:45 I will pack my bags, put on my shoes, and head out the door.

The Miracle Morning has truly improved my life because it has increased my morning productivity, and it has allowed me more time to truly wake up before I have to attend a boring lecture. I believe every college student is capable of adapting their own miracle morning, regardless of whether or not they are a morning person. I find that I am more awake and alert because I allowed more time for myself in the morning than if I had used that time for extra sleep. 

What does your miracle morning/morning routine consist of?



So if you remember from a couple weeks ago, I bought a group of Tsumtsums on sale out of grief for not being able to find the Bambi set! But it turns out, either I misread the release date or they rereleased them (I know so little about Tsumtsum releases lmao), and BAMBI CAME OUT AGAIN AND I GOT THE FULL SET! However I then had to explain who ‘hot dad prince of the forest’ was to my sister… 

I ALSO got to go to Michael’s, and I found a set of watercolor pencils I needed! I had hoped to get a couple of singles (since I only needed 3-4 colors for faceups, on @oak23‘s suggestion), but they don’t do that I guess! But they had a ‘doorbuster’ set of 24 for $5 (a set of 12 was $8!), so I got really lucky! And I found TWO more MTMs, so I got them on sale AND got to use my coupon, which means I got the pair of dolls for $19 instead of $28! Which is practically free, right?! 

… I also might have won something on eBay and I’m going to look for the medium-sized Bambi tsum today. OOPS. 

So it’s indeed a fusion, well here we go with the questions.

Does the fusion have all of the fused gems’ abilities, or is it more powerful than the two? How many gems can fuse into one? Can Steven do it as well? How can it defuse?

Also it seems like you have to dance in order for it to happen, but it might be just Pearl portraiting it like that, she did the same when Steven asked how to summon his weapon.

Never change, Amethyst.

Wait wait something’s wrong here

I am getting a full and complete explaination of something which might be a major factor in the show? Minutes right after the concept was even introduced? What’s happening?


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Top 5 haikyuu teams?

Not gonna lie I was just thinking about this. I haven’t read the manga so these are teams from the anime.

1. Aobajohsai. I LOVE THEM!!!! I honestly don’t know where my ultimate love for them came from, but it’s there and not leaving anytime soon. I.Just.Love.Them.

2. Karasuno. Of course I love our main team, how could I not? I just love everything about them okay.

3. Fukurodani. Do I even need to explain this? As far as the anime goes we don’t know a lot about them, but I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Also, I am actually Bokuto.

4. Nekoma. I love cats, they are cats, it’s a perfect match. I love these cats so much it’s great. I need more.

5. Shiratorizawa. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t much of a fan at first, but after reading different character analysis and fics, I fell in love. They are my children and I love them.


A lot of artists in this fandom are unsure about their prizes they make up for their commissions. Are they too low, are they too high? I see this topic being discussed highly these days, so I thought I may state some things. I am 4 almost 5 years into business administration and learned a lot about marketing, markets and prize settings.

If you are interested in this or an artist that may want a second opinion on this, I will explain a few things under the cut and hope that it will help ♥

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Bring ‘Em Home, part 4

Part 3


**Vietnam War!AU/Soldier!Dean

Tagging @sammysgirl1997


“Are… are you okay? Do you need help?”

“I got it, Sammy. Just… give me a second.”

Sam watched as his brother slowly climbed the four steps up onto the porch, holding his hands out in case he fell. Once Dean was safely on the porch, Sam stepped around and unlocked the front door.

“We’ve set up the small room off of the living room for you,” Sam explained, leading Dean inside. “We figured it would be easiest for you. And maybe that way you could have some sense of privacy.”

“Are you sure you’re not talking about you and Jess getting privacy from me?”

Sam chuckled. “Shut up.”

“No, really, it’s great Sam. Thanks.”

Sam stood awkwardly in the doorway as Dean plopped down onto the cot Sam had set up. “We can get you a real bed if you want. I didn’t know…”

“It’s fine.”

Sam nodded. “How’s your leg?”


“I meant–”

“I know what you meant.” Dean sighed. “It’s… I can’t explain it, Sammy. And I hope to God you never have to go through this.” Dean stared up at him. “You made the right choice, y’know. Going to law school and marrying Jess. If you’d been drafted…” Dean shook his head. There was no way he could tell his brother that he’d had nightmares of not being able to protect him since he was born; those nightmares intensified with the war.


“Thanks again, Sam. For letting me crash here.”

“Well, it’s not much, but it’s better than the hospital. And Mom and Dad’s.”

“And the Army bunker.”

Sam smiled. “Well… I’ll let you get settled. Let me know if you need anything.”


Dean had been gone for almost two weeks when you got a phone call at the hospital.




“This is Sam. Winchester. Dean’s brother.”

“Oh, hello, Mr. Winchester. What can I help you with?”

“Uh, well… I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you.”

“Is something the matter?”

“It’s, uh… well, you know the hospital is sending out a therapist to the house, right?”

“Yes, sir. We figured that would be more comfortable for your brother, rather than coming here every few days.”

“Right. And I really appreciate that. But Dean… he doesn’t like it.”

“Some discomfort is typical, Mr. Winchester. If he complains of muscle aches after treatment, you can give him some ibuprofen.”

“It’s not the therapy he’s having an issue with.”

“Then what–”

“He doesn’t like the therapist.”

This surprised you. “I’m sorry?”

“He… he doesn’t like working with him. I’m not sure why. But I was wondering if perhaps… you could come work with him.”

“Mr. Winchester, I’m not a qualified therapist.”

“But you know the exercises, don’t you? And I know Dean responded to your treatment in the hospital.”


“Please, Y/N. I… I want to help my brother. I’ll pay you. I’ll pay for gas. I’ll do whatever you need of me.”

You were quiet for a few moments. You hated to admit it, but you missed seeing Dean here. Yes, it’s great that he was at home, that he was moving onto his next stage of healing, but…

“I’ll do it.”


“Thank you so much for coming,” Sam said, swinging the door open.

“Of course, Mr. Winchester.”

“He, uh… doesn’t know you’re coming.”

You smiled as Sam led you to the room where you assumed Dean was staying. Sam knocked on the door.

“Dean! Time for therapy.”



“Sammy, I said no. I told you, I don’t want–”

“Come, come, Mr. Winchester,” you said, smiling up at Sam. “I didn’t expect this kind of flak from you.”

You heard the staggering stomp of a regular foot/prosthetic foot combination. The door was yanked open and there stood Dean, green eyes shining down at you. “Y/N?!”

“Hello, Mr. Winchester.”

Dean looked from you to his brother. “What… what’s she doing here?”

“She’s come to help you with therapy.”

Dean turned back to you as if he wasn’t sure you were actually there.

“Your brother tells me he has set up a bar in the backyard. Shall we?”


Dean felt conscious about struggling in front of you. While he appreciated having you there, he didn’t want you to see how much effort this took for him. “I can’t believe my brother called you.”

“He was concerned about you.”

Dean looked up at you. “I also can’t believe you actually came out here.”

Was that a blush on your cheek?

“I… I don’t mind, Mr. Winchester.”

“Please. Call me Dean. You’ve earned it.”

You smiled. “So, Dean… tell me about yourself. What was your life like before the war?”

Dean let out a laugh (which he hoped concealed his grunt of pain). “Is that something all therapists do? Distract you from your screaming muscles with conversation?”

“It can work. But unlike Mr. Johnson, I actually care about the answer.”

Dean nodded. “Well, I hate to let you down, but there’s not much to tell. I barely graduated high school. I was workin’ at my dad’s garage when the draft happened.”

“You fixed cars?”

“Fixed. Rebuilt. I could take a worn out engine and make it purr.”

You smiled. “I always thought people who could fix cars were quite impressive.”

Dean snorted. “Please. You fix people. That’s more impressive than an auto mechanic.”

“Why do you always do that?”


“Make yourself seem so much less than what you are.”

Dean shrugged. “I’m not anything special. And now, missing part of a leg, I’m even less.”

“Dean.” You stepped to the end of the bar, making Dean look into your eyes. “Listen to me. You are not broken. You are not ‘less than’. You… are magnificent. You are brave, strong, and…”

Dean swallowed the lump in his throat. “And?”

You pursed your lips, stepping back slightly. Your gaze was trained on the ground. “And done with therapy for today.”

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I signed up for hormone blockers three months ago. Got in with parents permission, but they said they needed both parents permission. When I asked my dad (who lives across the country) he said that I had a disorder and had to be converted. And I don't know what to do. Because by the time I am 18 (and can legally do it on my own) they won't do anything. I just don't know what to do. It's so screwed up.

Kai says:

Try looking for other places - there might be a place that only needs your supportive parent’s permission since your parents are separated (I think?). Ask the place you go to if they know other places or maybe explain the situation?? And enlist your other parent to help you if you can!


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Soo much luw herw after all ive seen (^~^) But Can someone explain me how these work ? Excuze my stupidness ╥﹏╥

((Thank you <3 And of course I can, you’re not stupid at all! The blog works by having people submit messages - for people they like, admire, or just plain think need cheering up - and putting those messages to an image to post anonymously. 

To submit a message, all you have to do is write it out in the ask or submit boxes, and I do the rest! They should post within the next day, as long as everything runs smoothly. There are no real restrictions to size or content other than no negativity, and trying to keep it to 5 people per message, so if you want to submit something, go wild!

Hope that helps <3))

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I mean just cause It was played differently doesn't mean he wasn't drunk that's obvious to me? it's common sense, he drunk almost an entire bottle of whiskey? do people not know the effect of that. I think they needed him not to be slurring etc like the other time because they wanted to explain his pain and how bad things have got to him but he was still drunk.

Yeah, some people in this fandom are very good and twisting things to fit their own narrative. 😑😑

So I am not surprised their doing it again. Ryan played it different, Robert was still extremely drunk. I’m not always the same type of drunk, when I drink. Sometimes I get tired, other times I’m all smiles and overly happy, it’s different.

But we know he was anon. Let me have what the f* they think they have and we’ll stay over here, in our happy zone. 😀😀

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Hi, about that previous "h slur" ask. Coming from a non English speaking country I've been wondering about that trend that half of any vocab people use is offensive and it baffles me. Here we don't have any special eufemisms like gay and straight so we simply use homo and hetero. Only a-anything gives bit of a trouble as it's a single letter so we use for example aromantic and asexual or make up some shorter version (I've heard 4 different versions of 'ace') if we need to repeat it a lot. 1/3

Because almost all information about aromanticism or asexuality let alone non binary stuff is in English I run all the time to the dilemma of needing to explain or compare stuff about sexuality in a way that is understandable to as many as possible (i. e. using neutral clinical terminology like homosexual) but when I see other people do so they’re shot down as homophobic twats. There really isn’t any other lingua franca other than English to have access to 2/3

wider range of information how other people define sexuality and gender as there are only few studies published that include for example aromanticism and asexuality. Is this trend of any vocab that might have negative connotations or is new like allosexual being offensive specific to North America or should we start to attach disclaimers that vocab is used in its neutral meaning to every mention of it? (Sorry it’s so long, I’ve bottled this for ages.) 3/3 

“Is this trend of any vocab that might have negative connotations”   

*noncommittal wiggly hand motion* I saw it first 4 years ago, so it’s not a new thing. I think it’s an linguistics view point of how English is used. And I can only imagine what a nightmare that is for non-English speaking people or people who don’t have English as their first language. Again, the point here is some people believe in the evolution of language. Which in this case suggests that first usage (which might have been clinical) it matters less than the modern usage. So words like bisexual, queer, homosexual, allosexual, and even [homo/bi/ace]phobia are okay because how they are used. I personally believe in the reclaiming of words, the evolution of words, (and really the availability of a large and increasing vocab) in general so I think each is fine and fits the current standard without being offensive or negative. 

Some people in good faith believe that these words are ruined forever and should never be used because they uphold the existing harmful system in this cause heteronormativity and ableism.

I think what you should do about it, beyond don’t use words 1 on 1 that make people uncomfortable and to simply be aware of these differences really comes down to what you honestly thing about it how language works or should work. 

I did not anticipate spending my morning explaining the difference between “i.e.” and “e.g.” and why, yeah, it does matter which one you use.

I’m also very aware that I’m explaining this to someone with a degree in English who has flaunted that fact before.

This little interlude has messed up my schedule for the morning since I’m having to squish a full day’s work into 4 hours since I’m (finally) going to see the Star Wars costume exhibit in Denver today (!!! I’m so excited to see all of Padme’s costumes you don’t even know)

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Hi idk if I've sent an ask about this (my health condition makes me forget stuff I don't document well) but ur blog is an honest to god treat and its so nice to read posts that reassure me that all the negativity about steven universe is often overhyped and the show is as strong as ever so thank u so much ily

External image

Oh my dear! thanks for thanking me, but theres no need, I am just doing what I feel like doing as an animation fan, a future writer/animator and a great bud!

Again, why spice when u can nice? is always better being nice to people and explaining junk!! if they don’t get it then add salt to mix the spice, but always try the pacifist route first!

About SU, well, I don’t like unfair things! and is really unfair how people’s treating the show, honestly!!

I hope you are having a gooptastic day!! 

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your poem 'nest egg' did that for me. there's no way more concise and cutting to phrase my sense of monstrosity and taitedness at growing up abused as a child/teen than 'i waited but you never returned. was it because i was handled by humans?' thank you so much for that.

like, i think “death of the writer” is kind of bullshit and is a cop out because it was conceptualized as a way to deal with works by cishet white men, but when it comes down to it we do need to contextualize the works of marginalized artists in a way that doesn’t erase their lived experiences. anyway, that was just a long spiel for me to put in front of me saying that i don’t really care to explain my work because that means it’s not speaking for itself, but in this case i’m just going to come out and say that that is exactly what this is about and you’re an astute reader. bless

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hi!! i have a mesh in blender from overwatch that i want to convert to a hair in sims 4. how would i go about doing that? do you have a tutorial or something? how do you do yours from WoW?

Hi there! Super cool you’re wanting to convert stuff from Overwatch, that’s great! ♥♥ Converting can be a tough job, especially when you are just starting out. It’s a matter of many different factors that you need to edit, and for me to write a tutorial without pictures to explain myself, isn’t really going to help much and takes a lot of time.

I can help by listing everything you need to do in other to make a mesh work, and hopefully you can figure out how to make it work with the help of the tutorials I will link and with some research yourself. I learnt everything I know from looking at different tutorials on the Sims 4 Studio forums!

Every type of mesh (in your case, hair) requires different things to take into account. For hair, this should pretty much be your checklist:

  • Placement and size on the head (make sure the mesh fits well on the Sims’ head)
  • Alignment on the scalp (make sure the vertices connect to the head, so that you have no gaps)
  • Scalp texture
  • Diffuse map
  • Specular map (tutorial here)
  • Normal map (tutorial here, or since Overwatch hairs already come with their own bump map, just use that!)
  • Shadow map (tutorial here)
  • Hat chops
  • UV map and UV_1 map (tutorial here)
  • Weights
  • Vertex paint (tutorial here)
  • GEOM cut numbers

There’s tutorials on the Sims 4 Studio forums and all over the internet to do each of the ‘steps’ I have listed here, so hopefully that helps you a bit!

That being said, I do plan on making more tutorials. Until then, I hope this helps you a bit! ♥

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Can you post the rules to get posted on here?

The actual rules page includes screenshots to help explain, but I will copy and paste the text:

Rule 1. Tags

  • ONLY select tags that apply to you. Do not select multiple ages or multiple locations. I try very hard to make this site easy to use and free of spam.
  • Do NOT select both “15andUnder" and “16to17" (or combination of multiple age group tags)
  • Choose YOUR current age. This MUST be stated or selected as a tag. I need to know your age group even if you think it is obvious.
  • If you say you are a certain age but select a different tag, I will delete your submission because your age is not clear.

  • Only select the “USNorthEast” “USSouthEast” etc tags if you live in South East USA - it says US south east for a reason!!
  • The ONLY exceptions are the states Texas, New York, California, Florida and Illinois, which can be selected in addition with the appropriate corresponding tag (USSouthWest, USPacificNorthWest, USMidWest or USNorthEast) and the Ontario tag which can be selected only in addition with Canada.
  • Do NOT select UK and EuropeMainland 

Rule 2. Nudity
GLFG no longer accepts nude, partial nudes or suggestion of nudity.

Rule 3. You must state your age
You may have noticed that I include a disclaimer for all submissions of people under 15. This is to promote a safe blog. It doesn’t matter if you think your age is obvious, you must let me know whether or not I need to put the disclaimer on your submission. It is okay to simply select the appropriate age group tag.

Rule 4. Do NOT submit on behalf of someone else.
Even if it is a friend who is okay with it. If they want to do it, they can. I get too many requests from people asking for their post to be deleted because it was submitted by a friend.

Rule 5.
When you submit a picture, click submit and WAIT. It usually takes a few seconds for this message to appear: (It says the submission has been received and is awaiting moderator approval)
Every time you click ‘submit’ I get another picture. So please resist the urge to keep clicking it. I’m no longer going to post submissions if I receive multiple copies of the same picture all at once. I’ve received 34 of the same submission all at once. If I get 5 or more copies, then it is clear that you have ignore this rule and I will NOT submit your post.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm in need of some advice? I don't see myself as a gender anymore. I barely associate myself with a name. I just- I don't feel male- I don't feel female- I don't feel both nor in between. I just feel there? I used to feel so uncomfortable with myself that I'd break down but now I kinda don't feel anything, other than the discomfort with my chest. I don't really know what to call myself, or how to explain it. (1/2)

(2/2) I don’t know what to do, as I came out to my inner circle and everyone’s finally come around, but I’ve been thinking and I just don’t know if I’m really sure with my identity anymore. Like- my birth name doesn’t sound right, but neither does my other name. Pronouns are weird too, sometimes I feel content with she/her/he/him and other times I feel disgusted by the way it feels. I’m honestly confused and I just don’t know what to think or do

It’s important to take a deep breath and try not to stress yourself about it, I know it’s a very confusing time for you and that whatever you are going through is taking up your mind a lot.

Non binary identities maybe is something you should explore, and find what definitions that fit your particular situation, but if you are incredibly confused regardless going to a doctor specialized with transgender people and this sort of situation may be a very good idea. Even if they are mostly used in order to get medication or surgery and such, they are there to help you figuring out what you are and what feels right for you. There is just so much I can do for you, so I hope I could at least help a bit to guide you what your alternatives are. I wish the most luck for you and I hope you have a great day!

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i just sow your post regrding the naruto ending i just wanted to say one thing they did explain why Orochimaru is not in jail thats becuz they are controlling him like a puppet him and sasuke when something wrong happen in the shinobi world they need strong ninjas like them

Yeah i know that but it still feels… somewhat wrong. And I feel bad for Yamato who has to keep constant surveillance on him, even if knowing his personality, he probably volunteered to do it. As for Sasuke, he did play a part in ending the war so I understand that he was pardoned and I’m glad he was. But he still could have been more present for Sarada in my opinion.

But I mean in most shounen jump series the villain is often forgiven so this is not a new thing… Anyway it’s the first time anyone asked me what I felt about the ending so I just wrote down all my thoughts lmao. I don’t want to start any discourse and stuff though since the manga ended a long time ago and there’s more than enough of naruto blogs that does that and I don’t want to add to that so if people want to discuss the ending with me more please do so off anon so i can answer privately hehe ^^’

MUN NEEDS HELP- Early Sleepover Friday!

Not money- not gonna do that.

No. I’m actually celebrating a early weekend so let’s play a Sleepover Friday!

Let me know what Hogwarts House I’d be in, tell me what I’d be as a demigod (let me know Roman and Greek plus godly parent), and/ or what Egyptian god/ess I would host! - You can simply do this but more incentive

To help make sure it’s fair you do this: Is if you do TWO sorting things (Like either Hogwarts, Kane Chronicles  or PJO sorting) and have 2 sentences explaining why you sorted- You can tell me stuff about you and what you want to be sorted for and I’ll do it back!