do i need to explain this

7 Key Insights on Self Love

1. I need to affirm and to validate myself as it’s hard to accept validation from others if, deep down inside, I don’t believe it’s true.

2. My time is valuable as anybody else’s so I need to prioritise what I need to do.

3. I can’t give to others, and help to build them up, if I’m not taking care of my own self first.

4. I need to remember that I’m worthy of love, of success, opportunities, and knowing happiness.

5. My opinions are as valuable as anybody else’s. It’s up to me to decide and to choose my own beliefs.

6. I don’t have to explain why I do what I do (unless you’re the police or have some authority!)

7. My past does not define me - I’m free to change and grow, to try on different “me”s, and to set inspiring goals.

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I'm convinced Diggle couldn't be in the crossover until the very end not because of his injury but because he would have stopped all that Olicity marriage angst right from the start by sitting them down and explaining how it was just Felicity's fear preventing her from saying yes. Poor Olicity struggling without their relationship guru. It's a good thing Diggle is an expert after 6yrs. and 5 seconds after he showed up they finally figured it out. I guess his presence was enough. :D

That is 

The Power of Diggle

He absolutely would have smacked both of them upside the head! They did need to do it on their own, and I’m glad they did, but at the same time Diggle would have saved them so much time. 

Love of a Father

Overall Summary: You are the oldest child and yet your father treats you as if you are not even his.

Chapter Summary: Your brothers let the dwarves know more about your family.

Pairings: Thranduil x Daughter!Reader

Words: 1339

A/n: Conversations between elves when they’re not with the others are in elvish. I’m too lazy to change their conversation to italics.

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“You have yet to explain to us who you are,” Thorin says as Sigrid, Bain and Tilda help Bard with dinner.

Your eyes can’t help but follow the bowman. What were you going to do about him?

“I am not understanding you,” you say looking at him.

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Hey so…

I’m gonna help @shopistar out with her vet bills situation by doing some commissions! Her pet Aurora isnt doing so great and they need all the help they can get to match up the bills!

Since this a donation commission its gonna work a little differently! 

Please, DM me first or email at (  before doing anything and i’ll explain and send out the paypal email from there..

Thank you so much!

[Lyrics] VIXX - Black Out

From the beginning, I only saw you
A magic I’d never experienced
A black magic that bewitched me
Time always goes on
Even just once
Please give me a chance to try

On this night that gradually becomes more dull
I move toward your two empty-looking cheeks
Until our breaths combine
Hold up baby one moment
I’m only looking at you Follow me 1 2

Black out
What did we do last night
Black out
Actually, I only remember one thing
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body It’s definitely only you

I’m captivated as if crashing down
It didn’t happen even once loveholic
Fateful biologic
It’s hard to explain with words
Leave yourself to me
Follow my lead

The candy I want to give you in your mouth
Don’t force the moments
When you don’t need those sweet, predictable words
Hold up baby one moment
I become one with you and fly away 1 2

Freak out
What will we do tonight
Freak out
I want to see a different you than yesterday
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body I want you

Mm last night mm
Yeah mm ah mm as if we were
flying on a purple cloud
I do whoo remember mm

I can’t stop what I started
Try to escape from a dream I can’t wake up from

Black out
When I see you, I lose my mind
Black out
When I open my eyes you are inside me

Freak out
I want to have you every night
Freak out
You already know all of me
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body
I’m thinking your body It’s definitely only you

Freak out
Freak out

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Friendly reminders to everyone getting upset about Kylo Ren being shirtless in TLJ, claiming that it’s only for fanservice to those “crazy women”:

Number 1:

Originally posted by ren-rey-lo

We had a shirtless scene with Anakin, too. Do you have any problems with that? I haven’t heard of any outcry against it even though this happens in a film where we see him slaughter children.

Number 2:

Originally posted by spicyhorror

Slave Leia.

If you can look me in the eye and explain to me how Leia in that gold bikini was not fanservice and that you never lusted after her, then I will retract what I say. Plotwise there is no real purpose to this. Yes, they needed something for her to do while Luke and Han were being almost executed, but there are many other options than gold bikini. She could have been with them, she could have been imprisoned somewhere else and broken out, she could have been forced to serve drinks like R2 was, or at the very least she could have had a costume that didn’t threaten to expose her in this children’s film every time she moved. But instead, they chose to put the only young, attractive woman in any of the OT films in a costume that could fail and expose her at any moment.

So yes, perhaps we do want to see Kylo with his shirt off because we find him attractive. But that doesn’t really affect anything, does it? What does it matter if he’s doesn’t wear a shirt in one scene? It doesn’t affect you. We are not “silly women” because we think he’s hot. Fanservice exists in practically every movie, you’re just upset that for once you aren’t attracted to the gender that is being sexualized and therefore have nothing to ogle.

How The fuck does the SC fandom deal with this shit? They got people trying to accuse them of being racist all over the place. Where is the fucking logic? Did it jump out the god damn window? Do I really need to explain why they are not racist? Because if I do thats just fucking sad.

They got Westallen shippers who are no longer staying in there fucking lane. Leave them the fuck alone, I thought the drama about the WA and SC comparison was over? But now you wanna try and accuse them of being racist because they havent posted or tweeted about Black Lightning? HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??? Many people dont trust that the CW will do a good job with the representation of both the LGBT community and the black community on the show. I honestly believe they are trying not to get there hopes up because everytime they do they get treated like shit, but just because they dont tweet about the show they are racist? Stop fucking reaching. And I have seen no one say they will boyCott the show in the SC fandom. So stop spreading that rumor

Now they got to deal with Salty and upset james Olsen stans too. I get it, you dont like it when people dont like your fav but the writers have fucked him up. He has less screen, has been made into a side character, and has been reduced to a love interest with a woman he has hated and trashed talked about for a season.

Not only that but now your trying to make it seem like they hate disabled people? What? How? IT MAKES NO SENSE. yes Lena was disabled in a couple of comics I believe, but there are also comics with non disabled versions of her. Theres even comics when she is evil. Why the fuck are you guys so pressed about a fandom who supports non canon gay shit? Do you honestly believe they are that threatening to y'all hetero ships? Why are you spreading rumors and lies about them? This doesnt make them look bad, it makes you look bad. Leave them alone and stay in your god damn lane. Both Supercorp and The james fandom used to be allies, friends. You both need to apologize and make up, cause I’m fucking tired of seeing you guys fighting.

Same applies to you idiots in the Supercorp fandom. Learn how to Anti tag, no one wants to see that shit in the pro tag. You guys honestly need to fucking calm down. I know you guys have been through hell and back but you need to think about the consequences of your stupidity. Think about how your actions will affect how someone else feels. Do what you are good at. You guys honestly have some of the best written Fics ive read, some of the best Video edits, and the funniest memes. So why dont you use all those skills to spread positivity? You guys are good at it, I’ve seen it.

Just please..james stans stop exaggerating and reaching and supercorp shippers be nicer

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What's up with Touka's sudden outburst of "possessiveness" (because I lack of a better word to explain it tbh) I mean, she went from "N-no, we don't have to get married" to yelling "My husband" to a person that just said that as long as he doesn't become someone else's it's ok, did she yell it on the heat of the moment or something?

So I actually think Touka’s “do we really need to get married?” and her yelling of “husband” might be connected. 

Yes, they’d had sex and were going to have a baby, so it’s possible she viewed that as the full commitment, but on the flip side, I’m not sure she really trusted Kaneki’s commitment to her. Abandonment is a hurt Touka still struggles with, so getting married probably means a lot to her, which is why she yells out that he’s her husband in a moment where she probably realizes that she might just be about to die. It’s actually really sad, kind of, and I think it testifies to how hurt she still is over the repeated abandonments in her life, of her father and Yoshimura being captured and Ayato and Hinami and Kaneki too. 

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so you know how john and paul had an inside joke about the song “yesterday” that was like the same tune of that song but about scrambled eggs?? were lyrics actually written for that because i need to see it lmao.

I don’t know if you knew the whole story behind the song Yesterday but let me explain it:

Paul composed the entire melody in a dream one night in his room at the Wimpole Street home of his girlfriend Jane Asher and her family. Upon waking, he hurried to a piano and played the tune to avoid forgetting it.

McCartney began writing lyrics to suit it. As John and Paul were known to do at the time, a substitute working lyric, titled “Scrambled Eggs” (the working opening verse was “Scrambled eggs/Oh my baby how I love your legs/Not as much as I love scrambled eggs”), was used for the song until something more suitable was written. (source)

Another site affirms that the lyrics actually were: “Scrambled eggs, Oh you’ve got such lovely legs, Scrambled eggs. Oh, my baby, how I love your legs.” (source)

And finally the official lyrics with Jimmy Fallon

I hope this helped xo

why do people feel the need to be rude to simblrs who are just starting out? do you remember when you started and you had no clue on what you were doing? i just cant seem to think of a logical reason to bring one down. I mean at least I just don’t understand then feel free to explain to me. these simblrs probably already feel lost and down in the dumps when they see these simblrs with thousands of followers. 

also diversity hate. diversity is a major issue in this world and in the sims community. however, consistently harassing someone on the daily ins’t okay. you are not in the wrong for wanting your culture & heritage to be portrayed. 

if you feel like a simblr is not diverse and you want to say something about it, state your opinion in a professional way with constructive critisim. now i can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do however if you want the simblr awnsering your message to respect you, you should treat them the same.\

to simblrs who are staight up an ass hat when someone tells you that you arnt diverse: 

If you truly believe you are diverse then look back at ur sims and think before you answer the message with a nasty attitude. 

I do realize some people, including myself, get told that we arnt diverse and I can admit. yeah, i could try harder but my “diverse” isn’t just black sims. when i see my sims this is what i see

Pineapple: white

Ollie: black

Ashley: Mixed, black and white

Justin: Mixed, black and white

Isiah: Mixed, black and white

Aimee Vance: Hispanic (colombian)

Lola Yuen: Asian

Rex Vance: White

again yeah I could have tried harder but I don’t have many sims on my blog. 

overall just stop hating each other, stop being dicks to your followers, and love each other as much as whatever god you believe in loves you.


i don’t officially start until the 2nd but that’s fine with me bc i need to buy scrubs and non-mesh sneakers anyway and this way i can deal with finals and school bullshit first so i’m not doing that concurrently

they seemed super enthusiastic about me at the interview and at one point asked if i would also possibly be interested in a phlebotomist position. i admit i was completely thrown by that and sort of stammered that i wasn’t opposed to it but it was unexpected and didn’t you need some sort of two-year degree or certification for that? and the hiring manager was like “no, we train you in everything you need to know! just wanted to throw that out there, but it’s totally fine if you’d rather stick with reception bc we do need both”. explains why they gave me such a thorough tour of the donation area during the interview though; it was pretty obvious they were checking to make sure i wasn’t freaked out by blood or needles

now that i know they want me onboard though i do plan on mentioning wednesday when i come in to fill out paperwork that i’ve given it some thought and if they’re willing to train me in phlebotomy on the side then i would definitely be happy and willing to learn. i did stress during my interview that i really wanted a long-term position that would let me learn new skills, and uh, that’s definitely a skill you can’t learn at many other jobs lmao

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I need help, I really wanna know the name of a bts song.. lmao i seen a fancam of Hobi and tae dancing to it, it was intense (but then again all of their dances are) BUT LIKE HOBIS TONGUE WAS BEING WILD AND IDKDKD I REALLY WANNA FIND THAT SONG BUT I CANT EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY, the outfits they were wearing were almost uniform like? And they all looked so hot:((


cause i might know what song you are refering to…..


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Zosan ( vinsmoke family),6. If you have time

hello anon

thanks for sending me an ask! it was an interesting idea. and apparently i accidentally gone haywire and wild with said prompt. i only planned to write a short drabble at around 1k words at first, but apparently i ended up making a complete 4.9k fic with the idea because i was so into it.

i hope you enjoyed!

“pretend family”


“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” Sanji protested. There was a ring on his finger, matching the one on Zoro’s hand at that moment. The said man looked just as opposed to the idea.

“So Sanji’s dad won’t take him for another marriage.” Luffy answered, his face looked serious for once. All of them knew Judge won’t do anything regarding Sanji anymore at this point, after what has happened and his last statement back in Whole Cake Island.

“Yeah- I know… but why… him?!”

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8x09 (AU?) coda posted

I made no secret of the way I felt about what the writers have done to Danny’s character in that episode.  I needed to do something about it, to explain Danny’s behavior, to fix it, or at least do my best to try.  It may not be ideal, but it’s what the muse wanted (and I guess she’s still not quite over being angry at the show, so the result may not be as positive as in the other codas **shrugs**) 

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i enjoy the vernon "wtf" meme you have. i feel like everyone but me has a folder dedicated to svt memes and i really need to start one. :L

HAHAHAH!!! seventeen just explains situations really REALLY well XD yes!! do start one! :D they come in handy every day~

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i’m missing something, am i missing something? what is this elf meme? who didn’t go to elf practice? why didn’t they go? did i not go to elf practice? am i an elf? Explain. why did the papa elf have a gun? who i thought hermititty or whatever it’s name is was a dentist, the hell does he need to practice being an elf for? do humans have practice being humans? am i not human cause i didn’t go to practice?

this ask gave me a stroke but the elf practice meme is explained here and the post of mine you might have seen is a reference to this video

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I've been in a long distance relationship with a beautiful girl for almost a year now but recently she has become distant and even admitted that she was happier being away from her phone. I understand that she doesn't need to be with me 24/7 but I do feel kinda lonely. Any advice?

i think you need to talk to her about it! ask why she feels happier away from her phone and explain that you feel lonely