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BTS REACTION: Their GF going to work even if she is sick (she is a hardworking person)

Jungkook: With his best smile, he would say that you need to stay home and he would take care of you.

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Namjoon: He would make a text about the danger of working sick and would give it to you. Every time you tried to work, even with a low fever, he would read the text.

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Jin: When he knew you were working, he ran to you. “Let’s go, you need to go to the hospital. No work for you today.”

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Suga: “Will you stay home or do I have to tie you up in bed? You’re sick, you need to rest.”

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J-Hope: He’ll tell you he’ll take you to work, but he’s actually taking you to the hospital. When you notice that the path is different, it will be too late. "I’m only doing this because I love you and I want you to get well soon. Health is more important than work.”

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V: He would appeal, doing aegyo. That way, he would convince you to stay home. As a mother, he would take care of you, picking up food, water and medicine whenever you need it.

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Jimin: You went to work without his knowledge because you knew that he would scold you. Jimin sends you texts, all of them ending with “go back home” and the last text is: “if you don’t come back, I’ll pick you up there and take you to the hospital”.

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64 + Woozi !

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Prompt: 64 ~ “You make it really hard to hate you”

Words: 829

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Asdfghjkl it’s my little squish. This boy really kill me and I absolutely love writing about him. I never get enough Woozi requests and the world can always use more of this precious smol child. You guys are probably lowkey tired of hearing me fanigirling about how jihoon is my ultimate bias so i’m gonna stop even though that probably won’t ever happen

She wanted to be mad at him. She really did, but [y/n] knew that way deep down she could never stay mad at her boyfriend. Jihoon usually wasn’t really the one to show aegyo or skinship towards anyone, but when he knew he was in trouble, he knew that it was the only way to get people to crack, especially his girlfriend.

[y/n] always had a weak spot of Jihoon, even before they started dating. Jihoon made her feel all cute and fluttery inside. It was a feeling that she never wanted to let go of and lucky for her, Jihoon was making that wish come true.

It was a stupid reason to be mad at him. Technically it really wasn’t his fault, but she just kind of wished that he had dealt with the situation differently. It was supposed to be their night. Jihoon promised that he would come home early from the studio and would take [y/n] out for a special dinner. Sadly, that never happened. Jihoon didn’t come back until early morning due to the fact that his manager had asked him to stay a couple more hours to help prepare for their new album. He somehow managed to fail to tell his girlfriend about this and left her waiting at home for her boyfriend to come home, which unfortunately never happened. Now, Jihoon was given the day off due to his hard work the night before and wanted nothing more to spend the day with his girlfriend. [y/n] wasn’t having it though and Jihoon felt awful.

He tried just about everything trying to get her to crack. He made her breakfast to which she refused. He helped her out by handing her makeup to her as she got ready for the day. He even did the chores around the house for her so she didn’t have to lift a finger. Sadly, [y/n] still refused to talk to the boy. Jihoon sighed as he sat on the opposite end of the sofa from his girlfriend. [y/n] was curled up under a blanket as she scrolled through her phone. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows as he watched her, still wondering why she hasn’t cracked yet. Usually she would thank him for everything he had done, even when she was mad, but this time was different. There was only one option left. He dreaded it, but he just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend before the chance he had was used up.

Jihoon stood up from his spot on the sofa and crouched down in front of [y/n]. The girl took no notice of her boyfriend and continued to scroll through on her phone. Jihoon cleared his voice in hopes of getting her attention.

“Yah,” He spoke as he looked at her.

[y/n] glanced up and gave him a glare before looking back at her phone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” He said, “Everything just happened so suddenly and I just kind of forgot to text you that I was going to be late.“

[y/n] didn’t say anything and made no sign of interest in what Jihoon had to say. Jihoon groaned and yanked [y/n]’s phone out of her hands and slipping it into his pocket. [y/n] was about to protest but remembered that she was on non speaking terms with her boyfriend, so she remained silent and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Now that I got your attention, will you please listen to me?” He asked.

[y/n] shook her head no and covered her ears to show her boyfriend that she was serious about this.

“Aish, why do you have to be so childish!” He exclaimed as he ran his fingers through his hair, “It looks like you leave me no choice.”

Jihoon made sure [y/n] was watching as he jutted his bottom lip out and formed a small pout, his pink lips full and eyes filled with sorry. His face looked that of a puppy.

[y/n] clenched her jaw together as she watched her boyfriend pout at her. Jihoon then grabbed [y/n]’s hands and began to swing them back and forth slightly.

“[y/n], you know that I am very truly sorry,” He started, “What more do you need me to do to prove to you that I want to make it up to you?”

[y/n]’s face tembled as she watched him. It was harder than she thought trying to keep a straight face as her boyfriend performed aegyo for her.

“[y/n], please?” He asked with the saddest puppy dog eyes.

[y/n] sighed as she let out a breath that she was holding in.

“You really make it hard for me to hate you,” She said as she looked at her boyfriend.

Jihoon smiled slightly as he squeezed her hands gently.

“I knew I could get you to crack!” He said excitedly.

[y/n] rolled her eyes and pulled her dorky boyfriend on the sofa next to her.

“Just shut up and cuddle me you loser.”

Happy Birthday (Jaehyun Angst/Fluff)

Request: Hello author! I really love ur work and would really appreciate it if u could do a jealous jaehyun scenario ^_^ no pressure though! It’s completely alright if ur preoccupied with something else ,stay healthy andkeep up the good work!<3

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Genre: Angst with a lil bit of fluff at the end (bc jung yoonoh is an actual fluffball)

Word Count: 915 words

(A/N: Thank you so much for the request and the kind words! Sorry it took so long to get it finished, but I hope you enjoy it!!)

Yoonoh opened the door to his apartment, quickly dodging the tomato that flew past his face into the hallway. He could hear your screams from inside, worrying him instantly. Did someone break in? Is she ok? he thought to himself.

He quickly ran towards the living room, stopping as soon as he saw you and Johnny in a tangled up mess on the floor, giggling furiously and clutching one another. Yoonoh couldn’t help himself; he frowned at you both and sighed loudly, catching your attention.

“Hey babe! Did you go to the store? What did you get? I really wanted those new pizza things, I heard they’re rea-” “Johnny, can you give Y/N and I some time alone, please?” Yoonoh said pointedly, interrupting you. Your smile quickly disappeared, looking up to meet his dissatisfied expression. Johnny got up from his position on the floor, walking up to Yoonoh. “Listen, it was my fault, I started it. I’m sorry-” “I get it. Just go,” Yoonoh said sternly. You knew the position your boyfriend found you and his best friend in was compromising, but you never expected him to be this jealous.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” Yoonoh asked almost a little too calmly, turning to face you after Johnny grabbed his things and left. “I- Listen, Johnny wasn’t lying. We were just working on something together and-” “And? And what? Because if I was in the position I found you two in, I would find it very difficult to get any work done. Listen, I know you and Johnny are very close and that’s fine with me. But I don’t like him that close to you. It makes me wonder what happens when I’m not around… He’s a handsome guy. I can definitely see why all of our fans adore him for his charms. I just thought… I thought it wouldn’t affect you.”

You were taken aback. Did he actually think that you were cheating on him with Johnny? He was practically like a brother to you. You would never cheat on Yoonoh ever, let alone with Johnny.

“Yoonoh, please let me explain. Johnny came over after you left because I asked him to help me with something, and we just got into a play fight. He tickled me and we fell over. That’s it. Nothing happened. I would never cheat on you, Yoonoh,” you said truthfully, taking his hand in yours. “Okay, I believe you. But… what did you need help with?” Yoonoh asked. “Well… I… I can’t tell you.” At that Yoonoh pulled his hand out of your grasp, sighing again, this time in exasperation.

“Why not? What do you have to hide from me? I’m your boyfriend, Y/N! We aren’t supposed to keep secrets from one another!” “Yoonoh, I just can’t. You’ll understand soon,” you said, trying to calm him down. “No, I want to know now. The fact that you won’t tell me worries me. How do I know you’re not lying to me?”

You were in a state of disbelief. Why would he ever think you would lie to him? Did he really not trust you that much? You started to become angry, eventually lashing out.

“Fine! You know what? He came over to teach me how to make your favorite food from when you were little. I heard you talking about it all the time, saying how much you missed home and your mother, so I invited your family to my house this weekend for your birthday. And I was going to make your favorite food for dinner. I threw a tomato at Johnny when he wasn’t looking and he tackled me with tickles. We were just messing around. There. Happy now?”

Yoonoh stared at you, mouth agape. He felt awful, jumping on you just for doing something nice for him. He knew you were hurt when he saw the tears forming in your eyes. “Jagi, I- I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” he half-whispered, pulling you into his embrace. You let him hold you, but you didn’t hug him back. “Yeah, well, that’s because you didn’t trust me. Anyways, surprise. Happy Birthday,” you quipped, pushing him away from you so that you could march to the bedroom.

You heard Yoonoh chase after you down the hall, finally reaching you to grasp your forearm and whip you around to face him. “Jagi, I’m sorry. I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this. I promise I’ll listen better next time. You know how I am with jumping to conclusions.” You finally cracked a sideways smile at him, caressing his cheek with your free hand. You knew he didn’t mean it, you just wanted him to be sincere in his apology. “I know, Yoonoh, but that’s not an excuse. We need to work on this together. I’ll stop being so touchy with Johnny,” you said kindly. “And I’ll stop interrupting you and start trusting you more. I promise.”

He took you into his arms and kissed you passionately, his lips fitting like puzzle pieces against yours. As you pulled back, you smiled, poking that dimple on his cheek you loved so much. “One more question, though. Can you still do all that stuff for me for my birthday?” he asked in his sweetest voice, almost doing aegyo to convince you. “Jung Yoonoh, you are sooooo needy,” you laughed, shaking your head. “Only for you, jagi~” he said, wrapping you in yet another hug, snuggling his head into your neck.

BTS - Cute Yoongi
  • BTS: *looks at Suga*
  • Suga: what
  • BTS: *looks at Suga in a more intenste manner*
  • Suga: what
  • Jungkook: alright lets go
  • Tae: *pulls out sac*
  • Rapmon: *pulls out blindfold*
  • Jin: *pulls out cheeseu pija* shit *pulls out ropes*
  • Suga: What the fuck you gu-
  • Jimin: *turns out the lights and turns on a smaller light*
  • Jungkook: Hyung, we're gonna need to ask you a few questions
  • Tae: I thought we only had one question?
  • Jungkook: SHut up this is to make it seem more dramatic
  • Hobi: *slams fist on table* DO SOME FUCKING AEGYO
  • Rapmon: *sighs* we weren't supposed to do good cop bad cop yet
  • Hobi: oh, sorry sorry
  • Suga: What's this all about?
  • Hobi: Just do some aegyo and we'll release you
  • Suga: alright
  • Suga: you asked for it
  • Suga: *transforms into Kumamon*
Red Velvet Reaction to: You Being Their Personal Tutor

Irene: she would be the smart student. the kind where you wonder why she even needs lessons in the first place. until you notice her longing gaze from the corner of your eye and start to wonder if these lessons are just an excuse to meet up with you …

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Wendy: is very focused and dedicated to doing the extra homework you assign her. her answers tend to be wrong though and she’s more focused on doing your work than the schools actual work, so she’s still failing the class. even though she’s trying so hard. wendy knows she can get out of trouble with you, pulling out the aegyo card, but the real teacher is harder to crack.

“I swear I tried so hard, I don’t know why I’m doing so bad!”

but then the end of year exam comes around and wendy shocks you with the A she gets. she pretends it’s your tutelage but in reality, she never needed the lessons at all. oh, the lengths she’ll go to in order to get your attention

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Seulgi: is only failing the class because she’s never there. she’s a student at a dance school, which takes up most of her time. so the only reason she’s struggling is because she’s never there. but your hours were more flexible so she managed to squeeze your lessons in, even if she shows up late half the time, in a tight dancers outfit, dripping in sweat.

“sorry I’m late! I lost track of time!”

what you don’t realize is that she notices the flush on your cheeks, when you see her like that. she knows that you’re getting hot and bothered. she may be a sweet girl but that doesn’t mean she’s innocent …

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Joy: the only reason she even needs lessons is because she spends more time in class goofing off than paying attention. she’s actually very smart, once she focuses. which she did at the beginning of your lessons. but as time went on, her concentration faded away and now she spends more time flirting making you laugh than listening to you teach

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Yeri: is a bit of an attention seeker. she likes the one-on-one attention you give her during the lessons, instead of the classroom filled with other students at school. she’s less afraid to answer or ask questions, so she feels more confident around you. and then she forms a crush, admiring you and sometimes following you like a duckling around the school

“oh, do you need help with that? I’m free right now, I could help!”

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HVC aka Vernon (Vernon)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can i request a 17 vernon scenario request of your group and his group on weekly idol and the mcs are having fun picking on you and vernon because your dating?

(I’m changing it slight I hope that’s alright!)

Summary: They’re jealous because we’re cute

Y/G/N: your group’s name

You knew the exact reason you were guest hosting. A special group was coming on that you were very familiar with. Seventeen. Seeing as how you were almost over every single day to see Hansol. Today you would be guest hosting with Defconn for a few episodes but this one was just so he could pick on you. 

Soon enough you were walking onto the set and asked to introduce yourself “hello I am Y/G/N’s radiant rapper Y/N, I’m very glad to be here” you said after you bowed. “You know why today is even more special for you Y/N?” Defconn asked bumping you slightly, you sent him a light glare before he started introducing the group afterwards you clapped and happily said Seventeen. You watched all of them walk out Defconn got bows and handshakes while you received hugs.

You felt the heat rise on your face as you and Hansol made eye contact when he was infront of you “aw come on no need to be shy” Defconn teased. Hansol wrapped his arms around you “hi” he whispered while you rubbed his back before letting go. Soon you engulfed in another hug by Seungcheol and the line kept going. 

“I feel like there’s more and more of you each time I see you guys” you said earning a soft laugh from a few of them. They were doing the Random Dance challenge “what should we make their punishment be Y/N if they get it wrong?” Defconn asked you. Your eyes opened widely and a smile grew on your face “they should have to do aegyo to the camera or the smack the butt thing” you said “no kisses?” Defconn teased as your slapped him playfully more than once “start the music” you said signalling with your finger. 

Sadly they all didn’t mess up making you glare at them “I don’t like this” you pout. Hansol and you made eye contact briefly smiling slightly as you both listened to Seungcheol go on about things. “Sorry sorry to interrupt but we have heart eyes going on here” Defconn said as you hissed at him “leave it be, leave it be” you said as the heat picked up on your face. You were guided by him straight to Hansol “Vernon and her look so cute together right?” Defconn asked. 

“They’re very annoying” Junhui said “oh?” Defconn said “they’re always touching and Vernon whines when we move between them or he gets mad when we tell him not to kiss her while we’re there” Joshua says. This time Hansol blushed trying to hide himself from the camera, he buried his face into your shoulder which caused even more teasing. You were about ready to kill everyone by the end of the program.

Dating Yoo Kihyun Would Include-

- eating chicken together


- no pda

- he’s always fussing over you 


- forcing him to show you aegyo even if he’s not good at it

- you die a little on the inside since he’s so cute???

- when he got an undercut you were just like wHOA SLOW DOWN THERE BOY

- and then stuck came out and you were just like ???? holy fuck bro this shit is lit af my new jam i love it more than kihyun

- then he overheard you and was like well ok then i love chicken more than you

- and then you both laughed it off

- sometimes when he wakes up (when you’re staying over at the dorm) he sees you playing video games in one of his shirts and he’s just like whoaaa

- laughing at his predebut haircut and him whining to stop looking at it

- ok but you do anyway but if you dont he’ll say he’ll show you aegyo if you do

- obviously you need to put it down

- on lazy days you’ll just be walking around your apartment in matching onsies and ordering takeout (that has lots of chicken btw) and singing monsta x songs

- teasing each other about the eachothers height

- if he’s smaller than you you’ll call him a midget and he’ll just be like i’ll show you midget-

- basically he just sits down on the ground and wraps his arms and legs around one of your legs and you’re just like bOI

- if you’re shorter than him and ask him to reach something for you he’ll be like yes ofc i am taller. i am a tall human being.

- if you’re the same height you’ll argue who was taller and who was smaller

- he likes to cook for you btw

- sometimes he just random will be like baBE GIVE ME A HUG

- and you’re just like ki wyd

- but you hug him anyway

- he just says he likes your hugs

- he loves giving you surprise kisses


- he’s not a big spoon or a little spoon, mostly inbetween

- sometimes when he’s annoying you playfully you’ll pull the “your not my bias” card and he gets all pouty

- minhyuk calling you the new parent

- if you’re feeling down he’ll call the members over to your apartment and you’ll all have a sleepover

- but then jooheon starts to snore and you barely have any sleep 

- ok but anyway

- he puts your feelings before his sometimes you need to remind him that his feelings are important too

- and he’s just like but-

- but then you’re like bUT NOTHING

- listening to music everyday


- sometimes wearing a hoodie or sweater of his outside when you go shopping 

- acting unintentionally cute in public

- just one day you’ll be on a date and he’s just like o god what do i do 

- then you smile at him and it feels like hes on his first date again

- so he just laces pinkies with you

- when he’s on tour he’ll call you and text you whenever he has the chance when he cant skype

- sometimes you’re just sitting on the couch watching tv and he puts his head on ur lap and you just rake ur hand through his hair without even questioning it

- sometimes he questions on how lucky he is to have you sometimes and youre like ki no stfu im the lucky one here

- basically dating kihyun is really fun, adorabLE AND CUTE AND FUNNY AND SJDHFJFGJD DEATH, I WANT DEATH. Its really pure tbh :”) he just wants you to be happy

Dating Series Masterlist

Monsta X Reaction to finding out that you have an adopted child

Got7 version -

I always love to know that you guys enjoy my writting

Y/K/N - Your kid’s name

Shownu - Once you finally got the courage to tell your boyfriend after almost 3 months dating, that you have an adopted child, he would be really confused and lost. Looking at you for an eternity and waiting for you to keep talking, as he couldn’t say anything due to the mess in his head. Shownu would never leave you because of such thing but wouldn’t be expecting it. When meeting your kid, he would be really akward and perfectionist, wanting the kid to like him and to make you proud of him. Since he loved you so much he would want the kid to see him as his appa and would love to hear the kid calling him that, since it assured him that he was doing a good job. When you three were outside, he would have the kid on his shoulders all the time while holding your hand (fuck i cannot handle this). He wasn’t expecting it, but his love for you and the kid would grow big to the point where you two were the most important things he had. 

“Jagi…you just caught me out of guard…” (ft. Jooheon)

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Wonho - Hoseok would be looking at you with big eyes, in shock at what you just said. I can see him getting kinda angry in the beggining since you have been hiding such an important thing for him, but that would just be his first reaction, walking in circles with his hands on the back of his neck and looking at the ground, without saying a word. Once he looked at you and saw the fear in your eyes at the possibility of him breaking up with you, Wonho would hug you thight for some time and then ask you to explain it all to him. He would want to meet your child so much, but at the same time, be lowkey nervous about it. Hoseok would help you with everything from then: with the kid’s homework, taking him here and there…basically everything. even if he was busy, you and your child would be his priority always. The kid would see him as a super cool daddy and would be asking you everytime if Wonho was coming over when he wasn’t around. Wonho would buy the kid toys and gifts when he had to spend too much time far away and make sure to hug him/her and spin him/her around in his arms when he returned. 

“What did you just said?” (look at how confused he is omg)

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Minhyuk - We know how much Minhyuk loves kids and how good he is with them but he wouldn’t escape a big shock xD Your boyfriend wouldn’t even think in leaving you because of that, I feel like he would be one of the most understanding ones and even though it was all knew to him, he would be fine with it. Plus, the kid would love him, and Minhyuk would love the kid just as much and be always excited to visit him/her. He would want to see the kid the moment you told him you adopted a child and he wouldn’t be nervous at all, just really excited… it would be love at first sight from both sides. Whenever your child was throwing a tantrum for some reason, you would just call your boyfriend and as soon as he came to help you, the kid would jump in his arms, now laughing and happy to see Minhyuk (kill me this is too cute). He would spoil the kid too much and give him/her all he/she wanted (kinda like a sweet grandma). Those two would become inseparable.

You- “Minhyuk, did you gave Y/K/N that lollipop that I said he/she couldn’t eat because it was enough of sugar for one day?!”

“Huum … no? ( yes I fuckin did the kid was starving i am a savior ) ” .

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Kihyun - He would attack you with questions, so many that you didn’t have time to answer them all since he was making another one already. Kihyun would be kinda mad like Wonho but would understand you and the reason why you decided to wait to tell him. Kihyun would find this all different and would scare him a little since he wasn’t expecting in having kids at an early age. He might need some time to be able to meet the kid, it was a really important thing and he needed time to think about it. Kihyun would find the child the cutest thing and would want to visit him/her more often, til it turned a current thing and he started to view the kid as his own son/daughter. Kihyun would love to be seen like that: you the mommy and him the daddy. He loved you and the kid with all his heart and you two were his family and his everything so he would worry about every matter that involved the child, since school homework to doctor appointments (pretty much the problems of a father), and whenever people asked him if the kid was his, he would always smile and answer a proud“yes”.

*as Kihyun was taking your kid to the park, someone stopped to play with him/her and asks Kihyun if the child was his*

 “Well I… yes I am the father.”

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Hyungwon - This boy would be a little put off by knowig you have an adopted child since, like Kihyun, the idea of having children was still far away in his dreams. Yet, he loves kids almost as much as Minhyuk and even though he might ask you some time to think, we know he would want to keep loving you and be able to share that love with your kid as well. Just imagine… he himself is still a kid, so whenever they were together, you better expect lots of noise, laughter and things breaking. Hyungwon would love spending time with you two, going out for dinner together, going to the cinema etc., those little things would make his best memories with you two. He might be a little scared at the idea of you having children already but give him some months to get to know the kid and you wouldn’t be able to take the kid out of his arms.

*playing with your kid in your house while chasing him/her and suddenly they break something”

“Let’s hide this in the closet and not say mommy, ok?” 

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Jooheon - He would be caught of guard, so like the others he would be really shocked about it at first. Jooheon would just be kinda sad that you have been lying to him about such an important thing. He wouldn’t think in leaving you, but would stay up that night, thinking about what would change in your relationship. As he thought he was already late in that matter, Jooheon would want to meet the kid as soon as possible. You would open your door, holding your kid’s hand and letting Jooheon enter, who wouldn’t wait and just pick up the child in his arms to start talking with him/her and getting him/her more comfortable with him. He would just know what he was doing. Aegyo, puns and funny faces would be all his tricks to get the kid’s heart, and he would succeed. Their first time together would be really cute and not even akward, they would build this love for each other instantely. Jooheon would make a lot of surprises to the kid, since buying him gifts to going to pick him/her up at school to take him/her somewhere where they could have some fun. Your child would find Jooheon the collest and his biggest hero and would want to show him off to everyone.

*doing aegyo for your kid* “ ♪  You know I love you this much…this much…THIS MUCH!

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I.M - He himself is still a baby XD poor Changkyun wouldn’t know what to do! I see him laughing akwardly and walking around, completely lost since he was expecting you to say everyting but that. He loves kids as well, that wouldn’t be the problem, he was just affraid that he wouldn’t be enough to take care of you and the kid. He would not leave you but would need some time to meet the kid. You would have to make him more comfortable with the idea, telling him why you decided to adopt a child, funny stories that happened with you and your kid and telling him that he was only going to meet him/her when he felt prepared. Of course Changkyun would want do meet the kid, he would just be nervous af. He would pretend to be fine when the day finally come, but would be dying inside… it was such an important thing! It would be kinda akward between those two at first, but as soon they started to play or laugh about something, all that weirdness would disappear. They would become best friends and Changkyun would love to play with the kid, it would just fill his soul. He would love the kid with all his heart and take him/her with him everytime he could.

*making the kid laugh* “Jagi, come play with us!”

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These reactions melt my heart :’(

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



iKON Reaction To Their Girlfriend Getting Jealous Of The Girls In #WYD


“Oh no, I’m sorry. This concept wasn’t my idea, you know I wouldn’t do that to you. I love you”


“I was thinking of you all the time, it was nothing more than just acting, you don’t need to be jealous”


“I prefer it when you do aegyo punches on me, she’s really bad at it”
*He gives you a warm hug hoping to make you feel better*


“I hate making you sad. Please don’t be”


“Look, all I love is you! Don’t think about that girl, there’s only me and you”


“You ain’t got nothing on me”


“Oh, come here”
*Hugs you and kisses the top of your head*

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

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Can I have a mtl for Seventeen and Monsta x??? To date a girl whos a little chubby? Thanks~

With this request I’m going off of what they have said and what they are like in general. All body types are beautiful and if any of these boys can’t handle a lil jiggle they’re WEAK and will NOT survive the apocalypse. Here’s my take on it though: 

Monsta x: 

I believe Minhyuk said that his ideal type are chubby girls?? Plus he’s a sweetheart and I don’t think he cares about weight. Changkyun is next because he’s a little chubby himself and he says he likes personality better so I don’t believe weight matters to him. Jooheon is next because he said he likes girls in jeans and us chubby girls look GREAT in jeans. Hoseok is fourth because he’s literally only ever specified that he likes people who can cook ramen and he’s pretty open minded so I actually think he’s tied with Jooheon as third. Kihyun is next just because I think he’d look cute with a chubby girl especially one with lots of cuteness! Hyungwon is tied with Kihyun because I think Hyungwon really just wants someone to meme with and talk to. Hyunwoo is also tied with Hyungwon and Kihyun because I don’t think any of them are opposed to the idea of a chubby girl. 


Joshua is my first choice out of seventeen? I don’t know why honestly?? I think he’s very open minded?? Vernon is next because he’s specified that he doesn’t look at looks and is more personality, but I’m sure if he meets a hot chubby girl he’s not gonna ignore her looks lol. Minghao is next because he’s similar to Joshua on ideal types, plus he’s just really sweet and I don’t think he minds a little jiggle he will survive the apocalypse. Seungcheol is next because he is THICC and THICCNESS TOGETHER WILL RISE. Woozi is small but he’s also really open minded I believe and I don’t think he really cares as long as she’s sassy. Seungkwan is next because he just wants a friend and someone who is nice. Seokmin is tied with Seungkwan for the same reason. Chan is next because he just wants an aegyo girl. Hoshi is next; I don’t have a reason he’d just be cute with anyone to be honest. Jun because he likes sexy girls and chubby girls sexy as hell. Mingyu is next because he can handle a chubby girl especially a tall one. Wonwoo is tied with Mingyu, cliche, I know. Jeonghan is last I have no idea why I just think he’s more into skinny girls, but I don’t think he’s opposed either.  


Hope you enjoyed this request anon! :) 

BTS cheering you up

“Hi *waves* I’m a Jin Stan. (He helps me a lot when I’m depressed…) I’m really self conscious.. Please may you do a gif reaction where you tell him (+BTS) that you feel Umm self conscious and useless. <3 Thank you <3 xx”

We’ve gotten several requests about depression so I am going to combine them into one to avoid repeats. Always remember that if you are feeling this way the first thing you do is tell someone who can do something about it. The request above is very light compared to some others but I’ll leave it at that.

Enjoy the fluff~

Jin: He is the protective type and would want you to feel safe and loved at all times. Whether it’s morning kisses as he mumbles how much he loves you or randomly showing up at your work with a bouquet of roses, he would make you feel loved and never let you forget how beautiful you are or why he fell for you in the first place.

“You don’t have to feel sad when you have someone like me looking after you.”

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Suga: He would deal with the problem directly, urging you to tell him if you are ever feeling down or depressed. He would sit you down on the couch with him and let you vent to him, listening intently the whole time.

“I want the best for you so let me know when you’re not feeling 100%, okay?”

Originally posted by syubie-hyung

Rap Monster: He would do everything he can to make sure you feel safe and warm around him. He would bring cover you in blankets and bring you hot tea and cookies and only break two cups on his way over, then you two would pick out a movie to watch while you cuddle.

“Do you need anything more? Blankets? Kisses? A Puppy?”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

J-Hope: Cheering you up would be his priority. Random bursts of aegyo or picking you up and showering you in kisses whether your in public or not would become normal things for him.

“Let me be your hope when no one else will!”

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

Jimin: He would send you message after message during all of his breaks to make sure you were happy and doing well. Your happiness makes him happy and he would never let you forget it. Every day he would come home and demand cuddling on your bad days and even the good ones too.

“You should smile more often, you’re beautiful when you do.”

Originally posted by vminv

V: He would constantly remind you of how much you mean to him by little things. He would bring up that time you rescued that lost kitten and when you helped Jungkook study through his last year of school. 

“And remember that time I brought four puppies home and you helped nurse them back to health? See? The world needs you!”

Originally posted by luniekyu

Jungkook: He is still young and probably inexperienced when it comes to this subject. That wouldn’t stop him from doing his best to make you feel important to him but he would be awkward about it which might be the thing that makes you feel better in the first place. 

“Sorry I burnt the cookies I made you…and the cake. And for spilling coffee on the card I made you. Don’t laugh, I’m doing my best!”

Originally posted by shitjeon

-admin shea

He does/tries aegyo so you would stop being mad at him (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -he knew it didn’t work but he tried all the same in hopes you would stop being mad at him- “babeeeeee please don’t be mad”

Dongwoo: -his aegyo usually wasn’t all cute but actually hot which made you less angry at him- “come on you can’t say no to this face”

Woohyun: -he’d throw stuff at you until you turned to look at him where he would shot you aegyo which made you smile- *gif*

Hoya: -he would sit down infront of you and play with your hands until you two would lock with his and he’d give you a smile- *gif*

Sungyeol: -he was a bit aggressive with his aegyo because he needed you not to be mad at him anymore- “come on babe no more silent treatment I’m very sorry you know that I’ll do whatever you want come on please” 

L: -his natural pout was usually enough to make you not mad at him anymore. So when he looked at you he did it quickly before he went back to pouting- *gif*

Sungjong: -he did have to do much to get you not mad at him. He did his normal cute charm and it normally worked- “come on boo. I’m sorry  can I give you a kiss”

Dating Lee Jihoon Would Include-

- ok but like

- if you’re a big fan of skinship ship he’ll try and get over his dislike towards it and start to show more affections to you when you’re along bc well


- but but if you’re smaller than him he’ll get so triumphant about it and just smile a lot

- but if you’re taller than him you’ll forcefully give him piggyback rides but he’ll complain but will secretly enjoy it

- you’ll cuddle a lot and he’s the little spoon so he’s always cuddle into you and sometimes you just have to take a breather since hOW CAN SOMEONE LOOK SO CUTE AND ANGELIC BUT BE AN ABSOLUTE DEVIL

-  ok but he’ll secretly write songs about you and won’t tell you about it until mingyu or something brings it up and he’s just like o shit but jihoon will be like “bring me the guitar”

- ok but after all that drama he’ll just get embarrassed about it and you’ll just be like wooZI PLS

- do not say he looks like min yoongi or he will hit u with a guitar (ok im not joking btw)

- you both play with each others hair a lot when you’re bored

- ok but when he has the day off he’ll come by your place and you’ll just sleep and you’ll wake up and find him playing with your hair and he’ll get embarrassed slightly but he wont admit it

- ok but you guys have really slow meaningful kisses and stuff and you’re just like oHMYGOOOD KISS ME MORE I NEED KISSES

- ok but if you’re actually like that he’ll do it

- ok but if you like him doing aegyo he’ll do it for a short while just to see the expression on your face but will crINGE AND THINK ABOUT IT FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH

- ok but sometimes he gets stressed out and you’re just like BBY NO and you’ll just shower him in love and he just really appreciates it

- ok but both of you have a lot of respect and trust for each other. 

- but he will get jealous at times and wont talk about but just glare a little until you’re alone and you’re just like ok i understand and stuff

- ok so sometimes you’ll just randomly start singing random lines of songs and he writes them down and changes them a little and you’re just like wOOZI wHAT R U DOING

- and he just slams his hand on your face to keep quiet since he got inspiration for a song and you’re just like r u sure u love me 

- and he ignores u

- ok jusT KIDDING he’ll turn to you and give u a peck and u’re just like woozi this is the most affection u’ve given me in a week

- ok but anyway he just really loves you but his discomfort for skinship is making it hard to show affection to you but you dont mind bc you love that small fluff ball even if he doesnt show it at times 

Dating Series Masterlist

NCT 127/ NCT U reaction - you pat their butt telling them “(our baby) uri aegi, did well” in a aegyo voice, after they made a slight mistake on stage


Stop it! I saw you laughing! It was embarrassing! First, you poison me, now you give me the medicine?” he tries to contain his laughter at you patting his butt as you tell him again he really did well. He can’t handle if for a long time as he laughs really loud. “Ok well, a good singer can’t dance always perfectly? Don’t you think so?” You just nod as you agree to him, but still encourage him to give his best next time. Doing some cheer leading for him maybe will help out to fade away his stress…


He comes off the stage frustrated since he always does his best, his best out of best and now he made that stupid mistake. But as he sees you acting cute and even patting his rear he goes like “Arrggh seriously, don’t do this to me!” throwing you a serious killer gaze, you almost think he has gone mad! But later he’ll forget about his mistake and imitate your high pitched voice for your excitement and cling on you like a small child! Thankfully he feels better! Cutie Taegyong!!!


Do you think I did well? Really?”asks you in the same aegyo voice, just to tease you a bit. You know how to make him smile but deep inside he still struggles with trying to dance better…Maybe he needs more than a praising! Like a hug and some good advice from someone who knows how to manage his mistakes! For now, just hug him tightly!


What a joke! Stop lying! I saw you making fun of me! I saw you! Btw, who taught you act like this with me? Taeyong hyung?” He can’t contain his laughing at how funny you are acting…he still won’t buy your praising…as his members also made fun of him! Poor baby! Someone should make him come to his senses! He’ll do better next time for sure! Shut his mouth, kiss him, do something just stop him! He looks like he’s crying deep inside and needs a head patting instead of a butt patting…he surely needs it!


He’s at a loss of words…and trying hard to contain his laughter. Just what was this weird thing you just did to him? You make him forget completely about his mistake for sure! Maybe you need to do something more so he could release his laughing instead of chocking on it like a student who’s trying to behave well in his class! Pat his butt again :P


Uhh seriously? And “our baby” watched well my performance?” he does back some aegyo for you and slightly pats your rear too…leaving you at a loss of words…He doesn’t think much about his mistake since he knows he’ll improve with time and his strong points are his voice and charm…but how could he just let it go in a second? Well, maybe you did some magic on him…

Win Win:

He loves it! Completely! He feels really good having someone who could cheer him up…and in a cute way! For sure he’ll remember that phrase to “pick up” on his fans at fan meetings and he will stick it in his heart and make sure next time he’ll dance without any mistakes…well Winwinnie always learns something new from you!


He doesn’t get at all your action, if he should thank you or not. Not even his mother did it for him, now you’re trying to act motherly and girlfriendly at the same time…he is completely confused!

Ok thanks, but yeah, ok…” he wants to forget it completely and focus on how to do better next time without any mistakes.


“Touching something it’s not yours? You better mind your manners. And what’s with this aegyo fail? Even I could do better! Anyway, thanks, I saw you laughing in the audience when I slipped, so you better not make fun of me like this next time!” So this is how your attempt of cheering him up failed completely!

Reaction (SNSD): When you have mood swings and what they do about them

Taeyeon: *when you yell at her for looking at you wrong* “Excuse me bitch. The hell you think you’re talking to?”

Originally posted by taengtoro

Hyoyeon: “Yuri, please help me. She’s crazy.” *Yuri pats her* “Sorry Hyo, you’re on your own.” *Hyo smiles to hide her fear*

Originally posted by wonderland-angels

Jessica: “You’re mood swings are causing me deep emotional pain, and I’m gonna need you to stop.”

Originally posted by bananamina

Yoona: “I don’t know what to do. You’re more on and off than a light switch.”

Originally posted by silenceonsilence

Yuri: “When you want to be nice again, come talk to me. Not in the mood for your moodiness babe.”

Originally posted by f-x-i-d

Seohyun: “Bish please. I have not got time for you right now.” 

Originally posted by snsdggsoshi9

Sunny: “Please stop yelling at me. Look, I’ll do aegyo for you. Just please stop yelling.” 

Originally posted by monkeydsoonkyu

Tiffany: “Oh jesus, what is wrong with you? I don’t know how to help you babe.”

Originally posted by taengtoro

Sooyoung:”Yeah, I’m going to have to ask you to stop with the outbursts. Not in the mood babe.”

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Exo reaction to their best friend being used by their boyfriend.


Baekhyun: Once you tell, Baek he’d be mad but would be calm because it won’t comfort you at all. He try to crack a joke or two and make you smile. “Well, you don’t need that idiot, when you have an awesome Best Friend like me.” Byunpup proceeds to cheer you up by cuddling you.

Chanyeol: You would burst out crying to him not being able to form actual word. After you tell him everything, the only thing he does is try to comfort you. “Are you ok? Do you need anything? Do you want some tissues?” Channie would become some cute little dork.

Chen: You’d cry because of what your ex did to you. Chen would come over and give you a sweet loving back hug to comfort you. “It’s gonna be okay, Y/N. You are a strong person and that douche bag didn’t deserve you at all. So Baby Don’t Cry~” He’d make you smile and feel somewhat better than before and even throw in some lyrics from Baby Don’t Cry. Cuddlychenchen

D.o: You cry to him saying how you wish you would have never met your ex-boyfriend. This makes Kyungsoo feel horrible because he introduce him to you, but he never meant for you two to get together. “Y/N, I am so sorry. I didn’t want this to happen, for you two to even get together. My Best Friend deserves better.” He comforts you and even hints that he wanted to be the only one for you. Squishysoo

Kai: “Hey, it’s okay best friend. You don’t need him besides you are way to out of his league anyway. I would have dumped him a long time ago if I were you.” Kai would pull you into his arms giving you a comforting hug, making you smile. He’d rest his head on your shoulder and tell you how good of a person you are.

Kris: You tell him why your ex dumped you over video chat. “That Bastard. Do you want me to go beat him up?” He listens to you and turns away from his phone furious and goes to have a little talk with your ex.

Lay: You stand in front of him with a tear stained face. “Y/N, come over here so I can heal all your sorrows away. I won’t ever hurt you, let me take care of you.” Lay will call you over to invite you for a warm hug and maybe even some love from your Bff.

Luhan: Luhan would be furious at your now ex-boyfriend. He will probably want to go beat him up for what he did to you, but you would stop him. He’d break seeing the sight of you almost in tears, and he can’t stand seeing his bff and crush heartbroken. He’d hug you and tell you. “You know what Y/N, forget him. I would never treat you that way.”

Sehun:”Aww, Y/N, you don’t need him.Come here let your best friend comfort you. Don’t worry me cause I love you too much.” Sehunnie would pull you in for a hug and tell you that he loves for you. He’d say how you don’t need that guy and your bff is there for you. Cutesehun

Suho: “Ugh, what kinda of person, more like creature, would do that to you.” Suho would comment that your ex has no sense. 

“It’s okay, Best Friend, you are a queen compared to that piece of trash.Okay?” He’d make you feel better and do some aegyo to cheer you up.

Tao: You come crying to him telling him your relationship was all based on a bet. “See I told you I heard him talking about some bet about you. Now come over here so we can eat ice cream and watch some dramas to get your mind off of him.” Taozi would tell you he was right and then make you feel better by mentioning ice cream.

Xiumin: “Hey, cheer up. At least you have me.” Xiumin poses cooly trying to make you smile and feel better that you have him caring for you.

Hope you’ll like it~ Thanks ^_^

anonymous asked:

HELLO!! How do you thing BTS would react to their gf having a habit of biting her lips when she's focusing/concentrating, occasionally biting so hard they bleed and she wouldn't even notice? UR BLOG IS PERF U IS PERF//sends virtual hugs and keesees//

Jin/ Seokjin : Well I gonna repeat myself I know and I’m sorry but really I think Jin is into the cuteness of girls. So I think it would seem for him to be a cute habit even if he’ll ask her to stop cause she’re hurting herself. He would be the type to take her to the bathroom to cure her bleeding lip, interrupting her occupation that made her all focused and concentrated. He would scold her for this bad habit but it would be more to show up his aegyo and cause he know he’s supposed to do so. But actually I think if she actually stopped doing this he would miss this habit and feel sad to know that she no longer need him to cure her lips.

Suga/ Yoongi : For Yoongi I actually think it would be a big, big, big turn on. I’m sure that the girl couldn’t be ever able to study with Yoongi around. Cause as soon as she would be concentred in her work and began to bite her lips he would be so turned on he would just jump on her haha. I mean seriously this is a really sexy habit and knowing Yoongi he wouldn’t see any cuteness in this. He would only see it as an incredible tease. I think seeing the bloody lips he would just wanna lick the blood out of her mouth and bit himself these pink lips. He would sit on top of her, separating her from her books and would shamelessly attack her lips without asking any permission.

J-Hope/ Hoseok : I think Hoseok would think it’s a cute habit. I mean he would definitely think “Aw~~~ she’s so cuuute~~~” when he’ll see your little frowning face so concentred on your work, biting nervously your lips. If he’s in an horny mood he could also think for a moment that it’s sexy. But as soon as your lips would start bleeding he would just urge you to stop like “Are you crazy ?! you’re bleeding ! Stop it !” He would worry for you and would look after anything to cure your lips. When the bleeding would stop he could nag you saying that you need a curing kiss or something like that. But you can be sure Hoseok would be after that like a mother that goes after you to stop this bad habit, just like for biting your nails you see what I mean ?!

Rap Monster/ Namjoon : Well, Namjoon is hot blooded like Yoongi. But I think he is a bit more moderate. So it would depend on the atmosphere and how he feels in the moment. He could see this as a cute thing and he would just wake her up from her studies to warn her that if she keep on biting her lips she gonna eat all of them, handing her a tissue to weep of the blood. Like, if he is in a kinky mood it could turn him on. Then he would come from behind her to embrace her chest, kissing her neck and shoulders in a teasing way so she could no longer concentrate on her work and succumb.

Jimin : For Jimin as well it would be a cute habit but most of the time a turn on. But contrary to Namjoon and Yoongi, Jimin would shamelessly try to ‘hide’ that he’s excited. He would just sit far away from her and won’t look at her, or try to not. Still this kid would end up keeping on watching, keeping on being more and more excited. He would whimper in a corner like a little puppy till she notice him. She would ask him what’s the matter and he would blush saying that he feels horny. Then she would certainly stop working cause no one can resist to a cute horny Jimin. (I mean seriously NO ONE)

V/ Taehyung : Our 4D is really changing so it would depend on his mood as well. He could see the bloody lips of the girl and just be surprised, making her notice that she’s bleeding and I think that he would even be thinking that it’s gross if it bleeds. Like he could notice it’s an habit and think it’s cute, then he would love to watch her studying to just observe her teeth attacking her lips like this during hours (as soon as it’s not bleeding). But it could also turn him on. He would focus on her lips till he’s so excited he would decide to interrupt her work. He would tease her with kinky sentences and jokes to make her aware that he’s turned on and would turn around her in a playing way like a lion around his prey till she deigns to give him attention.

Jungkook : I think Jungkook would think about it as a cute habit. But he would also be impressed cause it would give the girl such a serious look. He would look at her, amazed, thinking on how hardworking she is. He wouldn’t mind it much, just thinking it’s normal for her to do that. But he would be really worried if her lips started to bleed. As Jungkook doesn’t have much experience in dating I think he would have trouble finding his place like what he can say or not, on which subjects he can give advices or give his opinion or not … So I think it would take time for him to dare telling the girl that she should try stop this habit as soon as she’s hurting herself. Of course baby Kookie wouldn’t think it’s sexy at all cause he’s as pure and innocent as an angel no one should dare to spoil his innocence ok ?! :P

Thank you so much! You are perfect haha! It feels so good to see that people enjoy our work, seriously this is the best thing ever ^^ Thanks for your ask, keep on asking and I hope this is what you were expecting ! Kisses and hugs ;)

- Admin Rime

BTS Reaction to you using aegyo to get something

Request (from @whymeth):

BTS reaction to you being unusually cute and using aegyo to get something you want?? thank you!!

Ah, thanks for the request! I really liked this one ;)

- Admin H

Jin -

*when you use aegyo to ask for ice cream* …Since when could you pull that face omg

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Suga -

*waking him up with aegyo* Jagi you know I love you and I’d love to see that again later but I just gotta *snore*

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

Rap Monster -

*you asked him for the cute tee you saw while shopping* *GREASE BALL ENGLISH ACTIVATED* Ayy gurl I’ll get yu the tee  

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope -

*you ask for beef with aegyo* IF MY BABY WANTS BEEF MY BABY GETS BEEF

Originally posted by jiminb

Jimin -

*you use aegyo to ask to borrow his make up* AHAHAHA JAGI NEEDS PROPER MAKE UP *you blush and shout at him to stop or you won’t do aegyo ever again* Aww, it’s OK jagi, here’s the foundation

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

V -

*asking him for a cute pair of boots* Only if you do that more often *insert greasy wink here*

Originally posted by teyhyung

Jungkook -

*when you ask for cookies you saw him eating* Jagi that was adorable but there’s just some things a man doesn’t share with his woman *proceeds to do manly hair flip* (you - “Like those ever so many cookies?”) … Good point

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

( INTERVIEW ) seventeen for ‘haru*hana’ - vol. 36

q: if you were to appeal (your charm) to a girl, how would you do it?

a. appealing with aegyo
b. appealing wiht manly vibes
c. neither of the options

jeonghan, wonwoo, seungkwan, dino: appealing with aegyo
scoups, hoshi, woozi, seokmin, mingyu, minghao: appealing with manly vibes
joshua, jun, hansol: neither of the options

jun: (he was originally in a option and holding an a plankard) oh i’m not a though haha (handing over the plankard to mingyu)
mingyu: me neither!
wonwoo: then i… (take over the plankard from mingyu)
scoups: oooh, wonwoo choose aegyo?
wonwoo: hehehe
scoups: if you choose a option, i feel like you need to (take pic) with aegyo pose
interviewer: then people who choose a, please look at the camera and give an aegyo pose.. (laughing)
scoups: as i expected!!
dino: since i’m the youngest, i think because my advantage is the aegyo rather than manly vibe so i choose a. jeonghan hyung why a tho?
jeonghan: because i like making aegyo poses
all: ooh
jeonghan: ah, that’s not because people said they like me doing cute poses, ah how do i say it? it’s because compare to manly vibes, aegyo is more playful
seokmin: then please show your aegyo once to the camera
jeonghan: but i did it earlier! (while saying it doing a 너 예쁘다 pose)
scoups poeple who choose b is the members who like to exercise. tough guys…
seungkwan: but hoshi hyung has lots of aegyo why did you choose b?
hoshi: whaat are you taa~lking about? (in a cute voice)
all: hahah
hoshi: i want to be playful while showing my gap (charm)
all: ohhh
hoshi: i feel like there are so many people who think seventeen is a bright cheerful group, but actually seventeen is a group that can show many other charms!

translation by wonlywoo / source d0rem2
take out with full credit

basically-traash  asked:

Sehun trash can thing? Please? 'Cause you love me?


I do love you, hoe, but I love Sehun more so this is for all three of us. XD



I have never known life outside of the Sehun trash bin in the Exo fandom. I have been here for as long as I have know, sitting by my favourite dweeb. I need to make you guys see what I see. 

So, let’s start with the obvious shall we? Oh Sehun is fucking beautiful…

Like beautiful~….

He is a talented dancer…

Shall we see another example? Yes…

Maybe one more…

He is also a complete and total dweeb…

But like, the best kind…

His dweebiness gives me feels…

He’s also the Maknae and he loves to torment his hyungs…

He has so much attitude I am surprised he is able to contain himself at all…

Like sass to the extreme…


But he is actually a really kind person underneath all the attitude…

And that is what I love most about him…

Do I even need to say more than Sebooty?


Good…I bet he gets it all from bubble tea…

And we have to talk about the expressions he makes, cause that is half of Sehun…



Oh and while we’re at it, let’s take a minute to appreciate the glorious Muppet Frown…

Look at dem pouty lips…

Like how does he even get his mouth to do that?…

Oh Sehun is perfection…

And he deserves all the love in the world, cause like…his aegyo…


This is my Bias King everyone…

So love him. And hop into his trash can with me. He deserved all the love in the world. My fondness for Sehun is literally beyond pictures and words, but I hope this made you love him just a little more. <3