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Hey, guess what! To thank you guys for 4K, I’m hosting an art raffle! To those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically me entering the names of everyone who reblogs this into a generator and the first three get some art!

Here’s how you enter:
-reblog ONCE, if you reblog this more than once I most likely won’t enter your username. This is solely because I don’t want to make this process longer than it needs to be.
-tag as fcg4k

-The winners will be announced by April 10. After April 10, I won’t enter any more usernames into the generator or hat or whatever I’m going to use.
-I won’t accept anything NSFW or graphic, nothing illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia/bestiality, you get the gist).
-If you win and you request an OC or character I don’t know, I’m gonna need a reference sheet or detailed description of the character or subject of the drawing.
-Furries or kin art is also fine.

Thanks again for 4K, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or send something into my inbox. If you do have questions, please try to ask me through my inbox instead of messaging me privately, as others may share the same question. Thank you! :)

zethany  asked:

I am so, so, SO very sorry if this has already been asked before. I did some digging through your tags and I couldn't find answers for my particular question... So I apologize in advance if I just didn't do enough digging. I've had a lot of issues with dialogue sequences that go back and forth between two or more characters. I find myself repeating the same phrases such as, "he snickered" and "she cried." Eventually, I just end up using very convoluted word play. Do you have any suggestions?

What you’re asking about here are dialogue tags. There are two schools of thought: Vary the verbs, or don’t fret the “saids.” This is one case where the best practice probably lies somewhere in between. How far you go with different verbs vs. said is up to you as the writer.

There’s another way to break up dialogue, too. It’s my own personal preference, and that’s the use of descriptive beats, sometimes called dialogue beats, narrative beats, etc… This article here describes the two in more depth, but essentially:

Dialogue tag: “You don’t know what I want,” he shouted.

Descriptive beat: “You don’t know what I want.” He slammed the book on the table, knocking over Gena’s wine. 

Both convey anger. Both can be “the right way,” depending on your characters, your style or the needs of the scene.

I tend to write my dialogue either without any tags or just minimal tags when I get started. Often, it literally looks like this:

A: “You’re a jerk!”

B: “Yeah, but I’m your jerk.”

A: “Can’t you stop being a jerk then?”

B: “Are you saying you want to dump me?”

Then, I try to block the scene (much like blocking a stage play) so that I know what the characters are doing, where they’re standing, or other cues that can help with the descriptions. Where no description is needed, I start with said, or asked and replied if appropriate. 

Dialogue beats also help convey something I see a lot of new writers and fanfic writers shying away from, and that’s inner monologue. Your Point of View character can have thoughts during a conversation that can add insight or seamlessly add exposition to avoid infodumping. You’ll find more than a few experienced writers whose dialogue scenes have a lot more inner monologue than external dialogue. You probably just don’t realize it. [Hint: That’s a good thing.]

Favoring descriptive beats over tags means you need to make sure your readers can follow. It’s the one thing I work on the most during editing, too. Again, don’t let fretting over saids and tags and beats ruin your creative flow on your first draft. 

Here’s another good summary of the process. 

Also, make sure you punctuate your tags correctly. Not doing so can be one of those distracting mistakes that can turn readers off and I guarantee will bug the crap out of an editor. 

Now, go. Experiment. Have fun. Enjoy your characters and let them enjoy their dialogue!

– mod Aliya

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Know how to travel to and get around uni! Join tour groups during orientation week, and visit your classrooms before you start. Figure out what’s cheaper in terms of travel. See if you can live on campus possibly? I personally haven’t lived on campus.

The university campus itself is pretty large as well, but you come to like it because otherwise you don’t get enough exercise between sitting on the train, bus and in lectures ;)

Attendance: It’s optional. I try and attend as many classes as possible except when I’m inundated with homework/studying to do, but as I iterated in the previous part, I think it’s best to leave a whole day devoted to studying when making your timetable. 

My advice is to do what you think will be more productive

The reason is because some (really, a few) people actually get a lot done if they don’t feel drained by travelling 3-4 hours a day, and (most) others just bludge the whole day. Work out your studying habits the first semester in the early weeks. 

I personally think skipping is okay and I don’t think of badly of anyone anymore for skipping, but the only thing is that I don’t recommend skipping to do something other than study/catch-up e.g. part-time job or otherwise. 

I always end up regretting when I have a timetable that doesn’t have skippable days though, so make at least one day with lectures without attendance-taking only. 

Most people are pretty lazy though so listening to yourself usually sucks. Go to class if you aren’t sure. 

I do think that attendance has many advantages though, here are some more and less obvious ones:


  • Obvious ones - you can: ask questions, active participation, answer questions, first hand tips about exams from lecturer, get info on assignment deadlines. 
  • You feel less tired and more alert, imo. 
  • You don’t end up spending more than 50 minutes on the lecture (at home you can get distracted and rewind too much)
  • Lecturer gets to know you (may be useful in the future for references, or if you’re looking to do research with them, they want to know that you’re a dedicated student)
  • You get to meet people - the optometry cohort is pretty tight knit due to having to take the same courses, so you can actually get to know everyone in the cohort. Unfortunately I don’t really get to meet the ones that don’t go to class often :(
  • You avoid bad sound quality recordings and missed recordings :)


  • The travel time and the drain on energy
  • The tiny desks that don’t fit anything
  • Unable to pause and stretch during lecture
  • The uncomfortable chairs
  • Fast lecturers are hard to understand nah, it’s the same if you stay at home really. 
  • It’s hard to stay awake during long lectures

Study on the way to uni! Seriously, there is a 1:k ratio for how much I study on the train and what marks I get that semester. Our brain works best in spurts of 50 minutes followed by a break of 20 minutes or so, which is perfect for my travelling. I am super focused the whole train trip, and leave the bus time for relaxing. 

Be early to class. My goodness, I actually turned up like 20 minutes late to 9am lectures regularly back in 1st and 2nd year. Once I even turned up at 9:40 and only had 10 minutes worth of lecture left. I know there are some people who say, why even bother turning up if you’re going to do that *with scorn*, but seriously you can learn a lot in the last 10 minutes, so just go anyway and ignore those naysayers.

Now I always turn up to class 20 minutes early :D It’s a small but nice achievement. You feel much more refreshed, you don’t have to rush to unpack your stuff, you don’t have to sneak in quietly, it’s more polite to the lecturers, and you don’t get known for coming late to lectures (I was running for a society executive position once and someone took a shot at me saying that I turned up to class late and hence shouldn’t be voted for, etc. I still got a position though B) 

Do your research before you purchase a laptop or any stationery. My friend just takes a paper pad, a pen and a calculator to class. I take my laptop and my lab books as well as usually two large pencil cases full of optometry equipment.

Depending on which faculty you’re with and what you prefer to work with (pen/laptop), there’s a lot of variables involved. 

Here’s a few things I had to think about and had to balance: (seriously no one thinks about this or writes this down anywhere)

  • How fast can I note take? Paper vs. laptop
  • How fast do I need to note take - i.e. concepts based courses in arts where you can summarise ideas vs. exercises in maths, vs. science type courses in biology where it’s mostly information?
  • What kind of information do I need to take down - calculations vs. written sentences?
  • Screen needs to be large enough so that you do not need to sit super close to it, and so that you can see both lecture slides/textbook, and typing pane at the same time.
  • Screen needs to be small enough to fit your laptop in your bag
  • Screen needs to be small enough to fit on those tiny writing desks attached to the lecture theatre seats
    • My laptop just half sits on some of these :(
  • You need space in your bag for lunch.

If you’re going to go with paper, I have some general recommendations:

  • Use paper leaf - bringing larger books to uni is cumbersome, and you may need to bring home additional worksheets.
  • Bring your basic stationery kit. For me that’s a blue+black pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and highlighter.

If you’re going to go with a laptop, general recommendations are:

  • Bring a charger for studying at uni.
  • Don’t consider price, but consider sturdiness and lifetime.
  • Choose one that has enough processing power. Too much lag is really frustrating when you get late to class and the lecturer is already making important points. Get a SSD if possible/if rich because the short startup time makes you happy :D
  • Battery size - this is a must consider. My laptop has such a terrible battery life and I cannot stay at uni long without bringing my charger. You need at least 4-5 real hours of typing on a word doc with wifi ON even if you don’t stay back at uni to study.

Get a sturdy backpack, one that has two straps. Yeah sure you can get a fancy leather Michael Kors tote bag but how much is it going to carry and is that enough for the way that you take notes or study? Think about it:

  • Do I need to carry any lab books/equipment? (The issue of weight)
  • Do I need to bring lunch/other personals? (you might be able to just get a laptop satchel)
  • Am I going to be carrying things in my arms (like books/laptop)? I strongly do not recommend it.
  • Laptop or paper - get a better backpack if using a laptop. I recommend a price around $50 for a good quality backpack. You aren’t going mountaineering so no need for anything too expensive.
  • How big does it need to be? I recommend something that can fit your laptop and more comfortably. 

Here’s my description of an ideal bag. 

  • Enough padding so that your items don’t jut into your back when walking. 
  • A leather bottom to prevent the bag fabric from becoming dirty over time
  • A separate laptop pouch that’s padded and with a velcro/button at the top.
  • Two separate compartments for your books/lunch and a front compartment for your pencilcase, phone and other small items
  • Sturdy straps with good stitching that won’t tear after wearing it on one shoulder to get things out. 
  • It’s pretty and fashionable :’)

You need something functional to carry your phone (and earphones), your student card and your Opal card/train-bus tickets at all times in your hands. Gosh how many times have I wasted money on some new pouch or case to find that it’s extremely inconvenient. You need something to carry these items while you walk around and really quickly. A flip case is super inconvenient. It’s a lot better to have an easy-access pocket of some sort. If you’re a guy no problems here. I recommend a phone case that has space for your travel card/ticket on the back so you can tap on/off easily. If nothing else works you can just hold it in your hands when you get out of the train. 

Bring a jacket made of a good material, a sturdy umbrella and a water bottle. Keep them in your locker if you can’t carry them around with you. The weather at uni almost has its own climate! At my uni, there’s a main walkway that’s about 10 metres across and bounded by heaps of tall eucalyptus trees. Every summer it becomes the home of several broken umbrellas and has pools of water that completely soak your shoes and socks :P





commissions are open!

base price: $20

+ each additional figure: $10

+ a simple background / setting / props, etc: $5

+ a simple animated element (such as rain or smoke) : $5

  • prices listed are in USD, and are flexible depending on the complexity of the work
  • email me ( with the specifics of what you would like, including detailed descriptions and reference images
  • i’ll draw just about anything, including gore and nudity, but i will refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable
  • i am accepting payment through paypal only. i will need full upfront payment before i can begin working on your commission
  • after i receive payment, i will do a rough sketch for you to approve before beginning work on the final version
  • if you do not want me to put your commission up on my blog when it is done, please let me know!
  • more examples of my work here (and my gifs here)
  • please contact me with any other questions! 🐝

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question. This is the context: it's the zombie apocalypse. Three characters are ambushed on a medical supply run for another group -- two of them happen to be a nurse and combat trained paramedic while the other is a mechanic. The mechanic suffers the brunt of the ambush. By that, I mean shrapnel from a grenade that hits him in his left eye. Long story short, he is stabilized with what supplies they had btw the three of them. The nurse argues that if left in, there's a chance 1/2

2/2 that his other eye can lose it’s vision, and the medic says that if his eye were to be taking out, he’d have to be on medicines they don’t have to prevent infection (or something to that effect). However, they take the mechanic to a vet who does have (mostly) what they need to do something about the eye. But what would be the best course of action if his eye was completely useless/gone?

Hi there! First I want to clear up a misconception: there really isn’t anything needed to “stabilize” the mechanic character here. From your description it sounds like an isolated injury to the eye, which doesn’t cause any hemodynamic instability.

Another thing to consider is this: losing vision in one eye through trauma doesn’t threaten the vision in the other eye. So there’s not much of a reason for someone to argue for removing the eye to protect the good eye.

Now, your character is definitely going to need ocular surgery, and my first thought was that the only option for the surgeon—in this case, the vet—is going to be enucleation, or removal of the eyeball. But you know what? I just so happen to know a veterinarian, and she just so happened to be online when I started answering this ask, and so I asked her. And here’s what @scriptveterinarian had to say:

“Enucleation is messy, with a risk of damaging the optic nerve of the other eye if you don’t have good scissors. Also buckets of blood loss If the lens of the eye is intact (ideally looking with retroillumination of some sort) I’d try and remove the foreign body/bodies, place sutures in the cornea with the tiniest dissolving sutures I can find, and see whether I can do a third eyelid flap on a human. Quality of work will depend on what sort of equipment I can get. Might have to use a sewing kit and tweezers. If human eye’s are too big for a third eyelid flap, then a temporary tarsorraphy. (Scripty’s Note: this is basically a means of suturing the eyelid shut temporarily while the eye heals.)

The eyeball may deflate, but there’s a chance it will heal up with limited vision and no pain. You don’t risk the other eye, and far less blood loss.

If I haven’t got the right curvy scissors, I’m not attempting to take out a human eye. I know you can’t be too fussy in the post apocalyptic wasteland, but better blind in one eye than in both, and if you take out the eyeball, you have a haematoma develop in the socket which is an infection risk I’d rather avoid if I can.”

The preferred sutures are silk, with nylon as a second choice. As for antibiotics, a vet might have doxycycline powder on hand (it’s used for birds.)

And just when you thought this answer was truly complete, Dr. Ferox came up with this little gem: instead of using eye drops, use the patient’s own plasma. Have your character draw blood and put it in a vial, and rest it on a counter for a while until the red blood cells fall out of solution and sit on the bottom. What’s left on the top will be plasma, the non-formed parts of your blood. Have them use that for eyedrops, 6-8 times a day. It will promote healing, and if they’re taking oral antibiotics, it will actually help deliver that antibiotic into the healing eye (which will do much better than neorevascularization, or spontaneous blood vessel regrowth).  The plasma doesn’t, theoretically, even have to be the character’s, although that’s safest.

So that’s your definitive answer on care of a shrapnel wound to the eye in the post-apocalyptic wasteland!I hope this post  was all you asked for and more.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I Love You

(Or: More Things That People Think Make Sherlock Canonically Straight But They Really, Really Don’t And Look How Beautiful!!!)

Gosh, it seems I’m going to spend the rest of my life writing about The Final Problem, because I loved it so, so much!!! Every little scene is so intensely beautiful. 

One thing that gets me every single time is the “I love you”-scene and how incredibly affected Sherlock is by that moment. Eurus’s tasks are designed to challenge each individual belief system of our heroes: Morality for Mycroft, justice for John. and love - love is for Sherlock. And it nearly destroys him. 

(In case of broken read-more link, click here.)

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jimmyflugen  asked:

How do you show two people talking at the same time, but saying different things? For instant if person A said: "I hate carrots." At the same time person B said: "I love carrots." (of course I'm not just asking for this scenario; how would you do it for anything?)

Usually, this is signified in description. Examples:

“Then, several things happened all at once. [List the several things.]”

“A said, ‘I hate carrots.’ At the same moment, B answered, ‘I love carrots.’”

Format-wise, it’s the same as any other dialogue. Your scene description is going to paint the picture for your readers. Trust them. You don’t usually need to do a lot for them to get it.

anonymous asked:

can you not post otayuri please yurio is 15 in canon he's a minor and otabek is 19 it's so uncomfortable and normalizes pedophilia

Hi! Thank you for the request, but unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill it. The reasons are because I run this blog, and I enjoy Otayuri, so I would like to do what I want with this blog and choose what to post or not to post. Second of all, I do not see Otayuri as a pedophilic relationship. The definition of pedophilia is “the attraction to prepubescent adolescents,” and the last time I checked, Yurio definitely does not fit that description, but alas, this is my opinion. I’m truly sorry you feel uncomfortable about Otayuri and I’ve been reblogging so much Otayuri content, but if you feel the need to, go ahead and please unfollow me. I won’t stop with Otayuri posts, since my job on this account is to please and provide for others, but also to allow me to enjoy and share content. I won’t go any further on how I think Otayuri is a fine ship, since it’s been repeated over and over again on this blog, and the arguments have been tiring, so therefore, I’ll leave it at that. But I would like to point out that most of the Otayuri things I reblog are older!Otayuri or it’s platonic Otayuri. That’s pretty much it, thanks for taking time to read my explanation for refusing your request!


I do Written/Selca ships and moodboards

* Any group/any member
* Give a theme/color
* Be specific i.e Yanan/peach or V/carnival date

Written ships:
* Groups I do at bottom
* Description of you personality

* Max 3 groups
* Comes with description

BBSC{with description}-
* Boyfriend, bestfriend, sibling, crush
* Max 2 groups
* Comes with description

MTL{with description}-
* Most to least compatible with
* Max 3 groups

Selca ships:
* Send a picture/pictures of yourself
* Any group for all selca ships
* Will do private

* Max 10 groups

BBSC{with picture}-
* Max 3 groups

MTL{with picture}-
* Most to least compatible with
* Max 3 groups


* Send in your kinks
* Groups I do at bottom
* Max 3 groups

* Send in your sun sign
* Any group
* Max 5 groups
* Goes off by compatibility

* Only your name is needed
* Any group
* Max 5 groups
* Includes ship name

* Send two pictures of yourself
* Add a theme
* Any group/member
* Will do private

Groups for written/kink ships
* Astro
* Bigbang
* Btob
* Day6
* Exo
* Got7
* Monsta X
* Nct u/127
* Seventeen
* Shinee


How to make Sigils.

Sigils are symbols that are given a certain magical property. Sigils can help with many different types of magical practices by being a part of spells, or by being used as a talisman. The act of making sigils has been around forever, but are primarily used in Chaos magic. You can make sigils for practically anything. Making a Sigil is a fun, and creative process.  I would say it is one of the more creative things you will do on your path. Now I will type a step by step on how to make a sigil…

  1. Choose what you would like your Sigil to do. This could be things such as a sigil to protect you, to find love, to gain luck, to call on a spirit,  to bind, and much more. You can create one for about anything you want, the only thing that could limit you is your imagination.
  2. Now you must write down your intentions in a sentence. Many chaos magicians write this sentence differently. Some choose to write present tense like “I will find love”  and others choose to write past tense “I am loved by another”. All you really need to do is get your intentions into a single sentence. I have found many ways to do this but they all work the same.(refer to Figure 1)
  3. Once you have your sentence it is time to get rid of all vowels, and any consonants that repeat. Go through the sentencing cross out any letters that fit this description.(refer to Figure 2)
  4. Now here is the most fun and creative part of this entire process. Once you end up with the letters that are left you must rearrange the letters into a symbol. The letters can look any way you want them to. they just have to be incorporated into the symbol. You can take the letters and put them into different alphabets. You can write them upside down, sideways or even in a mirrored version of the letter. Once you have incorporated all the letters into the symbol. make sure the symbol feels good to you and don’t be afraid to restart if it does not. once you are 100% okay with the symbol you made draw a circle around it. (refer to Figure 3) Some chaos magicians believe after you make a sigil you should hide it a way, and forget about it, but in my experience, and the experiences of my peers. This is not entirely necessary for the sigil to work.
  5. Now you have to charge the Sigil. Charging the Sigil is what gives the symbol its power. There are thousands of ways to charge it and it seems every time I turn around there’s a new way to do it. You can charge a sigil through pushing energy into it through your hands, meditating on the sigil, dancing around the sigil, chanting over the sigil, or masturbating to it. Once you do one of these things you can put your hand over the sigil to see if you can feel the energy in it. If you  feel the energy it is charged.
  6. Now find a place where you can keep the sigil. I recommend a place where you can always see it. By seeing it, and acknowledging its presence you will charge the sigil more.
  7. That’s all there is to it. The Sigil Will then begin to perform your desired outcome. As long as it has the energy to do so.

Free Raffle

Hey everybody!

So, for a long time I’ve been promising that I’d be doing free dragon busts at some point, so I think I can safely say I can do that now, but by holding a raffle of sorts.

In this raffle 3 folks will receive one free bust of their dragon kinself with a simple background of their choice. But there’s a few things I need to say:

  1. You must be strictly and only dragonkin. That means that you mustn’t have any other kin that you identify as other than a dragon.
  2. You cannot qualify for this if I have already drawn you or if you have commissioned me. I’d like people who cannot afford to commission me to have a chance.
  3. If you only have a detailed description of yourself please, if able, go onto a dragon character creator and get the basics. It makes it a lot easier for me to draw from what I can see rather than going entirely off of detail. If you cannot do that search on Google and gather the closest to how your dragon looks and go from there.
  4. You do not have to be following me. This does not affect your chances.
  5. I will most likely record the process and do a voice over speaking about either the dragon or dragons in general. If you do not want that public be sure to tell me.
  6. I will try my best to get them done quickly within a few days, but we will see how that goes. Art takes time and life likes to be inconvenient, so please be patient.
  7. Please do not lie about any of the information listed and please do not reblog this on multiple accounts if you have them in hopes that you will win.

And I think that’s about it. All you have to do is like or reblog this post! The raffle will end the 25th of May! 


I want to draw everyone’s gorgeous D&D characters!

  • $50 Character Sheet includes: 1 painted character, 3-4 of their items, their name and whatever subtitle you’d like
  • $35 Painted Character includes: 1 painted character

Other Details:

  • I’ll need a character description either with text or with photos
  • Your character doesn’t have to be a D&D character! I’ll be happy to draw any OC you have in mind. :D
  • Paypal Only!
  •  Won’t do NSFW or Gore

Send a message over to to get started or if you have any questions!

Last bit of business, upon sending payment you agree to my terms:

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Shame on you

The CC’s don’t need me to defend them, they have the facts, but defend them I will. I watch all the blogs, I’ve seen the hate, I’ve heard the hate. Note: I have never written on any blog but this one. I watch I observe. I do not believe abuse, name calling, threats solves or proves anything. What ever happened to live and let live. The mia/rrens and c/ills keep throwing back/attacking this blog and other dozen CC blogs. I’ve seen facts, thoughts, teaching/education, observations, descriptions of bad performances/behaviors, even calling that person  out when it occurs, mostly love and support in these blogs. Those sending hate speak and act out of both sides of their mouth. You attack saying what gives us the right to have thoughts or opinions, when in fact you are the ones attacking, name calling and lying, just as you do in your blogs. Yes, I can imagine who you are. Ajw and the others choose from posts submitted and I know for a FACT not all posts that lean towards being derogatory, hurtful, or spill information that is hard to take let alone swallow is written.

When people,we all know of whom I speak, are blatantly abusing/attacking another physically, verbally, etc, and the abused can not, for whatever reason, defend themselves, that person needs to be called out. I am appalled at what you see as ok behavior. I would blame it on the “Trump’s era of abuse”, that is just plain unexceptionable. The behavior needs to be stopped, and none of you are willing to take your head out of the sand and stand-up for what is right. Instead you attack the people who are trying to be a force of light for two magical, prolifically talented people. SHAME ON YOU!         


All true and well said. These people have no idea how tedious it becomes and how annoying it is. As I always say, there is a simple solution. Do not like what we have to say, don’t read it.  I have never once approached someone not in this fandom nor have I ever sent a negative message to anyone directly involved in this mess. I keep my opinion to my blog and others in this community.

tiggytheprincess  asked:

Your gross

When *you’re sending hate and forget to turn on anon for one of the messages  😂 ^^^

Like, lol. This is ridiculous, Tigs. Come on now. 

Backstory: For the people who are seeing this who aren’t familiar with my relationship with this darling girl, we “talked” for awhile, and eventually stopped when she tried to manipulate and guilt trip me. Like, I’d been busy, and we hadn’t even really spoken all that much to begin with. But yeah. Like, I stopped talking to her after that whole fiasco. I saw that I was dodging a bullet, and I left. Like, No. I’m not dating an abuser. Newsflash, emotional abuse, manipulation, guilt tripping your partners when they have done nothing wrong IS ABUSE. 

So, I left. Like, I saw the warning signs, and I was out. She messaged me again a few weeks later with some bullshit apology like, “I’m sorry I came off as manipulative (not I’m sorry I was manipulative). I’m trying to improve. All I can do is ask that you stick around and help me to improve… I thought that’s what mommies did… I’m sorry if I was mistaken…”

LIKE??? COME ON! THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT. That right there is manipulation. You’re saying I’m not a mommy if I don’t take you back and put up with your shit. NO. NO. NO. The door. Bye. Shoo. 

AND NOW, YOU’RE SENDING ME HATE ON TUMBLR! LIKE, YOU ARE A CLASSIC ABUSER. LIKE, TEXTBOOK DEFINITION. I WAS SOOOO RIGHT ABOUT YOU. All you’ve done is show me your true colors. I mean, I knew what you were already, but this definitely validates it. 

Let’s take this from the top, shall we?

1. “Super friendly my ass.” Read the rest of that line. My description literally says, “Super friendly! But also NOT having any of your shit!” Which is exactly how I am. You tried to manipulate and use me, and I told you to fuck off. I would gladly do it again. 

2. “You need jesus”  😂 😂 😂

3. “ Polyamorus relationships are gross, you can’t love 2 people at the same time..” Lmao, okay? That’s like, your opinion man? I’m pretty sure I’ve loved more than one person my entire life. Like, oh I don’t know, my family, friends, teachers, romantic partners? Other important people in my life? And at this very moment, I have two romantic partners who I love. Whatever though, I don’t need to validate this to you. You’re a child. An immature child who needs to have the internet taken away from her before she makes an even bigger fool out of herself. (She’s not really a child. She’s a grown woman, but she acts like a child, obviously. Not as in an age regression way, as in a throwing a tantrum and sending hate because someone doesn’t want her way. I have to state this because trolls.)

4. “ All these poor people that follow you are being mislead” Nah, fam. I’m exactly who I say I am. I was good to you until you showed your true colors. Then, I told you to fuck off. Because literally, fuck you. You’re a textbook abuser, and I’m not playing these games with you. Not interested. Fuck off. I’m not nice to people who aren’t nice to me. I’ve never pretended otherwise. Lmao. 

5. “Your gross” LMAO, YOU ARE SO DUMB. LIKE WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUUUUUUUCK. FUCKING CHRIST. I’M WHEEZING. LIKE, I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING  😂 😂 😂 Who the fuck, messes up sending anon hate? The level of incompetence. I can’t. I can’t  😂 😂 😂 AND THEN ALL THE TYPOS. Bless you’re little heart. Thank you for this gem. Seriously. Thank you. Anytime I’m feeling down, I will have this to laugh at. 

P.S. *You’re gross. 

6. “Who do you think you are? Giving people advice when your terrible at being a caregiver” Lmao. First off, I was never your CG. We were just getting to know each other. I don’t even know your real name, ffs. I’ve only had two official littles, and I received no complaints from either. I’m an excellent caregiver. As a matter of fact, they still come to me when they want to regress, and I let them. Because I care for them, and I like being around them. I don’t like being around, arrogant, rude, abusive assholes who try to manipulate and make me feel like shit about myself WHEN I’D JUST MET THEM. Like, legit, get a life. No, get some help. You need help. 

7.  “ Why are you such a bitch? You don’t deserve to be a mommy, you are not good to littles” I’m a bitch because you’re a cunt. Fuck outta here. I’m good to people who are good to me. Be they littles, caregivers, coworkers, professors, store clerks, whatever! I am not good to assholes. 

YOU do not get to treat me any kind of way and have me stick around. You don’t get to be abusive and then harass me and face no consequences. Next time you feel like sending one of your “exs” (it’s in quotes because we never even fucking dated) anon hate, I hope this memory stops you. 

I hope you feel ashamed. I hope you’re embarrassed. Because you should be. Get your shit together. Leave people who aren’t interested in you alone. Get some therapy and work on your abusive tendencies. Or don’t and continue being an asshole. It makes no difference to me.; I’m never going to speak to you again, lmao. 

Best wishes, Tiggy dear. Now kindly fuck off. 


hiya!! im opening commissions for these three kinds of drawings. I haven’t updated this blog much since my style has changed, so the art you see featured are the only updated examples as of recent.

if you’re interested in commissioning me, either send me a message via messaging system here on tumblr or send an email to As a heads up, I will generally reply faster via tumblr than email.

Things I Will Draw:

  • OCs (please provide refs for me!! and a brief description of their personality would be great as well)
  • Fanart (from any fandom, just provide refs and personal hcs about character that may differ from canon)
  • Furries (need lots of refs for this- I have never drawn furry art before, but if commissioned I’m more than willing to!)
  • Drawing Memes
  • Expression dumps

Things I Will NOT Draw:

  • NSFW / Gore
  • Overly complex characters or designs
  • Armor
  • Complex backgrounds

I do reserve the right to reject drawing your commission if I’m uncomfortable with it even if it’s not listed in the things I won’t draw.

Payment + Other Stuff:

  • I only accept through paypal in USD ($)
  • You can either pay me before I draw your commission or after I send you a rough sketch of it, but no later.
  • A sketch will be sent to you where you can ask me to fix or adjust things, as long as it isn’t anything major. I am not designing your character of choosing! Just redrawing them.
  • The art is for personal, non-commercial use only.
  • How long it takes to get you your commission depends on my freetime, but I will try to get it to you within ~3 weeks. If you need it beforehand for some reason, set me a message with your reasoning and a reasonable deadline for me to finish. 
  • I will ask if I can post your commission here on my tumblr.
  • Each commission will have my blog name on it, but I will make sure it isn’t distracting from the drawing.

Thank you for your interest!! Even if you aren’t interested in commissioning me, reblogging this post would be greatly appreciated! :D

If you have any questions feel free to message me here on tumblr, through messenger for personal questions, but if you have a general question that other people might have, go ahead and send it through the ask box!


The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to place an Image on Clothing

In this Series in which I will teach you how to make your own Custom Content for the Sims 4 or how to do/make certain things in game. You will find out that it doesn’t have to be that difficult as it may look sometimes.
This is because I will show you every single step that has to be done in whatever program is needed. (The Sims 4 / The Sims 4 Studio / Photoshop / Blender)

In this particular tutorial, I will teach you how to place an Image on Clothing using The Sims 4 Studio and Photoshop. (But any other 2D editor can be used too)

*** As some parts of this tutorial may be outdated, take a look at the video description on YouTube to see what to do different. You can click on the YouTube icon in the Media-Player to go to YouTube directly. ***

For more videos from this The Sims 4 Tutorial Series, click the TS4 Tutorials link in the side bar or take a look at my The Sims 4 Tutorial Series on YouTube.


@cidira asked if I have @silivrin‘s kilt replacement or other their files since their files are unavailable thanks to dropbox. Unfortunately I don’t have the kilts but I do have the files above so I uploaded those here. Pictures above have names in description for each file if you’re unsure which one is which.

Does any of my lovely followers have more of Silivrin’s files that they could share? I’ll gladly rehost anything if needed. 

Transcription and Typing Services Offered

I need some extra money as most of what I have is spent on food and that’s being subsidized by my roommate sharing the expenses with me. Extra money could help me buy clothes, things for my cat, non-food household items, and more food. I know this isn’t the typical thing that goes around tumblr, but one thing I can do well is type, so here I am.

I can transcribe audio files as well as from a book (if it’s sent to me or easily acquired from the library) so that a text to speech program can read it. I can do youtube videos, interviews, school notes. I’m willing to transcribe pretty much anything, so don’t be afraid to ask. I am also willing to do descriptions of images if needed or any other typing job for accessibility services. If it has to do with typing, I will do it.

I have a typing speed of 142 words per minute. 

If you want my services, you can email me at We can work out the details and price on a case by case basis. I will likely charge by minute (for audio) or by word (for non-audio) depending on the job. I can only accept payment via paypal. If you have a deadline, let me know in the very first message you send me, so I’ll know this is a time sensitive job.

I appreciate anyone signal boosting this.