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“mothman is bullshit”

fuck him up, bobert

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digging that one flag


Doctor Who




Steven Universe


Rick and Morty

Dream Daddy

Everything Tumblr loves collectively is eventually turned on and ripped to pieces sooner or later.

Undertale and FNAF used to be the toast of the town, now they’re considered ‘cringe’ games. Also screw that Sans is Ness meme; it was inconsequential and you idiots drove that into the ground.

People used to love the themes and ideas of Rick and Morty and now it’s considered edgy and 'fake deep’ even though nothing about the show has changed since Season 2

Steven Universe and Voltron… Do I even need to go into that?

Whenever Tumblr latches onto some new piece of media I am very wary because the cycle almost always continues.

Tumblr destroys all that it loves before moving on to the next activity

anonymous asked:

How's the WINGS tour so far? Are you enjoying it?

JK: >:D

happy women’s day, ladies!! here’s to another year of sisters and cisters both kicking ass together

Mars Flame Sniper!

My first ever commission is done! Rei is always a joy to draw. I love working with her hair. I think this would be the second time I’d drawn her with this attack and it’s nice to return to it. This piece also taught me a lot of new things about the vector side of Clip Studio. Lots of good things I can put toward my future work!

Thank you @sailoreuterpe for working with me!

[This design is on Redbubble! with some alternates here and here!]

roadhog week day 7: otp / brotp

i wasn’t gonna do anything for today since i put so much time into my other pieces but it’s pride month and i love these two gay trans men…so… here’s a quiet moment

A list of near-impossible things Jinbei has done during the WCI arc so far:

  • fully convinced Luffy and the rest to ally with Bege & Caesar in order to have a shot at taking down Big Mom despite their differences
  • bravely stood up to Big Mom, and is the first to ever walk away with his soul/lifespan intact because he ain’t afraid of no damn yonko
  • fending off against difficult opponents like Katakuri & Prometheus, whom even Luffy has a hard time dealing with 

and let’s not forget how he saved Luffy from almost ripping his arms off in a desperate escape attempt, and also when he stepped in to save Nami and Brook from an attack by a half-asleep Big Mom. honestly, at this point, i’ve kinda lost count of how many times Jinbei has saved the life of a Straw Hat member… 

anyway, the bottom line is, Jinbei’s gonna be such a strong (if not the strongest) and valuable addition to the Straw Hat crew, and i can’t fucking wait for him to officially be a part of them and join in the Straw Hat shenanigans!!