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A Strange Announcement.

((ALL DRAWINGS SUPPLIED BY @pastelmoon101. THANK YOU SO MUCH THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. If you haven’t checked out their artistry, I urge you to do so))

Dark rubbed his lips together indecisively, his eyes wandering carefully among the others as he did his best to make sense of how to properly go about what he was about to say.

“Ahem… well, I suppose there is no roundabout way to bring this in, so I shall be blunt. I have taken it upon myself to supply children. Four children. This new… way of life for me, this new change, urged me to develop a purpose beyond paperwork and self loathing. I needed something more for me, something I knew would bring my pride in my work and a development to the new emotions I have been forced with. So I have kids. I wish to… introduce them, to you all.”

He seemed out of place, nervous and awkward as he cast his eyes towards the gloom.

“To begin, they are born old enough to walk. Barely, however. They can mumble a few words, but their features are defined.”

He exhaled slowly, before his eyes turned towards the shadows.

“Come then. Feoria first, darling.”

He spoke lowly, and there was a long train of silence. Finally, the tiny sound of shuffling could be heard. The first who came into the light was the tallest of the four, long black hair, bright evergreen eyes, and a smile on her face as she boldly arrived. She wobbled slightly, her steps were unsteady, she wiggled her arms about but seemed to be experiencing a joy like no other in the presence of others.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

“Stand by daddy, love.”

He spoke surprisingly softly to the toddler, and she popped a squat at his shoes, entranced by her own hands. His eyes moved towards the gloom again, and gave a tiny whistle towards the next.

“Della, come on.”

He beckoned, and a silvery haired saint came striding out with the same uneven steps, eyes fixed in concentration. Her bright maroon eyes watched her steps, seeming eager to show off, wanting to be given pride, wanting to do well. She moved to her sisters side.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

He grinned towards Della as she remained standing, and his eyes flickered back to the curling shadows.


He spoke boldly, this time, and another black haired girl came out. Her darker red eyes were fixated proudly, her walking held almost no stumbling, and she seemed particularly advanced in comparison to the others. Her straight lined face held a ghost of a grin every so often, but she seemed determined, straight forward, and took her place.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

Namya did not need much coaxing, so he did not wait for her to move to his side. His eyes lifted up, and in a much sweeter, quieter tone, he whispered out

“Tove… cmere honey. It’s alright.”

But there was only silence, looming darkness the only thing to be left over. Dark was patient, his eyes glued to things unseen, and he offered a reassuring smile and a nod as if he knew their reaction.

“Come on honey. It’s ok.”

There was a nervous whimper, before another black haired girl stepped into the light. Her short black hair, falling just bellow her ears, messily curling, bounced as she walked with uncertainty. Nervous bright crimson eyes warily glanced at the others, hands clutched to her chest, twiddling her fingers as she nervously moved very close to Namya’s side.

((image by @pastelmoon101))

“These are my children. I expect them to be respected, as they will respect in return when they grow older.”

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Don't you ever feel bad or weird speculating about other people's lives that actually want their relationships and their private lives private and just want to show the content they make?

no because: 

1. i don’t “speculate” in the sense of fabricating things that are unreasonable or untrue 

2. they don’t ONLY share youtube content. they do live shows, they have twitters and instagrams–they frequently tell us more about their lives behind their youtube videos and i don’t draw on more material than that to write about them or talk about their relationship. if they wanted full privacy they could easily achieve it and step back from all social media. but look at their recent pics and tell me if that looks like two people who don’t want anyone to discuss anything but the latest sims video 

3. i’m one person with absolutely no power and sway in the exchange between dnp and their audience. dnp are content creators with massive wealth and influence and they are in a position of power over their fans. one person sitting on a tumblr blog talking about how cute they are together has absolutely no capacity to harm them. arguments about protecting their privacy are well intentioned but ultimately hyperbolic in my opinion bc they don’t need “protection” from people who have far less power than them 

4. as i touch on above, i don’t do anything invasive or empower people who follow me to do anything invasive. i don’t have access to their private communication. i don’t stalk them. i don’t pass off opinion as fact. there are basic boundaries to what i post and say because as much as i don’t have the power to hurt dnp on my own i do respect them as individuals

lol i hope sending in this ask made you feel better, but in my opinion it seems a little smug and self-righteous. unless you want to make a respectful and actually substantive argument for why you think anything i’m doing/saying on this blog is inappropriate, i’ll probs refrain from answering questions like this in future. i hope you have a nice day! x 

twodemigodtraveleroflorien  asked:

Dialogue or just prompts for a siren boy asking for advice about making a human boy fall for him? If that makes sense

● “Can’t you just use your siren seduction?”

“I want love not seduction.”

● “You’re a siren. Making him fall for you will be easy-peasy.”

“I want to earn it without the extra charm. As if I was a human like him.”

● “Why do you care so much for a human? Sirens are your own kind, not to mention vastly more attractive.”

“Sirens are also manipulative and relationship repellant. Humans are pure.”

“First of all, that’s alot of insults about what you are. Second of all, humans are most definitely not pure.”

● “Just be yourself.”

“I don’t think ‘being myself’ will be enough to get someone to cross the tabboo of sirens with humans.”

● “First of all calm down. You’re a siren: cool, alluring, in control. Act like it.”

● “You want advice on loving a human?! Here’s what I got: don’t.”

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I'm not telling you to run your blog or anything, but does it really make sense to cancel all straight people? Because some people that are trans are Straight & other people aren't gross & fetishize other sexualities. Please understand I'm not say how to do your blog or anything, but can you explain more on this idea of 'canceling straight people'? I respect your wishes if you don't want to remove it, but can you explain so I can understand better? ^ ~ ^; Again, I'm sorry if I come off rude

Ah, sweetheart, it was merely a joke. I reblogged the post because the points made about how sexualities are fetishized were really important. The “straight people are cancelled” was a joke. I think it’s important to focus on the message of the post, about how sexualities are severely fetishized by straight people.

In my opinion, minorities should be allowed to express their anger and outrage against their oppressors, be it through jokes or vent posts.

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I dont get the show's writing choices at all. We saw Hook killing Emma's grandfather in a very cruel manner and from the reveal onwards he handled it complely the opposite of how a hero wud. Hook proposed without telling Emma and then chose to burn his memories. When Emma asked him to do things together, Hook was gonna abandon her without telling. i feel confused that there wasnt any payoff like emma and charming forigve hook and emma is utterly in bliss about her wedding to hook. i dont get it

“There’s a problem headed to Storybrooke that only a savior can solve. It’s too bad there isn’t one.”

Everything you described makes sense if we’re all still under Dark Hook’s curse, but with everyone - including Hook - oblivious to it. 

Let me just…okay, I need to put this EB in personal context for my own sanity. I know that my problems are nothing compared to what others have gone through, but the only way I can make sense of stuff is by juxtaposing it with my own life experience. Sappy oversharing ahead. Feel free to skip.

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I know im the 300000th person to talk about this and ive talked about this before but no offense no jokes Yuri!!! on Ice legitimately has my favorite plot twist of all time bc it rewards a rewatch SO MUCH. It changes SO much of the context, but doesnt destroy it. It just lets you experience it AGAIN from ANOTHER characters perspective, and lets all these pieces click into place. The feelings and emotions and reality is all there, it just makes MORE sense now.  More complete. More fulfilling for both Yuuri and Victors stories. And it changes so much of how you view Victor as a character, and was a major reason he ended up being my favorite character.  

When you watch it without spoilers, you’re seeing things from Yuuri’s perspective, which is both unreliable AND missing crucial information, but the development is still rewarding and his perspective is still fantastic. 


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Clockie, your character analyses make me want to hand over all of my journals and personal posts and anything else that documents who I am because I think you'd be able to tell a person so much about themself. I know it wouldn't *work* in the sense that this is real life not fiction with tropes and patterns, but damn. Part of me thinks that you read people really well irl.

Well, now, anon, that’s a very interesting thing to say, but I don’t know if I’d apply what I do with characters directly to real people. Part of me, yeah, is tickled by the idea because there’s something satisfying about knowing how all the little bits work, but human beings need to be handled with more care than, say, a TV remote. There’s the difference of a really neat bug under a microscope and a person who is sitting in the room with you.

Engaging with characters- I put part of myself into them. My expectations and hopes, what I want out of a situation or storyline. And that’s harmless with characters. Much less so with people. I have no business telling other people how to live their lives outside of rather limited contexts where their behavior actively endangers myself, themselves, or others and even that has to be handled delicately.

That said- certainly not here, and certainly not anonymously over the internet, someday, perhaps in a very specifically structured setting with agreed-upon rules, I would love to offer resources and tools to help other people figure themselves out. Main reason why I’m seriously considering pursuing counseling as a career.

…I mean, I wouldn’t want to just like, read over someone’s entire life and thoughts and then stamp them on the forehead with “this is what you’re like”, that’s a terrifying amount of power to have over other people and I’m someone who’s as biased and flawed as anybody else. It seems really satisfying to seek insight into yourself from an objective source and I understand that as much as the next person, but, I am many things and an objective sources is not one of them. 

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The reactions to Frank's spit might be due to the fact that, since he travels a lot and is in contact with a lot of different people he probably carries a lot more bacteria than you and others might be used to, same goes to most musicians and artists in general, and considering Frank seems to be sick frequently since forever I would recommend to everyone avoiding contact with Frank's (and any other artists) bodily fluids, specially if your vaccines aren't up to date/travel safe

this makes sense!

but like i know that he actually is sick right now, evan was telling us that they’ve all been feeling sick and i know that frank went to sleep immediately after the show 3 out of the 4 nights so like in this instance i did catch something but i’ll do my best to avoid his bodily fluids in the future…maybe


alrIGHT this is me being highly brash (potentially because holo is everywhere and maybe i’m just acting on a whim) buttttttt how do ppl feel about me POSSIBLY completing the rest of LLQ in the coming months? 

considering i’ve pretty much revealed the ending to a specific audience, im not sure how much sense this will make/how much i like knowing that you guys will know everything in addition to the fact that this is purely hypothetical and i might not end up having the time/patience/energy to do it at all (aka this isn’t a promise) 

however, i do want to see how many people are still interested in LLQ! also if 1dff doesn’t revive in the time frame that i would be willing to do this, this would all supposedly happen on tumblr.

anyway…….. ya…. pls lmk or drop in an ask or st……

anonymous asked:

Confession: i am only doing uni because, well, i don't want to not do uni. does that make sense? So i spend my days just going through the motions of doing uni work, handing in assignments, all the while living in an alternative reality in my head where i'm doing fun things. And three years have passed in that way. Ever feel like you're just passing time, in your head, and not even being fully present in your life? And that time is just pushing everyone forward and you are just standing still?

That makes sense bc I have felt the same! After high school it’s like what am i supposed to do with life - so it’s either work or go to Uni obviously (unless you have the fortune to do something else that drives you, or if unfortunately, you can’t do any of that). Do you only imagine having fun in your alternate world or do you have activities/hobbies to take a break from reality? Recently I’ve found fun in writing fanfictions, and believe it or not (because I do everything in my power to not study) first I like to research certain things, and think hard about making complex paragraphs and fun dialogues, it fills up my time and I get to produce something and share it. I like drawing too though I don’t do it much, and recently we tried embroidery at Uni and to my surprise I liked it and thought of picking it up sometime in the future (as a kid I hated it). Recently I was so into a game (mystic messenger), and before that an anime (yuri on ice) (- I still love both of them), and judging by my blog I’m trapped in drama-world. What I want to say is during your time that has passed can you come up with something you enjoy even if it’s very little? 

I don’t want to be noisy because you probably already have your own ‘‘concept of life’’ figured out. We all, probably many times in life feel like time is not real and it’s just the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel it often because writing ff or having a tumblr isn’t that special but it’s still something. If I were to give you advice then it is to start something new or find something you’re curious about or it can even be to read more about something you’re not so curious about. There’s nothing that is bad per se so go and explore. It can be off- or online, you may hate it or like it, won’t know until you try, right? Giving an ex. of mine then just two days ago while searching about a fave OTP I found something called ‘doujinshi’. I often stay off explicit stuff so basically I was fascinated and curious so I read thru some lmao and I love art so a plus for me woho. I won’t be making it my daily habit bc it’s not something I enjoy but I’m kind of ‘glad’ to have found something new. And then sometimes I just chill and waste time and go on with life because that’s one kind of activity too imo. Time is just something that’s supposed to pass and sooner or later we will— um, I feel like I’m going off topic….

Either way, I hope you soon start to feel your time is meaningful because life is short and I think people often get stuck in ‘I must do something meaningful’ when sometimes just eating food, helping a kid, smiling at some stranger (lol?) or waking up in the morning to start a new day can be something meaningful. Handing in assignments is an accomplishment too and in the future when you’re entering a new chapter it may all lead to a somewhat satisfying life.

that post abt no one knowing the real you rlly fucks me up bc i dont even do it consciously like i want my family n friends to know me to know everything about me but i just literally CANT BRING MYSELF to be who i really am because who i am is this deeply sad gorl wrapped in her mental illnesses and i love validation so i cant be that all the time so i gotta continue being this person who i’ve made up all the time

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Hey. I just wanted to say thanks. Your such a positive and great person, every time someone asks you for help or something you just have the best answer always. (And as someone who once asked you for help I'm eternally grateful) just being on tumblr and seeing u being a great person has always been able to have a positive impact on my mood. This might seem silly or something but with all honesty thank you :D I hope you have a great day

Oh…Oh thank you! I don’t know what to say… :’D
I try very hard to word my answers in a way that makes some sort of sense; words aren’t my forte as of late.
I’m so happy that I was able to somehow help you, and impact your mood in a positive way. It lets me know that I’m doing something right, at least. <3
This isn’t silly at all. It actually made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you so much <3

cosmic-star-dust  asked:

Tbh I saw a HC that Zen was demisexual/demiromantic and would flirt and do all those things but it never really mattered to him? But when he met MC, since that emotional connection was there, and it wasn't just the looks and the fame, he ended up falling for her. I think that's my favorite tbh, because, being aro/ace myself, I can see how it'd be exhausting to have people throw themselves at you for shallow reasons, and I'd crave an emotional connection, too. Idk I hope that makes sense??

Makes sense to me. I much prefer emotional connection over physical attraction. Like, somebody could be the most attractive-looking male I’ve ever seen or the richest and/or most famous person to ever exist, but if I can’t laugh or cry with them and share our feelings with each other without fear of being judged, then I wouldn’t pursue a relationship. It just… I just don’t think those kinds of relationships would work out well, unless it’s for benefit.

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Baby, out of the boys, who acts like an older sibling to you?

Baby: “Ennard and Frankie are really funny and play with me almost all the time! Bun Bun and Teddy do that as well but they mostly did it in my younger years and have also provided me reassurance and comfort when Ballora wasn’t around to do it. Yenndo is more so the…silent protective father if that makes any sense. When Ballora leaves, he does everything in his power to make sure I’m safe. They’re the best!”

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who are you rooting for in Produce101 season2?? like top 11 maybe. I think I only have like a top 6 at the moment haha. Need more content so I can choose more peeps

just like season 1 i love and support everyone..i have SO many people i support my personal favorite participants are: park woojin, kang daniel, joo haknyeon, park jihoon, kim donghyun, lee seokyu, bae jinyoung, the cube chicks (aka guanlin and seonho), both starship trainees (sewoon and gwanghyun), im youngmin, woo jinyoung, samuel, seungwoo, lee woojin, all of nu’est, all yuehua trainees, both hotshot members, yongjin, and basically do u see where i am going? over 11… this is difficult.. but based on who i actually want to debut it’s very different from this if it makes sense (like i just want some of my faves to get better as idols from this show and not make the group necessarily…if that makes sense..)

creativefrost  asked:

For the reblog do you mean we can't reblog it onto our blogs and would rather us just reply to it? Little bit confused there but other than that I understand everything else.

When I say no reblogs, I mean don’t respond to my reply with a reblog.

So, you send in an ask with the start of your story, then I reply to the ask. Don’t reply back as a reblog, I won’t see it. Respond through another ask. Like you see all my current RP’s doing.

Does that make sense?

In other words, don’t keep the rp going through reblogs.

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Ok, so I was thinking and is it just me, or would Levi avoid using cash at all cost? I mean, at least in modern AU's I'm pretty sure he would use his (sterilized) bank card 97% of the time because money is fucking filthy.

I honestly think that makes a lot of sense, and I had never thought about that. That’s definitely something I could see Levi doing.