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                                                               thunder boy

Vampire Taehyung, because you need it.

Phantasy Series: Vampire Taehyung

The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me.

— i was dulcetyeoll ; hello sunshines! I’m here with my first follow forever and to announce that i’m changing url. i have been dulcetyeoll for two, almost three years now and i think it’s time to change; so let’s celebrate! it’s not that i don’t like the url anymore, i just like mochichans more now eheh; besides, now me and jelly have couple urls ; u ;
i wanted to thank all of my followers, mutuals and senpais for everything. you babies are the main reason i’m still on tumblr and i wouldn’t know what to do without you; there was so many times i was down and feeling sad and people here managed to cheer me up and made me feel so special, so a huge thank you to y’all and here’s my mini-mini follow forever ❤️

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Mochifairyjimin Mutuals Appreciation Post

Hello dear mutuals! This is my first appreciation post, I have been meaning to do this since like months ago but as always life got in the way (more like I am supper good at procrastinating). I might never talk to some of you before but I enjoy it whenever you guys are active on my dash. To rebloggers thankyou for keeping my dash alive and fun, to content creators thankyou for keep bringing new creative contents for us to reblog and keep our dash alive. Check out the blogs under the cut!

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         GO HOME, child.      you have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.   you have a noble father who must surely LOVE you.      consider his grief if you should never return.      perhaps they will bring your SWORD AND SHIELD to him, after you have fallen.      perhaps he will even hang them in his hall and look on them with pride…      but if you were to ask him, i know he would tell you that he would sooner have a LIVING DAUGHTER than a shattered shield.

Hello there!

Recently i’ve hit 1k followeeeers!!! which is absolutely crazy cuz I really don’t think i’m good enough to have many followers like that so i’m kinda shookt. But nways, a lot of good things happened since I created this blog and i’ve got so many friends and y’all are so nice with me so thats it, my first FF. Mostly of these are REALLY great creators and they’re very very very nice, so if you’re new to this fandom, they’re a MUST FOLLOW. =)

☆ - favorites creators  ♡ - mutuals 

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i can give a request if you’d like.. off the top of my head, i’d absolutely love to see any variation of the love square ice skating together, wether actual figure skating or just for fun!!             

woops! mari slipped and both came tumbling down. but it’s okay! because adrien decided it was the perfect moment to give her a kiss <3

lsdkajfaksdjl i tried to do a little animation-y thing @cactusdodes


There is this cool person with this amazing blog that you always wanted to befriend - but you never had the guts to actually tell them? 

This is your chance to let them know!!! Just add the url of your senpai’s blog: @ … 

Oh i like to flip my knife cleaver
flip it in the air
Where will it land well i really don’t care
Inspired on THIS video (warning for blood and cuts and all of that (there is a warning in the beginning of the video but))

i don’t know if i should color it :0 – maybe i will do it later… (and add something else heheh)

This version of horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios