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I've tried to keep following you since you decided to identify as a guy again, but I just can't anymore. I liked and still do like many aspects of your personality, but I've been a fan of so many LGBTQA people who have later decided they were cis and/or straight. I know it isn't, but every time it happens I just feel betrayed because I've lost someone I can look up to that's like me.

I understand what you’re saying and I won’t judge you or be mad at you for leaving, but I would like to say:

1) I never said I was cis
2) While I understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad that you’re being open about your feelings and wanting to discuss them or at least have them be known… I really don’t think this is fair to me at all. Like… you know how badly I wish I could just continue with the way things were before and save people a lot of pain over potentially losing representation that mattered to them? This was the one thing I worried so much about ever since the beginning and it just eats at me when I think about it. Throughout this whole thing I’ve done nothing but try and reinforce and state over and over again the idea that just because I am one way, it doesn’t mean you are any less valid or deserving of respect or representation. I’ve tried so hard to not make this kind of thing a big deal cause it’s like… this is my journey yknow? I don’t speak for anyone else when I say that I felt one way and then one day felt the other. That’s no one else’s cross to bear but mine.
Why should I have to feel guilty about being true to myself, regardless of who “myself” is at any given time. I don’t want to put myself in a box like that. It’s suffocating, and it always was, both when I was a girl and when I’m a guy.
But yet when I see stuff like this all it does is just eat me up and make me feel like garbage cause of this thing I couldn’t control.
And I’m really sorry. I know that I’m kinda being shitty by turning your own pain into a way for me to vent my own shit, but this is honestly the result of weeks now of this kind of fear building and building.
If you’re only willing to follow me because I fit a mold or I fit your own expectations, that’s your decision, and like I said, I won’t judge you, and honestly I don’t blame you. Representation is important. I’m really genuinely sorry I took that away from you. I’m sorry.

im trying not to be Too Mad about the damien gender discourse? bc i dont like getting heated abt this stuff bc it doesnt really matter but it does make me sad, bc like…. i love damien. he’s a goth trans guy who has long hair and wears eye makeup and nail polish and thats something i really want to do, im growing my hair out and i wear red eyeshadow when i can because i love that goth-y look but like…. people are insisting that this makes him femme and it makes my stomach drop bc like… yeah for sure theres people who will go out of their way to invalidate femme trans guys and femme trans guys deserve all the respect in the world but it puts such a.. stigma, i guess… because cis guys get away with having long hair and wearing eye makeup (because, y’know, goths generally wear makeup, regardless of gender) and people don’t immediately jump to claiming that makes them femme.

im not saying that you cant say he is or project on him in that way bc everyone interprets characters in different ways but its kinda upsetting to see people get so angry at people who express discomfort with him being portrayed that way, being the only confirmed trans character in the game, y’know? idk im sorry im just a lil upset and i want people to stop yelling at each other


How to dress steampunk I guess

EDIT: hey I appreciate the love but as the notes grow on this post I am seeing more and more transphobic shit on here. For those posting/tagging this with things like “he looks so good” and “I love men in dresses”; I am not a man. I’m nonbinary and I use they pronouns.

i’m glad you guys like my look, but I stressed about this for months because it was my first formal event where I was able to present as my gender. Nonbinary isn’t just dfab people in suits. As a very “masculine looking” dmab person I prefer to wear dresses and skirts to present as nonbinary. I’m not a man in a dress. Saying “I love men in dresses” or “why does he have better legs than me” is not supportive of me. It’s transphobic. Cis women do not have a copyright on good legs.

Please do not use my post where I actually felt good about myself to enforce your binary. I have spent too long panicking over what to wear to work, and to school, and to family dinners, and to formal events, and to weddings to be labeled as a “man in a dress”

Honestly who gives a fuck if I as a trans guy don’t “look cis” like. I’m a boy. I know I’m a boy, no one can take that from me. So what if I’m not a cis boy, shit if anything I’m like a boy 2.0, New And Improved Boy, latest model Man. Heck off with your cis supremacy man I look amazing and so do all my other trans brothers.

les amis as things my writing teacher has said
  • Enjolras: For this prompt, don't write about cis men. Don't do it.
  • Courfeyac: We should have a walk like a t-rex day where everyone in the school walks like a t-rex.
  • Combeferre: The computer science class is exploiting me.
  • Jehan: Adverbs are very pretty much not your friends. See what I did there?
  • Grantaire: Does anyone else think life is just one sick joke? I feel like God is punishing me.
  • Joly: I went to Stanford for psychology and was an overachiever. Now look at me.
  • Bahorel: D-A-D-D-Y is here. See? I didn't say it that time because you guys yell at me.
  • Feuilly: If I won a million dollars I would reform the school so they could pay teachers more.
  • Bossuet: Hey guys? You need to stop talking.
  • bonus:
  • Eponine: I thought you were my bae but you're just a weirdo.
  • Marius: Our printer can't do anything right. I feel like it's a metaphor for me and ultimately this class.
  • Cosette: Who was writing about the angels? This is good. Oh it's a ten grader.
  • Muischetta: Guys are weak and easily manipulated. Take care of them. They're children. Poor things.
  • Montparnasse: *shouts loudly as he exits the school building in front of a group of children* MOTHERFUCKER!

It’s actually so refreshing to see two guys in the public eye with a huge audience not be afraid to dress up and not say anything about being “too girly” while doing so.

This is not to imply what they were doing in the ‘pastel edits irl’ video was specifically ‘feminine’ or ‘traditionally female’ - I just mean it’s nice (and important) to see them be open to wearing clothes/colours people would typically associate with “girls” and instead just forget about that and enjoy themselves - whilst also being open about how it feels…even if some of their comments were exaggerated for entertainment - it’s still just nice and reassuring!

Generally (outside of the video too), Dan & Phil are very open-minded about a lot of things to do with gender, gender roles, gender presentation and expression etc - and speak about it often in recent years.

I know the video may not really be that…. ~deep~ to many but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while when it comes to D&P and I just wanted to talk about it more after that video posted tonight.

Overall, I’m very grateful to have D&P to look up too. I don’t think they realise what even their ‘silly’ dress up videos can do for viewers like me - who are questioning their assigned gender and the struggles that brings internally and from society - and even those who just have difficulties with embracing the gender expression/presentation they find most comfortable.

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Cis gender boys are so hard to draw ?? Like they have no curves ??? How do I draw that

Cis gender boys are hard to draw because biological woman have obvious curves, like butt and tits, to portray it take less, cause we just need to exxagerate on it to make it look right. But cis gender boys have less obvious curves, but yes, they do have A LOT of curves, maybe more than cis woman! 

Their curves are so delicate that it is more hard to get it right. One distortion and it will look wrong. muscular or not, guys are full of them. You just need more references and practice! 

 Biological woman do have bigger curves couse they need to have a big waist to give birth and bigger brests to feed the child. Guys just have it in a smaller version cause it does not really have function. But yet, they are not that different!

Ultimate passing tips list for pre-t transguys (and some other tips too)

Yes passing is a social construct yada yada yada but if you want some tips to look like a average joe cis male and pass for say bathroom situations or in public this is for you. I know you can wear whatever you want and do whatever you want but these things can help you pass if that’s what you want. This is info I’ve gathered over the years and stuff I’ve learnt myself too so i thought i’d put them in one place. 

This stuff works for me, i pass all the time basically even if i am perceived as a younger guy that’s fine by me.

its pretty lengthy so the topics are facial hair, hair, jaw, voice, height, hips, packing, binding, swimming, working out, foods, body language, clothes and bathrooms.

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I'm new to your blog, and I just saw you headcanon Peter as trans and I love it! Why do you think this Peter Parker (in Homecoming) is specifically trans? I'm looking for some good meta on that!

i personally think the trans headcanon works especially well for mcu peter because:

• how obsessed he seems to be with emphasizing that he’s a man. the way he says “i’m spider-MAN” or how upset he seemed to be when aaron davis said he sounded like a girl going “i’m not a girl i’m a boy i mean a MAN” and yeah, cis guys can get upset when they’re told they sound like a girl, i get that. but i’m just saying that i’ve seen cis guys jokingly be told they sound like girls before and none of them had that kind of upset and frustrated reaction. wanna know who does have that kind of reaction when they’re told they sound like a girl?? me and loads of other trans guys. and yeah i get that the intended purpose of that running joke was likely meant to be the whole “i’m not a kid!!!” trope, but this is a headcanon and i’m (not) sorry but that behavior totally fits into a trans headcanon like it isn’t even a stretch.
• aunt may talking about how he’s been flowering and how his body is going through all these difficult changes. and again yeah that can obviously be her just talking about puberty but hey y'all guess who else goes through puberty??? trans kids!!! wild concept i know!!! lmao and honestly trans kids puberties are even more frustrating and exhausting bc if you’re taking hormones then your body just goes past regular shitty puberty and enters Ultra Mega Shitstorm Puberty, so yeah sorry i’m gonna add this one to the headcanon and you can’t stop me
• i’ve seen some people saying “well if your trans headcanon is so clever then why doesn’t he have breasts???” well there’s this magical thing called top surgery where you cut that shit off. and even if he didn’t have top surgery you could easily explain his flat chest with puberty blockers taken prior to testosterone, or he could just be flat chested. and for the people i’ve seen asking why he had a bulge in the suit?? he could’ve just had a packer. seriously you guys educate yourselves.
• “do you lay eggs?” yeah only female spiders lay eggs and ned isn’t an idiot, so i’m chalking that question up to ned knowing peter is trans and has female equipment and is wondering if that’s a genuine possibility bc holy shit that would be gross.
• “i’m nothing without this suit” he thinks he’s nothing without the suit bc when he’s in the suit it’s one of the few times when people don’t misgender him and totally accept him as male.
• “penis parker” okay again yeah, this can clearly just be a mean nickname, but with the trans headcanon it gets that much meaner and makes more sense. as a trans guy who has people “teasingly” ask me how big my dick is when they know very well i don’t have one, yeah. that kind of nickname is a kind of bullying that i’m sure feels familiar to a lot of trans guys.
• mcu peter is just a little dude with a very pitchy voice. yeah a lot of teenagers are but that doesn’t change the fact that trans guys are too therefore it works with this headcanon
• then there’s the overwhelming reason this headcanon works like holy fuck prepare yourselves for this evidence: bc it’s a nice headcanon that harms nobody and y'all can try to pry it from my cold dead dirty trans hands

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I saw your answer about the "closet privilege" trans girls may or may not have. Does this work the other way too? Suppose a trans guy has fully transitioned and presents as "male". Does he enjoy the benefits of a patriarchal society then? If so, are there any harmful side effects (e.g. this tells people that it's only socially acceptable to transition fully or something like that)?

oh wow now THIS is an interesting question

so trans guys get treated generally better than trans ladies, but still pretty shit - on a whole, i’d say they get “Male Privilege Lite” or like “Diet Male Privilege” in that it’s totally there but like… y’know they definitely don’t reap all of the benefits from it, at least not always.

if a trans guy completely passes as cis, then he absolutely reaps the benefits of a patriarchal society, HOWEVER, he will still experience transphobia in the way of hearing transphobic jokes, fearing people will find out he is trans, etc, etc. and thus will have a significantly shittier life than a cis guy.

trans guys definitely generally get more male privilege the better they pass, but i wouldn’t say that that encourages the idea that it is only socially acceptable to transition fully. for one, it’s not necessarily to do with how far you transition - there are pre-op/non-op trans guys who pass better than post-op trans guys, and thus the former will likely receive more male privilege than the latter.

i think in general society focuses on how trans people’s worth seems to be defined on how well they pass - e.g “haha yeah trans men get to be treated as men… but only if they look close enough to a cis man”, and “haha yeah trans girls are really hot… but only if they look like cis girls”. both of these are incredibly toxic ideologies and i think they DO pressure people to transition medically.

good question!

“Alex and kara going to their first pride and kara being so over stimulated but also so excited to be there.” from @ownyourstage and @marzo2theletter “Alex going to her first Pride with Maggie and being kind of nervous?” and @happysanvers “ It being both Kara and Alex’s first pride but they’ve got their supportive gfs and ade and the Superfriends so their nerves are calmed” and @mrtevloar “ Kara wanting to go to Pride as Kara and not Supergirl for once but is scared she’ll get overwhelmed bc of crowd and sounds and smells.”

Maggie and Adrian assure them that National City Pride is not nearly as huge – or nearly as corporate, thank the gay goddesses – as Prides in bigger cities.

Maggie and Adrian assure them, but they still have two very nervous Danvers girls on their hands.

Kara cuddles on Alex’s shoulder that morning, while Lena, Maggie, and Adrian are on a coffee run. While they’re soaking in as much quiet, alone sister time as they can before a packed weekend of body glitter and hilarity and community and solemn remembrance and a promise to live in honor of those who haven’t been allowed to, to fight for those who aren’t allowed to now.

“Do you think it’s wrong? For me to want to go as myself? Not just as Supergirl? Am I letting the queer kids of National City down?”

Alex strokes her sister’s hair and shakes her head. “Of course not, Kara. You’re doing what’s healthy for you, you’re doing what’s gonna make you happy. You want to roll down the street holding your girlfriend’s hand, as you, not have everything you do and say photographed by someone who’s not us, who’s not James. That’s okay. You’re allowed, Kara. I promise.”

“And I wrote that press release of support, explaining that Supergirl wants to be with her girlfriend – “

“Yeah, and you exploded the internet with you writing that coming out piece on behalf of Supergirl, sis. I don’t think you’re letting anyone down. I really don’t. That piece lifted a lot of people up.”

Kara sighs and shifts closer to her sister.

“But what if I… what if I can’t do it? What if I can’t stay? As just… me?”

“If you get overwhelmed?”

Kara nods, face buried in Alex’s shoulder, and Alex tightens her hold on her little sister.

“Then you let us know, and we’ll leave. We’ll take as many breaks as you need to, okay? No one’s going to make you stay a second longer than you want to.”

“That won’t be letting anyone down? It won’t be letting Lena down?”

There’s a rustling at the door and laughter outside of it, and Alex smiles. “Why don’t you ask her right now?”

“Donuts and coffee for our Danvers girls!” Maggie announces as she swings the front door open, beaming. 

Adrian – rainbow bandanna already slightly sweaty on his forehead – is carefully balancing coffees while Lena, by design, is carrying the donuts.

Kara squirms out of Alex’s arms and straight to her girlfriend.

Or, more specifically, to the donuts.

She downs three before gulping at enough air to speak.

“If I get overstimulated and have to leave, will you be mad?” she asks Lena, and Lena scoffs sympathetically and shakes her head. 

“Oh Kara, of course I won’t. How could I ever be angry at you for asserting what you need?”

“Aww, look at those bi babies being bi together,” Adrian singsongs, and Lena and Kara laugh into each other’s arms.

“How about you, Danvers?” Maggie wraps her arms around Alex. “You ready for your first Pride?”

Alex gulps down her coffee too quickly, and that’s all the answer Maggie needs. 

“I’ll be with you the whole time. So will Adrian, and so will your sister. And James, Winn, J’onn, M’gann, the whole crew, everyone’s gonna meet us there. And didn’t you say Lucy’s coming in?”

“Or out, as it were,” Adrian murmurs, and Alex snorts before sobering and trembling just a bit.

“But what if I don’t like it? What if it’s this big queer explosion and I just… hate it? What if Kara’s overstimulated and I’m uncomfortable and… won’t we just be bad… gays?”

“Oh, sweetie, no,” Maggie begins, but it’s Adrian who finishes.

“You don’t have to like Pride to be a good queer, Alex,” he grins. “I barely like Pride. I mean, I do, right, it’s amazing. Look at me, I’m one big rainbow.” Maggie chuckles and kisses his cheek, and Adrian preens before continuing. “Seriously, though. Pride’s mostly overrun by cis white guys who act so much like the world is about them that the might as well be straight. It’s corporate as all hell, and they keep finding ways to appropriate us. And if it doesn’t feel right to you? That’s okay. It often doesn’t feel right to me, either. We won’t take away your membership card, I promise.”

“I’ll still go down on you as much as you want,” Maggie whispers into her ear, and Alex squeals. Lena and Kara glance over, somewhat scandalized, and Alex blushes.

“Sorry,” she whispers, and Adrian chuckles.

It turns out that Alex likes it more than she thought she would. She barely blinks the entire time, and she doesn’t once let go of Maggie’s hand.

Sometimes she lets go of Kara’s – when Kara wants to kiss Lena, when Kara hugs James and Winn and J’onn and M’gann and Lucy when they all meet up, when Alex hugs J’onn hard, hard, hard, because his t-shirt reads “I Love My Queer Daughters” – but not once do the sisters let each other out of their sight.

Because Kara is beaming and she’s jumping up and down and pointing out all the t-shirts, all the signs, all the different flags.

She’s squealing when she sees the black, grey, white, and purple from the asexual flag Adrian helps a teenage boy hoist, and she’s laughing and blushing when Lucy and Lena swap notes about Kara’s levels of Superhero Hotness.

But she’s always got her hand in Lena’s, and she’s always got an eye out for the telltale signs of her big sister’s panic attacks.

And, likewise, Alex has always got her hand in Maggie’s, but she’s always got an eye out for the telltale signs of her little sister’s overstimulation.

When she sees them – when Kara falls silent and her eyes glaze slightly, when she stops bouncing and she looks like she’s concentrating so hard on each step – Alex exchanges a glance with Lena, and together they quickly, subtly, round up their group.

“Coffee shop break?” they both ask, and everyone agrees instantly, knowingly. They trudge off the street and spill into a mercifully air conditioned coffee shop.

No one says anything about Kara needing a full ten minutes alone in the bathroom. No one minds the wait.

Because Kara Danvers is always, always worth the wait.

And Rao, is she grateful she took a break – that her family helped her take a break – because when she steps out of the bathroom, refreshed and excited but still a little unsteady, it’s to one of the most beautiful sights she’s ever seen.

Her family, talking and laughing and cuddling in together, in spite of the heat, together, together, together, waiting for Kara to be ready to head back into the sun.

Just a reminder that “trans” or “transgender” are literally just terms. If you want to you can “just” go through your psysical transition and never look back. Or do whatever you feel like and never talk about it again. If you want to you can simply just be a e.g. guy and never have to call yourself a “trans guy”. I mean it’s not AT ALL like you aren’t truthful. Cis people doesn’t exactly have to stand by their “cisness” all of the time. Just like you don’t have to stand by your “transness” except when YOU feel that it’s necessary for YOURSELF. You don’t owe it to anybody and if it ever would be anybody it would be YOURSELF. YOU. Not anybody else. YOU. This is your “journey”. This is your life. You being transgender doesn’t have to mean anything or determine anything about yourself. Just like you’re allowed to be a huge part of the trans community as a trans person or really identify with that label you’re allowed to never have to “stand by” it.

My point is just that you’re you. So what if you’re transgender? Or however you like to label it or not label it. This is YOUR life. You’re supposed to go through all this because of yourself anyways. You don’t owe anything to anybody (doesn’t matter who they are), because of that aspect of yourself.

You’re just you. It’s as simple as that.

“Kayla!” Will yelled into the cabin. Where in Hades was that girl? He needed her help with their newest little siblings trying to shoot arrows.

“Kayla!” Will yelled again. Then he saw the worn Canadian flag sneakers with a foot attached hiding behind a blanket hanging from a top bunk.

“Kayla? Are you alright?” Will walked towards the bed.

“Yes! Just give me a second!” Kayla squeaked.

Will pulled the blanket down. Kayla was sitting on the bed, shirtless. Will looked away.

“Kayla! You should have said you were shirtless.” Will said.

“Nothing's​ showing dumbass, you can look.” Kayla grumbled. Will looked back at her and saw that in fact she had something covering her chest.

“Kayla, sweetie?” Will asked.


“Are those bandages?” Will crocked his head.

“Listen, Will, I can explain.”

“You don’t have much bigger boobs than mine so you can wear one of my binders until we get you some.” Will said.

“Wait what?”

“I guess I never told you. Well I did come to camp after I realized I’m a boy and the only people I actually told were Lee, Michael, Chrion and Mr. D.” Will said.

“I’m not a boy. At least not today.” Kayla said.

“Alright. But you still want a binder?” Will smiled at Kayla.

“Yeah… uh can you help me get one on? I don’t know how.”

“Alright but first those need to come off? How long have you been wearing them?” Will asked.

“This is the first time.”


“The green one?” Will rolled his eyes at Kayla. Of course the green one.

“Yes, I love that color.” Kayla smiled.

“Okay, now let’s get this on you.”

“Thanks by the way.”

“It’s no problem, dearie. You’re my little sibling. By the way what are your pronouns?”

“They today.” Kayla smiled.

“Okay. They. You want me to inform everyone?” Will asked.

“No, I can do it if you are there.”

“I will always be there. No matter what. Non cis people stick together​ especially when they’re siblings.” Will said as he handed them the binder.

“We should get Down with Cis t-shirts.” Kayla laughed.

“Sounds like a plan.” Will smiled.


Kayla looked at all sixteen of their siblings. Will was in the center of the group. Austin was right next to him looking confused and bored. They took a deep breath, they could do it.

“So guys, I’m Genderfluid. They them pronouns are good for now. I will tell you all when the pronouns change.” Kayla said.

Will smiled widely at them. Their big brother would always be there for them, no matter what.

(Edit changed trans* to non cis)
Petition to stop cis people:

I walk into a restaurant with a friend and this girl that knows my gf from her school from the next town over comes up to me and is like “heyyyyyy!”

and im like oh hey (because I vagually remember her)

and she looks at me and is like “oh my god your voice is so much deeper than the last time i talked to you” and then she says “wow youve even got a little stubble going on!” and then TOUCHES MY FACE. 


Its okay when my close friends and family members who have known me my whole life mention stuff like that, or my local trans boy friends™ because thats just buddies bein buddies but jesus christ



why do they think this okay leave me alone.  quit outing me to everyone. im stealth most places

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to trans masc people feeling insecure about their height (or lack of it) like i am: one of my best frieds is a cis guy and he's shorter than me -- mind you, i'm only 5'2. even cis guys come in all heights, let alone all guys!! shortie or not, we do fit in. (in case you still wanna be taller, elevator shoes can do WONDERS for both your looks and your confidence)

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[TIME SENSITIVE] I'm MtF and my dad (who is abusive/transphobic) is making me get my hair cut. I've been growing it out since fall started but now that summer is around the corner, he is making me get it cut. What can I do to convince him that I want to leave it long?

Kai says:

im actually transmasc but:
- if you have friends who are cis guys who have long / longer hair, tell your dad about them?
- find pictures of celebrities who are cis men who have/had long hair (chris hemsworth, harry styles, leonardo dicaprio, etc) and tell your dad you want to look like them / have their style / that it’s a popular men’s style
- tell your dad you like “man buns” maybe?
- say that it’s way easier to maintain if you don’t have to cut your hair frequently and if you tie it up it looks more masculine and it’s out of your face??
- say you’re going for a surfer / hipster aesthetic

followers, help?

this is half for my own reference, but ive been slowly working on a human au so heres some stuff about it!

  • carolinas the directors and allisons genetic kid, and alpha + epsilon are twins who were adopted after(?) allison died. 
    • “whos the older twin” “it doesnt really matter, i mean, alpha and i are the same age, so tied really, exact same-” “i am”
    • theyre all trans (carolinas a trans girl, alpha + epsi are trans guys)
  • the freelancers/ais are carolinas friends and the bgc are alphas! 
  • epsilon hangs out mostly with the freelancers at first (he latches on to lina and wash), but he meets the bgc later and hits it off
  • epsilon went as church to the ‘lancers and alpha went as church to the bgc so when epsi meets the bgc its. uh. confusing.
    • “…dibs” “what?” “dibs. i just called dibs. church is my name now.” “you cant call dibs on a name!” “yeah i can! dibs. see?”
  • simmons and grif were buds since childhood! later they befriend donut in elementary school, who introduces them to lopez later and to tucker and by extension the rest of the blues in high school(ish)
  • on the blues side, alpha befriends tucker and caboose pretty early on, whereas epsilon doesn’t really make his own friends and mostly just spends time with carolinas until like the middle of high school
  • grif lives with his mom+sister, simmons with his mom+dad, donut with his mom and dad (mom #1 eventually divorces him and marries mom #2), tucker with one of his parents, and caboose with his dads(?) and sisters

so. that’s most of what i have rn? feel free to let me know anything or chime in with ideas, i’m still workin on it!

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Girl how do you find the strength to deal with bullies? I've been bullied my whole life about my weight and other things. It got so bad that I had to move schools.

ive left school from being bullied, and that caused me to graduate a year late and take eight core classes in one school year (senior year so i never got to go to prom or anything really.) it is HARD to deal with and i hear A LOT of hateful things daily. i have 35k on instagram and people think its a good thing til they realize what “popular” accounts go through daily. esp if you’re fat. unsolicited advice, tons of rude and fatphobic opinions, if you have your own style and aren’t polished at makeup or dress “messy”, then everyone comes for you and screenshots your selfies to talk loads of shit. i try to avoid any posts or memes that people make of me, but i end up being tagged. i have ALWAYS been picked on for how i look, so this just feels like school all over again. people not understanding me or my aesthetics so they call me horrible names. also constantly having assumptions about me being made sucks too.
bullying never leaves when youre an alternative fat black girl (im not sure if you are but bullying bc of your weight is horrible, i know the feeling)
i delete about 30-50 comments constantly because skinny white girls will tag their boyfriends and will say something like “this is how i look after eating a big meal” or guys will tag another guy and be like “she would break you if she ever rode you” and that is a common fear for fat girls who are sexually active and i honestly cant stand a lot of fatphobic cis men. im ranting rn but i honestly do not know how i deal with it. i have a headache right now from seeing people screenshot my posts and having threads of hateful remarks directed towards me. you honestly just have to stay strong. people will tell me not to post about it bc it will give the other person attention but honestly fuck that. if you pick on me, im going to make sure you get reported because no one goes on instagram to get bullied for existing. it isnt fair. my best advice would just to be to learn to have tougher skin. because in the end, they will lose

Sanvers First Time

Prompt from @beatbot8 – “Alex and Maggie use a strap for the first time and Alex is convinced that she’ll hate it because she never liked sex with men, but Maggie makes her literally see stars.  Bonus points if Alex gives it a whirl, too”

You asked for it. I’d like to note that I get all the bonus points, because Alex does indeed give it a whirl.

Hope you enjoy ;)

Alex had never wanted anything like she wanted this, right now.

Her skin had never been on fire, not like this. And that included her unfortunate run-ins with laser guns, Infernian heat vision, and the occasional teenage incident with Kryptonian heat vision.

She’d never moved her body like this before, and god, she’d certainly never screamed like this.

Maggie hissed as Alex’s nails dug into her back, as another scream tore out of her throat, as her legs tightened on either side of Maggie’s hips.

“I’m sorry,” Alex gasped, terrified even through her haze of pure pleasure that she’d hurt Maggie’s back with her nails, ears with voice, hips with her inner thighs.

Maggie just smiled and ran her tongue across Alex’s upper lip. “Shh, babe, it’s all good, that uh…” She nipped at Alex’s neck. Alex moaned and ground her hips up into Maggie’s hand. Maggie swallowed her own groan and shifted her mouth to Alex’s ear. “That was a good sound I made.”

Alex shuddered at the husk in Maggie’s voice, the feel of her breath in her ear; the feeling of Maggie’s three fingers, stilled immediately when Alex apologized, but still buried deep inside of her.

She shifted to look into Maggie’s eyes. “So you like it when I scrape my nails down your back, do you?” Her voice was heady, her voice was low; her voice was confident and her voice was hopeful; her voice was nearly the end of the woman laying on top of her.

“Alex Danvers, I like everything you do.”

Alex blinked away the tears of relief, of bliss, of coming home, by kissing Maggie soundly, and – lost in the feeling of soft lips, hot breath, low moans and flirting tongues – started grinding her hips, again, up into Maggie’s hand, granting the permission she was waiting for to continue her fingers’ exploration of her soaked opening.

And dammit, there was not a surface of Alex’s body that Maggie neglected, her fingers curving into every spot inside her body that Alex never even knew existed, never knew could feel like that, like her entire body was writing, was floating, was fire itself, just because of the persistent ‘come hither’ motion of Maggie’s fingers inside her, the way Maggie’s eyes never once left Alex’s face, unless it was to kiss her mouth, her neck, breathing in Alex’s every response to her every motion so she could memorize exactly which movements, which spots, which angles, made Alex writhe the most, scratch her nails down her back the hardest, scream her name the loudest.

“Maggie. I… I want…” Alex breathed between kisses. Maggie flipped her hair off of her face so she could fully look at Alex again, her eyes hooded with desire, but waiting, expectant.

Alex bit her lip in hesitation.

“What do you want, Alex?” Maggie held her with her voice, and Alex braved her own desires.

“I want… I want more of you. I want…” Maggie bit her lip and breathed in deeply, but silently, using her every last ounce of restraint to make sure she let Alex get out her full thought, her full desire. They’d both started to lose count of how many times they’d done this, but Alex was still a bit bashful about articulating her needs.

She fell into Maggie’s eyes and trusted her enough to finish her thoughts, her bare chest still rising and falling heavily with need.

“I want more of you inside me.”

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