do i like this or not idk

Sorry but Ed and Oswald are both ruthless killers who both hurt each other probably in the worst way possible, so if you’re looking for healthy lgbt+ representation in this show/fandom you aren’t going to get it here. 

Sharing my art with people and have it inspire/cheer them up was something I never thought I would ever be able to do, so thank you

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“What an interesting dancing style, yahahaha!” 

Greedy blue eyes locked onto the exotic dancer, the god’s gaze raking down Violet’s form.Women were entrancingly beautiful even if they did not possess anything else, in the eyes of Enel. He stayed for a few seconds, admiring the show she offered before ripping his gaze away from her and move from the crowd. Gorgeous as she was, he wanted to see what this new island had to offer.

“Living toys, women who runs after men with knifes! Maybe fairy vearth was here all along, yahaha! I haven’t felt this excited in a long time!”

And then it happened. Someone bumped into him- or maybe he did? not that it mattered- 

“Oi, oi oi~ Where’s my apology?” It was still too soon to plunge this island into chaos. He had yet to uncover all of what it had to offer.

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The new chapter of melancholic temperament is so good. From the beginning Len is on full defense mode,scrambling to put his walls back up and separate himself from the emotional attachments of his younger self by referring to himself in 3rd person-I loved all of it. I thought that even though he tried for distance,his interactions with Joe sort of sneaked up on him and softened him without his permission (I also saw how you sneaked in a Joe/Cisco reference there) Thank you so much for this fic

Honestly I’m such trash for Joe/Cisco but I’ve never written it, so sliding in a reference/mention there as like…. :3

Len is #struggling but yesss, his interaction with Joe was fun. It’s neat because they’re so close in age and now they realize it and have those bits to bond over? Joe made sure to treat Lenny a bit more like an adult than he did with his own kids at that age and didn’t have any totally embarrassing or cringeworthy moments with him (in Len’s estimation), so he’s finding it easier to fall into a sort of rhythm with Joe. 

They’re very: “We don’t like each other but shit we respect each other and have enough shared experiences to understand one another and even accidentally enjoy the other’s company when we’re not talking about any touchy subjects like work.”

like despite my better judgment i love peter parker TO DEATH and now that he’s been mcu-ified 

they’re literally making EVERYTHING about the bigger picture, where’s tony, where’s cap, avengers avengers avengers avengers avengers avengers 

like… can my dude have a movie that’s at least SOMEWHAT contained?

and feels like an actual spiderman movie?


A Bullet for the General / ¿Quien sabe? - dir. Damiano Damiani (1967)

Don’t buy bread with that, hombre! Buy dynamite, hear?! Dynamite!

sometimes I fantasize about becoming a professor and I can only envision myself as someone who drinks from a little apricot juice / chocolate milk box making that slurp sound into the mic as I remove it from my mouth and also burping accidentally on purpose while giving the lecture

*stares at hands* ok would I actually follow through writing that tho…

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Another iconic duo: Supercorp and gay tension

sure jan, but not the same level

Kiss me in public. Put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. Call me babe in front of our waiter. Pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. Make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. Kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. Show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.

based off of this vine


when will he stop