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autistic people, people with adhd, etc: *jokes about eating things that aren’t food because they stim by chewing things and the thing looks chewy*

neurotypicals: *makes it a meme for some reason*

some neurotypicals: *actually eats inedible/toxic things as a joke*


coming home

Lance comes home in the dark of the night, when the lights of his home world are gone and a storm rages in the skies above. He lands Blue in front of his house and stumbles out of his lion, vaguely registering Keith and Red landing with a whoomph next to him. Rain pours down on him, soaking his armour quickly, and he can’t help the sigh that escapes him. They’ve been on thousands of planets, felt hundreds of different rains, but nothing could compare to the rains of Earth.

Keith appears to his side, and Lance can’t help but silently laugh at the incredulous look on his face. Keith may have lived in the desert, but nothing can compare to the downpours of Florida when hurricane season is just gearing up. Closing his eyes, Lance does a ridiculous dance in excitement, because he is home, for the first time in what he estimates must have been five years.

When he opens his eyes, Keith is grinning at him and pointing at the house in front of him. The lights of the house have turned on, and when Lance raises his eyes to the second floor, he sees a pair of blue eyes peeking at him before the curtain closes to a flurry of hidden movement. He takes off at a run, but before he can even touch the locks of the gate, the front door is thrown open, and Lance sees his mother.

It has been years since Lance has seen his mother, but he has never forgotten how beautiful his mother is. Behind her stands his father, and Lance cannot stop fumbling with the lock on the gate, he cannot get his hands to stop shaking so much that he cannot open the lock. But then a warm hand covers his own, and the flash of red and white armour covered fingers are opening the lock, and Lance is running to his parents, who are waiting for him, and he’s crying and his parents’ are crying and then Mariposa’s voice floats down from the stairs and there’s the sudden realization that Lance is home.

Lance has to make Keith explain, go over the fun adventures and skipping the ones that left them scarred for the worse. There’s an angry scar that runs from Lance’s left temple to the corner of his mouth, that twists his face every time he shifts. Keith is missing himself a leg, lost in a reckless move to save Shiro and Pidge years ago. But those things don’t matter to them anymore, not when the mission they set out with years ago was finally accomplished.

They can’t stay for long, because while Lotor, Zarkon and Haggar might be gone, the Galra empire is too big, too far-spread for it to fall without a good leader. The Voltron Alliance needs them, the Paladins of Voltron, as much as it has always needed them.

The only difference now is that it is safe for them to go home. That Earth will no longer be the unwilling target of purple homicidal leaders hellbent on revenge. That Lance’s family won’t be the victims of a war that their son helped start. That Lance won’t startle awake with nightmares of a weapon capable of breaking, shattering planets with nothing left to salvage of them. That they will never lose Earth.

They get a dog before they leave.

It’s not something either of them had set out to do when they returned to Earth. A pet was the furthest thing from their minds, but she was there, one day, alone in the rain. Keith had watched, from the side, as Lance had run over to the small puppy, covering her in the jacket and simply marching her up to Keith and demanding silently they keep her.

With the happy spark in Lance’s eyes, Keith couldn’t find it in himself to deny Lance. They name her Violetta (because Lance has Blue and Keith has Red, but the two of them together make purple and because Keith is undeniably a huge, giant sap).

Blue and Red are simultaneously amused and affronted. Blue especially likes to claim that if she and Red hadn’t done what they had done, Lance and Keith would still pine away at each other and drive the rest of the Castle’s inhabitants up the walls.

Lance is different, when he returns. There’s a sharpness to him, an anger and a sadness in him that is unfathomable to his family. He still laughs (silently, because Lance lost his voice in the years he has been away) with his family, still cooks with his sisters and still does facemasks at night with his siblings. But he’s different.

When Mariposa accidentally drops a glass dish, the shattering sound has Lance moving, a knife pulled easily into his hand. When Leandro, Lance and their uncles go shooting, Lance is easily the best of them all, a sniper rifle nestled easily onto his shoulders, or two handguns easily gripped by long, calloused fingers that he uses to draw a flower made of bullet holes. War rests in his eyes, his shoulders, his back, in the scars of wounds that never faded. There’s an unsettling ease in the way the weight of a rifle sits on his shoulders, an unfound grace in his movements that his professional-ballerina of a sister cannot match.

Where Lance goes, Keith follows. Keith himself is a quiet man, who has a scowl attached to his face and at least two knives on his person at all times. For the longest time, Leandro thinks that Keith chooses not to speak, that Keith is the reason that Lance lost his voice and gained the glint in his eyes, but Lance pulls him to the side one day and explains, slowly, painfully, writing everything he wants to say out because there was no one who knew the sign language Lance used. Explains that Keith lost his leg and gained a lifetime of nightmares on a mission to save Lance, that Keith loved, loves, Lance more than anything Keith has loved in his life. Leandro doesn’t mutter about Keith anymore after that.

Keith and Lance are in love. It is a fact, as plain and simple as saying “the Galra are all evil.” That is, it really isn’t that simple because things like that can never really be simple. Keith and Lance love each other, and they do not know they love each other.

It’s in the little things, the small moments they share.

The surge of jealousy Keith always feels when Lance flirts. The feeling Lance claims is admiration when he watches Keith train. The trust the two of them have to always have each other’s backs in a fight, even if they’re on opposite sides of the room. To an outsider, looking in, it is easy to see the love the red and blue paladins have for each other.

But for Keith and Lance, it is not so simple. Because Keith, hilariously awkward, does not know how to articulate his feelings and Lance, quietly insecure, does not want to overstep his boundaries. So they dance around each other, both denying themselves; neither moving forward.

It comes out on a mission of all things. Because Lotor is not his father, not obsessed with the Black Lion, and far more cunning. His generals are handpicked for their intelligence and their prowess in battle and out of the field, not just agents of brute strength that are easy to fight.

One of them, the almost-chameleon-like one, captures Lance. And Keith? Keith cannot stop remembering how it happened, cannot stop thinking of the last words Lance whispered to him over the comms, the goodbye that left Keith reeling in his spot, cannot stop thinking of the scream that echoed in the halls of the warship.

Lance lost his voice that day.

Keith lost his leg.

They wouldn’t get Keith’s leg back and Lance laughs hysterically (but so, so quietly, without the happiness, the waves, the music in his voice) when he found out he lost his voice, but they would move on. But they would never be the same again.

Let’s talk about a Lance, who stumbles out a cryopod with a happy smile on his face and a greeting on his lips. Let’s talk about a Lance who doesn’t remember, quite then, the scar that cuts across his throat and what he had stolen from him. Let’s talk about the smile that slips off of his face, the way he keeps trying, keeps trying to get a word, something, anything out.

Let’s talk about a Keith, who falls out of his cryopod into the waiting hands of a crying Lance, who can’t walk on his own anymore but always has Lance. Let’s talk about a Keith, who has always been fast on his feet, who has always been the fastest of them all, falling behind in races because the prosthetic where his leg should be aches.

Let’s talk about a Lance and a Keith who have lost something, everything, and nothing at all.

This is incomplete but I’m curious as to whether anyone would be willing to read more of it? Please let me know what you think and whether or not I should even continue? Thank


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“i’m the architect of my own disaster.”

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So I’ve had this idea for a YouTuber AU (surprise!) I never know if I’ll write, because I already had enough on my plate, but I thought I’d share as maybe an open AU for people to join (because I love those)

Basically it has to do with an alternate universe, where we’re living in the light side, and the dark side starts leaking over. 

 It’s under the cut if you’re interested.

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losers club as Snapchat’s I’ve recieved

Bill; “Literacy will be my companion for life, I can feel the English coursing through my veins”

Mike; “go eat a tractor you culchie gimp “

Ben;* finds out that I’ve never had a hobnob and sends photo of them crying* “THAT IS DEPRESSION IN ITSELF”

Bev; “ I run a tomato fetish helpline”

Stan; “wtf to comerate the dead you jump on giant sacks of air???

Richie;”I’m a sexy alien with a great butt”

Eddie;*blurred photo of them screaming* “IM GONNA GET MAULED BY A SQUIRREL SHJSSJ”



01. gap kids, all of us lmaoooo
02. fred perry polo and cardigan
03. cat and jack (girls) sweater, band of outsiders hat, yeezy powerphase calabasas, because that’s who i am i guess
04. levi’s vintage clothing sweater
05. saint laurent t-shirt (surf sound!!! maybe my favorite slimane collection??? i’m that predictable!!!), han solo santa cruz deck (not that you can see it), vans
06. fred perry, both of us
07. cat and jack (boys) sweater, yeezy boost 350 v2 because that’s also who i am i guess
08. adidas, and adidas kolns
09. mulberry blazer/jacket, saint laurent button-up, dr. marten flora chelsea boots + gap kids dress and h&m kids blazer


shiloh is here and she’s precious as heck she’s like 10000x times more pretty in person it’s lovely!! she is lovely
also, sundae usually is either uninterested in or just flat out dislikes the furb family but she just…. she l o v e s shiloh idk what it is about her but sundae just fucking adores her it’s so sweet

the fact that blizzard listens to a bunch of fans (not there’s anything wrong that that) but ignores a hindu leader is rlly amazing.

I hate that there’s so many Disney blogs on tumblr lol. There’s only 11 people following my princess blog (the-royal-queendom) and I just feel like everyone hates it haha.

anonymous asked:

Honestly we’re so lucky to have any access to Katya/Brian at all, and we’re not entitled to anything further than what they feels comfortable. He's a human first and everything else second. Obviously he's going through something at the moment and I wish there was a way to communicate to him how much we just wish for them to be happy and healthy, even if that means ‘withdrawing’ and taking a break from shows, publicity and social media. A way to show our solidarity as fans without pressure.

I couldn’t agree more, anon. Of course I hope that this break is fulfilling and his health is the most important thing so all we can do is send good vibes and continue to support him no matter what

I had a dream where Goku and Chichi ended up having 10 babies because I have a memory where in the english dub teen Chichi said she wanted at least 9. And now I want to make a comic out of it but I don’t know if I should…..