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You’ve heard of Dream Daddy, now get ready for… Cute girls around your house dating simulator

hey not 2 be That Gal but yall rly don’t make me feel good as a jewish hiv positive lesbian while bein into falsettos. i mean the antisemitism, serophobia, and homophobia is. A Lot.

this isn’t jus straight ppl, jus bc ur gay doesn’t excuse it! i don’t feel safe or feel like I Belong when i constantly see ppl erase these characters’ jewishness or dehumanize the most jewish looking character. it’s gross to not only erase their jewishness and/or play into antisemitic stereotypes, but to also expect jewish ppl to call them out and not sympathizing w how much emotional labor tht is.

it doesn’t feel good when i frequently see ppl use serophobic language or stereotypes! joking abt whizzer giving marvin aids, using serophobic language for Dramatic Effect, playing into the stereotype tht hiv positive ppl are sexual deviants is damaging as a hiv positive gay person.

tht post about whizzer’s flaw being tht hes sexually promiscuous had dozens of notes before ppl actually called out op for it. and there’s still ppl reblogging it uncritically and not seeing anything wrong w it! fetishizing marvin and whizzer, having bi hcs abt them is gross! iding as jewish hiv positive gay men when you’re not jewish and/or hiv positive? bad and disrespectful!

this musical revolves around jewish ppl. it has gay ppl, jewish ppl, hiv positive ppl as main characters and its for those kinds of people. yet yall make us do so much emotional labor and either don’t listen to us or make us feel like we’re overreacting. its beyond disrespectful and needs to change

Remember when I said I’d be making an izuocha thing that involves friendship bracelets……..

Welp– I’m working on it, so here’s the rough version of it! (Excuse all the messiness btw) I plan to clean it up in the mere future, so……yeah! 

So far, in the two years I’ve worked at the library I have:

•accidentally scared the heck out of multiple people with my apparently unusual silence while moving

•said alarming things in unguarded moments like “any pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself”

•occasionally come up to the front desk to report alarming and/or weird things discovered in the stacks (like a rock hard sandwich so old it was literally green) in a completely deadpan voice

•brought my twin to visit right at the end of my shift and thoroughly confused all my coworkers and bosses
□it’s been almost a week, they’re still talking about it
□apparently it was very disorienting for everyone
□I have been asked if I’m really me three times so far, “just in case”, which is funny because we’re definitely not identical
□today one coworker squinted at me suspiciously and asked quietly, “Are you real?”
I honestly didn’t know how to answer that.

•I brought my lunch to work today and I was informed that this is the first time they’ve actually seen me eat?
○they’ve seen me get my sunflower seeds or trail mix plenty of times? Except that apparently doesn’t count?
□this has alarming implications including but not limited to I just realized I forgot to eat dinner again and I gotta go fix that real quick

In summary:
In your opinion, how at risk am I for becoming a Library Cryptid?

Okay full disclosure, I’m ……….. .. . bad??? at tutorials. Like, real bad. Professionally Bad at tutorials. But I’ll try??

Phase one: block out the head. This doesn’t necessarily need to be anatomically correct because ~*~it’s art~*~ but it’s gotta look like it can fit a brain in there. A whole brain. Most of a brain.

this tutorial is actually good timing cause i’m trying to figure out what my newest OC is gunna look like so joining us on stage today will be my boy Honey.

Phase two: sketch the general hair shape, while considering how you want it to fall on the head. What direction does the hair sweep? How did Honey comb his hair this morning, what product is in it, how anime is it? These are the questions

I mean tbh i usually immediately go to the loose sketch phase and just………………… hope it doesn’t look like that’s what i did, but,,,

Phase two: the loose-sketch-and-just-hope-it-doesn’t-look-like-that’s-what-i-did phase:

^ If the “hope no one notices” thing falls through or you’re making art you actually care about, you can use the sketch as a guide and go in and Shape Build! For real, just consider each lock of hair as it’s own shape. If it’s complicated nonsense, just remember your good friends Gravity, Flow, and Layering. Sometimes breaking the head down into sections makes it less complicated.

Phase four: The Phasening. AKA, “actually draw the hair”. While I’m drawing in the hair shape bits, I add in tastefully located lines to help emphasis the direction the hair is flowing, and also like… imply that it’s hair.

And then it sorta becomes hair like

like that

surprise ending: i don’t like either of these hairstyles for Honey so he’s still a work in progress

anyway that’s sorta how i draw hair

Okay so here’s why I love Uma so much,

Once she captures Ben & tells Harry to leave the two of them alone, you can really tell how bad she has it. She’s all alone, it’s just her. She probably has to take care of herself and it has probably been that way for a majority of her life and all she wanted was to be thought of, for once. But no one did, yet again, she was abandoned, left with scraps. She’s angry, and hurt, but could never really hurt Mal, provoke her, yes, but actually hurt her? No. All Uma ever wanted was probably a fair chance, without having to ask for it, without her having to make it happen herself, just someone that would actually consider her and her feelings first. You can see how she hesitates before going into the water in the end, she almost gives in to what she truly wants, a chance. As well as her time with Ben alone on the pirate ship. You can see how angry and truly hurt that yet again, she’s not considered, or even thought of. It’s revenge, sure, but it’s much deeper rooted than that. And that is why I deeply hope for a redeeming arc for Uma if there’s a 3rd movie. 

when u wanna build but then remember u can’t build


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love love love.. what kind of love do i want ?? what kind of love do i Need ?? i’m surrounded by love every day.. surrounded by fondness and affection and familiarity and connection in different ways. love love love… it’s found in easy laughter and in shared jokes and banter that i experience with my friend. it’s found in offered mango popsicles and my boss’s funny way of trying to connect with me through suggested mixed drink recipes and easy support of my sexuality. and it’s found in my mother’s consistent want to discuss current events with me and her constant encouragement for me to pursue my passions. and it’s found in the energy of a crowd at a concert and the quiet serenity of a field of wildflowers. my week’s been full of love love love and it makes me wonder how much i need that sort of romantic love and maybe it isn’t even that i Need it as much as i know how good other kinds of love feel and i want to experience this new kind too. it will come when it comes, i suppose it’s not something that can be rushed. but i kind of wish i could have it ? and but kind of i mean really ? i don’t feel empty without it but i’m just getting antsy and i just. want that sort of connection with someone. 

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Not this again…

I would appreciate if you returned my son back to normal. I don’t really want to bother with more demons again, especially not when they’re ruining Matthew’s life…

So… bugger off, would you?

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(note I haven’t seen the leaks or whatever and am just going off on what I’ve seen)

Really, Pearl has no business “giving herself up” to Homeworld. And considering how they treat Pearls there, I don’t think it’d mean much at all to them. Even if they did accept it, why would they keep someone who rebelled against them? The whole thing makes no sense to me.

Also I get that people are happy about Lars finally being confident and stuff, but I don’t want him commanding gems. He didn’t deserve to be thrust into that environment at all, let alone become the fucking leader with no prior training.

Also it remind me of the whole “take care of the house” that dads in movies give when they leave to their sons. As if these grown fucking women can’t take care of themselves and have to rely on a 17 year old boy with self esteem issues.


OH i wonder how many people will be surprised if i say i dont love love love johnnep as much as i let on?