do i like michael today


It’s not dead, it’s restin’!

My hand painted ex-parrot t-shirt, based on a drawing I did a while ago. Quite pleased with how it turned out!


Prison Break Rewatch (1x05) English, Fitz, or Percy


when you get dumped but you’re still confident as fuck because at the end of the day it’s his loss not mine


Tony Goldwyn + Michael Strahan + Bro hugs

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of Mikey ones that will just fuck me up? I'm bored and it's a Friday night so I'm having major Mikey feels

Oh, do I - those are some of my favourites to write, and it’s my life goal to have my writing fuck up people every now and then. It really depends on how you’d define fuck me up, but I’ve got a few that might meet whatever you have in mind - I do hope you like them and that I can make your Friday night a little better ~

  • He Doesn’t Share Your Feelings (here)
  • You Have a Miscarriage (here)
  • Spiderman AU (here)
  • Soulmate AU - Colours (here)
  • “If I Stay” AU (here)
  • Mermaid AU (here)
  • Vampire Hunter AU (here)
  • Music Shop AU (here)
  • You Get Him to Open Up (here)
  • Tattoo Artist AU (here)
  • Soulmate AU - Last Words Tattoo (here)
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (here)
  • Bad Accident (here)