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no fear

- the yoi writers continuing on this fanservice-y path with ota //.yuri, effectively sidelining a healthy gay relationship in favor of a forced relationship between a minor and a friend he made after sharing 5 mins of screentime, thus also disallowing the chance for them to develop a well-written friendship - 

one fear

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Beani I can't stop having anxiety attacks :( any tips

i know that feeling like youre trapped in your own head. I had a really horrible few months and my anxiety and overall mood and mental health was some of the worst its ever been but im coming out of the slump!! I would focus on small menial activities that dont require a lot of deep thought. when im left to myself and my hands arent doing anything ive noticed my mind can wander and spiral and ill have an episode. Ive gotten into embroidering lately which is REALLY awesome to get lost in, i also paint a lot which is not as repetitive and menial as embroidery but also works. Reading is also good to replace any troubling inner dialogue with the storyline of a nice book. I remember going through a bad patch while reading The Edible Woman by atwood but feeling very comforted when id find time to read. More than anything remember that there are always peaks and pits to life, i remember feeling as if these bad periods would last FOREVER and getting manic, but happiness comes and sometimes you dont even notice. Struggling with my emotional set point at times has made me really savor the feeling of being content. itll come.

because of kinda recent “””””””drama””””””” i’ve been really off put from uploading art because ppl have been taking advantage of it and idk i kind of really hate it when pp think they’re entitled to my art like it didn’t fucking take me hours or days to draw and that it doesn’t mean anything to me so they upload it somewhere else without permission. yall should know i really only draw for fun and my art is personal for me bc it is a coping mechanism and it’s really fucking fantastic anyone here likes it at all and i’m super grateful for the love and support i’ve been given over the years but yeah.. if i don’t post for a while it’s because this.. sorry. 

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hello, I'm ftm trans and I'm struggling with awful dysphoria and I really want to come out to my parents so they might be able to help me transition I was going to come out when i was out of the house but i dont think i can wait. i dont know how theyll react because they let me cut my hair short and wear boxers etc (all things unsupportive people wouldn't do) but theyve shown dislike for trans people in the past (not recently though) i really feel like i need to come out bc the dysphoria is 1/2

Kii says:

We never got the second part of your ask, so please resend what you want to ask.

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Recently, I've been having a lot of really bad days and I'm always upset and have really bad panic attacks but I don't really have anyone to actually help me through them, so do you know anything hat would help ease the stress a little? That would help a lot. Also, I fucking love your art they're the reason why I'm still alive and I mean that as literal as possible.

I dont really feel like im great at giving advice but im gonna try my best!
Its okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and its okay to take time for yourself. Try taking a hot shower or maybe a nice bath. Take a walk so you can just get out for a little a put some distance between you and the stressful stuff. Read if thats something that calms you. Watch an old movie you love and just try to let yourself be at easy bc its okay to take time for yourself.
I hope this helps even just a little
Lots of love Nonny💕

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So I have a HUGE crush on this girl. I made out with her on the last night before i moved out of residence but like I dont think she has feelings for me?? Like we snapchat every day but like???? Aaaaaahhhh also she's my neighbour in res next year but she's not really out yet so I have virtually no chance with her

omg do the conversations flow naturally and everything?? i mean u made out with her so if anything that’s a positive i Think (ok i dont really know ive had like no experience w dealing w this stuff LOL), but i think just keep talking to her and see where it goes next year.. u both are snapchatting everyday so thats something (i hope it is omg!!), so im rooting for u !!!! 

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would it be okay if i participated in Ramadan without practising islam? i visited a mosque the other other day and im really interested in learning all that i can about islam but i just dont know if it would be okay for me to do this if im not a muslim...? its perfectly fine if it isnt, i would understand i just thought i should ask :)

Hi, Anon!!!

If you’d like to experience it for a good intention, and not to appropriate, then you can fast! But, if it gets too much and your health is at risk, then by all means, break the fast. Allah does not want us to put our health at risk.

hey nyall its another post from me: one of the only people who seem to understand relationships in the tg fandom

yall are saying my last post was negative? hooooo boy you were so wrong. i read that chapter and there was like no fucking build up. they just… started fuckin… touka was in pain for part of it, which means she wasnt ready or aroused or something else was up. sex shouldnt hurt unless ur doing it for a kink. and it was a whole fucking chapter with hardly any dialogue. there was no point! nothing important happened why was that included?! yeah, i dont think ishida knows what hes doing anymore. the whole scene just seemed unnatural and wrong. im uncomfortable with most sex as is but that was just bad. if you can convince me im wrong ill literally pay you but i just… this is really upsetting for me. another comfort object ruined by bullshit. and yall touken shippers are fucking annoying. so many of you act elite for liking the ship but no one who said my last post (which was a badly written analysis) is negativity and say im being ignorant or dont understand when i have seen so many similar relationships crash has any damn room to talk. (this is totally to start discussions)

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Am I a terf if i think that biological sex is real? i dont think it should impact how you live, identify, present, or what gender you are i just feel like yeah there are like 2 accepted sexes and rn bc of the way society is they sometiems do play a role? i dont know i really dont want to be transphobic and ofc i think trans people are the gender they identify as im just confused, i dont even think biological sex Should matter i just think it does rn in society (especially on legal stuff)

Intersex people exist

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when i saw some of your posts recently i was like, kind of in awe of the way you were taking control of your life and making smart positive choices. like doing camp instead of ptown even tho ptown sounded so fun, because you knew itd be running away and that camp is what will really help you heal. thats so cool!!! same with taking steps towards therapy and stuff. i know youve gone through a lot with that girl and its nice to see you bouncing back and working hard on feeling better :)

so yeah i know im just a stranger on the internet but i dont think you should let people be disappointed with your choices when youre really working on yourself. and even if you make the wrong choices, thats okay. sometimes you gotta make those choices, but im sure you know that already. so just you do you girl, i hope you have a great summer also crocs rock

!!!!!!! thank you wow this is so nice and it really means a lot. that’s a big reason i chose to stay bc ptown, while a great opportunity, it would be running away from the issues i have instead of dealing with them and it’s time to start dealing with them.

it’s been a tough few weeks but there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel right now which i’m really thankful for. even if im still kind of hurt over this girl, i know that this summer is really gonna help me!!

so thank you for this i really needed to hear it!!! 

and u right crocs DO rock!!!

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Girl I'm just so frustrated. I'm 20 and been single my whole life, the ONLY guys I get approached by are just like that, they're only looking to fuck and waste my time. I've never had a guy offer to do anything nice for me or even try to woo me first... Out of all my friends I attract the worst guys. I know relationships aren't everything but it just has me feeling really insecure.

It makes you insecure u dont have a man..? it makes u insecure… u dont have a person in ur romantic person in ur life? Like…..Yall need to get out of this mindset. lmao this is such a burden on your minds and yall allow this stupid shit to take over your life. only keeping yall back from more important things.. Stop glorifying these men and these relationships … A romantic relationship will give you nothing u cant give yourself, if u want a man so bad something inside of you is missing….things happen certain times of your life for a reason. Like girl i promise having a man is not that serious yall are so quick to jump up and look for something but dont have everything straight for urself. Do u have a job?? Do u have ur own place? Do u think ur a bad bitch? Are u independent? Dont give af about what ppl say? Do u ignore society’s standards? Hun….. work on yourself lol fuck is you rushing for


infodumping about the ocean


the last of us 12 day challenge

day 4: favorite enemy - marlene

“apparently, there’s no way to extricate the parasite without eliminating the host. fancy way of saying we gotta kill the fucking kid. and now they’re asking for my go ahead. the tests just keep getting harder and harder, don’t they? i’m so tired. i’m exhausted and i just want this to end… so be it.

 I was thinking and the thought “what if Voltron was a musical” crossed my mind. So….

  • The musical starts with Shiro, Matt, and Mr. Holt getting taken by the Galra and it’s all like really threatoning harmonies but then it switches to Lance, Pidge, and Hunk at the Garrison failing their simulation and it becomes like way more upbeat. 
  • The whole rescuing Shiro bit is a song where Lance is way too eager, Pidge is being all science nerd-y, Hunk is afraid™, and Keith is introduced as a bad boy rebel who sings a couple lines as he fights and it sounds like?? fuckin gorgeous?? and Lance is in the background with his mouth wide open.
  • They literally cut the song so Lance and Keith have their first introduction as the argument like in the show (but it has these notes every line like when people are talking in a musical but there’s still background music). 
  • Allura has a song where she’s training the paladins and they’re all shit until they start improving. At the end, they form Voltron. (kind of like make a man out of you) 
  • Lance’s solo starts all upbeat and fun like most would expect but then he starts singing about his homesickness and insecurities and it ends with him kneeling on the ground and reaching out with his arm 
  • Hunk’s solo is just?? great?? He narrates the teams’ actions in song and is skeptic about all the situations like in the show. He also sings about his anxiety a bit. 
  • Pidge sings about her family and how she’s on a mission to find them. It also has flashbacks to her home life, revealing that she’s a girl. It ends with her realizes she has a family within Voltron and stays with the team. 
  • Keith’s solo is about his past and how he lived alone for so long. The song is basically about Keith discovering himself. 
  • Shiro’s solo seems very formal as he leads the team but it turns into a “WHAT AM I DOING WHAT AM I DOING I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING IM JUST WINGING THIS HELP” 
  • There’s also a song about his Galra imprisonment
  • Coran’s solo is just?? fuckin weird man
  • Lance and Keith have a rival song kind of like “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked but it ends with them actually confessing they admire eachother but they’ll never tell (Happens like right after the bonding moment after Lance get’s out of the pod)
  • Everybody is their correct ethnicity, it’s done really well, and they give an even amount of time to each character with equal development 

just…imagine a voltron musical