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One(?) gifset per episode || 27 The Path to Whitestone 

After much discussion and preparation, and purchasing a lot of mirrors, the party took their transit over to east, northeast, towards Whitestone, where they began to traverse the Alabaster Sierras to the north, using the mountain range as opposed to going directly through the forest. There they managed to avoid encountering a bunch of harpies that were distracted by eating the horses they left behind. They camped for the evening and began to make their way through some sort of a mountainous valley that led in towards the forest surrounding Whitestone. While they were traveling down this pass, there was a rumbling and some sort of really fast, rapid-moving large blue creature that leaped down in front, catching them off guard.

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I’m laughing so hard I commented on a allurance fan art that included Keith being supportive with “aw Keith is so supportive even though he totally wants lance for himself” and this anti replies “can you not” “not what” “it’s an ALLURANCE fan art and you just HAD to bring klance here that’s what tags are for” and then blocked me and op didn’t even ship allurance? They ship klance but thought it was a good art idea? I’m just dead

Personal opinions here so please don’t start drama over them!!

I hate to agree with them but they are actually kind of right? :’D If someone makes a post for one ship it was made for that ship, so I don’t blame others when they get annoyed with people that try to make it into something it is not. Whether OP ships the ship they created art for or not doesn’t really matter.

But at the same time… tags and adding stuff to reblogs isn’t that much of a difference… if they could have ignored you when you wrote that stuff in the tags they could have ignored you when you added it to a reblog. Starting drama when someone does something you don’t like on the internet won’t get you far except in making people uncomfortable >.< Just ignore or block them and move on, don’t waste your energy on stuff like that.


bias selfie tag~ thanks to my qt pies @youngjaesloudlaugh @yu-gyeomiebabo @jajajaebum for tagging me! ❣

here’s the last of my five biases! some of you know just how much jaebum hurts me but i still love him so :’) i tried to be matchy matchy like i was with my other four biases but i don’t wear necklaces? and i can’t smile without showing my teeth?? and i stopped wearing earrings recently??? anyway at least i got the crewneck down so here is yours truly trying (but failing) to look as effortlessly good as jaebum 💖

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My phone sent an alert, Luna. She was asking for next week’s project information.
“Hey, Nia, watch me!”
“Hold on, Luna’s texting me.”
“Nia!” She was whining, I could hear it filling her voice. I looked up and saw the sandwich flip in the air.
“Oh my god, I’m a pro…” She whispered, until…
We heard a sloppy thump as it landed on the ground.
“Uh…” She laughed nervously. “So you’re never going to guess what happened today-”
“I didn’t see a thing babe. My eyes are closed.”
She started laughing more at ease. “Okay, good. I’ll eat that one.”

Inktober 2017
Traveling Merchant AU! Featuring Shadow, Blue, and Vio!

mains  call !    ———      if  we  are  mutuals  &.  we  have  spoken  out  of  character  before  ,  then  like  this  post  if  you  would  like  to  become  /  remain  mains !   current  list  of  mains  can  be  found  here.  i  will  be  accepting  two  of  each  character  ( possibly  three  ,  but  that  will  be  rare ).  please  check  the  list  before  liking  this.  thank  you !

| Day 21 | Circus Witch |

Wanna see a man walk on air? Maybe you’re more into water juggling? Fire hula hooping? Aerial straps- or well more like aerial vines, but you get the picture. Wanna talk to animals? Maybe see into the future?

Well if you said yes to any of those (or if you didn’t) we got it all! So come on down- or up -to Miss Pickett’s Flying Circus, where true magic comes to life!

So who wants to go to a flying circus? I promise it’s nothing like the one from Sailor Moon.

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any fics that are solely based around how good yoongi is at giving blowjobs?

There actually isn’t many fics that are just about Yoongi giving blowjobs. There are fics where it is featured, but it’s not really detailed or a main focal point. It’s more used for foreplay and such.

Ambrosia by WhitePeach
[Non AU][Slight Exhibitionism][Pre-Relationship]

such a pretty face by sundaytimes  
[Ficlet][Aftermath][Imperfect Sex]

If you would like, Anon, I can list fics that just have Yoongi giving blowjobs at some point. Just let me know if you want me to make that kind of list :}