do i have to tag all the characters... ok here goes

Rules: tell us one favorite character from ten fandoms & tag ten people. ( tagged by @e-chime )

uuhhhhh ok there we go the order isn’t important

1. aph france (hetalia)

2. keith (voltron)

3. serana (skyrim)

4. mary read (assassin’s creed: black flag)

5. midna (the legend of zelda: twilight princess)

6. kenny/kenneth mccormick (south park)

7. marceline abadeer (adventure time)

8. elie (the last of us)

9. son gohan (dragon ball)

10. zack fair (final fantasy vii)

mmh and as for people to tag i’m too socially inept to have 10 people to tag so here goes: @cogane, @cryopods, @planced and @francisperfectionbonnefoy,so if y’all wanna do it <3