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I absolutely love your drabbles! They're probably one of my favourite things in this fandom! They've inspired me to give writing (fanfics) another go, after what feels like a life-time :)

aaaaaa this is such a lovely message, thank you so much !! as long as people keep requesting them, i’ll keep writing them– so i’m glad that people are enjoying as much as i am! ♥

also also i got three new pins - one’s silver sharpie over a black background (that’s a small part of an inked crow, according to the maker) that says “dystopia dysphoria,” and one’s a wooden triangle painted pink, and one’s a teeny tiny pic of an accordion with “this machine kills fascists” around it 

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Do you have any tips for incoming freshman, esp. on making friends (I got a single so I'm terrified)

You can check out some of my tips for college in my college masterpost (part one and two), and in my college tag

As for making friends, you just have to be really intentional about putting yourself out there. Everyone is in the same position as you – away from home for the first time and scared out of their minds – so they’re all just as eager to make friends as you are. Introduce yourself to people on your hall and ask them to go eat with you; talk to people in your classes and start a study group; join clubs you’re interested in. You won’t have any trouble finding people to be friends with as long as you take the initiative to introduce yourself to people. Good luck in freshman year and beyond!!

I wish we could search our likes. I have so many likes and I know if I could just type in one of the tags I would be able to find something from last year but as it is the only way to get through your likes is to scroll through ALL of them I HAVE SO MANY LIKES, I CAN’T DO IT!

i rlly want heat stroke fics??
like i thought of it at work because we have these boys that come in to do security outside so nobody can second-act the show without /really trying/ and they all look so cool and so strong and i saw them when tagging a walker and they looked so DEAD

so like just imagine like
person A and person B work security together and person B goes to get water and when they come back person A is like fucking DELIRIOUS because of the heat and they’ve been hiding it up until now but god it’s so hot and honestly person B has cold water and cooler skin and everything is spinning

Something to Remember Me By - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

#ChoicesCreates Round15

Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: T 

Hosted by @zigisbisexual this week.

[A little note: I don’t know why all I want to write lately is TRR fanfics. Here’s another rather long one for Drake and MC. It began as Drake’s perspective but then whizzed off into MC’s. Hope it’s enjoyable! ]

[Summary: Drake’s unwillingness to let her go has nothing to do with honest intentions or loyalty. Will he find a way to convince MC to stay? My summary descriptions are still awful.]

“If words fail, let my eyes and my heart be my language.”

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Maybe that was the problem with wanting someone too much. You started to forget other things, the little things that should matter. You looked for excuses, anything just to see them again and ultimately make that last mistake. The final straw that doesn’t make it easy to go back. Back to the way things were before they became complicated.

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sorry to be a bother but do you have any favourite blog recommendations? i really like your content and want to see more stuff like that on my dash:)

omg thank you sm,, im crying but seriously pls ur not being a bother at all!!! i follow a lot of blogs so i cant rec everyone but here are some of my favs. since my blog is a Mess a lot of them are multifandom as well but mostly lit?? at least it think so

@roryglimore, @softalina, @softlykaz, @tomioliver, @feyrearchsron, @kyvber, @camercncole, @posiedcns, @cecilyherondales, @blueghafas, @kalebkrychek, @adtahti, @mermaeids, @kaznej, @astveria, @blacksiruis, @cassiopheias, @litladiesnetwork

okay im probably missing a lot of blogs so im sorry,, i think these are the blogs i reblog from the most tho so hopefully this helopes  :))

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do you have any favorite writers on tumblr? I love your writing so much and I feel like you have a trustworthy opinion on good writing.

asdfnoksdnfos i’m?? thank you so much this ask literally made me squeal i’m :’’) ❤️

ok ok so i do have a fic rec tag where i reblog a lot of my friend’s talented writing and support them you should definitely take a peek through there!! 

a huge huge shoutout goes to the heart & soul squad aka @lightwoodlesbians (ao3), @isabellebiwoods (ao3), @daddariossmile (ao3), @achilleanragnor (ao3), and @softmagnusbane (ao3) because i get to witness how much thought and dedication they put into their work and the outcome is always beautiful and they’re all so hard working and talented you should totally check out all of them!!

i’ll call out a few other extremely talented authors tho:

  • @notcrypticbutcoy (ao3) is beyond talented they’re by far one of my favorite authors on ao3
  • @thealmostrhetoricalquestion (ao3) writes such light hearted and beautiful malec their parent au literally made my heart swell 50 sizes
  • Lemur710 isn’t on tumblr (as far as i know) but deserves a mention because they write some of the best canon malec ever
  • @lemonoclefox (ao3) writes really lovely fic too their pride & prejudice au has to be one of my favorites
  • @clockworkswans (ao3) writes fantastic multichaptered fics that are gripping and brilliant and all around 10/10
  • @maghnvsbane (ao3) who was a way with words and captures both magnus and alec so so beautifully 
  • other mention worthy people who continuously write incredible drabbles and ficlets and make my dash that much more wonderful:: @softjimon (ao3), @hoteldumorts (ao3@hufflebee (ao3@magnusbaene (ao3)

happy reading! 💞


Soooo guess I accumulated a few Wakfu/Dofus doodles over time… the last one were all mostly made recently since my friends slaved me had me draw them a quick doodle of EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of their characters to have like… 24 icons caus they wanted to do the hungers game simulator thing and we absolutely needed pictures… So yeah I’m cheap and didn’t even finish Zycra since the icon wouldn’t have her full body but anyways…

We barely even play anymore but Dofus has been a huge part of my life a few years ago so I can’t just let the good times slip away. The game may have changed but the universe is still as fun to rp in, same goes with Wakfu tbh.

what do you guys do with fics you’ve started but will prob never finish?

bc i have a shit ton of fics from various ships that are like… fairly long (partially written and with more or less complete outlines) but unfinished and i’m just no longer actively involved in that ship or fandom??

like part of me is all ‘eh’ and part of me is like ‘well shit some of these are cool ideas and i put so much work into them i feel like i should do SOMETHING with what i have???’

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You have so many fics? How am I suppose to read them all?

I don’t expect you to read them all!  LOL!  I have very few in a small group that HAVE read them all! 

@lori-walker-kc - @francowitch - @mygeekcorner (i think) and there are a handfew more… @otpmorelikeohthepain maybe? I know there are a hand-few who have read them ALL (even the early shit where I was clueless what I was doing) — UGH!  MY MIND WENT BLANK!!!!  If you have actually suffered through ALL my fics — LET ME KNOW!

I write a wide variety and have many close mutuals, some ships are NOT there thing… and I am OK with that - some people hate AU - some people are bored of canon - some are only one ship - some hate the certain rare ships… Hey, I can’t please everyone and I don’t mind! 

I try to tag and summarize best I can!!! But enjoy them! There is plenty to go through!!!  <3 

I was tagged by @bandaged-chessmaster. Thank you for including me~

1. Post the rules
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1. Favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Dark chocolate… the bitter kind

2. Dawn or Dusk?

I’d like to answer Dawn but I sometimes despise it for waking me up so…. Dusk.

3. Hogwarts house?

4. Have any stuffed toys?

A couple of them, all birthday gifts ^^

5. Cats or Dogs?


6. How many hours of sleep do you get?

On usual day I get 3-4. On day offs I get 8-9. <– Unhealthy, do not do this.

7. Tea or Coffee?

I can’t function without coffee in the morning.

8. First thing you notice in a person?

Their hairstyle and top/shirt.

9. Monochrome or Colour?


10. Song currently stuck in your head?

SOMNUS AND OMNIS LACRIMA. //still crying over FFXV

11. Do you play an instrument? Which one?

Do people’s heartstring count as instrument?

My questions:

1. Main philosophy in living?
2. Song that meant the most for you?
3. The one quote that moved you?
4. Would you rather be a criminal in Death Note’s universe or a human in Attack on Titan?
5. The earth is no longer salvageable and people built a spaceship with no destination. Do you stay and die on earth or go and risk dying on the emptiness of space?
6. You are given a choice to save your dead favorite character or a whole movie of your living favorite character. What do you chose?
7. You are given a chance to save your most beloved and destroying the world or condemning them and saving the world. What will it be?
8. You met god and he offered you one chance to change something in the world. What will you ask?
9. If you can have one knowledge in the world what will you choose?
10. Are you willing to pave a way to hell with good intention?
11.  What is the one thing you will never, ever do no matter the circumstance?

I tag: @bandaged-chessmaster yes I’m retagging you. Answer mee

@yulicechan @michelleaoki @rainandginkgo @stardustedangst @bandit-kat @chom-raaa @catsbythegreat @munchmuffins @star-tear what is Baguette’s tumblr though help


Do this:

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like. Then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @laivaaja and @nspamc.


Operation: Galactic Gambit (Thrawn x Veers) - Collab with @white-rainbowff

Specifically working on the illustration for the next chapter of Who Dares, Wins. It’s a big chapter and features a turning point in their relationship, so it gets some art lol.


Thrawn artbook - Taking ages cos I keep dropping older drawings and having to replace them later. Lately I’m burnt out from drawing too much Thrawn so I’m switching to drawing Veers and maybe some other character when I get bored to get over it.

Veers dakimakura design (maybe?) - It’s no secret I adore him (more so than Thrawn actually). Although I most prolly won’t be selling it cos he’s a more niche character.

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Hello! I think I've read all fake/pretend relationship fics cause I can't find any other. Do you have a list for them so I can check?

here’s a post

and other one

and another one

and here’s the search tag for fake relationship of our blog:

Callout Post!!!!

So after thinking for awhile I’ve finally created a callout post for @justthatstarboy

- Literally one of the cutest people I’ve ever seen/met. Like like whenever they send me a selfie I get tongue twisted cause like??? What??? They’re so cute

- Sends me post ALL the time! And I love all of them. Like my blog is literally 60% of post that they have sent me

- Has a tag just for me on their blog. Like thank you?? What did I do to deserve that??

- Always knows what to say to make me feel better. Like I don’t think they realize how many times they have stopped me from falling into a full blown panic attack or just made me feel so much better about myself or a situation

- Has a really cute cat and sends me pictures of it (Thank you for that! I love cats!)

- Is one of the sweetest people that you will ever talk too

- Every time I get a message from them I smile like an idiot, cause you’re amazing and I don’t derseve you attention

- One of my first followers on this blog. So they are loyal af

- I just want the best for them and will fight anyone and I mean ANYONE that is mean to them. Like I don’t condone fighting but I want to protect them

- They are one of my FP’s (just saying)

- Overall they are incredible and I’m so glad that they seeing my life

Feel free to add if you want. Love you Star!! 💜💜💜

Feel free to check them out!! You won’t be disappointed

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Quick question, when you post a fic on tumblr and people reblog it and add tags, are you as the op of the post able to read/access those tags without needing to follow the blog commenting in the tags?

Yeah, totally. 

You can see every reblog and like people do in your post/fic, whenever or not you follow them or they follow you, as far as I’m concern.

I mean, I do it, and I’m pretty sure I don’t follow 2k people (that is just an example, im not…saying…i have that many notes always, it was a miracle.) 


Hope I helped? <3333 

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Hello! I just saw the rec for the "panic in the industry" fic, and I'm wondering, do you have a tag for fics where Bucky and Clint are best buds? Or Bucky and Thor? If you have stuff where Bucky and either of them are in a relationship, that's cool too! Thank you so much though! I can't even tell you guys how much I appreciate all the effort you put into this blog! You're the best!! :) <3

hi :D you should try:

AO3 search for stevebucky fics where bucky and clint are bros
AO3 search for stevebucky fics where bucky and thor are bros 

2.4k!!! I have no idea how I got here guys. A little over 3 months ago, I started a fan fix just to fill the gaps of time, to get my thoughts more organized and to do something in times of insomnia.

I appreciate you all and thank you for reading.
To celebrate (all of you guys, not me), the first 5 requests from a follower for a drawing (Riverdale or HP related) get one posted and tagged to them! Above is an example of a freehand I did. If you want a specific scene let me know! Thanks guys!