do i have to study for the lsats now

26.06.2016• LSAT Prep Day 10. Almost done with this book 💪🏻 I have now bought the ticket to take the LSAT this September 🙌🏻 If you want to keep track of my progress you can watch my study vlogs on my channel (SincerelyGisselle) 👍🏻 For those taking any big admission exams this year, I want to wish you good luck, you can do it!! 👊🏻💪🏻

slowly getting back into shape and amping up my workouts little by little, every day, to push myself to my physical limit and then raise that bar!!! my body is feeling stronger, as is my heart; it would be a lie to say that I’m completely over it, but I’m closer to being there with each moment that passes by. I’ve allowed myself to be quietly down for quite some time now, but I’m ready to start actively feeling the positivity again :-) classes are going well, I’m proud of myself for studying hard for the lsat, I’m excited for my internship this summer, my maman and papa are so supportive and loving and healthy, and I’m blessed in every way possible to have all the opportunities that I do, and it’s time for me to pick myself back up. I’m ready!!! This is cheesy, but it’s okay!!! This world always needs a little more cheese :)

Law School Update

Hey, I thought I would update you guys on my law school applications and everything since, I had been posting when I was studying for the LSAT. 

I got into my dream law school with a full ride (scholarship) and I am currently working part-time at a law firm downtown. I was previously working full-time that’s why I have not posted as much but, now I switched to part-time since the schedule is more flexible and I can also prepare for law school (which I will be starting in August).

Hope everything is going well with you!

Good luck in all your current endeavours, you can do it!