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The Wind Talker

I make friends when walking down a street, because a Jay is pretty good at that and I talk with lots of things. And some of them are pretty surprised a Jay can talk to them – sometimes even that they can talk! – but my new friend isn’t at all.

“I have an uncle who is a tornado.”


“Everyone talks about him. Not just other winds. The waves. Storms.” The zephyr let’s out a sigh smaller than it is. “Even the earth knows his name.”

“Oooh! So you’re all kinds of sad-face about being a gentle breeze?!”

“Yes. I’ve felt you change winds. Move storms. Make things – more. Bigger. Terrifying!” Each word a gust, and after the zephyr barely manages a whisper: “Change me. Help me.”

“Jaysome is jaysome; it doesn’t have to be like that you know!” I stop walking so it isn’t tired when following a Jay. No one else is about. “Honcho knows that change isn’t always a helping. Sometimes help is learning to be you, not wanting to be other things. It’s a happiness if no one knows your name like they know tornadoes and typhoons and lots of other things starting with t I bet!”

“But I’m so small.”

“Uh-huh. And they were too once. They grew, and you can too: but you don’t have to grow the way they did. You can be big and not be feared!”

The breeze quivers when I’m firm like a Jay, but keeps on going too!

“But you are big. You are Jay, of the bindings, and the wind that howls between the worlds knows your name.”

“Well, I am jaysome. But that’s me being me and making friends and doing loads of helpings. Being big is more this -.”

And I reach, for a moment. Down inside, but also sideways and upside-ahead as well. It’s not waking up. (it hurts.) It’s not – it –


I let go. Push it away, and back, and far to the edges of jaysome. I think I almost don’t manage it, but I’m not sure because it’s the biggest binding I’ve ever done! I’m sweating and I have a headache, which is pretty new and my head doesn’t want to stop aching.

“… that is very big,” the zephyr says in a voice so small I almost don’t hear it.

“Uh-huh! There are lots of kinds of big, and some bigs even a Jay doesn’t want to be. Being small is better since it’s hard to big like a storm and not hurt and have people scared of you!”

“Thank you,” the breeze says, and goes off to be a breeze and nothing like a storm at all!

I head back to the hotel and hope Honcho can help with my headache.





Keith was too afraid to admit his feelings to Lance or even try to get him to notice him, but Red on the other hand is like [rubbing paws together] my time has come

Red: [while being flown by Lance] Keith’s eyes sure are pretty aren’t they
Lance: [sighs] yeah…. they are….
: hey wAIT A MINUTE-

Red: so, i noticed you are interested in looking for a person to settle down with after all this is over…
Lance: oh yeah, totally! i’m sure there’s somebody out there waiting for someone as handsome as me to come sweep them off their feet~
Red: really now? do you have anybody in mind yet?
Lance: well-
Red: maybe someone with dark hair and dark eyes? someone just a little shorter than you in height?? someone who’s name starts with the letter K????

[Lance and Keith somehow get stranded on a moon and get attacked by Galra drones, Red comes in and blows up the drones] 

Lance: Sweet! Looks like our ride is here, time to head back to base. let’s go!
Red: [looks between Lance and Keith]
Red: [turns and takes off, leaving Lance and Keith behind]
Lance: w-wait- where- WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? COME BACK!
Keith: [internal screaming bc he knows what Red is doing]

[scenario] [request] friend date

50: writer’s preference requested by @7teenjunhui

(i hope this was fluffy enough!!! i wanted to write a more cuddly junhui but this scenario was callin me) 

Title: friend date

Member: Junhui

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1261

“A blind date? Baobei, you already have me.” You can picture the adorable pout on Junhui’s face, and you wish you could reach through the phone to kiss his worry away, but all you can do is sigh.

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Me as a mother
  • Me: Do you want me to tell you all a fairy tale?
  • Cinder: No, mom.
  • Me: your named after a fairytale!! You should love- AELIN, STOP CLIMBING ALL OVER YOUR BROTHER!!!
  • Jace: Mom, what's this one about?
  • Me: Oh, yes. That's a limited edition signed- WARNER, WHY IS FEYRE CRYING!? KAZ, make her stop crying and-
  • *vase breaks somewhere*
  • Me: *sighs* I knew I shouldn't have named them after the troublemaking ones...

anonymous asked:

(Alright, I'm asking this just because another Anon-chan mentioned it haha) Hmmm, why call it "Doggie" Style, though? I mean, every animal out there does doggy-style and they aren't even dogs! Why not call it rabbit-style, or better yet, Bear-Style? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lookin at you, Veggie-Man hehe (Is it possible for all of them to be in it? If not, then that's okay :D)

Azusa: Ne… Ruki… why is it called Doggie-style…? Anon-san… has a point on… this one… Doesn’t all animals… mate that way…?

Ruki: Azusa… -sighs- Why humans have named all of the positions of such actions, I will never understand. You shouldn’t be asking us, Livestock, nor you too Azusa.

Kou: Whoever named it could have been thinking about dogs, M Neko-chan~ Nufu~ But I’m going to call it Bear style now if Yuma-kun starts doing it!

Yuma: Oi! Shut up! Sow is too fucking small to be doing that style! Tch…! And I’m not veggie-man, Sow! Do ya want me to punch ya?!

My Nails Dig Into My Palms

My hands shaking
Someone’s telling a story in the next room
I swear I hear my name
Winds slapping trees back n’ forth
I stare out the window and think about all the things I’ve been putting off
I grind my teeth
Someone ask me a simple question
I laugh and tell them to fuck off
They walk away confused
I wonder what’s wrong with me

How have I become so bitter?
How have I become my own arch nemesis?
What do I think I’m holding onto?

Someone sends me a text
I look at it and sigh
Tell myself I’ll reply later
Always telling myself I’ll do it later
I feel sick
I look into the mirror and want to vomit
I drink when I don’t feel like drinking
I smoke when I don’t feel like smoking
I walk from the kitchen to the bathroom
From the bathroom to the kitchen
Just so I can pretend I’m doing something productive

I look out the open screen door and can hear cars humming on the parkway
I think of clever things I could’ve said in an argument I had three days ago

I’m angry
Angry at myself
I want to punch myself in the face
I want to rip my hair out
I want to take a baseball bat and destroy every possession that’s ever meant anything to me
I’ve become a ghost of my former self
Haunting finances and sociability

Everyday goes by quicker than the last
Everyday the horizon drifts farther away
I lost my appetite

I mean
I love life
I love people
The birds
The trees
I don’t want to die
I don’t want to make anyone’s day harder than it has to be
I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about themselves
I don’t want to feel like I have to lie to people when they ask me how I have been doing

Things will fall apart through out your life
Habits will shift and settle
Not just for you
But for everyone

Make it easy for them
Make it easy for yourself

sIGHS i think we take this “whites are racist cause they cant say my name” to far

If they say it by mistake wrong, thats not their fault. They dont speak a certain language and arent use to doing so. If they say sorry and fix it, thats fine!! But if they dont, THEN they are being racist. Whites mispronounce my last name all the time, i cant blame them. No ones born with knowledge of how to say all names. Blacks have mispronounced my name as well? Its usually only spanish people who can say it correctly.

and honestly there are white last names that are hard to say? A lot of the easy ones are british last names… But slavic? Italian? Greek? I’ve seen some white last names that are pretty hard to pronounce. Claiming that all white names are easy is pretty us centric. The world isnt white americans

If you wanna talk trash about white americans and claim they have no culture, say white americans. Because its kinda not far and EXTREMELY us centric to claim that millions of ethnic groups and people across a continent overseas that is europe has no culture.