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Frank Castle is such a dick, let’s be real.

He was SUPPOSED to be just a supporting character in a show. He was not SUPPOSED to have such chemestry with one of the lead love interests of the mains character of that show. He was not SUPPOSED to be so good Marvel just decided to whip up a whole series for him. He was not SUPPOSED to dwarf news about the other Defenders. I was not SUPPOSED to ship him with anyone.

And yet, here he is. Here I am. Here we all are. How did this happen?

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Do you ever read about quirks and idk like it astounds me how much thought process goes into them and how they're as realistic as they can be (like aizawa not being able to erase physiological quirks), or how Deku would break his bones, how Todoroki's body needs to get adjusted to temperatures. I love how you did Katashi's quirk! It's good that the boy is drinking milk, but reads about his quirk made me think of bone life cycles and how quickly they must go through his body!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! anon you’re so well-read this was a very pleasant message to read!! and yes the extent that horikoshi goes to to make his hero universe so realistic in this context is one of the biggest most refreshing charms of bnha! ALSO BONE CYCLES YES katashi’s quirks results from his extremely enhanced bone metabolism!

y'all need to calm down that scene with oswald and sofia was drawing comparisons between oswalds mother and sofia. if it was romantic it would be overtly creepy. oswald is becoming attached to sofia in a way that he sees his mother in her and sofia is preying on that. it was an intimate scene, yes, but still platonic. not every connection oswald makes is romantic. we’re good. oswald is gay.

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Imagine Lup calling Takko “old man” when he starts getting into his later years while Lup stays the same.

“I figured taako would also become a lich eventually though, so he could stay with lup and kravitz forever since neither of them are gonna age”

I considered it and its def an alternative. I like to go with the idea Taako wants to live. More so Kravitz wants Taako to live; since he has expressed how what he was doing was never his real passion nor is being undead something he really preferred. Taako makes him feel alive and I think Kravitz (as well as Taako) would like to be able to have that long elven life. 

Also taking into account becoming a lich is really hard both in fiction and in irl game lol. Lup and Barry were taking a huge risk they knew about, Lup talks about how she needed sort of these memories to anchor herself. The process is literally giving up her soul and breaking natural law. I like to believe Lup made her choice not because she didn’t thank anyone else would but she didn’t want to have anyone else risk this much. Lup wasn’t going to let them have to make this tough choice if she could do it for them. 

long story short, my personal hc is Lup and Barry’s choice to become liches was a hard one and I don’t want to take that away from them with having Taako do it just to stay young and pretty forever when he can do that and keep his soul in tact. I believe Taako and Kravitz value his lief, a normal and happy one he gets to rebuild. Most importantly, he’s dating death, so him dying he’s not going anywhere lol. Kravitz probably has like a honeymoon home waiting for them in the astral plane right next door to Julia’s who refuses to move on.  

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Pennywise: “Go home, Bill! The movie’s done, we don’t need you before Chapter II!”

Bill: “Tror du att jag vil vara här?”


“I am happy I was there in person with Rafa himself to open the academy and I had a great time….I hope I get an invitation soon again so I can go there and be inspired by all the juniors, and seeing the academy up and running. I would love to come back, so I’m waiting for the invitation.”