do i have to do this

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

A collab with the amazing @kipio!! Kim did Natsu and Plue and I did Lucy and Happy!!

Thanks so much for collaborating with me Kim, it looks so good! Natsu looks so adorable and PLUE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL EVER OKAY, PROTECT HIMMMMMM

If you don’t follow Kim already then go and follow her! She produces awesome art and fics, and if that isn’t enough, she is one of the kindest & most supportive people on this site! So yeah, please go and show her some love :3

I was just thinking about some cute shenanigans between Mercy and Genji and the thought sort of hit me. They’d totally do stretching/exercises together!

Couple stretching before work outs or in the morning or just to relax at night. Genji is more flexible then Mercy but she’s slowly getting up there. Positions where one’s holding the other to get the muscles just right at the back of their arms or legs. 

Sometimes, Mercy gets curious and wants to see if they can do a certain pose together. Like her balancing on his shoulders while reaching for the ceiling. His form completely still as to keep her steady and both trusting the other without a shadow of a doubt.

When Genji wants to workout, Mercy will lay on his back. It seems almost pointless to Mercy with how easily he preforms the push ups even with her added weight but she doesn’t mind the motion of his body under hers. 

Sometimes, when they’ve both in a playful mood, Genji will deadlift Mercy above his head. He’ll count aloud, saying he’ll never let her down but Mercy will interrupt his counting with random numbers just to see him lose his place and mockingly get frustrated. 

Genji doesn’t sweat but his body lets off steam which Mercy finds very attractive. Her red cheeks somehow get brighter when he catches her staring. His grin is cheeky as he comments on her beautiful, sweaty self. He’d be lying though if he said he didn’t love the way her hair stuck to her skin because of the exercising. 


“I know there’s a light, the only shining in our hearts. Standing here, in this place where freedom lives. I know there’s a light, don’t let it fade out, it’s our heart. Let it go. We are not defeated, we’re not losing, in these flames of war. We’re rising up!”  


I’m really tired of people saying they want to date me, never asking me on a date or even TRYING, and then being mad at me/ending up hating me.
If you say you want to do it, do it? Just ask me on a date. Don’t just post/talk about it a bunch and then get hurt when nothing happens and blame it on me.
Also consider: I’m a real person with real feelings. I have school and a life and it sucks to get a million messages calling me a bitch because I didn’t answer a message immediately after receiving it. I sometimes don’t check my phone all day because looking at the number of unread texts really overwhelms me and I can’t deal with that and class at the same time.

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Spock with a dress?

This ask is like a hundred years old lol 

They have landed on a planet where men dressed up as women is a very valued and polite manner. He is wearing the traditional attire of the planet which is close to the Indians’ on Earth  (ノ・ω・)ノ