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Casual Sidon in a tank top 😍👌🏻

I made this with my own two hands and I still can’t believe how ridiculous and annoyingly pretty I designed this man.

I really tried to do “casual” again but then the eyeliner happened and I couldnt stop myself. Nothing is casual about sidon anyways so I’ll give myself a B - and a pat on the back for effort.


I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer this at all, but I’ll do my best! Before I start, this is how I draw Sans, how you choose to draw him entirely depends on what feels more comfortable to you and your style. (I tried drawing Sans a bunch of different ways until I found a style that suits me.)

FIRST!! Start off with a ‘t’ shape (we all know the drill but its super important to help figure out where his face goes and how to shape his face)

After all that noise, you can shape his face around the ‘t’. It helps a lot when you’re figuring out his jaw situation.

Again! Use the lines to figure out where to add his face! (*gasp*! he’s already cute af)


Sans is all curves. (one of the reasons drawing him is so therapeutic for me)

Make him round! Add some poofy clothes! Tell him he’s pretty!

Basically my tips are don’t underestimate the ‘t’ and Sans is at his most powerful the rounder he is.

Mycroft | Watercolour, white gel pen & coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper

But if someday they decide to have children, Percy would totally insist that the names of their children be Chase or Grace, something like:

Come on Annabeth, Chase Jackson if it’s a boy or Grace Jackson if it’s a girl

And Annabeth would only be like ’We’re not going to name our kids with my surname or the surname of Jason

And Percy would end with a: ’What about Jack? Jack Jackson

“My clothes are… um… my clothes don’t shift with my form.”

Namjoon blinked, realized he was gaping, and blinked again. His mouth snapped shut as he finally realized the meaning behind the words, but all he could choke out was a meek, “Oh.”

(A scene from @thatonepersonwithaface’s fic for this au here!! )

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Mother they left lars, why must they take away my son *tear* I hate steven universe but it's so gud!! I wanna see more soon!

Ahhhh I know I’m excited for the rest of this season too! So many unexpected directions they went with this opening arc, but it’s great!

Also, if Lars has all of Lion’s abilities? Maybe he can get a portal open by shouting or something so he and all the off-colors can actually get back to Earth! 

~ My Motivation Conflict ~
  • Me: Ah yes finally! I am starting to draw the prizes for the raffle and -
  • Me: *visualizes pose and idea* Ok Ok that seems cool... we can sketch it out -
  • My Brain: PSH SKETCH? NAH - I'm thinking LINELESS...
  • Me: Remember the last lineless thing we drew? That took a while -
  • Me: ...
  • My Brain: ...
  • Me: ...fine *starts to draw it*

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol