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Okay but idk if you do like little space ones but I have one if you want. It's little Virgil drawing a picture of all 4 of them and giving to Patton and saying that he made it cause he loves them and then asking them to marry him (polysanders!!)

That is super super sweet!!! I don’t really do much with little space but I’m gonna tag @writing-thuri because she does. 

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Rules: Using any Sims game, create a sim based upon the style of one of your favourite simmers! Be sure to tag them and your friends! :3

This sim was inspired by @bustedpixels

Thanks to the lovely @pxlunicorns for tagging me 💜

Alright so I was really excited to do this one, I COMPLETELY ADORE Ryan, he’s a HUGE inspiration for me, like, HUMONGOUS and his S1M0NE screenshots are LIFE. I adore all of his CC and I have it all in my game. AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS HE’S AN AMAZING PERSON AND REALLY POLITE AND UGH I WAnt to be like him, he’s goals, everything about him.

The Hair, Suit and Lipstick of this are by him!! I also tried to mimic his editing style on the sim!! It’s not perfect but it totally reminded me of him!!

Here are the things I noticed on his sims!:

  • Blonde sims!!! He seems to love them!!
  • Sexy women with a femme-fatale look to them 💜
  • Chiseled faces!! Almost no cheeks but prominent cheekbones!
  • Smoochable lips
  • Futuristic clothes!!!
  • Curvy women, damn them curves
  • Very simple makeup, most of the times it’s just eyeliner and lipstick!
  • Bigger than usual eyes!
  • Narrow-y shoulders!
  • bewbs
  • Eyebrows ALWAYS ON FLEEK

And I think that’s about it! I LOVED doing this sim 💜

Top Ten Movies

Tumblr really hates that I don’t have an actual computer, but I’m determined to post this thing! 🖕

RULES: post 10 movies you can watch over and over. I was tagged by a few, most recently by @estalfaed and @sweet-ree . Thanks guys! I feel the love. Gonna do the most current re-watches, because there are too many.

1~ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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2~ Imagine Me & You

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3~ Jurassic Park (well, pretty much all of them)

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4~ The Emperor’s New Groove

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5~ Skyfall 

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6~ Star Trek Beyond

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7~Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

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8~ Captain America 1&2 (don’t make me choose)

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9~ Alien (the whole enchilada)

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10~ Lord of the Rings

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(+1) The Mummy, The Mummy Returns

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I tag the following if you’re interested. More than likely you’ve been picked already because we are one big crazy family. Imagine holiday dinners, dude. @young-avenger @hkdroids @mandydarlings @threewhiskeylunch @frankiefxckingiero @omegastation @introspecticskeptic @blueteaparty @rego-mem @thejollywriter @estora @dipsykoo @renlyslittlerose and the tumblr celeb couple @you-are-a-program and @mehutchinsane


Guess who’s back. 

And at the probably best or worst possible timing but I do think this is something I should do for you guys since I really missed you all. 

There’s a problem because I have 17 unanswered messages right now and so much shit happening in the fandom and especially in the main tag. That’s why I decided to reply them all in a bunch for the next upcoming days because this anime is gonna ends in one week more. So, if you want to share your thoughts, random question or just chillin’, feel free to do it, because there is no more time from now on, and if you are an anti, feel free to send some anon hate too, I will be very pleased to read it too. *wink wink* 

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Any chance you have a master post of all your comics? I absolutely love them and want to read them all! :D please dont ever stop! You are amazing <3

The closest thing I have is my art tag. The comics are linked between them in description. It’s still a bit troublesome to follow, but if you have enough patience you could do that haha!

I should really do a master post.. At least with the link of first part of each comic, so people know where they can start from.

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would it be okay for people to make Rusty(???singular???) OC's with credit? they just seem fun to draw!! and if this is okay, tips?

whoa, that would be so cool! absolutely, tag me when you’re done i would love to see them!!

uhh for tips? the skin tones vary like they do for humans, and…the hair/fur/eye colors are really colorful and fun. the legs/paws (the “”animal”” half) can have different colors and markings and can be as natural (brown, tan, black, gray, etc.) or unnatural looking (blue, green, purple, orange, etc.) as you want. same for the tail/tail fur

also have fun! this is such an awesome ask and i’m really excited to see what you all come up with

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Hi Emma! Let me start this off by thanking you for all the tips and printables! ♡ Ok, I don't know if someone has asked you this, but do you know any tips on improving poetry skills? Or can you suggest tumblr poets? Lastly, what tags to use to widen the reach of my posts (which are mostly literary). Thank you! I hope this isn't much of a hassle. 😄

Helloo! Thank you so much for reading and using them :-) I don’t really have any personal tips since I’m so terrible at those kinds of creative fields - I wish I was good with words :’-) I do have a tag on @studyblrmasterposts for poetry, you can see it here. I don’t follow any poets but I know the ‘poets on tumblr’ tag is constantly being updated so you could probably find some through that. If anyone does have suggestions, please link them! As I mentioned, ‘poets on tumblr’ or ‘writers on tumblr’ would be good ones to tag with. I’d also go with ‘poem’, ‘poetry’, ‘writing’, ‘my writing’, etc. It would also be good to tag them with either your name, other blogs tracked tags xx

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how excited are u to see megs?!?!?

IM SO EXCITED??????????????????????????REALLY EXCITED??!?!

infact im so excited its hard to show it HGSDGDSGsgddsg emotion processing issues™ . i am very excited tho i have a list of things i want to do w him/places i want to take him and im excited to introduce him to my kinda big family and im HELLA STOKED to just do normal couple things with him THAT IVE NEVER DONE BEFORE???

all my past relationships have been LDR and ive never met any of them in person so this is a huge first for mehgdbfghdsgjdfg. im gonna be having my first kiss at the tender age of 18 (which is a pretty good age if u ask me). im a bit nervous but in the very excited way like theres just a lot to think about and a lot of new territory for me (and him!)

11 more days to go tho so i better sort my shit-

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For the fandom meme tag, Wizardess Heart! I love your blog, keep up the good work 💕

Aww thankyou!!! I received two wh asks (thankyou @nickdurandal and @saeryenkalador) so i’ll do them here. 

Send me a fandom and i’ll answer:

01. The first character I fell in love with:

Luca was the first route i played and i really liked him when i first played his route-and i still do! tho other guys have taken his no.1 spot~

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

Yukiya! He is my all time fave and i did not expect to love such a nice quiet character-especially at the time since i back then i preferred asshole characters like luca and klaus. my tastes have sorta changed…

03. The character I’d slap:

I’d slap Azusa so hard. He needs some sense knocked into him. 

04. Who are my 3 favorite characters.

My 3 faves are:



3-Klaus (sometimes. like sometimes i am so not in the mood for him, but i have this weak point for him idk why)

05. What are my 3 favorite pairings.

1-Elias x Luca (of course!)

2-Randy x Klaus

3-Vincent x Joel (i’ve seen some great fanart that convinced me)

06. Which character you’re most like.

mc lol. im a bit of an airhead and i make a lot of mistakes but im generally a good person (i’d like to think so anyway)

07. The coolest thing about the canon: 

that magic exists. i know this is an obvious answer but its such a cool thing. i love all the different kinds of magic too, e.g. talking to animals.

Thanks so much for the ask!


30 Days of Fairy Tail

Day 12: Favourite Friendship - Phantom Duo (Gajeel & Juvia)

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Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun


I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D


More Characters under the cut!

 Here it is! The character sketches for the YouTube AU I’ve been working on for months! I’ve got a hell lot of headcanons in my mind for this AU and I’m really grateful to @qi-tana who is going to collaborate with me on this! When I don’t have an upcoming comic, she will have a short (most probably illustrated) fic ready!

Index ✿ Prologue ⇨

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Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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What do you have against Bex? (Can u also provide evidence thanks 💜)

When I first got this ask, I was tempted to play it off as a joke and say “the fact she exists,” and leave it at that. But I feel like it’s important to stay informed. And if you genuinely don’t know, I’ll give you the complete rundown. It’s long, it’s messy, and it’s nasty, so bear with me.

First, and introduction. When I talk about Bex, I’m referring to the actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is the voice actor (or VA) of the character Pidge in the show Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

It all began a while ago when Bex liked a comment of a picture. The picture involved a ship called Shei//th. I censored the name so it doesn’t show up in the tags of that on tumblr. But essentially it’s a ship between two characters, Takashi Shirogane, a 25 year old pilot who is the leader of the team, and Keith Kogane, one of the other “paladins” or fighters on the team. People like me find this ship to be distasteful, since Shiro is an adult, and the others are teens (it’s actually a bit messier than that, since an official Voltron source listed Keith as 18, but the producers of the show, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, said they were not consulted on the book so there’s some question as to whether it’s canon or not). Either way, the consensus by most reasonable people is that it’s probably not a healthy thing to depict in children’s media, when you consider the considerable age difference, the power imbalance (leader, senior officer with someone they are in charge of), and finally, the iconic line by the character of Keith himself when he defines their relationship as a familial one.

Nonetheless, the ship persists, as nasty things on tumblr are wont to do. There’s a lot of shipping discourse on tumblr between two distinct groups which can be labelled as “antis”–people who are not in favor of any Shiro/paladin ships, or what has become to be known as “shaladins”–people who ship any variation of Shiro with the paladins.

Here is where Bex got involved. On Instagram there was a picture of a black shoe and a red shoe together and the joke was about the shoes being a prophecy that Shei//th would be canon. A joke, mostly, considering all the evidence above. But here’s where Bex got herself in trouble. She liked a comment on the picture where someone said “Keith is a power bottom confirmed.”

Obviously, this caused a bit of an uproar within the fanbase, especially between the discourse between antis and shaladins. Shaladins were celebrating that an Official Voltron Source liked their ship, and antis were angry about that acknowledgement of the ship at all by official sources, and the sexualization of a kid’s show (more on this later.)

So of course this sparked the discourse on tumblr. One user, @lancehunks, who was receiving asks about Bex, tagged her in the replies.They were definitely unfavorable. 


and a few more. 

Bex, being the big strong, adult, woman she is, decided that she could not take this obviously grievous insult to her name [sarcasm], and decided to reblog them all and respond to them. Keep in mind, that @lancehunks was just 13 years old. And Bex (22) decided that these were appropriate responses:

Yep, you read that right. Not only an adult but employed on a kid’s show! To a 13 year old! The target audience of the very show she’s a part of! (Oh, the hypocrisy). But wait, there’s more:

Just in case you’re confused, let me tell you the many, many reasons why this is unacceptable. 

  1.  Bex is an adult. You’d think she’d be a little more mature by now just in general. It’s the internet and there are trolls.
  2. The person she was addressing was 13!!!! Do I think it was mature to tag Bex in all those posts? No. But it’s… behavior that you can expect from 13 year old’s on the internet. If we swore at and tore down every single one of them every time they did something dumb, we would need a lot more therapists for teens in the world. Plus it’s really disingenuous to pretend that we wouldn’t have done something similar when we were younger if we were in that position.
  3. Bex is famous. While she’s certainly not on the caliber of massive A-List stars like Tom Holland or Zendaya, she has a fanbase that exceeds the normal person’s friend group. Just because she’s been on TV before, she has groupies that will support her no matter what, who will troll for her, who uncritically and unconditionally worship her. I’m not a Bex fan, nor do I really care to know her well enough to know just exactly how many fans she has, to be certain she does have them. When she publicly reblogged those words, that “motherfucker,” those fighting words, she weaponized her fanbase. What I mean when I say that is her behavior gave her groupies permission to behave the same way. By targeting someone who didn’t like her (a thirteen year old!!!!!), she opened the gates to her fans and groupies doing the same thing, to a kid.

This lead to some terrible things happening. The 13 year old was getting death threats, sexual violence threats, and nsfw content, all because Bex just couldn’t let it go. 

What does this mean? Finish it? Finish the kid? If you’re so sick of the fighting, then why did you even respond in the first place? Bex is the one who escalated the situation. Bex is the one who caused the fighting in the first place (by that I mean the fighting between the two that night, the fighting between antis and shaladins has been going on for as long as the show).

There we go. Now he have something resembling dignity. But unfortunately the damage was done, and user @lancehunks deleted their blog. As a direct response to Bex’s actions. Bex caused a 13 year old to leave tumblr. 

When hearing this news, Bex offered a half-assed apology:

This is the most insincere apology I have ever seen. “The internet has Bad things on it and it’s YOUR fault for seeing them” is not an apology. The best part is that she’s a big fat hypocrite. “Sometimes, when it’s harmless, the best thing I can do is shake my head and keep scrolling.” So why didn’t you Bex? Why didn’t you keep scrolling instead of targeting a 13 year old?

In light of recent political events, though there’s one thing that stands out to me: 

Sound like anybody you know? The esteemed President, perhaps?

*disclaimer* I am in no way claiming that Bex is a Trump supporter. I don’t know enough about her–and I don’t want to know enough about her–to know where she leans politically. I’m just drawing the attention to the similarities in moral equivalency going on, here.*

Sure you targeted a 13 year old and weaponized your fanbase, but someone tagging you in a snarky post is just as bad, right? (Wrong.)

You’d think that would be the end. You’d think that Bex would be capable of living and learning, or maybe even just taking her own advice, and keep scrolling. But here we go again.

The next bit of drama started when the possibly canon guide book was released, stating Keith’s age as 18. There was a big celebration on the shaladin side because technically, that would make it “legal” for Keith and Shiro to have sex. Besides the fact that legal  ≠ moral, again, Voltron is a kid’s show. But on tumblr this time, Bex posted this.

This time, the discourse surrounding Bex was a little different., This time, the discourse mostly focused on the fact that even if Shiro and Keith disregarded canon and morals and the fact that it’s a kid’s show ever did get in a relationship, the only thing that matters is how they like to have sex.

This is a problem for a lot of reasons. There’s a culture, pretty prominent on tumblr of women, mostly white, who are obsessed with gay sex. They write fanfiction and p*rn solely for their own personal gratification. This, of course, is a gross misinterpretation to wanting LGBT+ representation. If you aren’t a mlm (an acronym for men-loving-man, that includes many sexualities) then writing p*rn about is sexualizing them, using them as a tool to get yourself off, and not like complex human people. Mlm are more than how they like to have sex. In fact, that shouldn’t be a part of a discussion for anybody except between willing partners. This also feeds into the popular and damaging stereotype that gay men are predatory by nature.

So, as a whole, not good. 

And again, we have a whole situation escalated by Bex. The worst part is, to people who tried to explain this to her, the only response they were given was a gif:

So once again, a minor dared to express their distaste for Bex on tumblr. But this time, they didn’t tag her. This time, they censored her name. But Bex found it anyway. And she decided to do the exact same thing that led to a minor leaving the website, and to stop watching the show. 

Have no fear, this time though. This time, Bex is going after a 14 year old, at least she’s not going after kids anymore, right? [sarcasm]

Some final notes. 

Bex claims to be an LGBT+ rights activist. I’m also pretty sure she’s a lesbian herself (again, I already know too much about her, I’m not looking to get to know her better.) So, you’d think, as someone who wants equality for LGBT+ people and communities, she’d have the wherewithal to listen to specific subsets of that group when they say something about themselves, like, for example, young mlm who don’t appreciate being sexualized by a white woman. So I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this on her blog:

Now, I happen to agree with the above statement, but it’s so ironic, so hypocritical that Bex is talking about the sexualization of anything. Because kid’s shows aren’t safe from her sexualization and mlm certainly aren’t. How can one person be so incredibly oblivious? A mystery that I don’t have any interest in solving. 

I also want to address something a little more devious and a little more dark. I personally know of at least 12 different people who sent Bex asks, politely explaining some of the things I’ve talked about here, or relaying how her words hurt them personally. Bex never answered any of them. But she did answer this:

Just to be perfectly clear, I do not condone or encourage hatemail. Do not send people anything wishing them death or harm in any way. I have never sent nor do plan on sending hatemail, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do.

However, this is incredibly nefarious. Bex doesn’t answer any of the many asks she got that were polite, but proved her wrong. She didn’t answer any of the young mlm who gave her their personal stories and who weren’t anonymous. Instead, she publishes this. And she did this on purpose, to make her look innocent, to make her look like she’s the one being attacked. I get hatemail every single day too. Things along similar lines to this. I block the user. Delete them, One, because I don’t want to expose my followers to that kind of negativity on a daily basis, two, a mature person knows that deleting them is the best kind of revenge because the user will be constantly looking for a response and they will know they had no effect on me and three, because if you do that, eventually they stop. This is intentional on Bex’s part to make the people who don’t like her look bad. I don’t like Bex at all, and I certainly do not support that message. Any reasonable person wouldn’t. Also the fact that it’s an anonymous message adds a certain air of doubt as to who sent it. 

The point is, Bex is purposely ignoring polite and well-meaning people and posted this to “prove” she’s the one on the “good” side because no good person would send that message.

This is also worth noting: 

This was posted after the lancehunks debate but before the power bottom comment she made. In this post, Bex admits that a relationship between Shiro and any of the paladins is predatory in nature. She said that. Her words. And then after that she said that Keith was a power bottom. 

The last thing I want to say, is that Voltron is a kid’s show. It’s rated US-TV-Y7. Which means for years 7 and older. Regardless of the ship, there should be no sexual content, be it fanart, of fanfiction of Voltron characters at all. We are all collectively responsible for keeping content age-appropriate for the target audience. So, stop it. All and any ships. 

For minors, this is my advice to you:
Bex is a predator, a hypocrite, and a liar. Do not engage with her. Block her. Do not tag her in any of your posts. She has a history of targeting minors. Protect yourself. Do not engage.

I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

I FINALLY did some doodles from our teenage Vento Aureo AU with @ayami-neesan ( while she already did a full color drawing and an e n t i r e comic about it OTL )

it’s really just an AU we like to talk about between us with a bunch of our personal experience with being a teen™ and other self-indulgent things so it might not make a lot of sense but anyway