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some more ffxv doodles…….

the first ones are me being cranky that Luna never got to go camping. I remember playing the game for the first time and naively thinking she might get to hang out in the party as a guest character later but I WAS A FOOL anyway I feel cheated

also some sad boys and a big fish


Please, please can you tag spoilers or put read mores for spoilers of the V route? I keep seeing tons of spoilers on my dash and I know I’m not the only one. I really want to experience this route as spoiler free as possible but it’s getting harder to do that when I see more and more spoilers. I’m not trying to be the tumblr police, trust me, but it really sucks when your experience isn’t going to be as exciting as it was for people who got the route because they have androids and enough hourglasses.

Why can’t you just scroll past the spoilers?

That’s what I’m doing. But when spoilers are super long text posts, it’s very hard to not completely avoid them.

Why can’t you just stop going on your dash?

I want to see content that isn’t to do with the V route, I want to see what the people I follow are posting that isn’t to do with the V route, and I want to see updates from the Cheritz team. I couldn’t experience that without the dashboard, honestly.

This is such a small thing! Get over it!

But it isn’t. Imagine if somebody spoils your favourite show, game, movie etc. It would suck, right? And if you like spoilers, that’s cool - doesn’t mean everyone does!

You’ve been liking things to do with the V route, though… You’re such a hypocrite.

I’ve only been liking things such as chatroom times, important facts (such as the fact the route costs 300HG to unlock), and very minor things in the new route which I don’t consider spoilers, since they were mentioned in other routes - in Yoosung’s route there is a text which alludes to a cool thing in the V route, but I won’t say it because some people could consider this a spoiler.

I’m truly grateful to everyone who has tagged their spoilers and put read mores, though. It’s been so helpful and I’ll definitely be checking out those posts when I actually get to play the V route! I don’t mean to come off as a bitch (and I’m sorry if I do), but I just wanted to get that out there for all of you with the route.

And thank you Cheritz for blessing us with something so amazing!


Tried to see if I could keep a consistent style for more than one picture, feel like I kept it close enough some of them were drawn before I went on holiday and in that time I forget how I coloured the eyes…oops

Now to actually catch up on Thrilling Intent, I’m still only 3 episodes into the new arc

▌a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film in Japan! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premiere weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.


8-26-2017 “That butler, resting” blu-ray comic translation
8-25-2017 Japanese blu-ray release
8-25-2017 I’m creating & linking edits that coincide with this review!

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after chapter 127

what I hope will happen

  • at least a chapter lovingly devoted to Agni and Soma’s relationship
  • an actual storyline about Soma’s grief and healing
  • Ciel caring enough to realize that his actions have consequences and he needs to start taking other people into account before running off to do morally questionable things
  • Ciel realizing he isn’t above human connections and relationships

what will probably happen:

  • Soma is relegated to the background for part two of Ciel’s Big Adventure, with 0 self-reflection on Ciel’s part, and Agni’s death is stripped of any long-term emotional impact
Winter Gift Exchange

What is the Coldflash Winter Gift Exchange?

  • This is a fiction/art exchange, similar in the regards its basically a secret Santa, we just tried to give it a cooler name. You’ll essentially be trading prompts with other Coldflash fans. You’ll provide prompts that your gift giver will either create a fic or art based on the prompt they like best. In return, you will also be assigned another’s and you will create something for them in return.
  • Please keep in mind when signing up, that if you drop out you may be leaving someone without a winter gift! So be mindful when signing up for this gift exchange.

Basic Rules:

  1. Please keep in mind, check in’s are mandatory, if you fail to check in at all, you will be dropped from from this exchange.
  2. Works can not be posted before posting date. Any works posted early will not be accepted.
  3. Any rating is acceptable.
  4. You must tag appropriately.
  5. Minimum of only 1,500 words and there is no maximum amount.

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silvenk  asked:

So I'm going to ask it. Not everyone can draw. How can I contribute #HeartsForAstruc, if I'm not an artist?I feel like no longer posting ML spoilers isn't enough. Is there anything else?

haha it’s okay! i was thinking about this too, and wasn’t really sure what to suggest for writers and non-artists. the gif editors could make [and have made] gifs, graphic designs could make cute graphics if they wanted… but like???? what do the rest of you do? 

but actually, i’ve already seen other people in the tag just leaving nice messages, or quick edits of screenshots from the show… stuff like that. i think that’s just as good, and i love it ;0;

so i think whatever comes to mind, just go with it? 


if some of you don’t know, tomorrow there is going to be a press conference held by TFOU where the first two episodes of season two will be shown, to journalists and the like.

in the events that info from these two episodes or the episodes themselves are leaked, i encourage you to refrain from reposting or spreading these episodes. For months spoilers have run rampant and it has just gotten so annoying that it feels like the entire season has already been revealed.

please, if you post anything about the episodes, tag them #ml spoilers or #mlspoilers and do not tag them #miraculous ladybug. i will not be accepting asks containing spoilers but i will keep my askbox open.

to anyone who didn’t know or doesn’t want to know about the leaks, blacklist #ml spoilers or #mlspoilers and i hope you dont get spoiled. enough is enough

anonymous asked:

what do you think about zeke's true motives? he said once to colt that he has some 'secrets', but i'm not sure what he meant by that. as far as i can tell, his goal is to retrieve the founding titan, but i'm not sure if he'll immediately give it to marley without using it to his benefit first. is it possible if he wants to end the war between marley and paradis? or perhaps something bigger than that?

As far as his cryptic words spoken to Colt go, his big secret is that he has royal blood. The context of that conversation features Colt wondering how Zeke is able to control mindless titans when they’re injected with his spinal fluid. 

-Chapter 93

That being said, Zeke’s behavior that chapter suggests he has some kind of agenda which doesn’t totally align with Marley’s because he’s keeping his royal blood a secret from them. After all, if he really was as devoted as everyone around him seems to believe, wouldn’t he have indulged them with that critical info? They know royal blood is important for using the Founding Titan, which Marley intends to use. Zeke withholding that info hints at some secret motives.

Back in chapter 77 when Zeke said he wanted to end their cursed history, I believe he meant it. The question is how he intends to accomplish that. The cursed history between Eldia and Marley is a series of warfare and oppression. He certainly doesn’t see King Fritz’s efforts on Paradis as just. I doubt he sees Marley as being in the right either, given how he holds back some crucial info from them. His facade as the perfect, loyal Marleyan warrior is suspiciously overplayed. I suspect he has some idea about what Marley would do to the Eldians if they got the Founding Titan. At the very least, he must realize it won’t mean anything good for them.

There’s also the fact that his grandparents are still alive, and he’s shown to have a good relationship with them. I would assume he wants them safe, so whatever his plan is would have to take that into account as well. He can’t just be doing something reckless that actively endangers them.

On that note, there’s also Eren. His younger brother he promised to save…whatever that means exactly. I think he’s sincere about that too, but it’s complicated. Eren is the one with the Founding Titan/coordinate power, the very same power Zeke claims he will secure for Marley. But if he has no intention of doing so, then that opens up the possibility that he plans to use it for himself in some way.

If he plans on using it personally, the simplest way to do that is by eating the person currently wielding it. That contradicts his claim to rescue Eren, but then again, this is the same setting where warriors believe that they can become closer to their blood related predecessor by eating them. It’s not out of the question for Zeke to have a skewed idea of what “saving” his little brother means. 

Even if he does want to use that power, I don’t see him as the type that’s power-hungry. Like he isn’t out to eat all the shifters to grant him ultimate power or anything similar. His reason for using it goes back to the idea of ending their cursed history. Doing something like trying to restore the Eldian Empire doesn’t fit that idea either, since Eldian rule wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of peaceful times. Freeing the Eldians on the mainland though…maybe.

Whatever his plan is, I can’t pinpoint the details of it. All I’ve got are vague outlines and pure speculation on his intentions. I have a feeling we’re all going to be surprised by his motives when they’re eventually revealed. 

Thanks for the ask, anon!


“so i invaded your house hope it’s cool”

more of this mess, which is surprising easy to do actually? Just clicking the button to switch characters while transitioning between rooms worked for me. The game is called Hiveswap so I guess swapping stuff is just to be expected lmao.

The sad thing is no item of her seems to work on Xefros’ house (so much for everything in the game can be used on anything I guess). Oddly enough, her shoes also don’t have the sound effect they’re supposed to in the clean hallway. Guess that’s programmed for Xefros only.


She was a little depressed at first, but she gets better with the help of her loved ones

EDIT under the cut if ya wanna read stuuuufff

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This is the About part of the blog where the extra bits are going to hide out.

People who run/work with this blog
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What is this blog about?
This blog follows the story of the first fallen Human Chara and what could have possibly happened to them during that time. So. Massive spoilers for Undertale. Don’t read if you haven’t played it or well do. I can’t stop you.

Is this actually an AU?
Yes! Mostly because we could be disproved at any point and we’re not arrogant enough to say we’re 100% canon! (That’s silly)

Trigger warnings will be labelled in the tags of the actually pages where they occur (please let us know if we’ve missed something! We don’t mind, really)
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Alright who finished Death of the Outsider

I want to talk about it but none of my irl friends love themselves enough to even have finished Dishonored 2 yet.

Fyi all DotO spoilers will be tagged as DotO spoilers. i’ll do a brief write up of my thoughts at some point.

Dr. Horrible

Request: “So I was wondering if you could do a story about the reader getting their period and being very emotional; crying, snapping, etc. I don’t really care about the relationship with Dean and Sam, she could be their sister, friend, one of their girlfriend’s, doesn’t really matter. If you don’t mind.”

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2000

A/N: SO…..My very first request!!! But this took me so long to get out and I feel super bad. But school has been hard and I have two shows in the shop that I’m building costumes for and also I have been really sick this week and somehow inspiration has struck. I hope this is good enough, I actually really enjoyed the switch up and am happy with how it turned out.

Warnings: Spoilers for a character death in Season 10, also spoilers for Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (if you haven’t seen it, look it up it’s 45 minutes of awesomeness), Fluff

Tags: @thisisthelilith

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I walked into the kitchen to see the boys sitting, drinking coffee.

“So, where are we off to next?”

“What?” Dean asked.

“What’s the next case?”

“We don’t have another case .” Sam said.

“How do we not have another case? We always have another case, evil never sleeps.”

“What is wrong with you? Get some sleep.” Dean just laughed and went to his room.

“You want some coffee?” Sam asked.

“I can get it.” I walked over to the counter and grabbed a mug from the cabinet.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“You’re acting kind of snappy?”

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